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Francis Spilman from the trained forces. 1 p. folio. Court
of Greenwich, June 20, 1602. Signed also by THOMAS
Shresbury, Charles Earl of Nottingham, Sir John Fortescue,
Edward Fourth Earl of Worcester, Sir John Popham, etc.,
all members of the Privy Council. With an engraved por-
trait of said Robert Cecil. 2 pieces.

177. ELIZABETHAN DOCUMENT. Hatton (Sir Chris-
topher. Lord Chancellor of England in the Reign of Queen
Elizabeth). A. L. S., 1 page, folio [ca. 1573], to Queen
Elizabeth. 4 portraits. Explanatory matter. Bound in
red levant morocco.

*In 1673 Hatton fell seriously ill and the Queen visited him
daily. On his recovery she sent Julli, her own physician, to
accompany him in his travels, and this letter was probably
written when leaving her court. " Receve (for Gods sake) yea
lovingliereceve, that har tie farewell, yt God & nature afordithe
you from your myserable, but most constant Lovynge servant.
. . . But madam know it for trewthe that few are found worthy
too attayne ther soo worthy attempte. Commend too yourself
the Love that is pure, embrace it for it is great, happenes even
God's blessynge uppon you."

Henry Yelverton, Atty. Gen. for James I. ; L. S. by Sir
Michael Foster; D. S. by Sir Richard Aston, 1770; and
others. Together 40 pieces.

179. ENGLISH ACTORS. MSS. sketch of Madame
Davies, in the handwriting of Charles Mathews the elder;
A. L. S. by Richard Jones; A. L. S. by John Johnstone;
A. N. S. by William Oxberry; A. L. S. by John E. Owens:
and others. Together 13 pieces.

CHEQUER. . D. S. by Sir Hugh Wyndham. July, 1671;
Signature of Sir John Powell. 1712; Signature of Sir Lit-
tleton Powys. 1711; Signature of Sir Edward Ward. 1712;
and others. Together 33 pieces.

Sir Alexander Ogilvie, Dec., 1702; A. N. S. by Sir Samuel
Roinilly, June, 1815; D. S. by John Dunning, Lord Ash-


burton; A. D. S. by Fletcher Norton, Lord Grantley;
A. L. S. by Sir Thomas Le Breton; and others. Together
35 pieces.

Sir John Travor. Nov. 18, 1703; Signature of Sir Julius
Csar. July 17, 1607; D. S. by Sir Thomas Clarke. July
26, 1762; A. D. S. by Sir Thomas Sewell. June 5, 1760;
A. L. S. by Sir John Leach; and others. Together 30
items, including some portraits.

183. ENGLISH NOVELISTS. A. L. S. of John Watson,
Nov. 26, 1896; Three A. L. S. of Charles Reade, undated;
A. L. S. of Lauria Seymour, n. d. ; A. N. S. of Mayne Reade;

A. L. S. of W. Clarke Russell, April 20, 1874; and 6 por-
traits. Together 13 pieces.

184. ENGLISH NOVELISTS. A. L. S. of H. Rider Hag-
gard, Dec. 23, 1888; A. L. S. of Rhoda Broughton, Aug. 9
(no year); A. L. S. of Mrs. Charles Kingsley, Nov. 22, 1858;
Franked envelope of Charles Kingsley; A. L. S. of Amelia

B. Edwards, Oct. 31, 1873; and 11 portraits, clippings, etc.
Together 15 pieces.

185. ENGLISH NOVELISTS. A. N. S. of Walter
Besant, Jan. 28, 1874; two A. L. S. of Anne Thackeray
Ritchie, undated; A. L. S. of William Sharp, April 7, 1892;
A. L. S. of George Whyte-Melville, June 30, 1873; A. N. S.
of Anthony Hope Hawkins, Jan. 9, 1902; and 9 portraits.
Together 15 pieces.

* The lot includes an etched portrait of Walter Besant by
Hollyer on Japan paper.

186. ENGLISH SOLDIERS. Signature of Lord Jeffrey
Amherst; A. L. S. by Henry W. Paget, Marquis of Angle-
sey. H pp. Feb., 1827; A. L. S. by Sir James Brooke,
Raja of Saravak. March, 1866; Envelope addressed by
Sir George de Lacy Evans. Together 4 pieces.

187. ERNEST AUGUSTUS, Duke of Cumberland, fifth
son of King George III of England ; afterwards King
Ernest I of Hanover (1771-1851). A. L. S. to his brother
Frederick, Duke of York and Albany, and written when
student at the University of Gottingen. 1 p. 4to. Gottin-
gen, Febr. 25, 1788. Also an address to Princess Elizabeth
of Great Britain and Hanover, in his handwriting. 2 pieces.

* ' ' Dearest Frederic It is an age that I have not received
a letter from you, though I have wrote more as once, yet 1 am
not angry knowing you are busy with your regiment. . . . There
is no news at present at Gottingen except that Reventlow Har-
denberg passed through here to Capel in order as the report is,
to make offers to his Lady to return again to him."

188. ETTY (WILLIAM, English Artist). A. N. S., 1 p.
12mo. Lond., July 24, n. y. To William Collins, remind-
ing him of a dinner engagement.


189. EUGENE (PRINCE OF SAVOY, celebrated gen-
eral). D. S., ordering the payment of lire 3600. 1 p. folio.
Milano, Jan. 24, 1713. With seal. Also 8 portraits en-
graved by De Marcenay, Roy, Raven et, etc. 9 pieces (8

190. EVELYN (JOHN, Diarist, Scholar, and Philoso-
pher). A. L. S. , 1 p. folio (about 50 lines). Dover Street,
May 10th, 1700. With address and endorsement on the

* To Samuel Pepys, with a seven-line endorsement in the
handwriting of Pepys. A most interesting association of
Evelyn and Pepys, whose names are almost as closely linked
together in literary circles as those of Beaumont and Fletcher.
The letter begins: "I do most heartily congratulate ye improve-
ment of your health, since your change of aire; which accept-
able newes your servant brought us this morning." Continuing,
he writes: that Mr. Nicolson, Archdeacon of Carlisle, i
troubled to hear of his indisposition; that he desires to know if
there is any valuable material relating to the history of Scot-
land amongst Sir R. Maitland's collection of Scottish Poems,
etc., etc.


Tuesday Afternoon, March 23, 1915, at 2:30 o'clock.

191. FAMOUS ACTRESSES. A. L. S. by Mrs. Charles
Kean; Signature of Helena Modjeska; A. L. S. by Mary A.
Keeley ; L. S. by Mary A. Kelly ; Signature of Miss Mellon ;
and others. Together 16 pieces.

192. FARNESE (ALESSANDRO, one of the most skilful
generals of his age 1546-92 distinguished himself at Le-
panto: captured Antwerp in 1585). L. S. to the Bishop of
Ortona thanking him for his expressions of sympathy on the
occasion of the death of his wife. 1 p. folio (inlaid). Brux-
elles, Febr. 18, 1586. With 2 .fine and scarce engraved por-
traits. 2 pieces.

193. FELLOWES (ROBERT, friend and secretary of
Queen Caroline; wrote for her the replies she made to ad-
dresses, applications, etc.). "A. L. S., regarding Sophia
Woodward, who was the real author of "The Book," Secret
History, etc. 2 l / 2 pp. 8vo. Dec. 21, 1840. With 2 portraits
of Bergami, the Italian adventurer, and 2 portraits of Louisa
Demont. 5 pieces.

194. FERDINAND I, Emperor of Germany (1503-64).
D. -S., asking all Kings, Princes, etc., to favor Georgius de
Hungeren, who is going to Rome. 1 p. folio. Prague, Febr.
15, 1534. On vellum. With a fine and rare portrait engraved
by* P. de Jode. 2 pieces.

195. FERDINAND II, Emperor of Germany (1578-1637).
D. S., as Archduke of Austria. 2 pp. folio. Gratz, Dec. 3,
1601. With seal. Also 3 fine portraits engraved by Mon-
cornet, Guillard, etc. 4 pieces (2 inlaid).

196. FERDINAND III, Emperor of Germany (1608-57).
D. S., 1 p. folio. August 26, 1651. With seal. Also a fine
portrait engraved by C. Galle after Van Dyck. 2 pieces.

197. FERDINAND VII, King of Spain (1784-1833).'
L. S. to Cardinal Caprano, sending his congratulations on the
occasion of his being elected cardinal. 1 p. folio (inlaid).
Aranjuez, Apr. 30, 1829. With address and wax seal. Also
4 portraits. 5 pieces.

198. FERRIER (SUSAN, Author). Autograph Manu-
script Poem, "Prologue to 'Family Legends' by Walter
Scott Esq." and "Epilogue to 'Family Legends' by Henry
Mackenzie Esq." 4 pp. 4to, unsigned. Inlaid.

199. FIELDING (HENRY). Portion of an Autograph
Manuscript, iy 2 pp. folio, unsigned, but with a certificate of
genuineness signed by W. H. Fielding, grandson of the
author. 2 portraits. All inlaid.


200. FLAXMAN (JOHN, Celebrated English Sculptor).
A. L. S., 12 pp. folio, n. d. Original draft of "A Letter to
the Committee for promoting the Naval Pillar or Monument
under the Patronage of His Eoyal Highness the Duke of
Clarence." Ca. 1800. 6 sheets inlaid on Whatman paper.
"With 2 engraved portraits. Together 8 pieces.

* The document is evidently the first draft for the publica-
tion in which Flaxrnan sets forth his views to the Committee
and proposes a gigantic figure "Britannia Triumphant" to be
erected on Greenwich Hill. He describes at great length the
national importance of such a work; but to his keen disappoint-
ment the matter was neglected and the scheme finally abandoned.

201. FLAXMAN (JOHN, Noted English Sculptor).
A. L. S., 1 p. 4to, Buckingham St., Fitzroy Square, March 19,
1802. In regard to a design which was then in the hands
of the British Government. Inlaid. With an engraved por-
trait. Together 2 pieces.

202. FOREIGN ARTISTS. A. L. S. by B. R. Haydon,
A. N. S. by H. Fuseli, A. L. S. by F. Chantrey, A. L. S. by
Charles Barry; and others. Together 10 pieces.

quill," Illustrator). A. L. S., 2 pp. 8vo, April 6, 1872. To
James Bohn, in regard to cuts for illustrations. A sketch
of a trumpet at the end and beneath he has written "Please
will you blaw this trumpet for me!" Inlaid.

* Written in the last year of his life.

204. FOX (CHARLES JAMES). A. L. S., V/ 2 pp. 4to.
February 16, 1801.

* Fine letter to Arthur Pigott, afterwards Attorney General
of England, reading in part: . . that many of Pitt's friends,
and among these the least discreet are bitter against the new
Men, is certain. On the other hand the continuance of Ld.
Chatham, Wm. Dundas, fy Steele is very remarkable." The
latter part is in regard to the Catholic Emancipation.

205. FOX (CHARLES JAMES). A. L. S., iy 2 pp. 4to.
St. Anne's Hill, Wednesday, Nov. 3, 1805. To Arthur Pigott,
Lincolns Inn.

* A very important and interesting letter on the European
condition, reading in part: "Our government seems to be in a
state of infatuation, after having persivaded Austria to her
ruin, we are now, it seems, sanguine in our hopes [of] deliver-
ing over Prussia in like manner to Bonaparte."

206. FOX (CHARLES JAMES). A Series of 9 auto-
graph letters from Charles James Fox to [-Sir] Arthur L.
.Pigott, his personal friend and afterwards Attorney-General
of England. Bound with the above there are 18 letters by
various people, in regard to the funeral, debts, monument in
Westminster Abbey, and other matters relating to Fox; also
16 scarce portraits and caricatures, some of the latter- in
colors. Bound in one volume, 4to, half brown morocco.

* The letters by Fox are dated from Feb. 23, 1782, to Janu-
ary 20, 1803, and are mostly in regard to ' ' the Heredity Kev-


enue of the Crown ' ' and other subjects he was informing him-
self on in preparation for the writing of his History of James
II. A very fine and valuable collection containing 19 pages in
the handwriting of Fox.

eral; was present at all the battles of the Pyrenees; wounded
at Waterloo). A. L. S. to the Duke of Feltre (Marshal
Clarke), Minister of War, asking permission to go to Amiens
to be present at the Assembly of the Electoral College. 1 p.
folio. Paris, Sept. 13, 1816. With 2 portraits (one proof on
India paper engraved by Adam after Gerard). 3 pieces.

208. FRANCIS I, Emperor of Germany (1708-65). Official
L. S., sending thanks for Christmas greetings. 1 p. folio.
Vienna, March 12, 1759. With seal. Inlaid.

209. FRANCIS II, Emperor of Germany; after 1806
Francis I of Austria. Official L. S., 1 p. folio. Vienna, Dec.
27, 1806. With 8 portraits engraved by Neubauer, Minatelli,
Adam, etc. 9 pieces (3 inlaid).

210. FRANCIS II, Emperor of Germany; after 1806
Francis I of Austria (1768-1835). L. S. to Cardinal Caprano,
congratulating him on his nomination as a Cardinal. 1 p. 4to.
Vienna, Jan. 7, 1829. With address and wax seal. Also
4 portraits. 5 pieces (2 inlaid).

211. FREDERICK I, Elector of Brandenbourg, first King
of Prussia (1657-1713). D. S., 1 p. folio (inlaid). K61n r
Jan. 18, 1700. With seal. Also an engraved portrait by
Pieart. 2 pieces.

212. FREDERICK II, surnamed "THE GREAT," King of
Prussia (1712-86). D. S., 2 pp. folio. Berlin, Nov. 1, 1753.
Fine impression of the seal. With 7 portraits engraved by
Nil son, Sasso, Sullin, etc., including a very fine and scarce
one in mezzotint. 8 pieces (5 inlaid).

213. FREDERICK III, German Emperor and eighth King
of Prussia (1831-88). L. S., as Crownprince, ordering a
French book of military literature. 1 p. 4to. Charlottenburg,
May 9, 1855. With portrait. 2 pieces.

214. FREDERICK III, German Emperor and eighth King
of Prussia (1831-88). L. S., as Crownprince. 1 p. 4to.
Berlin, August 18, 1857. With portrait. 2 pieces (inlaid).

215. FREDERICK AUGUSTUS I, first King of Saxony
(1750-1827). D. S., twice (once "Friedrich August Konig
von Sachsen"). 2 pp. folio. July 11, 1815. Fine impression
of the seal. With 3 engraved portraits. 4 pieces (2 inlaid).

216. FREDERICK AUGUSTUS I, Elector of Saxony
(1670-33), afterwards King August II of Poland. Letter
subscribed and signed, to King William III of England.
2 pp. folio. Dresden, June 11, 1694. In Latin, on military
affairs. With seal and fly-leaf bearing address. Also a fine
portrait engraved by I. F. Bause. 2 pieces.


217. FREDERICK WILLIAM II, King of Prussia (1744-
97). D. S,, Ip. 4to. Potsdam, March 20, 1794. Fine impres-
sion of the wax seal. With 6 portraits engraved by Philips,
Tardieu, Sardi, etc. 7 pieces (4 inlaid).

218. FREDERICK WILLIAM III, King of Prussia (1770-
1840) ; fought against Napoleon. Official L. S., 1 p. 4to.
Berlin, June 1, 1829. With 13 portraits engraved by Sasso
(full length), Freeman, Heath, etc. 14 pieces (6 inlaid).

219. FREDERICK II, King of Wiirtemberg (1754-1816).
L. S., in German, on military affairs. 1 p. 4to. Stutgart,
March 21, 1806.

220. FREDERICK I, King of Sweden (1676-1751). Offi-
cial D. S,, in Swedish. 1 l / 2 pp. folio, with seal. Stockholm,
May 9, 1741. Also fine and scarce contemporary engraved
portrait (inlaid). Together 2 pieces.

221. FREDERICK I, King of Sweden (1676-1751).
A. L. S., in French, as Frederick de Hesse, when Landgrave
of Hesse-Cassel. 1 p. 4to. Bruxelles, Sept. 22, 1711. Ex-
cusing himself with a gentleman for his impossibility to see
him, and assuring him of his attachment'. RARE AUTOGRAPH.

222. FREDERICK LEWIS, Prince of Wales (1707-51),
son of King George II. D. S., granting the pension of 400
per year to E. Bayntun Rolt, Groom of his bed-chamber.
2 pp. folio. Leicester House, May 10, 1745. With 2 engraved
portraits. 3 pieces.

223. GALT (JOHN, Author). Autograph Manuscript of
a Poem "Life." 14 lines, 1 p. 8vo, Sept. 15, 1883. Portrait.
Both inlaid.

224. GARRICK (DAVID). A. L. S., 2 pp. 4to. Althorpe,
Dec. 24, n. y. Inlaid.

* To Lord [Holderness], regretting that he could not accept
an invitation because of a "return of his old complaint."

225. GARRICK (MRS. DAVID). A. L. S., 1 p. 12mo.
Thursday, April 11, n. y. Portrait in colors by Sherlock.
2 pieces.

* To Mrs Henderson, offering her a box at the theatre and
mentioning: "/ have seen Master Betty twice for my sins in

226. GASKELL (MRS. ELIZABETH C., Biographer of
Charlotte Bronte). A. L. S., 4 pp. 8vo, Manchester, Dec. 10
[1862]. Acknowledging three pennyworth of stamps as a
contribution for the relief work organized by her during the
cotton famine.

61/2 pp. 12mo. Knutsford, Oct. 29 [1851].

* To Mrs. James, reading in part : "I see that Mr. Thack-
eray is "bringing out a three-volume novel; and our nice little
friend Miss Muloch is advertizing another . . . I think that

Miss Bronte had hold of the true idea, when she said to me last
Summer, 'If I had to earn my living, I would go out as gover-
ness again,' " etc.


228. GASKELL (MRS. ELIZABETH C.). A. L., in third
person. 2y 2 pp. 12mo, Holybourne, Oct. 30 [1865]. To
Messrs. Routledge and Warne, regarding books sent and to be

229. GASKELL (MRS. ELIZABETH C.). A. L. S., 3 pp.
12mo, n. p., n. d. With portrait. Both inlaid.

230. GAVARNI (PAUL, celebrated French caricaturist:
1801-66). A. N. S., 1 p. 12mo, n. d. Introducing a "char-
mante petite actrice."

231. GAVARNI (PAUL,, celebrated French caricaturist
1801-66). A. N. S., 1 p. 12mo, n. d. (inlaid).

232. GEORGE III. L. S., 1 p. folio, St. James's 10th
September, 1802. With portrait, seal, and endorsement by
Lord Hawkesbury. Enclosed in a handsome blue levant mo-
rocco case, with title and coat of arms on the side.

* To Napoleon Bonaparte, then First Consul of the French
Republic, notifying him of the recall of Anthony Merry, the
Minister Plenipotentiary in Paris, and asking that he may be
accorded "such testimonials of approbation as may entitle him
to our favour upon his return into our'Eoyal Presence." A
most interesting association of names, and very rare.

233. GERARD (FRANQOIS PASCAL, famous French
historical painter: 1770-1837). A. L. S., March l[no year],
1 p. small 4to. To M. Le Bon, Architect.

234. GEROME (LEON, celebrated French historical genre-
painter: 1824-1904). A. L. S., 1 p. 16mo, n. dv With 2 por-
traits and some reproductions of his works. 9 pieces (2 in-

235. GILBERT (WILLIAM S.). Dr. Tresler's Maxims.
a list of the engraved initials to go w r ith the article and their
inscriptions, 2 pp. 12mo. Also, an A. L. S., 1 page, 12mo,
South Kensington, Apr. 27, 1890, letter of thanks for a water-
color sketch. All mounted to 4to, and bound in full polished

* Apparently unpublished.

1V 2 pp. 12mo. March 5, 1868.

* To W. Riddle, refusing to express an opinion on a plan.

237. GLADSTONE (WILLIAM EWART) . A. L., in third
person. Whitehall, Feb. 23, 1843; Letter in another hand,
in which he refuses his autograph; Portraits by Laurie, IIoll,
and others. Together 7 pieces.

12mo. Whitehall, October 16, 1861 (inlaid).

* To Lady Herbert, forwarding a letter, and on social mat-


239. GLOUCESTER (MARY), Daughter of George III,
married William Duke of Gloucester (1776-1857). A. L. S.,
to "My dearest Peggey," 4 pp. 4to,, Gloucester House, Satur-
day, April 3; A. L. S. to Lady Warrington, 1 p. 4to, Sunday,
Sept. 2. With a portrait and 2 of her husband, engraved by
Thomson (proof on India paper) and Meyer (full length).

5 pieces.

240. GODWIN (WILLIAM, Author). A. L. S., 1 p. 12mo r
Sept. 20, 1831. Portrait. 2 pieces.

241. GOLDSMITH (OLIVER). Original Contract for
the sale of his "History of Animated Nature" to William
Griffin. 1 large folio sheet, signed twice by Oliver Goldsmith,
with a fine impression of his seal. On the back there is an
assignment of the copyright to John Nourse, in the hand-
writing of William Griffin, and signed by him.


ITEM. For this most elaborate and extensive of his ' ' pot-
boilers" Goldsmith received the sum of 840 quite a sum
when compared with the paltry 60 given him for the ' ' Vicar
of Wakefleld" The contract is dated June 27, 1772, and the
transfer was made to Nourse on the same day, but the work
was not published until 1774.

With the above is a large amount of material regarding the
publication of the various editions of the work, including an
A. L. S. by Archibald Hamilton to John Nourse, in which he
writes: "I have sent the Critical Review which concludes the
account of Dr. Goldsmith's Animated Nature. I have taken
uncommon Pains with this worlc," etc. This letter is dated
Dec. 1774, and the others, signed by Wm. Griffin, Johnson,
Hamilton and others, are of later dates. They include receipts
for payments to the engravers of the plates, and other work
done on the book. About 50 pieces.

242. GOSSE (EDMUND). Original Manuscript of an
Essay on Washington Irving, entitled "The Sketch Book."

6 pp. 4to, signed at the beginning: "E. W. Gosse, 7 White-
hill Gardens, London, S. W." Small 4to, cloth, title on side.

* An exceptionally interesting item, reading in part: "Four
names stand out more and more brightly as the representative
essayists of the Regency, Haslitt, Irving, Lamb, and Hunt,"

243. GRAY (THOMAS). A Latin Essay by Thomas Gray,
all in his handwriting and signed "Gray." The subject of
this interesting juridical essay is: "Patria potestas Quritium
naturce juri contraria cst. Nemo servus nascitur." (The
paternal authority of the Romans is contrary to the right of
nature, as nobody was born a servant.) 12 pages, 4to, closely
written, in all 442 lines. Green morocco blind tooled and gilt.


sertion of 3 engraved portraits of Gray (one by Taylor after
Shelley, an engraved view of the Tomb of Gray and five clip-
pings from old English newspapers relating to him; laid in iff .
the original wrapper in which the original copy of Gray's
Elegy in a Country Churchyard was found, with autograph
inscription by Mason.


244. GUSTAVUS III, King of Sweden (1746-92), assassi-
nated by Onkarstrom, emissary of the Swedish nobility.
A. L. S., in French, to a gentleman, asking him to come and
hike part in the amusements of the Court, and mentioning
Hint next Sunday there will be celebrated the feast of the
Queen. 1 p. small 4to. July 17, 1781. Also 3 engraved
portraits of the King and a portrait of Ankarstrom. 5 pieces.

245. GUSTAVUS III, King of Sweden (1746-92), assassi-
nated by Ankarstrom, emissary of the Swedish nobility.
A. L. S., to his son the Crown Prince. 2 J /2 pp. small 8vo, and
addressed envelope with seal. Camp of Warela, Aug. 20,
1790; also another addressed envelope in the King's hand-
writing- with seal, an engraved plan of the naval battle of
Frederickshavn (May 15, 1790), 2 contemporary engraved
portraits of the King (inlaid), and one of Ankarstrom. 7


* A VERY INTERESTING LETTER, written only 6 days after the
peace signed at Varela with Kussia. ' ' My dear son, I have the
pleasure of announcing to you the peace, which is always prefer-
able to war; and this more than ever as it is honorable and
sure, establishing the independence of the State, and abolishing
all the ancient treaties concluded in times of anarchy, and which
Russia used as pretext for mixing in our internal affairs . . . "

246. HAGGARD (H. RIDER). 2 A. L.s S., 1887 and
1890, l?mo, with portrait.

247. HALL (ANNA MARIA). A. L. Signed with initials.

1 p. 4to. [Nov. 21, 1854.]

* To F. W. Fairholt: 2 portraits. All inlaid. 3 pieces.

248. HARDY (THOMAS, English Novelist). A. L. S.,

2 pp. 8vo. Max Gate near Dorchester. Jan. 25, 1889. To Mr.
Rideing, regretting that he is unable to submit an article for
' ' The Review. ' ' With 8 portraits. Together 9 pieces.

249. HARDY (THOMAS). A. L. S., 3 pp. 12mo, The
Athenaeum, July 5, 1907. Inlaid.

* Not addressed. Fine letter on the uncertainty of a literary
career ; reading in part : ' ' The sale of a book is largely a mat-
ter of chance. A book may be good, but not sell: it may be
bad, and sell well . ... Of course, the question of following
literature for its own sake, without regard to sales, is another
matter. ' '

250. HAWKINS (ANTHONY HOPE). A. L. S., 1 p.
12mo, April 1st, 1896. To Frederick II. Hopkins, regarding
the preservation of Poe's cottage. Inlaid.

251. HAZLITT (WILLIAM). 8 Autograph Letters and
Notes and 39 pages of Manuscript in the handwriting of
William Hazlitt. Inserted in a folio, half morocco scrap

* The above material includes a letter to his brother, 4 let-
ters regarding his Life of Napoleon, other notes and letters in
which he mentions Barry Cornwall, Leigh Hunt, the Lambs, etc.
There is a short article on the Royal Academy, a complete
essay with the title ' ' The Free Admission ' ' and another :
"Boswell Redivivus," of 25 pages.


written on 224 pages of various sizes, bound in one volume,
folio, half morocco.

* The volume includes: The Dandy School; Political Econ-
omy; Outlines of Morals; Personal Politics; Outlines of the
Human Mind; On Avarice; On Travelling Abroad; On Beading
New Books; On the Prose Style of Poets; On the Principle of
Self -Love; The Late Mr. Home Tooke; On Means and Ends;
Of Persons One would wish to have seen; etc.

A few of the pages are in the handwriting of Hazlitt, and
all of them have his corrections and changes.

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