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They lived in the town of Chatham where their children were all
born; he kept a store near the village of Rayville. In 1841 he moved
to Walworth Co., Wis. and settled on a farm near the village of
Lyons. After the death of his wife he made his home with his son,
Judge William Penn Lyon, in Madison, where for many years he was
Librarian of the State Historical Society.

Children of Isaac and Eunice (Coffin) Lyon:

♦1406. I. Mary Coffin; b. June 5, 1818; m. Abiah Palmer; res. Bristol, N. Y.

*1407. IL Clarissa; b. Sept. 29, 1820; d. Feb. 25, 1853, at Burlington,
Wis.; m. David P. Gardner.

•1408. III. WUliam Penn; b. Oct. 28, 1S22; res. (1906) Eden Vale, Calif.

*1409. IV. Catharine M.; b. March 14, 1825; m. Sperry Northrup; res.
Madison, S. Dak.

1410. V. Isaac Pennington; b. April 4, 1827; d. Feb. 6, 1850 in California;

•1411. VI. ' Maria C; b. Jan. 22, 1829; m. Amos Phelps; res. San Francisco,

1412. VII. Eliza C; b. March 12, 1831; d. Dec. 20, 1854 at Lyons, Wis.;

•1413. VIII. £Imina; b. July 1, 1833; m. Stephen S. SklfC; res. Ulen, Minn.

•1414. IX. Sarah Ann; b. April 29, 1836; m. Elkanah Andrews; res.
Bristol, N. T.

•1415. X. Julia A.; b. May 28, 1838; m. John Phelps; res. Howard, S.

724. VI. 288. DAVID" LYON [Thomas», David*, Jonathan*,
Thomas^ Thomas'], born Oct. 1, 1797 at Nine Partners, Dutchess Co.,
N. Y.; died Sept. 22, 1874 at Iowa Falls, la. He married April 2, 1817,
Sarah Wilbur, the occasion memorable as a double wedding in which
his older brother Isaac was the other bridegroom. Sarah Wilbur

{William Jones, born Jan. 4, 1794, son of Benjamin Jones of Tisbury, Mass.


born Nov. 4, 1800 was daughter of Robert and Ruhama (Berry)
Wilburt. She died at Iowa Falls, la. David Lyon lived from 1822 to
1835 at Guilford^ Chenango, Co., N. Y., where he kept a store. In
March, 1835 he moved to Elba, Genesee Co. In 1842 he joined his
brothers in Lyons, Wis. and engaged there in farming. He was dur-
ing his life school teacher, merchant, lawyer, farmer and preacher in
the Friends' Church. He was a scholarly man and while living in
Guilford undertook to bring about a reform in English spelling and
published a School Reader and Speller which was used in a number
of schools in Chenango Co.

Children of David and Sarah (Wilbur) Lyon:

1411. I. Kliza; h. Feb. 17, 1818 at Chatham, N. Y. ; d. June 24, 1863 at
Lyons, Wis.; m. March 28, 1837 at Elba, N. Y., Gilbert Griffin; no. ch.

1412. II. Thomas EUwood; b. Dec. 12, 1819 at Chatham, N. Y. ; d. May
5, 1840 at Elba, N. Y. ; unm.

1413. III. Sarah; b. Sept. 10, 1821; d. Jan. 31, 1824 at Guilford, N. Y.

1414. IV. Eunice; b. March 8, 1823 at Elba, N. Y.

1415. V. Harriet; b. Feb. 22, 1825 at Guilford, N. Y.; d. June 22, 1860
at Lyons, Wis. ; unm.

*1416. VI. Ruth; b. Dec. 11. 1826 at Guilford, N. Y.; d. 1897 at Fort
Calhoun, Neb.; m. Edward Hallock.

♦1417. VII. Emma; b. June 21, 1828 at Guilford, N. Y.; d. March 24,
1864, at Marquette, Wis.; m. John Noble.

*1418. VIII. Estelle; b. March 31, 1831, at Guilford, N. Y. ; m. Rozelle F.
Skiff; res. (1906) Iowa Falls, la.

1419. IX. Kobert Judson; b. May 7, 1833 at Guilford, N. Y. ; d. Aug. 9,
1859, at Kenosha, Wis.; unm.

*1420. X. Diana; b. Dec. 26. 1835 at Elba, N. Y. ; d. March 22, 1901
at Iowa Falls, la.; m. DeWitt Crandall.

•1421. XI. Lovina; b. June 26, 1838 at Elba, N. Y. ; m. Charles H.
Packard; res. (1906) Iowa Falls, la.

726. VI. 288. SARAH' LYON (BROCKWAY) [Thomas', David*,
Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas^], born Sept. 11, 1802 in East Lebanon,
Columbia Co. N. Y.; d. Oct. 23, 1884, in Springfield, Pa. She m. Oct.
18, 1825, in Chatham, Columbia Co., N. Y. Hiram Brockway, born in
Chatham, N. Y., April 9, 1803; died in Springfield, Fa., Aug. 15, 1885;
son of Jedediah and Elizabeth (Tniman) Brockway of town of Chat-
ham, N. Y. He was a carpenter and millwright and lived successively
in East Chatham, N. Y., Clyde, N. Y., Erie, Pa. (1832), Edinboro, Pa..
Ashtabula, O., on a farm in Iowa, and finally in Springfield, Pa.

tRobert Wilbur was born May 2, 1778 and died, probably at Chatham, N.
Y., Feb. 2, 1804; he married Sept. 23, 1798 Ruhama Berry, born Feb. 18, 1775;
died Jan. 30, 1858 at Lyons, Wis.


Children of Hiram and Sarah (Lyon) Brockway:

1422. I. William F.; b. March 21, 1827 in Chatham, N. Y. ; d. Jan. 5,
1868 In Springfield, Pa.; in 1852 traveled overland to California; was once
shipwrecked on Hawaiian Islands; 1st Lieut. 145th P. P. V. I.; wounded at
Fredericksburg and at the "Wilderness; of the latter wound he died; m. 1st., April
21, 1847 Betsey Smith; a dau. Alice, d. young; m. 2nd., Sept. 20, 1857 Jane De
Vore; a son Sugene, b. Dec. 30, 1858 (res. 1906 Springfield, Pa.; m. Laura
Bellows, b. May 27, 1861; they had: 1. Maggie, b. Nov. 18, 1878; m. (3harles
Shepard in 1897; 3 ch., Orson, Paul and Mary Mahala; 2. George E., b. Aug.
18, 1881; m. Minnie F. Gregory June 20, 1906; 3. I^ena Frances, b. May 6, 1881;
d. Aug. 29, 1890; 4. Irene, b. Sept. 30, 1891; 5. Carl William, b. June 18, 1896;
6. Fred Stanley, b. Feb. 3, 1904).

1423. II. Albertine C; b. Jan. 12, 1829 in Chatham, N. Y.; m. April 22,
1847, Albert H. Smith, b. in Springfield, Pa. Oct. 9, 1824; res. still on the
old farm in North Springfield, Pa.; at their golden wedding all their children
were present; children: 1. William Fletcher, b. May 7, 1848; res. North
Springfield, Pa.; 2. Florence E., b. March 4, 1850; m. Jan. 12, 1881, Albertus H.
White (b. Jan. 17, 1840; d. Nov. 4, 1903); no ch. ; 3. Agnes B., b. 1854; m. Dec.
3, 1873, Henry E. Crouch, R. R. Agent and operator (b. in London, Eng. June
17, 1849); 4. Eddie C, b. May 2, 1856; m. 1st. at Oak Hill Feb. 24, 1881, Kate
Burrows (b. Feb. 23, 1856; d. Jan. 3, 1888); m. 2nd. Oct. 9, 1888, Louella Ellis
(b. April 23, 1858); farmer; res. Waterford, Pa.; children: (a) by 1st. wife,
Ray Albert, b. June 23, 1884 at Oak Hill; m. March 29, 1906 at Waterford,
Jennie Blair Mahan; (b) by 2nd. wife, a son, b. and d. Sept. 26, 1889; 5. Eva
May, b. June 4, 1859; m. Aug. 12, 1880, at Springfield, Pa., George B. Ormsby,
d. Waterford, Pa. (b. April 5. 1860); members of M. E. Chh. in Waterford;
ch. : (a) Ethel Albertine, b. Nov. 22, 1883, at No. Springfield, Pa.; m. April 29,
1902 in Waterford, Dr. Forrest L. Robbins of Cambridge Springs, Pa. (a son, b.
Aug. 25, 1906); (b) Theodora Agnes, b. Dec. 25, 1888, near Waterford, Pa.; 6.
Clarissa A., b. Aug. 1, 1864; res. with parents In No. Springfield, Pa.

1424. III. Charles D.; b. Oct. 3, 1831, in Clyde, N. Y.; d. Sept 9, 1832.

1425. IV. Julia E.; b. Jan. 23. 1834; unm.; res. Erie, Pa.

1426. V. Alvah; b. May 12, 1837 at McKean, Erie Co., Pa.; d. Sept. 10.
1906 at Greencastle, Ind.; m. at Greencastle, Ind. ; Sarah, dau. of John and
Martha (Peck) McCarty; manufacturer; res. Greencastle, Ind. where he has
served often on the City Council and School Board. Children, b. at Greencastle:
1. Allan Theodore, b. Dec. 30, 1872 (assistant cashier in Rockvllle National Bank;
m. June 22, 1899 Frank McCune of Rockville, Ind., 3 ch., Evaline, Louisa and
Frances); 2. Edwin I., b. May 24, 1878; unm.; head bookkeeper in Central
National Bank of Greencastle; two other children d. in infancy.

1427. VI. Ellas; b. June 22, 1841; unm.; killed in the battle of Spottsyl-
vanla. May 12, 1864.

1428. VII. Sarah C; b. Aug. 25, 1844; m. Dec. 15, 1864 in Springfield,
Pa., Charles Anson, s. of Anson B. and Angeline (Gray) Sherman of Spring-
field; res. Springfield, Pa., Monroe, Wis., Seneca, Ks. and (1906) Kansas City,

Ks., 2056 N. 11th St. Children: 1. Alfred T., b. Dec. 1, 1865, in Monroe, Wis.;
res. (1906) Table Rock, Neb.; m. March 1896, Minnie Nott [ch.: (a) Vivian, b.
Feb. 1897 at Wymore, Neb.; (b) L,aura, b. June 16, 1899, at Wymore, Neb.]; 2.
Adelaide, b. March 22, 1868 in Springfield, Pa.; res. (1906) Terlton, Pawnee Co.,
Okla.; m. Feb. 22, 1887 Adna Colburn [ch. : (a) Dee C, b. April 19, 1888 at
Seneca, Ks.; (b) Bay, b. April 17, 1890 at Seneca, Ks.; (c) Elsa, b. Nov. 27,
1899, at Terlton, Okla.; (d) Nellie, b. June 17, 1902, at Terlton, Okla.; (e)
Rnth, b. Oct., 1905, at Terlton, Okla.]; 3. Vivian, b. Aug. 3, 1870 in Spring-
field, Pa.; res. (1906) Terlton, Okla.; m. Oct. 30, 1890, Isaac Shotwell (deceased)
[ch.: (a) Emily Mary, b. Dec. 13, 1891, at Seneca, Ks. ; (b) Sadie, b. Dec. 6,
1893, at Kansas City, Ks.; (c) Olen, b. Jan. 9, 1897, at Kansas City, Ks.];
.4 Mark T., B. Nov. 28, 1872, in Springfield, Pa.; m. Sept. 20, 1904 Bertha
Montgomery; res. (1906) Kansas City, No. 4726 Charlotte St.; no ch. ; 5.
Charles B.; b. Oct. 25, 1874, in Springfield, Pa.; m. Dec. 25, 1901, Onla Ellis;
1 ch. ; res. (1906) Kansas City, Ks., 1048 Greeley Ave.; 6. Harley H., b. Jan.


30, 1877. at Springfield, Pa.; m. June 19, 1900, Minnie Dickinson; res. (1906)
Terlton, Pawnee Co., Okla. ; 7. Winifred, b. June 17, 1879, at Springfield, Pa.;
unm.; res. (1906) Kansas City, Ks., 2056 N. 11th St.; 8. Herman, b. May 6,
1883, in Seneca, Ks. ; d. Dec. 28, 1887.

728. VI. 288. JOHN WESLEY' LYON [Thomas', David*, Jona-
than*, Thomas^ Thomas*], born Feb. 12, 1807 in Columbia Co., N. Y.;
died April 24, 1887 at Atliinson, 111; buried at Bernhard's Bay, N. Y.,
by the side of his first wife. He married first, April 23, 1827, In Colum-
bia Co., N. Y., Julina Lawson, born about 1807 at Renssalaervllle, N. Y.;
died May 24, 1853 at Cleveland, N. Y. He married second, in 1855,
Mrs. Lucy Ann Thurber. "Wesley" Lyon remained in Columbia Co.
when his brothers went to the fertile west. About 1836, he left his
stony farm and moved to Hastings, N. Y. About 1848 he again moved
to Cleveland, N. Y. where he bought a one-hundred acre farm on the
shore of Lake Oneida. Later he moved to Valatie, Columbia Co., and
thence to Whitesboro, Oneida Co. His chosen branch of farming was
fruit raising and gardening. In early life he was a Methodist but
In later years became a Liberal thinker. Previously a Democrat, he
joined the Republican party at the time of its organization. He was
a man held in high esteem by his neighbors and acquaintances.

Children of John Wesley and Julina (Lawson) Lyon:

•1429. I. Robert Barclay; b. Sept. 10, 1821 at Chatham, N. Y.; m.
Sophie Manington.

1430. II. Lucien Howard; b. Oct. 2, 1830 at Chatham, N. Y. ; d. June

10, 1837.

•1431. III. Catherine Pulver; b. Aug. 7, 1832 at Chatham, N. Y. ; m.
Albert F. Ransom.

•1432. IV. Henry Lawson; b. Dec. 17, 1834 at Chatham, N. Y. ; m.
Elizabeth Nowers.

•1433. V. Eleanor Benjamins; b. April 18, 1840 at Hastings, N. Y.; m.
Dr. Elbridge G. Dalton; res. Kansas City, Mo.

♦1434. VI. Georgiana Maria; b. Aug. 6, 1834 at Hastings. N. Y. ; m. 1st.
John D. Van Allen; m. 2nd. Curtis F. Hoag.

•1435. VII. Elma Josephine; b. April 8, 1846 at Hastings, N. Y.; d. April
28, 1873; m. Peter Vandenburg.

•1436. Vtll. Julina; b. April 28, 1852 at Cleveland, N. Y. ; m. Richard
Smith; res. Syracuse, N. Y.

729. VI. 288. WILLIAM FLETCHER' LYON [Thomas", David*,
Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born June 16, 1811, in Chatham, N. Y.;
died Feb. 5, 1887, at Adrian, Mich. He married at Chatham, Aug. 18
1835, Catharine Pulver, born at Kinderhook, N. Y. July 2, 1812; died
at Adrian, Mich. May 10, 1901; daughter of Wendell and Hannah


(Schultz) Pulver.t He was teaching district school when he married.

About 1838 he moved to "Wisconsin, where he with his father and three
brothers, David, Thomas and Isaac, founded the town of Lyons. He
was engaged in mercantile business in several places until 1870, when
he devoted himself to writing, and published two books, "The Hollow
Globe" and "The Gospel of Nature." In his later years he was a
spiritualist. His wife was gifted as a medium.

Children of William Fletcher and Catharine (Pulver) Lyon:

1437. I. WiUiam Martin; b. May 29, 1836 at Richmond, O. ; d. March 18,
1892 at Sacramento, Calif.; merchant; m. Martha Willey; no ch.

1438. II. Wendell P.; b. July 7, 1839 at Lyons, Wis.: d. July 3, 1885 (?)
at Oakland, Calif.; m. ; no ch.

1439. III. Alice Amelia; b. Sept. 1, 1842 at Lyons, Wis.; m. March 12,'
1863, Thomas Henry Agnew (b. Warren, Pa., May 3, 1831; d. Santa Barbara,
Calif., Feb. 25, 1877; son of Smith and Maria (Mays) Agnew) ; they had a son
William, b. May 7, 1866, now res. Washington, D. C.

•1440 IV. Georgfe Fletcher; b. Aug. 1. 1847 at Lyons, Wis.; m. Alice Turk;
res. San Francisco, Calif.

•1441. V. Millard Filmore; b. Dec. 7, 1848 at Lyons, Wis.; m. Ella
Sterritt; res. Adrian, Mich.

1442. VI. Thomas; b. Nov. 7, 1850 at Kenosha, Wis.; d. July 3, 1853 at
Beloit, Wis.

742. VI. 292. DAVID WILSON' LYON [David^ David*, Jona-
than", Thomas^ Thomas*] born Oct. 7, 1800; died April 21, 1838; mar-
ried Dec. 27, 1821 Rosanna Bartle.

Children of David W. and Rosanna (Bartle) Lyon:

1443. I. WUliam.

1444. II. Wilson.

1445. III. Charles; res. Elkhorn, 111.

743. VI. 299. SUSAN* LYON (LYON) [David», David*, Jona-
than', Thomas^ Thomas*], born May 30, 1803; died March 28, 1877;
married Dec. 28, 1822, George R. Lyon, son of Samuel Lyon, of Lyon
Brook, Chenango Co., N. Y. See Appendix, Note 25.

Children of George R. and Susan (Lyon) Lyon-

1446. I. Henry A.; m. Elvira Dyer.

1447. II. Anne B.; m. Judson Babcock.
1448 III. George M.; m. Eliza Lewis.

1449. IV. Mary Alice; unm.

1450. V. Susan Alice; d. 1896; m. in 1870 Burdette Holcomb.

t Wendell Pulver, son of Andrew and Eve Pulver of Kinderhook, N. T.,
was born in Dutchess Co., N. T. ; a farmer, living near Pine Plains; died In
Columbia Co., in 1833. Hannah Shultz, born 1769 in Dutchess Co.; died near
Kinderhook, Aug. 1830; daughter of Christopher and Rebecca (Churchill) Shultz.


745. VI. 292. FREDERICK* RUNDLE LYON [David*, David*.
Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas'], born Feb. 29, 1808; died Feb. 24, 1884.
He married first Nancy Rood and second Nancy Hill.

Children of Frederick R. and Nancy (Rood) Lyon:

1451. I. George; res. Waverly, N. Y.

1452. II. Charles; res. Ohio.

1458. III. Frank; res. Columbia, R. I.

1454. IV. John; res. East New York (New York City).

749. VI. 292. JOHN RATHBURN" LYON [David», David*,
Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas'], born Aug. 14, 1818; died Glenville,
Conn. Feb. 4, 1877. He was a "humpback;" sobriquet "monk." He
was the last of the Lyons at the old place near the bridge, west side,
where for a number of years they had a smithy and wheelwright shop.
He married Louise Frary.

750. VI. 292. JAMES W.« LYON [David', David*. Jonathan*,
Thomas^ Thomas'], born Dec. 4, 1820; died Oct. 26, 1894; res. Brook-
lyn, N. Y. He married first, May 29, 1842, Delilah Fields, and second,
in 1857, Mary Reither.

Children of James W. and Delilah (Fields) Lyon:

1455. I. Mary.
1466. II. John.

1457. III. Zachariah.

1458. IV. George.

1459. V. Caroline.

Children of James W. and Mary (Reither) Lyon:

1460. VI. David.

1461. VII. Sibilia. ,

1462. VIII. James W.; d. infant.

1463. IX. Charity W.

1464. X. George F.

1465. XI. Ann.

1466. XII. Charles H.

1467. XIII. James W.

1468. XIV. William.

770. VI. 300. WILLIAM WESLEY' LYON [Jonathan*, Peter*,
Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas'], died about 1860. He married first Mary
Ann Parish, born Feb. 5, 1803; died Feb. 22, 1831; buried at Oyster
Bay, N. Y. She was daughter of Ambrose and Deborah (Wheeler)


Parish.§ He married second Dec. 13, 1832, at Ref. Dutch Chh., Harlem,
N. Y., Sarah Ann Banta, daughter of Seba and Sally (Westervelt)

Children of William W. and Mary Ann (Parish) Lyon:
1469. I. Mary Augusta; b. Aug. 19, 1819; d. Sept. 14, 1846; unm.
•1470. II. WUliam Henry; b. Sept. 5, 1821; d. May 28, 1899; m.


1471. III. Caroline Eugenia; b. Aug. 13, 1823; d. May , 1834.

1472. IV. Daniel Parish; b. Oct., 1825; d. Nov. 24, 1852; unm.

1473. V. Sarah Parish; b. Feb. 12, 1828; d. Oct. 22, 1854-6; m. Rodman B.

1474. VI. Jonathan; b. June 27, 1830; d. Jan. 31, 18Si.

Children of William W. and Sarah Ann (Banta) Lyon.

1475. VIL Caroline Lavinia; b. Nov. 26, 1834; m. William V. Morgan.

1476. VIII. Fletcher Harper.

1177. IX. Joseph; m. , dau. of Judge Van Claef.

1478. X. Fanny; m. DeHays.

1479. XI. Albert.

771. VI. 300. JANE FREELOVE" LYON (HARPER) [Jonathan*.
Peter*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas^], born New York City in 1808;
died April 16, 1895 of apoplexy; buried in Greenwood Cemetery; fun-
eral at the residence of the grandson Joseph Henry Harper, 269 Madi-
son Ave., N. Y. Obituary notices in Christian Advocate, July 18, 1895

and New York Tribune, April 17, 1895. She married 1826

Fletcher Harper, born Jan. 31, 1806; died May 29, 1877; buried in
Greenwood Cemetery. He was son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Kollyer)
Harper of Newtown, L. I. They lived at 14 W. 23d St. New York. Will
of Fletcher Harper dated Dec. 29, 1874; probated June 3, 1877; execu-
tors, widow, Jane Freelove, son Joseph W. Lyon and John W. Lyon.

Children of Fletcher and Jane Freelove (Lyon) Harper:

1480. I. Joseph W.; b. 1826; d. 1886 at Munich, Germany, where he was
Consul; m. Ellen U. Smith; 7 children.

1481. II. Fletcher; b. Oct. 7. 1828; d. May 22, 1890; m. 1850 Margaret
Cook Durbin (b. 1832; d. Feb. 16, 1886; dau. of Rev. John P. Durbin); a dau.
Margaret m. Hiram W. Sibley, of Rochester, N. T.

776. VI. 301. MARY" LYON (SCOBIE) [James H.«, Peter*,
Jonathan', Thomas', Thomas^], bom April 13, 1809, died March 13,

§ Ambrose Parish, b. Jan. 26, 1764; d. July 22, 1847; son of Townsend and
Freelove (Dodge) Parish; Deborah Wheeler, b. Feb. 17, 1770; d. June 7, 1832;

married March 13, 1792. She was daughter of Elijah and Sarah ( )



1835. She married July 1, 1829, William Scobie, the ceremony per-
formed by Rev. Jonathan Lyon.

Daughter of William and Mary (Lyon) Scobie:

1482. I. Susan; m. 1st. Samuel Courtney (a dau. Mary m. William Shrove);

m. 2nd. George F. Bigley (a dau. Georgina m. 1st. William Noble; m. 2nd.


778. VI. 301. WILLIAM PHOEBUS" LYON [James H.» Peter*,
Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas'], born at No. 5 Bayard St., N. Y. Jan. 25,
1813; died at Tarrytown, N. Y. Aug. 10, 1884. He was married at
Haverstraw April 1834 by Rev. Albert Percy to Harriet Wood, born
1813; died Jan. 13, 1849; buried at Tarrytown. He married second
Effie Polhemus, bom April 14, 1818; died March 16, 1867; buried at
Tarrytown. She was daughter of John Polhemus, M. D. of Clarkstown,
Rockland, Co., N. Y. Her will was dated Feb. 25, 1867; probated New
York, May 7, 1867; executors William P. Lyon, Philip Hammond. He
married third Mary Davis, who lives (1906) at Glen Ridge.

Children of William P. and Harriet (Wood) Lyon:
*1483. I. William Roscoe; b. May 29, 1835; m. Mary Eloise Crocker.

1484. II. Alonzo Pembroke; b. Sept. 10, 1837; d. March 14, 1841.

1485. III. Eugenia EUzabeth; b. Feb. 13, 1840; d. March 3, 1841.

1486. IV. Lorenzo Edward; b. Dec. 5, 1841; d. June 5, 1864.

1487. V. Charles Grenville; b. 1843; d. March 22, 1862.

•1488. VI. Phoebus Wood; b. Sept. 2, 1844; m. Sarah W. Wood.
Children of William P. and Effie (Polhemus) Lyon:

1489. VIL Jolm Polhemus; b. Jan. 20. 1851; d. Sept. 26, 1851.

1490. VIIL Frank Ellis; b. Aug. 30, 1854; d. March 30, 1856.

1491. IX. Effie Harriet; m. Heber Baldwin.

1492. X. Frederick WUliam; b. Feb 18, 1858; d. Aug. 18, 1858.

1493. XI. Polhemus; m. Anna Davis.

1494. XII. James Harvey.

Son of William P. and Mary (Davis) Lyon:

1495. XIII. Wilson D.; was Lieut, in 48th N. Y. Regt.; killed at the bat-
tle of Olustee.

779. VI. 301. CHARLES HARRISON' LYON [James H.», Peter*,
Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas*], born April 28, 1814 in New York City
(Pump St.); died May 10, 1883; buried at Tarrytown. He married
first, Aug. 20, 1845, Elizabeth Gedney Bayles (married by Rev. Joseph
Bayles). She was born 1832 and died April 4, 1861; will probated
White Plains, Dec. 4, 1861. He married second Georgianna Van


Daughter of Charles H. and Elizabeth G. (Bayles) Lyon:

1496. I. Martha Elizabeth; b. Nov. 6, 1857; d. May 30, 1891.
Children of Charles H. and Georgianna (Van Kleeck) Lyon:

1497. II. Isabella; m. Moore; res. Farmington, Conn.

1498. III. I'Ulu.

781. VI. 301. WALTER WESLEY" LYON [James M.», Peter*,
Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas^], born 13 Second St., New York City,
Oct. 25, 1816; d. 198 Seventh Ave. New York, March 18, 1855. He mar-
ried about March 1837 Mary Gaskins, near Ithaca, N. Y.

Children of Walter W. and Mary (Gaskins) Lyon:

1499. I. L,eroy.

1500. II. Minnie; m. ; was killed in a railroad accident on her wed-
ding day.

H.*, Peter*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas*], born Ithaca, Tompkins Co.,
N. Y. April 21, 1820; died in Brooklyn, N. Y. (245 Madison St.) April
9, 1902; buried Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Tarrytown. She married,
May 24, 1842 Abram Requa, born Feb. 8, 1818; died June 5, 1893; son
of James and Mary (Rutan) Requa. They lived at 440 Gates Ave.,
Brooklyn. For twenty-one years he was business agent of Five Points
Mission. Adm. of estate July 10, 1893 to widow Elizabeth P. Requa.

Children of Abram and Elizabeth P. (Lyon) Requa:

1501. I. Alice; b. Feb. 11, 1849; m. May 31, 1876, Robert C. Reeves, seeds-
man, New York City; res. 245 Madison St., Brooklyn.

1502. II. Charles H.; b. Dec. 31, 1850; m. April 24. 1873 Ida A. Lyon.

1503. III. L.UUan; b. Nov. 24, 1857; d. Aug. 14, 1858.

1504. IV. Elizabeth; b. April 29, 1859; d. Jan. 24, 1860.

1505. V. Florence Amelia; b. Aug. 28, 1861; unm.

788. VI. 302. LORENZO MERRITT" LYON [SamueP, Peter*,
Jonathan", Thomas^ Thomas*], born New York City, March 4, 1804;
died Ann Arbor, May 2, 1888. Was a clerk in the oflace of Robert
Bruce & Co., 54 Water St., N. Y. until 1820 when he removed with
his parents to Western New York, and thence in 1830 to Ann Arbor,
Mich., where he bought a farm and taught a school. In 1873 he built
and occupied the house 99 W. Huron St. He married Feb. 23, 1832
Luna Lane, born Feb. 6, 1812 at Windsor, Broom Co. N. Y.; died Ann
Arbor, Feb. 24, 1895; daughter of David and Anna ( ) Lane:

Children of Lorenzo M. and Luna (Lane) Lyon:
•1506. I. Daniel; b. Feb. 23, 1833; m. Sarah Ruckman.


1607. II. Helen Jane; b. June 5, 1834; d. Sept. S, 1849.

*1508. III. Charles WiUIam; b. Nov. 4, 1835.

1609. IV. Maria Hannah; b. Oct. 22, 1837; m. Alfred Thomas; res.
Kansas City, Mo. ; one son, Alfred.

1510. V. R«bert Geddes; b. April 4, 1841; m. Catherine Wait; no ch. ; res.
Vassar, Mich.

*1511. VI. Theodore; b. May 27, 1844.

•1512. VII. Arthur Seth; b. June 11, 1847; m. Susan Ruckman.

1513. VIII. Jennie C; b. March 1, 1849; m. William H. Carr; res. Seattle
-or Tacoma, Wash.; one dau. Ida. only child.

789. VI. 302. ALFRED" LYON [SamueP, Peter*. Jonathan.*,
Thomas^ Thomas^], born Sept. 16, 1805; settled in Michigan, but
details of his history have not been obtained.

Children of Alfred and ( ) Lyon :

1513a. I. William H.; res. St. Johns, Mich.

1513b. II. Merritt; res. Carson City, Mich.

1513c. III. £dward H.; res. Bengal, Mich.

1513d. IV. Helen; m. Luther Rumsey; res. St. Johns, Mich.

1513e. V. Franlilin.

1513f. VI. Lovisa; m. Whitaker.

812. VI. 305. HENRIETTA LYON' (BEEKMAN) [Peter P.",
Peter*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas*], born about 1823; died at Hotel
Pomeroy, New York City, Aug. 19, 1892; res. 130 W. 43rd. St., New
York. She married Sept. 20, 1841, Samuel A. Beekman, born in New
Jersey Dec. 14, 1813; died Sunday May 21, 1882; buried at Woodlawn
cemetery. He was son of Cornelius Tenbroeck Beekman and Elizabeth
Todd. He was a member of the firm Samuel A. Beekman & Co., dry
goods and millinery; retired in 1877.

Children of Samuel A. and Henrietta (Lyon) Beekman:

1514. I. Enuna; b. about 1843; d. June 29, 1905; m. William Stevens

1516. II. Julia; m. Charles Bosworth.

1516. III. Livingston; res. New York City.

1517. IV. Henrietta; minor in 1882; m. George Donaldson; res. Edgewater,
N. J.

813. VI. 305. THEODORE E.' LYON [Peter P.", Peter*, Jona-
than", Thomas^ Thomas'], born Jan. 23, 1829; died of heart disease,
April 4, 1891; buried Cypress Hill Cemetery. Will dated July 28,
1886; probated April 23, 1891. Res. 148 W. 122 St. New York City.
He married Mary Jane, daughter of Bartlett Smith of Montclair, N. J.


Children of Theodore E. and Mary Jane (Smith) Lyon:

1518. I. Mary B.; m. Edward R. Winslow.

1519. II. Bartlett Palmer.

1520. III. Theodore £dward.
1681. IV. Warren; b. 1875.

1522. V. Henrietta; b. 1877.

1523. VI. Amy; b. 1879.

1524. VII. Edith; b. March 12, 1880; d. June 12, 1881.

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