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dred Tripolines, slipped his cables, and went out to attack her.
Hauled down'the Turkish and hoisted the Tripoline Colors, and
as soon as the Frigate surrendered he boarded, plundered the
officers and conducted them to the Bashaw in triumph." Here
follows an explanation of his reasons for holdinir the prize and
crew: " If a Tripoline he is a Prize. If a Turk a Pirate."
Further on he gives a summary of his needs in the way of
smaller boats for the siege of Tripoli, such as Gun and Mortar,
Boats, etc.

443. PRENTISS -(SERGEANT S., Orator). A. L. S.,
3 pp. 4to, Vicksburg, Jan. 19, 1842. To the Hon. R. J.
Walker, on a political matter. With an engraved portrait.
2 pieces.

444. PROVOOST (DAVID). A. D. S., 1 page, folio, N. Y.
Oct. 6, 1722. Inlaid.

* David Provoost, Mayor and Alderman, was the first of a long
line of famous New Yorkers of that name.

445. PUTNAM (ISRAEL, Revolutionary General). L. S.,
1 p. 4to. Three miles above Fishkill, Oct. 16th, 1777.

* Addressed on back "His Excellency Gov. Clinton at Eso-
pus. Express ride night and day." A most important letter,
reading in part : " / reed your agreeable Favour and congratu-
late you on the glorious intelligence it contains of the Capture
of Gov. Burgoyne. I have halted my troops who were on their
march northward, and desirous of doing everything to subserve
our important Cause and bring our struggles to a happy and
speedy issue," etc.


446. PUTNAM (RUFUS, Chief Engineer and Gen. in Revo-
lution). A. L. S., 2 pp. 4to. Marietta, August 25, 1800. In-

* To Col. Thomas Worthington, regarding matters connected
with the office of Surveyor General.

447. RANDOLPH (BEVERLEY, Gov. of Va.). D. S.,
1 page, 4to. Richmond, Oct. 15, 1789. Appointment of
Justices of the Peace.

448. RANDOLPH (EDMUND, Statesman). A. L. S.,
1 page, 4to, Phila. June 5, 1795, to Samuel Bayard, referring
to Mr. Jay's recent return from England, and to personal


449. RANDOLPH (EDMUND, Gov. of Va. and noted
statesman). L. S., 1 page folio, Richmond, April 17, 1805.
To W. F. Ast on legal affairs.

46 A. L. S. to Harmanus Bleecker, of Albany, covering the
period from 1812, when he opposed the War of 1812, to 1828,
when his influence at Washington began its rapid decline.
46 pieces, 4to and folio. 1813-1828

* A valuable historical and biographical series of letters from
one of the great orators of America who held his own with
Patrick Henry, Clay, Calhoun and others of that period. One
letter refers to his descent from Pocahontas and John Bolfe.
Another describes the flight of his mother, with a babe only a
week old and John Randolph, then about five, when Gen.
Arnold was raiding the country during the Revolution. "I see
her the evening that she fled again (by night) from Tarleton
as she flung my deceased father's most valuable papers into a
pillow case and put his steel hilted dagger into her stays. I
asked her what that was for, 'My son, your mother shall never
be insulted,' was her reply." Many and vivid are his descrip-
tions of Roanoke, of his dogs, his horses, his slaves, etc.; of the
destruction of his library by fire and his financial losses; of
his health ; of the insanity of his nephew ; of the abilities and
characteristics of his adopted son. Randolph was always active
in politics and had decided opinions of the policies and poli-
ticians of the time. He remarks that Jackson, Clay and Cal-
houn are ruining the country; that Gallatin and Monroe have
caused all the suffering of the people. On Jan. 2, 1815, he
writes: "All is confusion at O [throughout the letters he calls
Washington 'O'; for the "Federal Old-Fields"]. Letters this
morning express doubts whether the bank bill will, or will not pass.
Dallas reviled by the Jacobins (the democratic ones I mean)
wlio are at daggers drawn with each other. Newton ("valiant
Feeble"'!) talking of "revolt". Gholson ("Wart", if you
please, for he is a mere excrecence) complaining that if you,
mention the Bank Bill to a brother Demo, you are in danger
of being insulted ..." He comments on the Hartford Con-
vention, his own elections and defeats, his hatred for the city
of Washington, etc. He frequently expresses his abhorrence of
Napoleon, and sharply criticises European affairs. Almost every
letter mentions the title of some book he has been reading, his
favorites being Madame de Stael and Shakespeare. During the
war of 1812 he visited military camps, and the letters contain ,
descriptive notes on the privations and sufferings of the troops,


unsanitary conditions, etc. On Feb. 4, 1815, he writes: "News
from Xete Orleans. Jackson repelled a desperate attack on his
lines with the loss of only thirty men. British killed 700.
Total loss 15-1600," etc.

These letters are apparently unpublished, and many of the
facts and incidents are evidently either unknown or unnoted by
Randolph 's biographers such as his love affairs, his adopted
son, Dr. Dudley, etc.

1 page, 4to, Roanoke, Oct. 26, 1819, repaired at folds.


1 page, 4to, Richmond, June 15, 1830, to Martin Van Buren.


2 pp. 4to, March 11, 1813, to C. F. Mercer, concerning the loss
of a lady of whom he was very fond. Of the war he writes:
"7 have no longer any hope / despair of the Republic!"
1 portraits. 8 pieces.

454. RAY (JAMES B., Gov. of Indiana, 1825-31). A. L. S.,

3 pp. 4to, Indianapolis, July 10, 1826. To James Shriver, civil
engineer. An important letter concerning the building of the
Wabash and Whitewater canals. D. S. by the same, 1 page,
4to. Aug. 28, 1829. Commission of a Justice of the Peace.
Together 2 pieces.

455. RAYMOND (HENRY J., Journalist and Statesman ;
established the "N. Y. Times"). A. L. S., 4 pp. 4to, Al-
bany, Jan. 13, 1851. To the Hon. Sam'l B. Ruggles, dis-
cussing the political situation.

456. READ (JOHN M., Jurist, Author). 3 A. L. S.
1848, 1853, 1873. Portrait. 4 pieces.

457. REAGAN (JOHN H., Senator from Texas). 3
A. L. S. 1879, 1885 and 1888, mostly about politics. 4
portraits. Together 7 pieces.

458. REED (JAMES, Revolutionary General). A. L. S ,
1 p. folio, Amenia, Oct. 29, 1778. 2 portraits. All inlaid.
3 pieces.

*To Gov. George Clinton. A very important letter, reading
in part: "The pressing necessity for flour to the Eastward obliges
me to send Capt. Chamberlain to irright on to your Excellency
for further advise, as scarce a da// fails but I have an express
to push on flour, which is out of my poicer to do unless some-
thing can be done to take it out of the hand of jobbers, as our
rodes swarm with that sort of people, who have purchased up
all the old flour and wheat," etc.

459. REED (JOSEPH, Revolutionary General and States-
man). A. L. S., 1 p. 4to, Nov. 15, 1780; Portrait. 2 pieces;

*To Col. Hart, reading in part: "As the disciplining the
Militia is of the utmost importance I do hereby authorize you to
engage Mr. Ryan on reasonable terms to go into your County,"

460. REED (WILLIAM B., Statesman, Historian). 2
A. L. S. 1841, 1847. The first a letter of recommendation
for one of his relatives, the other concerning his writings.


461. REEDER (A. H., first Gov. of Kansas). A. L. S.,
1 page, 4to, Easton, Pa., Jan. 29, 1859.

462. REID (WHITELAW). A. L. S., 1 p. 12mo, Nov.,
1877; L. S., 1 p. 12mo, May, 1894; 7 woodcut portraits,
mounted. 9 pieces.

463. REVERE (PAUL, Patriot prominent in the Revo-
lution). A. D. S., 1 p. small 4to, inlaid May 18, 1785. A
Bill to the Commonwealth of Mass. "Tb making and en-
graving of eleven brass stamps." His signature appears
twice; signed also by Isaac Thompson and Charles Turner.
With a portrait and view. Together 3 pieces.

464. RHODE ISLAND. U. S. Senators from R. I.
A. L. S., by Ray Green; A. L. S , by Christopher Ellery;
A. L. S., by Jeremiah B. Howell; A L. S., by James D' Wolfe
(<J); A. L. S., by Asher Robbins; A. L. S., by James F.
Simmons; and others. Together 17 pieces.

465. RIKER (RICHARD, N. Y. lawyer and politician).
A L. S., 1 p. 4to, July, 1805. To Stephen Van Rensselaer:
portrait and facsimile. 3 pieces.

466. RINGGOLD (CADWALLADER, Rear Admiral in
the Civil War). A. L. S., 1 p. 4to, Baltimore, April 21,
1838. To Capt. C. Wilkes, just previous to setting out on
the expedition to the Antarctic, of which Capt. Wilkes
was in command.

467. RODGERS (COMMODORE JOHN). A. L S., 1 page
4to, Gibraltar Bay, Nov. 2, 1825, to Capt. G. C. Read, offer-
ing him the command of Constitution. Portrait. Both

468. RODGERS (JOHN, Rear Admiral). A. L. S., 1 page,
4to, Wash. Jan. 18, 1846. To the Hon Sec'y of the Treas-
ury, enclosing a copy of a Memorial presented to the Gov-
ernment through the Sec'y of the Navy. Accompanied by
the original autograph copy, signed, " John Rodgers, Lieut.
U. S N., 4 pp. 4to, Wash. Dec. 24, 1845. Proposing the
survey of the Columbia River. With a portrait. Together
3 pieces (the letter and Memorial pasted together).

469. ROOSEVELT (THEODORE). Autograph Manu-
script page of his historical work: "The Winning of the
West," 1 p. folio, with corrections and changes; L. S., 1 p.
4to, Wash. Jan. 1893. 2 pieces.

470. ROOT (ERASTUS, Statesman and Soldier). A. L. S.,
1 p. Wash. Jan. 11, 1833; Another of same size, Feb. [1816];
A. N. S., Nov. 1831. Together 3 pieces.

471. ROSS (JAMES, Senator from Penn., friend of Wash-
ington). A. L. S., 1 p. 4to, Pittsburgh, Jan. 1816; A. N. S.,
July, 1801; Receipt signed, Dec. 1788. 3 pieces.

472. RUSSELL (WILLIAM, Brevet Brig.-Gen. in Revo-
lution). A. L. S., 6 pp. 4to, Aspenville, April 18th, 1788.

* Not addressed. Fine letter on military matters.


473. RUTHERFORD (GRIFFITH. General and M.O.C.).
A L. S., 1 p. folio. Camp near the Ten Miles House, Dec.
20, 1778. Inlaid.

*To General Lincoln, reading in part: " Tlie present encamp-
ment of the Troops is not so agreeable as I could wish, therefore
you may expect without further Orders to hear of our advancing
towards Head Quarters," etc.

474. ST. CLAIR (ARTHUR, Revolutionary General).
A. L. S., 1 p 4to, Cincinnati, Dec. 29, 1799. Inlaid.

*To P. Simpson, Cashier of the Bank of the United States,
regarding his account.

475. SCAMMELL (ALEXANDER, Revolutionary Soldier
on Washington's staff). A. L. S., 2 pp. folio. Camp Val-
ley Forge, April 30, 1878 (worn in folds).

*Fine letter to his brother, reading in part. " You have un-
doubtedly heard of the Alliance proposed by France and Spain
to the United States and of the prospect of a great war in
Europe," etc.

476. SCAMMELL (ALEXANDER, Revolutionary Gen-
eral). A. L. S., 3 pp. 4to. Camp Middle Brook, Dec. 30th,

1 ?*I*Q

17 to.

* Interesting letter to his brother, reading in part: " Great

Britain is now reduced to a defensive plan of Operations

It is the interest of France that we should be independent, we
may therefore depend upon her fidelity," etc.

477. SCHURZ (CARL, Gen. and Statesman). Two
A. L. S., 2 pp. 12rao, Feb. 7, 1901; and 1 page, 12mo,
March 12, 1902; and 2 cut signatures. Together 6 pieces,
including 2 portraits.

478. SCHUYLER (GEN. PHILIP). A. L. S., 1 p. folio.
New York, March 2, 1773. To Rev. Mr. Williams, on per-
sonal matters. Draft of a reply at the bottom.

STATES. A Collection of 81 Autograph Letters, and Letters
and Documents signed by the 42 Secretaries of State from
1789 to 1911. With over 100 portraits and views, many of
which are proofs on India paper by famous artists. All in-
laid to folio, and bound, with a printed title-page, in half red
I'-v.-mt morocco, gilt top, uncut.

* The autographic material comprises: L. S. from Jefferson
(President), to Gov. Clinton of New York, July 27, 1790; auto-
graph document by Randolph, May, 1779; Broadside, Act of
Congress, signed by Randolph, 1795; fine 2 pp. A. L. S. from
Pickering, War Office, June 21, 17*0, asking that Governor Reed
of Pennsylvania issue orders to confine the prisoners of war
who had been allowed to work for their board for the farmers,
:i^ many were escaping and finding their way to the British
lines at New York; another A. L. S. from Pickering, 1S17;
A. L. S. from Marshall, Apr. 4, 1800, relating to the Senate's
controversy with Duane, also L. S. De'. 12, 1800; Madison
(President), A. L. S. May 2, 1792, and L. S. 1H03; Robert
Smith, A. L. S. Feb. 21, 1831; Monroe (President), A. L. S.
2 pp. 4to, Albemarle, July 8, 1808, and a fine L. S. to Gov.
Tompkins of New York, Sept. 15, 1814, asking him to raise


troops to go to the rescue of Gens. McComb and Brown at
Plattsbnrgh; John Quincy Adams (President), A. L. S. May
28, 1816, to the Consul at London in regard to American sea-
men; Clay, A. L. S. Nov. 21, 1844, telling of his defeat as can-
didate for president, and L. S. 1828; Van Buren (President) ,
A. L. S., 1845, and L. S., 1829; Livingston, 2 A. L. S. 1824 and
n. d.; McLane, 2 A. L. S. 1831, 1832, and D. S. 1833; John
Forsyth, 2 A. L. S. 1814, 1817, and L. S. 1837; Webster, A. L.
S., Sept. 5, 1817; Hugh Swinton Legare, 2 A. L. S., 1832, 1841;
Abel Parke Upsher, A. L. S., 1822; John Nelson, L. S. 1844;
Calhoun, A. L. S. 1821; Buchanan (President), A. L. S. 'Aug.
16, 1847, relating to the Mexican situation and A. L. S. 1841;
John M. Clayton, 2 A. L. S. 1856, 1841; Edward Everett, 3
A. L. S., 1833, 1856 and 1856; the last refers to the impending
struggle between the North and South; Marcy, 2 A. L. S., 1845,.
1874; Cass, A. L. S. 1835, and 2 L. S. 1857, 1860; Black,
A. L. S. 1865, n. d.; Seward, 2 A. L. S., 1853, 1841, L. S. 1861,,
and 2 signatures; Washburne, A. L. S. May 5, 1862, to Grant,
congratulating him on his victory at Pittsburgh Landing, an-
other A. L. S. 1866; Fish, 2 A. L. S. 1875, 1887; Evarts, 3
A. L. S. 1878, 1880, 1881; Elaine, A. L. S. 1871; Frelinghuysen,.
A. L. S., 1861, L. S. 1882; Bayard, A. L. S. 1892, relating to
the Alaskan Boundary discussion; Elaine, 1884; John W.
Foster, 3 A. L. S. 1893, 1903, 1910; Gresham, 2 A. L. S. 1869 r
1894; Olney, L. S. 1895; Sherman, 2 A. L. S. 1865, 1879;
Day, L. S. 1901; Hay, A. L. S. 1864 (referring to Lincoln),
1873, 1871 (mentioning Castilian Days), and signature; Elihu
Root, L. S. ("I am totally opposed to tlie initiative and ref-
erendum"), 1907; Knox, L. S. 1906.

STATES. 1789-1912. Autographs and portraits of the 54
Secretaries of War, consisting of 84 portraits, including
several proofs on India paper by Savage, Hall, Herring, etc. ;
and 109 autograph letters, letters signed, and signatures. All
inlaid to folio, and bound in half red levant morocco, gilt top,
by Bradstreets. Printed title, dated 1912.

* The autographic material includes an L. S., Aug. 3, 1793,
and an A. L. S., Oct. 17, 1796, from Knox, the first Secretary
of War; 2 A. L. S. June 30, 1781, and Sept. 26, 1797, from
Pickering, the latter telling of an attempt to rob President
Adams' house; 2 L. S. June 14, 1796, and Nov. 25, 1797, from
James McHenry; A. L. S. Feb. 21, 1833 from Marshall con-
cerning the bill to support the execution of laws in South Caro-
lina; A. L. S. Nov. 8, 1790, from Samuel Dexter; Roger Gris-
wold, 2 A. L. S. 1788 and 1809, L. S. 1800; Gen. Dearborn,
2 L. S. 1806 and 1822, A. L. S. 1824; Eustis, L. S. June 9,.
1812; 2 A. L. S. Nov. 10, 1818, and Apr. 16, 1821; John Arm-
strong, A. L. S. Aug. 6, 1812, relating to the dispatch of troops
from New York, A. L. S. June 22, 1837; Monroe (President),

A. L. S. Nov. 19, 1792; Crawford, A. L. S. 1816, concerning
Gen. Jackson and Indian treaties; George Graham, A. L. S.
]815; Isaac Shelby, A. L. S. April 8, 1814, and Jan. 10, 1815;
Calhoun, 2 A. L. S. 1822 and 1823; James Barbour, 2 A. L. S.
1820, 1837, L. S. 1841; Peter B. Porter, A. L. S. 1823; John H.
Eaton, 2 A. L. S., 1830, L. S. 1858; Cass, 2 A. L. S. 1834, 1844;

B. F. Butler, 3 A. L. S. 1824, 1845, 1859; J. R. Poinsett, A. L. S.
1826, 1839, L. S. 1840; John Bell, 1840, 1859; John McLane,
1853; John E. Spencer, 3 A. L. S. 1837, 1838, 1841; J. M.
Porter, n. d., 1829; William Wilkins, 1805, 1845; Marcy, A. L. S.
and signature; Crawford, A. L. S. 1850, A. D. S. 1827, signa-
ture; Conrad, 1877; Jefferson Davis, L. S. 1854, A. L. S. 1888;.


Floyd, A. L. S. 185(5, L. S. 1859; Holt, A. L. S. 1861, L. S.
1859; Cameron, 2 A. L. S. Nov. 5, 1863, Feb. 20, 1867; Stanton,
signature, 1866, L. S. 1849, 2 A. L. S. July 28, 1863, and Oct.
L'."), lS(i(i. In the last he writes: "The Copperlwads think it
indispensiblc to get me out of the War Department. . . . That
is only the forerunner of efforts to get Grant out of the way."
Thomas, 1S4I; Grant, signature and A. L. S. in pencil, Nov. 9,
\^7l (thon Prcshlont ) ; Schofield, 2 A. L. S. 1879, 1880; Raw-
lins, 1863; Sherman, 2 A. L. S. Dec. 28, 1872, and Aug. 2, 1881,
also an A. L. S. from his wife, Ellen E. Sherman, 1872;
Belknap, 2 L. S. 1870, 1872; Taft, 2 A. L. S. 1876; Cameron,
2 L. S. 1876, 1884; McCrary, 2 L. S. 1870, 1877, A. L. S. 1881;
Ramsey, A. L. S. 1873, L. S. 1880; Robert T. Lincoln, A. L. S.
Feb. 27, 1881, L. S. 1884; Endicott, 2 A. L. S. 1864, 1888;
Proctor, A. L. S. 1892, L. S. 1890; Elkins, 2 A. L. S. 1875,
1893, L. S. 1897; Lament, 3 A. L. S. 1871, 1869, 1894; Alger,
A. L. S. 1896, 2 L. S. 1899, 1892; Root, 2 L. S. 1899, 1902;
Taft (President), L. S. 1904; Wright, L. S. 1903; Stimson,
L. S. 1912.

481. SEWARD (FREDERICK W., Author and States-
man). A. L. S , 1 p. 8vo. Montrose, N. Y., Dec. 27, 1888;
L. S., 1 p. 4to, Montrose, N. Y., Oct. 18, 1888; L. S., 1 p.
8vo, Washington, Dec. 2, 1862. To M. D. Phillips. Also
portrait. 4 pieces.

482. SEWARD (WILLIAM H.). A. N. S., Sept., 1852;
Dec., 1852; April, 1853; June, 1853; Sept. 1853. 5 pieces,
all mounted to 4to.

483. SEWARD (WM. H.). L. S., 1 page, 4to. Wash.,
March 7, 1861. To Hon. A. R. Boteler.

484. SEWARD (WILLIAM H.). A. L. in third per-
son, making an appointment, Department of State, Nov.
9th, n. y. With a signature and portrait. 2 pieces.

485. SEWARD (WILLIAM H., Secy, of State). Four
A. L. S., 1 page, 4to, Auburn, Aug. 16, 1847; 1 page, 4to,
Wash., Jan. 4, 1853; 1 page, 12mo, Wash., Jan. 23, 1855;
and Ipage, 12mo, Wash., Feb. 19, 1855. One mounted.

486. SEWARD (WILLIAM H.), A. L. S., 1852; A. N. S.,
Feb., 1858; A. L. S., Oct., 1858; A. L. S., 1861; A. N. S.,
on mourning paper, 1866. 5 pieces, all mounted to 4to.

487. SEWARD (WILLIAM H.). A. L. S., 1854; A. N. S.,
1855; A. L. S., 1857; A. N. S., July, 1860; A. N. S., Nov.,
1860. 5 pieces, all mounted to 4to.

488. SEYMOUR (HORATIO, Gov. of N. Y.). 8 A. L. S.,
mostly relating to his career. 8 pieces.

489. SHEPARD (WILLIAM, Revolutionary Soldier).
A. L. S., 1 p. folio. Wash., Dec. 10, 1801. To Justin Ely,
on military and political matters (worn in folds).

490. SHIRLEY (WILLIAM, Colonial Gov. of Mass.,
1741-45 and 1753-59. A. L. S., 1 p. 4to, n. d. To Morris
(perhaps Gov. Lewis Morris of N. .!.), in regard to building
a road to Will's Creek. Three portraits. Together 4 pieces.


491. SHORTER (JOHN GILL, Gov. of Alabama). L. S. r
1 page, 4to, Montgomery, Ala., Feb. 28, 1863. To Gov. Z. B.
Vance of North Carolina, assuring him of the loyalty of
Alabama in the common cause against the North.

492. SHUBRICK (WILLIAM B., Rear Admiral, gained
fame in the actions of the "Constitution" in the War of
1812). A. L. S., 1 page, 4to, Baltimore, Dec. 6, 1818. To
the Sec'y of the Navy, recommending Mr. Nichols, Sail
master of the. "Washington" for a higher office.

493. SIGNATURES of George Lynch, 0. W. Browning,
E. S. Bowen, Portion of note by John Jay, Note by J. Willard,
and others. Together 12 items.

494. SMALLWOOD (WILLIAM, Revolutionary General).
A. L. S., 1 p. folio. March 18, 1785. To Christopher Rich-
mond, regarding a soldier's discharge. Inlaid.

495. SMITH (JOHN, Senator from Ohio). A. L. S., iy 2 pp.
4to, Wash. March 10, 1808. To William Davidson, on mili-
tary matters (worn in folds).

496. SMITH (ROBERT, Statesman). 2 L. S., 1803 and
1806, written when Secretary of the Navy. Portrait. 3 pieces.

497. SMITH (SAMUEL, Rev. General and Senator from
Maryland). A. L. S., 1 p. 4to. Dec. 15, 1824. To James A.
Buchanan. Portrait and plate. 3 pieces.

498. SOUTHARD (SAMUEL LEWIS). A. L. S., 2 pp.
4to, July 27, n. y. Copy of a letter to W. W. Seaton. In-

499. SOUTHWICK (SOLOMON, Journalist, and anti-
masonic candidate for Gov. of N. Y.). A. L. S., 1 page, folio,
Albany, Oct. 23, 1819. To David Gillespie.

TIVES. Complete set of Autographs and Portraits of the
Speakers of the House of Representatives of the United
States from 1789 to 1914, comprising about 60 portraits and
illustrations and 78 autograph letters, letters signed and
signatures. Nearly all mounted to 4to and bound in half
blue levant morocco, gilt top, uncut. 1907

* A few of the autographs and portraits have been laid in
since the series was bound. Among the autographs are those of
Muhlenburg, Trumbull, and 2 A. L. S. of Dayton; fine letter
from Theodore Sedgwick to his children telling of Washington 's
care for the son of Lafayette, 1796; A. L. S. Joseph Bradley
Varnum ; 2 A. L. S. from Henry Clay, one of which relates to
the death of his son in the Mexican War; 2 A. L. S. from John
Bell, senator and presidential candidate in 1860; 2 A. L. S.
from James K. Polk (President), 1835, 1843; 2 A. L. S. from
John W. Davis, one of which relates to the opening of a steam-
ship route to China; Gen. N. P. Banks; 3 A. L. S. from James
L. Orr; 2 A. L. S. from William Pennington; 2 A. L. S. from
Schuyler Colfax; 2 A. L. S. from Elaine, including one to
President Grant; 2 A. N. S. from Reed; A. L. S. of Cannon;
A. L. S. and L. S. from Champ Clark, etc., etc.


501. SPENCER (AMBROSE, Mayor of Albany and Chief
Justice of N. Y.). Three A. L. S., 1 page folio, Hudson,
April 19, 1794. To Hon. S. Van Rensselaer; 1 page, folio,
Hudson, Jany. 3, 1802. To Matthius B. Tallinadge ; and, 3 pp.
4to, Wash. Dec. 18, 1829. To Wm. L. Stone. All on political
affairs. With a portrait. Together 4 pieces.

502. SPENCER (JOSEPH, Revolutionary General).
A. L. S., 1 p. 4to. Camp at Roxbury, June 9, 1775. Inlaid.

* To General Thomas, regarding the treatment to be meted
out to a military culprit.

503. SPRAGUE (WILLIAM, Gov. and Senator from
R. I.). A. L. S., 1 p. 4to. May, 1862. To Hon. Gideon
Welles; A. L. S., 1 p. 4to. March, 1863; A. N. S., 1 p. 12mo.
May, 1873 ; 4 portraits. Together 7 pieces.

504. STARK (JOHN, Revolutionary General). L. S., 1 p.
folio. Manchester, August 10, 1777. Portrait and engraved
view ; all inlaid. 3 pieces.

* To General Lincoln, Bennington: "Agreeable to Gen.
Schuyler's request, joined by yours, I immediately issued orders
for my Brigade to repair to Head Qrs. in order to march to
Bennington," etc. Very important letter regarding the events
immediately preceding the Battle of Bennington.

505. STEUBEN (BARON DE, General in Revolution).
A. L. S., 1 p. 4to. New York, Dec. 12, 1790. Mounted and
slightly repaired.

* Addressed "My Dear Morgan," and mentioning his lands,
granted him by the government, and difficulties experienced in
dealing with certain persons. Letters in English are uncommon.

506. STIRLING (SIR THOMAS, British Soldier in Revo-
lution). A. L. S., 1 p. 4to. Camp on Hudson River, June
25th, 1782; Portrait by Hall. 2 pieces.

* To the Marquis de Bouille, recommending two gentlemen
"very dear to me who have served in the Armies of America
every Campaign since the present Contest with G. Britain began
. . . and seek a more active scene . . . under your Lordship 's com-
mand," etc.

507. SULLIVAN (JAMES, Gov. of Mass. 1808-09). D. S.,
1 page, folio. Aug. 13, 1808. Commission of a Captain of
Infantry. Signed also by Wm. Tudor, Sec'y.

508. SUMNER (CHARLES). A. L. S., 2 pp. 4to. Boston,
June 22, 1847. To R. S. Beardslee, regarding a lecture.

:.(>'. SUMNER (CHARLES). A. L. S M 1 p. 16mo. Wed-
nesday, n. d.; A. N. S., Jan. 4, 1855; Signature on card;
Portrait. Together 4 pieces.

:.10. sr.MNER (INCREASE, Gov. of Mass. 1797-99).
D. S., 1 page, folio. June 8, 1797. Lieutenant's Commission.

511. STEELE (GEN. JOHN, Revolutionary Soldier and
Statesman). L. S., 1 page, 4to, Treasury Dept. June 29, 1801.
With 2 portraits.


512. STEPHENS (ALEXANDER H., Confed. Vice-
Pres.). A. L. S., 2 pp. 8vo, Atlanta, Ga. June 19, 1873;
A. L. S., 2 pp. 8vo, CrawfordviUe, Ga., Sept. 20, 1871 ; A. L, S.,
2 pp. 8vo, CrawfordviUe, Ga., July 5, 1873 (torn in fold) ;
Autograph signature; A. L. S. of A. L. Dam to A. H.

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