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Council of Planning Librarians exchange bibliography

May 1974



Alan Edward Schorr
Elmer E. Rasmuson Library
University of Alaska
Fairbanks, Alaska 99701

Mrs. Mary Vance, Editor
Post Office Box 229
Monticello, Illinois 61856


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UNlVtKbt.i o. ■'-J;'*'^'^

COUNCIL OF PLAimiNG LIBRARIANS Exchange Bibliography §S6l


Alan Edward Schorr
Elraer S. Rasmus on Library
University of Alaska
Fairbanks, /Jsska 99701

This bibliography lists published material on the role
of systems experts and planning personnel in the public and
private sectors, in the context of rapid political and
technological changes taking place in modern society. The
material presents views on the orgarJLzation and dissemination
of the influence of experts and illustrates the social,
economic, political, and teclmical aspects of the role of
expertise. Expertise, for too long relying on a blind faith
in rationalization and accountability, can no longer avoid
value judgements and political involvement.-^

In providing this bibliography of publications issued
between I96O-I970 it is hoped the reader tall gain a clearer
understanding of the intricate role of expertise. In order
to understand current problems involving the structure and
function expertise, one must discern the interrelationship
betx-jeen the social sciences, sciences, and hiimarilties.

The monographs, periodical articles, and reports indicate
that in order to corprehend the complex role of modern
expertise, the study of sociology and psychology as well as
more traditional fields such as business and management,
is needed. Inasmuch as these readings are interdisciplinary,
a classified approach to organization has been rejected.
This bibliography can be used by sociologists, psychologists,
historians, economists, and political scientists in addition
to planners, systems experts, and information scientists.

■•-See Guy Benvenisto. The Politics of Expertise . Berkeley,
Calif ornias Glendessary Press, 1972.

2. CPL Eixhange Bibliography #56?

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3'. CPL Exchange Bibliography ■;^^567

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