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Horatio Derby ("John Phoenix "). Edited by John Vance
Cheney Etched portrait and plates, some colored. 2 vols.
16mo, cloth, gilt tops, uncut.

Chicago: The Caxton Club, 1897

* One of 165 copies printed on hand-made paper.

175. CAXTON CLUB. La Salle. Relation of the Dis-
covery of the Mississippi River, written from the Narrative
of Nicolas de La Salle. Translation by Melville B. Anderson.
8vo, half vellum, uncut. Chicago: The Caxton Club, 1898

* Limited to 266 copies on hand-made paper.


176. CAXTON CLUB. Relation of Henri de Tonty Con-
cerning the Explorations of La Salle from 1678 to 1683.
Translated by Melville B. Anderson. 8vo, half vellum, un-
cut and unopened. Chicago: Caxton Club, 1898

*One of an edition of 194 copies on hand made paper. Text
of both the original French and the English translation on op-
posite pages.

177. CAXTON CLUB. Relation of the Discoveries and
Voyages of Cavalier de La Salle from 1679 to 1681. The
Official Narrative. The Translation done by Melville B.
Anderson. 8vo, half vellum, uncut.

Chicago: The Caxton Club, 1901

*One of 224 copies printed on hand-made paper. The original
French and the English translation are printed on opposite

178. CAXTON CLUB. Kinzie (Mrs. John H.). Wau-
Bun. The "Early Days" of the North West. Introduction
and Notes by Reuben Gold Thwaites. Numerous illustra-
tions. 8vo, cloth, gilt top, uncut.

Chicago: The Caxtou Club, 1901

* Limited to 256 copies on hand-made paper.

179. CAXTON CLUB. Wakefield's History of the Black
Hawk War. A Reprint of the First Edition by John A.
Wakefield, from the Press of Calvin Goudy, Jacksonville,
Illinois, 1834. With Preface and Notes. By Frank E.
Stevens. 13 photogravure illustrations, including a fine
colored portrait of Black Hawk. 8vo, half vellum, uncut.

Chicago: The Caxton Club, 1908

* One of 200 copies printed on hand-made paper.

180. CELEBRITIES I HAVE KNOWN (Lennox). 2 vols.,
Lond. 1876; Life of John Wilkes (Fitzgerald), 2 vols., Lond.
1888; Wellington, his Comrades and Contemporaries (Grif-
fiths), Lond. 1897. Together 5 vols. 8vo and 12ino, cloth.

181. CELEBRITIES OF THE STAGE, Lond., n. d. ;
Etched Examples of Paintings Old and New (Mollet), Lond.
1885; English Society at Home (Du Maurier), Lond. 1880;
and others. Together 5 vols., various sizes and bindings.

182. CENTURY ASSOCIATION. The Fiftieth Anni-
versary of the founding of the Century and the adoption of
its Constitution, Jan., 1897. Illustrated. Royal 8vo, cloth.

N. Y. 1897

* EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of an A. L. S. by G. C.
Verplanck, one by Bishop H C. Potter, an A. N. S. (with ini-
tials) by R. H. Stoddard, signature of Daniel Huntington,
A. L. S. by E. C. Stedman, 3 pp. letter from William Allen
Butler, and other material of interest and value.

183. CHAMBERLAIN (MELLEN). John Adams, the
Statesman of the American Revolution, with other Essays
and Addresses. 8vo, cloth. Bost 1898

* With A. L. S. of the author inserted.


184. CHANDLER (PELEG W.). American Criminal
Trials. 2 portraits. FIRST EDITION. 2 vols. 12mo, cloth
(binding of Vol. 1 stained). Bost. 1844

* An A. L. S. of the author inserted, 2 pp. 4to, Boston, Sept.
28, 1841, to E. Shillaber, concerning a portrait for this work.

185. CHASE (GEORGE B.). Lowndes of South Caro-
lina. An Historical and Genealogical Memoir. Portrait.
8vo, cloth. Bost. 1876

186. CHASE (HON. SAMUEL). Report of the Trial of
the Hon. Samuel Chase. 8vo, half sheep (worn and name
on title). Baltimore, 1805

187. CHASE (SALMON P.). A. L. S., 1 p. 12mo, March
17, 1869 ; 4 portraits on steel. Together 5 pieces.

188. CHASTELLUX (MARQUIS DE). Travels in North
America, in the Years 1780, 1781 and 1782. FIRST ENGLISH
EDITION. 2 maps and 3 plates. 2 vols. 8vo, old calf.

Lond. 1787

* Inserted is a 1 p. A. N. S. from the author, "York 1781."

4to, U. S. Ship " Superior," Sacketts Harbor, Nov. 9, 1814.
To Wm. Jones, Secy, of the Navy, recommending Lieut.
Joseph J. Nicholson to the command of one of the smaller
vessels being fitted out by the government to cruise against
the enemy. With a portrait. Together 2 pieces.

* Mentions the " Mohawk" and the " Madison," ships which
were built and equipped at Sacketts Harbor under the direction
of Capt. Chauncey and for whose speedy construction he gained
renown. The " Mohawk," a 42-gun frigate, was launched 34
days after the keel was laid, and the corvette "Madison" was
launched in nine weeks after the first tree composing her frame
was cut.

190. [CHEETHAM (JAMES).] A Narrative of the Sup-
pression by Col. Burr, of the History of the Administration
of John Adams . . . written by John Wood. A Biography
of Thomas Jefferson and of Gen. Hamilton: with Strictures
on the Conduct of John Adams and the Character of Gen.
C. C. Pinckney. 8vo, half brown levant morocco, gilt, gilt
top, by Stikeman. N. Y. 1802

191. CIVIL WAR. Report of the Committee on the
Conduct of the War. 7 vols. 8vo, cloth and half morocco.

Wash. 1863-66

192. CIVIL WAR. Draft of a decision from the Depart-
ment of Justice, Richmond, April 22, 1864. 8 pp. folio.
Addressed to the President [Jefferson Davis], and begin-
ning: '* I have the honor to acknowledge the letter of General
Bragg, submitting to me, by your direction, an inquiry as to
the legal status of certain general officers. George Davis,
Atty. General."

193. CIVIL WAR. Patterson (Robert). A Narrative of
the Campaign in the Valley of ^the Shenandoah, in 1861.
Map. 8vo, cloth. Phila. 1865

* Presentation inscription by the Author.


194. CIVIL WAR. Official Army Register of the Volun-
teer Force of the United States Army for the Years 1861,
62, 63, 64, and 1865. Parts 1 to 4, 6 to 8. Bound in 6 vols.
12mo, half morocco (rubbed). Wash. 1865-67

195. CIVIL WAR. Battles and Leaders of the Civil War.
Edited by R. U. Johnson and C. C. Buel. Numerous illus-
trations. 4 vols. Imp. 8vo, half crimson morocco, gilt tops,
uncut, N. Y. : The Century Co. [1887]

196. CIVIL WAR. Caricatures, Pertaining to the Civil
War; Reproduced from a Private Collection of Originals
designed for Currier & Ives, New York, and published by
them in sheets from 1856 to 1872, and now for the first time
published in Book Form. Numerous full-page plates. Ob-
long 8vo, crimson morocco. N. Y. 1892

197. CIVIL WAR. The Lost Cause (Pollard), N.Y. 1890;
The Southern States since the War (Somers), Lond. 1871;
My Cave Life in Vicksburg. N. Y. 1864. Together 3 vols.
8vo and 12mo, cloth.

198. CLAIBORNE (WILLIAM C. C.). D. S., 1 p. folio.

New Orleans, July 29, 1813
* First Governor of Mississippi.

199. CLARK (GEN. GEORGE ROGERS, Revolution-
ary soldier). A. L. S., 1 p. folio. [Sept. 3, 1791.] To Dr.
Hall, in regard to a dispute. 3 woodcuts. Together 4 pieces.

200. CLARK (JOHN B., Confederate Senator from Mis-
souri). A. L. S., 7 pp. 4to, Richmond, Jan. 12, 1863. To
Gov. Thos. C Rej'nolds. Interesting description of the
work done by the Confederate Congress at this time; 2
signatures of his sou Gen. John B. Clark, Jr.

201. CLARK (JOSHUA V. H.). Onondaga; or Remin-
iscences of Earlier and Later Times: being a Series of His-
torical Sketches relative to Onondaga; with Notes of the
several Towns in the County, and Oswego. Folding maps,
portraits and illustrations. 2 vols. 8vo, half roan.

Syracuse, 1849

202. CLARKE (MRS. MARY ANN). Authentic Memoirs
of Mrs. Clarke, in which is pourtrayed The Secret History
and Intrigues of many characters in the First Circles of
Fashion and High Life. Colored portrait. 12mo, polished
calf, gilt back and top, uncut, by Riviere. Lond., n. d.

203. CLARKSON (THOMAS S.). A Biographical His-
tory of Clermont or Livingston Manor. Photographic views
dixl reproductions of portraits. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, cloth,
gilt edges. Clermont, N. Y., 1869

204. CLAY (CASSIUS M., Minister to Russia, 1862 and
1863-69). A. N. S., 1891: " The abolition of Slavery has
placed Kentucky upon tJie Eternal basis of Justice, Chris-
tianity and Civilization." A. N. S., with address; Quota-
tion signed ; 4 portraits. Together 7 pieces

205. CLAY (HENRY). A. L. S., 1 p. 4to. Ashland, May
15, 1847. To George Stone, thanking him for his condol-
ences on the occasion of the death of his son, who was killed
at the battle of Buena Vista; A. L. S. by Henry Clay, Jr.
October, 1833; 3 portraits. Together 5 pieces.

206. CLAY (HENRY). L. S., 3 pp. 4to, Newport, Aug.
14, 1850. Giving an account of the failure of the Senate to
pass the Compromise Bill. Accompanied by a letter signed by
over 100 men of prominence from all over the United States,
asking that the bill be again presented. Portrait. 3 pieces.

*Mr. Clay closes his letter: "But. gentlemen, whatever may
be the result at Washington, let us cling, with ardent fidelity,
to that Union, which we have inherited from our ancestors; and
let us firmly resolve to stand by, support and maintain it,
against all efforts to destroy it, whether made in the form of
forcible resistance, or in exercise of any pretended right of

207. CLAYTON (JOSHUA, Pres. of Delaware). A. L. S.,
1 p. folio, May 12, 1790. To Eleazer McComb, in regard to
the effort to obtain credit for the State with the United
States government for the requisitions of, and payments to,
Gen. Washington's Army.

(A. S.). History of Bowdoin College, with Biographical
Sketches of Graduates. Engraved portraits. 8vo, cloth.

Bost. 1882

209. [CLEIG (GEORGE R.).] Campaigns of the British
Army at Washington and New Orleans, 1814-1815. 12mo,
boards, uncut (rebacked). Lond. 1827

210. CLEMENS (SAMUEL L.). Sketches by Mark
Twain. Now First Published in Complete Form. 12mo,
original cloth. [Chicago], Belford & Co., 1880

*The very scarce pirated edition, printed by Donahue &
Henneberry, and bearing the date of 1881 on the reverse of
title-page. The Preface states: " I have scattered through this
volume a mass of matter which has never been in print before,"


" Pirated edition, I suppose. Mark Twain."

211. CLEMENS (SAMUEL L.). The Writings of Mark
Twain. Portraits and illustrations on India paper. 25 vols.
8vo, half olive green morocco, gilt tops, uncut (backs some-
what faded). Hartford, Conn., 1899-1907

* The Autograph Edition, limited to 512 copies. INSERTED


to his writings.

212. CLEMENS (SAMUEL L.). Mark Twain's Birth-
day. Report of the Celebration of the Sixty-Seventh thereof
at the Metropolitan Club, New York, November 28th, 1902.
Portraits and facsimile. 8vo, boards, gilt top, uncut, in a
.board case. N. Y. 1903

* With the above is a copy of the souvenir given to each
guest; an original copperplate by Clemens, with inscription in
his handwriting: "Mr. Adrian Joline, with the best compli-
ments of Mark Twain."


213. CLEMENS (SAMUEL L.). A. L. S., 2 pp. 16mo,
Hartford, Wednesday, n. d., to Bayard Taylor, asking him
to speak or read one of his poems before a Girls' Club.
With portrait. Both inlaid to 4to. 2 pieces.

214. CLEVELAND (GROVER). A. L. S., 1 p. 12mo.
New York, May 15, 1891. To Mr. Ottendorfer, on social

215. CLINTON (DE WITT, Gov. of N. Y.). L. S., 1 page,
4to, Albany, April 19, 1811. To Jabez D. Hammond, on a
law case; A. L. S., 1 page, 4to, Albany, Jan. 1, 1823. To
Joseph D. Fay, concerning an application for a pardon.
Together 2 pieces.

216. CLINTON (DE WITT). Tribute to the Memory of
De Witt Clinton, Late Governor of the State of New- York.
Being a Comprehensive Sketch of His Life. Together with
the Proceedings of the New- York Legislature. By [Cuyler
Staats]. Portrait. 12mo, half calf (rubbed). Albany, 18^8

217. CLINTON (DE WITT). The Life and Writings of
De Witt Clinton. By William W. Campbell. Portrait.
8vo, cloth (slightly worn). N. Y. 1849

218. CODMAN (JOHN, 2ND). Arnold's Expedition to
Quebec. Edited by William Abbatt. Portraits andnumer-
ous illustrations. Royal 8vo, cloth, gilt top, uncut.

Lond 1903

* No. 69 of 245 copies. Special Edition with added matter
and illustrations; also 2 extra plates engraved especially for
Wm. Abbatt as an addition to the work, laid in.

219. COFFIN (CHARLES). The Lives and Services of
Major General John Thomas, Colonel Thomas Knowlton,
Colonel Alexander Scaramell, Major General Henry Dear-
born. 12mo, cloth. N. Y. 1845

220. COGHLAN (MARGARET). Memoirs of Mrs. Cogh-
lan (Daughter of the late Major Moncrieffe), written by
herself; being interspersed with Anecdotes of the late
American and present French War. 12mo, boards, uncut.

N. Y. 1795

* First American Edition, with the suppressed preface.

221. COLDEN (CADWALLADER D.). Memoir, pre-
pared at the Request of a Committee of the Common Coun-
cil of the City of New York, and Presented to the Mayor of
the City, at the Celebration of the Completion of the New
York Canals. With Appendix and Narrative of the Fes-
tivities observed in honor of the Completion of the Grand
Erie Canal, by William L. Stone. Maps, portraits, litho-
graphic views, etc 4to, half leather (broken).

N. Y. : Printed by order of the Corporation, 1825

* Presentation copy from R. Riker, Recorder of New York
City, to Dr. Cornelius Roosa. EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the in-
sertion of an India paper portrait of DeWitt Clinton and a very
interesting A. L. S. from DeWitt Clinton to Jonas Platt, Judge


of the Supreme Court, 1 page, 4to, Albany, 29 September, 1823:
" On the 9th of October the first Canal Boat will pass into the
Hudson at this place. . . . Your signal services in initiating
and promoting our great system of internal navigation will be
remembered to your honor when we are no more." Among the
fine portraits by Durand are those of Golden, Philip Howe,
DeWitt Clinton, Win. Paulding, etc. Text and plates in good

222. COLE (DAVID). History of Rockland County,
N. Y., with Biographical Sketches of its Prominent Men.
Numerous portraits. 4to, half leather (rubbed) gilt edges.

N. Y. 1884

Official Descriptive Catalogue of. Now in Possession of
the Citizens of New Jersey. Royal 8vo, boards, cloth back,
uncut. Trenton, 1898

224. COLTON (CALVIN). The Life and Times of Henry
Clay. Portrait and plate. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth (bindings
worn). N. Y. 1846

* A. L. S. of author inserted.

225. COLUMBIA COUNTY, N. Y. History of Columbia
County, with Biographical Sketches. Illustrated. 4to. half
morocco (rubbed), gilt edges. Phila. 1878

226. CONFEDERATE. Fremantle (Lieut. -Col.). Three
Months in the Southern States, April, June, 1863. 8vo,
half roan, original wall paper wrappers bound in.

* Fine copy. Scarce. Mobile, 1864

227. CONFEDERATE. Portraits of Generals of the Con-
federate States Army. With brief military records. India
proofs. Folio. 54 portraits, in half morocco case.

228. CONFEDERATE. Portraits of Generals of the Con-
federate States Army. India proofs. Folio. 114 portraits
in cloth case.

* A. L. S. of John B. Palmer to Gen. Bragg, with reference
to movement of troops and supplies, laid in.

229. CONGRESS. Fortieth Congress of the United States
(Barnes), 2 vols. N. Y. 1871; The Covode Investigation.
Wash. 1860; Electoral of 1877. Wash. 1877; and others.
Together 35 vols., various sizes and bindings.

230. CONTINENTAL CONGRESS. Journals of Con-
gress. Containing the Proceedings from Sept. 5, 1774, to
Jan. 1, 1776. Published by Order of Congress. 8vo, orig-
inal boards (back missing), uncut. Phila. 1777

* Very fine uncut copy of this rare first journal of Congress.
With the autograph of Samuel Lymans, state Senator of
Massachusetts, on page 1.

231. COOPER (J. FENIMORE). A Letter to His Coun-
trymen. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, cloth and boards (foxed and
few margins stained). N. Y. 1834

232. [COOPER (JAMES FENIMORE).] The Chronicles
of Cooperstown. Frontispiece. 16mo, half roan.

Cooperstown, 1838

233. COOPER (J. FENIMORE). The History of the
Navy of the United States of America. Portrait and map.
2 vols. in 4, 8vo, blue levant morocco, gilt backs, emblem-
atic tooling, inside borders, gilt tops, uncut, by Blackwell.

Loud. : Bentley, 1839

* Best Edition, superior to the American issue of the same

EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 265 additional por-
traits, views, maps and plans, comprising portraits of English
and American naval officers, including fine stipple portraits by
Edwin and the rare engraved portrait of Commodore Robert
Hopkins, from the "Impartial History"; views and plans of
many of the most noted Naval Engagements between the
United States and Great Britain and other nations; coast
scenery and views of Historical places in America, including
2 finely colored aquatint views, one of Queenston between Lake
Ontario and Lake Erie and the other of Fort George, Upper
Canada; aquatint view of the Attack on Fort Oswego; view of
Sherburne in the Island of Nantucket, and many other inter-
esting portraits and views.

234. COOPER (JAMES FENIMORE). A. L. S., 1 page,
4to, Otsego Hall, Cooperstown, Dec. 25, 1847, to a little girl
acquaintance. Fine letter. With 2 portraits. All inlaid
to 4to. 3 pieces.

235. COOPER (JAMES FENIMORE). Portion of the
ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT of " Oak Openings," as printed on
pp. 249-250 of the Townsend Edition. I page, 4to, with
portrait. Both inlaid to 4to. 2 pieces.

236. COOPER (J. FENIMORE). The Home of Cooper
and the Haunts of Leatherstocking (Robert B. Coffin),
1872; Another copy with photographic plates; 24 engrav-
ings to illustrate the works of Cooper, by Johannet. 3 vols.
8vo, cloth and wrappers.

237. CORNELL (EZRA, Founder of the University).
A. L. S., 1 page, 8vo. Ithaca, Nov. 2, 1869. To Joel Mun-
sell, regarding a copy of " Dean's Civilization."

238. COSBY (WILLIAM, Governor of Provinces of New
York and New Jersey, 1731-36). D. S., 1 p. folio. October
14, 1734. Legal document, signed by Cosby as Governor.


239. COTTLE (JOSEPH). Reminiscences of Samuel Tay-
lor Coleridge and Robert Southey. Small 8vo, half green le-
vant morocco, gilt, gilt top, uncut, by Blackwell. Loud. 1847

* EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 49 engraved porraits.

240. COUES (ELLIOTT). History of the Expedition
under the Command of Lewis and Clark, to the Sources of
the Missouri River, thence across the Rock}' Mountains
and down the Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean, 1804-'06.
New Edition. Portraits, maps and illustrations. 4 vols. 8vo,
cloth, uncut. N. Y. 1893

* Inserted is an N. S., 1801, Order for Capt. Lewis's wages,
signed by THOMAS JEFFERSON (once with initials), and receipted
for on back by Meriwether Lewis; an A. N. S. by (Capt.) Meri-
wether Lewis; also an A. L. S. of the author.


241. COUES (ELLIOTT). New Light on the Early History
of the Greater Northwest. The Manuscript Journals of
Alexander Henry and of David Thompson, 1799-1814. Por-
trait and extra maps. 3 vols. (including index and maps)
8vo, cloth, uncut. N. Y. 1897

242. [COXE (TENCH).] An Enquiry into the Principles
on which a Commercial System for the United States of
America should be Founded. 8vo, buckram.

[Phila.] Robert Aitken, 1787

243. COX (SAMUEL S.). Memorial Eulogies Delivered
in the House of Representatives of the United States.
Frontispiece. Royal Svo, half blue levant morocco, gilt
top, uncut, by Stikeman (embossed stamp on title and
scratch on binding). Wash. 1883

* A. L. S. of S. S. Cox inserted.

244. CREIGH (ALFRED). History of Washington County
(Pa.), from its settlement to the present time. Svo, cloth.

Harrisburg, 1871

* Contains an Account of the Whiskey Insurrection, Indian
Warfare, etc.

245. CRIMMINS (JOHN D.). Irish- American Historical
Miscellany. Relating Largely to New York City and
Vicinity. Portrait. Svo, cloth. N. Y. 1905

* Presentation inscription by the Author, with an A. L. S. by
him laid in.

246. CRITTENDEN (JOHN J.). The Life of John J.
Crittenden, with Selections from His Correspondence and
Speeches. Edited by his daughter, Mrs. Chapman Coleman.
Portraits. 2 vols. Svo, cloth. Phila. 1871

* Interesting A. L. S. of John J. Crittenden to Samuel Wil-
son, inserted.

247. CROCKETT (DAVID, Frontiersman and States-
man). A. L. S , 2 pp. 4to, Wash., March 25, 1834. Portrait
engraved by A. B. Durand, and others. 7 pieces.

*To Gary & Hart, his publishers, in regard to his " Narrative
of the Life of Crockett" and asking for an advance, as "an
election costs a man a great deal in my country."

248. CRUGER (JOHN, Mayor of N. Y.). D. S., 1 p.
folio, N. Y. , Nov. 9th, 1759. Signed as witness to an ex-
amination against a man for " riot and carting." Signed
also by Henry Van der Water, Peter Mesier, Henry Cuyler,
Jr., Francis Filkin, and others. With 2 portraits. 3 pieces.

249. CULLUM (GEN. GEORGE W.). Biographical Reg-
ister of the Officers and Graduates of the U. S. Military
Academy, at West Point, N. Y. 2 vols. Svo, cloth.

N. Y. 1868

250. CURIOUS. Memoir of the Northern Kingdom, writ-
ten A. D. 1872. By the late Rev. Williamson Jahnsenykes.
12mo, unbound. Now first published Quebeck, A.D. 1901

* This curious pamphlet was published about 1805, and is a
forecast of the next hundred years.


251. CURTIS (GEORGE T.). History of the Origin,
Formation, and Adoption of the Constitution of the United
States; with Notices of Its Principal Fraraers. 2 vols. >>vo,
cloth. N. Y. 1854-8

252. CURTIS (GEORGE TICKNOR). A. L S., 9 pp. 4to,
New York, March 10, 1872.

* To Governor Hoffman, on political matters. A very inter-
esting letter on N. Y. political and financial conditions.

253. [CURTIS (GEORGE W.).] The Potiphar Papers.
Illustrations by A. Hoppin. FIRST EDITION. 12rao, half
green polished morocco, gilt top. N. Y. 1853

* With A. N. S. of the author. N. Y., Oct. 17, 1856. inserted.

254. CURTIS (GEORGE WILLIAM). A. L. S. 2 pp.
12mo, Newport, Aug. 3, 1855, accepting an invitation to
lecture. With 2 portraits. All inlaid to 4 to. Together 3

255. CUSHING (WILLIAM). Initials and Pseudonyms;
a Dictionary of literary Disguises. First and Second Series.
Large 8vo, cloth. N. Y., n. d.

256. DALY (CHARLES P.). First Theatre in America;
an Inquiry. Portrait and facsimile of play -bill. 8vo, half
crimson levant morocco, gilt top, uncut.

N. Y. : The Duulap Soc., 1896

* Only 260 copies printed.

257. DANA (MRS. WILLIAM S.). According to the
Seasons; Talks about Flowers. 9 delicately colored floral
water-color sketches on margins. 16 mo, green polished mo-
rocco, gilt back, gilt borders, gilt top, uncut, by Blaekwell.

N. Y. 1894

258. [DANA (RICHARD HENRY).] Two Years before
the Mast. A Personal Narrative of Life at Sea. FIRST
EDITION. IHmo, black cloth. N. Y. 1840

259. DANA (RICHARD H.). A. L. S., 1 p. 8vo, Apr.
5, 1849, to Bayard Taylor, commenting on his fame. With
Portrait. Both inlaid to 4to. 2 pieces.

260. DANA (R. H.). Richard Henry Dana: a Biogra-
phy. By C. F. Adams. Portraits. 2 vols. 12mo, cloth,
gilt tops. Bost. 1891

* With 1-page A.. L. S. of R. H. Dana [Jr.], inserted, dated 1808.

261. DARBY (WILLIAM). A Tour from the City of
New York to Detroit in the Michigan Territory. 8 maps.
8vo, half calf. N. Y. 1819

NARD). A Complete History of Illinois from 1673 to 1873.
Thick 8vo, half sheep (worn). Springfield, 1877

263. DAVIS (GHERARDI). Regimental Colors in the
War of the Revolution. Numerous full page plates, one
of the Revolutionary Flags in colors. 4to, wrappers, uncut.

N. Y. : Privately Printed, 1907

*Only 125 copies printed. Presentation inscription by the
Author on title. Laid in is an A. L. S. of the Author.

264. DAVIS (GHERARDI). Regimental Colors in the
War of the Revolution. Supplement 1910. Illustrations,
some colored. 4to, wrappers, uncut.

N. Y. : Privately Printed, 1910

* Presentation inscription by the Author. Only 125 copies

r 265. DAVIS (JEFFERSON, President of the Southern
Confederacy). A. L. S. , 3 pp. 4to, New Orleans, Novem-
ber 30, 1846; Document signed by R. J. Walker, Feb., 1864.
(2 pieces.)

* Fine letter to Hon. R. J. Walker, regarding the Mexican
War, and reading in part: "I believe that the establishment of
a line of posts along the Sierra Madre, resting on the Gulf of
Mexico at Tampico, and the Pacific at any favorable point,
with operations to sieze and occupy the entreports of their com-
merce, would immediately bring us offers of negociation," etc.

266. DAVIS (JEFFERSON). The Rise and Fall of the
Confederate Government. Folding maps, views and nu-
merous portraits. 2 vols. thick 8vo, half brown morocco

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