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etc. (8), by T. Johnson. Sm. folio, Century Gallery. 15 pieces.

* The Cole and Wolf woodcuts are sought for by collectors.

481. AMERICAN PORTRAITS. From paintings, in
limited issues, by Rosenthal, etc. Thos. Sumter (Peale) ;
Daniel Huger; Fisher Ames; Jos. Turner; Aedanus Burke;
Theodoric Bland; Pierce Butler (India ink drawing from a
miniature, possibly by Rosenthal) ; etc. Folio. (26)

482. AMERICAN PORTRAITS. Maj. Anderson; Gen.
Fremont; Gideon Wells, india proof; etc. Folio and 4to


483. AMERICAN PORTRAITS. Political and historical
portraits. Burr on China paper, etc. A large parcel.

484. AMERICAN PORTRAITS. A similar parcel. Paul
Revere, from the New England Magazine, etc.

485. AMERICAN PORTRAITS. A similar parcel.

inlaid to folio. W. II. Drayton, by H. B. Hall on india;
Gaines by Longacre ; Hanson by Hall on India from a private
plate; Gens. Gadsden, Glover and Greene; John and Jos.
Habersham, etc. (27)


Alexander Hamilton by Leney, Prud'homme and Hall; Jef-
ferson by Longacre and from the European Magazine; Pat-
rick Henry; Henry Laurens by Nagle and others; Arthur
Lee from a miniature; etc. All inlaid to folio. (25)

Madison, open letter proof ; Monroe, by Couche, scarce French
portrait; a proof and 2 others; Edm. Pendleton on India;
Israel Putnam (4) ; David Ramsay by Gimbrede and Long-
acre; St. Clair; Schuyler, etc. All inlaid to folio. (28)


Washington (8) by Durand, Scott, etc.; Mrs. Washington by
Longacre; Col. Washington. All inlaid to folio. (10)

490. MISCELLANEOUS. Original poster issued by "The
Sun ' ' announcing the death of Wm. McKinley, with a copy
of the newspaper ; card and order of service for the memorial
of McKinley in Westminster Abbey; Grolier Club leaflet for
the acting of Thackeray's "Reading a Poem"; Ossining Illus-
trated, 1901 ; miscellaneous numbers of ' ' Men and Women of
the Day" with photographic portraits, newspapers, clippings,
scraps, etc. A large parcel.

woodcuts and inlaid to 4to. A large parcel. Several hundred.

more Cooper, proof before letters on India, and 5 others;
packages relating to Holmes, Lowell, Longfellow, Irving,
Bryant, Emerson, Bret Harte, Stockton, Parkman, Whittier
and Hawthorne; a number of portraits inlaid to 4to, and
numerous clipped portraits. A large parcel, several hun-

NAVAL). A parcel, including many inlaid to 4to and small
4to, woodcuts, etc. Several hundred.


Major Andre (2) ; Gens. Gage, Clinton, Riedesel, Count de
Grasse; Cornwallis, 5, all inlaid to folio; Lafayette, fine
stipple by Fiesinger; Sir Jeffery Amherst, 3 inlaid to folio;
Col. Tarleton, private plate; etc. Folio and smaller. (34)

graved portraits (mainly) and no duplicates of Adams,
Arthur, Cleveland, Grant, Johnson, Jefferson, Madison,
Monroe, Pierce, Polk, Roosevelt, Taylor, Van Buren, and
Washington; their vice-presidents, ladies of their households,
residences, etc. All inlaid to folio. (75)

Bunches of portraits of Adams, J. Q. Adams, Arthur, Bu-
chanan, Cleveland, Fillmore, Garfield, Grant, Benj. and W.
H. Harrison. Several hundred, mainly woodcuts.


large parcel relating to Lincoln and his life, many woodcuts
inlaid to 4to, etc.

Similar lots relating to Hayes, Jackson, Jefferson, Johnson,
Madison, McKinley, Monroe, Pierce, Polk, Roosevelt, Taft,
Taylor, Tyler and Washington. Several hundred.

499. ROSENTHAL (ALBERT). Etched portraits of
Charles Carroll; C. C. Pinckney; R. Barnwell ; Gen. A. St.
Clair; Jas. Wilson, and many other members of the Old Con-
gress, with 3 signed proofs, on Japan paper. Sm. folio, etc.

500. ROSENTHAL (MAX). A similar lot, including
Wm. Dunlap (mezzotint), signed India proof No. 160; Edm.
Randolph; Chas. Lee; E. M. Stanton; Daniel Huger; Jacob
Read, and many other members of the Old Congress. Sm.
folio, etc. (58)

501. VIEWS. New York, 8 clipped views, etc.; Faden map
of the Province in 1779 (Albany, 1849) ; Boston Massacre
(Revere), colored reduced reproduction; Independence Hall;
etc., with numerous clipped views. A parcel.

502. BURNEY (CHARLES, Musician). Portrait engraved
by Bartolozzi after Sir Joshua Reynolds. Folio, 2 copies, fine

503. WILLIAM IV. Portrait, drawn and engraved by
William Skelton, 1821. Bust, slightly to left, in military
coat. Fine impression with good margin.

504. DELPECH LITHOGRAPHS. Portraits of Danton,
Pichegru, Dumourier, Oudinot, Anne D'Autriche, Chaptal,
and others. 8 pieces, folio.

505. ENGRAVINGS, photographs, woodcuts and photo-
gravures. A miscellaneous lot including portraits, classic
pictures, sculpture, etc. About 80 pieces, in a large portfolio.

506. PORTRAITS. Engraved and other portraits of Gen-
erals, Soldiers, and Statesmen prominent in the Civil War.
About 500 pieces.

507. PORTRAITS. American Historical, including a fine
collection of portraits and illustrations suitable for extra-
illustrating a life of Washington. About 300 pieces, engraved,

508. PORTRAITS. Miscellaneous Foreign and American
Writers and Statesmen. Many engraved and fine. About
1,000 pieces.

509. PORTRAITS. Prominent Actors and Actresses. En-
graved, colored lithograph, photogravure and otherwise. Lot
includes a few early playbills. About 200 pieces.


510. PORTRAITS. Engraved and lithograph portraits of
Soldiers and Statesmen prominent in the French Revolution
and under Napoleon. About 150 pieces.

511. DU PONT (PAUL). Sophocles. Engraved after
Rubens. Cut down and mounted. 4to.

512. PORTRAITS. Houbraken (Jacob). Anne of Den-
mark, after Johnson. (2 copies.) Catharine of Aragon,
after Holbein; Ann of Cleves, after Holbein; Sidney Earl of
Godolphin, after Kneller; Sir Richard Steele, after Kneller
(cut down). 6 pieces, folio.

* All good impressions.

513. MARY LOUISE, Empress of France. Portrait, half-
length, oval, profile to right, after the sculptured bust by
Bosio, engraved by Ribault. 4to. Proof before letters.

514. MARSHAL NEY. Bust portrait, slightly to left, in
uniform. Engraved by Alex. Tardieu, after F. Gerard.
Small 4to, mounted.

515. PORTRAITS. Joseph Haydn, etched by Daniell;
Richard Cumberland, engraved by Scriven; Thomas Camp-
bell, engraved by Freeman ; William Cowper, by Meyer ; Lord
Lyndhurst, lithograph by Lane; Meissonier, etched by Cour-
try; and others. 19 pieces.

516. PHOTOGRAPHS. Carte-de-Visite photographs of
Gen. Joseph Hooker, Admiral David D. Porter, and Gen.
Philip Sheridan. 3 pieces.

517. PORTRAITS. W. C. Macready, engraved by Possel-
white, fine India proof; The Hon. Henry Seymour Con way,
mezzotint by Josey ; George Lord Rodney, engraved by Robin-
son, after Reynolds, India proof; and others. 6 pieces, all
fine impressions.

518. PORTRAIT. Card photograph of Avonia Jones;
Group card photograph of Drinkwater Meadows and others;
Mrs. Patrick Campbell, by Aubrey Beardsley, in color; play-
bill of the first Hamlet matinee at the Booth Theatre, Booth
as Hamlet ; and as lago, with portraits, clippings, etc., relating
to Booth ; Talma, and others, many being clippings. A parcel.

519. POTTS (RICHARD, M. 0. C. and Gov. of Maryland).
A. L. S., 1 p. 4to, Fredericktown, Feb. 15, 1806. To William
Potts, on personal matters. Inlaid.

520. PROMINENT AMERICANS. A. L. S. by Sereno E.
Dwight, March, 1813 ; D. S. by Alfred H. Littlefield, Sept. 8,
1880; D. S. by Lucius Fairchild, March 27, 1869; A. L. S.,
2 pp., April, 1875 ; and others. 7 pieces.

521. RAMSAY (DAVID, Historian and Statesman).
A. L. S., 2 pp. small 4to, New York, August 13, 1784. Inlaid.


522. RAMSAY (NATHANIEL, M. 0. C. from Maryland).
D. S., 1 p. folio, Baltimore, November 23, 1801; Portrait.
2 pieces.

523. RANDOLPH (EDMUND, Statesman). D. S., 2 pp.
folio, Feb. 28, 1795. An Act to provide for calling forth the
Militia to execute the Laws, signed by Randolph as Secretary
of State. Inlaid.

524. RECHABITES. Autograph Manuscript of Henry
Barton Dawson, Historian, Address delivered as C. R. of In-
dependent Tent, July 11, 1845, 8 pp. foolscap; also, "The
Regulations and General Laws, ' ' containing certificate of Mr.
Dawson 's membership, 1845. 2 pieces.

525. REED (JOSEPH, Statesman). A. L. S., 1 p. 4to,
Phila., July 14, 1772, on financial matters.

526. REED (JOSEPH, Statesman). A. L. S., 2 pp. 4to,
n. d. Letter of recommendation to Col. Bland. Inlaid.

lap (D. C.), 1841; Jacob Brown (Delaware), 1807; John J.
Jackson (West Virginia) ; George W. Broun (Maryland,
Mayor of Baltimore, 1861), Jan. and April, 1888; and others
from the States mentioned. Portraits. 32 pieces.

Latimer W. Ballou, 1875 ; John L. Boss, Jr., 1816 ; Robert B.
Cranston, 1842; Stephen Jacob (Chief Justice), Jan. and
Sept., 1796, 1804; H. Henry Powers, 1880; Timothy P. Red-
field, 1870 ; and others. Portraits, etc. 44 pieces.

529. RICE (T. D., "Jim Crow"). A. L. S., 1 p. 4to, Louis-
ville, April 19, 1828. Making a Pittsburg engagement. In-

530. RICHARDSON (WILLIAM A., Secy, of U. S. Treas-
ury). A. D. S., 1 p., Sketch of his life for biographical diction-
ary; A. L. S., 21/0 pp. 8vo, 1894. enclosing sketch to Mr.
Joline ; A L. S., 1 p. 8vo, 1894 ; L. S., 1 p. 4to, to Ben : Perley
Poore: signature (mounted) ; 2 engraved portraits. 7 pieces.
4 inlaid.


French Statesman). L. S., 1 p. folio, Paris, Aug. 9, 1816.
To Count Missiessy, enclosing dispatches for the Consuls at
Tripoli and Tunis. Also an address in his handwriting, with
signature. 2 pieces.

532. RIDGELY (RICHARD. M. O. C. from Man-land).
A. L. S., 1 p. 4to, Annapolis, July 6, 1813. Legal document.

533. RODNEY (C.ESAR A., U. S. Attorney General).
A. D. S., 4 lines oblong 12mo, Nov. 22, 1810; money order;
A. L. S., 1 p. 4to, Wilmington, Dec. 13, 1820, recommendation,
for the appointment of a midshipman. 2 pieces. One mounted.


534. RUSH (RICHARD, Secy, of U. S. Treasury). D. S.,
2 pp. folio, April 16, 1812. Printed form of bond in conform-
ity with "An Act Laying an Embargo," etc. ; L. S., 1 p. 4to,
Jan. 30, 1813 ; Engraved portrait. 3 pieces. Inlaid.

535. RUSH (RICHARD, Secy, of U. S. Treasury) . A. L. S.,
1% PP- 4to, Washington, Aug. 9, 1826. To Col. Aspinwall,
introducing Mr. Morton, who is going to England to prosecute
a claim to an estate. Inlaid.

536. RUTLEDGE (JOHN, M. 0. C. and Gov. of S. C.).
A. L. S., 4 pp. 4to, Charles Town, Nov. 29, 1777. To Henry
Laurens, largely on Indian affairs.

537. SCAMMELL (ALEXANDER, Col. in the Revolu-
tion). A. L. S., 2 pp. Folio, Head Quarters, Totoway (N. J.),
Oct. 10, 1780. To his brother, Dr. Sam. Scammell. With

* ' ' You seem almost dispond, "because this Campaign has not
been decisive. Cheer up. . . . We have done all in our power
to provoke the enemy to come out $ fight us we have been
under the Guns of their Garrisons We have laid in a careless
position within a Mile or two of their Incampments, "but lay no
means could tempt them to attack us. Our Allies being un-
lucky in having their second Division blocked up, which pre-
vented their coming to our assistance in sufficient force has pre-
vented our laying Siege to $ taking New-York. . . . Every man
must put his hand to, and determine to spend the last Farthing,
$ die in the last Ditch, before our Independence shall fall to
the ground."

538. SCAMMELL (ALEXANDER, Col. in the Revolu-
tion). A. L. S., 2 pp. Folio, Head Quarters at K'ings Bridge
(N. Y.), Sept. 21, 1776. To his brother, Dr. Scammell.

* The writer, at this time Assistant Adjt.-Gen. in the Com-
mand of Gen. Heath, gives an interesting account of his experi-
ence in the Battle of Long Island and his search for Gen. Sul-
livan : ' ' Genl. Sullivan was then engaged with the Enemy on
the Heights of Long Island in hunting for him I fell in with
a party of the enemy. . . . The Battle raged all Day. A num-
ber of our people were taken $ killed, but we at least killed
two to their one. We quitted Long Island so as to bring our
forces together left New York to make them follow us. . . .
The Baite took, and last monday they fell into the snare. Our
people . . . finally beat them with very great slaughter."

539. SCHUYLER (GEN. PHILIP). A. D. Signed twice.
HA PP- folio, Oct. 6, 3786. Being an account and signed
receipt for expenses as a member of the Council of Appoint-

540. SCOTT (GEN. JOHN MORIN, M. 0. C.). D. S., 1 p.
folio, N. Y., 1775; D. S., 1 p. 12mo, n. d. 2 pieces.

541. SEARLE (JAMES, M. 0. C.). A. L. S., iy 4 pp. 4to,
Bordentown, March 14, 1788, on personal matters. Inlaid.


T. McKennan, 3 A. L's S. ; James A. Pearce, A. L. S. 1841 ;
Thomas Ewing, A. L. S. and portrait ; L. Q. C. Lamar, A. L. S.,
N. S., and 2 portraits. 10 pieces. Mostly inlaid.

lan, 2 A. L's S. and 2 portraits; 0. H. Browning, 2 A. L's S.;
Jacob D. Cox, 3 L's S. and portrait; Columbus Delano, A. L. S.
and 2 portraits. 13 pieces.

Stuart, 2 A. L's S. and portrait; Robert McClelland, A. L. S.,
L. S. and portrait; Jacob Thompson, 2 A. L's S. and 2 por-
traits; Caleb B. Smith, 2 A. L's S. and 2 portraits; W. T. Otto.
L. S. 1863; J. P. Usher, L. S. and 2 portraits. 18 pieces.
Mostly inlaid.

Chandler, 2 A. N's S., L. S., signature and portrait ; Carl
Schurz, 5 A. L's S. and 2 portraits; Samuel J. Kirkwood.
2 A. L's S. and 2 portraits; Henry M. Teller, A. L. S. and

4 portraits; Wm. F. Vilas, signature and 2 portraits; John
W. Noble, A. L. S. and 2 signatures. 27 pieces. Mostly in-

TURE. Hoke Smith, L. S. and signature; David R. Francis,
L. S., A. N. S. and portrait; Cornelius N. Bliss, 3 L's S. and

5 portraits; J. M. Rusk, 2 L's S., signed portrait, and 2 por-
traits ; J. Stirling Morton, A. L. S. and portrait ; Geo. B.
Cortelyou, 2 L's S.; Oscar S. Straus, A. N. S. and 3 portraits.
26 pieces. Mostly inlaid.

A. L. S. of Levi Woodbury, 1822 ; A. L. S. of R. J. Walker,
1857; A. L. S. of John Sherman, 1887; A. L. of Wm. M.
Evarts, 1887 ; L. S. of Daniel Manning, 1885. 5 pieces.

(Charles S.). A. L. S., 1 p., 1892, inlaid; 3 signatures and

2 portraits; Daniel Manning, 2 A. L's S. ; 2 signatures and

3 portraits; Gresham (W. Q.), L. S., 1 p. 14 pieces. 6 inlaid.

(Lyman J.), Signature on card, portrait and view of resi-
dence; J. G. Carlisle, 3 L's S., signature and 2 portraits;
Charles Foster, 3 A. L's S., L. S. and 2 D's S., 4 portraits:
G. B. Cortelyou, 2 L's S.; and others. 25 pieces. 10 inlaid.

550. SERGEANT (JONATHAN D., M. O. C.). A. D. S.,
1 p. folio, Oct. 19, 1775, inlaid; Portrait. 2 pieces.

551. SERGEANT (JONATHAN D., M. O. C.). A. D. S.,
1 p. folio, n. p. n. d. Inlaid.


552. SEWARD (WILLIAM H., Statesman, Gov. of N. Y.,
1838-42). A. L. S., 1% pp. 4to, Auburn, Aug. 19, 1844. To

A. C. Moore. Political. With an engraved portrait. 2 pieces.

553. SEWARD (WILLIAM H., Statesman, Gov. of N. Y.,
1838-42). A. L. S., 1 p. 4to, March 11, 1849. To John M.
Clayton, introducing the New York delegate to Congress, John
L. Schoolcraft. With 2 portraits. 3 pieces. Inlaid.

554. SEYMOUR (HORATIO, Gov. of N. Y., 1852-54 and
1862-64). A. L. S., 2y 2 pp. 8vo, Utica, Oct. 25, 1866. To
John T. Hoffman ; A. L. S., 4 pp. 8vo, Syracuse, Nov. 4, 1866.
To John T. Hoffman. With 4 engraved portraits. 6 pieces.

555. SHERMAN (JOHN, Secy, of U. S. Treasury). L's S.
of 1, iy 2 and 2 pp. 8vo. Treasury Dept., 1877-81 ; with en-
graved portrait. 4 pieces. Inlaid.

556. SMITH (JONATHAN B., M. 0. C.). D. S., 1 p.
oblong folio, Phila,, Mar. 11, 1780. Inlaid. 2 portraits.
3 pieces.

557. SMITH (THOMAS, Jurist, M. 0. C.). A. L. S., 3 pp.
4to, Phila., Nov. 11, 1806, about the sale of lands in Pennsyl-
vania. Inlaid.

558. SOUTHARD (SAMUEL L.). L. S., 1 p. 4to, June 21,
1827; Signature; Portrait. All inlaid or mounted. 3 pieces.

of Wm. H. Gist, 1859 and 1862 ; A. L. S. of M. L. Bonham,
1873; A. L. S. of A. G. Magrath, 1892; A. L. S. of Benj. F.
Perry, 1842; Two L's S. of D. H. Chamberlain, 1889 and
1894 ; and, A. L. S. of Hugh S. Thompson, 1885, with an auto-
graph endorsement signed by Wade Hampton. 18 pieces, in-
cluding 10 clippings, portraits, etc.

CIANS. D. F. Jamison, 1844; David W. Aiken, 1884; H.
Bailey, 1844 ; James A. Black, n. d. ; James Blair, 1831 ;
Christopher C. Bowen, 1871; and others. Portraits, etc.
58 pieces.

561. SPENCER (JOHN CANFIELD, Secy, of U. S. Treas-
ury). A. L. S., 1 p. 8vo, March 9, 1826, to The Comptroller;
L. S., 1 p. 4to, Washington, 1842, replying to a report in N. Y.
"Evening Post"; A. L. S., 3 pp. 8vo, Albany, 1853, on legal
matters. With engraved portrait. 4 pieces. Inlaid.

562. STATESMEN. A. L. S. of Felix Grundy, 1 p. folio,
1831 ; A. L. S. of Richard Rush, 1 p. 4to, 1815 ; A. L. S. of

B. F. Butler, 2 pp. 8vo, 1858 ; and others. 9 pieces.

563. STATESMEN, ETC. A. L. S. of James Bayard, 1835 ;
L. S. of H. L. Crosby, 1880; L. S. of Edward Collins, 1845;
A. L. S. of John M. Tobin, 1880 ; and others. 18 pieces.


564. STATESMEN. D. S. by E. J. Walker, Martin Van
Buren, James Buchanan, John N. Robinson, N. P. Tallmadge,
W. L. D. Ewing, Thomas H. Benton, and others. 40 signa-
tures, 1 p. folio.

Throckmorton (Texas), 1880; Thomas Fitch (Nevada), 1870;
Edward Kent (Arizona), 1902, 1910; Perry E. Brocchus
(New Mexico), 1870; Anthony A. C. Rogers (Arkansas),
1870; Joseph Clay (Georgia), 1807; John Trimble (Ken-
tucky), 1804; George S. Hawkins (Florida), 1838; and
others from the States mentioned. Portraits. 66 pieces.

566. STEPHENS (ALEXANDER H. Vice-President).
A. L. S., 3 pp. 8vo, Washington, D. C., Dec. 27, 1874. To
Hon. Charles C. Jones.

567. STEVENS (JONATHAN, M. 0. C.). D. S., 1 p.
16mo, July 8, 1762. Inlaid. Signed also by Samuel Nevill,
Jacob Spicer, John Ogden, and Joseph Borden, Jr.

568. STEWART (ALEX. T., Merchant and Philanthropist,
Nominated for U. S. Treasury). A. L. S., 1 p. 8vo, N. Y.,
June 16, 1864, inlaid ; A. L. S., 1 p. 8vo, N. Y., 1869, to Gov.
Hoffman, regarding Street Railroad Bill; 2 portraits (includ-
ing the only one ever made during his life). 4 pieces.

569. STEWART (CHARLES, M. 0. C., Soldier). D. S.,
1 p. folio, n. p. n. d. Inlaid. Signed also by Peter Howell
and Robert Taylor.

570. STODDARD (RICHARD HENRY). Original Auto-
graph Manuscript, signed. "Review of 'BoswelTs Johnson,' '
with printer's and author's marks and corrections. 34 pp. 8vo
(1887). With 2 portraits.

571. SUMNER (CHARLES). A. L. S., 1 p. 8vo, Newport,
August 21, 1853. To J. D. Baldwin, in regard to a correction;
Portrait engraved by Ferine. 2 pieces.

572. SYMMES (JOHN CLEVES, M. 0. C., Jurist). Check
signed twice. 1 p. 18mo, 1797. Inlaid.

573. SYMMES (JOHN C., Soldier and Philosopher).
A. L. S., 1 p. 4to, St. Louis, March 23, 1816. To Wm. B.
Hamilton. Inlaid.

* Symmes promulgated the theory that the earth was a hol-
low sphere, open at the poles and habitable within.

574. TANEY (ROGER BROOKE, Chief Justice of the
Supreme Court of U. S.). A. L. S., 2 pp. 4to, Baltimore, June
7, 1854. To Richard Rush.

575. TARLETON (SIR BANASTRE, British General in
American Revolution). A. L. S., 1 p. folio, Bristol, 1803. To
*Gen. Brownrigg, regarding military equipment. With por-
trait. 2 pieces. Both inlaid.


576. TAYLOR (ZACHARY). D. S., iy 2 pp. folio, Wash. r
December 11, 1849. Signed also by John M. Clayton; 3 por-
traits. 4 pieces. 3 inlaid.

577. TELF AIR (EDWARD, M. 0. C. and Gov. of Georgia).
A. L. S., iy 2 pp., Augusta, July 30, 1792. To Joseph Gibbons,
regarding the old Georgia currency, etc. Inlaid.

Thomas D. Arnold, 1832; Robert Allen, 1820; Josiah M.
Anderson, 1851; John M. Bright, 1872, 1874; Samuel M.
Arnell, 1869 ; and others. Portraits. 62 pieces.

579. TILDEN (SAMUEL J., Gov. of N. Y., 1874-76).
A. L. S., 1 p. 8vo, N. Y., Feb. 23, 1860. To W. A. Butler.
2 portraits. 3 pieces. Inlaid.

580. TILGHMAN (MATTHEW, M. 0. C. from Mary-
land). A. L. S., 1 p. 4to, Bay Side, Oct. 22, 1789. To William
Tilghman, on business matters. Inlaid.

581. TILTON (JAMES, M. 0. C., Surgeon). A. L. S., 3pp.
4to, Wilmington, Jan. 3, 1815, concerning military surgery.
Portrait. 2 pieces. Inlaid.

582. TOMPKINS (DANIEL D., Gov. of N. Y., 1807-16).

D. S., 1 p. 4to, Albany, Nov. 9, 1816. Appointment of James
Fairlie as a Presidential Elector. Portrait. 2 pieces. Inlaid.

583. TRUMBULL (JONATHAN, M. 0. C.). A. L. S., 1 p.
4to, New Haven, Oct. 27, 1797. Concerning the appointments
of the Assembly.

584. TYLER (JOHN). A. L. S., 2y 2 pp. 4to. March 17,
1851 ; 2 portraits. 3 pieces. Inlaid.

* To his son Robert, reading in part : ' ' The purification of
the Democratic party has been affected by throwing over Van
Buren and his train, ' ' etc. He speaks of the intolerance of the
Virginians and other interesting political opinions are expressed.

585. U. S. ARMY. L. S. of Col. H. K. Craig (1812 and
Mex. War), 1853; A. L. S. of Gen. John H. Cocke (War of
1812), 1 p., 1852; A. L. S. of Ward B. Burnett (Col. in Mex.
War), 1 p., 1854; A. L. S. of T. H. Gushing (Gen. in War of
1812), 1 p., 1813; and others. 7 pieces.

586. U. S. ATTORNEYS GENERAL. A. L. S. of Levi
Lincoln, 1 p. 4to, Wash., Feb. 1, 1803 ; A. L. S. of William
Pinkney, 2 pp. 4to, Baltimore, July 6, 1819 ; L. S. of Robert
Smith, 1 p. 4to, Navy Dep't. Sept. 4, 1801; A. L. S. of A.
Rodney, 1 p. folio, Wilmington, Jan. 23, 1809. 4 pieces.

587. U. S. SECRETARIES OF NAVY. Benjamin Romans,
L. S.; William Jones, L. S. ; Wm. B. Preston, A. L. S. and 2
portraits; J. C. Dobbin, A. L. S., L. S. and portrait; Adolph

E. Borie, 2 A. L's S. ; Geo. M. Robeson, A. L. S., L. S. and 2
portraits. 14 pieces. Nearly all inlaid.


588. U. S. SECRETARIES OF NAVY. John Y. Mason,

2 A. L's S., 2 L's S., Signature and portrait; Thomas W.
Gilmer, A. L. S. ; Abel P. Upshur, A. L. S., L. S. and 2 por-
traits ; David Henshaw, 3 A. L's S. and 2 signatures. 16 pieces.
Nearly all inlaid.

589. U. S. SECRETARIES OF NAVY. Richard W.
Thompson, L. S. and 6 portraits; Nathan Goff, 5 A. L's S.,
L. S. and 4 portraits; Wm. E. Chandler, A. L. S. and 3 por-
traits; Win. c - Whitney, 2 A. L's S., L. S., 2 Signatures, and
6 portraits. 32 pieces. Many inlaid.

Badger, A. L. S., L. S. and portrait ; Levi Woodberry, L. S. ;
R. H. Bradford, A. L. S. ; John Branch, A. L. S., L. S. and
portrait; Smith Thomson, L. S. and portrait. 10 pieces.
Nearly all inlaid.

591. U. S. SECRETARIES OF STATE. A. L. S. Edward
Livingston ; L. S. John Hay, Walter Q. Gresham ; Signatures
of Richard Olney, J. C. Calhoun, Daniel Webster (2), James
G. Blaine. 8 pieces.

592. U. S. SECRETARIES OF STATE. Benjamin F.
Tracy, A. L. S. and 4 portraits; H. A. Herbert, A. L. S. and

3 portraits; John D. Long, 4 A. L's S., 2 L's S. and 3 por-
traits. 17 pieces. Many inlaid.

593. U. S. SECRETARIES OF WAR. Win. C. Endicott,
A. L. S. and 3 signatures; G. W. Graham, Signature; Geo. W.
McCrary, 2 A. L 's S. ; Wm. Crawford, signature ; J. B. Elkins,
N. S. ; Elihu Root, L. S. ; D. S. Lament, 1888 ; John A. Rawlins,
signature. 13 pieces.

594. VAN BUREN (MARTIN, Eighth President). D. S.,
1 p. folio, Wash., November 6, 1840. Appointment of Consul
(weak in folds).

595. VAN BUREN (MARTIN). D. S., 1 p., large 4to,
vellum. Wash., March 2, 1841. Appointment of Lieutenant in
the Navy.

596. VAN BUREN (MARTIN). A. L. (3rd person).
1M> pp. 8vo, Oct. 23, 1844, to Miss Silvester, asking her to
accept some Lindenwald Pears ; A. N. S., 1 p. 12mo, April 11,
1849. 2 pieces.

597. VAN BUREN (MARTIN). A. L. S., 7 pp. 8vo,
Lindenwald, Feb. 9, 1846. To Miss Silvester, enclosing a
letter from Paulding and one from Mr. Blair describing "the
men who are charged with the destinies of this country."

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