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N. Y. Vols, and 3d. Wis. Vols.; children: 1. Everette Bay, b. Nov. 5, 1881; 2.
Burdett L,yon, b. July 24, 1888; the widow and two sons res. (1906) Iowa Falls,

2170. III. Mary Clara; b. May 15, 1S46, at Lyons, W^is. ; unm. ; res. with
her sister at Bristol, N. Y.

1408. VII. 723. HON. WILLIAM PENIST LYON [Isaac', Thomas',
Daniel*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas^], born Oct. 28, 1822, in the town
of Chatham, N. Y. ; married Nov. 18, 1847, Adelia Caroline Duncombe,
who was born July 13, 1826 at St. Thomas, Ontario. She was daughter
of Dr. Elijah Ely Duncombef (b. March 15, 1795 in Delaware Co., N.
Y., moved to St. Thomas, Ontario about 1824; died there in 1870), and
Katharine Bonck (born Feb. 6, 1802; died 1860). They reside (1906)
at Edenvale, Calif, near their children, Mrs. Clara Hayes and William
Penn Lyon Jr.

It can well be said of William Penn Lyon that he began at the
lowest rung of the ladder and by his own efforts attained a prominent
position in life. At eleven years of age he left the district school to
work in his father's store near the little village of Rayville, N. Y.,
subsequently attending "select school" about one year, but the world
was a school for him and every good book a teacher. At fifteen he
was teaching a district school and later he was a clerk in a grocery
store in the city of Albany, N. Y. Here outside of business hours
he spent much of his time in attending the courts and sessions of the
Legislature and in his mind now grew a desire that served as an In-

tEllJah E. Duncombe was son of Thomas and Rhoda (Tynell) Duncombe of
Delaware Co., N. Y. Katharine Bonck was daughter of Wilhelminus and Anne
(Lawyer) Bonck of Schoharie Co., N. Y.


centive throughout his public career. In 1841 he moved with his father
to Walworth Co., Wis. and lived there on a new farm. If in this wild
country he forgot his ambition, it was of short duration, for one morn-
ing in early winter he set out to walk to Elkhorn, the County seat of
Walworth Co., to borrow a law book that some one had promised to
loan him. On his return home, stiff and sore from walking through the
deep snow, he lay on his back with the book open, and now began tha
education in law of one who in after years lectured before the classes
of the law department of the State University of Wisconsin, and whose
published opinions as one of the associate justices of the Supreme Court
of Wisconsin have become a part of the law of the land. He afterward
studied law In the office of Judge George Gale of Elkhorn, Wis.; in the
fall of 1845 he entered the office of Judge Charles M. Baker of Geneva,
Wis., and in the Spring of 1846 he was admitted to the bar. Having
been chosen one of the justices of the peace of the town of Lyons, he
opened an office for the practice of his profession and the first twelve
months brought him the munificent income of sixty dollars. From 1850
to 1855 he practiced in Burlington, Wis., when he was elected district
attorney of Racine, Wis., and moved to Racine, Wis. He served two
terms in the Assembly and was each time made speaker.

At the beginning of the rebellion he was commissioned captain of
Co. K of the Eighth Wis. Infantry to rank from Aug. 1861. On Aug.
5, 1862, while in the hospital at Inka, Miss., he was promoted to the
rank of Colonel of the Thirteenth Wis. A brief history of the part
taken by his Company and regiment may be found in the Magazine of
Western History, April 1887. On the eleventh of Sept. 1865, Col. Lyon
was mustered out of service and was subsequently brevetted a brigader
general to date from Oct. 26, 1865. While at the front. Col. Lyon was
chosen judge of the first judicial circuit of Wisconsin, entering upon
his duties Dec. 1, 1865, and serving five years, when upon the death
of Associate Justice Byron Paine he was appointed by Gov. Fairchild
to fill the vacancy. In the following April he was elected by the peo-
ple for the unexpired term. After serving two terms following two
years as ex-offlcio Chief Justice, on Jan. 1, 1894, he retired from the
Supreme Court. During these twenty-three years was performed his
life work, and he feels a just satisfaction in his participation in pre-
paring material for sixty volumes of the Wisconsin reports. The next
two years were spent in California. In 1896, finding he was not ready
to retire from the active duties of life, he accepted a position as mem-


ber on the Wisconsin State Board of Control, of which he became
President and remained such until he resigned in July 1903. Here in
brief are the chief features of the career of a grand and noble man.
A fuller account would tell in detail of his struggle to gain an education
and the many events of his life as he made his way from one position
of usefulness and honor to another, would tell of his disappointments
and many successes, of his joys and sorrows, of the hazardous and
thrilling events of the four years in the army and the work of his
mature years and would tell of the peculiar qualifications that enabled
him to fill with honor every position to which he was called.

Children of William Penn and Adella C. (Duncombe) Lyon:

2171. I. Elijah E. Duncombe; b. Aug. 15, 1848, at Burlington, Wis.; d.
Sept. 10, 1848.

2173. II. Catharine Eunice; b. Dec. 30, 1850, at Burlington, Wis.; d. Sept.
6, 1853.

2173. III. William Penn; b. June 24, 1855, at Racine, Wis.; d. Sept. 6,

♦2174. IV. Clara Isabel; b. Oct. 2, 1857, at Racine, Wis.; m. Jay Orlo
Hayes; res. (1906) Edenvale. Calif.

*2175. V. William Penn Jr.; b. Aug. 23, 1861, at Racine, Wis.; m. Ellen
Chynoweth; res. (1906) Edenvale, Calif.

1409. VII. 723. CATHARINE M.^ LYON (NORTHROP) [Isaac',
Thomas', David*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas^], born March 14, 1825,
in Chatham Twp., Columbia Co., N. Y. She moved with her father
about 1841 to Lyons, Wis., and there married, Dec. 21, 1843, Sperry
Northrop, son of Enos and Nancy (Sperry) Northrop, of Erie, Pa. He
was born Oct. 25, 1819 and died Oct. 4, 1862 on the battle field of
Corinth, Miss. He went to California during the gold mining excite-
ment. Mrs. Northrop was living 1899 at Madison, S. Dakota.

Children of Sperry and Catharine M. (Lyon) Northrop:

2176. I. Julia Fitch; b. Nov. 15, 1844, at Lyons, Wis.; unm.

2177. II. Adelia Caroline; b. June 25, 1846, at Lyons, Wis.; m. May 11.
1880, Jacob G. Towle, at Manston, Min. ; d. Oldham, S. Dak., Dec. 20, 1865;
one son, Jacob Jr., b. 18S1.

2178. III. Eliza Maria; b. June 17, 1849, at Lyons, Wis.; res. (1899)
Madison, S. Dak.; m. March 4, 1874, at Manston, Min., William Aubert Thomas;
children: 1. Bert; 2. Angrus; 3. Ethel; 4. Ben; 5. Bernice.

2179. IV. Eugene H.; b. Nov. 28, 1855, at Lyons, Wis.; res. (1899) Ra-
cine, Wis.; m. May 19, 1886, at Racine, Wis., Minnie Duncombe; one son James
Slauson, b. April 19, 1891, at Racine.

2180. V. Arthur Angrus; b. June 6, 1862, at Manston, Min. res. (1899)
Madison, S. Dak.: m. Dec. 27, 1888, at Madison, S. Dak., Jennie Belknap;
children: 1. Eugene; 2. Donald Angrus; 3. Mildred; 4. Catharine.

1411. VII. 723. MARIA C LYON (PHELPS) [Isaac', Thomas'.


David*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born Jan. 22, 1829, in Chatham
Twp., Columbia Co., N. Y. Latest address 2468 Broadway, San Fran-
cisco, Calif. She married Feb. 25, 1853, at Burlington, Wis., Amos
Phelps, born June 15, 1823, in Shefford Co., Quebec; son of Jeremiah
and Margaret (Collins) Phelps. He was a farmer and miller. They
lived in Burlington, Wis., until 1865, in LaCrosse, Wis., one year, in
Sheldon, Minn., 1866-69, in Delevan, Wis., 1869-86 and finally moved to
Santa Clara, California, where he died.

Children of Amos and Maria C. (Lyon) Phelps:

2181. I. Margaret Eunice; b. March 16, 1854, at Burlington, Wis.; d.
April 10, 1854.

2182. II. Minnie; b. March 14, 1855, at Burlington, Wis.; d. Jan. 26,

1874, at Madison, Wis. (student in Univ. of Wis.).

2183. III. Jennie Evelyn; b. Oct. 22, 1857, at Burlington, Wis.; m. June
29, 1893, at Santa Rosa, Calif., Lorenzo P. Latimer; res. (1906) San Francisco,
Calif.; one son Lorenzo Phelps; b. July 7, 1893.

2184. IV. Infant; b. and d. Oct. 13, 1859.

2185. v. Frances Eliza; b. Jan. 13, 1861, at Burlington, Wis.; grad.
Univ. of Wis.; res. Santa Rosa, Calif.

2186. VL Florence Alice; b. Dec. 10, 1866, at Sheldon, Minn.; d. Dec.
20. 1886.

1413. VII. 723. ELMINA^ LYON (SKIFF) [Isaac', Thomas',
David*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born July 1, 1833 in the town
of Chatham, Columbia Co., N. Y.; removed with her parents about
1841 to Lyons, Wis. She married April 15, 1856 at Geneva, Wis.,
Stephen Smith Skiff, son of Stephen' [Stephen^ Benjamin*, Stephen*,
Nathan^, James't] Skiff and Mehitable Fisk, a descendant of Lord
Simon Fisk of Stadhough, Eng. In 1856 they moved in a covered
wagon to Freeborn Co., Minn., and located on a farm six miles north-
west of Albert Lea; returned to Lyons in 1858 and again went to Free-
born Co. in 1865. In 1878 they moved to a new and larger farm south-
west of Alden, Minn. Here Mr. Skiff died June 28, 1884. His widow
resides (1906) with her son Stephen near Ulen, Minn.

Children of Stephen S. and Elmira (Lyon) Skiff:

2187. I. Mary Emily; b. Nov. 14, 1858, at Lyons, Wis.; m. April 28,
1878, Devilo J. Chamberlain; one child, Edith Elmina, b. Sept. 19, 1879; d.
April 7, 1892.

2188. II. Stephen Smith; b. Feb. 28, 1864, at Lyons, Wis.; res. (1906)
near Ulen, Minn.; a. farmer; unm.

1414. VII. 723. SARAH ANN' LYON (ANDREWS) [Isaac*.

tJames Skiff, 1637-1638, the immigrant, settled at Sandwich, Mass.


Thomas', David*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas'], born April 29, 1836 in
Chatham Twp., Columbia Co., N. Y.; moved with her parents in 1841
to Lyons, Wis.; married Dec, 20, 1864, at Stanfordville, N. Y., Blkanah
Andrews, son of Royal Andrews (born Bristol, N. Y., May 30, 1799;
married April 21, 1822) and Hannah Evarts (born Bloomfield, N, Y.,
Dec. 24, 1801). Blkanah Andrews was born Oct. 18, 1833 at Bristol,
N. Y., where they have lived since their marriage and where their child-
ren were all born.

Children of Elkanah and Sarah Ann (Lyon) Andrews:

2189. I. Koyal Pennington; b. July 9, 1867; m. at Cheshire, N. Y., Nov.

24, 1892, Elizabeth Johnson; street-car conductor; res. 1585 Jefferson Ave., Buf-
falo, N. Y.; children: 1. Kay Milton, b. Nov. 24, 1895; 2. Kenneth Raymond,
b. May 27, 1901; 3. Reginald Johnson, b. May 14, 190 5.

2190. II. Mary X^uropa; b. May 3, 18 69; unm. ; teacher; res. Bristol, N.

2191. III. Mabel Clara; b. April 29, 1871; unm.; trained nurse; res. Bris-
tol, N. Y.

2193. IV. GifTord M.; b. Oct. 5, 1873; farmer; res. Bristol, N. Y. ; m.
Dec. 12, 1898, Jessie A. Fennel of Davisburg, Mich.; one ch., Sybil P., b. July
15, 1904.

2193. V. Minnie; b. March 2, 1877; unm.; res. Bristol, N. Y.

1415. VII. 723. JULIA ADA^ LYON (PHELPS) [Isaac^ Thomas^
David*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas'], born May 26, 1838, in the town
of Chatham, Columbia Co., N. Y.; moved with her parents 1841 to
Lyons, Wis. She married there Nov. 12, 1856, John Phelps, a farmer,
who died at Enderlin, N. Dak. March 21, 1899. She lives in Howard.
S. Dak.

Children of Johji and Julia Ada (Lyon) Phelps:

2194. I. Addie Frances; b. June 27, 1858. at Sheldon, Minn.; m. March
27, 1879, at Yucatan, Minn., Hush Finch Brown; res. Yankton, S. Dak.; chil-
dren: 1. Mabel Eunice, b. Feb. 29, 1880; 2. Hugh Paul, b. Nov. 2, 1881; d. Jan.
19, 1882; 3. William Penn, b. Dec. 25, 1882; 4. Hugh Frank, b. April 19, 1885;
5. Margaret Elizabeth, b. March 10, 1892.

2195. II. William Pennington; b. Jan. 13, 1861, at Sheldon, Minn.; m.
Aug. 1, 1890, at Butler, S. Dak., Nellie McKennet; res. Oaks, N. Dak.; chil-
dren: 1. Royal Ellsworth, b. Sept. 12, 1891; 2. Elva Maria, b. Aug. 19, 1893; 3.
William Glenvvood, b. Sept. 4, 1895; 4. Rosetta Louisa, b. May 11, 1897; 5. John
Alders, b. Feb. 18, 1903.

2196. III. John Angus; b. Feb. 1, 1863, at Sheldon, Minn.; m. 1st, July

25, 1888, at Money Creek, Minn., Elva Berry (d. Oct. 25, 1892, at Money Creek);
res. Madison, S. Dak.; children: 1. Hazel Mae, b. March 16, 1890; 2. Ray E.,
b. Jan., 1892; d. March, 1892; John m. 2nd., Aug. 23, 1905, Sarah Bowyer; his
mill at Heron Lake, Minn., burned Nov. 25, 1905.

2197. IV. Mabel Eunice; b. May 29, 1866, at Sheldon, Minn.; m. Oct. 5,
1894, at Madison, S. Dak., Duncan McGillivray; res. Hartford, S. Dak.; a son,
Murdock John, b. July 22, 1895.

2198. V. Amos Lyon; b. Sept. 10, 1868, at Caledonia, Minn.; m. Nov. 1,
1897, at Wentworth, S. Dak., Eva Hare; res. Hatton, Wash.; children: 1. Lot-
tie, b. and d. Aug., 189 8; 2. Harold John, b. May 9, 1905.


3199. VI. Krnest George; b. Aug. 10, 1S70, at Sheldon, Minn.; m. Sept.

2, 1896, at Wentworth, S. Dak., Gusta Hannaman; res. Madison, S. Dak.; chil-
dren: 1. Estella Anna, b. June 29, 1897; 2. Delia Mariah, b. April 17, 1899; 3.
Irving Hermann, b. Jan. 24, 1901; 4. John C, b. Oct. 11, 1902; d. Oct. 17, 1902.

2200. VII. Edward Anthony; b. Jan. 2, 1872, at Sheldon, Minn.; m. Jan.
13, 1899, at Howard, S. Dak., Anna Volby; res. Anamoore, N. Dak.; children:
1. Donald E., b. Nov. 28, 1899; 2. Verne Volby, b. March 8, 1901; 3. William A.,
b. Feb. 22, 1905; 4. Winnie Marie, twin sister of William; d. April 16, 1905.

2301. VIII. Hurlburt Isaac; b. Feb. 10, 1874, at Sheldon, Minn.; d. April

3. 1874.

3302. IX. Maud Maria; b. Nov. 14, 1876, at Yucatan, Minn.; m. June
28, 1905, Andrew C. Hoist; res. Hartford, S. Dak.

3303. X. Giflford Wendell; b. Aug. 12, 1879, at Yucatan, Minn.; unm.;
res. Boise, Idaho.

1416. VII. 724. RUTH» LYON (HALLOCK) [David», Thomas',
David*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas^], born Dec. 11, 1826, at Guilford,
N. Y.; moved with parents in 1835 to Elba, N. Y,, and in 1842 to Lyons,
Wis.; died Feb. 7, 1897, at Fort Calhoun, Neb. Previous to her mar-
riage she taught school at Lyons, Wis. She married March 18, 1849
at Lyons, Wis., Edward Hallock, born July 24, 1820 at Watertown,
N. Y.; died Jan. 21, 1826, at Fort Calhoun, Neb. He was a farmer.
They lived successively at Marquette, Wis., Rudsbury, Wis., and Fort
Calhoun, Neb.

Children of Edward and Ruth (Lyon) Hallock:

2204. I. Eliza Estelle, b. Jan. 30, 1850, at Marquette, Wis.; m. Nov. 11,
1868, Simon R. Fatten! ; res. 1801 Locust St., Omaha, Neb.

2205. II. Sarah L,.; b. Aug. 18, 1854, at Marquette, Wis.; m. Sept. 28,
1875, at Ripon, Wis., Adelbert G. Mackeyf, res. (1906) Gurley, Colo.

§Simon R. Patten was born Sept. 8. 1847, at Rochester, N. Y., son of Horace
Patten (b. April 5, 1801, at Vernon. N. Y., d. March 26, 1880), and Olive Rice
(b. April 20, 1819, at Wilmington, Vt.). Simon is a dentist by profession. Chil-
dren: 1. Elmer Eugene, b. Marquette, Wis., May 18, 1870; m. Sept. 7, 1896, at
Omaha, Neb., Viola Stella Rice; res. Los Angeles, Calif, 'a. dau. Ethel, b. Jan.
21, 1906); 2. Alvin E., b. Oshkosh. Wis., May 22, 1874; m. July 22, 1896, at
Omaha. Cora E. Knapp (they had: (a) Robert Alvin, b. April 23, 1897, at Fre-
mont, Neb.; (b) Alice Cora, b. Dec. 6, 1903, at Omaha); 3. Flora A., b. Ripon,
Wis., Sept. 8, 1876; m. Sept. 23, 1901, at Lincoln, Neb., Frederick J. Duhrsen,
born in Germany; res. Sanger, Calif.; 4. William L,., b. Fremont, Neb., June 22,
1883; 5. Ella May, b. Fremont, Neb., July 1, 1887; 6. Clarence E., b. Omaha,
Nov. 17, 1890.

tAdelbert G. Mackey was born Aug. 6, 1854, at East Line, N. Y., son of

George and Eliza ( ) Mackey: he lived on a farm near Gary, S. Dak.;

now res. Greeley, Colo. Children: 1. Nettle E., b. Bismark, la., July 2, 1876,
(m. March 1, 1901, Charles W. Stone; res. La Salle, Colo.; ch. : Evalin B., b.
Feb. 21, 1902, at Greeley, Colo.); 2. Carrie, b. Cazenovia, Wis., March 9, 1878;
d. March 8, 1880; 3. George Adelbert, b. near Gary, S. Dak., Aug. 10, 1881,
(m. Dec. 24, 1904, Elsie Winslow; res. La Salle, Colo.; ch. : Cora Belle, b. Nov.
30, 1905); 4. Elmer Edward, b. near Gary, S. Dak., July 4, 1883; 5. Ger-
trude, b. near Gary, S. Dak., July 9. 1886; 6. Alma L., b. near Gary, S. Dak.,
June 21, 1889; d. Greeley, Colo., March 5, 1903; 7. Emma Lillian, b. near
Gary, S. Dak., April 22, 1893; d. 'Greeley, Colo., March 11, 1903; 8. Grace Hazel,
b. Nov. 28, 1897; d. Greeley, Colo., July 24, 1899; 9. Esther, b. Lac qui Parle
Co., Minn., Nov. 28, 1897.


2206. III. Nettle; b. July 13, 1856, at Marquette, Wis.; m. 1879 at Ruds-
bury. Wis., LaFayette Hale; res. (1906) Denmark. Ore.; children: 1. Jesse,
b. In Minn., near Gary, S. Dak., Feb. 28, 1882 (m. 1906 Nancy FitzHugh of
Curry Co., Ore.); 2. Lona, b. Sept. 17, 1885, (m. 1904 Clint Malehorn of Curry
Co., Ore.); 3. £arl, b. in Minn., Oct. 18, 1887; 4. Liouisa, b. in Minn., June
4, 1891; 5. Effie, b. In Alberta (?) April 6, 1894; 6. Percy, b. In Montana,
Sept. 25, 1897.

2207. IV. Edward G.; b. April 1, 1862, at Marquette, Wis.; m. 1st. Ada

A. Laird In Sauk Co., Wis.; she d. and he m. 2nd. Lydia ; no oh.;

res. Huson, Mont.

1417. VII. 724. EMMA' LYON (NOBLE) [David', Thomas',
David*, Jonatlian', Thomas^ Thomas'], born June 21, 1828 at Guilford,
N. Y.; died March 24, 1864, at Marquette, Wis. She married, Sept. 1854
at Marquette, Wis., John H. Noble, son of Hezekiah and Electa (Rich-
mond) Noble (see Noble Gen.). He was born May 15, 1831, at Delay,
N. Y., and died July 30, 1903 at Marquette, Wis. Left a widower, he
married second Roana Richmond by whom he had two sons, Samuel
and Carleton.

Children of John H. and Emma (Lyon) Noble, all but the first born at
Marquette, Wis. :

2208. I. Hattie; b. May 1, 1855, at Lyons, Wis.; d. March 8, 1856, at
Marquette, Wis.

2209. II. Thomas Ellwood L,.; b. Dec. 30, 1S56; m. April 23, 1885, at
Manchester, Minn., Dora Chamberlain§ (b. Aug. 22, 1859, at EUicottvlUe, N. T. ;
res. (1906) on farm 6 miles N. of Albert Lea, Minn.; a successful fanner and
staunch Prohibitionist; one son, William Ellwood, b. Aug. 28, 1888.

2210. III. Josephine; b. June 27, 1858; m. Dec. 7, 1892, at Iowa Falls,
la., Lewis E. Phillips, (b. June 23, 1871, at Bear Creek, Wis.; s. of Martin and
Phllena (Packard) Phillips, both b. in Ashfield, Mass.); engineer on the 111.
Central R. R. ; res. 438 Cottage St., Waterloo, la.; children: 1. Emma Fhilena,
b. Iowa Falls, la., Sept. 28, 1894; 2. David Lyon, b. Iowa Falls, March 11,
1896; 3. Alice, b. Waterloo, Oct. 19, 1899; 4. Leavitt, b. Waterloo, la., Dec.
29, 1902; 5. Rozelle Edward, b. Waterloo, June 18, 1905; d. Oct. 27, 1905.

2211. IV. Robert Judson; b. March 20, 1860; unm. ; res. Marquette, Wis.

2212. V. L,ucy; b. Jan. 17, 1862; d. Aug. 22, 1905, at Bristol, N. T.

2213. VI. Emma; b. and d. March 19, 1864.

1418. VII. 724. ESTELLE' LYON (SKIFF) [David', Thomas',
David*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born March 27, 1831 at Guilford,
Chenango Co., N. Y.; moved with her parents to Elba, N. Y., in the
spring of 1835 and to Lyons, Wis., in the spring of 1842. While a
young woman she taught school near Lyons, Wis., several terms. She
married Nov. 3, 1852, at Lyons, Wis., Rozelle F. Skiff, born Oct. 19,
1804 at Pike, N. Y.; d. Oct. 28, 1893 at Iowa Falls, la.; son of Stephen

§Daughter of George Chamberlain, born Nov. 21, 1820, at Palmer, Mass., and
Emily' Skiff, [Stephens, Stephen', Benjamin* Stephen', Nathan^, James* (of Sand-
wich, Mass.)], born March 29, 1832, at Machlas, N. Y.


and Mehitable (Fisk) Skiff (see footnote to No. 1413). He was a
farmer. In the fall of 1864, in company with David and Sarah Lyon
and Charles H. and Lovina Packard, they moved in covered wagons
from Lyons, Wis., to Iowa Falls, la., where they took up farms. Estelle
(Lyon) Skiff is now living (1906) at Iowa Falls, Iowa.

Children of Rozelle F. and Estelle (Lyon) Skiff:

2314. I. liOTina; b. March 29, 1855, at Lyons, "Wis.; d. Feb. 4, 1861.

2215. II. Bozelle Fayette; b. Feb. 10, 1860, at Lyons, Wis.; grad. Univ.
of Iowa, 1885; principal of schools in Iowa and "Wisconsin until 1900; m. Sept.

11, 1889, at Livermore, la., Josephine, dau. of Kinzy and Henrietta ( )

Carlon; no ch. ; res. (1906) Iowa Falls, la.

2216. III. David Lyon; b. May 17, 1862, at Lyons, Wis.; grad. Iowa State
Normal School 18S5; principal of town schools until 1891; since then engaged in
farming; res. (1906) Milford, la.; m. Aug. 18, 1892, at Des Moines, la., Bessie,

dau. of James H. and Althea ( ) Nichols, of Des Moines; one dau. Mar-

Jorie, b. Sept. 9, 1897, at Des Moines.

2217. IV. Miriam; b. April 15, 1866, at Iowa Falls, la.; d. of diphtheria,
Nov. 6, 1875.

2218. V. Edmond E.; b. March 22, 1870, at Iowa Falls; d. of diphtheria,

Nov. 17, 1875.

1420. VII. 724. DIANA^ LYON (CRANDALL) [David«, Thomas',
David*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas^], bom Dec. 26, at Idleport in the
town of Elba, N. Y.; died March 22, 1901 at Iowa Falls, la; buried in
the Friends' Cemetery; m. Dec. 3, 1861 at Marquette, Wis., De Witt
Crandall, born about 1836 at Ticonderoga, N. Y,; died Feb. 17, 1906 at
Gentry, Ark. They lived successively at Marquette, Wis., near Sauk
Center, Minn., and at Iowa Falls, la. They belonged to the Adventist

Children of De Witt and Diana (Lyon) Crandall:

2219. I. Ruth Evalln [called Eva]; b. Aug. 14, 1863, at Marquette, Wis.;
m. Jan. 24, 1886, at Iowa Falls, la., Thomas R. Dohertyt (b. March 26, 1855);
res. (1906) Tracy, Minn.; children (b. Iowa Palls, la.): 1. Fayette Carbery,
b. June 27, 1889; 2. Cecil Walter, b. Nov. 8, 1891; 3. Bath, b. Nov. 12, 1894.

2230. II. Grace; b. Feb. 26, 1865, near Rochester, Minn. ; m. 1st, Will Young;
m. 2nd. Harvey Britton; no ch. ; res. Minot, N. Dak.

2221. III. Cora; b. Feb. 26, 1865, near Rochester, Minn.; unm.; d. April
4, 1901, at Iowa Falls, la.; bur. in the Friends' Cemetery.

2222. IV. Clara; b. July 1, 1869, in Stearns Co., Minn.; d. there Aug., 1875.

1421. VII. 724. LOVINA' LYON (PACKARD) [David*, Thomas",
David*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas*], bom June 26, 1838 in town of
Elba, N. Y.; m. March 25, 1858 at Lyons, Wis., Charles H. Packard,

tThomas R. Doherty was son of Simon Doherty (b. In Kings Co., Ireland;
died Iowa Falls, la., about 1901) and Bridget Carbery, (b. West Meath County,
Ireland; died Iowa Falls, la., about 1902).


born Jan. 31, 1836, in Ashfield, Mass.; son of Willard and Rosina
(Beals) Packard of Ashfield (see Packard Gen.). In the fall of 1864
they removed to Iowa Falls, la., where they now (1906) reside. Mr.
Packard has been a teacher and a farmer.

Children of Charles H. and Lovlna (Lyon) Packard:

2233. I. Elsie Cornelia; b. July 15, 1859, at Lyons, Wis.; m. Aug. 15, 1899,
at Iowa Falls. la., John W. Bullis (served In the Civil war in Co. C, 104th.
111.); res. Iowa Falls; no ch.

2224. XL Emmie; b. Aug. 8, 1862, at Lyons, Wis.; d. Dec. 20, 1865, at
Iowa Falls.

2225. III. Annie; b. Nov. 27, 1866, at Iowa Falls; m. Nov. 29, 1894, at
Iowa Falls, lone C. Bullis; res. on a farm near Iowa Falls; children: 1. Mal-
colm Packard, b. July 26, 1898; 2. Bema, b. Dec. 10, 1899; 3. John Well-
ington, b. April 4, 1902; 4. Lovlna, b. Aug. 20, 1903; 5. Robert Judson, b.
July 19, 1905.

2236. IV. Chester Walter; b. Sept. 26, 1871, at Iowa Falls; a physician;
m. Oct. 14, 1899, at Iowa Falls, Ida Petterson; no ch. ; res. Titonka, la.

2227. V. Judson L,yon; b. Nov. 24, 1873, at Iowa Falls; m. May 21, 1896,
at Iowa Falls, Nellie Rowe; res. Titonka, la., where he is manager of a grain
elevator; children, b. at Iowa Falls: 1. Carroll, b. March 3, 1897; 2. Lois, b.
Sept. 24, 1901.

1429. VII. 728. ROBERT BARCLAY' LYON [John W.^ Thomas',
David*, Jonathan', Thomas^, Thomas*], born Sept. 10, 1828 on his
father's farm in Chatham, Columbia Co., N. Y. He married, March 7,
1856, Sophie Manington of Cleveland, N. Y., born Nov. 1834; daughter

of Alfred and Sophia ( ) Manington, natives of Hastings, Kent

Co., Eng. He moved in 1856 to Henry Co., 111. and engaged in farming.
In 1863 he moved to Muscatine, la., where he was in the lumber busi-
ness. In 1866 he returned to his former home in Illinois. In 1884 he
went to Springfield, Mo. From 1890 to 1893 the family lived in Bluff-
ton, Ala., then removed to California to engage in the culture of citrus
fruits. Their home is now in Hollywood, Calif. He is vice-president of
the Hollywood Board of Trade, with a membership of 165. At nearly
four score years, he is interested in the affairs of the world and is
doing his share of its work.

Chidren of Robert B. and Sophie (Manington) Lyon:
•2228. I. Alfred Manington [called Fred] ; b. June 29, 1862, at Atkinson, 111.

2229. II. Alice M.; b. April 26, 1868, at Atkinson, 111.; teacher of vocal
and instrumental music; res. Hollywood, Calif.

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