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public weights and measures (Ducange).

~Tan~, _pp_. taken, S2; see ~Take~.

~Tancrit~, _adj_. transcribed; ~tancrete~, S3. - OF. _tancrit_;
Lat. _transcriptum_ (Ducange).

~Tang~, _sb_. sea-weed, SkD, JD. _Comb_.: ~tang-fish~, the seal,
JD. - Icel. _pang_.

~Tangle~, _sb_. sea-weed, HD, JD. - Icel. _pöngull_.

~Tangle~, _v_. to twist confusedly; ~tangell~, Palsg.; ~tangild~,
_pp_., ensnared, H (p. 149).

~Tapecer~, _sb_. a maker of tapestry, Prompt.; ~tapicer~, C;
~tapesere~, Prompt. - OF. _tapissier_, from _tapis,tapiz_; Late
Gr. [Greek: taphition], for [Greek: haetion]. Cf. ~Tapet~.

~Tapecerye~, _sb_. tapestry, HD. - OF. _tapisserie_.

~Tapet~, _sb_. cloth, hangings, tapestry, Prompt., ND; ~tappet~, HD;
~tapite~, S3; ~tapyt~, Voc.; ~tapett~, Cath.; ~tapetis~, _pl_.
(=Lat. _tapetes_), W2; ~tapites~, HD; ~tapets~, S3. _Der_.: ~tapìter~,
a maker of tapestry, HD. - Lat. _tapete_. from Gr. [Greek: taphtion]
Cf. ~Tapecer~.

~Tapinage~, _sb_. secret sculking, HD. - OF. _tapinage_ (Ducange);
cp. _tapir_, to hide (Cotg.).

~Tapissynge~, _sb_. hangings, H.

~Tappe~, _sb_. a tap, _clipsidra_, Prompt.; ~teppe~, SD. _Comb_.:
~tap-tre~, _clipsidra_, HD, Cath.

~Tappestere~, _sb_. a female tapster, C; ~tapstare~,
_propinaria_. Prompt.

~Tarette~, _sb_. ship of heavy burden, S2. - Low Lat. _tareta_, also
_tarida_ (Ducange); cp. OF. _taride_.

~Targe~, _sb_. a charter, Prompt.

~Targe~, _sb_. a small shield, C, S2, Voc. - OF. _targe_ (BH);
cp. _targue_ (Cotg.).

~Target~, _sb_. a small targe, Prompt.; ~targett~, Voc.; ~tergate~,
S3; ~targattes~, _pl_., SkD. - Low Lat. _targeta_; cp. It. _targhetta_

~Tarien~, _v_. to delay, to hinder, C2; to tarry, W2, S3; see

~Tarne~, _sb_. a girl, HD. - Icel. _þerna_; cp. OHG. _thiarna_
(Otfrid); see Kluge (s.v. _dirne_). See ~Þerne~.

~Tarne~, _sb_. a tarn; see ~Terne~.

~Tas~, _sb_. heap, C; ~taas~, C; ~tasse~, Prompt., HD. - OF. _tas_,
stack, heap (BH); cp. Du. _tas_, Low Lat. _tassis_ (Voc.), _tassus_

~Taske~, _sb_. a taxing, Prompt.; a task, HD, Palsg. - Cp. Late
Lat. _tasca_ for _taxa_, a tax. See ~Taxen~.

~Tasker~, _sb_. a thrasher, Voc., HD; ~taskar~, B; ~taskur~, Bardsley.

~Tassel~, _sb_. male hawk; see ~Tercel~.

~Tast~, _sb_. taste, S3, PP; ~taast~, Prompt.

~Tasten~, _v_. to feel, touch, kiss, taste, C3, PP; ~taasten~,
Prompt.; ~tast~, _pt. s_., probed, HD. - OF. _taster_, to feel by
touch, to taste (F. _tâter_); Late Lat. *_taxitare_, frequent, of
Lat. _taxare_, to handle.

~Tatter~, a shred, loose-hanging rag, a ragged person, ND, SkD;
~totters~, _pl_., rags, Sh. _Der_.: ~tatered~, _adj_., jagged,
S3. - Icel. _tötturr_ (for _tölturr_), _töturr_.

~Tauny~, _adj_. tawny, P; ~tanny~, Prompt. - AF. _taune_, OF. _tanne_,
tawny, tanned, pp. of _taner_, to tan (BH).

~Tavel~, _sb_. the game of 'tables', backgammon, SD. _Comb_.:
~tævel-bred~, backgammon-board, SD. - AS. _tæfel_, 'alea' (Voc.);
Lat. _tabula_. See ~Table~.

~Tavelen~, _v_. to play at 'tables', S.

~Taverne~, _sb_. an inn, Prompt., Voc. - AF. _taverne_; Lat. _taberna_.

~Taverner~, _sb_. inn-keeper, C2,HD, P, Voc.; ~tavernere~,
Prompt. - AF. _taverner_; Late Lat. _tabernarium_.

~Tawen~, _v_. to prepare leather, SkD; ~tewen~, Prompt.; ~taw~, to
dress hemp, HD; ~tawed~, _pp_., hardened with labour, S3; ~i-tauwed~,
S. - AS. _tawian_, to prepare, dress leather, to scourge.

~Tawer~, _sb_. a tanner, SD, SkD.

~Tawnen~, _v_. to shew, S; ~taunede~, _pt. s_., SD. - Cp. ODu. _toonen_
and MHG. _zounen_ for _zougenen_, from OHG. _zougjan_ for _azougjan_
(see Lexer); cp. AS. _æt-ýwan_. See ~Awnen~.

~Taxen~, _v_. to tax, SkD, PP. - AF. _taxer_; Lat. _taxare_.

~Taxoure~, _sb_. a taxer, P.

~Tayl~, _sb_. tail, a retinue, train of followers, S2, C2, PP;
~taile~, S2, PP; ~tayle~, Cath. - AS. _tægl_: Goth, _tagl_, hair.

~Tayt~, _adj_. glad, cheerful, brisk, S3; ~teyte~, _pl_.,
HD. - Icel. _teitr_.

~Te-~, _prefix_; same as ~To-~ (2).

~Teald~, _pp_. of ~Tellen~.

~Teares~, _pl_. tears, S; see ~Tere~.

~Techen~, _v_. to teach, S, C2, S2; ~teachen~, S; ~tache~, S; ~tahte~,
_pt. s_., S; ~taihte~, S; ~tagte~, S; ~tahtes~, 2 _pt. s_., S;
~tehten~, _pl_., S; ~taucht~, _pp_., S3; ~y-ta3*t~, S2; ~y-taught~,
C2. - AS. _tæ*can_, pt. _tæ*hte_, pp. _tæ*ht_.

~Teches~, _sb. pl_. marks, signs, S2; see ~Tache~.

~Teer~, _sb_. tear, C2; see ~Tere~.

~Teise~, _sb_. a fathom, HD. - AF. _teise_ (OF. _toise_); Late
Lat. _tensa_. Cf. ~Teyse~.

~Tei3*en~, _v_. to tie, bind, S2; see ~Ti3*en~.

~Teld~, _sb_. a covering, tent, SkD (s.v. _tilt_); ~telde~, S2, HD;
~telte~, Prompt.; ~tilde~, PP (p. 779). - AS. _(ge)teld_, a tent;
cp. Icel. _tjald_.

~Telden~, _v_. to pitch a tent, to erect a building, to dwell, PP;
~tilden~, S3; ~tilde~, _pt. s_., PP; ~tulde~, PP; ~telt~, HD;
~teldit~, _pp_., PP; ~tyld~, S3.

~Tele~, _sb_. sorcery, magic, HD.

~Telen~, _v_. to reprove, to scoff at, S; ~tælen~, S. - ONorth. _telan_
(Luke 7. 30), AS. _tæ*lan_, to blame, from _tálu_, 'calumnia' (Grein).

~Telie~, _v_. to till, cultivate, PP; see ~Tilien~.

~Telinge~, _sb_. husbandry, culture, study, practice of magic;
~telynge~, HD; ~tulyinge~, PP; ~teolunges~, _pl_., S. - AS. _teolung_,
_tilung_, tilling, culture, study.

~Tellen~, _v_. to tell, count, esteem, S, S2; ~telst~, 2 _pr. s_. S;
~telð~, _pr. s_., S, S2; ~tellus~, _pl_., S2; ~talde~, _pt. s_., S;
~tolde~, S2, PP; ~telld~, S2; ~tolden~, _pl_., S; ~talden to~,
accounted, S; ~telden~, W; ~teald~, _pp_., S; ~talde~, S2; ~ytold~,
C2, S2; ~i-told~, S; ~told~, S2. - AS. _tellan_, pt. _tealde_,
pp. _ge-teald_. See ~Tale~.

~Teme~, _sb_. theme, subject, text, PP; ~teeme~, S2, PP. - OF. _theme_;
Lat. _thema_; Gr. [Greek: thema].

~Teme~, _v_. to tame, H; ~temyd~, _pp_. H. - AS. _temian_ (Voc.): Goth,

~Temen~, _v_. to bring forward as witness, S. - AS. _téman, týman_
(Schmid), from _téam_, a summoning for warranty (Schmid).

~Temen~, _v_. to make empty, to pour out, HD, Prompt., Cath., H;
~tume~, JD; ~teym~, JD. - Icel. _tœma_, to empty; from _tómr_,
empty. See ~Tome~.

~Temp~, _v_. to tempt, H; ~tent~, to probe, Sh.; ~temped~, _pp_.,
HD. - OF. _tempter_ (F. _tenter_); Lat. _tentare_.

~Temporal~, _adj_. lasting but for a short time, S2. - OF. _temporel_;
Lat. _temporalem_ (Vulg.).

~Temporalite~, _sb_. temporal power, PP; ~temperaltes~, temporalities,
PP. - AF. _temporalitee_.

~Tempre~, _v_. to temper, moderate, restrain, PP, C2; ~temperid~,
_pp_., directed, W2; ~tempred~, fitted, attuned, S2,
PP. - OF. _temprer_ (F. _tremper_); Lat. _temperare_.

~Tempre~, _adj_. tempered, modified, temperate, H. - OF. _tempre_.

~Ten~, _v_. to draw, pull, train, also to go, mount, _reflex_, to
conduct oneself, S; ~teon~, S; ~tuen~, HD; ~te~, HD; ~teð~, _pr. s_.,
S; ~tuhen~, _pt. pl_., S; ~i-to3*en~, _pp_., S; ~i-tohen~, S. _Comb_.:
~ful-itohe~, badly trained, S. - AS. _téon_, pt. _téah_ (pl. _tugon_),
pp. _togen_: Goth, _tiuhan_; cp. Lat. _ducere_; see Brugmann, § 65.

~Tend~, _adj. ord_. tenth, S2, B; ~tende~, HD.

~Tende~, _sb_. a tenth, HD; ~teind~, tithe, S3; ~tendis~, _pl_.,
H. - Icel. _tíund_, a tenth.

~Tende~, _v_. to tithe, Cath.

~Tenden~, _v_. to kindle, set fire to, S2, W; ~teenden~, W; ~tind~,
HD; ~tendeden~, _pt. pl_., PP; ~tenden~, PP; ~tendyn~, PP; ~tende~,
S2; ~y-tend~, _pp_., S2. - AS. _tendan_ (in _on-tendan_):
Goth. _tandjan_, causal of *_tindan_, to burn.

~Tene~, _sb_. grief, vexation, injury, S, S2, S3, PP, B; ~teene~, PP;
~teone~, S, S2, PP; ~teyne~, B; ~tyene~, S2. - AS. _téona_.

~Tenen~, _v_. to vex, trouble, injure, PP; ~teene~, PP; ~teonen~,
PP. - AS. _týnan_.

~Tennes~, _sb_. tennis, S3; see ~Tenyse~.

~Tenserie~, _sb_. an extraordinary impost, robbery, S
(2. 42). - OF. _tenserie_; Late Lat. _tensaria_.

~Tente~, _sb_. a tent, C2, PP. - OF. _tente_ (Bartsch); Late
Lat. _tenta_, cloth stretched.

~Tente~, _sb_. intention, purpose, PP; ~tent~, attention, care, heed,
S2, JD, W, W2, H. - OF. _atente_ (BH).

~Tentyf~, _adj_. attentive, CM; ~tentifly~, _adv_., attentively,
C2. - OF. _attentif_.

~Tenyse~, _sb_. tennis, Palsg.; ~teneys~, _tenisia_, Prompt.;
~tennes~, S3, SkD.

~Teolung~, _sb_. magical practice, S; see ~Telinge~.

~Teon~, _v_. to draw, S; see ~Ten~.

~Teone~, _sb_. grief, S; see ~Tene~.

~Terce~, _adj_. a third, SkD; ~tierce~, the third hour (canonical),
SkD; ~tyerse~, SkD. - AF. _terce, tierce_, OF. _terc, tiers, tierce_;
Lat. _tertia_.

~Tercel~, _sb_. the male of any kind of hawk, CM, Prompt., Sh.;
~tercelle~, Voc.; ~terselle~, Cath.; ~tassel~, Sh.; ~tassell~,
Cotg. - AF. _tercel_, from OF. _terce_.

~Tercelet~, _sb_. a small hawk, C2. - AF. _tercelet_, OF. _tiercelet_

~Tere~, _sb_. tear, S, C2; ~teer~, C2; ~teares~, _pl_.,
S. - AS. _tear_, also _teagor_, OHG. _zahar_ (Tatian); cp. Gr. [Greek:
dhakru]; see Douse, p. 94.

~Teren~, _v_. to tear, S. - AS, _teran_, cp. Goth, (_ga_)_tairan_.

~Teren~, _v_. to tar, S. See ~Terre~.

~Tergate~, _sb_. a small shield, S3; see ~Target~.

~Terien~, _v_. to vex, irritate, to make weary, to delay, hinder,
_irritare, fatigare_; ~teryyn~, Prompt.; ~terwin~, Prompt.; ~terre~,
W, W2; ~tarien~, C2; ~y-taryed~, _pp_., S2. - AS. _tergan_, to vex.

~Terien~, _v_. to tarry, to delay; ~teryyn~, Prompt.; ~taryen~, CM;
~tarien~, W2, S3. - The same word as above; for change of sense
cp. AS. _dreccan_, to vex, with the equivalent ME. _drecchen_, to
tarry (q.v.).

~Terme~, _sb_. term, period, S, C2; ~termes~, _pl_., expressions,
examples, PP, C2; limits, ends, W, W2. - AF. _terme_; Lat. _terminum_.

~Terminen~, _v_. to determine, limit, W; ~itermynet~, _pp_., S2;
~y-termyned~, PP. - AF. _terminer_, to determine.

~Terne~, _sb_. a tarn, small lake, S2; ~tarne~, Manip. - Icel. _tjörn_

~Terre~, _sb_. tar, Prompt.; ~tarre~, PP; ~teer~, HD; ~ter~,
B. - AS. _teoru_ (Voc.).

~Terre~, _v_. to provoke, W, W2; see ~Terien~.

~Terryng~, _sb_. a provoking, W2.

~Teruagant~, _sb_. one of the seven gods of Hengest, S; ~Termagant~, a
supposed god of the Saracens, ND; one of the characters in the old
moralities, ND, Sh., TG; ~Trivigant~, ND. - OF. _Tervagant_, also
_Tervagan_, one of the three gods of the Saracens (Roland);
cp. It. _Trivigante_ (Ariosto).

~Teste~, _sb_. a pot in which metals are tried, HD, SkD, C3; ~teest~,
HD. _Phr_.: ~to bring to the test~, lit. to bring to the refiner's
vessel, Sh. - OF. _teste_, a refiner's vessel; Lat. _testa_, a vessel
used in alchemy, orig. a piece of baked earthenware, also shell of
fish, skull, head. Cp. OF. _test_ (F. _têt_), a test in chemistry,
orig. a potsherd, see Bartsch.

~Testere~, _sb_. a head-piece, helmet, tester for a bed, SkD, HD;
~teester~, Prompt.; ~tester~, C; ~testar~, Palsg. - OF. _testiere_,
head-piece (Cotg.).

~Testif~, _adj_. headstrong, testy, CM; ~testie~, S3. - OF. _testif_

~Te-tealte~, _adj_. quite unstable, in jeopardy, S2. (~To-~ 2.)

~Teð~, _pr. s_.; ~teð up~, mounts, S; see ~Ten~.

~Tewelle~, _sb_. the pipe of a chimney, HD; ~tuel~, a pipe,
HD. - OF. _tuel_, _tuyel_ (F. _tuyau_): Sp. _tudel_; of Teutonic
origin; see Kluge (s.v. _düte_), and Weigand (s.v. _zotte_).

~Texte~, _sb_. text, scripture, SkD; ~text~, Cath., C2; ~tixte~, PP,
S2; ~tixt~, PP; ~tyxte~, PP; ~tyxt~, PP. - OF. _texte_; Lat. _textum_.

~Textuel~, _adj_. literal, C3.

~Teye~, _sb_. a coffer, Prompt. - OF. _teie_ (_toie_); Lat. _the*ca_;
cp. F. _taie_.

~Teyne~, _sb_. a thin plate of metal, C3.

~Teyrre~, of them, S; see ~Þei~.

~Teyse~, _v_. to poise for shooting, HD; ~tasit~, _pt. s_., B;
~taisand~, _pr. p_., HD. - OF. _toiser_, to measure (Cotg.). See

~Teyte~, _adj. pl_. cheerful, HD; see ~Tayt~.

~Th~, an abbreviation of the article _the_, ND. _Comb_.: ~thair~, S2;
~thangel~, C2; ~tharmes~, C; ~tharray~, S2, C2; ~thassemblee~, S2, C3;
~thavys~, the advice, C; ~theffect~, C2; ~theffusion~, S3; ~thegle~,
C2; ~thembatel~, S3; ~themperice~, S; ~themperour~, S2, C3;
~thencens~, C; ~thenchauntement~, C; ~thencres~, C; ~thende~, S, S2,
S3; ~thentencioun~, C3; ~therle~, S3; ~thestat~, C; ~thimage~, C2;
~thingot~, C3; ~thold~, S3; ~thorient~, C2; ~thorisoun~, C; ~thothre~,
S, S3.

~Þa~, _art. def. fem_. the, S; _dat. masc_., S; _pl_., S; _pron. pl_.,
who, S; see ~Þe~.

~Þam~, _art. dat. s_. and _pl_. the, S; see ~Þei~. And see ~Þei~.

~Þan~, _art. dat_. and _acc_. the, S; see ~Þe~.

~Þan~, _adv_. then; see ~Þanne~.

~Þane~, _art. acc. masc_. the, S; see ~Þe~.

~Þane~, _adv_. then, S; see ~Þanne~.

~Þane~, _sb_. thane, S2; see ~Þeyn~.

~Þanen~, _adv_. thence, S; ~Þanene~, S2. - AS. _þanon_.

~Þank~, _sb_. a thought, a thank, gratitude, grace; ~Þanc~, S; ~Þonc~,
S; ~Þonk~, S, PP; ~Þance~, _dat_., S; ~Þonke~, S, S2; ~Þankes~, _pl_.,
PP; ~thonkes~, PP, S2. _Phr_.: ~can Þanc, con Þonk~, is thankful, S;
~here Þankes~, _gen_. as _adv_., of their own thought, spontaneously,
S, C. - AS. _þanc_; cp. OHG. _thanc_ (Otfrid).

~Þanken~, _v_. to thank, PP, S; ~Þonken~, PP, S, S2. - AS. _þancian_.

~Þanne~, _adv_. then, when, S, PP, S2, C; ~Þann~, S; ~Þane~, S; ~Þan~,
S, S2, C2; ~Þenne~, S, PP, S2; ~Þene~, S, PP; ~Þen~, S; ~Þeonne~,,
S. - AS. _þænne_.

~Þanne~, _conj_. than, S; ~Þane~, S; ~Þan~, S2; ~Þenne~, S; ~Þenn~, S;
~Þene~, S; ~Þen~, S, PP. - AS. _þænne_.

~Þanne~, _adv_. thence, S2; see ~Þenne~.

~Þar~, _pt. -pr. s. impers_. it needs, _opus est_, B, H; ~thare~, H;
~Þarf~, S; ~tharst~, 2 _pt. -pr. s_., PP; ~thart~, _pt. -pr. s_.,
HD. _Comb_.: ~thardestow~, thou wouldst need, PP; see ~Þurfen~.

~Þar-~, _prefix_; see ~Þer-~.

~Þare~, _art. dat. f_. to the, S; see ~Þe~.

~Þarmes~, _sb. pl_. entrails, HD. - AS _þearm_ (Voc.); for cognates see
Kluge (s.v. _darm_).

~Þarne~, _v_. to lack, want, HD, H; ~tharn~, H; ~tharnys~, _pr. s_.,
H; ~tharnyd~, _pt. s_., H. - Icel. _þarnask_ (for _þarfnask_), to lack.

~Þas~, _pron. dem. pl_. those, S, S2; see ~Þes~.

~Þat~, _pron. dem_., _pron. rel_. and _conj_. that, S, S2; ~þet~, S,
S2; ~at~, S2, S3, H, NED. - AS. _þæt_. See ~Þe~.

~Þauien~, _v_. to permit, SD; ~þeauien~, S; ~thave~,
HD. - AS. _þafian_.

~Þe~, _pron. dem_. and _def. art. m_. that man, the, S; ~þæ~, S; ~te~,
S; ~to~, S; ~þat~, _n_, S, S2; ~þet~, S, S2; ~tat~, S; ~tatt~, S;
~þes~, _gen. m_., S; ~þes þe~, so much the (more), S; ~þas~, S;
~þane~, _acc. m_., S, S2; ~þan~, S, S2; ~þene~, S; ~þenne~, S; ~þen~,
S, S2; ~þam~, _dat. m_., S;. ~þan~, S; ~þen~, S, S2; ~þon~, S; ~þo~,
S; ~þa~, S; ~þeo~, _nom. f_., S; ~þære~, _dat_. _f_. and _gen. f_.;
~þare~, S; ~þere~, S; ~þar~, S; ~þer~, S; ~þa~, _acc. f_., S;. ~þo~,
S; ~þeo~, S; ~þie~, S; ~þe~, _inst_. as in ~þe bet~, the better,
PP. _Comb_.: ~the self~, itself,. H. - ONorth. _ðé_, see Sievers, 337.

~Þe~, _pron. rel_. who, which, S. - AS. _ðe_ (the indeclinable relative
pronoun). See above.

~Þe~, _conj_. than, S - AS. _ðe_, 'quam.'

~Þeaw~, _sb_. habit, virtue, S; see ~Þew~.

~Þedam~, _sb_. prosperity, Prompt, HD. See ~Þeen~.

~Þede~, _sb. pl_. nations, S2 (3. 29); see ~Þeode~.

~Þeden~, _adv_. thence, S; see ~Þeþen~.

~Þeder~, _adv_. thither, S2; see ~Þider~.

~Þeef~, _sb_. thief, C2; see ~Þeof~.

~Þeen~, _v_. to thrive, _vigere_, Prompt.; ~thee~, S3, C2, C3, Spenser
(2), HD; ~the~, C, HD; ~the~, 1 _pr. s. subj_., PP; ~theech~ (~thee~ +
~ich~), may I thrive, C3; ~theich~, PP; ~þeagh~, _pt. s_., SD;
~i-þe3*~, S2. - AS. _(ge)þéon_: *_þíhan_; cp. Goth. _theihan_; see
Sievers, 383, Douse, p. 40.

~Þefe~, _sb_. leafy branch, twig; ~theve~, Prompt. _Comb_.:
~thefethorn~, buckthorn, Alph. (_n*_. p. 156), Voc.; ~thefthorne~, H;
~thewethornys~, _pl_., _morus_, Voc.; ~the-*thorne~, _ramnus_,
Prompt.; ~the thorntre~, Voc. - AS. _þyfe_ (_þéfe_), _þefe-þorn_,
'ramnus' (Voc.), _ðeofeðorn_ (Voc.); cf. AS. _þúfian_, 'frutescere'

~Þei~, _pron. pl_. they, S, PP, C; ~þe3*3*~, S; ~te3*3*~, S; ~þai~, S,
PP, S2; ~tai~, S; ~the~, S3; ~þe3*3*re~, _gen_., S; ~te3*3*re~, S;
~thair~, S2; ~thayr~, PP; ~Þar~, S2, S3 ~Þe3*3*m~, _dat. acc_., S;
~thaim~, S2; ~thaym~, PP; ~tham~, S2. _Comb_.: ~Þam-selue~,
themselves, S2. - Icel. _þeir_, they (Dan. _de_), gen. _þeirra_,
dat. _þeim_; cp. AS. _ðá_, those. See ~Þe~.

~Þein~, _sb_. thane, S; see ~Þeyn~.

~Þellyche~, _pron_. such, S2; see ~Þulli~.

~Þenchen~, _v_. to think, to intend, S, S2; ~Þenken~, PP, S; ~Þohte~,
_pt. s_., S, S2; ~Þo3*te~, S; ~Þoght~, S2; ~thoucte~, S; ~Þouhten~,
_pl_., S; ~Þoght~, _pp_., S2; ~Þouht~, PP; ~thouct~, S. - AS. _þencan_,
pt. _þóhte_, pp. (_ge_)_þóht_. See ~Þynken~.

~Þene~, _art. acc. masc_. the, S; ~Þen~, S; see ~Þe~.

~Þenien~, _v_. to serve; ~Þenið~, _pr. pl_., S. _Der_.: ~Þeninge~,
services, S. - AS. _þénian, þegnian_, from _þegn_. See ~Þeyn~.

~Þenne~, than; also then; see ~Þanne~.

~Þenne~, _adv_. thence, S; ~Þanne~, S2; ~Þonne~, S; ~Þeonne~, S2,
PP. See ~Þanen~.

~Þennes~, _adv_. thence, PP, S2, C2, C3; ~thennus~, W. _Comb_.:
~thennes-forth~, thenceforth, C2.

~Þeode~, _sb_. people, nation, S; ~Þioðe~, S; ~Þeode~, _pl_., orders
(of angels), S; nations, S2; ~Þede~, S2; ~Þeden~, _dat_.,
S. - AS. _þéod_; cp. Goth, _thiuda_, OHG. _thiota_ (Tatian).

~Þeof~, _sb_. thief, S, PP; ~thef~, PP; ~Þyef~, S2; ~theef~, C2,
Prompt.; ~Þeue~, _dat_., S; ~Þieue~, S; ~Þeofes~, _pl_., S; ~Þeoues~,
S, PP; ~theues~, W2; ~theueli~, in a thief-like manner, W2; ~Þeofte~,
theft, S; ~pefte~, PP, Prompt. - AS. _Þéof_: Goth. _thiubs_;
cp. OHG. _thiob_ (Tatian).

~Þeorrf~, _adj_. unleavened, S; see ~Þerf~.

~Þeos~, _pron. dem. f_. this, S; see ~Þes~.

~Þeoster~, _sb_. darkness, S. - AS. _péostru_: OS. _thiustri_.

~Þeostre~, _adj_. dark, S; see ~Þester~.

~Þeow~, _sb_. servant; ~Þeoww~, S. _Der_.: ~Þeou-dom~, bondage;
~Þeoudome~, _dat_., S. - AS. _þéow_: Goth, _thius_; cp. OHG. _thiu_,
'ancilla' (Otfrid).

~Þeowten~, _v_. to serve; ~Þeowwtenn~, S. - From AS. _þéowet_, service.

~Þer~, _pron. dem. pl_. these, S2, HD; ~there~, H; ~Þir~, S2, H. S3,
JD; those, B. - Icel. _þeir_, they. See ~Þei~.

~Þer-~, _prefix_, SkD (s.v. _there-_). _Comb_.: ~Þerfore~, for it, for
that cause, PP, S, C2; ~Þerfor~, S, S2; ~Þeruore~, S2; ~Þereuore~, S;
~Þarfore~, S, S2; ~Þaruore~, S; ~Þareuore~, S; ~Þærfore~, S;
~Þerinne~, therein, S, S2, C2; ~Þærinne~, S; ~Þarinne~, S; ~Þrinne~,
S, S2; ~thrynne~, G; ~Þarin~, S, S2; ~Þerin~, S; ~Þerwið~, therewith,
S, C2; ~Þarwið~, S, S2; ~Þerwi3*t~, S2; ~Þærwiðð~, S; ~Þermide~,
therewith, S; ~Þeremyde~, P; ~Þarmid~, S; ~Þerof~, thereof, S, C2;
~Þrof~, S. - AS. _ðæ*re_, pron. dem. dat. f.; see ~Þe~.

~þere~, _adv_. there, where, S, S2, S3; ~Þare~, S; ~Þore~, S, S2;
~Þer~, S, S2, S3; ~Þar~, S, S2; ~Þor~, S; ~Þear~, S; ~Þiar~, S; ~Þær~,
S; ~tær~, S (in Ormulum). _Comb_.: ~Þer aboute~, thereabouts, S2;
~Þare amang~, at various times, S2; ~Þer an under~, there beneath, S2;
~Þere as~, where that, S3; ~Þer biuore~, before then, S2; ~Þer
before~, S; ~Þer efter~, thereafter, S; ~ther on~, thereon, C2;
~Þron~, S; ~Þrute~, thereout, S; ~Þer o3*eines~, in comparison
therewith, S; ~Þare ogayne~, S2; ~Þorquiles~, meanwhile, S; ~Þere
whiles~, P; ~Þertil~, thereto, S; ~Þortil~, S; ~Þerto~, thereto, S,
S2, C2, C3; ~Þarto~, S2; ~Þer towart~, against it, S; ~Þer uppe~,
besides, S; ~Þruppe~, thereupon, S. - AS. _þær_: Goth. _thar_.

~Þere~, _art. gen_. and _dat. f_. of the, to the, S; see ~Þe~.

~Þerf~, _adj_. unleavened, W, S2, PP; ~Þeorrf~, S. _Comb_.: ~therf
looues~, unleavened bread, W; ~therf breed~, HD. - AS. _þeorf_;
cp. Icel. _þjarfr_.

~perfling~, _adj_. unleavened; ~Þerrflinng~, S.

~Þerne~, _sb_. a girl, SD (Havelok, 298); see ~Tarne~.

~Þes~, _pron. dem. m_. this, S; ~Þis~, S; ~Þis~, _n_., S; ~Þeos~,
_f_., S; ~teos~, S; ~Þesses~, _gen_. _m_., S; ~Þisse~, _gen. f_., S;
~Þissen~, _dat. m_., S; ~Þisse~, _dat. f_., S; ~Þisser~, S; ~Þesser~,
S; ~Þeser~, S; ~Þas~, _acc. f_., S; ~Þas~, _pl_., S, S2; ~Þos~, S;
~Þeos~, S; ~Þes~, C, W2; ~these~, W2; ~Þues~, S2; ~Þis~, S2; _Þies_,
S3; ~Þisse~, _dat. pl_., S; ~Þise~, S2, C2; ~Þyse~, S2; ~Þesen~,
S. - AS. _þes_, see Sievers, 338, and SkD (s.v. _this_).

~Þester~, _adj_. dark, HD; ~Þyester~, S2; ~Þeostre~, S, ~Þuster~,
S. - AS. _þéostre_: OS. _thiustri_.

~Þesternesse~, _sb_. darkness, S, PP; ~Þyesternesse~, S2;
~Þiesternesse~, S; ~Þeosternesse~, S. - AS. _þéosternis_.

~Þestrien~, _v_. to become dark, S. - AS. _Þystrian_.

~Þet~, _pron_. that; see ~Þat, Þe~.

~ÞeÞen~, _adv_. thence; ~ÞeÞenn~, S; ~Þeden~, S; ~thethyn~,
H. - Icel. _þeðan, þaðan_ (Dan. _deden_).

~Þeues~, _sb. pl_. thieves, W2; see ~Þeof~.

~Þew~, _sb_. habit, practice, virtue, S2; ~þeaw~, S; ~þeawes~, _pl_.,
manners, virtues, S; ~þæwess~, S; ~þewes~, PP, S2, C2, C3; ~thewis~,
W; ~thewys~, H. _Comb_.: ~þeauful~, moral, virtuous; ~þeaufule~,
_pl_., S. - AS. _þéaw_, habit.

~Þewed~, _adj_. mannered; ~thewde~, S3. _Phr_.: ~wel þewed~, S.

~Þeyn~, _sb_, service (?), S2.

~Þeyn~, _sb_. thane, warrior, attendant at a king's court, S; ~þein~,
SkD, S; ~thane~, S2, Sh. - AS. _þegn_ (_þén_), Icel. _þegn_:
OS. _thegan_, a youth, disciple, knight, warrior; cp. OHG. _thegan_

~Þi~, _pron. poss_. thy, S; see ~Þou~.

~Þicke~, _adj_. thick, S; ~þikke~, S2, C2; ~thykke~, Prompt.;
~thicke~, _adv_., S; ~þikke~, S, PP; ~þicce~, S. - AS. _þicce_,
adj. and adv.: os. _thikki_.

~Þicke~, _sb_. thicket, S3.

~Þider~, _adv_. thither, S, PP, S2, C3; ~þuder~, S, PP; ~þeder~, S2;
~þedyr~, S2, PP. _Comb_.: ~þider-ward~, thitherward, S, S2;
~þuder-ward~, S2. - AS. _þider_.

~Þie~, _art. f_. the, S; see ~Þe~.

~Þies~, _pron. dem. pl_. these, S3; see ~Þes~.

~Þiesternesse~, _sb_. darkness, S; see ~Þesternesse~.

~Þild~, _sb_. patience,. S. - AS. (_ge_)_þyld_: OS. _gi-thuld_. See

~Þildili3*~, _adv_. patiently, S.

~Þilk~, _adj_. that, that very, that sort of, such, W; ~thylke~, S3;
~thilke~, C2, C3, W2, S; ~þulke~, _pl_., S2, PP. - AS. _þylc_;
cp. Icel. _þvílíkr_, such.

~Þin~, _pron. poss_. thy, thine, S; see ~Þou~.

~Þing~, _sb_. thing, affair, property, S; _pl_., S, C3; ~þyng~, PP;
~þinge~, S, PP; ~þynge~, S2; ~þinges~, S, C2; ~þinkes~, S; ~þenges~,
S; ~þynges~, PP. - AS. _þing_.

~Þiode~, _sb_. people, S; see ~Þeode~.

~Þir~, _pron. dem. pl_. those, these, S2, H, S3, JD, B; see ~Þer~.

~Þire~, _pron. poss. dat. f_. thy, S; see ~Þou~.

~Þirlen~, _v_. to pierce, C, S2, H; see ~Þurlen~.

~Þis, Þise, Þisse~, &c.; see ~Þes~.

~Þistel~, _sb_. thistle, Voc.; ~thystell~, Voc.; ~thystylle~, Voc.,
Prompt.; ~thrissil~, S3. _Comb_.: ~thistle-finch~, linnet,
HD. - AS. _þistel_ (Voc.): OHG. _thistila_ (Tatian);
cp. Icel. _þistill_.

~Þit~, _put for_ ~þe it~, who it, S; see ~Þe~.

~Þo~, _pron. dem_. and _def. art. pl_. those, they, them, the, S,
S2. C, PP, W2; ~þoo~, S2, S3, W2, PP; ~þa~, S, S2, H; ~þaa~, S2;
~þeo~, S; ~þe~, S; ~þam~, _dat_., S; ~þan~, S, S2; ~þa~, S. - AS. _þá_,
dat. _þœ*m_ (_þám_). See ~Þe~.

~Þo~, _adv_. then, when, S, S2, S3, C, C2, C3, PP; ~þoo~, PP; ~þa~,
S. - AS. _ðá_.

~Þo~, _art. acc. f_. the, S; see ~Þe~.

~Þoght~, _sb_. thought, anxiety, S2, C2; ~þohht~, S; ~þogt~, S;
_þouht_, S, PP; ~thought~, C2; ~þo3*te~, _dat_., S; ~þu3*te~, S;
~þohtes~, _pl_., S; ~þo3*tes~, S2. _Der_.: ~þoghtful~, thoughtful;
~þoghtfulest~, _superl_., S2. - AS. (_ge_)_þóht_. See ~Þenchen~.

~Þohte~, _pt. s_. of ~Þenchen~.

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