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~conig~, MD, HD; ~cony~, Prompt., HD; ~conies~, _pl_.,
S3. - AF. _conyng, conyn, conil_ (pl. _conis_); Lat. _cuniculum_

~Conyngere~, _sb_. rabbit-warren, MD, HD; ~connyngere~, Prompt.

~Coosted~, _pt. pl_. went past, S3; see ~Costey~.

~Coostez~, _sb. pl_. properties, qualities, S2; see ~Cost~.

~Coote~; see ~Cote~.

~Cop~, _sb_. top, head, MD, S2, C, W, W2; ~coppe~, _dat_., MD, W2;
~coppis~, _pl_., W2.

~Cope~, _sb_. cape, cope, Voc.,S2, C; ~kope~, S; ~coope~, Prompt., MD;
~copis~, _pl_., P. - Cp. Icel. _kápa_; Late Lat. _ca*pa, cappa_.

~Copen~, _v_. to cover with a cope, provide with a cope, PP, S2;
~i-copet~, _pp_., S2.

~Copen~, _v_. to barter, to meet, to have to do with, to encounter,
S3, Sh. - Cp. Du. _koopen_, to buy.

~Coper~, _sb_. copper, C3, MD; ~copyr~, Voc., Prompt.; ~copper~,
MD. - Du. _koper_; Late Lat. _cuper, cuprum_, for Lat. _cyprium_
(_aes_); from _Cyprus_; Gr. [Greek: Kypros].

~Coppe~, _sb_. cup, S2, P; see ~Cuppe~.

~Corage~, _sb_. heart, spirit, MD, C, C2. - AF. _corage_.

~Corageus~, _adj_. courageous, S2, MD; ~corageous~,
C2. - OF. _corageus_.

~Coral~, _sb_. coral, MD; ~coralle~, Prompt.; ~corall~, Palsg.,
Manip.; ~curall~, S3. - OF. _coral_; Lat. _corallum, corallium_;
Gr. [Greek: korallion].

~Corasiue~, _sb_. a corrosive, S3; see ~Corosif~.

~Coraye~, _v_. to curry a horse, MD; see ~Curry~.

~Corbel~, _sb_. raven, MD; ~corbyal~, S2; ~corby~, S3. - OF. _corbel_
(F. _corbeau_); Late Lat. _corvellum_ (acc.), from Lat. _coruus_.

~Cordewane~, _sb_. Spanish leather, C2; ~cordewan~, MD; ~cordewayne~,
Voc.; ~cordwane~, Prompt.; ~corduane~, Voc.; ~corden~,
MD. - OF. _cordouan, corduan_, Prov. _cordoan_, Sp. _cordován_,
cordovan leather (Minsheu), from _Cordova_, name of a town in

~Cordwaner~, _sb_. a worker in leather, Prompt.; ~cordwainer~,
SkD. - AF. _cordewaner_. See above.

~Core~, _sb_. the heart, central part of fruit, Prompt.,
MD. - OF. _cor_; Lat. _cor_.

~Coriour~, _sb_. currier, W; ~curiour~, W. See ~Curry~.

~Corn~, _sb_. a grain, corn, MD, S, C3; ~coren~, S; ~cornys~, _gen_.,
S3; ~corns~, _pl_., S2; ~cornes~, S2, PP, C2, W. - AS. _corn_, Goth,
_kaurn_; cp. Lat. _gra*num_; see Brugmann, § 306.

~Corny~, _adj_. strong of the corn or malt (applied to ale), C3.

~Corone~, _sb_. crown, MD, C2, C3; ~coroune~, MD, C2; ~corowne~, C;
~corune~, MD; ~croune~, S; the tonsure, G; ~crune~, S; ~krune~, S;
~crun~, S; ~crounis~, _pl_., S3. - AF. _corone (coroune)_
Lat. _corona_.

~Coronen~, _v_. to crown, MD; ~corounen~, S2, C2; ~crouni~, MD, S2;
~y-corouned~, _pp_., S2; ~y-crouned~, S3; ~y-coroned~, PP; ~i-kruned~,
S; ~cruned~, S. - OF. _coroner_ (_coruner_).

~Corosif~, _adj_. corrosive, C3; ~corrosive~, _sb_., a corrosive, a
caustic, ND; ~corsive~, ND; ~corasiue~, S3; ~corsye~, S2; ~corzie~,
ND. - OF. _corrosif_, biting away.

~Corour~, _sb_. runner, W2; see ~Currour~.

~Cors~, _sb_. curse, S3, G; see ~Curs~.

~Cors~, _sb_. a body, a dead body, MD, S, C2, C3, PP; ~corps~, S3, C2;
~corpis~, S3. - AF. _cors, corps_; Lat. _corpus_.

~Cors~, _sb_. course, S2; see ~Cours~.

~Corsaint~, _sb_. the body of a saint, a relic, MD; ~corseynt~, S2;
~corseint~, CM, PP. - AF. _corsaint_; Lat. _corpus sanctum_.

~Corser~, _sb_. horsedealer, MD, S3, HD; see ~Courser~.

~Corsing~, _sb_. exchange, barter, S2; horse-dealing, HD.

~Corsye~, _sb_. a corrosive, S2; see ~Corosif~.

~Cort~, _sb_. court, MD; see ~Court~.

~Corteis~, _adj_. courteous, S2; ~corteys~, S2; ~curteis~, S3,
C. - AF. _curteis_; Late Lat. _cortensem, curtensem_.

~Corteisliche~, _adv_. courteously, PP; ~curteisly~, C2.

~Cortesye~, _sb_. courtesy, PP; ~curteysy~, S2; ~curteisie~, S2, C2,
C3. - AF. _curteisie_.

~Corumpable~, _adj_. corruptible, C.

~Corumpen~, _v_. to corrupt, MD; ~corrumpen~, C. - OF. _corrumpre_;
Lat. _corrumpere_.

~Corupcions~, _sb. pl_. sores, illnesses, PP.

~Coruen~, _pp_. carved, S3, C; see ~Keruen~.

~Cos~, _sb_. kiss, S, W, W2; see ~Cus~.

~Cosan~, _pp_. chosen, S; see ~Chesen~.

~Cosset~, _sb_. a lamb brought up without her dam, S3, ND.

~Cosshe~, _sb_. a little house, Prompt., Palsg.

~Cost~, _sb_. rib, side of a human body, shore, coast, MD, S2;
~coste~, C2; ~costes~, _pl_., S2, P. - AF. _coste_; Lat. _costa_.

~Cost~, _sb_. nature, property, condition, manner, MD; ~costez~,
_pl_., properties, S2; ~coostez~, S2. Cf. ~Cust~.

~Costage~, _sb_. expense, C2, HD. - OF. _costage_. See ~Costen~.

~Costard~, _sb_. a kind of apple, Prompt., ND; humorous expression for
the head, Sh, ND; ~costarde~, S3; ~costard~, a cap, ND. It probably
means the 'ribbed apple.' - OF. _coste + ard_, see SkD (p. 796).

~Costard-jagger~, _sb_. costermonger, ND.

~Costard-monger~, _sb_. seller of apples, costermonger, SkD;
~costard-mongar~, Palsg.; ~costerd-monger~, SkD; ~costar-monger~, ND.

~Coste~, _sb_. cost, P; ~coust~, MD; ~cost~, C2. - AF. _cust, coust_.

~Costen~, _v_. to cost, MD; ~coste~, _pt. s_., C2; ~costed~, P;
~costed~, _pp_., P. - OF. _coster_ (_couster_); Lat. _constare_.

~Costey~, _v_. to coast, also to come near, approach, MD; ~coosted~,
_pt. pl_. went past, S3. - OF. _costoier_ (F. _côtoyer_). See ~Cost~.

~Costlewe~, _adj_. costly, CM, MD; ~costelewe~, Prompt. See ~-lewe~.

~Cosyn~, _sb_. cousin, C, PP; ~cosin~, S, S2; ~cusyng~, S3; ~cosyns~,
_pl_. kinsmen, W; ~cousyns~, W. - AF. _cosin_ (_cousyn_); cp. Late
Lat. _cosinus_ (Brachet); Lat. _consobrinus_.

~Cosynage~, _sb_. kindred, fellowship, H; ~cusynage~, H.

~Cote~, _sb_. cottage, S, Voc., C, C2; ~cotes~, _pl_. sheep-cotes, S3;
~coates~, S3. - AS. _cot_, also _cyte_ (Grein); cf. OHG. _cutti_,
'grex' (Tatian).

~Cote~, _sb_. garment, coat, S2, PP, S3, C2, C; ~coote~, C,
W. - AF. _cote_, OF. _cotte_, PS. 21. 18; MHG. _kotte, kutte_.

~Cote-armure~, _sb_. coat-armour, linen coat with armorial bearings
worn over armour, body-armour, S3, C2, C.

~Coten~, _v_. to provide with coats, S2; ~cotyd~, _pp_. clothed, S3.

~Couche~, _sb_. chamber, W.

~Couchen~, _v_. to lay, place together, to lie down, MD, S2, C2, C3;
~cowchyn~, Prompt.; ~cowchen~, C. - AF. _cucher, cocher_,
OF. _colcher_; Lat. _collocare_.

~Coude~, _pt. s_. could, S2. See ~Kunnen~.

~Counforte~, _v_. to comfort, S2, PP. See ~Conforten~.

~Counte~, _sb_. county, shire, P, MD; ~countee~, MD,
PP. - AF. _counte_; Late Lat. _comitatum_.

~Countesse~, _sb_. countess, C2; ~contesse~, S2; ~cuntesse~,
S. - AF. _contesse_, from OF. _conte_, _comte_; Late Lat. _comitem_, a
count (a court dignity), in Lat. a companion.

~Countrefete~, _v_. to counterfeit, C, C2; ~contrefete~, MD;
~counterfeted~, _pp_., C3. - From OF. _contrefet, contrefeit_, pp. of
_contrefeire, contrefaire_; Lat. _contra+facere_.

~Countre-taille~, _sb_. correspondence (of sound); in _phr_.: ~at the
countretaille~, with corresponding sound, C2. - OF. _contretaille_, the
one part of a tally, the counter-tenor part in music (Cotg.).

~Countryng~, _sb_. countering in music, S3; the plain chant, S3
(_n_). - See S3 (p. 453).

~Coupable~, _adj_. culpable, PP; ~cupabil~, H. - OF. _coupable_.

~Coupe~, _sb_. fault, PP; ~culpe~, PP, ND. - OF. _coupe_, _colpe_;
Lat. _culpa_.

~Coupe~, _sb_. cup, S2; ~cupe~, S. - AF. _cupe_;
Lat. _cupa_. Cf. ~Cuppe~.

~Courben~, _v_. to bend, MD; ~courbed~, _pt. s_., P. - OF. _courber_;
Lat. _curuare_.

~Courche~, _sb_. kerchief, S3; see ~Couerchief~.

~Cours~, _sb_. running, course, MD, C2, C3; ~cors~, S2. - AF. _cours_;
Lat. _cursum_ (acc.).

~Courser~, _sb_. a steed, MD, C2; ~coursour~, MD; ~cowrcer~,
Prompt. - OF. _coursier_; Late Lat. _cursarium_ (acc.).

~Courser~, _sb_. horse-dealer, Palsg.; ~corser~, MD, S3
(s. v. _horse_); ~scorser~, ND.

~Court~, _sb_. court, enclosure, yard, PP, MD; ~curt~, S; ~kurt~, S;
~cort~, MD; ~courte~, PP. - AF. _curt_; Late Lat. _cortem_;
Lat. _cohortem_, an enclosure.

~Courteislich~, _adv_. courteously, PP; see ~Corteisliche~.

~Courte-py~, _sb_. short coat or cloak, PP, S2, C; ~cowrteby~, Voc.;
~kourteby~, P; ~courte-pies~, _pl_., PP; ~court-pies~,
PP. - Cp. Du. _kort_, short +_pije_, rough coat; cp. E. _pea_ in

~Couthe~, _v_. to make known, PP; see ~Kythen~.

~Couthe~, _pt. s_. could, knew, S, S2, S3; _pp_., S2; ~couth~, C2; see

~Couthe~, _sb_. kith, PP; see ~Kyth~.

~Coue~, _sb_. den, S2. - ONorth. _cófa_, 'spelunca' (John II. 38).

~Coveiten~, _v_. to covet, MD, PP; ~co-*ueitiden~, _pt. pl_.,
W2. - AF. _coveiter_, OF. _cuveitier_; Late Lat. *_cupiditare_. See

~Coveitise~, _sb_. greed, avarice, PP; ~coueityse~, C3; ~couetise~,
PP; ~couetyse~, S2, S3; ~coueitisis~, _pl_., W. - OF. _coveitise_.

~Coveitous~, _adj_. covetous, MD; ~coueytous~, S2; ~couetous~,
S2. - OF. _coveitus_, AF. _cuveitus_; Late Lat. *_cupiditosum_.

~Couenable~, _adj_. proper, fit, agreeing, W, MD, S2, H; ~cuuenable~,
S; ~conabill~, H; ~conable~, Prompt.; ~cunabil~, H. - AF. _cuvenable_;
Late Lat. _convenabilem_.

~Couenaunt~, _sb_. a covenant, PP; ~couenant~, PP; ~covand~, MD;
~conant~, MD. - AF. _covenant_, OF. _convenant_, pr. p. of _convenir_,
to agree; Lat. _conuenire_.

~Couent~, _sb_. an assembly, a convent, MD, PP, C2, C3; ~couant~,
PP. - OF. _covent_, _convent_; Church Lat. _conventus_, from
Lat. _conuenire_, to come together.

~Couerchief~, _sb_. kerchief, MD; ~keuerchief~, MD; ~kerchef~, C3;
~kyrchefe~, Prompt.; ~courchef~, HD; ~courche~, S3; ~kerche~,
Prompt. - OF. _couvre-chef_, covering for the head (Cotg.).

~Coueren~, _v_. to cover, MD, C2; ~keueren~, MD, S3, P, W; ~kuueren~,
MD; ~kyueren~, MD, W. - AF. _covrir_; Lat. _cooperire_.

~Coveren~, _v_. to gain, to heal, to recover one's health, MD, S2, W;
~keueren~, MD, CM, PP; ~kuueren~, MD, S2; ~keuord~, _pt. s_.,
H. - OF. _covrer_, (in _recovrer_) _coubrer_, to seize (Bartsch);
Lat. _-cuperare_ (in _recuperare)_; cp. Late Lat. _cuperamentum_,
acquisition (Ducange).

~Couert~, _adj_. and _sb_. covert, hidden, a covert, MD; ~cowart~,
S3. - OF. _covert_, pp. of _covrir_.

~Couerture~, _sb_. bed-clothes, horse-cover, covering, MD, S;
~kuuertur~, S. - OF. _coverture_.

~Couine~, _sb_. conspiracy, craft, deceit, trickery, S3, MD, HD;
~covyne~, C; ~covin~, MD, ND; ~coven~, ND. - AF. _covine_, from
OF. _covenir_, _convenir_; Lat. _conuenire_.

~Cow~, _sb_. cow, MD, Voc.; ~ku~, S, MD, Voc.; ~cou~, MD; ~kues~,
_gen. s_., S; ~ky~, _pl_., MD, S3; ~kie~, MD; ~kye~, H; ~kyn~, MD, S2,
C; ~kyne~, S3, P; ~ky3*n~, S2; ~kyen~, PP; ~kien~, W2; ~ken~, MD, S2,
PP. - AS. _cú_, pl. _cý_ (gen. _cúna_).

~Coward~, _adj_. and _sb_. cowardly, a coward, MD, C2. - AF. _coward,
cuard_, cp. the heraldic term _lion couard_, a lion with his tail
between his legs, and the name for the hare in the old terms of
hunting 'la _cowarde_ ou la court _cowe_,' i.e. short-tail. - Formed
with the suffix _-ard_ from OF. _coe_, tail;
Lat. _cauda_. Cp. It. _codardo_, from _coda_, a tail.

~Cowardie~, _sb_. cowardice, C; ~cowardy~, MD. - OF. _couardie_.

~Cowart~, _sb_. covert, S3; see ~Couert~.

~Cowde, Cowthe~, _pt. s_. could, knew, G; see ~Kunnen~.

~Cowschet~, _sb_. cushat, wood-pigeon, S3; ~cowscott~, Voc.;
~cowshot~, SkD. - AS. _cúsceote_ (Voc.), _cúscute_ (OET.).

~Coy~, _adj_. still, quiet, MD, C, C2; sober, _modestus_,
Prompt. - AF. _coy_, quiet, OF. _coi_, Ps. 77. 13, also _coit_;
Lat. _quietum_.

~Crabbe~, _sb_. crab, S, Voc., Prompt.; also (in building) an arch,
_fornix_, _cancer_, MD. - AS. _crabba_; cp. AF. _crabbe_.

~Crabbed~, _adj_. shrewish, cross, bitter, C2, Palsg., MD, PP;
~crabbyd~, 'awke or wrawe, _cancerinus_' Prompt.

~Cracchen~, _v_. to scratch, MD, PP, C; ~crechen~, S; ~cark~, JD.

~Craft~, _sb_. might, power, ability, art, craft, deceit, MD, S, S2,
C2; ~creft~, MD; ~craftes~, _pl_. trades, P. - AS. _cræft;_
cp. OHG. _kraft_ (Otfrid).

~Crafti~, _adj_. skilful, sly, MD, S2; ~crafty~, C, P; ~crefti~, S.

~Crafti-man~, _sb_. artificer, W.

~Crage~, _sb_. the neck, throat, S3, JD; ~crawe~, the craw of fowls,
Prompt., MD. - Cp. Du. _kraag_, neck, collar.

~Crak~, _sb_. a thunder-peal, MD. _Phr_.: ~crakkis of wer~, cannon, B.

~Craken~, _v_. to crack (like thunder), to cry out, to chatter, to
break with a noise, MD, PP; ~crakede~, _pt. s_., S. - AS. _cracian_.

~Crammasyn~, _sb_. and _adj_. crimson, S3; see ~Crimosine~.

~Crammen~, _v_. to cram, stuff, MD; ~crommen~, MD; ~cremmyn~, Prompt.;
~i-crommet~, _pp_., S2. - AS. _crammian_.

~Crampe~, _sb_. the cramp, Voc., Prompt., PP; ~craumpe~,
CM. - OF. _crampe_ (Cotg.); ODu. _krampe_.

~Crane~, _sb_. crane (bird), MD, Voc.; ~kranes~, _pl_., MD; ~crennis~,
S3; ~cronez~, MD. - AS. _cran_ (Voc.).

~Crasen~, _v_. to break, MD; ~crased~, _pp_., S3, C3; ~crasid~,
PP. Cp. Swed. _krasa_, to break in pieces.

~Cratche~, _sb_. manger, W, W2; ~cratch~, HD, Cotg. (s. v. _creiche_);
~cracche~, Voc., Prompt.; ~crecche~, MD. - OF. _creche_:
Prov. _crepcha_, _crepia_; OHG. _crippea_ (Tatian). Cf. ~Cribbe~.

~Crauen~, _v_. to crave, beg earnestly, S, MD., to prosecute, accuse,
MD. - AS. _crafian_, 'petere, postulare'; cp. Low Lat. _cravare_, in
judicium mittere (also written _gravare_), see Schmid, Ducange.

~Crawand~, _pr. p_. crowing, S3; see ~Crowen~.

~Creat~, _pp_. created, MD. - Lat. _creatus_, pp. of _creare_.

~Creatour~, _sb_. Creator, C3 - OF. _creatour_; Lat. _creatorem_.

~Creature~, _sb_. creature, MD; ~creatour~, MD; ~creator~,
S2.-OF. _creature_; Lat. _creatura_

~Creaunce~, _sb_. belief, MD, C3; ~creance~, S2, C3. - OF. _crëance,
credence_; Late Lat. _credentia_.

~Creauncen~, _v_. to borrow, MD.

~Creaunt~, _pr. p_. and _adj_. submitting as conquered, MD, PP; in
_phr_.: ~cry 'creaunt,'~ MD. - OF. _crëant_; Lat. _credentem_.

~Crechen~, _v_. to scratch, S; see ~Cracchen~.

~Crede~, _sb_. the Creed, S, C3, PP; ~credo~, S, PP. - Lat. _credo_, I

~Credensynge~, _sb_. believing, S3.

~Crefti~, _adj_. crafty, S; see ~Crafti~.

~Creme~, _sb_. the sacred oil used in anointing, chrism, Voc., HD, MD;
~cream~, HD; ~creame~, Palsg.; ~creyme~, S2, Voc.; _Phr_.: ~hille of
creme~, i.e. the Mount of Olives, MD. - OF. _cresme_; Church
Lat. _chrisma_; Gr. [Greek: chrisma]. Cf. ~Crisme~.

~Cremelen~, _v_. to anoint with oil or fat, MD; ~y-crymyled~, _pp_.,
PP; ~kremelyd~, MD; ~crymailed~, PP. - OF. _cresmeler_, to anoint with
holy oil.

~Crempe~, _v_. to draw in, S. Cf. G. _krämpfen_. See ~Crampe~.

~Crennis~, _sb. pl_. cranes, S3; see ~Crane~.

~Crepen~, _v_: to creep, S, C2; ~crope~, MD; ~creap~, _pt. s_., MD;
~crep~, MD; ~crope~, MD; 2 _pt. s_., P; ~crupen~, _pl_., MD; ~crepte~,
_pt. s_. (_weak_), MD; ~cropen~, _pp_., MD. - AS. _créopan_,
pt. _créap_ (pl. _crupon_), pp. _cropen_.

~Creste~, _sb_. crest (of bird, helmet), summit, MD, Prompt.;
~creistis~, _pl_., S3. - OF. _creste_; Lat. _crista_.

~Cresten~, _adj_. Christian, S2; see ~Cristen~.

~Creyme~, _sb_. the sacred oil, S2; see ~Creme~.

~Cribbe~, _sb_. crib, manger; ~crib~, MD; ~crybbe~, Prompt.; ~cribbe~,
S, MD. Cp. OHG. _crippea_ (Tatian).

~Crike~, _sb_. creek, MD; ~krike~, MD, S; ~cryke~, C,
Prompt. - Icel. _kriki_.

~Crimosine~, _sb_. and _adj_. crimson, S3; ~crimosin~, SkD;
~crammasyn~, S3. - OF. _cramoisin_ (_cramoisi_); Low Lat. _carmesinum_;
from Pers. _qirmisi_, crimson; from Skt. _krmi_, a worm, insect,
(i.e. the cochineal insect).

~Crisme~, _sb_. consecrated oil for anointing, MD; ~crysme~, oil,
Prompt. - Church Lat. _chrisma_, sacred oil; Gr. [Greek: chrisma]
Cf. ~Creme~.

~Crisme-child~, _sb_. the child anointed at baptism, MD.

~Crisme-cloð~, _sb_. the chrisom, the cloth tied round the head of the
anointed child, S. Cp. Church Lat. _chrismalis pannus_.

~Crisome~, _sb_. the chrisom-cloth, _crismale_, Voc.; ~crysome~,
Palsg.; ~crisom~, Cotg. (s.v. _cresmeau_).

~Crist~, _adj_. and _sb_. anointed, Christ, MD, S2, W,
W2. - Lat. _Christus_; Gr. [Greek: christos], anointed.

~Cristen~, _adj_. and _sb_. Christian, S, C2, C3; ~christen~, S, S2;
~cresten~, S2. - Lat. _Christianus_.

~Cristendom ~, _sb_. Christianity, S, S2, C3; ~crystendom~,
S2. - A.S. _cristendóm_.

~Cristenly~, _adv_. in a Christian manner, C3.

~Cristes-messe~, _sb_. Christmas, MD; ~Cristemasse~, C2.

~Cristiente~, _sb_. Christendom, MD; ~cristiante~, S3; ~cristianytee~,
S2, C3. - OF. _crestiente, cristientet_; Church Lat. _Christianitatem_.

~Cristnien~, _v_. to make Christian, to baptize, MD, S2; ~i-cristned~,
_pp_., S2; ~y-cristned~, _pp_., S2; ~cristned~, C3. - AS. _cristnian_.

~Critouns~, _sb. pl_. refuse of the frying-pan, W2. - OF. _cretons_

~Crochette~, _sb_. a small hook, crotchet (in music), MD;
~crochettes~, _pl_. crockets, S3. - OF. _crochet_ (Bartsch).

~Croft~, _sb_. field, enclosure, PP, S2, MD. - AS. _croft_;
cp. ODu. _crocht_, a field on the downs.

~Croh~, _sb_. a crock, waterpot, MD; ~cróós~, _pl_., S.

~Crois~, _sb_, cross, PP, S, S3; ~croys~, PP, S2, C2, C3; ~croiz~, MD;
~croice~, MD, S2. - OF. _crois_, _croiz_; Lat. _cru*cem_, see
Brachet. Cf. ~Crouche, Cros~.

~Crok~, _sb_. a hook, curl, a crooked way, wile, deceit, MD, Voc.;
~crokes~, _pl_., S; ~crocks~, HD. _Phr_.: ~went on croke~, went
astray, H. - Icel. _krókr_.

~Croken~, _v_. to bend, to curl hair, to turn aside, MD, W2; ~crokid~,
_pp_. curved, W2; ~i-croked~, S.

~Croket~, _sb_. curl, MD, HD.

~Crokke~, _sb_. crock, pot, S2, PP; ~crocke~, S, Voc. - AS. _crocca_.

~Crom-bolle~, _sb_. crumb-bowl, S3.

~Cromme~, _sb_. crumb, C3; ~crumme~, MD; ~crume~, MD; ~crome~, MD;
~crowm~, Voc. - AS. _cruma_.

~Crommen~, _v_. to cram, MD, S2; see ~Crammen~.

~Crone~, _sb_. an old hag, S2, MD, C3; ~crony~, SkD. Cp. ODu. _kronie,
karonie_, an old sheep; Picard _carone_ = F. _charogne_, see SkD
(p. 797). See ~Caroigne~.

~Cronicle~, _sb_. chronicle, MD. - OF. _cronique_. For the intrusive
_l_ cp. _manciple, participle, principle, syllable, canticle, treacle,

~Cronique~, _sb_. chronicle, S2; ~chronique~, C. - O.F. _cronique_;
Late Lat. _chronica_; Gr. [Greek: chronika], annals.

~Croos~, _sb. pl_. water-pots, S; see ~Croh~.

~Crop~, _sb_. top, upper part of a tree, crop of corn, Voc., PP, S2;
~croppe~, Prompt., Palsg.; ~croppes~, _pl_., young shoots, C;
~croppis~, S3. - AS. _crop_.

~Crope~, 2 _pt. s_. didst creep, P; ~cropen~, _pp_., MD; see ~Crepen~.

~Crope~, _sb_. crupper, HD; ~croupe~, CM, SkD. - OF. _crope_
(F. _croupe_).

~Croper~, _sb_. crupper, the hinder part of a horse,
C3. - OF. _croupiere_ (Cotg.).

~Cropiers~, _sb. pl_. the housings on a horse's back, HD.

~Cropone~, _sb_. the buttock, HD. - AF. _cropoun_.

~Cros~, _sb_. cross, PP, MD; ~crosse~, P, MD. - ONorse, _cros_
(_cors_); cp. Ir. _cros_, Prov. _cros_. Cf. ~Crois~.

~Crosselet~, _sb_. a small crucible, C3; ~croslet~, C3. See SkD
(s.v. _crucible_).

~Crouche~, _sb_. the cross of Christ, crucifix, sign or representation
of the cross, MD, PP, HD; ~cruche~, PP; ~crowch~, S. - Cp. OHG. _crûci
(krûzi)_ in Otfrid; Lat. _cruci-_ (stem of _crux_). Cf. ~Crois~.

~Crouchen~, _v_. to sign with the cross, MD; ~cruchen~, MD; ~crowche~,
MD; ~crouched~, _pt. s_., MD.

~Croud, Croude~, _sb_. a musical instrument (stringed), H, W; see

~Crouken~, _v_. to croak, S2; ~crowken~, Prompt.; ~croak~, Sh.

~Crouken~, _v_. to bend down, S3, MD; see ~Croken~.

~Croune~, _sb_. crown, the tonsure, S, G; see ~Corone~.

~Crouni~; see ~Corouen~.

~Crouning~, _sb_. crowning, S2; the tonsure, P. See above.

~Crowch~, _sb_. cross, S; see ~Crouche~.

~Crowd~, _v_. to coo as a dove, S3; ~croud~, JD.

~Crowde~, _sb_. a musical instrument (stringed), Prompt., Cath., Voc.;
~crouthe~, MD; ~croud~, H; ~croude~ (= _chorus_), W, H; ~crowd~, ND;
~crouth~, MD. - Wel. _crwth_, a fiddle: Ir. _cruit_: OIr. _crot_;
cp. Low Lat. _chrotta_ (Ducange). Cf. ~Rote~.

~Crowde~, _sb_. wheelbarrow, Prompt.

~Crowden~, _v_. to push, HD, S2, C3; ~crouden~, MD, HD, C3; ~crude~,
to press forward, S; ~crowdyn~, Prompt.; ~crud~, _pt. s_., MD,
HD. - AS. *_crúdan_, to press, drive, pt. _créad_ (pl. _crudon_),
pp. _croden_; cp. Du. _kruyden_, to push (Hexham). See Sievers, 384,

~Crowdyng~, _sb_. pressure, S2, C3.

~Crowen~, _v_. to crow; ~crawand~, _pr. p_., S3; ~him croweth~,
_pr. s. reflex_., C3. - AS. _cráwan_, pt. _créow_, pp. _crawen_.

~Crownell~, _sb_. corolla, small crown, S3. See ~Corone~.

~Crucchen~, _v_. to crouch, MD; ~cruchen~, S3.

~Cruche~; see ~Crouche~.

~Crud~, _sb_. curd, MD; ~curde~, Prompt.; ~cruddes~, _pl_., S2, PP;
~croddes~, PP; ~crouds~, JD; ~curddys~, Voc.

~Cruddid~, _pp_. curded, W2.

~Crude~, _v_. to press forward, S; see ~Crowden~.

~Cruel~, _adj_. cruel, MD; ~cruwel~, MD; ~crewell~, MD. - OF. _cruel_;
Lat. _crudelem_.

~Cruelnesse~, _sb_. cruelty, MD; ~cruwelnes~, S2.

~Crueltee~, _sb_. cruelty, C2. - AF. _cruelte_; Lat. _crudelitatem_.

~Crulle~, _adj_. curly, C; ~krulle~, MD; ~crolle~,
MD. - Cp. G. _krolle_, curl; see Weigand.

~Crune~, _sb_. crown, S; see ~Corone~.

~Cry~, _sb_. cry, MD; ~crye~, Prompt.; ~crei~, S. - AF. _cri_, _crie_.

~Cryen~, _v_. to cry, MD, PP; ~crie~, PP; ~cri3*inge~, _pr. p_., S2;
~cri3*ed~, _pt. s_., S2; ~crieden~, _pl_., S; ~criede~,
S2. - AF. _crier, cryer_, for older _cridar_; cp. It. _gridare_.

~Crymailed~, _pp_. anointed, PP; ~y-crymyled~, PP; see ~Cremelen~.

~Crystal~, _sb_. ice, crystal, MD; ~cristal~, W2. - AF. _cristal_;
Lat. _crystallum_, ice (Vulg.), also, mountain-crystal; Gr. [Greek:
krystallos], ice.

~Cubit~, _sb_. elbow, a cubit (measure), MD; ~cubytes~, _pl_., C2;
~cupydez~, S2. - Lat. _cubitum_.

~Cucurbite~, _sb_. a gourd-shaped chemical vessel. - Lat. _cucurbita_,

~Cudde~, _pt. s_. made known, S; see ~Cuðen, Kythen~.

~Cude~, _sb_. cud, S, MD; ~code~, MD; ~cudde~, Prompt., Palsg.;
~quide~, MD; ~quede~, MD; ~quid~, HD, SkD.

~Cuen~, _sb_. queen, S; see ~Quene~.

~Cuffe~, _sb_. cuff, PP, Prompt., Palsg.; ~coffes~, _pl_.,
PP. - Cp. MHG. _kuffe_, coif. Cf. ~Coife~.

~Cukkow~, _sb_. cuckoo, MD, Prompt.; ~cocow~, Voc.; ~cocowe~, Palsg.;
~cucko~, Voc.; ~gukgo~, S3. - OF. _coucou_; Lat. _cuculum_ (acc.).

~Culle~, _v_. to strike, to kill, P; see ~Kulle~.

~Culme~, _sb_. soot, Prompt.

~Culorum~, _sb_. end, conclusion, PP. - For Lat. _seculorum_ in the
_phr_.: _in secula seculorum_, for ever and ever, at the end of the
Gloria Patri.

~Culpon~, _sb_. slice, shred, MD, C; ~culpown~, Prompt.; ~culpen~,
Manip. - AF. _colpoun_; Low Lat. _colponem_; cp. F. _coupon_.

~Culter~, _sb_. coulter, the fore-iron of a plough, PP, Voc., Prompt.;
~kulter~, PP; ~coltre~, PP. - Lat. _culter_.

~Culuer~, _sb_. dove, MD, W, W2; ~cullfre~, S; ~colvyr~, Voc.;
~culuere~, S2. - AS. _culfre_ (OET.).

~Culuer-briddis~, _sb. pl_. young pigeons, W.

~Cum-~; see ~Com-~.

~Cumen~, _v_. to come, S; see ~Comen~.

~Cumlyng~, _sb_. stranger, H; see ~Comelyng~.

~Cumplie~, _sb_. compline, S; see ~Complie~.

~Cumrit~, _pt. s_. encumbered, S2; ~cummerit~, S3; see ~Combren~.

~Cumsen~, _v_. to commence, S2, PP; see ~Comsen~.

~Cun~, _v_. to know how to, H; see ~Kunnen~.

~Cun~, _sb_. kin, kind, nature, S; ~cunne~, _dat_., S; see ~Kyn~.

~Cun~-; see ~Con~-.

~Cunde~, _sb_. kind, nature, S; see ~Kynde~.

~Cunde~, _adj_. natural, kind, MD; see ~Kynde~.

~Cundeliche~, _adv_. naturally, S; see ~Kyndely~.

~Cunes-mon~, _sb_. kinsman, S; see ~Kynes-man~.

~Cunin~, _sb_. cony, rabbit, S; see ~Conyng~.

~Cunnen~, _v_. to know, to be able, S, S2; see ~Kunnen~.

~Cunreadnes~, _sb. pl_. kindreds, S; see ~Kyn-rede~.

~Cupabil~, _adj_. culpable, H; see ~Coupable~.

~Cuppe~, _sb_. cup, S, C2, C; ~kuppe~, S; ~coppe~, S2,
P. - AS. _cuppe_; Lat. _cupa_. Cf. ~Coupe~.

~Cuppe-mel~, _adv_. by cupfuls, S2, PP; ~in cupmel~, P.

~Cupydez~, _sb. pl_. cubits, S2; see ~Cubit~.

~Curace~, sb. cuirass, S3, SkD; ~curat~, HD. - OF. _cuirace_; Late
Lat. _coracium_, from Lat. _corium_, leather.

~Curall~, _sb_. coral, S3; see ~Coral~.

~Curat~, _sb_. curate, C. - Late Lat. _curatus_.

~Curatour~, _sb_. curate, priest who has cure of souls, PP, S2.

~Cure~, _sb_. a charge, cure of souls, PP, C3; ~cures~, _pl_.,
pursuits, C2. - Church Lat. _cura_.

~Curiour~, _sb_. currier, W; see ~Coriour~.

~Curious~, _adj_. busy, zealous, eager to know, dainty, fine, MD, S3;
careful, C.

~Curlew~, _sb_. curlew, _coturnix_, Prompt., W2 (Ps. 104. 40);
~curlu~, H; ~kurlu~, MD; ~corlew~, MD; ~curlowyr~,
Voc. - OF. _corlieu_, curlew (Cotg.).

~Currour~, _sb_. runner, courier, W2; ~corour~, W2; ~currours~,
_pl_. light-armed troops, S3.

~Curry~, _v_. to prepare leather, to curry horses, to rub down,
flatter, S3, MD; ~currayyn~, Prompt.; ~coraye~, MD. - OF. _couraër_,
_coureer_ (F. _courroyer_); It. _corredare_; from Low
Lat. _conredium_. See ~Conrey~.

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