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Houses of brick that catch the sunlight's

Nor yet the work of carpentry. They dwelt
In hollowed holes, like swarms of tiny ants,
In sunless depths of caverns ; and they had
No certain signs of winter, nor of spring
Flower-laden, nor of summer with her fruits;
But without counsel fared their whole lifelong,
Until I showed the risings of the stars,
And settings hard to recognise. ^o And I
Found Number for them, chief device of all.
Groupings of letters, Memory's handmaid that,
And mother of the Muses. ^i And I first
Bound in the yoke wild steeds, submissive made
Or to the collar or men's limbs, that so
They might in man's place bear his greatest

toils ;
And horses trained to love the rein I yoked

See notes 30 and 31 on page f>6.

30 iprometbeus :©ounD

To chariots, glory of wealth's pride of state ; 32
Nor was it any one but I that found
Sea-crossing, canvas- winged cars of ships :
Such rare designs inventing ( wretched me ! )
For mortal men, I yet have no device
By which to free myself from this my woe.^^
Chor. Foul shame thou suflFerest : of thy

sense bereaved,
Thou errest greatly : and, like leech unskilled.
Thou losest heart when smitten with disease.
And know'st not how to find the remedies
Wherewith to heal thine own soul's sicknesses.
Prom. Hearing what yet remains thou'lt

wonder more.
What arts and what resources I devised :
And this the chief: if any one fell ill,
There was no help for him, nor healing food,
Nor unguent, nor yet potion ; but for want
Of drugs they wasted, till I showed to them
The blendings of all mild medicaments, 3 4
Wherewith they ward the attacks of sickness sore
I gave them many modes of prophecy ; ^s
And I first taught them what dreams needs

must prove
True visions, and made known the ominous

Full hard to know ; and tokens by the way,

See notes 32, 33, 34 and 35 on pages 66 and 67.

Ipromctbcus :fi3ounD 31

And fli

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Online LibraryAeschylusPrometheus bound → online text (page 2 of 4)