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Democratic! Vapulantes, was never before Printed. 8vo, calf
(rebacked). Lond. 1704

* Very Scarce.

202. BROWNE (H. K.). "Phiz." A Memoir. Includ-
ing: A Selection from his Correspondence and Notes on his
Principal Works. By Fred. G. Kitton. Portrait and illus-
trations. 8vo, half green calf. Lond. 1882

* EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 18 plates by

Poetical Works of E. B. Browning. 6 vols. 12mo, half red
morocco, gilt tops. Lond. 1890>

Letters of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett 1854-1846.
With Portraits and Facsimiles. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, gilt tops,
uncut. N. Y. 1899-

12mo, original boards, uncut (back repaired). In a red mo-
rocco slip-case. Lond. 1840

* On the title-page there is an inscription in ink: "Personal
Robert Browning, April 26, '62," possibly in the handwriting
of the poet. There are also some pencil notes on the margins.


206. [BROWNING (ROBERT).] The Poetical Works of
Edgar Allan Poe. Edited by James Hannay. Illustrations
by E. H. Wehnert, James Godwin, H. Weir, F. W. Hulme and
Anelay. 12mo, preen morocco, gilt edges. Lond. [1852]

* This Beautiful Edition, dedicated by Poe to Elizabeth B.
Barrett (Mrs. Browning), has the following interesting auto-
graph inscription by Robert Browning, referring to the same:
"Given to Mrs. Bcnzon; partly on account of the poetry, partly
on that of the dedication at page S3 with all affectionate
wishes of Robert Browning. March 7, '67."

207. BROWNING (ROBERT). Prince Hohenstiel-Sehwan-
gau, Saviour of Society. FIRST EDITION. 12mo, blue levant
morocco, gilt back and inside borders, gilt top, by Brad-
street's. Lond. 1871

208. BROWNING (ROBERT). The Poetical Works of
Browning*. Portraits. 16 vols. 12mo, half red morocco, gilt,
gilt tops, uncut. Lond. 1888-89

* Inserted in the first volume is an autograph signature
of Browning. An additional volume was published at a later

209. BRYANT (WILLIAM CULLEN). The Iliad of
Homer. Translated into English blank verse by W. C.
Bryant. FIRST EDITION. 2 vols. square 8vo, half crimson
morocco, gilt tops, uncut. Bost. 1870

* A. L. S. of W. C. Bryant laid in.

210. BRYANT (W. C.). [Presentation of The Bryant
Vase, 1876.] To William Cullen Bryant, at Eighty Years,
from his Friends and Countrymen. Square 8vo, half mo-
rocco, gilt top, uncut. N. Y. 1876

* EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 10 portraits, 2
excerpts and a plate.

211. BRYANT (W. C.). The Odyssey of Homer. Trans-
l.-itfd into English Blank Verse by William Cullen Bryant.
2 vols. 4to, half red morocco, gilt tops. Bost. 1877

212. BULLEN (A. H.). A Christmas Garland. Carols
.UK! Poems from the Fifteenth Century to the Present Time.
With 7 illustrations newley designed by Henry G. Wells.
8vo, cloth, uncut. Lond. 1885

* Edition limited to 150 copies.

213. BULLEN (A. H.). Musa Proterva: Love-Poems of
tin- Restoration. Small 4to, silk, uncut.

* Only 225 copies printed. Privately Printed, 1895

214. BULLEN (A. H. Editor). Speculum Amantis:
Love Poems from Rare Song-Books and Miscellanies of the
Seventeenth Century. Small 4to, silk cloth, gilt top, uncut.

One of 375 copies printed. Privately Printed, 1895

signed with initials. 1 p. 8vo [June, 1857]. Not addressed;
in regard to a correction in some literary work (inlaid).


Bulwer-Lytton to Macready. With an Introduction by
Brander Matthews. 8vo, boards, cloth back, uncut and un T
opened. Newark, 1911

* Only 100 copies privately printed for the Carteret Book
Club, Newark, N. J.

217. BURKE (EDMUND). A. L. S., 1 p. 4to. Beacons-
field, March 20, 1788. With seal. (Inlaid.) Portraits by
Torchiana, Kingsbury, Egleton, Smith, and others. Together
7 pieces.

* To H. T. Aday, asking him to give three guineas to a poor
woman who will call for the money, and mentioning an ex-
pected visit from Eichard [E. B. Sheridan?].

218. BURKE (EDMUND). The Works of the Right Hon.
Edmund Burke, with a Biographical and Critical Introduc-
tion, by Henry Rogers. Portrait after Reynolds. 2 vols.
royal 8vo, calf (cracked at hinges). Lond. 1841

219. BURNEY (FANNY). Fanny Burney and Her
Friends; Select Passages from her Diary and other Writ-
Edited by L. B. Seeley. Portrait. 12mo, cloth, uncut.

Lond. 1895

* Inserted is an autograph letter in the third person in
the handwriting of Dr. Burney, the father of Madame D'Arb-

220. BURNEY (FANNY). Fanny Burney and Her
Friends; Select Passages from her Diary and other Writ-
ings. Edited by L. B. Seeley. 9 illustrations after Reynolds,
Gainsborough, Copley and West. Royal 8vo, half roan, gilt
top, uncut (back rubbed). Lond., n. d.

* LARGE PAPER. Only 150 copies printed.

.221. BURNS (ROBERT). The Works of Robert Burns;
with an Account of his Life and a Criticism on his Writings.
By James Currie. Eighth Edition, with new Notes, Illus-
trative of his Poems and Letters, and many other Additions,
by Gilbert Burns. Portraits and engraved plates after
Stothard. 4 vols. in 2, 8vo, calf, gilt backs (slightly rubbed).

Lond. 1820

* EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED. 14 additional plates laid in, includ-
ing 4 of Landseer 's Illustrations to the ' ' Address to the
Devil. ' '

222. BURROUGHS (JOHN). Literary Values and other
Papers. Portrait. FIRST EDITION. 12mo, cloth, uncut.

Bost. and N. Y. 1902

* Volume 12 of the Eiverside Limited edition.

223. BURTON (JOHN HILL). The Book-Hunter. With
Additional notes by Richard Grant White. 8vo, half mo-
rocco, gilt top. N. Y. 1863

* A. L. S. of Arthur Inserted.


224. BURTON (WILLIAM). William E. Burton, Actor,
Author and Manager: a Sketch of his Career, with Recollec-
tions of his Performances. By William Keese. Portraits.
Royal 8vo, sheets, folded, uncut and unopened, as issued.

N. Y. 1885

additional portraits and 15 AUTOGRAPH LETTERS and SIGNA-
TURES, including Interesting A. L. S. by C. Mathews (the
Elder) regarding theatrical performances, "The great success
of the Elephant of Siam . . . has brought actual persecution
upon me," mentions also Mr. Yates and M. Vestris; A. L. S.
of J. Liston; A. L. S. by Tyrone Power; A. L. S. by J.
W. Wallack; Memoranda of terms of Engagement of Mrs.
Mowatt at the Walnut St. Theatre, Phila., 1846; A. L.'s S.
by W. C. Macready, C. J. Mathews, Stuart Robson, J. B.
Buckstone, E. A. Sothern and J. T. Raymond; also autograph
signatures of Edwin Booth, Dion Boucicault, J. S. Munden r
Adelaide Neilson and Maggie Mitchell.

225. [BYERLEY (JOHN S.).] Relics of Literature.
Folding plate with facsimile signatures. 8vo, roan (rubbed).

Lond. 1823

226. BYRON (LORD). Hours of Idleness: a Series of
Poems, Original and Translated. 12mo, crimson levant mo-
rocco, inside gold borders, gilt edges, by The Club Bindery,.
1898. Newark : Printed by S. and J. Ridge, 1807

* FIRST EDITION. Fine copy, of this scarce Byron item.

227. BYRON (LORD). English Bards and Scotch Re-
viewers: a Satire. 12mo, brown polished calf, gilt back, gilt
edges. Lond. [1809]

* Fine Copy of the GENUINE FIRST EDITION, with the water-
mark "1805," and the rare half-title. ,

228. [BYRON (LORD).] English Bards and Scotch Re-
viewers: a Satire. Thick royal 8vo, maroon levant morocco,
Liilt back, gold tooling on sides with floral corners, inside gilt
borders, gilt edges. N. Y. : C. B. Richardson. 1865

* LARGE PAPER, limited to 75 copies.

SUPERB COPY, EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 172
fine portraits of British Poets, including Byron, his friends
and contemporaries, engraved on steel, copper and in mez-
zotint, comprising many choice and rare prints, some of which
have been inlaid to size. UNIQUE and interesting item, and a
monument to the person who did the extra-illustrating.
Among the prints may be mentioned the following as show-

ing the character of the plates inserted: 17 different por-
traits of Byron, including 3 Proofs on India paper; India
proof portraits of John Keats by Meyer, Alex. Pope by White
ami Warren, David Garrick by Phillip, R. C. Dallas, Wra.
Wadsworth, Gifford, John Dryden, Rob. Southey (2), S. T.
Coleridge (2), Charles Lamb, Robert Burns after Flaxman 's
bust, Robert Saunders, H. K. White and Sydney Smith; Fine
lithograph of Leigh Hunt, by Ford, Proof; Mezzotint of
Saml. Butler (cut down) ; Wm. Shakespeare, Mezzotint by
Turner; Copper-plate of Thos. Dilworth the Schoolmaster, by
Bayly; Baroness de Stael Holstein, by Meyer; Giovanni Mil-
ton, by Bovi; Lord Macaulay, mezzotint Proof by Sartain;


James Boswell, as a " Corsican Chief ' ' ; Sapho, by Worlidge ;
also portraits of Mrs. Siddons, Madame Catalani, Mrs. Norton,
Thomas Moore, Carlisle, Eichard Cumberland and many others
equally as fine and interesting.

229. BYRON (LORD). The Giaour, a Fragment of a
Turkish Tale. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, crimson levant morocco,
lettered back, gilt top, uncut, by The Club Bindery.

* The Hoe copy, with book'-plate. Lond. 1813

230. [BYRON (LORD).] Lara, a Tale. Jacqueline, a
Tale. [By Samuel Rogers.] FIRST EDITION. 12mo, old
scored calf. Lond. 1814

* From the William Beckford collection, with his armorial

231. BYRON (LORD). The Corsair: a Tale. FIRST EDI-
TION. 8vo, crimson levant morocco, gilt top, gilt border lines,
uncut, by Bradstreet 's. Lond. 1814

* Fine copy, with the original wrappers and the publisher 's
advertisements bound in.

232. BYRON (LORD). The Prisoner of Chillon and other
Poems. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, crimson levant morocco, gilt
back and top, inside and outside gilt border lines, uncut,
original wrappers bound in, by Bradstreet 's. Lond. 1816

233. BYRON (LORD). Poems. FIRST EDITION. 8vo,
red morocco, gilt, inside gold borders, gilt edges. Lond. 1816

234. BYRON (LORD). Lord Byron's Farewell to Eng-
land ; with three other poems, viz., Ode to St. Helena, To My
Daughter on the Morning of Her Birth, and To the Lily of
France. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, crimson levant morocco, gilt
back and top, gilt border lines, uncut, original wrappers
bound in, by Bradstreet 's (corner of one leaf repaired).

Lond. 1816

235. BYRON (LORD). Poems. FIRST EDITION. 1816;
(also in same vol.) Waltz: an Apostrophic Hymn. 1821.
2 vols. in one. 8vo, half calf, gilt top. Lond. 1816-21

236. BYRON (LORD). Manfred: a Dramatic Poem.
FIRST EDITION. 8vo, crimson levant morocco, gilt back and
top, gilt inside and outside border lines, uncut, original wrap-
pers bound in, by Bradstreet 's. Lond. 1817

237. BYRON (LORD). Mazeppa: a Poem. FIRST EDI-
TION. 8vo, crimson levant morocco, gilt back and top, inside
and outside gilt border lines, uncut, by Bradstreet 's.

Lond. 1819

* Fine copy, with the publisher 's advertisements bound in.

238. BYRON (LORD). Critique, from the Edinburgh
Review, on Lord Byron's Poems, which occasioned "English
Bards and Scotch Reviewers." 8 pp. 8vo, red morocco, gilt
back and border lines on sides, gilt inside border, gilt edges.

Lond. 1820

* " This is the only copy known of this celebrated critique
as a separate publication. . . . The editor of Book Prices
Current writes that he was not aware that it had ever been
published in this form." 1 Note in book.


239. BYRON (LORD). Sardanapalus, a Tragedy. The
Two Foscari, a Tragedy. Cain, a Mystery. FIRST EDITION.
8vo, original boards and label, uncut (binding broken).

Lond. 1821

240. BYRON (LORD). Werner: a Tragedy. FIRST EDI-
TION. 8vo, half green levant, gilt back, gilt top, by Stikeman.

. Lond. 1823

* Choice Copy, with the half-title, often wanting.

241. BYRON (LORD). Recollections of the Life of Lord
Byron, 1808-1814. From Authentic Documents. By R. C.
Dallas. Facsimile. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut
(rubbed). Lond. 1824

242. BYRON (LORD). The Works of Lord Byron: with
his Letters and Journals and his Life, by Thomas Moore.
Engraved titles and frontispieces by Finden. 17 vols. 12mo,
half calf (rubbed). Lond. 1832-33

* The original issue of this favorite edition.

243. BYRON (LORD). The Poetical Works of Lord
Byron. Portrait. 6 vols. ; Letters and Journals of Lord
Byron : with notices of his Life, by Thomas Moore. 44 en-
<j ravings by the Findens. 3 vols. Together 9 vols. 8vo, half
blue levant morocco, gilt, gilt tops. Lond. 1833-56

* EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of the series of beauti-
ful steel engravings of scenery and characters in Byron 's
works after Turner, Harding, Stone, Brown, and others.

244. BYRON (LORD). The Works of Lord Byron, in-
cluding his Letters and Journals. Edited by Ernest H.
Coleridge. Portraits and other illustrations. 13 vols. small
8vo, cloth, gilt tops, uncut. Lond. 1898-1904

in the French Revolution. 1756-99). D. S., 1 p. folio.
Toulon, 22 Floreal, Year X.

246. CAMBACERES (J. J. REGIS DE, Duke of Parma
and High Chancellor of the Empire under Napoleon. 1753-
1824). L. S., 1 p. folio. Paris, Sept. 21, 1804. To Louis
Bonaparte, third brother of Napoleon and Constable of
France, announcing that the palace of the Tuilleries will be
illuminated the Sunday 1st Vendemiaire, as well as the other
public buildings, and asking him to illuminate his palace also.
With 4 portraits of Cambaceres, including a fine and scarce
one printed in brown, engraved by Massard fils: 5 pieces
(4 inlaid).

247. CAMBRONNE (BARON P. J. DE, Napoleon's Gen-
<-r;il, proclaimed the First Grenadier of France; accompanied
the Emperor to the Island of Elba, and had a great part in
tin- Mattle of Waterloo, where he is said to have been the author
of the celebrated answer: "la Garde meiirt et nc se rend pas").
A. L. S. to his notary, M. Teissier, asking for his pension cer-
tificate. 1 p. 4to. Nantes, March 27, 1834. With 5 portraits.
6 pieces (4 inlaid).


248. CAMPBELL (LORD). Lives of the Lord Chancellors
and Keepers of the Great Seal of England. Illustrations.
10 vols. 8vo, cloth. N. Y. 1875

249. CAMPBELL (THOMAS). The Pleasures of Hope;
with other Poems. With 4 engraved plates after Burney*
12mo, old mottled calf. Edin. 1801

SISTER, with his autograph inscription on the reverse of the
dedication: "To his Sister Mary Campbell from the Author."
"It is almost unnecessary to say with what cordial affection
the giver presents this token of esteem."

250. CANTACUZENE (PRINCE, attached to the Russian
Legation at Washington). A. L. S. to Russian Vice-Consul
of S. Francisco, March 25, 1895; and 3 others, all Russians,
4 pieces.

251. CAPPON (JAMES). Victor Hugo. A Memoir and
Study. 8vo, half blue Jevant morocco, gilt, gilt top, uncut.

Edin. 1885

* EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 50 engraved por-
traits of famous European authors and statesmen of his time-

' 252. CAPTIVE MEMORIES (White), N. Y. 1897; Dra-
matic Works of Coleridge. Lond., n. d. ; Sunken Bell (Haupt-
mann), N. Y. 1899; and others. Together 5 vols. 8vo and
12mo, cloth and boards.

(Wright), Lond. 1876; Royal Dukes and Princesses of the
Family of George III. (Fitzgerald), 2 vols. Lond. 1882 ?
Tragedy Queens of the Georgian Era (Fyvie), Lond., n. d.
Together 4 vols. 8vo and 12mo, cloth.

254. [CARLYLE (THOMAS).] Brevis Introductio ad
Grammaticam Hebraicam et Chaldaicam in Usum Academi-
corum Glasgoviensium. 16mo, old sheep. Glasguae, 1721

* This vol. bears the signature "Thomas Carlyle, 1828" on
title-page. Laid in is a letter from J. M. Campbell regarding
the authenticity of the signature.

Cawnpore. By G. 0. Trevelyan. PRESENTATION COPY FROM
THOMAS CARLYLE, with autograph inscription on the title-
page: "To Mrs. Ewart (Nithbank House) with many kind
regards, T. Carlyle, (Christmas 1865)."

Curiosities of Indo-European Tradition and Folk-Lore. By
CARLYLE, with autograph inscription on half-title : ' ' Mrs,
Ewart, with best love, Jane Carlyle, 5 Cheyne Row, Chelsea,
20th December, 1865."

Together 2 vols. 12mo, cloth, uncut. In a morocco slip-case.

Lond. 1863-65

* A very interesting association of Carlyle and of his wife r
who died a few months after writing this presentation.


256. CARLYLE (THOMAS). The Complete Works of
Carlyle. Portraits. 20 vols. 8vo, decorated parchment boards,
gilt tops, uncut. Bost. 1884

* Parchment Edition, limited to 375 copies.

257. CARLYLE (THOMAS). A. L. S., 2 pp. 12mo.
5 Cheyne Row, Chelsea, London, 15 March, 1848.

* To Kev. Mr. Casberne, asking him for a copy of a letter
by Oliver Cromwell owned by him, as he wishes to use it. in
his book.

258. CARLYLE (THOMAS). A. L. S., 2 pp. 8vo. Chelsea,
Feb. 12, 1853; Etched portrait by Hollyer; portrait of Jane
Welsh Carlyle. 3 pieces.

* To J. W. Parker, of Frazer's Magazine, introducing M.
Montegert of the Revue des Deaux Mondes, who is willing to
write articles on French subjects.

259. CARLYLE (JANE WELSH). A. L. S., 2 pp. 12mo.
5 Cheyne Row, Chelsea, Tuesday, n. d. Not addressed; to a
photographer, in regard to likenesses of Thomas Carlyle and

260. CARLYLE (THOMAS). Folio page of the manu-
script of his "Life of Frederick the Great," written by an
amanuensis, with many corrections in the hand writing of the


Tuesday Afternoon, January 19, 1915, at 2:30 o'clock

at Large of Her Majesty Caroline Amelia Elizabeth, Queen
of Great Britain, in the House of Lords, on Charges of Adul-
terous Intercourse, from Authentic Sources. Portraits.
2 vols. 8vo, half calf (worn). Manchester, 1821

262. CARROLL (LEWIS). The Cynosure: being Select
Passages from the most Distinguished Writers. 18mo, cloth,
uncut. Lond. : W. Pickering, 1837

* This was ' ' Lewis Carroll 's ' ' copy, and bears his auto-
graph signature "C. L. Dodgson. "

263. CARROLL (LEWIS). Through the Looking-Glass,
and what Alice found there. With 50 illustrations by John
Tenniel. 12mo, brown levant morocco, with inlaid figure of
red, green and olive on the cover, and a red floral and gilt
tooled border, gilt edges, by De Sauty. Lond. 1872

and another of the Binder inserted.

264. CARROLL (LEWIS). The Hunting of the Snark,
an Agony in Eight Fits. With 9 humorous illustrations by
H. Holiday. FIRST EDITION. 12mo, original pictorial cloth,
gilt edges. Lond. 1876

265. CARSON (HAMPTON L.). The Supreme Court of
the United States : its History. A Full and Accurate Account
of all Leading Cases, State Trials, Important Decisions, and
Biographical Sketches of every Chief and Associate Judge.
Superbly illustrated with authentic etched portraits of the
Chief and Associate Judges. 2 vols. imperial 8vo, blue levant
morocco, gilt backs, inside borders, gilt tops, uncut, by Stike-
'man. Phila. [1892]

* SPLENDID COPY, EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 15
additional portraits (in all 67 plates) and 58 AUTOGRAPH
LETTERS and DOCUMENTS, representing each of the Chief and
Associate Judges from John Jay, the First Chief-Justice, to
George Shiras; including some of later date; containing
several of historical importance. All of which have been
neatly inlaid to size.

Among the more important letters may be mentioned the
following: John Jay. A. L. S., 3 pp. 4to, 1795, to Saml.
Bayard, and extremely interesting letter written while Mr.
Jay was a special envoy to Great Britain and soon after the
signing of "Jay's Treaty," in which he gives his opinion
relating to the appeal or claims of the American Merchants:
' ' In my opinion . . . The United States will doubtless con-
duct their interposition in favour of Claimants on such Prin-
ciples as shall be just and Proper"; John Eutledge. A. L. S.,
1781, to John Eoss, instructions to sell indigo for the state of


South Carolina and others; William dishing, A. L. S., re-
quest for his quarterly salary; D. S., 2 pp. folio, Fairfax
County, Oct. 25, 1769, quit claim deed from John Posey
and his wife Elizabeth to George Washington, signed, sealed
and countersigned, witnessed by Kobert H. Harrison and 4
others; James Wilson, signed promissory note; John Blair,
receipt for money on portion of document containing several
other receipts, including one signed by R. C. Nichols, 1776,
the Va. statesman; James Iredell, A. L. S. ; Thomas Johnson,
A. L. S., 1799; Wm. Paterson, A. L. S., 2 pp. 4to, 1779,
to Col. Burr, referring to his own marriage and his hopes
of seeing Burr marry Mrs. Prevost; Oliver Ellsworth, A. D.
S., deed to Samuel Lyman, 1782, for land in Hartford, Conn.;
Samuel Chase, promissory note signed; Bushrod Washington,
A. L. S. ; Alfred Moore, promissory note, signed; John Mar-
shall, A. L. S., to Gary & Lea, sends names of Gary and Binny
for presentation copy of his Life of Washington; Wm. John-
son, A. L. S.; Brockholst Livingston, A. L. S., N. Y., 1822, to
John Griscom; G. Duvall, A. L. S., refers to death by cholera
in Baltimore; Joseph Story, A. L. S., 2 pp. 4to, to B. B.
Thatcher, referring to the "Boston Tea Party," "my father
(the late Doctor Elisha Story) was certainly one of the Tea
Party. ... 7 thinlc Mr. Thomas Heisborn of Boston was
also one; my impression is that the late Mr. Alex. Hodgdon
was an officer of the ship at the time"; also A. L. S., to
Justice Washington, interesting letter relating to Acts of the
Court distinguishing between judicial and those which are
ministerial ; Smith Tompson, A. L. S., 1826, to Justice Wash-
ington, with 3 pp. of manuscript notes; Robert Trimble, A.
L. S., 4 pp. folio, extremely interesting letter relating to the
election in Kentucky for governor, mentions also Gen. Wash-
ington and Benedict Arnold; John McLean, A. L. S., Nash-
ville, 1832; Henry Baldwin, A. L. S., 1811, to Jasper Yeats;
Philip P. Barbour, A. L. S., 1821, to J. C. Calhoun, Sect'y of
War; John Catron, A. L. S., confidential, relating to sickness
of Judges McKinley and Daniel; R. C. Grier, A. L. S., re-
lating to the case of Jackalow, convicted for murder; B. R
Curtis, .A. L. S., 1863; J. A. Campbell, A. L. S., to J. C.
Breckenridge ; S. P. Chase, A. L. S., asking for professional

Besides these letters, the volumes contain A. L. 's S. of all
the remaining Judges of the Supreme Court, from Nath. Clif-
ford to George Shiras, Jr., as well as the earlier members of
the Court, not cited in the above list, and 12 of later date,
several of which contain opinions of the writers on court
cases, etc., etc.

266. CAS A YRUJO (MARQUIS DE, Spanish Minister to
the U. S.). A. L. S., to the Cashier of the U. S. Bank in
Philadelphia, asking him to stop payment of $10,000 to
Messrs. Donat and Massurie until the fate of the bills bought
is known. 2 pp. 4to. London, Sept. 10, 1808.

267. CASTELAR (EMILIO, celebrated Spanish writer,
orator and Statesman). A. L. S., iy 2 pp. 8vo. Madrid,
April 13, 1875. With portrait. 2 pieces (inlaid).

268. CATALOGUE. An Account of Some Books, contain-
ing Extra Illustrations, in a Private Library. Illustrations.
Ii".val 8vo, half blue levant morocco, gilt top, uncut.

Only 25 copies printed. Troy, 1874


269. CATALOGUE of a unique and extremely important
collection of Autograph Letters and Manuscripts of the
World's greatest Composers. Facsimiles. Folio, cloth,
leather back, gilt top, uncut. [Lond.] n. d.

270. CATALOGUE of a unique and extremely important
collection of Autograph Letters of the World's greatest
Artists. Facsimiles. Folio, cloth, morocco back.

[Lond.] n. d.

271. CATALOGUE of First Editions and other Books col-
lected by William Harris Arnold. Illustrations and printed
lists of prices. 2 parts in 1 vol. large 8vo, half blue levant
morocco, by Stikeman. Marion Press, 1901

272. CATHERINE DE MEDICI (1519-89), wife of King
Henry II of France. Official L. S., Paris, Dec. 31, 1583, on
vellum, ordering the payment of a certain amount of money
for domestic expenses. Also 3 fine and scarce engraved por-
traits (inlaid). 4 pieces.

273. CATHERINE DE MEDICIS. Bouchot (Henri).
Catherine de Medicis (a Sketch of her Life and Times).
Finely colored photogravure portrait and numerous photo-
gravure portraits and plates. 4to, morocco, gilt back, sides
covered with an elaborate interlaced ribbon and wreath de-
sign, with monograph in gilt, gilt top, uncut.

Paris : Goupil et Cie., 1899-

* One of a limited number printed on specially prepared
paper, in a reproduction of a binding made for Catherine de

274. CATHERINE OF BRAGANQA (Davidson), Lond.

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