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able." Regarding the Clintonian democrats, the party is to
"Support them silently with our votes." He requests the re-
ceiver to treat " the communication as strictly confidential, and
take every precaution to prevent them from becoming public."

438. HARRIS (ALEX.). A Biographical History of Lan-
caster County. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut.

Lancaster, Pa., 1872

439. HARRIS (ISHAM G., Gov. of Tenn.). A. L. S.,
1| pp. 4to. Nashville, May 23, 1861.

*To General Gideon I. Pillow, in regard to the arming of
four regiments with muskets to be sent by Gen. Zollicoffer.

440. HARRIS (THOMAS). The Life and Services of
Commodore William Bainbridge. Portrait. FIRST EDI-
TION. 8vo, cloth. Phila. 1837

* Document signed by Bainbridge, his autograph signature, 2
portraits and a view, inserted.

Times of William Henry Harrison. Portrait. FIRST EDI-
TION. 16mo, cloth (worn). N. Y. 1840

442. HART (CHARLES H.). Hints on Portraits and
How to Catalogue them: A Talk given to the Fellowship of
the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, 189H. Square
8vo, boards, uncut. Phila. 1898-

* Only 100 initialed copies printed.

443. HART (CHARLES HENRY). Browere's Life Masks
of Great Americans. Portraits. Small 4to, cloth and
boards, gilt top, uncut. [N. Y.] 1899

* Limited to 347 copies. A. L. S. of the author inserted.

444. HARTE (BRET). Condensed Novels and Other
Papers. 6 woodcut illustrations by Frank Bellew. FIRST
EDITION. Original cloth (lower margin of one page torn
off, name on frontispiece). N. Y. 1867


445. HARTE (BRET). A. L., signed with initials, 4 pp.
12mo, Lenox, Oct. 6, 1875, to Mr. Osgood, complaining of
his lack of funds, and of the settlement of a suit of Lord
and Taylor's, with his copyrights as security. Portrait.
Both inlaid to 4to. 2 pieces.


446. HARTE (BRET). The Writings of Bret Harte.

Illustrations from photogravures, many of which are signed
by the artists, proofs on India paper. 19 vols. 8vo, half red
levant morocco, gilt tops, uncut. Bost. , n. d.

* AUTOGRAPH EDITION, signed by Bret Harte. One of 350
copies. In volume 1 is inserted a 2-page A. L. S. by Bret Harte
to James R. Osgood & Co., the publishers, in regard to his
" Poems," "Condensed Novels," and others of his literary pro-

447. HARTE (BRET). The Life of Bret Harte, with
some account of the California Pioneers. By Henry C.
Merwin. Portraits and other illustrations. 8vo, cloth, uncut.

Bost. 1911

* FIRST EDITION, one of 200 copies published with uncut
edges. INSERTED is AN A. L. S. BY BRET HARTE to Osgood the
publisher in regard to selling the copyright of "The Argo-
nauts"; a contemplated essay on Washington, etc. 2pp. 12mo.
Jan., 1876.

448. HARTFORD CONVENTION. The Proceedings of
a Convention of Delegates convened at Hartford, Dec. 15,
18 L4. 12rno, unbound. Bost. 1815

* This convention protested against the administration and
provided for the defence of New England in the War of 1812.

449. HARTFORD CONVENTION. Letters developing
the Character and Views of the Hartford Convention. By
"One of the Convention " [H. G. Otis]. 16mo, unbound.

Wash. 1820

450. HATFIELD (REV. EDWIN F.). History of Eliza-
beth, New Jersey; including the Early History of Union
County. Portraits and views. 8v.o, cloth. N. Y. 1868

451. HAWKESWORTH (JOHN). A New Voyage Round
the World, in the Years 1768. . . . 1771. Performed by
Captain James Cook, in the Ship Endeavour, Drawn up
from his own Journal and from the Papers of Joseph Banks.
Folding map and 2 plates. 2 vols. 8vo, original sheep (map
and one plate torn in fold). N. Y. : James Rivington, 1774

GRAVED PLATE BY PAUL REVERE. With autograph signature
of James Sheat'e, the noted ship-owner and Senator of New
Hampshire from 1779-1801, on fly-leaf. An A. L. S. by Sheafe
is laid in.

452. HAWKINS (BENJAMIN, Member of the Continental
Congress from S. C.). A. L. S., 2 pp. 4to, Fort Wilkinson,
Jan. 23, 1800. To James Jackson, Gov. of Ga. (Inlaid.)

* Benjamin Hawkins was appointed superintendent of Indian
affairs south of the Ohio by Washington, and this letter is in
reference to certain of these affairs.

453. HAWTHORNE (JULIAN). Nathaniel Hawthorne
and his Wife. A Biography. Portraits. 2 vols. large 8vo,
half green levant morocco, gilt tops, uncut. Lond. 1884

* Edition limited to 350 copies. Inserted in this copy is an
autograph signature of Nathaniel Hawthorne and a two-line
specimen of his writing; also an A. L. 8. of Julian Hawthorne.



454. [HAWTHORNE (NATHANIEL).] The Vicar of
Wakefield: A Tale. By Oliver Goldsmith, M.D. 4 wood-
cuts by Alex. Anderson. 2 volumes in 1. 12mo, original
sheep (some pages stained). N. Y. 1807

* This book belonged to Hawthorne while he was a student at
Bowdoin College, and judging from the evidences of use, prob-
ably was required for reading in the college course. It bears the
inscription on title: "Nath. Hawthorne, Bow. Coll., Maine." On
the first fly-leaf are three signatures, one beneath the other, and
below these " Salem, Massachusetts," and a number of notes in
pencil, a list of the family of Dr. Primrose. On the blank pages
at the back he has written the name "Squire Thornhill," a
quotation from Goldsmith beginning: "When lovely icoman
stoops to folly," etc., and there is well-finished pencil drawing of
a man's head, with high collar and stock.

His own name is spelled in the old way, "Hathorne," in
each case.

455. HAWTHORNE (NATHANIEL). Twice-Told Tales.
FIRST EDITION. 12mo, three-quarter crimson morocco, gilt
edges. Bost. 1837

* Fine copy, with the four pages of preliminary advertise-
ments and the 16-page catalogue at the end.

456. HAWTHORNE (NATHANIEL). A. L. S., 1 page
12mo, Lenox, Dec., 1850, concerning a biography of himself.
With 2 portraits, both proofs before letters, one on India,
the other on Japan paper. 2 inlaid to 4to. 3 pieces.

457. HAWTHORNE (NATHANIEL). Life of Franklin
Pierce. FIRST EDITION. Portrait. 12mo, cloth (worn, por-
trait and title foxed). Bost. 1852

458. HAWTHORNE (NATHANIEL). Hawthorne. By
Henry James, Junr. [English Men of Letters]. FIRST EDI-
TION. 12nio, half blue levant morocco, gilt top, uncut.

Lond. 1879

NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE, in which he compares the intelligent
reader and the author; 36 interesting portraits and plates, and
a pen-drawing of his grave.

459. HAWTHORNE (NATHANIEL). The Complete
Works of Hawthorne, with Introductory Notes by G. P.
Lathrop. Etchings by Blum, Church, Turner, and others.
13 vols. 8vo, half calf, gilt, gilt tops, uncut, Bost. 1888-90

* Inserted in volume 5 is a warehouse documeut, signed by
Hawthorne in his official capacity in the Salem custom-house:
"Correct, Nath. Hawthorne, Surveyor." In volume 2 there is
a signature cut from a similar document.

460. HAWTHORNE (NATHANIEL). Love Letters of
Nathaniel Hawthorne. 1839-63. Port. 2 vols. 8vo, boards,
vellum backs, uncut. Chicago: Privately Printed, 1907

* One of an edition of 62 copies only.

461. HAWTHORNE (NATHANIEL). Letter of Haw-
thorne to William D. Ticknor, 1851-1864. Facsimiles. 2
vols. 12mo, half cloth, uncut. Newark, 1910

* Only 100 copies printed on Holland hand-made paper for
The Carteret Book Club, Newark, N. J.


N. Y. 1903; Princeton Poets (Hageman), Trenton, 1879;
Samuel Johnson (Stephen), N. Y.,n. d. ; Robert Browning
(Chesterton), Lond. 1903. Together 4 vols. 8vo and 12mo,

463. HAWTHORNE'S FIRST DIARY (Pickard), Bost.
1897; Life and Letters of Halleck (Wilson), N. Y. 1869;
Personal Recollections of Nathaniel Hawthorne (Bridge),
N. Y. 1893; Commemorative Addresses (Godwin) 'N. Y.
1895. Together 4 vols. 12mo, cloth.

464. HAZELTON (GEORGE C., JR.). The National
Capitol (Washington, D. C.): its Architecture, Art and
History. Illustrations. Square 8vo, green morocco, gilt,
gilt borders, gilt top, uncut. N. Y. 1897

* EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 83 additional por-
traits and plates and 21 AUTOGRAPH LETTERS, by Washington
statesmen and others, several of which relate to the building
of the Extension of the Capitol, including A. N. of Thomas
Jefferson; A. N. and signature of Mrs. Madison; A. L. S. of
Thos. U. Walter, Architect of the Extension; L. S. of Jefferson
Davis, relating to the Extension; L. S. of Gideon Wells; also
A. L's. S. by T. M. Walter, G. W. P. Custis, J. B. Floyd,
Beverley Johnson, T. F. Bayard, W. W. Belknap, and others.

465. HAZELTON (JOHN H.). The Declaration of In-
dependence. Its History. Facsimiles and illustrations.
8vo, cloth, gilt top, uncut. N. Y. 1906

466. HEATH (GEN. WILLIAM). Memoirs of Major-
General William Heath. By Himself. New Edition with
Notes. Edited by William Abbatt. To which is added
The Accounts of the Battle of Bunker Hill by Generals
Dearborn, Lee and Wilkinson. Portraits. 4to, cloth, gilt
top, uncut. N. Y. 1901

* One of 75 copies on Large Paper.

467. HENRY (PATRICK). Patrick Henry: Life, Cor-
respondence and Speeches. By William Wirt Henry. Por-
trait. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth, gilt tops, uncut. N. Y. 1891

* Limited edition. Inserted is a D. S. by P. Henry and Tho.
Meriwether, and an A. L. 8. of the author.

468. HERFORD (OLIVER). The Rubaiyat of a Persian
Kitten. Numerous illustrations by the author. Square
12mo, cloth. N. Y. 1904

* Presentation copy from the Author.

469. HESPEROTHEN (Russell), 2 vols., Lond. 1882;
Historical Essays (Adams), N. Y. 1891; New Amsterdam
and its People (Innes), N. Y. 1902. Together 4 vols. 8vo
and 12mo, cloth.

470. HEWITT (PROF. W. T ). Landmarks of Tomp-
kins County, New York. Including a History of Cornell
University. Edited by John H. Selkreg. Portraits and
illustrations. Thick 8vo, half leather, gilt edges (joints
cracked). Syracuse, 1894


471. HILDRETH (RICHARD). The History of the
United States of America. 6 vols. 8vo, cloth, gilt tops.

* A. L. S. of the author inserted. N. Y. 1880

472. HILL (FREDERICK TREVOR). Decisive Battles
of the Law. Narrative Studies of the eight Legal Con-
tests Affecting the History of the United States between
the Years 1800 and 1886. Portrait. 8vo, cloth, gilt top,
uncut. N. Y. 1907

* A. L. S. of the author inserted.

473. HILLIARD (HENRY W.). Politics and Pen Pic-
tures, at Home and Abroad. Portrait. 8vo, half cloth,
gilt top, uncut. N. Y. 1892

* A. L. S. of the Author inserted.

474. HISTORICAL REGISTER. The Historical Register
of the United States, 1812-1814. Edited by T. H. Palmer.
Vols. 1 and 2. 2 vols. 8vo, half roan (backs worm-eaten,
foxed). Wash. 1814

buryport, 1854; Historical Collections of Georgia (White),
N. Y. 1854; Virginia Illustrated, N. Y. 1857. Together 3
vols. 8vo, cloth and half calf.

476. HISTORY OF OHIO (Ryan), Columbus, 1888; Vir-
ginia, 1492-1892 (Smith), Wash. 1893; Studies in the Con-
stitutional History of Tennessee (Caldwell), A. L. S. of the
author inserted, Cinn. 1895; and others. Together 5 vols.
8vo and 12rao, cloth.

1901; Thirty Years of New York Politics (Breeu), N. Y.
1899; Downfall of Tammany Hall (Hall), N. Y. 1871; and
others. Together 5 vols. 8vo and l^mo, cloth and paper.

2 vols., N. Y. 1882; History of the United States of America
(Shaffner), 2 vols., Lond., n. d. ; One Hundredth Anniver-
sary of the Constitution of the United States (Carson,
editor), 2 vols., Phila. 1889; and others. Together 7 vols.,
various sizes and bindings.

(Irwin), N. Y. 1892; The Fifth Army Corps (Army of the
Potomac). By William Powell. N. Y. 1896. Together 2
vols. 8vo, cloth.

52 parts, N. Y., n. d ; Biographical Sketches of Pre-emi-
nent Americans (Harrison), 4 vols. Bost., n. d. ; Repre-
sentatives Abroad (Rogers), N. Y., 1874. Together 57
pieces, royal 8vo, various bindings.

Bost. 1860; Lectures on the Fourteenth Article of Amend-
ment to the Constitution of the United States (Guthrie),
Bost. 1898; Portrait Monthly, N. Y. 1864; and others. To-
gether 7 vols., various sizes and bindings.


482. HITCHCOCK (ETHAN ALLEN). Fifty Years in
Cainp and Field. Edited by W. A. Croffut. Portrait. 8vo,
cloth, gilt top, uncut. N. Y. 1909

* A. L. S. of E. A. Hitchcock inserted.

483. HOAR (GEORGE FRISBIE). Autobiography of
Seventy Years. With Portraits. 2 vols. thick 8vo, half
blue morocco, gilt tops, uncut. N. Y. 1903

* EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 80 engraved por-
traits and 100 autograph letters of American statesmen, sol-
diers, jurists, and other distinguished in the military and civil
history of America in the last century. Among the letters are
three A. L. S. of G. F. Hoar, 3 A. L. S. of John Sherman, an
A. L. S. of Gov. Andrews of Mass, to Pres. Johnson, an A. L. S.
and a L. S. of W. M. Evarts, A. N. S. of John Hay, L. S. of
Henry Wilson, Vice- Pres., A. L. S. of Horace Gray, A. L. S. of
Theophilus Parsons, A. L. S. of Gov. Boutwellof Mass.. A. L. S.
of Lyman Trumbull, A. L. S. of Gov. Henry A. Wise of Va., L. S.
of Oliver P. Morton, A. L. S. of Horace Greeley, A. L. S. of James
A. Bayard, L. S. of Wm. A. Richardson, Sec. of Treas., L. S. of
Jefferson Davis when Sec. of War, A. L. S. Roscoe Conkling,
Signature of James A. Garfield, Signature of Chester Arthur,
A. L. S. of Alex. H. Bullock, Gov. of Mass., A. L. S. of Ruther-
ford B. Hayes, L. S. of Wm. Vans Murray, envoy to Nether-
lands and France under Washington and Adams, and many
others equally important, including duplicate specimens of
several already mentioned. The portraits are equally compre-

484. HOAR (GEORGE FRISBIE). Autobiography of
Seventy Years. Portraits. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, gilt tops,
uncut. N. Y. 1903

* Inserted is a 2-page A. L. S. of G. F. Hoar.

485. HOAR (GEORGE FRISBIE). A. L. S., 2 pp. 12mo.
Senate Chamber, Dec. 25, 1890.

* Fine letter to John Greenleaf Whittier, reading in part:
" What you term the setting of Summer's last sun reminds me
of Dr. Franklin's saying that the picture of a sun set cannot be
distinguished from the picture of a sunrise. Your sunset is
really the sunrising of an enduring fame, and the sunrising of
an eternal life."

486. HOFFMAN (CHARLES F.). A. L. S., 2 pp. 8vo,
Jan. 21, 1835, to Col. Aspinwall, enclosing the MS. of " A
Winter in the Far West " for publication in London. Por-
trait. Both inlaid to 4to. 2 pieces.

487. HOLDEN (WILLIAM WOODS, Gov. of N. C.).
A. L. S., 1 p. 4to. Raleigh, July, 1877.

*To Gen. U. S. Grant, congratulating him on his reception
in England.

488. HOLLAND (GEORGE). Holland Memorial. Sketch
of the Life of George Holland, the Veteran Comedian.
With Dramatic Reminiscences, Anecdotes, etc. 2 vols.
4to, half brown levant morocco, gilt, gilt tops, uncut.

N. Y. 1871

* LARGE PAPER, only 50 copies printed.

TERS. 45 AUTOGRAPH SIGNATURES, 15 original Play-Bills of
American and English Theatres and 111 portraits and plates.
Nearly every important actor or actress mentioned in the


work being represented by one or more letters, signature or

Contains the following autograph letters and documents,
many of which refer to theatrical engagements, performances,
etc., includiug the "Holland Memorial Performance," James
H. Cadwell, A. L. S. ; Sol. Smith, A. L's. S. (2); Tom Placide,
A. L. S. ; G. Holland, Various Agreements signed in conjunc-
tion with John Lamb, Sol. Smith and others, one regarding
the management of business at the American Theatre, N. Y.,
1854(4); also autograph letters by J. 13. Rise, James W. Wai-
lack, John Brougham, A. Oakey Hall, E.V. Proudfoot, Joseph
A. Booth, Dan. Bryant, Lawrence Barrett, A. Daly, J. E.
Owens, and many others.

Among the signatures are those of William Winter, Edwin
Booth, J. B. Booth, Fanny Davenport, Frank Drew, Helen
Tracy, John Gilbert. Barry Williams, Lydia Thompson, Lester
Wallack, James Lewis, C. Fichter, and others. The volumes
contain also several Casts of Plays as made up for the printer,
including some of the Holland Testimonial, Niblo's Garden, etc.

The plates include many fine portraits of celebrated A meri-
can actors, and various views of theatres in America, among
which are those of the Broadway, The Bowery, and Miblo's
Garden, New York.

489. HOLLAND (JOSIAH G.). History of Western
Massachusetts. The Counties of Hampden, Hampshire,
Franklin and Berkshire. Folding map. 2 vols. 12mo,
cloth. Springfield, 1855

490. HOLLISTER (G. H.). The History of Connecticut,
from the First Settlement of the Colony. Portraits. 2 vols.
leather (cracked and rubbed). Hartford, 1857

* A. L. S. of author laid in.

Balance of Illusions. A Poem delivered before the Phi
Beta Kappa Society of Yale College, August 14, 1850. FIRST
EDITION. 12mo, glazed boards, uncut (binding cracked).

Bost. 1850

* Inserted is a 3 pp. A. L. S. of the Author, in which he says:
"Even if a disembodied spirit knew all about our earth it
doesn't seem as if he could take that peculiar interest in the
news of the day that one does who buttons himself in broad-
cloth. . . . We must have poetry for daily consumption like
new beef."

492. HOLMES (OLIVER WENDELL). The Autocrat at
the Breakfast-Table. FIRST EDITION. 12mo, red levant
morocco, gilt top, original covers bouud in, by The Club
Bindery. Bost. 1858

*Inserted is an A. N. S by Oliver Wendell Holmes, to Ticknor
and Fields, dated June, 1865.

493. HOLMES (OLIVER WENDELL). A. L. S., 2 pp.
12mo, Boston, Sept. 1, 1875, to Bayard Taylor. Portrait.
Both inlaid to 4to. 2 pieces.

* "Yesterday morning when I woke up I had been having an
absurd dream. I was u-alking in Washington Street, when
all at once you. Bayard Taylor, ampler in dimensions than
your actual goodly personality, seized me and carried me. as
Gulliver might have carried a Lilliputian, a few rods and set


me down. . . . The dream had hardly ceased vibrating in my
memory when on coming down stairs I took up my 'Daily Ad-
vertiser' and there you were again, almost the first thing Ilaid
my eyes on! Lo, I was taken up again by you and carried
through your brilliant and lofty poem in the arms of your

494. HOLMES (OLIVER WENDELL). John Lothrop
Motley: a Memoir. FIRST EDITION. Portrait. Small 4to,
crimson levant morocco, gilt back, outside border lines,
wide inside dentelle border, gilt top, by Bradstreet's.

Bost. 1879

*LARGE PAPER copy, only a limited number printed. EXTRA-
ILLUSTRATED by the insertion of 55 engraved portraits, many
inlaid; also A. N. S. of O. W. Holmes.

495. HOLMES (OLIVER WENDELL). The Complete
Writings of O. W. Holmes, including Life and Letters. By
j. T. Morse, Jr. Portraits. 15 vols. small 8vo, half green
morocco, gilt backs, gilt tops, uncut.

Bost. : Riverside Press, 1891-'96

* Riverside Edition. Inserted are two manuscript poems, both
in the handwriting of Holmes. One an 8-line stanza on "Home
of our Childhood," signed, and dated Oct. 8, 1845; the other
being a copy of the last verse of " The Last Leaf," in the hand-
writing of Holmes, signed and dated 1890.

Anecdotical, Personal, and Descriptive Sketches. By Vari-
ous Writers. Portraits, facsimiles and other illustrations.
Square 8vo, half morocco, gilt top. N. Y. 1853

* FIRST EDITION. Written by G. W. Curtis, W. C. Bryant,
E. E. Hale, and others.

Audubon, Paulding, Irving, Bryant, Bancroft, Dana, Pres-
cott, Sedgwick, Cooper, Everett, Emerson, Simms, Long-
fellow, Hawthorne, Webster, Kennedy and Lowell. By
W. C. Bryant, G. W. Curtis, and others.) Portraits, tinted
views, facsimiles, etc. 2 vols. small 4to, blue levant morocco,
gilt backs, floral design, sides with line borders, inside bor-
ders, gilt tops, by Stikeman. N. Y. 1853

* EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED and extended to two vols. by the in-
sertion of 117 additional portraits and plates, and 13 AUTOGRAPH
LETTERS, including the following: J. K. Paulding, L. S., Navy
Department, 1838, financial matters; Washington Irving, Orig-
inal Manuscript, 1-page, 8vo, from "Count Van Horn"; W. C.
Bryant, A. L. S., 1858, referring to a mental epidemic in Ken-
tucky called "The Jerks"; George Bancroft, A. N. S. , 1859;
Edward Everett, A. L. S., 1864, referring to "The Federalist";
W. Gilmore Simms, A. L. S., 3 page, to Mr. Dawson, refer-
ring to conditions in the South; H. W. Longfellow,
A. L. S , 1875, to Mr. Osgood. "I dislike the so-called gift-books;
at least the making a first edition a gift-book"; Horace Greeley,
A. L. S. ; Daniel Webster, A. L. S. ; J. R. Lowell. A. L. S. ;
Check to R. W. Emerson, signed Ticknor & Fields; J. F.
Cooper, A. N. S., to Mr. Griswold, notice regarding his Life of
Commodore Perry, for insertion in magazine; Signature of
R. H. Dana.

Poets of America (Everest), N. Y. 1847; United States
Manual of Biography and History (Marshall), Phila. 1856;
The Federalist (Hallowell), 1852. Together 4 vols. 8vo,
various bindings.

1855; A History of the Presidency (Stanwood), Bost. 1898;
Political Development of the U. S. (Sterne), N. Y., n. d.
Together 3 vols. 8vo, cloth.

500. HOOD (J. B.). Advance and Retreat: Personal
Experiences in the United States and Confederate States
Armies. Portraits and maps. 8vo, half red morocco, gilt
top, uncut. New Orleans, 1880

501. HOPKINS (COMMODORE ESEK, First Commander
in Chief of the American Navy, in the Revolution). A. L. S ,
1 page small 4to, Alfred (flagship), Feb. 10, 1776. Despatch
ordering the officers and men to join the fleet. 3 portraits.
Together 4 pieces.

* This same month the fleet sailed on its first cruise and after
vainly seeking Lord Dummore's ships, which had been devas-
tating the coast, arrived at New Providence in the Bahamas
and captured the British forts, with large supplies of arms,

502. HORSMANDEN (DANIEL, Jurist and Author).
D. S., 3 pp. folio. New York, Sept., 1765. Petition signed
by Horsmanden in 3 places, as Justice of the Supreme Court.

503. HOSMER (JAMES K.). The Life of Thomas Hutch-
inson, Royal Governor of the Province of Massachusetts
Bay. Portrait, illustration, and facsimile. 8vo, cloth, gilt
top, uncut. Bost. 1896

504. HOUGH (FRANKLIN B.). A History of St. Law-
rence and Franklin Counties, New York. Folding maps and
illustrations. Thick 8vo, half sheep (rubbed). Albany, 1853

* Presentation inscription by the Author.

505. HOUGH (FRANKLIN B.). A History of Jefferson
County, in the State of New York. Portraits and illustra-
tions. 8vo, cloth. Albany, 1854

506. HOUGH (FRANKLIN B.). A History of Lewis
County, in the State of New York, from the Beginning of
its Settlement to the Present Time. Portraits. 8vo, half
roan (binding cracked). Albany, 1860

* Presentation inscription by the Author.

507. HOUSTON (GENERAL SAM.). L. S., 1 page 4to,
Wash., Jan. 27, 147. To the President, regarding John C.
Howard's claims, signed by Houston and others; Signature
and seal of Texas; Biographical sketch. 3 pieces.


508. HOUSTON (SAM.). The Life of Sam. Houston.
(The only authentic Memoir of him ever published). Maps
and illustrations. 12mo, cloth (few pages slightly foxed).

N. Y. 1855

* Attributed to C. E. Lester. Gives interesting accounts of
the troubles in Texas, which preceded the Mexican War.

509. HOUGH (FRANKLIN B.). American Biographical
Notes, being short notices of deceased persons, gathered
from many sources. 8vo, half morocco. Albany, 1875

* Limited to 130 copies; very scarce. A. L. S. by the Author

510. HOWE (HENRY). Historical Collections of Ohio;
Containing a Collection of the most Interesting Facts, Tra-
ditions, Biographical Sketches, etc. Colored Frontispiece
and Numerous Illustrations. 8vo, cloth. Cinn. 1849

511. HOWE (HENRY). Historical Collections of Ohio;
An Encyclopedia of the State. Numerous illustrations.
3 vols. royal 8vo, cloth. Columbus, 1891

512. HOWE (SIR WILLIAM). The Narrative of Lieut.
Gen. Sir William Howe, in a Committee of the House of
Commons, relative to his Conduct, during his late Command
of the King's Troops in North America. To which are added
some Observations upon a Pamphlet entitled Letters to a

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