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describing his trip through France. Inlaid.

* ' ' Paris is very full of English and when I went to dine at
the Trois Freres yesterday Thackeray sat at the next table so
we dined together," etc.

2 pp. 8vo. London, Novr. 14, 1849. To George P. R. James
regarding that author 's ' ' Dark Scenes. ' ' Inlaid.

* "Do you know I took it into my head that you were the
author of 'Jane Eyre' but I have altered my opinion since I
read a portion of 'Shirley.' Currer Bell, whoever he or she
may be, has certainly got some of your tricks .... but 'Shirley'
has again perplexed me," etc.

signed with initials, l 1 ^ pp. 8vo. Deer. 14th, 1849. To Oilier
the Publisher, regarding the "vexatious error" in "Windsor
Castle" and expressing gratification at the quickness of the
sale of "Rookwood." Inlaid.

1 p. 8vo. Harrow Road, March 19th, 1850. Regretting his
being unable "to meet your American friends, of whom I
remember you gave me an account. ' ' Inlaid.

3y 2 pp. 8vo. Brighton, April 10, 1854. Inlaid.

* " My dear Oilier: I wish you would deliver other lectures
on Goldsmith, Smollett and Sterne. You would correct some
impressions produced by Thackeray's sneers," etc.


3y 2 pp. 8vo. Brighton, December 3, 1854. To "My Dear
Brooks," telling of his acquisition of "Bentley's Miscellany"
and stating that he does not expect his money back in less than
three years. Inlaid.

3 pp. 8vo. Brighton, Deer. 3rd, 1856. An important letter
regarding the characters in "Mervyn Clitheroe" addressed
to Charles Oilier. Inlaid.

*"The school days of 'Mervyn' are a mere transcript of
what happened to me at the Free Grammar School at Man-
chester. . . . Almost all the incidents at Nethercrofts happened
to myself. I have adopted a simple Defoe-ish style as best
adapted to my subject," etc.

2 pp. 8vo. Reigate, Jany. 29, 1873. Inlaid.

* To a publisher. "My Dear Sir: I shall take 50 not
less, for the copyright of my three novels: Old Court, Myddle-
ton Pomfret, and Hilary St. Ives," etc.

2y 2 pp. 8vo. Conservative (Club, London), July 30th. "My
Dear Harvey," inviting him to dinner at the Club. Inlaid.

3% pp. 8vo. 25 Oriental Place. Friday morning. To a con-
tributor enclosing cheque for poem. Inlaid.

* ' ' Captain Marryat wrote that he had not received his copy
and I can only hope the neglect is not wilful, but as Colburn
ceases to be publisher, it looks suspicious," etc.

addressed in his autograph to T. J. Pettigrew and Smith &
Elder (some with wax seal). 7 pieces.

sort). A. L. S., 2 pp. 8vo. Windsor Castle, Nov. 8, 1852. To
Lord Raglan, referring to Lord Hardinge's inspection of the

*"He did not inspect Dover, as this is one of the most im-
portant points, I hope you will not delay in having its state
thoroughly examined," etc.

25. ALLISON (ARCHIBALD, English Writer). Two
A. L. S.'s, 1 p. 8vo, Heriot Row, Monday, n. d. and 1 p. 4to,
May 6, 1793 ; A. L. S. of Sir Archibald Allison, the Historian,
2 pp. 12mo, Jan. 30, 1860. With a portrait of the latter. To-
gether 4 pieces.

26. AMELIA (PRINCESS, Sixth daughter of George III).
A. L. S., 3 pp. 4to. Nov. 29, 1800. To Lady Neale. A long
and affectionate letter. With a transcript by Mr. Joline. 2

*Lady Neale was the confidante of Princess Amelia. "/ am
desired by the dear angel the King to write to you by this
day 's post and to inform Sir Harry (Neale) he is much obliged
to him for his letter." etc.

27. AMELIA (PRINCESS, Sixth and youngest daughter
of George III). A. L. S., 2 pp. 4to. Windsor, Sept. 1, 1810.
To Laidy Neale.

* Telling of the illness which a short while after caused her
death and resulted in the King's insanity.

28. ANNE OF AUSTRIA (1601-66), wife of Louis XIII.
A. L. S., 11/2 pp. 4to. Paris, Oct. 3, 1649. To her brother-
in-law, Ferdinand III, Emperor of Germany. Also 6 en-
graved portraits of the Queen, one by Moncornet. 7 pieces,
one inlaid.

* A fine letter, sending condolences from herself and her
son, Louis XIV, on the death of the Empress, her sister, and
the wife of Ferdinand.

29. ANNE (Queen of Great Britain). D. S., 1 p. folio (in-
laid). Kensington, Aug. 7, 1710. To Sidney, Earl of
Godolphin, High Treasurer of Great Britain. Warrant to
pay Hugh Earl of Loudoun the sum of 1000 Royal Bounty.

30. ANSON (GEORGE, Baron, English Admiral). D. S.,
1 p. folio, July 29, 1746. Admiralty Order for discharge of
Thos. Marshall and keeping Saml. Barry. Signed also by
Lords Osborn, Barrington and Duncannon; L. S., 1 p. folio,
Portsmouth, Aug. 14, 1746. 2 pieces.

* Both the above are addressed to Capt. Windham of H. M.
ship Kent.

31. ARNOLD (MATTHEW, English Author and Poet),
A. L. S., iy 2 pp. 8vo, Cobham, Surrey, May 24, 1884. To
Dr. W. C. Bennett, thanking him for a copy of "The Lark."
With the addressed envelope and a portrait on Japan paper.
3 pieces.

32. AUCKLAND (LORD, William Eden). A. L. S., 1 p.
4to, March 19 (1798). With portrait. 2 pieces.

* Lord Auckland was one of the three commissioners sent by
Lord North in 1788 to treat with the Americans.

of George III). A. L. S., V/ 2 PP- 4to - A P ril 21, 1799. To
Lady Neale, expressing pleasure at the conduct of her "Be-
loved Ship-Mates."

* She refers to the action fought by Sir Harry Neale in the
San Fiorenzo in company with the Amelia, after being dis-
masted by a sudden squall, was successful in repelling three
large French frigates who had sailed out of the blockaded port
of 1 'Orient to attack them in their distress.

34. AUTHORS. John C. Bruce, A. L. S. 1844; J. S. Buck-
ingham, A. N. S. ; Joseph Cottle, 2 A. L. S. 1824, 1827 ; Mrs.
Elizabeth Carter, A. L. S. 1800 ; Monsignor Capel, signature.
Portraits. 9 pieces.

35. AUTHORS. John Comyns Carr, A. L. S., 1877 ; Henry
Alford, A. L. S. 1869 ; John W. Coleiiso, A. L. S. 1863 ; Henry
T. Cockburn, A. L. S. 1847. 4 pieces.

36. BECKFORD (WILLIAM, Author of "Vathek").
A. L. S. (with initials). 3 pp. 4to. Fonthill Abbey, Sept. 10,
1810. To Sir Robert Barclay, cordially inviting him and his

family "to look in upon this place and put up with all

its unfinished awkwardness," etc.

37. BECKFORD (WILLIAM, Author of " Vathek," etc.).
Order on his bankers, Morlands & Co., to pay bearer 100.
Narrow oblong 8vo. London, 24th May, 1824. Portrait. 2
pieces (both inlaid).

38. BEDFORD (DUKE OF, John Russell). L. S., 1 p.
4to. Fontainbleau, Nov. 3, 1762.

* Of interest to American collectors. Lord Bedford at this
time was ambassador for the Treaty of Peace with France; in
his letter he refers to the ceding of Florida by Spain to Great

39. BENBOW (JOHN, Vice-Admiral of the Blue). L. S.,
2 pp. folio, Port Royal, Dec. 24, 1701. To Wm. Blaithwate,
Secty. of War. (Margins repaired.) With 2 portraits. To-
gether 3 pieces.

* Refers to a Spanish sloop, the health of his own men, the
building of a hospital, and the Vice King of Mexico. A very
interesting letter.

40. BENTLEY (RICHARD, the Publisher). A. L. S., 3
pp. 4to. New Burlington St. Oct. 25, 1843. To Col. Aspin-
wall. A long and interesting letter setting forth the condi-
tions under which he will agree to publish J. Fenimore
Cooper's new novel "Ned Meyers." With copies of two let-
ters of Cooper to Bentley in which he proposes the work and
gives his conditions for publishing and a brief description of
its character and style. Together 2 pieces.

41. BERRY (MARY AND AGNES, Literary Executors of
AValpole). A. L. S. of Mary Berry, 2 pp. 12mo, Saturday,
May (no year) ; A. L. S. of Agnes Berry, 4 pp. 8vo, Rich-
mond Hill, July 28 (no year). Portrait. Together 3 pieces.

42. BESANT (WALTER). A. L. S., 1 p. 8vo. London,
Dec. 13, '90. Inlaid.

* Interesting literary letter relating to Lord Derwentwater,
Dorothy Forster and General Thomas Forster, historical fig-
ures in his History of the Jacobite Rebellion of 1715.

^1 \\rscRii-T OP "A Monarch of Mincing Lane," except the
first seven chapters (25 pp.), which are missing. About 125
closely written folio pages. With an A. L. S. from the
author to his publisher asking for his pay for the above MS.,
- pp. 1'Jino, Lansdowne, Dec. 1, 1870.

44. BLAIR (DR. HUGH). A. L. S., 1V 2 pp. 4to. Edin.
!' -I). 5 [1763]. To his publisher, telling him of the receipt
of the .iilvance copies of his "Dissertation (on the Poems of
Ossian"], and discussing the prospects of its sale.


45. BLAKE (EGBERT, English Admiral). L. S., 1 p.
folio, March 23, 1653-54. To Rt. Blaisborn, Secty. of the
Commt. of Assembly at Whitehall. Signed also by Wm.
Penn., Admiral (repaired). 4 portraits of Admiral Blake.
Together 5 pieces.

46. BLANCHARD (S. LAMAN, Author). A. L. (in third
person), l l / 2 pp. 8vo, Lambeth, Wednesday, n. d. (circa
1842). To Messrs. Tilt and Bogue, the Publishers, in refer-
ence to a hand-bill prospectus, evidently of the "Omnibus."
Portrait. Together 2 pieces.

* " G. Cruikshank approves of it, agreeing that it is

best to avoid all attempts at Fun in the prospectus unless-
illustrated ~by himself," etc.

47. BORROW (GEORGE, English Author). A. L. S.,
1 p. 8vo. Oulton, Lowestoft, March 7 [1843?]. To Mr. H.
Leathes, thanking him for a French newspaper, containing a
notice of his work "The Bible in Spain." Inlaid.

48. BOSWELL (JAMES, The Younger, Edited Malone [s
Edition of Shakespeare). A. L. S., 1 p. 4to. Oxford, April
11, 1800. To Edmund Malone. With 6 pp. of corrected proof
of the Malone Edition, containing autographic notes by both
Malone and Boswell, signed. Together 2 items.

49. BOWRING (SIR JOHN, Linguist, Writer and Trav-
eller). Two A. N. S., 1 p. 12mo, Paris, April 18, 1824; and
1 p. 12mo, 1 Queen Sq., July 21, 1832; and A. L. (in third
person), 1 p. 8vo, Great Western Hotel, April 28, 1863. To-
gether 3 pieces.

50. BRADLEY (G. G., Dean of Westminster). A. L. S. r
4 pp. 12mo. Feb. 4, 1884.

* Interesting letter regarding the memorial to Longfellow to
be placed in Westminster, reading in part: "It is necessary
to say 'English friends.' This is and was the whole idea of
placing it in the Abbey, that Longfellow's genius had won
English hearts as much a-s American," etc.

51. BRADSHAWE (JOHN, Regicide). D. S., 1 p. folio,
"Whitehall, Oct. 25, 1650. To the Commissioners of the Navy.
With address and seal of the Council of State.

52. BRIGHT (JOHN, Orator and Statesman). A. L. S. r
6 pp. 8vo, Rochdale, Aug. 18, 1854. To Mr. Walmsley, re-
lating to insurance policies; A. L. S., 2 pp. 8vo. Aug. 27,
1843. To Mr. Hansard, relating to his speech on Import
duties. 2 pieces (first inlaid).

53. BRIGHT (JOHN, Orator and Statesman). A. L. S.,
4 pp. 8vo. Rochdale, Oct. 27, 1875. To W. Hepworth Dixon.

* Interesting letter referring to the political effect of the
purchase of the Suez Canal: "From the moment I heard of
the purchase, I regarded it as the first serious move for the
break up of the Turkish Empire. If the transaction is polit-
ical, $ who can deny that it is, it makes it impossible for Eng-
land to complain of any step which Russia or Austria may
take," etc.


54. BRITISH ADMIRALS. Belcher (Edward). A. L. S.,

1 p. 8vo, mentions Sir John Franklin; Kempenfelt (Richard).
N. S., 1782, relating to signals on ships. With portrait; Ad-
dress, with signature "Nelson & Bronte," (Wm. Nelson,
brother of the Admiral) ; Windhara (Wm.). L. S., third per-
son; Berkeley (M. F. P.), Signature; Northesk (Earl, Wm.
Carnegie). Signature. 7 pieces.

A. L. S., 1 p. 12mo, Jan. 31. To Major Moor. With 2 por-
traits. Together 3 pieces.

* Broke commanded the Shannon when she captured the
U. S. frigate Chesapeake in the War of 1812.

56. BROOKS (SHIRLEY, Author, Editor of Punch).
A. L. S., 4 pp. 8vo. Regent's Park, Lond. April 21, 1873.
To his son Cecil, a long and interesting letter, discussing
among other things the new play "Eugene Aram."

57. BROOKS (SHIRLEY, Author, Editor of Punch).
A. L. S. (with initials). 2 pp. 8vo, Regent's Park, Lond.
Feb. 3, 1874. To ' ' My Dear Hep worth. ' '

* "I am shut up to cure one of those infernal colds that
come of our climate, and balance Constitution, free press, en-
lightened shirking class, and all the rest of our blessings."
The illness of which he speaks was that which proved fatal;
he died a fortnight later.

58. BROOKS (SHIRLEY, Author, Editor of Punch).
A. N. S., 1 p. 12mo, Literary Gazette Office, July 28 (no year) ;
A. L. S., 11/2 pp. 8vo, Connaught Sq., May 30 [1861]. To-
gether 2 pieces.

59. BROWN (JOHN, Author of "Rab and His Friends").
A. L. S., 2 pp. 12mo [Aug. 1863], on family matters. Portrait.

2 pieces.

60. BROWN (JOHN, Author of "Rab and His Friends").
A. L. S., 3 pp. 12mo, Dec. 4, n. y., concerning his contributions
to the North British Review. Portrait. 2 pieces.

61. BROWNING (ROBERT). A. L. S., 2 pp. 8vo, 29, De
Vere Gardens, W., May 14, '88. To Willis Cooke. Portrait.
2 pieces.

*"/ am altogether prevented from giving the permission
you require and which is only obtainable from my publishers.
Smith $ Elder. They exact a trifling fee for the liberty of
printing what becomes, for the time being, their property,"

62. BRUCE (JAMES, African Traveler). A. L. S., 2 pp.
4to, Edin. Oct. 22, 1789, to Mr. Robinson, the bookseller.

63. BRUDENELL (JAMES THOMAS, 7th Earl of Cardi-
gan). A. L., signed "Cardigan." 3 pp. 8vo. August 23rd,
1843. Portrait. 2 pieces.

* "/ trust that as this is an affair of a very delicate nature
I may request you not to make known the matter publicly,"


64. BRYCE (JAMES, Author and Statesman). A. L. S.,
2 pp. 8vo. Feb. 20, 1892, sends money to pay for current
expenses incurred in Oakey Hall's action. With 5 portraits.
6 pieces.

65. BRYDGES (SIR EC4ERTON). A. L. Signed with
initials. 2 pp. 8vo, Genoa, May 7, 1837, to Mr. Valpy the
publisher, asking him to reprint Wither 's "Hallelujah," etc.

66. BUCKLE (HENRY THOMAS, Historian). A. L. S.,

2 pp. 12mo, Lond. Apr. 30, 1861, giving a short sketch of his
writings and placing the date of his birth on Nov. 24, 1822, a
year later than that given in the Dictionary of National Biog-
raphy. Also, A. L. S. March. 14, n. y., extending an invita-
tion. 2 pieces.

A. L. S., 1 p. 12mo, May 7, 1834, to the Editor of the Globe,
concerning his vote in Parliament.

68. BURLEIGH (LORD, William Cecil) . D. S., 1 p. folio,
1592. With 7 portraits, all different. 8 pieces (4 inlaid).

69. BURNAND (F. C., Author, Editor of "Punch").
A. L. S., 2 pp. 12mo, Seaford, n. d.

70. BURNE- JONES (SIR EDWARD). A. L. S., 1 p. 16mo.
No. date (inlaid). Portrait. 2 pieces.

* To D. G. Eossetti, regretting his inability to see ' ' My
Dear Gabriel ' ' and signed ' ' Ned. ' '

71. BURNET (GILBERT, Bishop of Salisbury). L. S.,

1 p. 4to. Whitehall, Jan. 29, 1691/2. To the Earl of Straf-'
ford. With address and wax seal. 2 pieces.

72. BURNETT (JAMES, Lord Monboddo, Author and
Judge). A. L. S., 11/2 pp. 4to. Edinburgh, March 11, 1779;
Portrait. 2 pieces.

* To Thomas Cadell, regarding the publication of one of Ms

73. BURNEY (CHARLES, Divine and Scholar). A. L. S.,

3 pp. 4to, Greenwich, Aug. 22, 1798, concerning Dryden's
Fables. Portrait. 2 pieces.

74. BURNEY (CHARLES, Musician and author). A. L. S.,

2 pp. 12mo, Mar. 17, 1809, to Edmund Malone. A. L. S.,
1 p. 8vo, Monday, n. d., to Dr. Arnold. 2 portraits. 4 pieces.

. 75. BURTON (SIR RICHARD F., Author and Explorer).
A. L. S., l 1 /^ pp. 18mo, Dec. 20, 1875, mentioning his approach-
ing departure on an expedition.

76. BURTON (SIR RICHARD F., Author and Explorer).
A. L. S., 2 pp. 12mo [Lond.], June 17 [ca. 1885], noting that
five volumes of his edition of the Arabian Nights are in course
of printing.

77. BURY (LADY CHARLOTTE, Author). 2 A. L.'s in
the third person Dec. 26 and Dec. 28, 1839, on money matters.

4 portraits. 6 pieces.


78. BUTE (EARL, John Stuart). A. N., third person.
To Sir William Musgrave; Signature, dated March 29, 1750.

2 portraits. 4 pieces (one inlaid).

79. BYXG (JOHN, English Admiral). Endorsement on
Notice Demanding Supply of Gunners' Stores for the use of
H. M. ship Boyne. 1 p. 4to. Mahon Harbour, Aug. 16, 1748.
With 2 portraits of Admiral Byng. 3 pieces (2 inlaid).

80. BYRON (HENRY JAMES, Dramatist). A. N. S., 1 p.
]2mo, Oct. 31, 1875.

81. CAMBRIDGE (GEORGE, Duke of). A. L. S., 2 pp.
small 8vo. March 29, 1854. To Lady Brownlow on his de-
parture for the Crimean Campaign, with envelope and seal;
A. L. S., 4 pp. small 8vo, replying to invitation to dinner.

3 pieces.

SCRIPT of a portion of "Specimens of the English Poets" com-
prising a rough draft of the "Essay on English Poetry" which
formed the introduction to the work, and many of the bio-
graphical sketches of the poets with a few selections from their
works. About 300 pages, Ixnmd in old blind tooled calf (covers
loose ) .

83. CANNING (GEORGE, Celebrated English Statesman).
Signature on printed slip, Oct. 27, 1812 ; Address with signa-
ture. 8 portraits all different. 10 pieces (4 inlaid).

84. CARLILE (RICHARD, Freethinker). 2 A. L. S., Aug.
27, 1821, and Aug. 30, 1829, relating to free speech and his
persecution by the authorities.

85. CARLYLE (THOMAS). A. L. S., 3^ pp. 8vo. Chelsea,
2 June, 1848. Portrait. 2 pieces (both inlaid).

* To an unnamed publisher, introducing "Mr. Masson, an
excellent, ingenuous and ingenious man used to hard, silent
labour, . . . already well skilled in literary composition, and
indeed, I think, better calculated to make a useful figure in
that line than any aspirant I have met with among the 'coming
men' . . . 1 think it might be worth your while to have the MS.
overhauled and not rejected without true intelligence of what
it is," etc.

IV of England). A. L. S. (initials). Aug. 7, 1809 [To her
daughter, Princess Charlotte].

* A most interesting, friendly and amusing letter, mentions
Sir Walter Scott, "Monk" Lewis, and others: 'As you
recommend to me a steady old man to bring me to your chateau,
Sir William Scott would be the only one whom I could choose.
. . . Walter Scott is now in London and I enjoy his society
very much. . . . Monk Lewis is also one of the party and we
had nothing but ghost stories the whole evening."

87. CAROLINE (Queen of George II). X. S., 1 p. oblong
12mo. London, April 14, 1721. Order addressed to the Treas-
urer of the South Sea Company to pay Sir Andrew Fountain
1,000 out of the sale of the South Sea stock. ( Worn in fold. )

* Sir Andrew was the Queen 'a Vice-Chamberlain.


88. CASTLEREAGH (VISCOUNT, Robert Stewart).
A. L. S., 3 pp. 4to, Dublin, Feb. 24. To Lord Auckland. With
engraved portrait. 2 pieces (inlaid).

* Interesting political letter, marked ' ' Private, ' ' refers to
the troubles in Ireland, mentions Mr. Pitt and Lord Down-

89. CHALMERS (THOMAS, Author and Theologian).

2 A. L. S., 1819 and 1835. Portrait. 3 pieces.

90. CHAMBERLAIN (JOSEPH, Colonial Secty.). A. L. S.,

3 pp. 16mo, July 1, 1876. To Mr. Heslop ; A. L. S., 1 p. 8vo,
Nahant, Aug. 20, 1890. To J. H. Craig, with addressed enve-
lope ; A. L. S., 2 pp. 8vo, March 26, 1895. To T. H. S. Bsoott,
with addressed envelope; and 2 portraits. 7 pieces (6 inlaid
on 3 sheets) .

91. CHARLES I (King of Great Britain). Document on
vellum, signed ' ' Charles P. " 1 p. oblong 4to (inlaid) , Oct. 25,
1621. To Adam Newton, Knight, Treasurer. Warrant to pay
to Andrew Pitiarno, 1,000.

92. CHARLES II (King of Great Britain). D. S., 1 p.
folio (inlaid). Whitehall, Feb. 7, 1673. To the Commissioners
of the Navy. Warrant to appoint John Mackey as boatswain.

* An exceedingly interesting document, as it is countersigned
by Samuel Pepys, Secretary of the Admiralty.

daughter of George III, afterwards Queen of Wurtemberg).
A. L. S., 1 p. 4to. G. House, June 27, 1806. To Lady Neale,
advising her of a petition to Sir Harry Neale.

94. CHARLOTTE (Queen of Great Britain) . A. L. S., 1 p.
4to (inlaid). Windsor, April 7, 1816, regarding the wedding
of Princess Charlotte Augusta (George IV 's daughter) to
Prince Leopold of Saxe-Coburg.

95. GIBBER (COLLEY, Actor and Dramatist). A. L. S.,
1 p. 4to, June 6, 1753. With play-bill for "The Rehearsal"
and 5 portraits. 7 pieces.

* ' ' The delicious meal I made of Miss Byron on Sunday
last, has given me an Appetite for another slice of her off from
the spit, before she is served up to the public," etc.

96. CLIVE (LORD ROBERT, Acting as Governor of
Bengal). D. S., 1 p. folio. Fort William, Dec. 20, 1759. Bill
of Exchange upon the Directors of the East India Co. With
eight other signatures.

97. CLIVE (LORD ROBERT). A. L. S., 3 pp. 4to. Cal-
cutta, Nov. 6, 1765. On official business connected with the
East India Company.

98. COBBETT (WILLIAM) . A. L. S., 2 pp. 4to, Chil-
worth, March 26, 1829, on the prospect of making paper out
of wheat straw. Portrait. 2 pieces.


99. COCHRANE (ALEXANDER, British Admiral).
A. L. S., 2 pp. 4to (inlaid). Davenport, Jan. 22, 1824. With
portrait. 2 pieces.

* Commanded in the West Indies and on the American sta-
tion, 1805-15.

100. COCHRANE (THOMAS, Earl Dundonald, Admiral).
D. S., " Cochrane," 1 p. folio, Hongkong, Jan. 29, 1846. Order
to examine James Melton, Gunners Mate, H. M. S. ' 'Vestal ";
A. L. S. "Dundonald," 3 pp. 8vo, with addressed envelope.
May 19, 1847. To the Duchess of Hamilton, his cousin. Con-
gratulations on the accession to the family of her Grace's son
the Marquis of Duglas and the Princess Mary ; also engraved
portrait of Lord Cochrane. 3 pieces (2 inlaid).

* Aided the Spanish South American Colonies in securing
their independence.

101. OOCKBURN (SIR GEORGE, British Admiral).
A. L. S., 1 p. 4to. Admiralty, Jan. 23, 1824. With 2 portraits.
3 pieces.

* Was sent to harass the American coast, 1812-15; took part
in the capture of Washington, 1813.

102. COLERIDGE (HARTLEY). Manuscript Poem
"Majestas et Amor," on the birth of the eldest child of
Queen Victoria. 2 pp. small 8vo. Signed and dated Decem-
ber, 1840.

8vo. N. p., 13 August, 1826. Acknowledging loan of a
Burmese Mss. and regretting his being "wholly unalphabeted
in the languages of the farther East." Portrait. 2 pieces,

* ' ' For the image accept my best thanks. Its most valued
function will be that of recalling to my mind the image of
the donor."

104. COLLIER (JOHN PAYNE). A. L. S., 2 pp. 4to,
Riverside, May 16, 1880. Portrait. 2 pieces.

* ' ' There were two bad men of the name of Wainwright it
seems. . . . I only saw one at C. Lamb's," etc.

miral). L. S., 2 pp. folio, Mahon, Dec. 2, 1809. To G. C.
Berkeley, Vice Admiral of the Red. With 4 engraved por-
traits of Collingwood. Together 6 pieces (1 inlaid),

* An interesting war letter, relating to the trouble between
Portugal and Algiers and the possibility of making peace:
"but money will be required to be paid them, the African
states conclude no bargain, but through the medium of
money"; refers also to the miserable state of the captives.
Accompanying the above is a letter from a Portuguese officer
relating to the slaves in Algiers.

A. L. S., 1 p. 4to, Haymarket, June 25, 1801 ; With two docu-
ments relating to the renewal of the lease of the Haymarket
'Theatre, 1812; and an application from an actor to play in
London. 3 portraits. 7 pieces.


107. COWDEN-CLARKE (MARY V.). A. L. S., 2y 2 pp.
8vo, Genoa, Nov. 11, 1883, to Mrs. Gilchrist, thanking her for
the gift of her book ' ' Mary Lamb. ' ' Copy made by the writer
in 1886.

Merle, A. L. S. ; Sir Charles A. Murray, Signature ; Edmund
Malone, Signature; Thomas Morton, A. L. S., 1863; Stephen
Lushington, A. L. S. 1827. Portraits. Together 14 pieces.

109. CROKER (JOHN WILSON, Essayist) . Three A. L. S.,
May 8, 1856, Nov. 24, 1853, and one undated. 3 portraits.

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