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Over the Gods. But lo ! I see at hand

See note 66 on page 70.

54 iprometbeua JBounD

The courier of the Gods, the minister

Of our new sovereign. Doubtless he has come

To bring me tidings of some new device.

Enter Hermes.

Herm. Thee do I speak to, — thee, the
teacher wise,
The bitterly o'er-bitter, who 'gainst Gods
Hast sinned in giving gifts to short-lived

men —
I speak to thee, the filcher of bright fire.
The Father bids thee say what marriage thou
Dost vaunt, and who shall hurl Him from his

might ;
And this too not in dark mysterious speech.
But tell each point out clearly. Give me not,
Prometheus, task of double journey. Zeus
Thou seest, is not with such words appeased.
Prom. Stately of utterance, full of haughti-
Thy speech, as fits a messenger of Gods.
Ye yet are young in your new rule, and think
To dwell in painless towers. Have I not
Seen two great rulers driven forth from

thence P^?
And now the third, who reigneth, I shall see
In basest, quickest fall. Seem I to thee

See note 67 on page 70,

prometbcus3 JGounD 55

To shrink and quail Ijcfore these ncw-niade

Gods ?
I'ar, very far from that am I. But thou,
Track once aj

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Online LibraryAeschylusPrometheus bound → online text (page 3 of 4)