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78) ; one of the principal factors of the Italian Independence.
Official D. S., 1 p. folio. Torino, Oct. 30, 1859. Signed also-
by Rattazzi. With seal.

545. WALLER (EDMUND, Poet and Statesman, 1606-
1687). L. S., 1 p. folio. Essex House, Oct. 31, 1668. An
official letter to Lord Chief Justice of Kings Bench, Lord
Santrym. Signed also by Sir Orlando Bridgeman, Duke of
Buckingham, Duke of Albemarle, Thomas Osborne, Edward
Wyndham, and Heneage Finch, 1st Earl of Nottingham. In-

546. WALPOLE (SIR ROBERT, Earl of Orford). D. S.,.
1 p. 16mo. To Charles Lockyer, Accountant to the South Sea
Co. March 17, 1731. Order for money; D. S., 1 p. 4to. Aug.


1731. Order for money, signed by Walpole, and others;
Portraits by Vertue, Houbraken, Jarvis, and others. Together
8 pieces.

547. WARD (MARY A., Mrs. Humphry). A. L. S., 3 pp.
12mo, Lond. Feb. 13, 1889. Not addressed : mentions " Robert
Elsmere, " a proposed dramatization, etc.; 2 portraits. All

548. WARREN (SAMUEL, Author of "Ten Thousand a
Year"). A. L. S., 3 pp. 8vo, Lond. Jan. 3, 1850. To Charles
Phillips. A four line poem in the autograph of Samuel
Warren, signed and dated Aug. 19, 1854 (mounted). To-
gether 2 pieces.

549. WARREN (SAMUEL). A. L. S., 2y 2 pp. 16mo,
Lond. Nov. 13, 1868, Portrait. Both inlaid.

* To Rev. E. Walford. Interesting literary letter regarding
his work, complaining of the advertising matter bound in with
his book, and mentioning the death of his wife.

550. WARREN (SAMUEL). A. L. S., 1 p. 12mo. No
place or date. Regarding some acquaintances and a coming
party. Inlaid.

551. WATSON (JOHN, "Ian Maclaren"). A. L. S., 2 pp.
12mo, Lond. 1898. To Mr. Salmond ; stating that he hopes to
go to America for three months, etc., Portrait. Both inlaid.

552. WATSON (WILLIAM). A. L. S., 4 pp. 12mo [Lond.]
n. d. To H. T. Tucker, accepting an invitation from Mr. Ort-
mans to contribute to the ' ' Cosmopolis, ' ' and proposing a
poem on "Progress" for the Dec. number.

553. WATTS (DR. ISAAC). A. L. S., 1 p. 4to. Newing-
ton, Aug. 28, 1738. To [Ed. Gibbon, Bishop of London].
Discussing ways of improving morals and the suppression of
vice. With 5 engraved portraits. Together 6 pieces, inlaid.

OF). A. L. S., 241/2 pp. 12mo, Lenia, May 1st, 1809. To
Major General Mackenzie.

* Very important letter regarding the Peninsula Campaign,
written on the field and reading in part : ' ' The Corps of
Troops placed under your command is destined to watch the
movements of the Enemy on the Eastern frontier of Portugal . . .
during the period that ihe Main body of the British Army under
my Command will be employed on the Dwro." The letter
continues with a description of the disposition of the troops,
the probable intentions of the enemy and other interesting

OF). A. L., in the third person. 1 p. 8vo. Lond. Jan. 8,
1836. In answer to a request for a portrait (mounted) ; Por-
traits by Bolt, Cook, Young, and others. 8 pieces.

556. WEST (BENJAMIN, English Artist). Signature on
a notice of the publication of the Nelson print. June 7, 1806
(slightly torn) ; Portraits by Caroline Watson, T. Holloway,
and J. Jenkins. Together 4 pieces.


557. WEYMAN (STANLEY J.). A. L. S., iy 2 pp. 12mo,.
Ludlow, June 27th, n. y. To Dr. Macaulay, regarding his
literary work. Inlaid.

1 p. oblong 8vo. n. p., n. d. To Mr. Young, declining an
invitation of the Committee of the Artists Benevolent Fund.
Twelve reproductions of portraits, etc. Together 13 pieces.

559. WHYTE-MELVILLE (GEORGE J.). A. L. S., 1 p.
12mo, Wootton Hall, Northampton, Dec. 26, 1866. Not ad-
dressed: regarding a contribution to the "Gentleman's Maga-
zine." Inlaid.

560. WILLIAM THE SILENT, Prince of Orange, first
Statholder of Holland (1533-84) ; assassinated at Delft by
an emissary of Philip II. Letter subscribed and signed, to
the Burgmaster and Eschevins of Courtrai. 1 p. folio. Anvers,
July 5, 1579. With 1 portrait. 2 pieces (inlaid).

* A very interesting letter relating to the war operations
against the Spaniards. "Having communicated with Monsieur
de La Noue and having received the advice of Messieurs the
four members, we think that the best way to harass and break
at last the enemy, is to put in garrison the companies, which are
in Flanders, as we have not at present the means of making
a, war purely offensive against the enemy."

561. WILLIAM I, seventh King of Prussia and first Ger-
man Emperor (1797-1888). Official L. S. (before being
Crown Prince). 1 p. folio. Berlin, Dec. 31, 1825. With por-
traits. 6 pieces (4 inlaid).

562. WILLIAM II, the present German Emperor. Letter
subscribed and signed, to the Landgravine Friedrich of
Hessen, announcing the safe accouchement of the Princess
Irene, wife of Prince Henry of Prussia. 2 pp. 4to. Berlin,
March 22, 1889.

563. WOMEN AUTHORS. Mary Elizabeth Braddon, 2
A. L. S. and D. S.; Edna Lyall, A. L. S, 1886. Portraits.
6 pieces,

564. WOMEN AUTHORS. Rhoda Broughton, A. L. S.
and L. S. ; John Oliver Hobbes (Mrs. Mary T. Craigie),
A. L. S. 1897; Sarah Grand (Mrs. Chambers McFall), A. L. S.
1896 ; B. L. Farjeon, A. L. S. 1877. Portraits. Together 8"

565. WOOD (ELLEN, Author of "East Lynne") . A. L. S.,
li/ 2 pp. 8vo, St. John's Wood Park, October 12, 1866. To
Mr. Tinsley, regarding the publication of a book; Portrait.
Inlaid; 2 pieces.

566. WORDSWORTH (WILLIAM). A. L. S., 6 pp. 8vo
[Grasmere, Rydal Mount], April 17 [no year]. To Sergeant
Talfourd, giving plans for the coming summer, but explaining
his uncertainty of conforming to any one of them. Inlaid
with a portrait.

* A long and interesting letter.


SCRIPT of his poem " The Wishing Gate Destroyed." 4pp.
4to. 11 verses, entirely in his autograph, signed and dated
Rydal Mount, Aug. 29, 1841.

568. YATES (EDMUND). A. L. S., 1 p. 8vo. Brevoort,
Nov. 14, 1872. Not addressed: referring to his lecture
tour. Inlaid.

569. YONGE (CHARLOTTE M.). A. L S., 2pp. 18mo.
Otterbourne,. May 5th, 1855. Unaddressed ; but to her
American publisher, acknowledging the receipt of 200
and speaking of her work. Portrait. 2 pieces, inlaid.

570. YORK (FREDERICK, DUKE OF, second son of
King George III, 1763-1827). L. S. to Brig.-Genl. Beres-
ford giving him permission to return to Europe from the
Cape, 1 p. 4to, July 22, 1806; L. S. to the Earl of Liverpool,
1 p. 4to, Oct. 3, 1820. With 7 portraits engraved by Scriven
(proof on India paper), Schiavonetti, etc., a full length
one colored, a fine one in mezzotint, a full-length silhouette
painted in black and gold, and a water-color. 9 pieces
(6 inlaid).

OF, wife of Frederik, second son of George III). A. L. S.,
1 pp. 12mo (n. d.). With 2 engraved portraits (one by

572. YOUNG (EDWARD, British Poet). A. L. S., 1 p.
4to. March 1, 1725/6. Probably to Lady Elizabeth Lee,
whom he married later. Inlaid.

script of: " Reflexions morale et politiques sur le proces de
Louis XVI." 4to, contemporary dark green straight- grain
morocco, gilt tooled dentelle borders on the sides, with the
crowned monogram L in each corner, silk linings, gilt edges.

Paris, 1792

* Probably the author's manuscript bound for presentation
to King Louis XVIII.

574. ZANGWILL (ISRAEL). A. L. S., 1 p. 12mo. Phila.
Sept. 29, 1898. To Richard Mansfield, regarding his lec-
tures and regretting that he will be unable to attend a
"first night." Inlaid.

No. 1157 1915


. Jolme

#art V

American Sutograpljs

including a

Complete &et of tl)e 4>i

To be sold

Wednesday Afternoon and Evening
and Thursday Afternoon
April 28 and 29, 1915

No. 1157





American &utosrapi)S

a Complete *&et of ttye bfgmr0 of
Declaration of 'JnDepen&ence


APRIL 28 AND 29, 1915




THURSDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL 29, - - Lots 420-626

AT 2:3O AND 8:15 O'CLOCK



C|)e antJtrsion auction Companj>


Conditions of Sale.

1. All bids to be per Lot as numbered in the Catalogue.

2. The highest bidder to be the buyer ; in all cases of disputed
bids the lot shall be resold, but the Auctioneer will use his
judgment as to the good faith of all claims and his decision shall
be final.

3. Buyers to give their names and addresses and to make such
cash payments on accounts as may be required, in default of
which the lots purchased to be immediately resold.

4. Goods bought to be removed at the close of each sale. If
not so removed they will be at the sole risk of the purchaser, and
subject to storage charges, and this Company will not be respon-
sible if such goods are lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.

5. Terms Cash. If accounts are not paid at the conclu-
sion of each Sale, or, in the case of absent buyers, when bills are
rendered, this Company reserves the right to recatalogue the
goods for immediate sale without notice to the defaulting buyer,
and all costs of such resale will be charged to the defaulter
This condition is without prejudice to the rights of the Company
to enforce the sale contract and collect the amount due without
such resale at its own option. Unsettled accounts are subject to
interest at the rate of six per cent, per annum.

6. All books are sold as catalogued, and are assumed to be in
good second-hand condition. If material defects are found ,
not mentioned in the catalogue, the lot may be returned.
Notice of such delects must be given promptly and
the goods returned within ten days from the date
of the sale. No exceptions will be made to this rule. Maga-
zines and other periodicals, and all miscellaneous books arranged
in parcels, are sold as they are without recourse.

7. Autograph Letters, Documents, Manuscripts and Bindings
are sold as they are without recourse. The utmost care is
taken to authenticate and correctly describe items of this char-
acter, but this Company will not be responsible for errors,
omissions, or defects of any kind.

8. Bids. We make no charge for executing orders for our
customers and use all bids competitively, buying at the lowest
price permitted by other bids.

Material on Exhibition Saturday, April 17, 1915.
Priced copy of this Catalogue may be secured for $1.50.

SUtftetfon Auction Company



of tfte feature^ of $art V,

The most important single item in the large, varied, and interesting
collection of Autographs made by the late Adrian H. Joline, Esq., the
one to which he gave the most careful attention and in which he took
the greatest pride, was his complete


of the Declaration of Independence, which is now offered for sale, each
autograph separately. "I love to turn the faded, yellow pages,"
wrote Mr. Joline, "and to think of the men who gave a new republic
to mankind." He began to make this collection early in his career as
a collector and he did not complete it till shortly before his death.
The scarcest of all the autographs are those of Lynch and Gwinnett.
Mr. Joline 's example of the former is the signature written on the
back of an engraved frontispiece to "The Tragedies of Sophocles,"
which Mr. Joline himself removed from the book which was once part
of the Lynch library. The Gwinnett is a signature attested by Charles
C. Jones, Jr., the well-known historian of Georgia, and was the last
autograph of a Signer that Mr. Joline secured; to his great delight it
made his collection complete.

Next to the Lynch and Gwinnett signatures, he valued the Hooper
letter, for it was written to Hewes and delivered by Penn, thus bringing
into intimate association the three Signers from North Carolina. The
autographs of Francis Lightfoot Lee, Nelson, Boss, Rutledge, Sherman,
Whipple, Penn, and Hewes are rare in any form, but this Collection
contains a full Autograph Letter Signed by each of them, and the
letters are generally of an historical character, so that a great oppor-
tunity to improve their collections of the Signers is now afforded to
the few fortunate possessors of a complete set, while the sale opens to
all collectors an unusual opportunity to acquire autographs which rarely
come on the market. The Franklin letter in the Joline Collection is
long and very interesting and was written to Dr. Samuel Johnson. The
Harrison letter is important historically because it deals with the
defence of Virginia. The Hopkinson letter is addressed to Franklin
and discusses the electric battery. That by Bead relates to his com-
pilation of the laws of Maryland. The Collection is made up of forty
Autograph Letters Signed, five Autograph Documents Signed, six
Documents Signed, two Letters Signed, one Autograph Letter, and the
two signatures of Lynch and Gwinnett a total of fifty -six. The por-
traits of the Signers and views of their residences, collected by Mr.
Joline and all inlaid to folio (144 pieces in all), are offered as a
single lot.


Attention may be called to the following early letters and documents
among the many highly important autographs in this division of Mr,
Joline's Collection.

Ethan Allen's document charging his brother with conspiring with
the loyalists; a letter by Benedict Arnold and one by his wife; docu-
ments signed by Israel and Eufus Putnam; original charges made by
Col. John Brown against Benedict Arnold, addressed to General Gates,
which is of the highest importance; two letters by Eliphalet Dyer
regarding the Connecticut claims in Pennsylvania; the original oath
signed by Alexander Hamilton on his admission to the bar; extracts
from the minutes of the Committee on Plots and Conspiracies, relating
to Cadwallader Golden and signed by John Jay; five letters by
Lafayette; an important letter by Thomas Paine; three documents
signd by Governor John Penn; war letters by Pulaski, Bochambeau,
and Baron Steuben; fine letter by Jesse Root regarding the secret
transactions of the Continental Congress and the relations of France
and the United States; important letter by Anthony Wayne to the
President of Congress regarding the storming of Stony Point; fine war
letters by General Sterling, General Sullivan, and Marinus Willett;
letters by Count de Vergennes, Jonathan Trumbull, and Zebulon Butler;.
Colonel Van Schaick's report on the Onondaga expedition of 1779; a
long series of letters by Alexander Scammell, who was a member of
Washington's military family, one of them relating to the move-
ments of the Northern army; and an important letter by Aaron Burr
to General Conway.

The Washington material embraces an early survey, an address to*
the militia of New Jersey, and eight Letters Signed, most of them
relating to the defence of Forts MifHm and Henry.

Among the material of a later date are: A fine letter by Audubon
regarding the folio edition of his "Birds"; letter of John Brown of
Osawatomie to his wife; letters by Generals Brown, Macomb, and
Wilkinson, and other fine material on the War of 1812; and the original
ledgers of John Taylor, a merchant of Albany, from 1790 to 1820.

The Collection is rich in letters from literary celebrities, among
them: Aldrich, Bancroft, Bryant, Cooper, Emerson, Field, Harte,
Hawthorne, Hearn, Holmes, Irving, James, Longfellow, Lowell, Park-
man, Prescott, Taylor, Thoreau, Whitman, and Whittier; and among
the other famous men represented are Agassiz, Booth, Calhonn, Cass,
Clinton, Ellsworth, Fremont, Jesup, Kent, King, Langdon, Lansing,
Livingston, Morse, Pownall, Scott, and Webster.










Wednesday Afternoon, April 28, 1915, at 2:30 o'clock
LOTS 1-207

1. ABBOTT (JOHN S. C.). A. L. S., 2 pp. small 8vo.
Oct. 24th, 1875. To Hon. T. A. Cheney, regarding his own
literary work. Portrait. 2 pieces. (A. L. S. inlaid)

2 AD AIR (GEN. JOHN). A. L. S., 1 p. folio. Mercer,
May 18, 1813. To Gov. Isaac Shelby, expressing his regrets
upon the disasters to the Kentucky troops, and offering his
services in any forthcoming expedition. Inlaid.

* John Adair, famous before this for his activity in Indian
wars, but obscured for a time in the shadow of the Burr con-
spiracy, won honor in the War of 1812. Shortly after the date
of this letter he took part in the battle of the Thames as major
and aid to Gov. Shelby. Afterward, with the rank of brigadier-
general he commanded the Kentucky troops in the Battle of
New Orleans.

Fine specimen, scarce.

8. ADAMS (ANDREW, Jurist, M. O. C.). A. N. S., Nov.
10, 1783 ; D. S., 1788, and signature. 3 pieces, inlaid.

1 ADAMS "(CHARLES FRANCIS). A. L. S., 1 p. 4to.
February 28, 1849 ; Portrait. Both inlaid.

5, AGASSIZ (LOUIS). A. L. S., 1 p. 8vo. Cambridge,
Sunday night, March 16, 1862. 3 portraits. All inlaid.

* To Dr. Peabody, asking him if he will be present at the
examination of a student.

6. ALABAMA GOVERNORS. D. S. by Thomas Bibb,
Dec. 1, 1820; A. L. S, of Israel Pickens, Feb. 2, 1814; A. L. S.
of Gabriel Moore, Feb. 8, 1826 ; Two A. L. S. of Reuben Chap-
man, 1841, 1848 ; and others, all Governors between 1820 and
1872, Together 10 pieces.

7. ALDRICH (THOMAS B., Author). A. L. S., 2 pp. 8vo,
Ponkapog, Mass., Oct. 10, 1879. To Rossiter Johnson. With
3 portraits. Together 4 pieces.

* "I wish I could see my way clear to join your group of
Blithe Biographers. With a biographer who was in himself
humorous (like Abraham Lincoln, for instance: the story of
his death could be made a finely pathetic without seeming in
the least incongruous) I think I could do something fresh and
entertaining." Mentions being at work on a novel for the
Atlantic and a vol. of travel-sketches, and a new collection of
short tales, "These engagements . . . will occupy me for the
next year fy a half."

8. ALDRICH (THOMAS B.). A. L. Signed with initials.
2 pp. 8vo', Marblehead, August 10, 1896. Not addressed; tell-
ing about his cruise on the yacht ' ' Hermione. ' ' Inlaid.

9. ALEXANDER (JAMES, Attorney-Gen, and Secty. of
the Province of New York) . D. S., 1 p. folio, March 3, 1756.
To John Thompson. Lease for Land. (Mounted.)

10. ALLEN (ETHAN, American Patriot, Gen. in the Revo-
lution). A. D. S., li/4 pp. folio, Benington County, Arlington,
Jan. 9, 1779. To the Court of Confiscation, charging his
brother Levi with corresponding with the enemy and circu-
lating counterfeit currency. A literal copy in the autograph
of Ethan Allen. Inlaid.

* An interesting and rather surprising document in which
Col. Ethan Allen charges his brother, Levi, Adjutant in his
Eegiment of Green Mountain Boys, with treasonable actions.
The charges, as they are here set forth, are based on knowledge
obtained while Ethan was a prisoner of war on parole in New
York and on Long Island.

11. ALLEN (ETHAN). A. D., 1 p. 4to, n. p., n. d. The
list of officers of Col. Ethan Allen 's regiment of Green Moun-
tain Boys. Inlaid.

* At the head of the list appear the names Ethan Allen and
Seth Warner as Field Officers. Among the others are Ethan's
brothers, Ira and Ebenezer, First Lieutenants; Heman Allen,
Captain; and Levi Allen, Adjutant. Entirely in Ethan Allen's

12. ALLEN (WILLIAM, Mayor of Philadelphia, Chief
Justice of Pa., etc.). A. L. S., 1 p. 4to. Phila. Febr. 26th,
1772. To Governor John Penn, introducing Mr. Muhlenberg.

13. ALLYN (JOHN, 'Secy, of Colony of Conn., 1664-92).
Autograph Warrant Signed. 1 p. oblong 16mo. Hartford,
July 14, 1681.

14. ALSOP (JOHN, M. 0. C.). A. L. S., 1 p. 12mo, N. Y.
Feb. 8, 1760; D. S. N. Y. July 12, 1786. 2 pieces, inlaid.

15. ALSOP (JOHN, M. 0. C.). D. S., 2 pp. folio. N. Y.
Apr. 30, 1791. Signed also by Gerard Bancker (Treasurer of
N. Y.), Richard Morris (Chief Justice). Portrait. 2 pieces.

16. AMERICAN AUTHORS. Check endorsed by Harriet
Beecher Stowe; A. N. S. by George D. Prentice; A. L. S. by
Lucy Larcom ; A. L. S. and Autograph poem by Celia Thaxter ;
A. L. S. by Anna E. Dickinson; and 6 portraits. Together 12
pieces; inlaid.

17. AMERICAN REVOLUTION. A. D., 1 p. folio. 1777.
List of the Rank of the Officers of the Second Jersey Regiment
settled at Middlebrook Camp, according to Genl. Orders of
June 5, 1777. Col. Israel Shreve's Regiment.

18. AMERICAN STATESMEN, ETC. .Signature and ad-
dress in handwriting of John Quincy Adams ; Signature and
address by James K. Polk; Signature of Hamilton Fish;
A. L. S. by J. R. Hawley ; A. L. S. by James Harlan ; and 6
portraits. 11 pieces, inlaid.

19. ARBUCKLE (MATHEW, Lieut. Col. in the War of
3812). A. L. S., 1 p. 4to. Fort Gibson, Jan. 23, 1833. To
Capt. Symington, concerning accoutrements sent to the 7th
Reg. Infantry. A. L. S. Brig.-Gen. W. K. Armistead. 2 pp.
4to. Bost. Nov. 23, 1829. To Maj. Gen. Macomb, protesting
against the single ration order for officers. Together 2 pieces,

20. ARMISTEAD (GEORGE, Lieut. Col., Commander of
Fort McHenry on the occasion which inspired the writing of
the "Star Spangled Banner"). A. L. S., 2 pp. 4to. Fort
Niagara, July 8, 1802. To Peter Gansvoort, Military Agent,
reporting the disposition made of certain military stores, etc.
With an etched portrait by Hollyer on Japan paper. 2 pieces.

21. ARNOLD (GEN. BENEDICT). D. S., l^ pp. folio.
St. Pierre, Martinique, Feb. 26, 1795. Receipt for fifteen hun-
dred and ten pounds sterling for 30,200 pounds of fresh beef
furnished to the British troops in the West Indies. With a
portrait. 2 pieces, inlaid.

* Endorsed and signed in turn by Valentine Jones, Comm.
of Acc'ts of the Army of the West Indies, and John Jeff ray,
Commissary General. Arnold for a few years rendered Eng-
land valuable aid in the West Indies, but on the arrival of a
French fleet at that place he was forced to flee, in fear that he
would be captured and sent to America to answer for his

Benedict Arnold). A. L. S., 4 pp. 4to. St. John, Dec. 22,
1790. To her brother-in-law, Mr. Burd, asking him to procure
certain evidence from Mr. Lewis, who had formerly acted as
counsel for Arnold, to contest a note of 2,000 pounds brought
to her husband for payment.

23. ARNOLD (JONATHAN, M. 0. C.). 2 A. D. S., 1768
and 1771. Portrait. 3 pieces, all inlaid.


24. AUDUBON (JOHN JAMES). A. L. S., 2 pp. 4to.
London, June 2, 1827 ; Portrait ; both inlaid.

* To "W. A. Bentley, Manchester. Interesting letter regard-
ing ' ' The Birds of America, ' ' reading in part : ' ' / am sorry
about the Gentlemen of Manchester who are so impatient, they
little Tcnow the vexation I experience daily about my publi-
cation. I am doing my utmost to please them and they ap-
parently damn me for it that is hard indeed. I have here
25 men employed in Colouring," etc. Fine impression of his

25. AUTHORS. Autograph Poem by Park Benjamin, 2 pp.
4to ; A. L. S. by R. H. Stoddard; A. N. S. by Richard Grant
White; A. L. S. by L. G. Clark; A. N. S. by H. A. Beers; and
4 portraits. Together 9 pieces ; inlaid.

26. AUTHORS. Check endorsed by Donald G. Mitchell;
A. L. S. by L. Gaylord Clark; A. L. S. by G. P. Lathrop;
A. N. S. by H. J. Raymond; A. L. iS. by Julian Hawthorne;
and others, including some photographs. Together 9 pieces;

27. AUTHORS AND CLERGYMEN. Charming (William
B.). A. L. S., 1 p. Oct. 1838; A. L. 'S. by Henry Ward
Beeeher. 1 p. 1878; A. L. S. by Phillips Brooks. iy 2 pp.
Sept. 1871. 3 pieces, inlaid.

28. BANCROFT (GEORGE). A. L. S., 3 pp. 12mo, July
18, 1878. To Mr. Justice Swayne, regarding an opinion on
legislative matters. Portrait; both inlaid.

29. BANCROFT (GEORGE). L. S., 2 pp. 4to, Washing-
ton, Dec. 9, 1887, to Gen. Adam Badeau, thanking him for a
copy of "Grant in Peace," and expressing his opinion of
President Johnson and the impeachment proceedings. With
portrait. Both inlaid. 2 pieces.

30. BAREFOOT (WALTER, Governor of the Colony of
New Hampshire). D. S., 1 p. small 4to. N. d. (circa 1685).
Bill for legal services.

folio. Baltimore, Feb. 3, 1802. Identification or Citizenship
certificate used by American seamen to prevent impressment
by the British. With 3 portraits. Together 4 pieces.

32. BELLOWS (BENJAMIN, Revolutionary Officer).
Autograph Documents. Certificates of enrolement in the

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