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telling that she is sending an envoy to Naples to congratu-
late Julie (wife of Joseph, the King of Naples), and to have
news of their health, and that he has ordered the envoy to
pass through Rome, take his orders, and assure him of her
affection. With 6 portraits, including one etched by Adam
after Gerard (full length). 7 pieces.

406. BONAPARTE (LOUIS, third brother of Napoleon
(1778-1840), King of Holland). A. L. S., 2 pp. 4to, with
leaf of address. 15 Frimaire [without place and year].
To Citoyen Wolff, officer in the 5th Regiment of the
Dragoons, sending an appointment in the army for his
brother, etc.

407. BONAPARTE (LOUIS). L. S , 1 p. 4to. Paris, 6
Pluviose, year XIII. To a M. Costa advising him to
finish his studies, and that afterwards he will take him
with himself.

408. BONAPARTE (LOUIS). Official L. S. as General
of Brigade, with an autograph line. 1 p. folio. Paris, 16
Germinal, year XII. To the Minister of Finances, calling
his benevolent attention on the small pension accorded to an
officer of his regiment. With 11 portraits engraved by
Torchiana (full length), Portman, Schule, etc. 12 pieces.

409. BEAUHARNAIS (HORTENSE, daughter of Gen-
eral Beauharnais and Josephine (1783-1837) ; wife of Louis
Bonaparte, King of Holland; mother of Napoleon III).
A. L. S., 1 p. 16ino [n. d.]. To her mother telling that the
Emperor is well, and that she will always send news.



410. BEAUHARNAIS (HORTENSE). A. L., 1 p. 12mo,
with envelope. June 27 [no place or year]. To Madame
Mimi Lefebvre condoning the troubles in which she is.
With 7 portraits. 8 pieces.

411. BONAPARTE (PAULINE, sister of Napoleon (1780-
1825), married General Leclerc, and after his death Prince
Camillo Borghese). A. L. S., 4 pp. 4to. June 10 [without
year]. To her mother, writing from some watering resorts,
and telling that she has begun to drink the water, which
has a salutary effect, etc.

412. BONAPARTE (PAULINE). A. L. S., 1 p. 8vo. La
Favorita, October 27, 1814. To her sister Caroline, wife of
Murat, King of Naples, announcing her departure for the
island of Elba, probably to visit her brother the Emperor.
With 6 engraved portraits of Pauline and 2 of her husband
Prince Borghese. 9 pieces.

413. BONAPARTE (CAROLINE, sister of Napoleon
(1782-1839), wife of Joachim Murat, King of Naples),
A. L. S., H pp. 8vo, October 24 [without place and year].
To one of her brothers, sending her compliments and
wishes together with those of her sons.

414. BONAPARTE (CAROLINE). A. N. S., 8vo [n. d.].
To the Minister of Police. With 5 portraits of Caroline and

1 of Murat. 7 pieces.

415. BONAPARTE (JEROME, youngest brother of Na-
poleon (1784-1860), King of Westphalia). A. L. S., 1 p.
12mo. [n. pi.]. April 26, 1851. With 10 portraits engraved
by Leopold, Htillmann, etc. 11 pieces.

Prince Napoleon (1822-91); second son of Jerome, King of
Westphalia). Official L. S. as Minister of Algeria and the
Colonies. 1 p. 4to. Rome, October 15, 1858.

417. PATTERSON (ELIZABETH, first wife of Jerome
Bonaparte: 1785-1879). Autograph copies of three letters
written by her and one by John Jacob Astor to her, all re-
garding her own son, obtained from Jerome Bonaparte. The
date of the original letters were Rome, March 8, 1822;
March 25, 1820; May 8, 1820; and Florence, April 23, 1820.

2 pieces.

418. NAPOLEON III (1808-73). 3 autograph letters
signed. 1 p. Svoeach; with addressed envelope. Two un-
dated, and one dated Febr. 8, 1853. All three are love let-
ters to tbe Countess de Beauregard, a young English lady
whom he ennobled; announces his marriage, his unchang-
ing affection, etc.


419. NAPOLEON III. A. N. in third person. 1 p. 8vo.
Carlton House Terrace, June 3, 1839. To Mr. Col burn,
asking for a specimen of the different characters employed
in his printing press. With 5 portraits, including a full-
length one in colors, and one of his cards. 7 pieces. j

poleon III: b. 1826). A. L. S., H PP- Svo. Madrid, Sept.
12, 1840. To a friend of the family, thanking him for the
bracelet presented to her. In French.

1 pp. 8vo [n. d.,'c. 1842], To a friend, expressing the hope
that the civil war between Miss Flower and Dr. Lucas is at
an end, etc. ; also asking the explanation of a Spanish

4 pp. 8vo, with addressed envelope. Camden Place, Nov.
1, 1878. To Prince of Hohenlohe Schillingfurst, thanking
him for his expressions of sorrow on the occasion of her
fall at Douvres, and complaining about the reporters, "this
product for which we are indebted to America, and which
surrounds us like the air and penetrates everywhere."

" Eugenie " as Empress of France. 1 p. folio. Paris,
Febr. , 1861. To one of her cousins, thanking him for the
wishes sent on occasion of the New Year. With 5 portraits.
6 pieces.

de Villeneuve). A. L. S., 2 pp. 12mo. [n. d.] Excusing
herself for not being able to attend an invitation. Also one
of her cards.

425. BONAPARTE (MATHILDE, daughter of Jerome,
married Count Auatole Demidoff). A. L. S., 1 PP- 12mo.
June 6 [without place and year]. A letter of recommenda-
tion. With addressed envelope and seal and 2 portraits.
3 pieces.

ural son of General Flahaut and of Queen Hortense, the
mother of Napoleon III: 1811-65). A. L. S., 1 p. 8vo.
[Paris], June 6 [1858]. To M. Dauzat, asking him to call
and to appoint a day to see a painting by Greuze. Auto-
graphs and portraits, all neatly inlaid to large 4to size.



A Collection of Autographs and Portraits bound in one folio volume.

427. NAPOLEON (1769-1821). L. S. Bonaparte to the
Minister of War asking him to order to be sent to France
all the artillery taken in the wars of Hanover, and all which
are useless for the defence of the place; and expressing the
necessity of appointing a commander, a war commissary, a
store-keeper, an artillery officer and an officer of the engi-
neers, for the purpose of keeping the place always ready to
serve as a support of the French army. 1 p. 4to. Amiens, 8
Messidore, Year XI.

AUGEREAU (CHARLES P. F , Duke of Castiglione,
Marshal, 1804). L. S. Augereau, Due de Castiglione, to the
General Director of the Conscription recommending substi-
tution for a conscript. 1 p. folio. Paris, March 11, 1809.

BERNADOTTE (JEAN B. J., Prince of Ponte Corvo;
Marshal, 1804). D. S., with a line in his autograph, signed
also by General Lacroix. 1 p. 4to. 11 Thermidore, Year
IV. D. S. as Minister of War relating to the formation of
A court-martial for the judgment of Generals D'Hautpoul
and Decaen. 1 pp. folio. Paris, 24 Messidor, Year VII.

Marshal, 1804). Official L. S. as Minister of War to the
Minister of the United States in Paris notifying him that
he has given orders to free John Cauby, an American citi-
zen. 1 p. folio. 5 Fructidor, Year XII.

shal, 1804). A. L. S. to the chief of squadron Mourie, send-
ing him the letter of the Minister of War announcing his
appointment by the First Consul as chief squadron of the
grenadiers a cheval. Malmaison, 30 Fructidor, Year XI.

BRUNE (GUILLAUME M. A., Count; Marshal, 1804).
A. L. S. to Citizen Veon, telling him that he is still in Paris
waiting for instructions and that he is loved by Bonaparte.
1 p. folio. Paris, 1 Floreal, Year IX.

DAVOUST (LOUIS NICOLAS, Prince of Eckmtihl; Mar-
shal, 1804). Official A. L. S. to the Minister of War asking
to pass four soldiers of the Infantry of the Guard. Paris,
15 Germinal, Year X.

GROUCHY (EMMANUEL, Marquis; Marshal, 1815).
A. L. S. to a General recommending his friend M. de Malzen
of the Engineers' school. On the Niemen near Tilsit, June
25, 1807. A. L. S. to M. Baseans, editor of " La Tribune,"
expressing his admiration for him. 1 p. 8vo. La Feriere,
Nov. 6, 1831.

JOURDAN (JEAN BAPTISTE, Count; Marshal, 1804).
Official A. L. S. to the French Commissary in Turing, noti-
fying him of the arrival of 350 horses from Lyon. 1 p. folio.
Turin, 19 Prairial, Year IX. Official A. L. S. to the Minis-



ter of War announcing that the bearer, Citizen Darverger,
once Doctor in the Army, is coming to Paris, and recom-
mending him for an employment. 1 p. 4to. Limoges, 11
Pluviose, Year V. Official L. S. to the Minister of War.
1 p. folio. St. Jean de Luz, July 2, 1813.

Valiny; Marshal, 1804). A. L. S. recommending a certain
Marand for employment. 1 p. 4to. Paris, 29 Pluviose, Year
VI. L. S. to the Count de La Valette, Minister of the Post,
recommending a certain Le Semellier for the place of Di-
rector of the Post, organized for the army of Germany. 1 p.
folio. Paris, Febr. 12, 1812. L. S., recommending M. de
Seuonnes for the Legion d'ho7ineur. 1 p. folio. Paris, Jan.
30, 1815.

LANNES (JEAN, Duke of Montebello; Marshal, 1804).
Official receipt signed. 1 p. 4to. Cairo, 21 Frimaire, Year

Marshal, 1804). A. L. S. to Marshal Ney. 1 p. 4to. VERY
INTERESTING. " . . . 1 thought to be free from the bustle
of wars, but the master of the world has ordained it other-
wise, and I obey ..." [n. pi., after 1804.] A. L. S. to the
Minister [of War] mentioning his " unfortunate son." 1 p.
4to. [n. pi., after 1808.]

Taranto; Marshal, 1809). Official L. S., 1 p. 4to. Paris,
Sept. 18, 1827. A. L. S. to Marquis Marbois, First Presi-
dent of the Court of Accounts, thanking him for services
rendered. 1 p. 4to. Paris, Oct. 17, 1827.

Ragusa; Marshal, 1809). A. L. S. to General Lemarque in-
viting him to dinner. 1 p. 4to [n. pi., 1824]. A. N. S., 1 p.

MASSED A (ANDRE, Duke of Rivoli, Prince of Essliug;
Marshal, 1804). L. S. recommending for promotion a cer-
tain Armand, Paymaster of the Department of the Alps
Maritirnes. 1 p. folio. Paris, Jan. 31, 1809. L S. asking
for the payment of 1000 francs. 1 p. 4to. 15 Prairial. Year

MONCEY (B. A. JEANNOT DE (Duke of Conegliano;
Marshal, 1804). Official A. L. S. to citizen Dubard, pay-
master of the army of Italy, asking for a statement of all
the requisitions made at Verona. 1 p. 4to. Milan, 28
Ventose, Year VII. A. L. S. to the Minister of War, noti-
fying of his arrival in Paris, and that he is starting for Fon-
toiuebleau to present his respects to His Majesty. 1 p. 4to.
Paris, Sept. 11, 1807.



MORTIER (^DOUARD A. C. J., Duke of Treviso;
Marshal, 1804). A. L. S. relating to the appointment of a
captain in the Grenadiers. 1 p. 4to, Malmaison, 24 Ven-
tose, year XIII. Official L. S. referring to a certain Ber-
trand, private in the 16th Regiment of bhe Voltigeurs. 1
p. folio. Paris, March 6, 1812.

MURAT (JOACHIM, Prince; Marshal, 1804). Official
A. L. S. to the Minister of War, sending him certain state-
ments requested. 1 p. folio. Milan, 10 Pluviose, Year XI.

NEY (MICHEL, Duke of Elchingen, Prince of Moskowa;
Marshal, 1804). INTERESTING A. L. S. to General Colaud,
notifying him that he has pursued 800 infantry and cavalry
sent from Ehrenbreitstein to destroy the supplies left by
the enemy, and giving other interesting details of the war.
1| pp. 4to. Montabauer, 17 Prairial, Year IV. Official L. S.
to the Minister of War asking him to send General Boyer to
the Cavalry Division commanded by General Tilly. 1 p.
folio. Haguenau, Year XIII.

shal, 1809). A. L. S. to the Minister of War telling that
the company of the 45th Regiment, lately arrived, needs to
be refitted, etc. 1 p. 4to. [1807.] A. L. S., 2 pp. folio.
Long and interesting letter, mentioning Bernadotte. Os-
tenda, 6 Pluviose, Year XII. A. L. S. excusing himself
that he cannot be present at the reunion of the commission
of the National Guard. 1 p. 4to. Paris, March 18, 1837.

PERIGNON (DOMINIQUE C., Count; Marshal, 1804).
A. L. S. to Count de Chabros, Counsellor of State, thanking
him for placing at his disposal the palace of the government
of the first division. 1 p. folio. Paris, Febr. 17, 1816.

1813). Official D. S. in Polish. 1 p. folio. Warsaw, 1811.

SERURIER (JEAN M. PHIL., Count; Marshal, 1804).
A. L. S. recommending Captain d'Ecquivilles for a place in
the Imperial Guard. 1 p. 4to. Paris, July 21, 1813. Offi-
cial A. L. S. to General Scherer, Minister of War, relating
to a claim of some paymaster general. 1 pp. folio. Paris*
7 Messidor. Year VI.

ST. CYR (LAURENT GOUVION DE, Marquis; Marshal,
1812). Official L. S. 1 p. folio. Paris, July 26, 1815.

SOULT (JEAN NICOLAS, Duke of Dalmatia; Marshal,
1804). Official L. S. to the Minister of War. 1 p. folio.
St. Jean de Luz, October 1, 1813.

SUCHET (LOUIS GABRIEL, Duke of Albufera; Marshal,
1811). Official A. L. S. to the Minister of War, sending
statements on certain troops. 1 pp. folio. Milano, 22
Prairial, Year VI, A. L. S. to M. Du Buisson, Mayor of
St. Just. 2 pp. 4to. Excusing himself for not writing be-



fore, on account of his manj^ occupations, and asking infor-
mation about work done in his house. Paris, July 12 [1821].
Marshal, 1807). Official L. S. relating to accounts, etc.,
concerning troops. 1 p. folio. Berlin, Jan. 12, 1808.
A. L. S. to M. Aubry, Mayor of Boigny, notifying him that
lie is not willing to be numbered among the intended
acquirers of the laud of La Bretanche, as the amount asked
is more than the value, etc. 1 p. 4to. Paris, April 1, 1830.

Together 44 autographs accompanied by 202 FINE AND
SCARCE PORTRAITS, as follows : 8 of Napoleon, engraved by
Portman, Bailly (full length FINELY COLORED), Forestier,
etc. ; 7 of Augerau by Duplessi-Bertaux (mezzotint), Port-
man, Zalla after Dalla Rosa (in brown), Bonneville, etc. ; 11
of Bernadotte by Duplessi-Bertaux (mezzotint), Portman,
Carmine (full length), etc.; 10 of Berthier by Duplessi-
Bertaux (mezzotint), Portman, Johannot (FINELY COLORED),
Rados (full length), etc.; 4 of Bessieres; 8 of Brune by
Schmid, Bonneville, Renard, Levachez (mezzotint), etc. ; 8
of Davoustby Rivelanti (full length), Ladaerer (full length),
Couche (proof on India paper), etc. ; 5 of Grouchy by
Forestier, Charon, Joly (FINELY COLORED), etc.; 11 of
Jourdan by Bonneville, Levachez (mezzotint), etc., includ-
ing one on horseback FINELY COLORED; 8 of Kellerman by
Sardis, Texier, Claessens, Bonneville, Johannot, Lingee, etc. ;

8 of Lannes by Biasioli (full length), ADAM (PROOF BEFORE
LETTERS on India paper), Forestier, Renard, etc. ; 7 of
Lefebvre by Herham, Joly, Bonneville, Portman, etc. ; 9 of
Macdonald by Sasso (full length), Lambert, etc., including
a fine one PROOF ON INDIA PAPER before letters; 5 of Mar-
mont; 12 of Massena by Levachez (mezzotint), Sasso (full
length), Bonneville, Fiesinger, etc., including a beautiful
one PROOF ON INDIA PAPER before letters ; 6 of Moncey by
Hugel (in 2 states, one FINELY COLORED), etc. ; 5 of Mortier
by Mantovani, Forestier, Fauchery, etc. ; 8 of Murat by
Massard (etching state), Rados (full length), Gatte (full
length), etc., and one of his wife Caroline; 10 of Ney by
Tardieu, Sasso (full length), etc., including one represent-
ing his shooting; 5 of Oudinot by Lignon, etc.; 3 of
Perignon by Cocheraux, Forestier and Geoffroy (full length) ;

9 of Poniatowski by Sasso (full length), Rosmoesler, Forest-
ier, etc. ; 3 of Serurier by Geffroy (full length), Forestier,
ete. ; 6 of St. Cyr by Fiesiuger, Forestier, Sasso (full length),
Boilly (full length), etc.; 10 of Soult by Pannier (full
length), Cassaert, etc. ; 9 of Suchet by Robinson (on horse-
back), Pollet (PROOF ON INDIA PAPER), Cassaert (in 2 states,
ONE FINELY COLORED), etc., including a fine one showing
him standing beside his horse; 3 of Victor by Forestier, etc.
All neatly inlaid and bound in one volume, folio, red levant
morocco, gilt panelled sides, gilt back and inside borders,
gilt top, by Bradstreet's ; in a case.


428. NEUVILLE (ALPHONSE DE, celebrated French
military painter, 1836-85). A. L. S., 1 p. 12mo, Paris, May
3, 1881 (inlaid). With a portrait. 2 pieces.

429. NEWTON (ISAAC). Receipt on portion of a Doc-
ument with signature: "21 May 1718, Reed, in full, Isaac
Newton." 1 p. folio; Portraits by Scriven, Holl, Monsaldi,
and others. Together 13 pieces.

430. NORRIS (WILLIAM E., English Novelist). A. L. S.,

1 p. 12mo, Torquay, August 17, 1884. To J. E. Bowen,
regarding a story. Inlaid.

431. NORTON (CAROLINE, known as the Hon. Mrs.
Norton, afterwards Lady Stirling Maxwell). A. L. S., 2 pp.
8vo, n. d. To Captain Marryat, speaking of one of his
tragedies. Inlaid.

* " You should not speak disrespectfully of your own tragedy."

432. NOTES (ALFRED). A. L. S., 3 pp. 12mo, 6 Gros-
venor Park, Chiswick, Jan. 27, 1904. In reply to an inquiry
in regard to a translation of Horace by a Miss Noyes, who
he admits is distantly related to him.

433. OLIPHANT (MARGARET O.). A. L.S., 1 p. 16mo,
Windsor, Friday, n. y. To Mrs. Spottiswoode, inviting the
family to luncheon. Inlaid.

434. OLIPHANT (MARGARET O.). Queen Victoria.
cloth, with portrait. Unpublished.

* Probably one of the last articles written by Mrs. Oliphant.

435. OPPENHEIM (E. PHILLIPS). A. L. S., 3 pp. 12mo,
Leicester, May 28, 1897. Not addressed : regarding one of.
his works. Inlaid.

436. ORLEANS (J. B. GASTON D', brother of King
Louis XIII, 1608-60). A. L. S., 1 p. 8vo. With portrait.

2 pieces. [Paris?] August 9, 1636

* RARE AUTOGRAPH. "Since I have received your letter I am
disposed to follow your advice and to go very soon to see the
King to serve him in everything he will order. . . . Please pre-
sent my compliments to Monsieur the Cardinal" [Richelieu].


called Monsieur, 1640-1701, brother of King Louis XIV.).
D. S., on vellum (inlaid). Versailles, August 8, 1677

de Paris (1838-94); served in the Civil War on General
McClellan's staff). " Philippe Kearny, Souvenirs personels. "
Stowe House, June, 1893. With one portrait (inlaid). 2

* In this interesting sketch the Count of Paris gives an
account of the part which Philip Kearney, the well known
American cavalry soldier, took in the Civil War. He closes his
sketch with the following picture of Kearney:

" Ausfii m'arreterais-je ici et termincrais-jc par un dernier
trait qui acheve de peindre son caractere militaire. Un homme

si ardent et d'un temperament aussi entier que Kearny devait
avoir sur toutes chases des opinions ires arretees. Mais il et&
tellem-ent penetre du devo-ir pour touj ceux qui portent I'uni-
forme de rester Strangers aux qucrelles de la politique, que,
malgre nos frequents rapports, je n 'at jamais su a quel parti
il apportenait. ' '

439. OUTRAM (SIR JAMES, English General in India).
A. L. S., 3 pp. 12mo, Calcutta, Sept. 22nd, 1858. On mil-
itary matters, mentioning Napier and others. Portrait. 2
pieces; letter inlaid.

A. L. S., H PP- 12mo, Nov. 5, 1857.

*To Vernon Smith, on an incident in the Indian Mutiny
concerning the shooting of prisoners.

441. PARKER (SIR GILBERT). A. L. S., H PP- 12mo,
Phila., February 4, 1895. To Mr. Bacheller, regarding an
engagement. Inlaid.

442. PATMORE (COVENTRY). A. L. S., 1 p. 8vo, Ly-
mington, Sept. 20, 1893. To E. Walford, Esq., giving him
privileges in regard to certain poems published in "The
Anthology." Inlaid.

443. PEPYS (SAMUEL). Naval Letter, signed by Pepys
and William Viscount Broucker and by Sir John Mennes.
1 p. folio, Navy Office, May 23, 1665. 8 portraits.

* To Captain Richard Rooth, commander of the man-of-war
Dartmouth, reading: " We have propounded to the Duke of
Albermarle your report touching ye man of warre prize lately
taken by you," etc. VERY SCARCE.

444. PHILIP II, King of Spain (1527-98). Document on
vellum. Permit to remove a stipulated quantity of wheat
from the Province of Artois, Bruxelles, Dec. 18, 1557.
With fine impressions of Philip II's large seal. Also 5 por-
traits engraved by R. Vaughan (with PHILIP II's AUTO-
GRAPH SIGNATURE pasted below), Moncornet, Houbraken,
etc. 6 pieces.

445. PHILIP III, King of Spain (1578-1621). D. S., con-
cerning the presentation of a Prior}' in the town of Placa
(Sicily) to Cordinal Paravicino. 1 p. large folio (some-
what damaged by damp). Monastery of St. Lawrence,
Aug. 31, 1607. With 3 scarce portraits engraved by Hon-
dius, etc. 4 pieces (1 inlaid).

446. PHILIP IV, King of Spain (1605-65). Large docu-
ment on vellum, with his autograph signature, appointing
Don Cresar de Tarragona Questor of Milan. Madrid, June
22, 1653. With 2 fine portraits engraved by Houbraken
and Benoist. 3 pieces.

447. PHILIP V, King of Spain (1683-1746). L. S. to the
Provincial of the Jesuits. 1 p. 4to. Madrid, March 21,
1708. With address and seal.



448. [PHILIPS (AMBROSE).] Honoratissimo Viro,
Henrico St. John, Armigero. Ode. 3 pp. folio, half ino-
rocco. Lond. 1707

* With the autographs of Alexander Pope and Horace Wai-
pole on the first page. Pope was always jealous of Philips,
and directed many a sarcastic arrow at his works. The signa-
ture of Walpole bears the date "Florence, Feb., 1741."

449. PITT (WILLIAM, Earl of Chatham). A. L. S., 3
pp. 4to. Sunday, June 29, 1760. Marked "Private," but
without address

*Interesting letter on political matters, reading in part : " . . .
the Spanish Ambassador having advanced positively and
strongly in a memorial on this embarrassing subject, that all
Spanish ships have been immediately and indiscriminately con-
demn' d at Doctor's Commons, for carrying French property."

450. PITT (WILLIAM). A. L. S., 2 pp. 4to. Downing
Street, August 20, 1790 (inlaid).

*To the Earl of Morton, telling him that it may be desirable
to postpone the conferring of a British Peerage on him.

451. PITT (WILLIAM). A. L. S., 3 pp. 4to. Downing
Street, April 12, 1796 (inlaid).

* To W. Boyd. A fine letter on the public finances.

452. PITT (WILLIAM). Four Lines of verse in his auto-
graph, with signature and date, 1750; portraits by Houston,
Chapman, Walker, and others, 5 of which are inlaid. 9 pcs.

453. PITT (WILLIAM). Signature and address on en-
velope; Signature on portion of a document; Portraits by
Sasso, Freeman, and others. Together 14 pieces.

454. POLLOCK (ROBERT). A. L. S., 2 pp. 4to. Glas-
gow, Feb. 14, 1822. Addressed to Robert Pollock, Student
in Theology, at Woodlawn. Inlaid.

98, the last King of Poland. L. S., in Italian, thanking
him for Christmas greetings. 1 p. small folio (inlaid).
Warsaw, Jan. 26, 1785. With portrait. 2 pieces.

456. POPE (ALEXANDER). A. L. S.,2 pp. 4to. [West-
minster, Duke Street], Feb. 6 [1743]. To Mr. Sliugsby
Bethel, on a financial matter, and telling of his state of
health. Inlaid with a portrait.

* Pope's autograph is among the rarest of the English Poets
of his period.

457. PORTER (ANNA MARIA, English Author). A.L.S.,
2 pp. 4to. Friday, 21st Jan., n. y. To John Carr, on family
matters; Portrait. Both inlaid.

458. PORTER (JANE, English Author). A. L. S., 3 pp.
4to. Long Ditton, March 10th, 1818. To George Bartley,
on family matters, etc. 3 portraits, all inlaid. With seal.


459. PRIOR (MATTHEW). A. L. S., 3pp. 4to. [West-
minster], June 17, 1708. To Sir Thomas Parsons, apolo-
gizing for not having replied to his letter sooner. With an
engraved portrait. 2 pieces, inlaid.

* An interesting and chatty letter, giving the gossip of the
town, and mentioning the political developments of the day, in
which he had a great personal interest.

460. PROCTOR (BRYAN WALLER, "Barry Corn-
wall "). A. L. S., 2 pp. 8vo, Wednesday, 25 Bedford Square,
n. d. To Mr. Handleby, in regard to some autographs which
he had promised him. Inlaid with a 3 verse autograph poem,
entitled " King and Slave," by his daughter Adelaide Ann
Proctor, signed with initials.


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