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Bocas, on the Rio Pacaja, west of the
mouth of the Tocantins, Brazil.

^>^ iv^ /^Bidjagos h "^^7.^
Karakalpaks ^^a©

^l&<£ J > >^ 8 - 5/ 7^ aiksinUm

{m)oqkatsm^^) ^mm^

Sihasapa ^5^3©
Kara-Kirghiz ^^a©
Heh Miao ci [^ i;?'©
Ahnahaway ^ ^ a ©
Iquitos ^ — JSo

Menomeni ^^a©
Blackfeet ^ ^ a ©
Tsing Miao ^ M. a o

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Bodalkinago. See Comanche.
Bodo. See Kachari.
Bod-pa, the Tibetans proper in south-
ern central Tibet. See also Tibetans.

Boers, descendants of the early Dutch
immigrants to South Africi, espe-
cially in the Transvaal and Orange
River Colony; the name means
** farmer" in the Dutch language. •

Bogijiab, a subdivision of the
Andamanese (South Andaman

Bogobos, in northern Mindanao,
Philippine Islands.

Bogos, in Eritrea, the Italian Colony
on the Red Sea; call themselves

Bohanes, in Paraguay; now extinct.

Bohemians. See Czechs.

Bohr, on the right bank of the Bahr-

el-Jebel, an upper branch of the

Bohr a, in Slnd and Gujarat,

Bojig-Ngiji, a subdivision of the

Andamanese (South Andaman

Bojingijida, a subdivision of the

Andamanese (South Andaman

Boka, on the left bank of the Sac-
ramento River, California, U. S. A.
Bolepas, a subdivision of the Moxos.
Bollanos, north of San Francisco Bay,

California, U. S. A.
Bolo, in the basin of the Benue, a

tributary of the Niger, Africa.

Comanche ^^a©
Kachari ^^a©

Andamanese /> — jg^o (^^^/:•

Czechs ^^3©

Andamanese ^ -'M (ffl^/C/c*

Andamanese ^ — ]@| (lS^:)^/;*
Jt^S = {ix;^)o

Moxos ^ — j^o

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Boloven, a subdivision of the Moi.

Boluxes, in Louisiana, U. S. A.;
now extinct.

Bombarrabura, on the western shore
of Broad Sound, eastern Queens-
land; means "belonging to open
country," that is, the mainland
west of Broad Sound. (46)

Bom be, northwest of the Albert
Nyanza, Central Africa. Same as
Ba'mba ?

Bonack. See Bannock.

Bongo, in the region of the Bahr-el-
Ghazal (lat. 7° N.), an upper
brancli of the Nile, and between
the Niam-Niam and Dinka tribes;
called also Akuma by the Niam-
Niams, Dor by the Dinkas, and

Obong by the Shillooks.

Boni. Same as Waboni.

Bonjak, on the upper Sobat, a tri-
butary of the upper Nile.

Bonjo, on the upper Sangi, a tribu-
tary of the Congo.

Bonno, north cf Lake Budolf,
British East Africa.

Booca, a subdivision of the Cbiquitos.

Boonack. See Bannock.

Boorong, west of Lake Tyrrell,
northwestern Victoria.

Bor, a subdivision of the Dinka.

Borani, east of Luke Budolf, British
East Africa; called also Bevorana.

Borgu. Same as Burba.

Bornu, southwest of Lake Chad,

Moi ? —Mo

^tVH^-tt7*;^=^>^o Jib

^j > >^«:^ vlU^^;^ I t'

^^ Q Bamba = |sO •:> ?
Bannock ^A'=3o

mu^ V >>t'i 2, b LI ^ 1

r< 'I/O
Waboni = |^ -^o


Chiquitas ? — jBlo
Bannock ^ %'^ o

Dinka /-Mo

Bevorana h ^i^^ ^ /I/q
Barba - (^ i?o

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Bororos, on the head-waters of the

Tapajos, a tributary of the Amazon.

Boros, a subdivision of the Chiqui-


Borucas, a subdivision of the Tala-

Borumbeet Bulluk, near Lake Bnr-
rambeet, southern Victoria.

Bosjesman. See Bushmen.

Bosnians, in Bosnia.

Boso, in the southeastern part of

Bot, between the Dinka and
Bongo tribes, Africa.

Botocudos, in eastern part (about
lat. 15*^ S.) of Brazil; derived from
their habit of wearing the large
labret or hotoque (a Portuguese name
meaning " plug ") in orifices of their
lower lips and ears; call themselves
Nac-nanuk, Nac-poruc, "sons of
the soil" (according to some authors,
Bums); called also Ambures, Ay-
mores, Engerecmunk.

Bouayanan, in the interior of Pala-
wan, Philippine Islands; appears
to mean "crocodile men."

Boul-boul, on the eastern coast of

BOLirout. Same ns Burut. See Kara-

Boyaeli, in Kamerun, West

Boyar, in eastern India.

Chiquitos ? — j8^o
Talamancas ? — ]0^o

hVV^\ ifflBtifio
Boshmen ^^a©

i&'^S-T'lt 1 t I < I >
^^^\ ^ \t>^7 y) Yttf

Burut =- ^ •?'o Kara-Kirghiz

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Brabriwulong, in the eastern part
of Victoria.

Brabrolong, formerly, in the eastern
part of Victoria; now nearly

Brahuis, on the plateau in the north-
eastern part of Baluchistan.

Brakna, north of the lower Senegal,
West Africa.

Brang, a subdivision of the Land

Bre,- on the lower Sal win Kiver,

Bretons, in the old province of

Brittany in France ; also Britons.

Bribris, a subdivision of the Tala-

Britons, a name for the ancient
Celtic inhabitants of the island of
Britain; commonly applied by the
Knglish of the present day to

Brutes, a subdivision of the Teton.
Brun, a subdivision of the Moi.
Buandlk, on the southeastern coast

of South Australia.
Bubangi. See Bangi.
Buchtulan. See Durugmun.
Budukh, in the Caucasus.
Buduma, on the islands in Lake

Chad, Africa.
Bugaus, on the Kapuas Birer in the

western part of Dutch Borneo.
Buges, on the Jutay, a tributary of

the Amazon.
Bughi. See Bugi.
Bugi, in the southern part of Celebes;

also written Bughi or Biginese.

Land Dyak ? — ]8^o
Talamancas ? — jKo

Teton />-jKo
Moi /^-]Ko

Bangi ^l,3o
Durugmun ^^3©

: 1 a^t^o

M®li 3 i^i>* /^ 15515 :^ /v *'.^: I

Bugi ^M,3o

Ps »i/ 'C y^ o Bughi. Biginese

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Buginese. See Bugi

Buhuanos, in the province of Isabela,

Luzon, Philippine Islands; also

written Bujuanos.
Bujagos. Same as Bissagos.
Bujuanos. See Buhuanos.
Bukar, a subdivision of the Land

Bukeyevskaya. See Inner Horde.
BukidnoneSy in the eastern part of

Misamis, Mindanao, Philippine

Islands; called also Monteses, mean-
ing "dwellers in the mountains''

by the Spaniards; also written

Bukil, in the interior of Mindoro,

Philippine Islands; also written

Bulala, in the western part of

Wadai, Africa.
Bulalacaunos, in the interior of the

northern part of Palawan, and in
- the Calamianes, Philippine Islands..
Bulalli, in the Barrier Bange country

of New South Wales; derived from

bola, **a hill."
Buldam Pomo, on the western coast

of California, U. S. A.
Bulgarians, in Bulgaria and Eastern

Bulfom, in Sierra Leone, West

Buluan. Same as Bilanes.
Buluanes. Same as Bilanes.
Bumij, southeast of Chota Nagpore,

Bengal, India; means "children of

the soil ;" also Bhumij.

Bugi ^^So

Bujuanos h *e # ^ ©
Bissagos s^U^JU'o
Buhuanos i-Mj^o
Land Dyak ^ -]gto

Inner Horde ^^^a©

h /^^:^ V o Buquidnones >
Buquil h ^egj'^o

>^ g) 3 V )^ V -y =& /^ :^ y o

iri i: 1 o
Bilanes z^U ^S^o
Bilanes -j^ ^S^o

^j > ^^i- Vo Bhumij >

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Bunan, in the southeastern part of

Kashmir, India.
Bundah-wark-kani, on the eastern

coast of Victoria.
Bungananes, in the provinces of

Nueva Vizcaya and Isabela of

Luzon, Philippine Islands.
Bungoh. See Sibungo.
Buntamurra, in southern Queensland.
Bunurong, on the coast from the

Werribee River to Anderson^s Inlet,

southern Victoria.
Bunut, a subdivision of the Maloh

Bunyau Maloh, a subdivision of the

Maloh Dyak.
Buquidnones. See Bukidnones.
Buquil. See Bukil.
Buquitnon, in the mountains in

Negros, Philippine Islands; means

"mountaineers"; distinguished from

Buquidnones or Bukidnones.

Bura-bura, south of the junction

of the rivers Ijoddon and Murray,

Burais, on the Amazon, below the

mouth of the Madeira.
Burappa, on the Loddon, a tributary

of the Murray, Victoria.
Burgundians, a Germanic tribe who

founded the kingdom of Burgundy

in the beginning of the 5th century.
Burhwundeitch, in the western part

of Victoria.
Bliriats, in the district surrounding

Lake Baikal, Siberia; also Buryats.

Sibungo ^^3©

Maloh Dyak ^ -jKo

Maloh Dyak ^ -JKo

Bukidnones ^^Sq
Bukil 9^3o

Buquidnones X J^ Bukid-
nones > H ;7, ;i/ =e /^ > >» R ;!/

;i/ =t / o Buryats > ^^pi^

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Buribura, north of ihe lower Fitz-
roy River, Queensland; means

" belonging to eels."

Buricas, in the interior of Costa Rica.

Burmese, in the southern part of
Upper Burma; called also Mram-

Bursa, a subdivision of the Gond.

Burus. See Botocudos.

Burut. See Kara-Kirghiz.

Buryats. See Buriats.

Bus, on both sides of the Tocantins,

Busaos, a subdivision of the Igorrotes.

Bushmen, in Cape Colony and in
the Kalahari Desert. The term is
the English translation of Bo^es-
marij a Dutch word meaning " man
of the bush"; call themselves
Khuai or Khwai, "men"; and
also called SAn or Saan, "aborigi-
nes" (in the singular, Sa or Sfi,b)
by the Hottentots, Abatua or
Abatwa by the Amaxosa, Barua by
the Basutos, and Makantu by the

Busquipanes. See Capanahuas.

Butchabura, on the eastern coast of

Queensland (about lat. 22°-23° S.);
means " belonging to Butcha."

Bute, a subdivision of the Mbum.
Buthera-baluk, on the Goulburn, a
tributary of the upper Murray,
central Victoria.
Bwai. See Bghai.
Byor, a subdivision of the Nuer.
Byyanzi. See Bayansi.

8B=i(£;:^ fu^^o VhVk b

Gond ^ —Mo
Botocudos i-H^o
Kara-Kirghiz ^ 5^ ^ o
Buriats ^^^a©

Tgorrotes / — ffllo

$ I^('"JgRJ^«*ft^

Capanahuas ^^a©

,1/) = it ^^ tl^^^o Jlfcig >^
TButcha i|B^»'V^/^j Y^

Mbum y — jBlo

Bghai ^^Bio
Nuer /-Mo
Bayansi ^^a©

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Cabacabas, between the Japura and
its tributary the Apoporis, Colombia.

Cabaros, on the Tocantius River,

Cabecars, a subdivision of the Tala-

Cabinas, a subdivision oftheMoxos.

Cabinda, north of the lower Congo.

Cabiunes, on the Apoporis, a tribu-
tary of the Japura, Colombia.

Cabres. See Caveres.

Cacalotes, on the left bank of the
Rio Grande, Texas, U. S. A.

Cachibos. See Cashibos.

Cachien. See Chingpaw.

Cackchiquels. Same as Cakchiquels.

Caddo, about 1825, in northwestern
Louisiana and eastern Texas, U.S.A.,
now in the Indian Territory. They
call themselves Cadodaquio or Kado-
hadacho. They are also called
Dashai (Witch ita name), Masep
(Kiowa name meaning "pierced
noee "), Nashonit (Comanche name),
and Otas-itaniuw (Cheyenne name
meaning pierced-nose people"), (si)

Cadioeos, in Paraguay.

Cadiques, in Paraguay; now ex-

Cafflr. See Kaffir.

Caflr. See Kaffir.

Cafuanas, on the Japura, a tributary
of the Amazon.


Talamancas ^ — 9lo
Moxos -^— IRo

:^rl jBfr«>^*^o

Caveres ^^Sq

Cashibos 9M.^o
Chingpaw ^^9o
Cakchiquels = 13 •?'o

ui i:i (: I J^^^ ip)

If f)C*:>v>-tt-fe-y=ey>o ^>^

Kaffir i-^'^o
Kaffir ^Aso


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Cagayanes, on the Bio Grande de
Cagajan, Luzon, Philippine Is-
lands ; called also Ibang.

Cahita, south of the Kio Yaqui,
Sonora, Mexico.

Cahrocs, on the upper Klamath
Kiver, northern California, U. S. A.;

also Karoks.
Cahuaches, a subdivision of the Ji-

varos. ^

Cahuayapitis, on the Kio Negro, an

affluent of the Amazon.
Ca hull la, in southern California,

U. S. A.
Cahuimet, in Sinaloa and Sonora,

Cailloux. Same as Cayuse.
Caimanes, on the northern coast of

Panama ; also Caomanes.
Caiptorades, a subdivision of the

Caishanas, on the Tocantins Kiver,

Cakaudrove, a subdivision of the

CakchiqueU, in central Guatemala.
Cakokiam, on the northwestern

coast of Washington, U. S. A.
Calaganes, on the Casilaran Creek in

Bay of Davao of Mindanao, Phi-
lippine Islands.
Calapooya, on the Willamette, a

tributary of the lower Columbia,

Oregon, U. S. A.; also written

Calauas, in the valleys of the Kio

Chico de Cagayan, Luzon,

Philippine Islands.

^^^7.)V^? f, Karoks >
Jivaros J — jKo

fe ^ y ;&»^*® ;t)*^J x^^ 3 1: fe

Cayuse - |g p^

Caomanes > ^e^;'*©
Chiquitos ? — JKo

Fijians ? -*%o
puya > =B#7;o

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Calchaquis, formerly in northwestern

Argentina; now extinct.
Calibuganes, a mixed tribe of Moros

and Siibanos in western Mindanao,

Philippine Islands.
Calipoa. Same as Calapooja.
Cah'spell, in Washington, U. S. A.
Callagaes. See Abipones.
Callahpoewah. Same as Culapooja.
Callapipa. Same as Calapooja.
Callapooha. Same as Calapooya.
Callisecas. See Cashibos.
Calmuck8. See Kalmucks.
Ca ma can 8, in the region of the

upper and middle San Francisco

River, eastern Brazil.
Camaguras, in Matto Grosso,

Camanche. See Comanche.
Camavos, on the Marafion, the upper

part of the Amazon.
Cam be as, on the southwestern coast

of Peru.
Cambebas. See Omaguas.
Cambevas. Same as Cambebas. See

Cambocas, on the bay east of the

mouth of the Tocantins, Brazil.
Cambodians, in Cambodia; call

themselves Khmer; also written

Campas, on the upper Ucayali, Peru;

also called Antis.

Camuangas. Same as Gamungan or

Gamunanganes ?
Camuchiros, at the mouth of the Napo,

an upper branch of the Amazon.

Calapooya - 1^ ^JI^q

Abipones ^5i^o
Calapooya - 1^ •:5'o
Calapooya ^ ^ j?©
Calapooya - 1^ -^o
Cashibos ^^^a©
Kalmucks ^^a©


Comanche Tf-fl^a©

Omaguas ^31.3©

Cambebas zi^::^^ Omaguas ^

)^^>VSfTo Kambojians >

^=^i^:^ ii/'^y o Antis h =e
Gamungan ^ >n Gamunanganes

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Camucones, in the Salu Islands of
the Philippines.

Camutas, on the left bank of the
Tocantins, Brazil; now nearly ex-

Canaanites, name of a tribe in Pales-
tine mentioned very frequently in
the Old Testament.

Canacures, a subdivision of the Mo-

Canamarys, in the eastern part of

Canapeis, a subdivision of the Coli-

Canar, in northern Peru; now ex-

Canarese, in Hyderabad and
Mysore, India; also written

Canaris, formerly, on the Gulf of

Guayaquil, Ecuador.
Can as, in southern Peru.
Canasgordas, in the western part of

Cauca, Colombia.
Canawarys, on the Pur us, a tributary

of the Amazon.
Cancon,. in California, U. A. S.

Canee, in Texas, U. S. A.
Cangaparangas, on the Madeira, a

tributary of the Amazon.
Cangenjes. ^ame as Barotse.
Canichanas. See Canicianas.
Canicianas, a subdivision of the

Maxos; also written Canichanas,

Canisianas. See Canicianas.


Moxos ^ —Mo

^z> i ^S8Bo

Colimas / —Mo
W - tt^ ii/ ^ ^ o^anarese h



t>^')ii*^^mx^ §t«o

Barotse -l3i:?'o
Canicianas ^^a©
Moxos ^ — Mo Canichanas.
Canisianas > ^#-7»o

Canicianas i-^^o

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Cantabrians, an ancient people of

northern Spain.
Caomanes. See Gaimanes.
Capanahuas, on the Ucajali, an upper

branch of the Amazon ; called also

Capeohenes, on the Aquiry, an upper

branch of the Purus, western Brazil.
Caquesios. Same as Caquetios.
Caquetios, on the coast of

Venezuela from Caracas City
to Lake Maracaibo at the

beginning of the 16th century.

They were early enslaved and des-
troyed by the Spaniards.
Carabisis, in Venezuela.
Carabuyanas, on the lower Amazon.
Caracaras, on the western side of

the Parana, Argentina, in the 16th

century ; now extinct.
Caracas, formerly, near the city of

Caracas, Venezuela; as a tribe they

were probably destroyed before the

end of the 16th century.
Caracatas, on the upper Uruguay

and Parana, southeastern Brazil.
Carahiahys; on the Rio Negro, an

affluent of the Amazon.
Carahos, on the Tocantins Biver,

Carajahis, about Salinas, a town of

Goyaz, Brazil.
Carajas, in western Goyaz, Brazil.
Caramantas, in the western part of

Cauca, Colombia.
Carancas, south of Lake Titicaca,

soutliern Peru ; also Karankas.

Carankaway, on the coast of Texas,
U. S. A.

Caimanes ^^Sq

Busquipanes > '^M'^ ^ f^o
Caquetios = 1^ s:?'©

ffl;)&-tt^'»''S^o Karankas

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Carapaches. Sec Cashibos.
Carapanas, on the Rio Negro, a

tributary of the Amazon.
Carataimas, on the Cauca River,

Carayas, on the Kio Araguaya,

Carayu, southeast of Ankober, a

town of Abysfiinia.
Carcanas, on the Jurua, a tributary

of the upper Amazon; also

Carchas, in Nicaragua ; also written

Cariayos, on tlie Rio Negro, an

affluent of the Amazon.
Caribs, on the northern coast of

South America ; derived from Caribd

or Carina, the name by which

they call themselves, meaning

" people."
Carijonas, on the head-waters of the

Caqueti River, Colombia.
Cariniacos, on the lower Orinoco,

Caripunas, in the region of the Rio

Negro, an affluent of the Amazon ;

distinguished from the other tribe

of the same name.
Caripunas, near the cataracts of the

Madeiia, Brazil; means " white men

of the water " in the Tupi lan-
guage; call themselves Mannu.
Cariris, in central Brazil; also written

Carolanos, in tlie mountainous lands

of Negros, Philippine Islands.

Cashibos ^'•A^o

^fBf# - ("fc ^» 'I' =ti y^ oCiuianas

[Zt)^h C^^^ft'i 'i'=e/o Cuk-
ras h -^p-k ^ >Uo

V -y =B >> - i/ r •■ ARj > ^

Jt^» 1 Mif ro

Kiriris h "^^^^q

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Carquin, formerly south of Carquinez
Straits, Califoruia, U. S. A.

Carrier. See TacuUi.

Carrizas, sonth of the lower Rio
Cirande, Mexico; called also Come-
crudo (said to mean "raw eaters"
ill allusion to their practice of
cannibalism) or Garzas.

Cartujanos. See Catajanos.

Carusanas, on the Guainia and
Inirida rivers, southeastern Colom-

Casamarcas, on the head- waters of
the Marafion, the upper part of the

CashiboSjOnthewestsideof the Ucay-
ali, as well as the head-waters of the
Pisqui and Aguaytya rivers, Peru;
means ** hat " ; called also Callisec i,
Carapaches. Also written Cachibos,

. Kassivos.

Castilians, in New Castile, central

Cat. See Krie.

Catabangenes. See Catubanganes.

Catacaos, on the upper Piura River,
northwestern Peru.

Catajanos, south of the lower Rio

Grande, Mexico; also Cartujanos.

Cataka. See Nadiisha-dena.

CatalaneSi in Catalonia and Valencia,
Spain, and the Balearic Islands and
a point on the western coast of
Sardinia; also Catalonians.

Catalanganes, on the Catalangan
River, Isabela, Luzon, Philippine

Taculli ^^'t3o

•^ /^ - i/r'


y^i- V >57) ^'^:t)*.5, $'
Catajanos ^^9©

^If ^;t > =t flf ^<'V^ C.ichi-
bos. Kassivos h ^%7-o

Erie ^ ^ a ^

Catubanganes 5^ M. ^ o

^h 1 >^B4bSK^ '^C^ \ i \ h

yM:)j-^^-^^'^ ^ o Cartu-
j inos h =B g ^» o
Nadiisha-dena ^^Sq

;!/ «e /^ o^atalonians > =e ^\7. ^

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Catalonians. See Catalanes.

Catauixis, on the Punis and Jurua,
tributaries cf the Amazon ; also

Catawba, on the Catawba reservation,
South Carolina, U. S. A.; also
written Cuttawa.

Cathlamet, a subdivision of the Chi-

Cathlapooya. Same as Calapooya.

Catianas, on tlie Purus, a tributary
of the Amazon.

Catios, east of the Atrato River,
northwestern Colombia.

Cattle Damara. See Ovaherero.

Catubanganes, on the mountains of
Guinnyangan, Tayabas, Luzon, Phi-
lippine Islands; also Catabangenes.

Catuquinas, on the Jurua, a tributary
of the Amazon.

Cauanas. See Carcanas.

Cauaxis, on the Jurua and Jutay,
tributaries of the Amazon.

Caucasians. I. A collective name for
peojiles in the Caucasus; of which
the chief ones are Abkhasians,
Chechens, Circassians, Georgians,
Khevsurs, Lesghians, Mingrelians,
and Ossetians, etc.
2. A name given to one of the
races of mankind, including tribes
and peoples nearly in the whole of
Euro|ie (except the domains of the
Finns, Magyars, and Turks, etc.),
western Asia and India, and nor-
thern and eastern Africa; of which
the main divisions are Arabs, Ar-

Catalanes ^^3©

^ n (J: t; ;i/ =1: / o Quatausis

Chinook y —Mo
Calapooya - ^ jJVq

Ovaherero ^Mj^o
Carcanas ^ X. ^ o

3*-r I ^- 5 1 *' L^A- Cto

^iX)»-tt^. 'I trMTR

5^ :^ ;^ «B ^ >N fc P) j;. ft a j6

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menians, Basques, Bedouins, Beja,
Berbers, Chechens, Circassians, Egy-
ptians, English, French, Galla, Ge-
orgians, Germans, Greeks, Hindus,
Italians, Jews, Letts, Lithuanians,
Persians, Poles, Russians, Scotch,
Somali, Spaniards, Tibbu, etc The
term was given by Blumenbach, a
skull of a Georgian woman which
he had obtained from the Caucasus
haying been considered as the proper
representative of the skull type of
this group of men.

Cauiaris, on the Japura, a tributary
of the Amazon.

Cauixanas, on the Japura, a tribu-
tary of the Amazon.

Caupezes, in Matto Grosso, Brazil.

Cauxanas, between the Putumayo and
the Japura, tributaries of the Ama-

Caveres, on the upper Orinoco, South
America; also Cabres.

Cavifias, on a tributary of the Beni,
an upper branch of the Madeira,
northern Bolivia; said to be the
same with Araonas.

Cayababas, a subdivision of the

Cayanas, on the Madeira, a tributary
of the Amazon.

Cayapas, on the river of the same
name in Ecuador.

Cayapos, in southern Goyaz, Brazil.

Cayovas, on the Tapajos, Brazil.

Cayowas. See Cayuabas.

Cayuabas, on the upper Madeira,

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Cayuabas ^^^o

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a tributary of the Amazon; also

Cayuga. See Kiowa.

Cayuga, south of Lake Ontario,
U. S. A. ; derived from their own
name Gwe-u-gweh-o-no, " people of
the mucky land,'* referring to the
marsh at the foot of Caiyuga Lake.

Cay use, chiefly near the mouth of
the River Walla Walla, northeas-
tern Oregon, U. S. A.

Cayuvavas, in northern Bolivia.

Cazcanes, in central Mexico.

Cebola. See Zuni.

Cebuny, in the island of Cuba.

Celtiberians, an ancient people in
Celtiberia (modern southwestern
Aragon and the greater part of
Soria, Cuenca, and Burgos in Spain).

Celts, a collective name for the Bre-
tons, Irish, Manx, ;md Welsh.
Formerly they occupied the western
part of the European Continent and
the British Islands.

Ceris, in western Sonora, Mexico.

Chabaranas, in Paraguay.

Chacato. See Choctaw.

Chachapuyas, on the Maranon, the
upper part of the Amazon.

Chachyen. See Chingpaw.

Chacobas, on the Rio Mamore, an
upper brancli of the Madeira,
northern Bolivia.

Chacopatas, in Venezuela.

Chactaw. See Choctaw.

Chagaragotos. See Chirigotos.

Chagnan, on the southern slopes of
the Hindu Kush, Afghanistan.

yowas ^^#^»o
Kiowa ^^3o

Uwe-u-gweh-o-no a V S V v' =B
Zuni ^5.3©

Choctaw ^Mi^o

h^^kM^ ±^ ^ /I' Jt f»
Chingpaw =i'^^o

Choctaw ^^3o
Chirigotos 9 ^^ o

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Chahrarat. See Dakota.

Chahta. See Choctaw.

Chai, on the upper Sohat, an upper
branch of the Nile.

Chaimas. Same as Chaymas.

Chainimaini, on the lower King's
Eiver, California, U. S. A.

Chakalmati, on the eastern coast of
Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Chakar, in southern Mongolia; also
written Khakar, Shakar, Tsakhar,

Chakmani, on the upper Kuram, a
tributary of the Indus, India.

Chak-pa, in central Tibet.

Chakuvukuvum, a subdivision of the

Chalikata Mishmis, on the Dibong,
one of the chief head streams of the
Brahmaputra, India. The word
Chalikata means " crop-haired,"
deriving from their habit of cropp-
ing the hair on the fore head.

Chalone, in California, U. S.

Cham. See Chiam.

Chamba, in Kamerun, West

Chanfikanni, on the upper Kuram, a
tributary of the Indus, India.

Cham-pa, in western Tibet.

Chanabal, in Guatemala.

Chanas. See Chanes and Guayanas.

Chancas, near Huanta, a town of the
department of Ayacucho, Peru.

Chancos, near Trnxillo, a town of
the department of Libertad, Peru.

Dakota ^5i'=3o
Choctaw 9^'^o

Chaymas ='^t>o

>'J^:^Vo Khakar. Shakar.
Tsakhar. Tshakar h =0^^,^

Paiwan j ~'Mo

Chiam f^-^o

Chanes J^t* Guayanas ^^Hq

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Chane. ?ee Chowee.

Chaneabal, in eastern Chiapas,

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