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son), N. Y. 1855; and another. Together 5 vols., various
sizes and bindings.


William, Late Earl of Mansfield. By John Holliday. Por-
trait. 4to, calf (cracked at hinges). Lond. 1797

896. MANUSCRIPT. The Koran in Arabic. Manuscript
written on about 150 leaves in large characters, relieved
with red, green and yellow ink, by Abdullah Umar al Men-
sull. 4to, old red French morocco, possibly by Padeloup.

XVIII Century

897. MANUSCRIPT. Diploma according the title of Dr.
of Medicine granted by the medicine faculty of the Uni-
versity of Padua to Cervo Conegliano, a Venetian Jew.
Manuscript on vellum; 4 leaves. Ornamented with two
borders and the arms of the Conegliano family, painted in
various colors. 4to, contemporary red morocco, richly gilt.

Padua, 28 Jan., 1743

* With the autograph signature of the celebrated physician
J. B. Morgagny, professor of medicine and rector of the Uni-
versity of Padua.

(Rideing), Garden City, 1912; Life and Letters of Leslie
Stephen (Maitland), Lond. 1906; William Ewart Gladstone.
Lond., n. d. Together 3 vols. 8vo. cloth.

899. MAPLESON (J. H.). The Mapleson Memoirs, 1848-
1888. Portrait. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. Lond. 1888

* A. L. S. of the Author inserted, in which he speaks of hav-
ing lost his youngest child.

writer and Napoleon's general (1782-1854); distinguished
himself at Eylau, Leipzig and Waterloo. A. L. S. to a Gen-
eral (presumably the Minister of War) recommending the
promotion of M. Bouverie, lieutenant-colonel, and M.
Boudin, chief of squadron. 2 pp. 4to. n. d. With portrait.
2 pieces (inlaid).

of Marguerite de Valois, Queen of Navarre. Written by her
own hand. Newly translated into English, with an Intro-
duction and Notes. By Violet Fane. Portraits. 8vo, blue
levant morocco, gilt back, inside and outside borders, gilt
top, uncut, by The Club Bindery. Lond. : J. C. Nimo, 1892

* EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 82 additional por-
traits and plates, including colored costume plates, the Court of
France, etc.

902. MARGUERITE DE NAVARRE, or d'Angouleme
(1492-1549), sister of Francis I, called the " Marguerite des
marguerites," author of the Heptameron. A. L. S. to Car-
dinal Jean du Bellay. 1 p. folio, [n. p., n. d.]

* A VERY RARK AUTOGRAPH. " You have heard the good ml*
that our Holy Father bears to Monsieur the Cardinal de Lor-
rnine, and the promise he has made to him to git* the hat to
Monsieur de Chalons, trhich seems to me to be so much to tlie
King's advantage, that alt his servants must press him." [Trans-


903. MARET (HUGUES BERNARD, Duke of Bassano,
1763-1839, Secretary of State and Minister of Foreign
Affairs under Napoleon). A.L.S., 3 pp. 12mo. [Dec. 6, 1828.]

* ' ' Our little Mary is affected by an inflammatory illness
caused by the coming in of the big teeth. Since yesterday the
illness has not progressed. M. Lamarche passes here all his
nights: He is going out this morning more hopeful than he was
last evening; you understand my position between the sorrow of
my daughter and my past souvenirs." [Translation.]

904. MARIE ADELAIDE (1732-1800), daughter of Louis
XV. L. S., with three lines in her handwriting. I p. 4to
[1782]. To the General Controller asking for the Sieur
Barruel the first vacant employment producing at least
the income of 6000 livres in the " Ferme Generale," a desire
expressed by her late sister Madame Sophie (Inlaid.)

905. MARIE-ADELAIDE, daughter of Louis XV (1732-
1800). D. S. , granting an annual income of 150 livres. 3 pp.
small 4to. Versailles, Sept. 12, 1779.

906. MARIE AME"LIE (1782-1866) (wife of King Louis
Philippe I of France). Addressed envelope in her hand-
writing " Due de Chartres," with wax seal on the back On
the same envelope is written in the autograph of Robert
Philippe d'Orleans, Duke de Chartres, to whom it was ad-
dressed, " Written by my Grandmother the Queen."

907. MARIE ANTOINETTE, Wife of Louis XVI (1755-
93). D. S., 1 p. folio. Varsailles, Dec. 31, 1783, ordering
the payment of 125 livres to Louis Dubourg "gardemeuble"
of her stables, as compensation for the expenses for the
preservation of the furniture during the last six months.
Also 29 portraits of the Queen, including several fine and
scarce ones engraved by Audinet, Dautel (proof on India
paper), Le Beau, Nilson, Bonneville, Claessens, etc., one in
colors, a view of Marie Antoinette going to execution, and
one of her going out from the Conciergerie. 32 pieces (18

* Fine document, being signed twice: "Marie Antoinette"
and " payez. Marie Antoinette." A very interesting lot.

908 MARIE ANTOINETTE. The Life of Marie An-
toinette. By Maxime De La Rocheterie. Translated from
the French by Cora II. Bell. Numerous portraits. 2 vols.
8vo, cloth. Lond. 1893

909. MARIE DE' MEDICI (1573-1642). L. S. to M. de
Poyannes, captain in the army of the King. 1 p. folio.
Paris, May 15, 1610. Also 7 portraits of the Queen (includ-
ing 2 engraved by Desrochers and Boner), one of her
daughter by Bocquet, and a colored portrait of lady of the
Court of Henry IV. 10 pieces (5 inlaid).

* A very interesting letter, written only five days after the
murder of Henry IV by Ravaillac. In it she announces her
presentation to the Parliament as Regent of France, and asks
her correspondent to assist in keeping and preserving the union
among the subjects of the King.


910. MARIE-THfiRESE DESAVOIE: 1756-1805, wife of
Charles Philippe Comte d'Artois, afterwards King Charles
X of France. D. S., on vellum, granting to M. Destremau
the title of her private obstetrician. 1 p. 4to. Versailles,
June 18, 1780. With a fine portrait engraved by Le Beau
after Ferdink. 2 pieces.

911. MARLBOROUGH (DUKE OF). The Letters and
Dispatches of John Churchill, first Duke of Marl borough,
from 1702 to 1712. Edited by Sir George Murray. Por-
trait. 5 vols. 8vo, green calf, gilt. Lond. 1845

4 pp. 18mo. Not dated and addressed "Dear Frank.'*
About farming and family matters (inlaid).

913. MARRY AT (CAPTAIN). The Novels of Marryat.
Edited by Brimley Johnson. Portrait and numerous etched
illustrations. 24 vols. 8vo, buckram, gilt tops, uncut (one
volume considerably stained inside).

Lond.: J. M. Dent and Co., 1895-96

* Inserted in "The Poacher " is a 4to page of the original
manuscript, in the handwriting of Marryat, and in " Snarley-
yow " is a double folio page of the manuscript, also in the hand-
writing of the author. The edition is on handmade paper, and

914. MARTIN (THEODORE). The Life of his Royal
Highness the Prince Consort. Portraits and views. 5 vols.
8vo, cloth, uncut (covers worn). Lond. 1875-80

915. MARTYRDOM OF AN EMPRESS. Lond. 181*9;
A Twice Crowned Queen (La Warr), Lond. 1906; James II.
and his Wives (Fea), Lond. n.d. Together 3 vols. 8vo, cloth.

916. MARZIALS (FRANK T.). Life of Charles Dickens.
8vo, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut. Lond 1887

* EXTRA- ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of an autograph slip
signed by Charles Dickens, reading: " With a Portfolio, Mex*rs.
Sampson Low and Son, Charles Dickens." '22 portraits of
Dickens and his contemporaries, 8 illustrations from his works,
and 4 views.

917. MAXWELL (SIR HERBERT). The Creevey Papers.
A Selection from the Correspondence and Diaries of the
Late Thomas Creevey, M. P. Photogravure portraits.
FIRST EDITION. 2 vols. 8vo, half blue morocco, gilt tops,
uncut. Lond. 1903-04

918. MAZZINI (GIUSEPPE). A. N. S., in French, n. d. ;
Proclamation of the " Associazione Nazionale " It a liana,
signed by Mazzini, Giglioli and Galleuga, London, Aug. 1,
1847; Engraved heading of the letter paper of the Roman
Republic. 3 pieces (inlaid). .

A Collection of Remarkable and Interesting Criminal
Trials, Actions at Law, <fcc. To which is prefixed an Essay
on Reprieve and Pardon, and Biographical Sketches of
John Lord Eldon, and Mr. Mingay. Portraits. 3 vols.
8vo, sprinkled calf (few pp. foxed). Lond. 1803-5


920. MELVILLE (LEWIS). The Life of William Make-
peace Thackeray. 25 portraits and illustrations. 2 vols.
8vo, cloth, gilt tops, uncut. Lond. 1899

921. MELVILLE (LEWIS). The Life and Letters of
Laurence Sterne. Colored frontispieces and portraits. 2
vols. 8vo, cloth Lond., n. d.

922. MEMOIR of Baron Hatherley (Stephens), 2 vols.
Lond. 1883; Memoir of Count Horace De Viel Castel (Bous-
field), 2 vols. 1888; Life of Granville George Gower (Fitz-
maurice), 2 vols. Lond. 1905. Together 6 vols. 8vo, cloth.

923. MEMOIRS of the Due de Saint-Simon on the times
of Louis XIV, 4 vols. ; The Prince de Ligne, His Memoirs,
Letters, etc., 2 vols; Correspondence of Princess Palatine,
Madame de Maintenon, etc. ; The Book of the Ladies. By
Pierre de Bourdeille. Illustrated with portraits. Together
8 vols. 8vo, cloth, gilt tops, uncut. Bost. 1899

* Versailles Edition, limited.

924. MEMOIRS of Ninon De L'Enclos, with her Letters
to Monsr. De St. Evremond and to the Marquis De Sevigne.
Collected and translated from the French, by A Lady. 2
vols. 12mo, calf (one vol. cracked). Lond. 1761

son), Lond. 1858; Memoirs of King Richard the Third
(Jesse), 2 vols. N. Y. 1894; Life of Henry the Eighth
(Tytler), Edin. 1837; and others. Together 6 vols. 8vo and
12tno, cloth and leather.

Lond. 1898; Mr. Asquith (Alderson), Lond., n. d. ; Records
and Reminiscences (Gower), Lond. 1903. Together 3 vols.
8vo, cloth.

(Masson), Ediu. 1908; Twelve Types (Chesterton), Lond.
1908; Victorian Poets (Stedman), Signature of author in-
serted, Bost. 1888; Poems (Noyes), N. Y. 1908. Together
4 vols. 12mo, cloth arid half calf.

928. MEMORIALS. Address on the Death of John
Quincy Adams, Wash. 1848; Memorial of Joseph Henry,
Wash. 1880; In Memoriam, Hamilton Fish, Albany, 1894;
and others. Together 6 vols. royal 8vo and 8vo, cloth.

929. MEMORIALS (De Quiucey), 2 vols. N. Y. 1891;
Nemesis of Froude, Lond. 1903; Boswelliana (Rogers), Lond.
1876. Together 4 vols. 8vo, cloth.

930. MENOU (BARON J. F. DE, French General, 1750-
1810; commanded Napoleon's Egyptian army after Kleber's
death). Official L. S. to the Minister of the War. 2 pp.
4to, Turin, July 1, 1806. With fine portrait engraved by
Portman. 2 pieces (inlaid).


931. MEREDITH (GEORGE). The Nature Poems. With
20 full-page pictures in photogravure and an etched front-
ispiece by Wrti. Hyde. Royal 8vo, half vellum, gilt, uncut.

Lond. 1898

* LARGE PAPER, only 150 copies printed, signed by the

932. MERIVALE (CHARLES). History of the Romans
under the Empire. 7 vols. 12mo, cloth. N. Y. 1872-79

933. MERMAID SERIES of Dramatists, including Mid-
dleton, 2 vols. ; Massinger, 2 vols. ; Ben Jonson, 3 vols. ;
Otway; Shirley; Hey wood, and others. Portraits. To-
gether 14 vols. 12mo, brown cloth, uncut. Lond. v. d.

934. METTERNICH (C. L. W., PRINCE OF, Austrian
Diplomatist, 1773-1859; the most active representative of
reaction of his time). L. S. in French to a Cardinal thank-
ing him for his good wishes on the occasion of the new
year. 1 p. 4to (inlaid), Vienna, Jan. 24, 1828. With por-
trait. 2 pieces.

935. MIDDLETON (CONYERS). The Miscellaneous
Works, containing all his Writings, except the Life of Cicero.
Portrait and plates. 4 vols. 4to, old calf. Loud. 1752

936. MILLAIS (J. G.). The Life and Letters of Sir John
Everett Millais, President of the Royal Academy. 316
illustrations. 2 vols. royal 8vo, cloth, gilt tops, uncut.

N. Y. 1899

937. MISCELLANEOUS Magazines, Pamphlets, Circu-
lars, etc. About 100 pieces, various sizes and bindings.

938. MITFORD (MARY RUSSELL). Life of Mary Rus-
sell Mitford, 3 vols. ; The Friendships of Mary Russell M it-
ford. Edited by A. G. L'Estrange. 5 vols. 12mo, cloth,
uncut (labels removed from covers). Lond. 1870-82

field), N. Y., n. d. ; Mrs. Lynn Linton, her Life, Letters,
and Opinions (Layard), Lond. 1901; Charles Read e as I
knew Him (Coleman), Lond. 1903. Together 3 vols. 8vo,

940. MOLINA (ALONSO DE). Vocabulario en lengua
castellana y Mexicana, et en lengua Mexicana y Castellana.
Woodcut of a kneeling figure on the recto of last leaf of part
J, woodcut of full length figure of St. Francis on title of part
JJ, and woodcut with monogram of Jesus at end. 2 parts
in one vol. folio, old vellum (title and the 3 prelim, leaves
of part I missing, signat. R of part. II (8 leaves), supplied
in manuscript, and upper portion of the last 10 leaves of
same part damaged and supplied in manuscript. (Some
waterstains). Mexico: Antonio de Espinosa, 1571

* Second and enlarged edition. OF GREAT RARITY. This is
the first and most nearly complete of any pf the dictionaries of
the American languages.


941. MOLITOR (GABRIEL, Napoleon's General, Marshal
of France). Official L. S., to the Minister of War. 1 p. 4to,
Grenoble, 14 Vendemiaire, year XI. With 6 fine engraved
portraits, including one by Bocourt. 7 pieces (inlaid).

942. MOLLOY (J. FITZGERALD). The Life and Adven-
tures of Edmund Kean, Tragedian. 2 vols. 8vo, half calf,
gilt tops, uncut. Lond. 1888

* EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 35 engraved por-
traits, views and play-bills, including several play-bills of the
Drury Lane and Covent Garden Theatres.

943. MOLTKE (HELMUTH K. B. VON). Prussian Field
Marshal, 1800-91. Official L. S. to the Representative of
Prussia in Washington. 2 pp. folio. Berlin, March 9, 1870.
With portrait. 2 pieces (inlaid).

944. MONTAIGNE (MICHAEL, LORD). The Essays of
Montaigne. Done into English by John Florio, 1615. Ed-
ited with an Introduction by George Saintsbury. 3 vols,
square 8vo, boards, cloth backs, uncut (slightly rubbed).

Lond. 1892-'93

* This is among the "Tudor Translations," edited by W. E.

The Temple of Gnidus; followed by Cephisa and Cupid,
and Arsaces and Ismenia. With a Preface by Octave
Uzanne. Original copper-plate engravings from the designs
of C. Eisen and Le Barbier. 8vo, boards, cloth back,
uncut. Lond., n. d.

* Limited edition on Hand-made paper.

946. MONTPENSIER (DUCHESS DE). Memoires de
Mademoiselle de Montpensier, fille de Gaston d'Orleans,
frere de Louis XIII. Portrait engraved by Tange. 8 vols.
12tno, green levant morocco, gilt, gilt edges.

Amsterdam, 1735

947. MOORE (SIR JOHN). The Life of Lieutenant-
General Sir John Moore. By his Brother, James C. Moore.
2 vols. 8vo, old half calf. Lond. 1834

948. MOORE (THOMAS). Memoirs of The Life of the
Right Honourable Richard Brinsley Sheridan. Portrait
and facsimile. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut (worn and cracked,
name on titles). Lond. 1827

949. MOORE (THOMAS). The Epicurean, a Tale: and
Alciphron, a Poem. Engraved title ani 4 fine engravings
by Turner. 16mo, light polished calf, gilt, gilt top, uncut,
by Riviere. Lond. 1839

950. MOORE (THOMAS). Memoirs, Journals, and Cor-
respondence. Edited by the Right Honourable Lord John
Russell. Engraved titles and frontispieces. 8 vols. 8vo,
cloth, uncut. Lond. 1853-56


951. MOORE (THOMAS). Memoirs of the Life of the Rt.
Hon. Richard Brinsley Sheridan. Portrait frontispieces. 2
vols. 12ino, half green morocco, gilt tops. N. Y. 1866

*A. L. S. of Richard Brinsley Sheridan inserted, 1 page, 12mo,

952. MOORE (THOMAS). The Poetical Works of Moore.
Portrait and other illustrations. 10 vols. 12mo, green calf,
gilt edges (slightly rubbed). Lond. 1854

953. MOORE (THOMAS). Poetical Works of Moore;
collected by Himself. Frontispieces and vignettes. 10 vols.
rJmo, half green calf, gilt backs. Lond. 1869

954. MORE (SIR THOMAS). A most pleasant, fruitful,
and witty work . . . called Utopia. With copious notes by
T. F. Dibdiu. Portrait and plate of the More family. 4to,
old calf. Lond. 1808

* Large Paper copy.

955. MOREAU (JEAN VICTOR). A. L. S , 1 p. 4to,
n. d. ; private matter. With 6 fine portraits, engraved by
Dusimie, Bonneville, etc. 7 pieces (inlaid).

956. MORLEY (JOHN, Editor). English Men of Letters.
14 vols. 12mo, cloth, gilt tops, uncut. N. Y., v. d.

957. MORTIER (JOSEPH, Duke of Treviso, Napoleon's
general, marshal and Peer of France). A L. S. to a Lady
sending a present of cheese from his farm. 1 p. 8vo, F^ebr.
1 [no year]. With 2 portraits. 3 pieces.

958. MURDER TRIAL. A Complete History and De-
velopment of all the Extraordinary Circumstances and
Events Connected with the Murder of Mr. Weare, together
with the Trial at Large .... a Faithful Picture of all the
Fashionable " Modern Hells " and " Black- Legs " of the
Metropolis (with a History of the Gaming Houses and
(Gamesters). Portraits and illustrations, including 2 sport-
ing prints, in aquatint, by Alken. 8vo, old calf (slightly
foxed). Lond. 1824

* Inserted is a promissory note bearing the signature John
Thurtell, one of the murderers of Mr. Weare.

959. MURDER TRIALS. Trial of George Crowniu-
shield, J. J. Knapp, Jun., and John F. Knapp,, for the
Murder of Capt. Joseph White of Salem, April, 1830. Bost.
1830; Appendix to the Report of the Trial of John F.
Knapp, containing New Evidence, Second Trial. Salem,
1830; Trials of Capt. Joseph J. Knapp, Jr., and George
Crowninshield. Bost. 1S30; Trial of John Williams, Francis
Frederick (and others) for Murder on the High Seas. Bost.
1819; Biographical Sketch of the Salem Murderer, his Dar-
ing Exploits, etc. Bost. 1830; The Mail Robbers. Report
of the Trials of Michael Melton, George Wilson and James
Porter. By John Mortimer. Phila. 1830 6 pamphlets in
1 vol. 8vo, half russia. v. p , v. d.


960. MURDER TRIAL. The Trial of Katharine Nairn
and Patrick Ogilvie, for the Crimes of Incest and Murder,
containing the whole Procedure of the High Court of Judi-
ciary (Aug. 5-16, 1765). 8vo, sheep (binding broken).

Edin., Lond , reprinted, 1765

961. MURPHY (ARTHUR). The Life of David Garrick,
Esq. 8vo, half calf, gilt top, uncut. Dublin, 1801

962. MY CONFIDENCES (Locker-Lampson), Lond. 1896;
Book-Plates (Hardy), Lond 1897; The Enemies of Books
(Blades), Lond. 1881. Together 3 vols. 8vo and 12nio, cloth
and paper.

963. NAPIER (W. F. P.). History of the War in the
Peninsula and in the South of France, from the Year 1807
to the Year 1814. 6 vols. 12mo, cloth, uncut. Lond. 1862

964. NAPOLEON. The Campaign of MDCCCXV; or, a
Narrative of the Military Operations which took place in
France and Belgium during the Hundred Days. By General
Gourgaud. Folding map. 8vo, half dark green morocco,
gilt top, uncut (few pp. slightly foxed). Lond. 181S

965. NAPOLEON. Memoirs of the History of France
during the Reign of Napoleon, dictated by him to Generals
Montholon and Gourgaud. Facsimiles and maps. 7 vols.
8vo, cloth, uncut. Lond. 1823-24

966. NAPOLEON. Napoleon et ses Contemporains Suite
de Gravures representant des Traits, d'Heroisma, de Cle-
mence, de Generosite, de Popularite, avec Texte, publiee
par Auguste de Chambure. Portrait and 4 engraved vie ws t
scenes in the Life of Napoleon, all on India Paper. 2 vols.
4to, old half sheep (top margins of text slightly stained).

Paris, 1824

967. NAPOLEON AND JOSEPHINE. Lettres de Napo-
leon a Josephine, pendant la premiere Campagne d'ltalie,
le Consulat et 1'Empire; et Lettres de Josephine a Napo-
leon, et sa Fille. Portrait and facsimiles. 2 vols. in one r
royal 8vo, half red morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut.

* Large Pink Paper copy. Paris, 1833

968. NAPOLEON. Life of Napoleon. By Baron Jomini.
Translated from the French, with Notes, by H. W. Halleck.
With Atlas of maps. 5 vols. 8vo and 4to, cloth, gilt tops,
uncut. N. Y. 1864

969. NAPOLEON. Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte. By
L. A. F. de Bourrienne. Edited by R. W. Phipps. Por-
traits and facsimiles. 4 vols. 12mo, cloth. N. Y. 1891

970. NAPOLEON. The Private Life of Napoleon. By
Arthur Levy. From the French by S. L. Simeon. Portraits.
2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut. Lond. 1894

971. NAPOLEON. Baily (J. T. H.). Napoleon [the Story
of Napoleon as portraj r ed in prints and portraits]. Colored
plates and other illustrations from contemporary and other
portraits and prints. 4to, cloth. Lond. 1908


972. NAPOLEON. Fine series of Portraits of Napoleon
and his Generals, comprising: Buonaparte, eng. by L. Port-
man; General Angereau, mezzotint by Levachez, beneath
on a tablet a battle scene; General Bernadotte, mezzotint
by Levachez, beneath on a tablet a battle scene; Pierre
Angereau, Due de Castiglione, bust portrait in uniform;
Bemadotte, eng. by Portman; General Alex. Berthier,
mezzotint; Fiirst Joseph Poniatowski; Marechal Nej T , eng.
by Schule, and 5 others. 13 pieces, 8vo and small 4to,
inlaid to 4to, uniform size.

* A fine series for extra -illustrating the Life of Napoleon.

973. NAPOLEON ET LES FEMMES (Masson), Paris,
1894; Tancrede [(Voltaire)], n. p., n. d. ; A L'Index (D'Au-
bram), Paris, 1887; and others. Together 14 vols., various
sizes and bindings.

974. NAPOLEON. The Last Phase (Rosebery), N. Y.
1901; The Napoleon Gallery, Bost. ; Memoirs to Serve for
the History of Napoleon I (Meneval), 3 vols. Lond. 1895.
Together 5 vols. 8vo, cloth.

976. NELL G WYN. The Story of Nell Gwyn and the Say-
ings of Charles the Second. By Peter Cunningham. Illus-
trations. Small 8vo, crimson levant morocco, gilt back and
sides, gilt edges, by Pratt. Lond. 1852

* EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 79 portraits and
plates, and A. N. S. of the author.

976. NEW IRELAND (Sullivan), Glasgow, n. d. ; All on
the Irish Shore, N. Y. 1903; Some Experiences of an R. M.,
by Somerville and Ross, N. Y. 1906. Together 3 vols. 12mo,

977. NICOLL (W. R.) AND WISE (T. J.). Literary An-
ecdotes of che Nineteenth Century: Contributions towards
a Literary History of the Period. Portrait, and illustra-
tions on Japan Paper. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut.

Lond. 1895-96

978. [O'CONNOR (THOMAS).] An Impartial and Cor-
rect History of the War between the United States of
America and Great Britain, 1812-1815. Frontispiece. SEC-
OND EDITION. 12mo, contemporary calf (worn). N. Y. 1815

979. OLD COURT SUBURB (Hunt), Lond., n. d. ; Wits
and Beaux of Society (Wharton), N. Y. 1861; Domestic
Manners of the American (Trollope), Lond. 1832. Together
3 vols. 8vo and 12mo, cloth.

980. OLD ENGLISH PLAYS; being a Selection from
Early Dramatic Writers. 6 vols. royal 8vo, half russia
(one back torn). Lond. 1814-15

* LARGE PAPER COPY, only a limited number printed. This
collection, comprising 24 old English Plays selected and edited
by Charles Wentworth, was intended as a Continuation of
Dodslay's Collection.


nals of a Publishing House. William Blackwood and his
Sons: their Magazine and Friends. Portraits. 3 vols.
8vo, cloth, uncut. Edin. 1897-8

982. OLIPHANT (MRS). Historical Characters of the
Reign of Queen Anne. Portraits and illustrations. Royal
8vo, cloth, gilt top, uncut. N. Y. 1894

983. OLIPHANT (MRS). Historical Sketches of the Reign
of George Second. 2 vols. small 8vo, scarlet levant morocco,
gilt edges, by the Guild of Women-Binders. Edin. 1870

* EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED and extended to two vols. , by the in-
sertion of 58 portraits of historical personages, 25 plates of
buildings, edifices, etc. ; portion of document with autograph
signature of King George II; L. S. of Lord Harrington on the
King's Instructions to Walpole, concerning the Princess
Royal's marriage jointure; also A. L. 's S. of Montalembert,
Cardinal Newman; Book-Plate of David Garrick, the actor,
and a rare silver coin dated 1758.

An exceptionally fine copy ; it includes an account of the
death-bed scene of Queen Caroline in which she advised
King George to marry again.

984. OMAR KHAYYAM. Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam,
the Astronomer- Poet of Persia; rendered into English Verse.
16mo, brown levant morocco, gilt top, uncut. Lond. 1899

985. OMAR KHAYYlM (Fitzgerald), Bost. 1894; Bal-
lads (Tennyson), Lond. 1880; Seven Poems (Shelley), Chi-
cago, 1907; and others. Together 5 vols., various sizes and

986. ORIGIN OF SPECIES (Darwin), 2 vols. Lond. 1891;
Genesis of Species (Mivart), N. Y. 1871; Women, etc. (Har-
vey), N. Y. 1908. Together 4 vols. 12mo, cloth.

987. ORLEANS (CHARLES D', son of Valentine Visconti,
poet, 1391-1464). D. S., on vellum, granting to maitreGan-
thier Aubin, " maitre d'hotel " of the King, a piece of land
for the building of a house. Tours, Febr. 10, 1451.

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