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on sides, gilt, gilt top, watered silk doublures and fly leaves,
uncut. N. Y. : Wiley Son's, 1883

* LARGE PAPER copy. Inserted is a DOCUMENT SIGNED by
NELL GWYN, with the initials "E. G.," being a Power of
Attorney granted by Ellenor Gwyn to James Fraizer, duly
sealed and delivered by her, dated June 1, 1680. A rare speci-
men, with the original wax seal. There is also an etched por-
trait in sepia of Nell Gwyn, laid in.

365. CUNNINGHAM (PETER). The Story of Nell
Gwyn : and the Sayings of Charles the Second. Portraits.
Royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. N. Y. 1888

* A. L. S. of the author, 4 pp. Jan. 20, 1841, inserted.

366. CUSHMAN (CHARLOTTE). Charlotte Cushman
[a Sketch of her Life and Career], By Clara E. Clement.
Portraits and facsimiles. 4to, half crimson levant morocco,
gilt, gilt top. uncut. Bost. 1882

* LARGE PAPER, only 100 copies printed. EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED
by the insertion of 27 additional portraits carefully selected
and neatly inlaid, including a fine portrait of Kemble by
Gardiner after Harding; also 21 AUTOGRAPH LETTERS, in-
cluding the following: Charlotte Cushman, A. L. S., to Bayard
Taylor, also A. L. S. to Mrs. Phip, both regarding invita-
tions; Laurence Hutton, A. L. S. ; James H. Hackett, A. L. S.,
4 pages, to Wm. Euggles, an extremely interesting letter,
giving an account of his visit to Gen. Taylor, the greater
portion devoted to an estimate of the General's character,
whom he calls "A great man without knowing it"; Henry
Placide, A. L. S., N. Y., 1842, referring to New York theatres;
W. H. Chippendale, A. L. S. with addressed envelope; W. R.
Blake, A. L. S. to E. Blankman, relating to lawsuits; J. W.
Wallack, A. L. S.; Tyrone Power, A. L. S.; Rachel, A. L. S.;


W. E. Burton, regarding musical talent; J. B. Booth, A. L. 8.,
1820; Dion Boucicault, interesting 4-page letter relating to
the employment of children on the stage; Charles Kean,
A. L. S.; also A. L.'s S. by Thomas Salvini, John Setton, and
Wm. Davidge.

367. DANIEL PRESS. The Daniel Press (with List of
Its Issues). By Falconer Madan. Small 8vo, boards, uncut.
Wausau, Wis. [1903].

* Only 50 copies printed.

368. DANREMONT (COUNT DENIS), fought in the
Napoleonic Wars, general after Napoleon's fall and Peer of
France, died at the siege of Constantine (1783-1837).
A. L. S. telling that he cannot prolong his staying on ac-
count of Madame Danremont 's health. 1 p. 8vo. July 8, 1828.

369. DANTE. The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri.
Translated by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Portrait.
.3 vols. 12mo, half calf, gilt tops, uncut. Bost. and N. Y. 1888

* Riverside edition.

370. DANTE. The New Life of Dante Alighieri. Trans-
lated by Charles E. Norton. Square 8vo, gilt top.

Bost. 1889

371. DANTE. The Vision of Purgatory and Paradise.
'Translated by Rev. Henry F. Gary. Illustrations ~by Dore.
4to, cloth, gilt edges. Lond. : Cassell, Petter & Galpin, n. d.

372. DANTE AND HIS TIME (Federn), N. Y. 1902;
Last Days of Marie Antoinette (Lenotre), Enchanters of
Men (Mayne), Lond., n. d. Together 3 vols. 8vo, cloth.

373. D'ARBLAY (MADAME). Diary and Letters of
Madame D'Arblay. 1778 to 1840. Edited by her Niece.
Xumerous portraits and facsimiles. 7 vols. 12mo, cloth.

Lond. 1843-46

374. [DARCIE (ABRAHAM).] Annales: The True and
Royall History of the Famous Empresse Elizabeth, Queene of
England, France and Ireland .... Wherein all such Mem-
orable Things as Happened during his blessed raugne, with
such acts and Treaties as past betwixt Mr Ma 'tie and Scot-
land, France, Spaine, Italy, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Den-
mark, Russia, and the Netherlands, are exactly described.
I'rirait and engraved title. Small 4to, russia (rebacked, few
pp. stained, margin of title cut close, not returnable).

Lond. 1625

* Scarce Edition. A copy of the original portrait of the
author is inserted in place of the one sometimes found at
end of the volume, but which does not belong to this edition.

375. [D'ARGENVILLE (DESSALIER).] Abrege de la
Vie des Plus Fameux Peintres, avec leurs Portraits Graves en
Taille-douce, les Indications de leurs Principaux Ouvrages,
quelques Reflexions sur leurs caracteres. Xumerous fine
copper-plate portraits. 4 vols. 8vo, mottled calf (lower mar-
gins of one vol. slightly stained, 6 margins repaired).

Paris, 1762

* Best Edition of this esteemed work. Scarce.


376. DARWIN (CHARLES). A. L. S., 1 p. 12mo. 7 Park
St. Grosvenor Sq. Thursday, n. d. To Mr. Forbes, making
an appointment. Etched portrait by Hollyer. 2 pieces.

377. DAUMESNIL (PIERRE, Napoleon's General; lost a
leg at Wagram). L. S., on military matter. 1 p. 4to. March
1, 1831.

378. DAVENANT (WILLIAM). The Works of Sr. Wil-
liam Davenant Kt. Consisting of those which were formerly
printed, and those which he design 'd for the Press: Now
Published out of the Authors Originall Copies. Fine impres-
sion of the portrait by Faithorne. Folio, red morocco, richly
tooled back and ornaments on sides, gilt over red edges, by
Murton. Lond. : Henry Herringman, 1673

* First Folio edition. A fine and crisp copy.

379. DAVENPORT (E. A.). Edward Loomis Davenport,
a Biography. By Edwin F. Edgett. Portraits in character^
8vo, half crimson levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, original
wrapper bound in. N. Y. : The Dunlap Soc. 1901

* Only 265 copies printed.

380. DAVIS (WILLIAM). A Journey Round the Library
of A Bibliomaniac ; or, Cento of Notes and Reminiscences con-
cerning Rare, Curious, and Valuable Books. 8vo, original
boards with label, uncut. Lond. 1821

381. [DAY (THOMAS).] History of Sanford and Merton,
a Work intended for Children. Frontispieces, and a portrait
inserted. 3 vols. 12mo, half morocco, gilt tops.

Lond. 1790-88-89

* Very early editions, volume 3 being first edition.

382. DECASTRO (J.). The Memoirs of J. Decastro,
Comedian. With Anecdotes of various Eminent Distinguished!
Characters (including) Dr. Johnson, Garrick, Foote, Sheri-
dan, J. P. Kemble and others) ; also a History of the Royal
Circus, etc., etc. Edited by R. Humphreys. Portrait. Small
8vo, red morocco, inside border, gilt edges, by Hayday.

Lond. 1824

* EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 65 portraits of
famous actors and actresses, many being in character; also
views of Ranelagh, Vauxhall and other places, in all 70 addi-
tional plates.

383. DECRES (DENIS, French Admiral, and Minister of
the Navy under Napoleon). Official L. S. to a certain Gavoty,
dealing with a treatise written by the latter on the manu-
facturing of ropes and the invention of a pump. 2 pp. folio.
Paris, 5 Fructidor, Year X.

384. DEFOE (DANIEL). Romances and Narratives by
Daniel Defoe. Edited by George A. Aitken. Portrait and
other illustrations. 16 vols. 12mo, half red morocco, gilt tops,
uncut (not uniform in shade). Lond. 1895-99

* St. Giles edition, limited to 250 sets.


385. DELIA BATHING. By the Marquis De Pezay.
Celia's Doves, By Claude J. Dorat. Translated by H. G.
!\. nc. Illustrated with the original copper-plate engravings
aftt r <l< signs by C. Eisen. 8vo, boards, gilt, uncut.

Lond. : Vizetelly, n. d.

386. DE MUSSET (ALFRED). CEuvres Completes de
Alfred De Musset, avec Biographie par Paul De Musset. Por-
trait and illustrations. 11 vols. 8vo, half green morocco
(rubbed). Paris, 1879

387. DE QUINCEY (THOMAS). A. L. S., 4 pp. 18mo.
Feb. 15, 1836; with addressed cover, also with his signature.
To T. S. Smith, on financial matters. 2 pieces.

388. DE QUINCEY (THOMAS). The Works of Thomas
De Quincey, including all his Contributions, to Periodical
Literature. Portraits. 16 vols. 12mo, cloth (covers somewhat
worn). Edin. 1871

389. DE QUINCEY (THOMAS). The Uncollected Writ-
ings of Thomas De Quincey. With A Preface and Annota-
tions. By James Hogg. Portrait. 2 vols., 12mo, cloth, uncut.

* A. L. S. of Thomas De Quincey inserted. Lond. 1892

390. DERBY (J. C.). Fifty Years Among Authors, Books
and Publishers. Steel portraits. Thick small 4to, half mo-
rocco, gilt top, uncut. N. Y. 1884

* LARGE PAPER, one of 500 copies printed. With A. N. 8.
of the author inserted.

391. DESAIX DE VEYGOUX (L. C. A., General in the
French Revolution; covered himself with glory in Moreau's
famous retreat through the Black Forest; died in the Battle
of Marengo). Official L. S. to the Minister of War, acknowl-
edging receipt of the order of the Directory relating to Gen-
eral Laborde, and telling that this General has military
genius, and can be very useful in the next campaign. iy 2 pp.
4to. Quartier General de Schiltigheim, 14 Ventose, Year V.
With 9 portraits engraved by Sasso (full length), Portman,
Levachez (mezzotint), etc. 10 pieces (8 inlaid).

The Two Duchesses, Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire, Eliza-
beth Duchess of Devonshire. Family Correspondence of and
relating to. Photogravure portraits and illustrations. 8vo,
balf crimson levant morocco, gilt, gilt top, uncut, by Stike-
man. Lond. 1898

393. DIAZ (PQRFIRIO), President of Mexico. Patent
signed. Folio, with seal. Mexico, August 9, 1894. With
portrait. 2 pieces.

}!>4. DIBDIN (THOMAS). The Reminiscences of Thomas
Dibdin, of the Theatres Royal, Covent-Garden, Drury-Lane,
Haymarket, &c. Portrait.' FIRST EDITION. 2 vols. 8vo,
cloth, uncut. Lond. 1827


395. DIBDIN (THOMAS). The Reminiscences of Thomas
Dibdin. 2 vols. 8vo, half morocco, gilt tops (bindings rubbed,
some pages foxed). Lond. 1837

* EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 135 portraits and
plates, many inlaid, including character plates and views, por-
traits of celebrated actors, etc. This is the Daly copy.

396. DIBDIN (THOMAS F.). Reminiscences of a Liter-
ary Life. Portrait, facsimiles, and illustrations. FIRST EDI-
TION. 2 vols. 8vo, new boards, uncut. Lond. 1836

397. DIBDIN (THOMAS F.). Bibliomania; or, Book-
Madness. New and Improved Edition. Portrait and cuts,
with extra portrait on India paper inserted. Royal 8vo, half
red levant morocco, gilt, gilt top, by Bradstreet. Lond. 1876

* LARGE PAPER COPY, only a limited number printed. With
2 A. L. 's S. of Thomas Dibdin, inserted, both to Mr. (Charles)
Nicol, one on financial matters, the other relating to the pub-
lication of his ' ' Tour, ' ' regarding which he says : ' ' The 3
volumes might be printed at once, with 3 different printers, so
as to put me in a position before the public in May."

398. [DICKENS (CHARLES).] Pamela; or, Virtue Re-
warded. [By Samuel Richardson.] 4 vols. 16mo, calf
(rebacked). Lond. 1810

* CHARLES DICKENS ' COPY, with his book-plate and the
' ' Gadshill ' ' label in each volume.

399. DICKENS (CHARLES). A. L. S., 1 p. 12mo.
Devonshire Terrace, February 5, 1841. (Inlaid.)

* To W. H. Ainsworth, reading in part: "Mind I deny
the beer. It is very excellent; but that it surpasses that . . .
brighter ale of mine (oh how bright it is!) I never will admit.
My gauntlet lies upon the cask. Tours in defiance."

400. DICKENS (CHARLES). A. L. S., iy 2 pp. 12mo.
Gads Hill Place, Monday, Thirty first October, 1859.

* To W. I. Parsons, advising him in regard to a young lady
who wishes to write.

401. DICKENS (CHARLES). A. L. in the third person.
1 p. 18mo. Office of All the Year Round. Oct. 9, 1860.
With addressed envelope; 5 portraits. 6 pieces.

* The letter is to William Eiddle, thanking him for a con-
tribution to the paper.

402. DICKENS (CHARLES). Signature and date,
Thursday, February 4, 1864, written on the Gads Hill paper;
5 portraits by Hollyer, G. Egg, and others. 6 pieces.

403. DICKENS (CHARLES). A. L. S., 1 p. 12mo.
Gads Hill Place, Friday, July 29, 1864.

* To William Eiddle, telling him that he has no reliable ma-
terial for a biographical account of himself.

404. DICKENS (CHARLES). A. L. S., 1 p. 4to. Hamp-
stead, Sunday evening, n. d.

* To William Harrison Ainsworth, mentioning that Mrs.
Dickens is well and that he regrets having missed him when
he called.


405. DICKENS (CHARLES). The Village Coquettes: a
Comic Opera in Two Acts. 8vo, sheets, folded, uncut and
unopened, in half crimson polished morocco slip case.

Lond.: Bentley, 1836

* An exceptionally fine copy of the BARE FIRST EDITION in
the original sheets, entirely uncut. The work is dedicated to
J. P. Harley, the actor, who played one of the leading char-
acters in its production.

Accompanying this copy is a Check on Coutts & Co. for
4 8s. 6d., payable to Harley and DRAWN AND SIGNED BY

406. DICKENS (CHARLES). Oliver Twist. By Charles
Dickens. Illustrations by George Cruikshank. 3 vols. small
8vo, brown cloth, uncut (bindings faded, few margins slightly
soiled and one binding loose). Lond.: Bentley, 1838

* Second issue of the First Edition, with the shortened

407. DICKENS (CHARLES). The Life and Adventures
of Nicholas Nickleby. FIRST EDITION (late impression with-
out publisher's name on plates). Illustrations by "Phiz."
8vo, half calf (rubbed and few margins slightly stained).

Lond. 1839

408. DICKENS (CHARLES). American Notes, for Gen-
eral Circulation. FIRST EDITION. 2 vols. small 8vo, half
green levant morocco, gilt tops, uncut, by Zaehnsdorf.

Lond. 1842

409. DICKENS (CHARLES). Complete Set of the
Christmas Stories. Illustrations by Leech, Doyle, Maclise,
Landseer, Stanfield, Tenniel and Stone. 5 vols. 16mo, origi-
nal red and brown cloth, gilt, gilt edges. Lond. 1843- '48

* Comprises :

A Christmas Carol. FIRST EDITION, with the red and blue
title-page, the heading "Stave I," in the original brown
cloth, cream end papers (lacks fly-leaves). Lond. 1843

The Chimes. With "Second Edition" on title-page, other-
wise similar to First Edition. Lond. 1845

The Cricket on the Hearth. FIRST EDITION. Lond. 1846

The Battle of Life. Fourth issue of the First Edition, with-
out publisher's name on Illustrated title. Lond. 1846

The Haunted Man. FIRST EDITION, the date in Arabic

410. DICKENS (CHARLES). Pictures from Italy.
FIRST EDITION. Illustrations on wood by Samuel Palmer.
16mo, half morocco, gilt back, gilt top.

Lond. : Published for the author, 1846

* Contains the two scarce fly-leaves with the notices relating
to the works of Dickens.

411. DICKENS (CHARLES). The Personal History of
David Copperfield. With 40 illustrations by H. K. Browne.
FIRST EDITION. 8vo, half red levant morocco, gilt top, uncut,
by The Club Bindery. Lond. 1850

* LAID IN IS AN A. L. S. OF DICKENS, signed with initials,
1% pp., Paris, Jan. 20, 1863, to Wilkie [Collins] . inviting him
to take possession of his rooms in his absence and mentioning
the "Copperfield" readings in Paris.


TION. 40 illustrations by H. K. Browne. 8vo, half green
morocco, gilt top, uncut, original front wrappers bound in, by
Zaehnsdorf. Lond. 1853

413. DICKENS (CHARLES). Little Dorrit, Original
parts (20 in 19). Illustrations ~by H. K. Browne. FIRST-
EDITION. 8vo, original wrappers, uncut, in cloth cover (backs
of 3 or 4 parts chipped and margins of plates stained).

Lond. 1857

414. DICKENS (CHARLES). The Story of Little Dom-
bey. FIRST EDITION. 12mo, half morocco, original covers
bound in. Lond. 1858

415. DICKENS (CHARLES). A Tale of Two Cities.
With 16 illustrations by H. K. Browne. 8vo, original red
cloth, uncut (plates slightly foxed). Lond. 1859


416. DICKENS (CHARLES). Our Mutual Friend. With
illustrations by Marcus Stone. FIRST EDITION. 2 vols. 8vo,
cloth. Lond. 1865

417. DICKENS (CHARLES). Our Mutual Friend.
Illustrations by Marcus Stone. 2 vols. 8vo, half blue levant
morocco, gilt, gilt tops, uncut, by Stikeman. Lond. 1865

* FIRST EDITION, bound from the original parts, with all
the original wrappers. INSERTED is A 2-PAGE A. L. S. OF
CHARLES DICKENS to Edward I. Wood, dated Gads Hill place,
Aug. 29, 1865, referring to Mr. Wood's work, "The History
of Clerkenwell. "

418. DICKENS (CHARLES). The Mystery of Edwin
Drood. FIRST EDITION. 12 illustrations by S. L. Fildes and
portrait of Dickens. 8vo, half levant morocco, gilt, gilt top,
uncut, original front wrappers bound in. Lond. 1870

419. DICKENS (CHARLES). The Letters of Charles
Dickens. Edited by his Sister-in-Law and his eldest Daugh-
ter. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. Lond. 1880-82

420. DICKENS (CHARLES). Mrs. Gamp with the
Strolling Players, an unfinished Sketch. Portrait and illus-
trations. 8vo, boards, uncut. N. Y. : Privately Printed, 1899

* Limited to 85 copies.

421. DICKENS (CHARLES). Account of the Ball given
in honor of Charles Dickens in New York City, February 14,
1842. From the New York Aurora Extra. Illustrations.
8vo, boards, cloth back, gilt top, uncut.

Cedar Rapids: Privately Printed, 1908

* Only 206 copies printed on Normandy Vellum.

422. DICKENS (CHARLES). The Works of Dickens.
Illustrations by Cruikshank, Phiz, Maclise, and others. 30
vols. 8vo, half red levant morocco, gilt, gilt tops, uncut.

* Library edition. Lond., n. d-


423. DICKENS (CHARLES). The Life of Charles
Dickens. By John Forster. Portraits, illustrations and fac-
similes. 3 vols. 8vo, claret levant morocco, gilt backs, elab-
orately tooled, decorated gilt panel design on sides, inside
borders, gilt tops, uncut, by Zaehnsdorf. Lond. 1872-74

* EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED copy in a handsome binding, with 159
additional portraits and views inserted, including some proof
impressions. With A. L. S. of Charles Dickens, April 18, 1844,
signed with initials, also A. L. S. by the author to John
Bradbury, 1871, 4-page letter containing corrections for one
of his works, referring to Dickens as responsible for one of
the mistakes. There is also an excerpt on ' ' Dickens and
Forster, " by 8. M. Ellis, with the author 's inscription, laid in.

424. DICKENS (CHARLES). Bibliography of the Writ-
i n. ITS of Dickens, etc. By James Cook. Frontispiece. 8vo,
limp morocco. Lond. 1879

* Inserted is an A. N. S. by the author in regard to the
above book.

425. DICKENS (CHARLES). Dickens and his Illus-
trators: Cruikshank, Seymour, Buss, "Phiz," Leech, etc. By
Frederic G. Kitton. 22 portraits and facsimiles. 4to, cloth,
gilt top, uncut. Lond. 1899

426. DICKENS (CHARLES). Character Sketches from
Charles Dickens (Barnard), N. Y., n. d. ; Christmas Carol
(Dickens), Lond. 1890; Mugby Junction (Dickens), Lond.
1866; and others. Together '5 vols., various sizes and bind-

427. DICKENS (CHARLES). Charles Dickens, a Critical
Biography. Lond. 1858; Dickens as a Reader (Kent), Phila.
1872; Charles Dickens (Sala), Lond., n. d. ; Charles Dickens
(Fowle), Lond., n. d. Together 4 vols. 12mo, cloth and

428. DICKENS (CHARLES). Pen Photographs of
Charles Dickens 's Readings. Taken from Life by Kate Field.
I 'art rait and illustrations. 12mo, half green morocco, gilt
top, uncut. Bost. 1871

* A. L. S. of Kate Field inserted.

429. DICKENS (CHARLES). Charles Dickens as I
Knew Him (Dolby), Lond. 1885; Dickens, a Story of his Life.
Lond., n. d.; Letters of Dickens to Wilkie Collins, N. Y. 1892.
Together 5 pieces, various sizes, paper.

4:50. DICKENS (CHARLES). Charles Dickens and his
Friends. By \V. Teignmouth Shore. Portraits and other
illustrations. 8vo, cloth, uncut. Lond. 1909

4:n. DICKENS (CHARLES). Charles Dickens. A Lec-
tun- Ward), Manchester, 1870; Charles Dickens (Irving),
Kdin. 1874; Dickens and Rochester (Langton), Lond. 1880;
Memoir of Dickens (Watkins), Lond., n. d. ; and another.
ToLM-ther 5 pieces, various sizfs, paper.

432. DICKENS. About England With Dickens (Rim-
mer), Lond. 1883; In Jail With Dickens (Trumble), Lond.
1896; Bozland: Dickens' Places and People (Fitzgerald),
Lond. 1895. Together 3 vols. 12mo, cloth.


(Seyffert), Lond. 1895; Group of English Essayists (Win-
chester), N. Y. 1910; Friends in Council ([Helps]), 2 vols.
Lond. 1869. Together 4 vols. 8vo and 12mo, cloth.

(Brewer), Lond., n. d. ; How to Make an Index (Wheatley),
Lond. 1902; How to Use a Library (Stewart), Lond. 19iO;
and others. Together 6 vols., various sizes, cloth.


(Bohn), Presentation copy from the author. Lond. 1867;
Historical Essay on the Art of Bookbinding (Du Bois), N. Y.
1883 ; Fifty Years Recollections of an Old Bookseller. Lond.
1837; and others. Together 6 vols., various sizes and bind-

436. DISRAELI (BENJAMIN). A. L. S., 4 pp. 4to.
Sat. August 15, n. y.

* To a member of his family, on social matters, and men-
tioning the Queen, Lady Jersey, Archbishop of Canterbury,
Monckton Milnes, etc.

437. DISRAELI (BENJAMIN). A. L. S., 2 pp. 12mo.
April 18, n. y. (Inlaid.)

* To Mr. Hansard, returning the proofs of a speech and
promising to send proofs of a reply.

438. D 'ISRAELI (ISAAC). Curiosities of Literature.
With a View of the Life and Writings of the Author. By
His Son. Portrait and facsimile manuscript. 4 vols. 12mo,
cloth, uncut (margins of few leaves cut into). N. Y. 1862

439. DIXON (WILLIAM HEPWORTH). Her Majesty's
Tower. With numerous portraits and views. 2 vols. in 4,
royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. Lond. 1885

440. DOBSON (AUSTIN). Eighteenth Century Vignettes.
Portraits on India paper. 4to, brown levant morocco, gilt
back, gilt top, uncut, by Riviere. Lond. 1882

only 250 copies were printed. EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the
insertion of 92 additional portraits of literary men and states-
men, including many fine and some rare stipple and copper-
plate engravings; also 1-page A. L. S. of Mrs. Delany, daugh-
ter of Lord Lansdowne, regarding a transfer for Consul Bur-
beck; and a 2-page A. L. S. of Mrs. A. L. Barbauld, poet
and daughter of John Aikin.

441. DOBSON (AUSTIN). At the Sign of the Lyre.
Frontispiece. 18mo, blue levant morocco, gilt back, sides
elaborately covered with a floral design of roses and spray
within gilt line panel, inside borders, gilt top, uncut, by
Zaehnsdorf. Lond. 1890


442. DOBSON (AUSTIN). Horace Walpole; a Memoir,
with an Appendix of Books printed at the Strawberry Hill
Press. Etched plates and vignettes and text illustrations by
Percy and Leon Moran. Royal 8vo, crimson levant morocco,
gilt back with heavy bands, gilt top, wide inside gold borders,
uncut edges, by Larkins. Lond. 1890

* LARGE PAPER: dedicated to the members of the Grolier
Club. The present is one of 425 copies on Dickinson paper.

EXTRA- ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 94 additional por-
traits and plates of the leading characters of the day.

443. DOBSON (AUSTIN). The Ballad of Beau Brocads
and other Poems of the XVIII Century. With fifty illus-
trations by Hugh Thomson. FIRST EDITION. 12mo, deco-
rated cloth, gilt top, uncut. Lond. 1892

444. DOBSON (AUSTIN). Proverbs in Porcelain, to
which is added "Au Revoir," a Dramatic Vignette. FIRST
EDITION. Illustrations. Small 4to, original cloth, gilt, gilt
top, uncut. Lond. 1893

445. DOBSON (AUSTIN). Proverbs in Porcelain, to
which is added "Au Revoir," a Dramatic Vignette. FIRST
EDITION. Illustrations on Japan paper, by Bernard Part-
ridge. Royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. Lond. 1893

* LARGE PAPER, only 200 copies printed.

446. DOBSON (AUSTIN). Four Frenchwomen. Portraits.

8vo, cloth, uncut. N. Y., n. d.

* Large Paper Edition, limited to 250 copies.

447. DODD (ANNA BOWMAN). In and Out of Three
Normandy Inns. Illustrations on Japan, Paper. 8vo, deco-
rated cloth, gilt edges. N. Y., n. d.

* EDITION DE LUXE, limited to 500 copies.

448. DOFOBS SOCIETY. The First Book of the Dofobs.
(The Rise of the Dofobs, by Roswell Field; Edgar Allan Poe,
by Dr. Snodgrass and other contributions.) 8vo, half vellum,
uncut. Chicago, 1907

* One of 50 copies on Italian Hand-made paper for mem-
bers only. With L. S. of Roswell Field inserted.

449. DOFOBS SOCIETY. The Second Book of The
Dofobs. 4to, half morocco, uncut. Chicago, 1909

* One of 50 copies printed for members of the Society of
The Dofobs, on Italian Hand-made paper.

450. DOFOBS SOCIETY. Poems and Letters of Lord
Byron. Edited from the Original Manuscripts in the posses-
sion of W. K. Bixby. By W. N. C. Carlton. Illustrations on
Japan paper and facsimiles of Byron MSS. Small folio,
boards, uncut. Chicago : Pub. by the Soc. of the Dofobs, 1912

* One of 52 copies on Italian Hand-made paper, for mem-
bers of the Society only.

451. DONALDSON (WALTER). Recollections of an
Actor. Portrait. Small 8vo, half polished calf, gilt back
and top, uncut, by Larkins. Lond. 1865


452. DORAN (DR.)- Lives of the Queens of England of
the House of Hanover. Fourth Edition, carefully revised
and much enlarged. 2 vols. 8vo, light polished calf, gilt backs,
leather labels, gilt borders, gilt edges, by Zaehnsdorf.

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