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after the alteration with the pen, for du<ttQafiip<»^f ^nd ntudei^/Mr
^m^i 4: ^. A « W<v l^.f»ti.^i< T i M|»ii ffi ll;^ie> .«r;eM agaiR^for

.^i)MNNlUF«te nt>»eho^a» w4<»tljit riB iff ad > h^aulaJUj ini ttwiJk*

4iiiif^3;9wi?fef)ii0^ 8^iJ{^ j 4w »a jM#< y tJ)r>M fc>yfl^ M ft »;46t ^a,

gyfijcfltfgiUga# o^tf» or for arrixaraiUxairii^Mror ; 51: 2, JamiMimfiiSof
Wf ^ l N fft A m i^ M ^i§, ipqi»^U<»!rw-H>»t»t» tfce NiHibr.|^o#^

fWi'Al«m. te fWVM .fe>14» #>if w <ii »^ mnM» ft wi4rnf afr ># f Mif f h m

Kaai(orlfo]?#«<)iPH^*9^3(]^>i>f» for t^amu*^ Jonab 4> 8> {^yv** ms
cliaoged bQr t^ [»eii,i/bi; C^tfi^ »IUM;. 3:j8^.ii|^ifcfl^ifwt y |pt»a p t
8;i9t m, fa w g ?i y ^»4 fc«; 4FriffiiMiJUw^<» fci nid . a i y ia^fiM. l- Alibis
^ e4'V*«>«f4^^.«4*€¥'>m^ -^i^oN^ 7;ll»ijpg i i t | r gy fo9r ^wlM»
oar. Mai. 2: 17, liil^o^&if fiyt^'^ afbr the altacation<,«ri4k Iha paii» ioff

f baiak 1: .6» iiiMU«faoiyi«w| ipr^mhmiqwm^m^A. ^ 1> ff^^ iarioaiar
v/Muy i 5: .5, aa^^Aio (ot^jftanXi ;. S; 10, ^^* tnump for f««^' V^Mfr « Bi

1 We have not changed dyaXliuui6fAtdu in Ps. 94: 1 . Ijoliiiea and odi«ii wnle,

* In Fs. 118: 129, 1 read i^i^iyfjo^r without alteration ; Holmes tlioaght thif
tbookl be f{h»/feiVi7<»r. Compare next page, note tft

* It leemed that fu6(mw^'ia Siraeh 34: fil oogfat not 16 W dionged. Henry
Stephen! in his Tkenunu Graee, Ling* prefimned with others to write ^ooMmpitr.

^ It appears that Lambert Bos first corrected these passages in loel.

YOL. IX. No. 35. 52

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606 AHf tkimHi^ TMmdotfjf iS^itn^mii [Stjvr^

6, awpiufmmmiawui aftey Ab cor g o c ii t D -with t|ie p6a» iJMr (
Toi, and ^offm^&ijaQnM for /hHMfr^firomu; 9: 7, i#a«A for-^M^I
!& 8, Mma^tiio^ Aooor^iiig to tbe eveinktiM with Oie peii» im
ima^tdog ; 16; i, dtmio0to^ for Itctwoiif^^i 19: ^^ ji0^ M fo^
for ro^ i. to^; dd; 18, w^ hftvo iiot »eoeiv«d •* m>w|(gfliJlBPiiHi^
which in the Boiumi editaon was fonned 6tom ac tfty^^Inia^aff ; 84;
2, va A^fi; we have givea for fii i&9e$; 88: 2, va^ar for val)^; 40:
18, dfiaiai^ri for tifiomfmfi; 41: 23, kn^x^teifa ibr tiiifo^iH*«; 43:
24^ T*;? for o& ; 43: 28, tunU^m for «mU<ru; 58: 10, if dmtt^ w«3
tatained, I thoaght it neceeaary to write v^M»r for igmpi 61: SyUtm^r
ondtpf for aava irrailiTr.

Jer. 11: 20^ for 0^ <i« we oorrectad, m^ «•';' Ids 11, jcoraa^mr*
fiN' we have put instead of nm^ev&vwitmmw i 81: 88, a^x bwf^am
kZ^s.' a^ for 0^ inoi^ai^f m di am ; 89: 17, rj[ fopi' again, for ^
•crxMi; 45i27,i^r^7tfarfor i7p«df«ttr. Laai.d:26,^^rty9fori^fv^;
8s 81, owraifiTtfai for oiWi^fij^; 4; 21, aiNf^atlip for ma/^. £p*
Jer« It 19, tip iftatt^ftiw for 'to ^

Eaek. 17: 17, ip )f «^ajMi(MU|e ; £m was earaM not to add the toO^
aobacript, which had bean omitted here hj the Boman editors; 18:
25, nmw^tfPH in the seeosd instanoe in wliieh this verb ocoiirs, for
itm m p &v 9$ i i this verse ooglit to have been emendad aooaiding to v.
29; 28;21, ivsairti^for^iiMNA^; 25: 7,x«9iirfor,2*<^; 28:4^
laflMvaffiW^ as in V. 14^ for ImufQiapi^ 40: 22, 28, 81^ ^^ and 43:
17, wUpuct^^air and tJufimttr^QBif bj the correotieii with the pen, for
leliitfMMf . ; 41: 15, xocamtf^cir for nurmf9a^99 ; 45: 7, va i^tm va for
tit o^ui tig\ 45: 17, tr vaiir 6a^fiatotg for tr reiiip tfSE/ii|& Dan. 5: 4,
h&tpovg for hfiipw^ ; 6: 25, ty ;ra<n7 vf ftf for tr Mtf» tf /£, which
£s|i reads withoot change.

L Maeo. 2: 66, «ayUyii|<r8ft ivolipioir for uoL iga ly a g j 8i 37, rii^ me-
trn ku f^ tiamg for r. jwr^tXyiy^^ifgag ; 8:45, ]c«ral«yia for waraXa^iyia;
8; 49, Ji^tNTviiyir for i^f^ain^\ 4: 45, tmin^aw mifoii for Ifr' «v«f^;
7: 23, va ^^n; for vie edi«i, which £as leaves unaltered ; 9: 48;, tfv-

^ That there is no want of care here appears from the Commentary of the
^oman edition, which gives : [idv S^iu ne^ ofia^rias]. So both St. Jerome
and St. Cyril read. Some MSS., howerer, have ^<drrae«, whiefa is found also in
Joitfai Martjrr.

s aironth&tj^ in Jer. IS: 19, has receifed no change either at^the hands of (he
Boman edftoM or at oar own. In like manner elsewhere in iheit edition /teli^
di^voeVf tvo9tid^y i^tf^vvrjciv are giren. Some have corrected, htofnh&ii^ iS»-

• I incline to think that Grabe more properly writes, ji0t.

* In Eiek. 18: 24) I hare left inMmf anKmched ; others hare written, aadCUy^.

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m^Mi€w€miHtttdifUp; in tieBMUiectttibAllielf k teesii to luive
b«eo M1I7, nol «n I, bat balf tbe letter was bi^en off;^ 15: lOy «{
t9¥af»9ti for oi avM^* IL Mmc 9: ^ n^ X«^e<>^ ^^ ^* X^^f
Ik 4^ fa& p» gi« tf i for r« fi9fMNMJl ; ISt If, it)p«*7mi0i^« for n^ootsv-
##fr«i ( 14c 8i dmfxiiFMP ibr i^f9coft»r ; 14: 42, liSUriT^W for tHritti-
fMNtf $ Ilk 4y n ai9«99Mf^M^0ir tbe hiitbr^'qftj^ «fe written OY«r aft
erasure^ b«t I d9 ikot see wlial steed ^iete before ^ 15: 80, nQMUfm-
nattjs for g^twf one ryg , HI. Maoo. Ir98, ^le^^o^Uoic for i^te^^-
MD^rS: 16^ oAm^p^mm* again for aliTr^T^foi'; ^ 2, iX$&i^, hy tibe
eiWrectioB "wltb the pen, for oXtigmr; 4e 5, nemmcufitdptop forMnwMf-
nm0fA9PO9Pi 5: 19, iyrf^iina for ^pfox^^f perfaa|^^kowen^r, some
'Will' tbkA: that the fi»in ii^9x^m, fa whieh the readftig of the Alex.
^HS. i/^oox^rca approaches' retyntms engbl net le 1>e ^dite disi^
i]^reTed.- "j- .' ■ '••^■" '''»•/' • ■ • • • , - -/ .,

^ I* 'Moreo^ei^ ire* have restored Jlf«w<?igl^ hi Several instanees^ as in Jer.
•1^ 1. Mleh.^6: 4i Jh^la, Amev^/« as in^ i. Hag^ 9a:>24, 26y 26.
24: 3, which the Roman edition eiinMehdnl7« wrixibitil', for MSiftig;^ Ah-
^9e^ leitmftf9t»\ <alBoin Oen.^^ 9^ iwi 'y t eH w ^ayin t« 17, fmrlrrs-
^xoHTtt. 'Tf« lie^ret 'that we* hare not^ done this ist ettry instance.
'I^ think ft wonld^hkr^ been better i&l«o ntft to receive the doable fonns
'4^^ iitiiLlppki0C, idMiHfixy^ lAUmo^. Bori ft Will no* be 'possiUe
^ redoeef^ttiOdt w aU the cases o# this ckss to eme and the santo form,
iinless i ^new' and exact' revision ^ef the whole text is ■ttndeitaken.
"^'Tet Hiobghf the -divepsfty may seem raAer a light nwrtt«r wiiieh ^ex-
' ists between C^geitt 'and« ^^f^ dj^iw and dgyalof ittB(^9C0fm hnd
^vmofjifaPHa^* ptvmHs and itdnffSpeQ^.j^LMin^ and x^*9if^f tigefutw^d
^ iS^ifUii &fhf9fffm Skid ^sta)iri)tiai ^vL^^asir and i^kairfMf, and the fike ;
the strange diiforenoe in the proper names involves' esfttemS'^KffieaHj.
'^Thfei'is soinetittes so^ great, Ihat one would donbt whelheriUe ilirords
designated the same thing; it commonlj shows itself in a very ftee
interchange or doubling of letters, especially kindred ones,' and also
In a chiuige of syllables. The fdlowing are examples : j^fit08ef$ and
JlpiPiifA, Jt^McaX and ^(nacai, JtfifiQafi and ^(igam Jtmu^Ux and
^^ifuXex^ ^X^^^^ *"^ ^X^^^^t^y ^i^O''^ and Avi^, BaXrofi and BaX-
tav, Btud'leBfi and B^&Xufi, BB&isafivg and Bou^aaitvQ^ BuQUito^

^ L SCacc 14: 9 is a similar passage, where Ess gaye Md&ip^o* The Roman
edition has hMtpno, bat the « in our copy is pale and faded almost away.

' Since in the earlier books vnMgtjtpavsut is generally found, afterward [as on
ProT. 8: 13] in our notes giving the reading of the Alex. MS., virtgtj<pmfuty w©
have commonly stated that the latter stands in the Boman text itself. But the
Alex. MS. does not always exhibit this word in the same ibrm j compare Amos

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MS Iniroducthn^^' Tt$chmdm^ Sepiuapni. " {JMt,

Kad^^ and MaQtfim& Kalh^fif Femp and FtjaMf, Ffj^owf and Fedamp,
'Edgatp and ^EdQctetr, 'le^gasX and 'la^QaijXf 'I&jcifiwf and 'leaacufwVf
KvriBfOf and XtrioioDr, Ktatap Ktaatap and KetaatPy Maysddn and
Mayysdm, Madiafi and/JUadiiKfi itfixSta^ ited MiutXa, Ma^aa and
MoQujcLf MMXxirjX and MeAjru^ MiQCLQi and MBQOQatt Mtfiwi and Afif
dia, Afcaderf and Madssifiy Nmthj tuitf N(nvt,'Ntt^uftfi and Net&m-

and 'PayttPf £e7rq>aQWoufi^ £mq>agwatp and En^gwatfif* £rjXmfi

and ^if/Uo) Jl«toir and «^Mdi)»rr^M«;iMi>i' ^i»JUifW»^ and *2^aXmfJu»p,

0alXog and <PaX>lov^, ^usmp and 4>Buswff XBtuifi XBttWfi and Xef-

vecfift, Xix^ and^Xtt^pet. Thoogh this dhrenify is a circamstanoe

of great importance^ in treating tke question of ihe unity of the ^vrltofe

Chreek veMon of tti^ did Tefltain^M, and it is not ftffly cefiifti

whether bobki^ compkysed in Greek are to be boitfoihftic^ to the same

law as those tv^slated into the hinguag6, 1 afn yeC-'^oonfidtot that

tliese names in most cases by a carefbl retisioa wiH onedaj appear

very different from what they noW do.' For the present we wei:^

obfiged to content onrselves with having pointed out a way to emend

the Ghreek, whieh i^ often fr^ frojm ^bstaele^ by giyjing in fiM>t>notes

under the Boman text, the jraadiogs.of the Aka:^.M6< and oecasioii^

ally tkoae of tke Fndenoo-ii^0a8fta&^ PaiMian Besertpl» hat

eritical readeM will wcfi amdentaiid that^fiTan thfd tao&t exoeHent

MSS. do not always give the 6ame n^e and word under the same


[To be concluded.]

1 In lY. Bw. t^.H, ire'have confidtotty corrected, SSnt^p^vo^, whidi eUt-
where hiTAriably appears, fbr -ow^«-.

' In baiah 86: 19. S7: Id, we hare restored '.Rr^'a^val^ ^t*Eir^pa(fovm^
since this word had been giren ererywhere, as IV. Baa. IS: 19, with the diaere-
sis. Moreover, a strange diversity of readings exists in the parallel passages,
IV. Boo. 18: 19 and Isaiah S6: 87. They certainly cannot have been written in
this way by the same translator.

* I cannot leave this discussion withont briefly stating how tkr ^le editions of
the LXX, for the greater part servile copies of the Vatican edition, are firom be^
ing such a revision of the editio prinJbept as we ourselves have undertaken, or at
least have projected and recommended. In the edition of Beinecdns many things
have received the correction they needed, but errors enough of the same nature
stiU remain untouched; an, Lev. 8: 26, ntdk Hafiev-^ Num. S6: 85 (89), S^fi^c •
^ovduldy-f Deut 4: 48, ralad^-^ 14: 17, nsXaatatm-, I. Sam. SS: 10, mwhf&P-
fUpotf etc., also with the approval of Holmes and Ess, X^lgpPt I>eut. xiv, and Xet-
gop, Lev. xi; jivvdp^ Qen. 14: 18, and jivvav^ Gen. 14: 24, etc Of the work of
Holmes we shall speak hereafter ] a very important case of ignorance or careless-
ness in his edition we have adduced above on Josh. 9: 28. But a recent editioo,
now in general use, particularly demands our notice. I mean the stereotyped

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J.,. , , ^ESSIAli.JC JPBOPHECipS. , .

^,,.To Ik ^hipV.pompaoji siuliiig.l^y nSgH ua a narrpw channel, with
sf(^/^ 00 ^t^erJ^uiiKl, nolhiip^.id so grateful aa a light oa shore. It
ffr ^me^oc^lii^den bj the motion of the ship, bj the inte;rvention of
.f^,bigb billow, or of a thick mist How aDxiouslj does the man on
the watch, /strain, Im eyes till tl^it blessed light reappears. ^W^utt a
thrill of jpj is f<^ bj all on boards , It is a Ittde object, hardly twink-
]ii^ in the dari^ne«a. But the clouds have prevented for several days
tbe taking, of fmj (A>servation8, and the safety of hundreds may be

edition of Leander van Ess, published by Karl Tauchnitz, Leipzig, 1824. It
It Mated in tk» title Jittta eixiipht ^j/itmk VaH&tinm R$mae aAhmi 1987 qmed
•irtMW ao$MHtti$tiwm <i mii ammaim namwm 4 Midititt«MAi«ttoaniiMfeiible4«>
gne eves the evideat aJttalrwi of the Vatkan editum have t>ee& fiUthfally ad-
hered to. Thia fact has been shown above by nnmerons passages, and it will
be perfectly clear to any one who will compare with a copy of Ess the list of fhr-
tiier corrections now given. Hiere are also so many errors to which it nay assen
an exchisive dahn, that in the matter of these it fear snrpaases the Roman edition .
We subjoin a few instanoee from the earlier books : $iPipnm^ xunr^ for va»ytjj^ ir
Tift X^fffaSf ol is omitted and elsewhere ^, ^&«r is written without the i^ta auW
^eijpt^ ocSC^Y f'^V^oMT^ip^ vtiffota&iu, dv^g for &tj^€igy t/x/budutravotty without the
toia subscript, ftn' v/twv, fiud"" ourov, ix nxtjoti^ Mt^aTUiTijg iazl, ovyoQifij], fjMh
^turdsj], or for ro, smev, avr^^ o ddtktpdg^ mrlo-dA^^ exaxazoVj Movfnjg often for
Sfwv<nj9f tontaayfutj <2r^jpwTor, t^, olfonU^ r6 fua^^ SletpvyiP^ ^f^Q*^^ Vf'^^
ttivt for 47px^«r*, mmw fbr nnrov, l9vfuu9¥. Mtu ttyudijy m(9^ ^(iJU^aeVi vwr

for fia^^y tra for 09*0, ripf for gtpf^ Ti for t««, imu tpofiov for fiif fofiovj oi Xotntj^
tntar^syftf^ Kara for /mto, auprjx^ ^^^ QvinjxQrjoaif^ SQ^fjaarOt ra mfUL, ra ay tat*
9futy SeooMfs for 8isa<aa9^ rott xotXmg^ di ^fOiroTHa, yivovrm^ m nopoi^ etc. The
acoeats, moreover, in very many cases are wanting throughMit liie work j I hav%
•Mfrpagn on ^ich Jbove ime aty aie misiing. The Edilio Pmi$ma in Oreek
nd Xatin, fbr Khich^w^ are indebted to the labon oC J. K. Ji^^, it so slovenly
a production, that in the GGtHngen CkUbrte Anxgigen for 1840» L p. 467, Liidce
with good reason said that a person not wholly disqualified for critical studies
conld learn from this book as ttota no other, in what mann» it onght not to be


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610 JKMMlif I^p kfi pi ei. [J^t^

depending on that small bright speck, aeareely larger ^Mua agtoir^
worm. *- * • ' ■ '' ''** t^*^ " • '. I".

The bbject fcftV^M to'th^ |»riMher %h4^%al'b«wl«hg litimtted in
a dob^n; fi Wit ^\n^e )^ilie'of glaM^'H^^^ onT Ai«iii«li^' wlMi tote
in an uncertain and iUii^ering ISghl. < IrsdeMS^ t^be ftotilaly4ib(i«e«
that coilnecU him wiHk the d^f^HI i^WMl^^^Bfr ^nf flm n KUa aep awi
the wing of thIii'biM thM hrittirW'ttadMterilM«f mOtfitisl^M^vnkm
ic^txioet hmnVtiksCK'tMi' ^kf^aKib'm^fiAH'tfMMiWg Mv^'^Mi

fteU^ M^ h^' <^ see to nol^ftlf Mi fOMetyfr the imN; *fli«tb«>w««rii
snlyibB highf^ aha daysbf hh ^piMtyJ^'^Jliifhliiptf^k^^ms^moimAy
HiiM he hksldsC; Blot iHkitt h<$ 'tniiJr'lM^ fo^ftf^^Ain?^ fioiKblf^ai
th^ dtfiy Aftig iH^lch'td^ 1fii»fMil'8lilkiBg'<iiM lotaltd^qpii^rrii

atic?6til! pi^i^|Ml^b4itr6h^ lind'^tW|^1)(^«S'l>lfW«Hbglsiher>^
w'ere ihdr'K^Sfilf^ <^tll«y lodk^l^ft^Ht^ill^irMfl^iif «|^toidMw^

#yetthefbillli$^8*<j^time^ SoiiietiliieaitiHiolfy^iiMjMPWuM^ofiaBi^
wa^^^Hiyp *Tfi^'^r«M8 7>f 7)iMto^%iM WMWDlMet^Mid^iiMk
MPi(^i)etW«cWVtti«"tIi(^lf^l^ ioiseai^l

ilflA th^'wdnff%Jif*)i''^hiy^pHM«tf m^mMfir^^nBf^tlhbopbmm
ij^t^frod a^ dlMVintfhhii9ly.>' llMtriii^HMiirttofh^
1Sti% of dodAi and" ft)^ ^th^ring* imo^^ ^d^pto ^aiAaiek: ^tB«i^4fai
bi4^t'My{yct ik^ <(hfei%'fis^»M dil tttf itftnlottM»»4Mv^ii-Wii9ft Ittt
iifiSofi Was cl6Atf ^uMI'k'^6^tiid^iltonAflMio&'#aa4i^^ Hw swl;
fM^ irik^Si, fddefliia,^tfie 'ftlI'Mi«»i«t<c^ th«tWfwiw4lie

fbditj^rit? Was'tiot/'a tihaiHom' tfiti^^^ed'^^r^Ui^^^tf AW«-
ham 'and DkVid." They iok» iM dhf^f Christ atvt weref^ad. Ma-
s^ was not bei^ldel«d Irith ft Mto light A tforrootidlDgw^rld ^
poljrtheists, «0tihb7men prone ib evet^ other wonMptMit ttet of God,
an t>tit#aiid dfiipen^tibnlHlhM'irtita^i^rteSB cereamrfals and symbols,
and inteiV^nftig ag^s^foiig and * dark' coaMmi«iiSa«F<the Iton of tinii
greater prophet that would lead His people iK)" the "^ms' Canaan.
There wab^'dltntfesi^ yet certainty, hope not sAfSohite and^Heoi, jet
read and consolatory. " ' ^ ■ ■-« ^i>'i* v^> - ,.v.Mt

*' These BfieHsii^ii^ atrtlciplitiMM, as ^edteHafawd Jby the pieos 'Hii-
brews, mtiy nbt be'aii nni^table thisiae for a ftw moment^' consid-
eration. They ared^fiounced by foany protbs^g -Christians' at the
{^resent day as wholly destitate of foahdirtiOtt.''' Bydthora-they are
aecK^tly rcfifilBd; ThMe iM4Mraii»aoe«stMMd*ioi

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imq m i i mi hJP^f h fi m 9».

twtrf iMii*H*liiiBfi wm§ <t»ml fl»a it iwlM to ^emUr tbe
gfwsfa4§ cm whUk i^ktj TteL

• L Mf-Jrai r«Miric*i% Ibaljire abooM be cantioot kst we trasifcr
enr eMra Tiewe «i4 f e cH pi gi t«jHtiWigr4ta^ w» .do. in faeaTenty {daces in
Cktmif to tboie wlia Hmi.iatbe Imlight or eeriydawn. No ndeef
inlBr p ff a t a ti eB i> moie;im|KPito»tm4JM»e if(iD(&r^jtrptpea»iij mbitod,

Tuiitinnatj we gHM(^. yi». <o qi i| olirof ae fwc ae poflBible, in the dreom-
i ton aii i, iai ib e i a< wirf i'peeitieii>4>C4hfr men whoee k a gqa ge^M^i^yiewa
we wetddi antoritnnd. We ba;ne no rig^t to affix an inlecforetolian
•pen *theivT?Wofd%4i^Ud^il|wa^nei. pptobfe^ for Ibem to entorUia.
Va^jftiheffe beaa^«u)l wJ^^f^vifKn^^ t^ nfhole ^aoe of the
aar iji <>w ;M» fHria>the<b.lber iWb »#»fa<f. of jjwWSww^-^**^ owning

aa^J"** ^w*^^^^^^^aee^^ ^^^P'^w^^^^^^^^^^p^^p^^^^ 9^^v ^^Hpa^^ v^^^^^a^^n^^a^^ ^^^W^^V^vy Mflea^^»^

ed^dUf MfeUipf 4iflajy^ ^kimr aad the «ipm«d ;Cm^ * We oaoiiot
^«tMHfilf«!prif th^^ifi}^^ <^,4f^vctHoes thai wp

i>41piidee«/n OSm 4Mftoi^ ime aoi ^^
iaMdeAfetr AnA r^^iWMaqDotMM^ the Meamnio propheoj
flreai, the Penl f ^ean b ^>.Yie jpiMita^&fQmi^fruabt .. ¥^ wni^. eiMJBfiillr
i aB >itffJbiiH !»oMawliei i*i^^ellMW<r-ii!^v4<WPfe qf„|{gb^^ii9b.
aaUUtoi tha i m M waM K»gBiif^itiop».r> .«M %«afif«^r9|B^i^9^
i i ic a i |Odr irii Q a o^ oa cmaifw ti MieC^ anA ,apbMRge4.a^fy^iice» aad
fMeMfyatad^ ^aclk.aga/jaii4»4mMl^tv.ii8?lfy.m^ fll

lliat)a«tpecali«Utol?aebf end iih^^bijwft.iu i^^urp^ ip^ MW^ i4«» of
Ike apiMial.aigb^ei|JR9Qednalr fflRBW |«cpe«v^,pfrtM*r jJ^^.mher
%a0i epi <wei4Haa)9Miaribe.madri«f(ri)^ti«iqp»9i«^ wIp ^▼^rj

a*e»«Mihod wa'8Myi'4)%in.dMigBC/|ofraddiag 4«b,iA^ words a aenae
whMb ^^^umoii^lm^^* Abo^pi liMip^rtb9U6fu>4^^f years old,
mm be ^teiiMre|e4 Miitb^jf. w^ ^^f^^ood 4^ iAf VIW to whom
Ikv.Mmrp addossmd^ aot |^4be.iMimn8erilighi.or,i|i()ce.fipMt ackooe
ef>^ ]dislNiit,.fiitiaren4.0a«fof -thfir'iwiiHHp^ difiSaMlti^^.inespIainiog
Ihefboofe.of Jofeamea fawKtbft #afeiitaiaty ^oC * the . aga in which it
jMs wnKeai .0aftbB«ettleinentr<^r this, the esaot. meaning of aeme
lapaftant pasaagea ia aaapeaded*'

Ilf, Mf aecond j«narh is, that we phoold expect j^aaoning prf>
stm^vefy, that there would be traoea of the MesfW^. w the. pld Tq»-
toaieatk. Ta thia co ^ sla si e ai-wftslywW jw^ J[)y.ttbf»i.w<|tka,gf icrea*
tianandJPredMeaoe.. JJghMfiftSiPgtfjMrf^npfNi.astJU^ tbe^nmaoog
Mbai)bed4> ThejeAyfaha ^.^ tlb^llttk^^ G^wA-

►in sctenae idanae»iiromsnni\yrjqpen»npea tbOfiwid

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ns Ung nn kJ\ ^ Mu I9n9,

itt Ihtir jMT^ tfHB. bii ial«gMIH«r^
Serenl diffisrent minds hftTe gfimptet €f it; Ihm it apiMtfi to «•-
oeitMd it atoMtt Ipti, tiU Ibmify h^^tMmi yHJealiairgrtjyilinn,
it ii >amittcii If i thn niTlrnr nf nrtiWittiiil ani itfiil Irtlhi &i
KkeaiMiier^ilMeoQMcf Diiwie FimMmm i* • OwiirtMiil— I,
IJMi kws whUk we ali r^eoini«> ig awBteig hit ijiijiiiiiiiii^ am
fmtiUly de^nelDpedy or iMvejHMkgiit BMn^<Mrileii dimetitt a^pagMi
^MUrtry* 8<w of tho mwarit of ¥il<i% tow of ll» jiidrtM iHi of
i4o% won ftdly. wetgniaed. tl wwiOP d B . lof ymts a^ bf* Cmt. vio
wwe nil fiMTSMd irilk ai wnMai melalioa. Tlio
«lMiiv>etf6fidfy4«fiifailiyviii*'klerfioplwlty^^ aoi i
Jbebva oad SobhhL ThetgroMiafileMnoCtlegri saeriia
kgr IfiMei^ Iwd ^ »aBif(nt.f;ei»t^ and bogin^^
oget^ Tiiebookof Oeaewoftaiiiajti* wgrB»tiwJoediofrtiMirtgimi
tibo*fM«irtftling pivMtplts of-Hio DmM* gvfonuMiit^^vtaiA maf-
gealiiM iiUiBiat&oat or pr^plMPatorj iMatti vuntf and Ante* lallj m«>
folded in tin lapse oea§CB« 8odie dottriaeaof ilie GhriitlMi sjiBtei,
Boi 'formal^ piopoonded ia the Goepel% are atttt inpl^

That it win be seen tliat God does not^ in anj of tl» dqMMrtmenls
of Ms works, conmoaioale tvatk soddeal j and ia nuisw TIm aikid
ivfll not bens aaj more tkan tke eyoy aa iastantaneoas oiUgeaot of
Bgtat Tke IKvine Eooaonrnt oonsnlts tire eonsHCatioa and waau of
kis croatom^ Henee wa skoold bo led to infer that ia the gfeat
eentral tmth of Roveli^ony tke mission and saerifioe of oar Lofd, ko
woaM not deviate fnom kis aecastomed^i asetkod^that he woald not
Mmrm iMs truth, which in faet binds together the sjstem, to be ro>
▼ealed at onoe in tke Cblness of time. It weuld be presupposed that
a doetrine, oa which the salratjon of the race dep ea d s d» would not bo
wrapped np in- mUm mystery 40(M^ yean* Some rvys woald transi-
pievoe the tUidi gloom to bo tke gnide aad oomfbrt of thofew who
were waiting for the Consolation of Israel.

Ill* My third remark is, that no «ilid objeetkm can be urged
against these MessMtnic predictions ftom the iuct that the great mass
of the ohtklren of Israel wtsre so prone to idolatry and wockUymioded«>
nets -^ had so little aptiiud$ Imt spiritaal truths, andealertMnedsaeh
gfoss ooaoeplioos^that we can hardly eappose that a doetrine a» holy,
so Av-romonrod ftoakthe senses as that of a reigaing>and atoning B^
d e eswi t,. reveafedi. Ifsaved-at all, they woald he saved, it
is aif^ bj a virtue whioh thay oould not iiaoogniee,!^ a pearisMm
ot whisk tkoy warn ns>BMeii\y igaotant, £vea4hedisc^le%taagkt

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fcyOMsDMiMrt; ir^M Uii iii li lb feroeive the ii^ed ^a^iy Messiaflio
-taterpoiWoiw >•*'-' ' -^J^- •■

Ib Onr^bjeetkN^ It^Warf betej^lM, there 'fts^iK^ vatidily, ereh
whentinted*^4nei«ly<wiiixi(»r, eafrthly grottnds. The iJhaEnictcr of
tlw nMM-of Ihe fcofrf«*<doe# not involve that of the favc^d few.
lii» m t M m t t h '^tuBj'^ht 'groMMdelflfef^ or imnfteined' in* iseitraalHrf ;
Moses^ Oateb^ Jofthi«a^<Snmiel^ni«yi4>e>ezeef tkmdj * 9^1^ It^fat Any
«faiM ihe'Mgbtwr btcaMe of' the feumnrndttig* dal^ktM^K Itief ai^
Ite motDlahv icpt on* whidi'ttie-gini'BbhieB^'wM&'ihci lolepveiifaig
v«lk3r»<ani ilied>*vdth fogs and* imt0.< ' Plodareh, Plttt#*aMl'CS«erb
are sot ibm nspreenrtatltee of the^Greeks «iid Bomans^ Thej dweN
i^avt «nd abft;*' T%etp wmdft were ^ftunfliar witb tntflM, which never
gtenoed' iq>0B those of ^ dieir' ooiiteHipaBarieft.i ••Metal and rellgicpitt
rtlytcto ^were* iSMniliar'to^'BaeDii,' Baa^r an d-Bo^ef wtfi<A ^erfr^a^*

men. There are^aiwasTV^^iA^eveiT'^iialiMi, iri^>8^tfiy>wiM have aa
aplilii^ior filaete ihr ^tfae^tevtiia w^Och^^

Bol iiii«Uiti<» to >thk Batui«diedpetk>ri
coantrymen, men like Moges, Samuel, David and Isaiah wefe-privi*
kged:^mlh aa e^raordioafjr i B am ii ialiom * Tbeff'inielMg8noe> and
elerataen of ehaiaoter maiiced them eat-as tike'deposHariee, in a eei^
tain aen6e^:0f^4he Dmao' aamaMHaioationS. Am- iAmmr^ ^kef m^^
feel, in ihefdefihs ;ef their^eQiMcioHmeee^ dwir need- of soiift bettetf
saerifiee for crd, thaathat thousande whidt- were'B&K)lBBg oo theitf
abarste SliU, Uieir eyea would never have, been dbrtoctsd io the reiga**
ki0 or atoBiag Messiah^ slain fvom ibefouaiatieB of the woi^ najew
the veil had been lifted «p by an umeen hand. Iikdream% io visieas
of the night) when deep sleep falfaith upon men, they fkoked ftur down
the Hoods of time and saw the star that was to eome oat of Judah^
ite little rim of light just gleaming on the bosom of those ioods.
The vision was supematutally illumiaated ; the message was a speeial

lY. My fourth remark is, that it is no objeo^n-to these Messianic
PDophedes, that they are often inserted in the midst of other topics ;
that the teaaskione io them and Jrom then are eicceedingly abrupt;
that they are aeparated only by an invisible thread fiXMn events which
oecurred hundreds of years bdbre, or were to happen ages aHer.
This is tlie manner of the inspiring Spirit^ with whom a thousand
years are as one day. This is the method of his inspired eervaatSt
the general prophetic law, as it is preeminently in accordance with
the geoias of Hebrew poetry. Thewriteris not oarefcl ta forewarn

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Uminarj CTpknatJoiy posaiUy wkhoot anj conii«cUdg tikMigfat, he
pas6e» in a iBomeal over long tracCt of hi^ry, gtendng onljr <m the
loftj emiiienoes^ eatkciy overlookn^ eirMtB wMck we ctSk irngbtj^
individoala who, we tfamk^ affeeM the deatfaries* of the worid, and
alightiog ea some gfeat era in the annab of the diitroh, or tome ca-
tastrophe that was to introdaoe a new dwpennlSon. In the midM of
an hutorical.nafrative or a didaotie diMNunon, tiieprophet, taktiig
the reader altogether hy smpnee^ leaps over epaee And thne, and
akatchea wkh a few bold sirdres the seaiee of the da^ (if Penteoosty

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