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~cluvis~, S3; ~clawes~, claws of bird, C2. - AS. _cláwu_, hoof;
cp. Icel. _klauf_, see Weigand (s.v. _klaue_).

~Clawen~, _v_. to scratch, stroke, MD; ~clowe~, to scratch,
PP. _Phr_.: ~to claw the back~, to flatter, S3. _Comb_.: ~claw-back~,
_sb_. flatterer, sycophant, Cotg. (s.v. _flateur_).

~Cleche~, _sb_. hook, MD; ~cleek~, HD.

~Clechen~, _v_. to seize, MD, HD; ~cleke~, MD; ~cleikis~, _pr. s_.,
S3; ~clahte~, _pt. s_., MD; ~claucht~, _pp_., MD.

~Cled~, _pt. s_. clothed, S3; see ~Clothen~.

~Clee~, _sb_. hoof, W2. - AS. _cléo_. See ~Claw~.

~Clef~, _pt. s_. split, S2; see ~Cleuen~.

~Clei~, _sb_. clay, W2, MD; ~cley~, Prompt.; W (John 9.6),
Voc. - AS. _clæg_.

~Clemen~, _v_. to plaster with clay, to, daub, to smear, MD, S2;
~clemyd~, _pp_., glued, H. - AS. _clæ*man_, from _clám_, clay.

~Clenchen~, _v_. to clench, seize, PP; to twang the harp, S;
~clenten~, _pt. pl_., embraced, S; ~cleynt~, _pp_., fixed,
MD. - Cp. OHG. _klenken_ (in _in-klenken_), to fasten (Otfrid).

~Clene~, _adj_. clean, MD, S; _adv_. entirely, _penitus_, MD, S, S2;
~clenner~, _comp_., W2. - AS. _clæ*ne_; cp. OHG. _kleini_, fine,
tender, _kleino_, 'penitus' (Otfrid).

~Clengen~, _v_. to cling, S2; see ~Clingen~.

~Clenlich~, _adj_. cleanly, MD; ~clenliche~, _adv_. purely, S;
~clanlych~, S2; ~clennlike~, S; ~clenli~, entirely,
S. - AS. _clæ*nlic_.

~Clennes~, _sb_. purity, S2; ~clennesse~, W2; ~clenesse~,
S. - AS. _clæ*nnis_.

~Clensien~, _v_. to cleanse, MD; ~clansi~. S; ~clennsenn~, S;
~y-clense~, S3. - AS. (_ge) clæ*nsian_, see Sievers, 185.

~Clensinge~, _sb_. cleansing, S.

~Cleo~; see ~Clyffe~..

~Clepen~, _v_. to call, S2, C2, W, W2; ~clepien~, S; ~cleopien~, S;
~clupien~, MD,S2 ~cleopede~, _pt. s_., S; ~clupede~, S; ~clepide~, S2,
W; ~clepte~, S2; ~clepud~, S2; ~clepet~, S2; ~clepit~, S3;
~i-cleopet~, _pp_., S; ~i-cleped~, S; ~y-clepud~, S2; ~y-cleped~, C3;
~cleped~, S2, C2; ~clept~, S2; ~y-clept~, C3; ~iclepet~, S2;
~icluped~, S2; ~iclyped~, S3. - AS. _cleopian_.

~Clepyng~, _sb_. a calling, W.

~Clere~, _adj_. clear, bright, glorious, C2 W, W2; ~cleer~, MD;
~cler~, MD; ~clier~, MD. - AF. _cler_; Lat. _clarum_.

~Clerenesse~, _sb_. brightness, W; ~cleernes~, C3.

~Clerete~, _sb_. brightness, W.

~Clergeon~, _sb_. a chorister, little priest, young scholar, MD,
C2. - AF. _clergeon_; cp. Sp. _clerizon_ (Minsheu).

~Clergial~, _adj_. learned, C3; ~clergealy~, _adv_. in clerkly wise,

~Clergie~, _sb_. (1) the clergy, (2) the clerical profession, (3)
book-learning, MD; ~clargy~, H. - OF. _clergie_: Sp. _clerecia_,
clergy; Late Lat. _clericia_, the clergy, learning; see Constans.

~Clerk~, _sb_. clergyman, scholar, secretary, C2; ~clerc~, S, MD;
~clerkes~, _pl_., S, C2, C3, P; ~clerekes~, S; ~clerken~, _gen. pl_.,
S2. - OF. _clerc_ (AF. _clerk_); Church Lat. _clericum_ (acc.);
Gr. [Greek: klaerikhos] from [Greek: kgaeros] a lot, in eccl. writers,
the clergy.

~Cler-matin~, _sb_. a kind of corn for grinding, MD, S2, PP.

~Cleue~, _sb_ dwelling, bedroom, bed, MD, S; ~kleue~,
MD. - AS. _cléofa_, a recess, den, bed, chamber; cp. Icel. _klefi_, a
closet, bedroom.

~Cleuen~, _v_. to split asunder, MD, P; ~cleoue~, MD; ~cleues~,
_pr. s_., S; ~claf~, _pt. s_., MD; ~clef~, MD, S2; ~cleef~, MD;
~clevede~, G; ~clouen~, _pl_., S2; ~clofenn~, _pp_., S; ~cloue~,
W. - AS. _cléofan_, pt. _cléaf_ (pl. _clufon_), pp. _clofen_.

~Cleuen~, _v_. to cleave, adhere, MD, W2, PP; ~cliuyn~, Prompt.;
~cliuen~, S; ~clyuen~, PP; ~cliued~, _pt. s_., S; ~cleuede~, W2. - AS,
_clifian (cleofian)_; OHG. _klebên_ (Otfrid).

~Cleuering~, _pr. p_. clinging, holding on by claws, S3. See ~Cliuer~.

~Cleynt~, _pp_. fixed, MD; see ~Clenchen~.

~Clicche~; see ~Clochen~.

~Cliket~, _sb_. a kind of lock or fastening, PP, CM; ~clyket~, PP,
Voc.; ~clykyt~, Voc. - OF. _cliquette_ (Bartsch), from _cliquer_, to
click, snap; cp. Low Lat. _cliquetus_.

~Cliketed~, _pp_. fastened with a latch, PP.

~Climben~, _v_. to climb, MD; ~clymben~, C2; ~clam~, _pt. s_., S2, MD;
~clamb~, C2; ~clomb~, MD; ~clomben~, _pp_., C; ~clombe~,
C2. - AS. _climban_, pt. _clamb_ (pl. _clumbon_); pp. _clumben_.

~Clingen~, _v_. to shrivel up, wither, to cling, MD, S, ND, Sh;
~clengen~, S2; ~clyngen~, S2; ~clang~, _pt. s_., MD; ~clonge~, _pl_.,
MD; ~clungen~, _pp_., MD. - AS. _clingan_, pt. _clang_ (pl. _clungon_),
pp. _clungen_.

~Clippe~; see ~Cluppen~.

~Clippen~, _v_. to clip, shear, S, C2, MD. - Icel. _klippa_.

~Cliue~, _sb_. cliff, S; see ~Clyffe~.

~Cliuen~, _v_. to cleave, adhere, S; see ~Cleuen~.

~Cliuer~, _adj_. eager, sharp, MD, SkD.

~Cliuer~, _sb_. claw, S; ~clivres~, _pl_., S. - AS. _clifer_.

~Clobbed~, _adj_. like a club, rough, C2; ~clubbed~, MD. See ~Clubbe~.

~Cloche~, _sb_. claw, PP; ~cloke~, HD; ~cluke~, S3 (s.v. _cat_), JD;
~cleuck~, JD; ~clokis~, _pl_., H.

~Clochen~, _v_. to clutch, PP; ~clucchen~, PP, HD, SkD; ~clouche~, PP;
~clycchen~, PP; ~clicche~, PP.

~Clocken~, _v_. to limp, hobble, PP; ~clokke~, PP. - OF. _cloquer
(clocher)_, to limp (Cotg.), also _cloper_: Prov. _clopchar_; Low
Lat. *_cloppicare_, from _cloppus_; see Diez (P. 550).

~Clodde~; see ~Clot~.

~Clofenn~; see ~Cleuen~.

~Cloister~, _sb_. cloister, MD; ~cloistre~, C3; ~cloystre~, C;
~cloystyr~, Prompt. - AF. _cloister_ OF. _cloistre_
(F. _cloître_). Cf. ~Clauster~.

~Cloisterer~, _sb_. cloister-monk, C2.

~Clom~, _sb_. silence, S2; see ~Clum~.

~Clomben~, _pp_. climbed, C; see ~Climben~. [Addition]

~Clomsen~, _v_. to be benumbed, stupified, PP, H. See ~Clum~.

~Clomstnes~, _sb_. numbness, fixedness, H.

~Cloos~, _adj_. close, C3; ~clos~, MD. - AF. _clos_, closed, pp. of
_clore_; Lat. _claudere_.

~Clos~, _sb_. an enclosure, a locked-up place, MD; ~cloos~, Prompt.,
S2; ~cloyss~, S3.

~Closen~, _v_. to close, to enclose, MD. - From AF. _clos_, pp;
Lat. _clausum_. See ~Cloos~.

~Closter~, _sb_. cloister, MD; see ~Clauster~.

~Closures~, _sb. pl_. enclosures, fastenings, S3.

~Closyngis~, _sb. pl_. gates, W2.

~Clot~, _sb_. a clod, MD; ~clotte~, Cath.; ~clodde~, Prompt., Palsg.,
Manip.; ~clottes~, _pl_., lumps, S2; ~clottis~, W2. See Weigand
(s.v. _kloss_).

~Clote~, _sb_. burdock, Voc., MD, Prompt., Alph.; ~cloote~,
MD. - AS. _cláte_.

~Clote-bur~, _sb_. burr of the burdock, C3.

~Clote-leef~, _sb_. leaf of the burdock, C3.

~Cloteren~, _v_. to clot, coagulate, Prompt.; ~cloderen~, Prompt.;
~clothred~, _pp_., C.

~Cloth~, _sb_. cloth, clothing, S, S2; ~cloþe~, S2; ~cloþt~, S2;
~clað~, S; ~claðes~, _pl_., S; ~cloðes~, S. - AS. _cláð_.

~Clothen~, _v_. to clothe, S; ~claðen~, S; ~cled~, _pt. s_., S3;
~cloðeden~, _pl_., S2; ~y-clothed~, _pp_., PP; ~y-clad~, C3; ~cled~,

~Cloude~,, _sb_. a mass of rock, a hill, clod, S2, MD; ~clude~, MD;
~clowdys~, _pl_., MD (s.v. _clot_); ~cluddis~, masses of cloud, S3;
~cloudis~, H (Ps. 67. 37). - AS. _clúd_.

~Clout~, _sb_. clout, rag, W; ~clowt~, C3; ~clutes~, _pl_., S;
~cloutes~, S2, S3, C3; ~clowtes~, S2. - AS. _clút_ (OET.).

~Clouten~, _v_. to patch, mend, S3; ~clou3*-*tand~, _pr. p_., S2;
~clouted~, _pp_., provided with an iron plate, S3.

~Cloue~, _pp_. split, W; see ~Cleuen~.

~Clowe~, _v_. to scratch, P; see ~Clawen~.

~Clowe~, _sb_. a clove, pink, Prompt.; ~clowes~, _pl_.,
MD. - OF. _clou, clo_, a nail; Lat. _clauum_ (acc.).

~Clow-gilofre~, _sb_. a clove-gilly-flower, C2; ~clowe-gylofres~,
_pl_., S2. - AF. _cloue de gilofre_. See ~Geraflour~.

~Clubbe~ _sb_. club, MD; ~clobbe~, MD. - Icel. _klubba_, _klumba_.

~Clubbed~, _adj_. club-shaped, rough, MD, Prompt.; ~clobbed~, C2.

~Clucche~, _v_. to clutch, PP; see ~Clochen~.

~Cluddis~, _sb. pl_. masses of cloud, S3; see ~Cloude~.

~Cluke~; see ~Cloche~.

~Clum~, _sb_. stillness, silence, MD, CM; ~Clom~, S2.

~Clumsen~, _v_. to be benumbed, stupified, MD; ~clomsen~, PP;
~clomsed~, _pp_., set fast, H; ~clumst~, H; ~clumsyd~, 'enervatus',

~Clumst-hede~, _sb_. numbness, H.

~Clupien~, _v_. to call, S2; see ~Clepen~.

~Cluppen~, _v_. to embrace, S, MD; ~clyppe~, S2; ~clippe~, S2, MD;
~cleppen~, MD; ~clupte~, _pt. s_., S. - AS. _clyppan_.

~Cluster-loc~, _sb_. enclosure, S. - AS. _clúster-loc_. See

~Clute~; see ~Clout~.

~Cluvis~, _sb. pl_. hoofs, S3; see ~Claw~.

~Clyffe~, _sb_. cliff, MD; ~clyfe~, MD; ~cliue~, _dat_., S; ~cleoue~,
MD; ~cleo~, S; ~cliues~, _pl_., MD; ~cleues~, MD. - AS. _clif_ (OET),
pl. _cleofu_, _cliofu_; see Grein, Sievers, 241.

~Clymbare~, _sb_. climber, S3.

~Clymben~, _v_. to climb, C2; see ~Climben~.

~Clyngen~, _v_. to wither, to shrink, S2; see ~Clingen~.

~Cnawen~, _v_. to know, S; see ~Knowen~.

~Cnawlechen~, _v_. to acknowledge, MD.

~Cnawlechunge~, _sb_. acknowledgment, S.

~Cnelinng~, _sb_. kneeling, S.

~Cneowe~, _sb. dat_. knee, S; see ~Kne~.

~Cniht~, _sb_. knight, S; see ~Kni3*t~.

~Cnotted~, _pp_. knotted, S; ~i-knotted~, S; see ~Knotte~.

~Cnouwe~, _sb. dat_. knee, S; see ~Kne~.

~Cnowen~, _v_. to know, S; _pp_., S2; see ~Knowen~.

~Co-arten~, _v_. to compel, constrain, HD; ~coarted~, _pp_.,
S3. - Lat. _co-arctare_, to constrain, compress.

~Cocatrice~, _sb_. a serpent ( = Lat. _basiliscus_ = Heb. _pethen_, an
adder or cobra), W2; ~cocatryse~, _basiliscus_, _cocodrillus_,
Prompt.; ~kokatrice~, MD; ~cockatrice~, WW. - OF. _cocatriz_,
crocodile: Sp. _cocadriz_, basilisk, cocatrice
(Minsheu). Cp. ~Cokedrill~.

~Cocke~, _sb_. in _phr_.: ~by cocke~ (a profane oath), S3, ND; ~by
cock~, Sh.; ~Cock's pas-*sion~, Sh.; ~Cox my passion~, Sh; ~by cock
and pie~, Sh., ND, SkD (s.v. _pie_); ~for cokkes bones~, C3; ~for
cocks body~, 'de par Dieu,' Palsg. - Cp. Grimm, p. 15 (_n_.).

~Cocow~; see ~Cukkow~.

~Cod~, _sb_. cod, pod, husk, MD; ~codde~, Prompt., Palsg.; ~coddis~,
_pl_., W. - AS. _codd_, bag (Mark 6. 8).

~Cod~, _sb_. pillow, Cath., MD; ~coddis~, _pl_., HD. - Icel. _koddi_,

~Cof~, _adj_. quick, MD; ~kof~, MD; ~coue~, MD; ~cofe~, _adv_., S;
~cofer~, _comp_., S. - AS. _cáf_; cp. Icel. _á-kafr_, vehement.

~Coffes~, _sb. pl_. cuffs, P; see ~Cuffe~.

~Cofin~, _sb_. basket, MD; ~coffyn~, W2; ~cofyne~, paste, crust of a
pie, MD; ~coffyns~, _pl_., baskets, S2; ~cofyns~, W; ~cofynes~,
W. - OF. _cofin_; Lat. _cophinus_ (Vulg.); Gr. [Greek: kophinos] (NT).

~Cofre~, _sb_. box, coffer, MD, C2, C3, P; ~cofer~, S2; ~cofres~,
_pl_., S2. - AF. _cofre_; Lat. _cophinum_ (acc.); see Brachet.

~Cofren~,, _v_. to put into a coffer, S3.

~Cog~, _sb_. cog, tooth on the rim of a wheel, MD; ~kog~, Voc.;
~cogge~, _dat_., S.

~Cognisaunce~, _sb_. knowledge, MD; ~cognizance~, that by which
something is known, Sh; ~conisantes~, _pl_., badges,
S3. - AF. _conisaunce_, knowledge, OF. _cognoissance_, from
_cognoissant_, pr. p. of _cognoistre_; Lat. _cognoscere_.

~Coife~, _sb_. coif, cap, MD; ~coyfe~, S3, Prompt.,
Palsg. - OF. _coiffe_; Low Lat. _cofea_. Cf. ~Cuffe~.

~Coint~, _adj_. knowing, prudent, skilful, sly, neat, fine, quaint,
MD; ~koynt~, MD; ~quoynte~, MD; ~queynte~, MD, S3, C2; ~quaynte~, MD;
~queynt~, MD; ~quaynt~, H. - OF. _cointe_, prudent, trim, friendly;
Lat. _cognitum_.

~Cointeliche~, _adv_. skilfully, neatly, quaintly, MD; ~quoynteliche~,
MD; ~queyntelich~, MD; ~queynteli~, S3; ~queinteliche~, S2;
~quaintelye~, S2.

~Cointise~, _sb_. art, skill, cunning, MD; ~quointise~, MD, S2;
~quantise~, H; ~queyntise~, MD, S3; ~quaintis~, H. - OF. _cointise_.

~Coite~, _sb_. quoit; ~coyte~, Prompt., Palsg., Manip.; ~coitis~,
_pl_., S3. Cp. the v. _coit_, JD; OF. _coitier_, to push, press

~Coiten~, _v_. to play quoits, Prompt., Palsg.

~Cok~, _sb_. cook, S2; ~cokes~, _pl_., C3, PP; ~kokes~,
PP. - AS. _cóc;_ Lat. _coquus_, from _coquere_, to cook.

~Cokedrill~, _sb_. crocodile, HD, MD; ~cocadrylle~, Voc.;
~cokodrìlles~, _pl_., HD; ~cocodrilly~, Trev. 1. 131, MD. - Low Lat
_cocodrillus_; cp. It. _cocodrillo_, a crocodile (Florio),
Sp. _cocodrillo_, a serpent, crocodile (Minsheu); Lat. _crocodilus_;
Gr. [Greek: krokodeilos]. Cf. ~Cocatrice~.

~Cokeney~, _sb_. cook's assistant, scullion, undercook, petted child,
cockney, MD, PP, S2; ~cocknaie~, MD; ~coknay~, Prompt., Cath.;
~cokenay~, CM; ~cocknaye~, Palsg. (s.v. _bring_); ~cockney~, Sh.;
~kokeney~, PP; ~coknayes~, _pl_., S3.

~Coker~, _sb_. quiver, also a kind of half-boots or gaiters, MD;
~koker~, MD; ~cocur~, Prompt, (see _n_.); ~cokeres~, _pl_., PP;
~cockers~, HD, ND. - AS. _cocer_, a quiver.

~Coket~, _sb_. a seal with which bread sold in London was stamped by a
public officer, Ducange; ~cocket~, Cath. (_n_.); certificate, S3,

~Coket~, _sb_. a kind of fine bread stamped, PP, S2. Cp. Low
Lat. _panis de coket_, see Ducange (s.v. _coket_). See above.

~Cokewold~, _sb_. cuckold, CM; ~kokewolde~, P; ~kukwald~, Voc.;
~cockewold~, MD; ~kukeweld~, MD; ~cokolde~, MD,
SkD. - Cp. Prov. _cugol_; Lat. _cuculum_, cuckoo. See ~Cukkow~.

~Col-~, _prefix_, expressing depreciation, contempt.
_Comb_.: - ~col-fox~, a crafty fox, C.; ~col-knif~, a big knife, MD;
~col-prophet~, false prophet, ND; ~cold-prophet~, ND; ~cole-prophet~,
ND; ~colle-tragetour~, false juggler, CM (5. 248. 187).

~Cold~, _adj_. cold, PP; ~chald~, S; ~kald~, S; ~cald~, S2, MD;
~kold~, S; ~chold~, S; ~cheld~, S2; ~cold~, evil, G. - AS. _ceald,
cald_: Goth, _kalds_ from OTeut. *_kalan_, to freeze, cp. Icel. _kala_
(pt. _kól_, pp. _kalinn_).

~Colde~, _v_. to grow cold, C3, MD. - AS. _cealdian_.

~Cole~, _sb_. cabbage, cale, kail, Voc., MD; ~cool~, MD; ~kale~, MD,
H. - AS. _cole_ (OET); cp. Icel. _kál; _ Lat. _caulis_, stalk,
cabbage;, see Weigand (s.v. _kohl_).

~Cole~, _sb_. charcoal, coal, S, S2; ~coole~, MD; ~coylle~, MD;
~coles~, _pl_., C2, C3; ~coolis~, W; ~koles~, S2. - AS. _col_ (OET). .

~Cole~, _adj_. cool, somewhat cold, Prompt., MD. - AS. _cól_;
cp. OHG. _kuali_ (Otfrid).

~Colen~, _v_. to cool, MD, Prompt., G, H. - AS. _cólian_;
cp. OHG. _kualen_ (Otfrid).;

~Coler~, _sb_. collar, MD; ~coller~, _torques_, Prompt.; ~colers~,
_pl_., P. - OF. _coler_ (F. _collier_); Lat. _collare_, from _collum_,

~Colere~, _sb_. anger, C, MD. - OF. _colere_; Lat. _cholera_;
Gr. [Greek: cholera], an affection of the bile.

~Colerik~, _adj_. choleric, passionate, C2, MD; ~coleryke~,
Cath. - Lat. _cholericus_, having one's bile affected; Gr. [Greek:
cholerikos], from [Greek: cholae], gall.

~Coles~, _sb. pl_. (?); in _phr_.: ~swearing precious coles~, S3.

~Collacioun~, _sb_. conference, CM. - OF. _collacion_, discourse,
harangue; Lat. _collationem_, a bringing together, conferring.

~Collen~, _v_. to embrace, W2, MD; ~kollen~, S2. _Der_.: ~collyngis~,
_sb. pl_., W2. - Cp. OF. _collée_, a neck-embracement (Cotg.). See

~Collerie~, _sb_. eye-salve, W; ~colirie~, MD; ~colorye~,
HD. - Lat. _collyrium_; Gr. [Greek: kollurion].

~Colloppe~, _sb_. a slice of flesh, _carbonella_, Prompt., MD, Palsg.;
~collop~, Cath., Cotg. (s.v. _riblette_]; ~colope~, Voc.; ~colop~,
Cath. (_n_.); ~coloppe~, PP; ~colhoppe~, PP, Voc.; ~collip~, Manip.;
~colopus~, _pl_., PP, S2.

~Colour~, _sb_. colour, pretext, S3, C2; ~colur~, S, MD. - AF. _colur_;
Lat. _colorem_.

~Col-plontes~, _sb. pl_. cabbages, PP, S2; ~kole-plantes~, PP;
~cale-plantes~, PP. See ~Cole~.

~Coltre~; see ~Culter~.

~Columbine~, _sb_. columbine (flower), Alph., MD, Sh; ~columbyne~,
Voc., Prompt.; ~columby~, S3. - OF. _columbine_; Late Lat. _columbina_.

~Colvyr~; see ~Culuer~.

~Colwie~, _adj_. grimy, S.

~Colwyd~, _pp. carbonatus_, Prompt. See ~Cole~.

~Comaunde~, _v_. to command, PP, C; ~comanden~, MD; ~comaundet~,
_pt. s_., S2; ~comande~, S2, MD; ~cumand~, S2. - OF. _comander_,
_commander_; Late Lat. _commendare_, to order. Cf. ~Comenden~.

~Comaundement~, _sb_. commandment, C, PP; ~comandement~, C2.

~Comaundour~, _sb_. commander, C3, PP; ~comandour~,
S2. - OF. _commandeor_; Late Lat. _commendatorem_.

~Combe~, _sb_. comb for hair, comb of a bird, Prompt., Voc.; ~komb~,
MD. - AS. _camb_.

~Combren~, _v_. to encumber, overwhelm, MD, S3; ~comeren~, S3;
~combrez~, _pr. s_., S2; ~cumrit~, _pt. s_., S2; ~cummerit~, S3;
~cumbred~, _pp_., S2. - OF. _combrer_ to hinder, from _combre_, a heap,
see Ducange (s.v. _cumbra_); Lat. _cumulum_ (acc.).

~Combre-World~, _sb_. cumberer of the world, S3.

~Combust~, _pp_. burnt, MD, C3. - Lat. _combustus_, pp. of _comburere_,
to burn.

~Come~, _sb_. a coming, S, S2, C3; ~kume~, S; ~kime~, S; ~cume~, S;
~comes~, _pl_., S. - AS. _cyme_.

~Comelyng~, _sb_. stranger, W, W2; ~kumeling~, MD; ~comling~, W;
~comlyng~, S2; ~comelingis~, _pl_., W; ~cumlyngis~, H.

~Comen~, _v_. to come, S; ~cumen~, S; ~kumen~, S; ~cum~, S2; ~com~,
S2; ~cuminde~, _pr. p_., S; ~comynde~, S2; ~cominde~, S2; ~comste~,
comest thou, S2; ~comþ~, _pr. s_., S2; ~com~, _pt. s_., S, S2, G;
~cam~, S, G, P; ~kam~, S; ~come~, 2 _pt. s_., S, G; ~coman~,
_pt. pl_., S; ~coomen~, C2; ~comen~, MD, S, G; ~come~, S2; ~i-cumen~,
_pp_., S; ~i-kumen~, S; ~i-cume~, S; ~i-comen~, S; ~i-come~, S, S2;
~comen~, S2, S3, G; ~come~, S2. - AS. _cuman_; cp. Goth. _kwiman_.

~Comenden~, _v_. to commend, C2, PP; ~commended~, _pp_.,
PP. - Lat. _commendare_. Cf. ~Comaunde~.

~Comers~, _sb. pl_., strangers, visitors, passers-by, S2, PP;
~comeres~, PP.

~Commoditie~, _sb_. advantage, profit, S3, ND, Sh. - OF. _commodité_
(Cotg.); Lat. _commoditatem_.

~Comp~, _sb_. contest, S; see ~Camp~.

~Compainoun~, _sb_. companion, MD. - OF. _compagnon_; Late
Lat. _companionem_.

~Companable~, _adj_. sociable, PP, C; ~companabile~,
H. - OF. _compaignable_ (Cotg.).

~Companie~, _sb_. company, MD, C2; ~compaynye~, S; ~compainie~,
S2, - OF. _companie_, from _compain_, an associate at meals; from
Lat. _cum+panis_, bread.

~Comparisoun~, _sb_. comparison, MD, C2. - OF. _comparison_; Late
Lat. _comparationem_.

~Comparisounen~, _v_. to compare, MD, W (Mark 4. 30), S2.

~Compas~, _sb_. circle, circuit, device, craft, MD, C3, G; ~compaas~,
C; ~compasse~, S3; ~cumpas~, W2. - OF. _compas_; Late Lat. _compassum_

~Compassen~, _v_. to go round, to devise, contrive, MD; ~cumpas~, W2;
~conpassed~, _pp_., S3. - AF. _compasser_.

~Compassyng~, _sb_. craft, contrivance, C.

~Compeir~, _v_. to appear, S3. - OF. _comper-_, tonic stem of
_compareir_; Lat. _comparere_.

~Comper~, _sb_. compeer, comrade, C, S2; ~compere~, Prompt.;
~cumpers~, _pl_., MD. - Of OF. origin; Lat. _comparem_, (acc.).

~Complie~, _sb_-the last church-service of the day, compline, MD;
~cumplie~, S, MD. - OF. _complie_; Church Lat. _completa (hora)_.

~Compline~, _sb_. compline, MD; ~complyn~, MD; ~cumplyne~,
_completorium_, Prompt. See above.

~Composicion~, _sb_. arrangement, agreement, C,
C2. - AF. _composicion_; Lat. _compositionem_.

~Comptroller~; see ~Controller~.

~Comsen~, _v_. to commence, S2, PP, MD; ~cumsen~, S2,
PP. - OF. _comencer_; Lat. _com + initiare_.

~Comune~, _adj_. common, PP; ~comun~, MD; ~comyn~, MD; ~comen~,
S2. - AF. _commun_; Lat. _communem_ (acc.).

~Comune~, _sb_. the commons, commonalty, PP; ~commune~, C2; ~comunes~,
_pl_., PP; ~comyns~, S2, PP.

~Comunlych~, _adv_. commonly, S2; ~comunliche~, PP; ~comunly~, C2.

~Comyn~, _sb_. cummin, C2, MD, Prompt.; ~cummyn~, W. - OF. _comin_;
Lat. _cyminum_ (Vulg.); Gr. [Greek: kúminon]

~Comynalte~, _sb_. community, W2. - AF. _communalte_;
OF. _communaulte_; Late Lat. _*communalitatem_, from _communalis_.

~Comyne~, _v_. to commune, W, W2; ~commune~, C3 - OF. _communier_;
Lat. _communicare_.

~Comynere~, _sb_. participator, W.

~Comynte~, _sb_. community, W2; ~comunete~, PP. - Lat. _communitatem_.

~Con~, _pr. s_. can, know, S. _Phr_.: ~conþonk~, thanks, S; see

~Conabill~, _adj_. suitable, convenient, B. - OF. _covenable_,
_convenable_; Late Lat. _convenabilem_.

~Conand~, _sb_. covenant, B; ~Connand~, B; ~Cunnand~,
B. - OF. _convenant_, agreeing, befitting, also, a covenant, pr. p. of
_convenir_; Lat. _convenire_. See ~Couenaunt~.

~Conandly~, _adv_. befittingly, S3.

~Conceipt~, _sb_. imagination, fancy, idea, MD, S3; ~conceit~, C3;
~conceits~, _pl_., fantastic patterns, S3.

~Conceiven~, _v_. to comprise, to conceive, to imagine, MD;
~conceyue~, PP. - OF. _concevoir_; Lat. _concipere_.

~Conduit~, _sb_. guidance, a conduit, MD; ~condut~, MD; ~condite~, MD;
~conduyte~, S3; ~cundyth~, Voc.; ~condeth~, MD; ~kun-*dites~, _pl_.,
S3. - OF. _conduit_ (Bartsch); Lat. _conductum_, from _conducere_.

~Confessen~, _v_. to confess, to receive a confession,
MD. - AF. _confesser_; from Lat. _confessus_, pp. of _conefiteor_.

~Confessor~, _sb_. a confessor of Christianity before the heathen, a
hearer of confessions, MD, S; ~cunfessurs~, _pl_.,
S. - AF. _confessor_; Church Lat. _confessorem_.

~Confiture~, _sb_. an apothecary's mixture, C3. - OF. _confiture_
(Cotg.); Late Lat. _confectura_.

~Confort~, _sb_. comfort, C3, C, PP. - AF. _confort_.

~Conforten~, _v_. to strengthen, comfort, MD, C, P; ~counforte~, S2,
PP. - AF. _conforter_; Late Lat. _confortare_; Lat. _con_ + _fortis_,

~Confounden~, _v_. to bring to confusion, C3; ~confoundet~, _pp_.,
PP. - AF. _confoundre_; Lat. _confundere_.

~Confus~, _pp_. put to confusion, C3, C, PP. - AF. _confus_, pp.;
Lat. _confusum_.

~Congie~, _v_. to bid farewell to, dismiss, get rid of, PP; ~congeye~,
PP, MD; ~cunge~, PP. - OF. _congier_, to dismiss, from _congié_,
_cumgiet_; Late Lat. _commiatum_, Lat. _commeatum_, permission to go.

~Conisantes~, _sb. pl_. badges, S3; see ~Cognisaunce~.

~Conjecten~, _v_. to guess, suppose, MD, S3. - Lat. _conjectare_.

~Coniectere~, _sb_. diviner, W2.

~Conjoignen~, _v_. to conjoin, MD; ~coniunit~, _pp_., S3. - From
OF. _conjoignant_, pr. p. of _conjoindre_; Lat. _conjungere_.

~Con-ioyninge~, _sb_. conjoining, C3.

~Conne~, _v_. to know, to be able, S2, S3; see ~Kunnen~.

~Conne~, _v_. to test, examine, con, C2, P; ~kun~, H; ~cunnien~,
SkD. - AS. _cunnian_, to try to know.

~Conning~, _sb_. science, skill, C2, C3; ~konning~, C2; ~coninge~, S2;
~kunnyng~, W.

~Conning~, _adj_. skilful, C2.

~Conningly~, _adv_. skilfully, C2.

~Conrey~, _sb_. division of troops, also provision, MD; ~conrai~,
S2. - OF. _cunrei_ (_conroi_), equipage, arrangement, a division of
troops (Bartsch); It. _corredo_, equipage, paraphernalia (Florio); Low
Lat. _corredium_, _conredium_, equipage, provision, entertainment
(Ducange); _con_ + _redium_, a word of Teut. origin.

~Conseil~, _sb_. counsel, S, S2, C2; ~coun-*seil~, G, C; ~consail~,
PP. - OF. _conseil_; Lat. _consilium_.

~Conseili~, _v_. to advise, S2; ~conseille~, PP. - OF. _conseillier_.

~Constable~, _sb_. constable, warden, officer, C3, PP; ~conestable~,
MD; ~cunstable~, PP; ~cunestable~, S. - OF. _conestable_; Late
Lat. _comes stabuli_, see Brachet.

~Constablesse~, _sb_. constable's wife, S2, C3.

~Constance~, _sb_. constancy, C2, MD. - OF. _constance_ (Cotg.);
Lat. _constantia_.

~Constorie~, _sb_. an ecclesiastical court, PP, S2; ~consistorie~, PP,
CM. - Church Lat. _consistorium_, a place of assembly, from
Lat. _consistere_, to stand together.

~Contek~, _sb_. strife, contention, C, G, H, MD, CM; contumely, MD;
~contak~, MD; ~conteke~, HD; ~conteck~, HD, ND; ~contakt~,
HD. - AF. _contek_.

~Conteken~, _v_. to strive, MD.

~Contekour~, _sb_. one who quarrels, HD.

~Contenance~, _sb_. look, gesture, outward appearance, encouragement,
favour, MD, S2, C2; ~contenaunce~, PP, C3; ~cuntenaunce~, S2;
~countenance~, S3; ~continaunce~, G. - OF. _contenance_; Late
Lat. _continentia_, mien.

~Contesse~; see ~Countesse~.

~Contrarie~, _adj_. contrary, C2, C3. - AF. _contrarie_
(OF. _contraire_); Lat. _contrarium_.

~Contrarien~, _v_. to oppose, C2. - OF. _contrarier_; Late
Lat. _contrariare_.

~Contree~, _sb_. country, MD, C2, C3; ~contre~, MD, C; ~contreie~, S2;
~contreye~, S2; ~cuntre~, S2, MD, C; ~contrai~, S2, MD. - OF. _contree_
(AF. _cuntree_), Prov. _contrada_; Late Lat. _contrata_, from Lat.
_contra_, see SkD.

~Control~, _sb_. restrictive authority, Sh. - OF. _contre-rôle,
contre-rolle_, a duplicate roll, used for verification, see Brachet,
Cotg. (s. v. _controlle_).

~Control~, _v_. to restrain, check, Sh.

~Controller~, _sb_. superintendent, overseer of accounts, Sh;
~comptroller~, S3.

~Controven~, _v_. to contrive, MD, PP; ~controeven~, MD, S2;
~contreven~, PP; ~contriven~, MD. - AF. _controver_; _con_ +
OF. _trover_, to find, compose poetry; Low Lat. _tropare_, from
_tropus_, a song, lit. a trope, turn of speech; Gr. [Greek: tropos], a

~Conventiculis~, _sb. pl_. assemblies, W2.

~Conveyen~, _v_. to accompany, also to bring, MD. - AF. _cunveier_;
Late Lat. _conviare_, to accompany.

~Conyng~, _sb_. cony, rabbit, MD, S2, S3, P; ~konyng~, S; ~cunin~, S;

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