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Admiral Porter when he escorted President Lincoln to the city the day
following the evacuation by Jefferson Davis and the confederate army.
Resigned his commission in June 1865.

After the war he engaged in business in New York City and is
now Vice-President of the Electric Conveying Machinery Company;
residence (1904) East Orange, N. J. In 1875 he was married in the
New York City Rutgers Presbyterian Church to Bessie Blackwell
Clark of New York, daughter of Rev. Fred Gorham Clark, D. D. and
Sarah Blackwell.

Children of Amos M. and Bessie B. (Clark) Lyon:

3491. I. Sarah Clark; b. 1876; d. 1879.

2492. II. Fred Gorham Clark; b. 1880.

2493. III. Bessie Blackwell; b. 1882.

2494. IV. Katharine Ware; b. 1885.

2495. V. Amos Mead, Jr.; b. 1888; d. June 8, 1890.

2496. VI. Ruth Greenonk; b. 1890.

2497. VII. WiUiam Lewis; b. 1896.

1826. VIII. 1065. JAMES« LYON [William L.', James«, Jam■es^
James*, John*, John", Thomas*], born Greenwich, Conn., May 27, 1845.
He pursued his studies in the United States and four years in Europe
and has made his life work the -education of youth. He conducted the
Plainfield Academy for Boys in New Jersey for fifteen years. He es-
tablished under most unfavorable condtions the Indianapolis Institute
for Young Ladies (now Knickerbocker Hall) and left it in 1892 in a
most flourishing condition. He established in 1892 St. Mary's Hall
(now Brunot Hall). In 1897 he established the Lyon Boarding School
for Boys which he is now successfully conducting in Spokane, Wash.
An item in the Spokane Chronicle of Oct. 11, 1906, speaks of the flour-
ishing condition of the school and states that Mr. Lyon has recently
purchased fifteen lots adjoining the present location of the school,
making his holding now 92 lots. He married first Victorine Jefferson,
born Dec. 31, 1845; died 1881. He married second June 18, 1882, Laura
Howe Salmon.

Children of James and Victorine (Jefferson) Lyon:

♦2498. I. Joseph Herbert; b. Greenwich, Conn., March 21, 1871; m. Rose
Leet; res. (1904) Mica, Idaho.

2499. II. James Winfred; b. Dec. 31, 1874; d. Aug. 27, 1875.
*2500. II. William Ernest; b. Plainfield, N. J., July 21, 1878; m. Leonore
Searles; res. (1904) Harrison. Idaho.

2501. IV. Charles Jefferson; b. Nov. 12, 1880; d. July 23, 1881.


Children of James and Laura H. (Salmon) Lyon:

2502. V. Laura Louise; b. 1888.

2503. VI. Maud Catharine; b. 1892.

[Edgar H.', WiIliam^ Alvan', Benjamin*, SamueP, Thomas^', Thomas^],
of Hackensack, N, J.; married David Anderson.

Children of David and Ophelia (Lyon) Anderson:

2504. I. Carrie.

2505. II. Alice May.

2506. III. Jennie.

1918. VIII. 1197. DAVID HUYLER* LYON [John H.^ Alvan',
Alvan^ Benjamin*, Samuel*, Thomas^ Thomas'], born April 7, 1869;
married July 31, 1890, Mary Ann Bartlett, daughter of James F. and
Anna Catharine ( ) Bartlett.

Daughter of David H. and Mary Ann (Bartlett) Lyon:

2507. I. Olive Marie; b. May 16, 1891.

1919. VIII. 1197. FRANK SELOVER« LYON [John H.^ Alvan',
Alvan°, Benjamin*, SamueP, Thomas^ Thomas'], born Aug. 13, 1871;
married Oct. 14, 1892 Gussie Lengle, daughter of Rev. Harry Ward
and Bella ( ) Lengle of Reading, Pa.

Daughter of Frank S. and Gussie (Lengle) Lyon:

2508. I. Kuth; b. Dec. 3, 1893.

1947. VIII. 1244. SOLOMON T.« LYON [Samuel', Solomon',
SamueP, Jonathan*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas'], born May 1, 1835;
died Dec. 30, 1890. He married, Sept. 30, 1860, Sarah E. Rumsey, born
Oct. 10, 1837. He enlisted in the 5th Michigan Infantry, Col. Pulford,
and served with distinction in the Civil war. He became afterwards a
teacher, and later a newspaper editor.

Children of Solomon T. and Sarah E. (Rumsey) Lyon:

2509. L Edward E.; b. Aug. 5, 1863; d. Sept. 8, 1863.

2510. II. Solomon T., Jr.; b. Sept. 8, 1864; d. Sept. 9, 1864.

2511. III. William S.; b. Oct. 6, 1866; m. 1st. Dec. 19, 1887, Florence
Tiffany; m. 2nd. Oct. 24, 1895, Amy Teft; was postal clerk 13 years on Pera
Marquette R. R. ; d. Sept. 27, 1901.

2512. IV. Abigail L.; b. Aug. 24, 1871.

2513. v. Jennie Alice; b. Dec. 13, 1872; m. Jan. 2, 1902, Prof. Lyman

2514. VI. Permilla E. (Millie); b. April 5, 1875; d. Nov. 8, 1892.


2515. VII. Mary Belle (Isabel); b. March 16, 1880; m. July 9, 1901,
Frederick S. Lockwood.

1980. VIII. 1265. ASAHEL ANSON« LYON [Asahel D.^ Henry

C, Aaron°, Elnathan*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas^], born Sept. 9,
1864 in the town of Hyde Park, Dutchess Co., N. Y. He married first,
at Albany, N. Y., Sept. 2, 1885, Sarah Carlton Shaw, daughter of Rob-
ert Shaw, of Solway, Saratoga Co., N. Y. She died Nov. 28, 1893. He
married second at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., April 26, 1899, Grace Allen
Van De Water, daughter of Clarence and Estell (Allen) Van De Water,
of Hyde Park, N. Y. He is now (1905) a member of the firm of A.

D, Lyon & Sons, 143 Albany Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y., engaged in the
manufacturers of Lyon's Certain Cure Remedies.

Daughter of Asahel A. and Sarah C. (Shaw) Lyon:

3516. I. Sarah Pauline; b. June 29, 1SS6; d. Feb. 11, 1893.

Children of Asabel A. and Grace A. (Van De Water) Lyon:

2517. II. Aaron Denman; b. Feb. 7, 1900, at Salt Point, Dutchess Co.,

N. T.

2518. III. Horace Anson; b. Oct. 16, 1902, at Brooklyn, N. T.; d. Jan. 17,

N. T.

1981. VIII. 1265 GEORGE MORGAN' LYON [Asahel D.^ Henry
C, Aaron^ Elnathan*, Jonathan', Thomas% Thomas^], born Jan. 14,
1867 in Hyde Park, N. Y. He married, Feb. 22, 1893, Elizabeth Cath-
arine Faust. He resides in Brooklyn, N. Y., and is a member of the
firm of A. D. Lyon & Sons, 143 Albany Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y., manu-
facturers of Lyon's Certain Cure Remedies.

Children of George M. and Elizabeth C. (Faust) Lyon:

2519. I. Pauline Eugena; b. June 9, 1894.

2520. II. Rossmore Denman; b. Dec. 14, 1895.
2512. IIL Leroy Faust; b. March 10, 1901.

1989. VIII. 1281. AUGUSTA M.' LYON (PARMELE) [George',
John W.^ Jonathan", Elnathan*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas^], born
Oct. 18, 1854, in Clinton, Dutchess Co., N. Y.; married Nov. 20, 1878,
John H. Parmele of Pleasant Valley, N. Y., where they have continued
to live; address, Arlington, N. Y.

Children of John A. and Augusta M. (Lyon) Parmele, born at Pleasant
Valley, N . Y . :

2522. I. Mary Louise; b. March 10, 1880; a teacher.

2523. II. Joseph L,yon; b. Aug. 31, 1881.

2524. III. Fred; b. Sept. 21, 1885.


2525. IV. Elizabeth; b. Sept. 2, 1887.

2526. V. George; b. May 19, 18S9.

2527. VI. WUliam J.; b. March 7, 1891.

2528. VII. Buth Agnes; b. Feb. 6, 1894.

2529. VIII. Ernest; b. July 20, 1896; d. April 23, 1897.

2530. IX. Mildred; b. Aug. 4, 1898.

1991. VIII. 1281. ROSE' LYON (OAKLAND) [George^ John W.«,
Jonathan^ Elnathan*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas^], born April 12,
1861 at Jersey City, N. J.; married Aug. 19, 1896 at Van Wagner, N. Y.

John A. Oakland, b. Nov. 4, 1861, son of Henry and Anna ( )

Oakland. They have lived at Port Defiance, Ariz., and at Cheyenne
Agency, S. Dak., where Mr. Oakland was Superintendent of the Indian
School Service. They now (1906) reside at Brushie, S. Dak., on a cattle

Children of John A. and Rose (Lyon) Oakland:

2531. I. Agnes Minerva; b. June 16, 1897, at Poughkeepsle, N. T.

2532. II. Godfrey Lyon; b. Dec. 19, 1900, at Cheyenne Agency, S. Dak.

2005. VIII. 1303. MARCUS' LYON [Charles^ William', Israel",
Israel*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas^], was bom at Bainbridge, N T..
April 21, 1832. He lives (1907) on his father's homestead. Oct. 27,
1872, he married Sophia Mandeville, daughter of Melancthon Mande-
ville of Coventry, N. Y. They have a good home.

Daughter of Marcus and Sophia (Mandeville) Lyon:
*2533. I. Amy; b. Bainbridge, Sept. 27, 1875; m. Cora D. Thornton.

2011. VIII. 1304. ALVAH W.' LYON [Ambrose^ William',
IsraeP, Israel*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas*], was born at Bainbridge,
N. Y., Aug. 14, 1842. He married, about 1865, Mary Brigham. They
reside in Bainbridge village. He is butcher. Republican, no church.

Children of Alvah W. and Mary (Brigham) Lyon:

2534. I. AHen.

2535. II. Dora.

2536. III. Wiley.

2012. VIII. 1304. POLLY* LYON (VAN ZANDT) [Ambrose^
William', IsraeP, Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas*], was born at
Bainbridge, N. Y., Nov. 24, 1844. She married Anson Van Zandt. They
lived at Bainbridge until 1882 and then at Wadena. He owns and
operates a flour mill. Republican. Both Methodist.


Children of Anson and Polly (Lyon) Van Zandt:

2537. I. Luella.

2538. II. Emmagene.
2639. III. Frank.

2014. VIII. 1304. MILTON' LYON [Ambrose', William^, Israel',
Israel*, Jonatllan^ Tllomas^ Thomas'], was born at Bainbridge, N. Y.,
May 29, 1853. He married first, Feb. 22, 1875, Lizzie Whitney, daughter
of Rozzell and Jerusha (Rosebuck) Whitney. In 1881 they settled in
Binghamton, N. Y., where she died, March 17, 1896; he married second
Sarah Cunningham. He runs a furniture workshop in Binghamton.
They belong to the Congregational church.

Daughter of Milton and Lizzie (Whitney) Lyon:

2540. I. Lois; b. Bainbridge, July 27, 1876; m. April 11, 1906, Clarence
Morse, son of Griffith and Hattie (Hunt) Morse; he is a felt carder; res. (1907)
Binghamton, N. T.

2029. VIII. 1307. WILFRED H.« LYON [Richard', William',
Israel", IsraeP, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], was born at Masonville,
N. Y., Feb. 22, 1841. He married, June 6, 1862, Cerressa Pattin. They
reside (1907) at Rock River, Wis. He is a farmer.

Children of Wilfred H. and Cerressa (Pattin) Lyon:

2541. I. George; d. .

2542. II. Willianft; m. .

2543. III. May.

2030. VIII. 1307. uAJlAD« S. LYON [Richard', William", Israel^
Israel*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas'], was born at Masonville, N. Y.,
May 21, 1842. He married in Feb. 1862 Mary J. Lynch. He served in
the Union Army, and was killed on the skirmish line June 5, 1864.

Daughter of Arad and Mary J. (Lynch) Lyon:

2544. I. Hattie Arad.

2032. VIII. 1307. CHARLES L.» LYON [Richard', William',
IsraeP, Israel*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas'], was born at Masonville,
N. Y., April 27, 1845, and died Oct. 4, 1903. Dec. 13, 1887, he married
Maria Rhinehart. They lived three miles east of Masonville. He was
farmer, Republican, no church. She is Baptist.

Children of Charles L. and Maria (Rhinehart) Lyon:

2545. I. Bertha.

2546. II. Ralph.

2547. III. Frank.


2034. VIII. 1307. AMBROSE A.« LYON [Richa^d^ William',
IsraeP, Israel*, Jonathan^ Tllomas^ Thomas'], was born at Masonville,
N. Y., Aug. 24, 1849. July 3, 1870, he married Ellen J. Blakeslee. They
lived in Delhi, N. Y. He is gardener. Republican, no church. She died
about 1900.

Children of Ambrose A. and Ellen J. (Blakeslee) Lyon:
3548. I. Amy May.
2549. II. Flora Belle.
3550. III. Alva.

2035. VIII. 1307. SARAH A.= LYON (RANDALL) [Richard*,
William*, IsraeP, Israel*, Jonathan^, Thomas^ Thomas*], was born at
Masonville, N. Y., Aug. 18, 1852. She married Edward P. Randall. He
is machinist. Democrat; both Baptist. They reside at Walton. Dela-
ware Co., N. Y.

Children of Edward P. and Sarah A. (Lyon) Randall:

2551. I. WUlis I.; b. East Masonville; d. .

2553. II. Charles; b. Unadilla, N. Y. ; res. (1907) Schenectady, N. T. ;
machinist, no church.

3553. III. Frank; b. Unadilla, N. Y. ; machinist; m. Olive Lobdell; 2
ch. ; res. Pearl River, N. J.

3554. IV. Lucy E.; b. Unadilla, N. Y. ; m. Roy Wilson of Sidney, N. Y. ;
res. (1907) Walton, N. Y. ; children: 1. Victor; 2. Ralph; 3. George; 4. Herman.

2036. VIII. 1307. EMILY^ F. LYON (RAMSDELL) [Richard',
William*, IsraeP, IsraeP, Jonathan', Thomas-, Thomas'], was born at
Masonville, N. Y., April 1, 1859. She married Dec. 27, 1877, James W.
Ramsdell. He was a farmer, living two miles east of Masonville. He
died .

Children of James W. and Emily (Lyon) Ramsdell. born at Masonville:

3555. I. Raymond O.; b. Nov. 1, 187 8; d. Masonville, Feb. 13, 1901.

2556. II. Nellie O.; b. July 18, 1880; school teacher; res. (1907) with her

2557. III. Louis O.; b. April 6, 1882; farmer; Republican; res. (1907)
with his mother.

2044. VIII. 1311. €LARKB« LYON [Cal■eb^ William", IsraeP,
IsraeP, Jonathan', Thomas', Thomas'], was born at Bainbridge, N. Y.,
about 1842. His mother died when he was four, his father when he was
fifteen, years old. He served four years in the Union army (N. Y. Vols.)
and participated in eighteen battles. He married Mrs. Mary Townsend
Bush, widow of his cousin Chester Bush (No. 2027). They separated


after two years and he lives (1907) with his sister Rozilla Lyon Corn-
well, in Hartford. Conn.

2046. VIII. 1313. GEORGE HENDRICK* LYON [William^ Wil-
liam', IsraeP, Israel*, Jonathan^, Thomas-, Thomas^], was born at Bain-
bridge, N. Y., Oct. 27, 1844. At 7 years he and his two brothers,
Farnham and Edward, came with their parents to Sweden, Pa., where
a new home in the woods was made. Four and a half years later their
father died, leaving six children, George, in his twelfth year, being the
oldest. The large enterprises of their father could not be continued
as he would have done, and the financial crisis which came on im-
mediately after made a hard path for the mother and family to keep
and make their home. The two boys, twelve and ten years old, the
next spring in their sugar bush accomplished the work of making two
hundred pounds of maple sugar. A neighbor learning about it cheered
and said that was the biggest thing he ever knew for boys of their
ages. At thirteen George became a member of the Baptist Church.
His great grandmother Hendrick, who was spending a year at their
home, grandfather Hendrick, and mother, with him, made four genera-
tions together holding the faith. Four winters at Coudersport, he at-
tended the academy schools and paid board and tuition by doing chores,
and caring for school rooms.

He served in Company K. 37th Pa. Militia at time Lee and his army
invaded the state. Later he enlisted, a private in Co. F. 211th Regt.
Pa. Vol.^ and served nine months till close of the war. This included
two engagements, charging upon strong fortifications. One was the
re-capture of Fort Steadman, and the other, April 2, in front of Peters-
burg, charging and taking the Confederate Fort, Mahone. He says:
"After storming Fort Mahone we rallied in two charges further to
adjacent works. I was four hours in the fight where, at from 200 feet
apart to some of the time not more than twelve feet apart at opposite
sides of partition walls, each side was trying to make the other keep
guns and heads low. My blouse was ragged with bullet holes. I, my-
self, took five men prisoners, and later was made prisoner in turn.
That proved to be an opportunity under escort, to see the Confederate
retreat from Petersburg to Appomattox, and the surrender."

Seven years after the war was devoted at schools, interspersed
with work at farming, teaching and surveying. He was graduated C. E.
from Union College Schenectady, N. Y., with class of 1872.

Feb. 28, 1873, at North East, Pa., he married Sarah Paden,


daughter of Hugli and Sarah (Dunn) Paden. One son, Paul Paden Lyon
was born at North East April 18, 1874. Mrs. Lyon died at Bradford, Pa.,
Dec. 4, 1877. She was a woman of excelling worth and traits. Paul,
emulating them, and growing up the chum of his father, has gained
a large esteem widespread. G. H. Lyon has adhered closely to the work
of civil engineer. Thirty years it has been in the Pennsylvania oil
field except from 1893 to 1897 in West Virgiana. He was twice elected
city engineer of Bradford, Pa. He was eleven years county surveyor,
has been chief engineer of numerous railroads in and near the oil fields.
Until 1882 he was Republican, since that a Prohibitionist.

In 1882 he changed from observance of Sunday, the first day, to the
Seventh Day and in the Spring of 1883 he became a member of the
Baptist Church, non resident, at Alfred, N. Y. In November following,
Paul, his son, nine years old, was baptized, uniting with the same
church. They have co-operated all the years since, in the church,
politically, and now as civil engineers. Their 'engineering parties
have always halted from their worli on Seventh Day Sabbath. Both
were delegates from Pennsylvania to the Prohibition National Con-
vention in 1900 in Chicago. He says of their work, "Both hare been
in some measure successful in persuading leaders in the Prohibi-
tion Party to desist from proclivity to infringe religious liberty by
Sunday laws; and to discern that a civil sabbath does not promote a
hallowed Sabbath, and is not helpful to the church. To discern that a
civil sabbath begets a holiday instead of a holy day. That making
a compulsory idle day, by control that has not and cannot have super-
vision to make it a hallowed day, does make an idle day; and this
idle day, this civil sabbath, more than has been suspected^ fosters the
liquor traffic."

G. H. Lyon till 1907 did not marry again. Announcement is now
made of engagement to marry April 17, 1907, Miss Celina Bliss, daughter
of John and Harriet (Spencer) Bliss. They were school friends at Bel-
fast N. Y., 40 years ago. His home is at Mt. Jewett, Pa.

Son of George H. and Sarah (Paden) Lyon:
*2558. I. Paul Paden; b. April 18, 1874; res. (1907) Mt. Jewett, Pa.;
civil engineer.

2047. VIII. 1313. FARNHAM EUGENE' LYON ] William', Wil-
liam", Israel', Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas-, Thomas'], was born at Bain-
bridge, N. Y., Jan. 5, 1847. At 17 years he enlisted with Co. G. 53rd
Regt. Pa. Vol., and served a year and a half to the end of the war.


It included a heavy picket service, many months near Petersburg, and
th© encounters in close pursuit of Lee all the way to Appomattox.
He was at Appomattox at the surrender. July 4, 1877, he married Mary
Kelly, daughter of Andrew and Lucinda (Lyman) Kelly. Their home
has been principally on the William Lyon homestead at Sweden, Pa.
They have named it "The Maples." With its maple groves and fine
rows of large maples, and commodious, well built house it is as pretty
a place as any in the township. He has dealt largely in cattle, fur-
nishing meat wholesale and retail in the lumber regions of Northern
Pennsylvania. He is Republican.

Children of Farnham E. and Mary (Kelly) Lyon:

2559. I. Charles; b. Sweden, Pa., May 16, 1880.

2560. II. Florence; b. Tyler, Clearfield Co., Pa., July 19, 1882.

2561. III. Mizabeth M.; b. Sweden, Pa., Aug. 24, 1884.

2562. IV. Mary Farnham; b. Sweden, Sept. 26, 1886.

The parents have separated. The children continue with their father.

2048. VIII. 1313. EDWARD WILLIAM* LYON [William', Wil-
liam', IsraeP, Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas-, Thomas^], was born at Bain-
bridge, N. Y., Feb. 14, 1851. June 1877, he married Mary

Dodd, daughter of Edward and Betsy (Holcomb) Dodd of Sweden,
Pa. Their home has been most of the time at Coudersport, Pa., where
he has for many years kept a meat market. He is Prohibitionist. Both
are Baptist.

Children of Edward William and Mary (Dodd) Lyon:

2563. I. Dorothy; in Vassar College 2 years; a teacher 2 years; now (1907)
librarian at Coudersport.

2564. II. Arch MacDonald; b. Eldred, Pa.; has been engaged about 3
years assisting at engineering work.

2565. III. Margery; at school (1907) in Baltimore, Md.

2566. IV. Balph Waldo Emerson; in school (1907) at Peddle Institute,
Hightstown, N. J.

2567. V. Edward; in the Coudersport school (1907).

2568. VI. HoUister WilUam; in the Coudersport school (1907).

2055. VIII. 1316. THOMAS* J. LYON [Briggs^ SamueP, Israel",
Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas^], born in Bainbridge, N. Y., March
29, 1834; died Binghamton, N. Y., June, 1903. He married Ellen Kelley.

Children of Thomas and Ellen (Kelley) Lyon:

2569. I. Florence S.; m. Frank D. Lyon (No. ); address (1906)
Park Terrace, Binghamton, N. T.

2570. II. Frank K.; m. Sept. 12, 1888, Mary A. Gilbert of Bainbridge,
N. T.; res. (1906) Manistee, Mich.; children: 1. Marjorie, b. 1889; 2. Mildred,
b. 1891; 3. GUbert, b. 1895.


2058. VIII. 1316. JOSIAH B.« LYON [Briggs', Samuel', Israel',
Israel*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas^], born Bainbridge, May 15, 1840;
died Sept. 8, 1906. He married first, Dec. 1868, Tabitba Johnson, and
second, Dec. 25, 1882, Antoinette Teed. His widow lives (1906) at
Bainbridge, N. Y.

Daughter of Josiah B. and Tabitha (Johnson) Lyon:

2571. I. Louise; b. Sept. 30, 1869; m. Dec. 24, 1894, Edwin S. Champion;
res. Cortland, N. Y.; one child, LK>Uta, b. Aug. 19, 1904.

Children of Josiah E. and Antoinette (Teed) Lyon:

2572. II. Blanche M.; b. Dec. 12, 1883.

2573. IIL Erie; b. Dec. 19, 1888.

2574. IV. Ray F.; b. April 28, 1897.

2060. VIII. 1316. ORVILLE J.» LYON [Briggs', Samuel', Israel',
Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas^], born Bainbridge, June 20, 1847.
Present residence (1906) Scranton, Pa. He married first, April 24,
1869, Alice Teachout and second, Clarissa Sweet.

Children of Orvllle J. and Alice (Teachout) Lyon:
2576. I. Lfaveme; married and has one ch., Mildred.

2576. II. Irene.

2067. VIII. 1320. HORACE D." LYON [Spardon^ Samuel', Israel",
Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], of Bainbridge, N. Y., born July
29, 1850. He married, Feb, 2, 1880 Ada Kelly of Bainbridge, daughter
of William and Sarah (Doolittle) Kelly.

Children of Horace D. and Ada (Kelly) Lyon:

2577. I. Lena M.; b. Feb. 23, 1881; m. March 1, 1905, Earl Shapley; res.
Coventryville, Chenango Co., N. Y.

2578. II. Daisy M.; b. Feb. 3, 1893.

2068. VIII. 1320. CLARA J.' LYON (KELLY) [Spardon',
Samuel', Israel', Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born Aug. 3,
1852, probably in Bainbridge, N. Y. She married, Oct. 11, 1875, W. H.
Kelly, son of William and Sarah (Doolittle) Kelly of Bainbridge, N. Y.;
res. Afton, ,N. Y.

Children of W. H. and Clara J. (Lyon) KeUy:

2579. I. Clifton; b. July 9, 1877.

2580. II. Robert; b. April 7, 1879.

2581. IIL Neva F.; b. Dec. 6, 18 89.
2682. IV. Paul R.; b. Nov. 28, 1898.


2069. VIII. 1320. WILLET C." LYON [Spardon', Samuel',
Israel', Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], of Binghamton, N. Y.;
born Feb. 28, 1855, probably in Bainbridge, N. Y. He married first, Ida
Vosbury and second Hattie Vosbury. Present address (1906) No. 1
Park Terrace, Binghamton, N. Y.

Children of WlUet C. and Ida (Vosbury) Lyon:

2583. I. Myra; b. May 6, 1885; m. July 5, 1902, Louis Fischer; children:
1. Ralph, b. June 8, 1903; 2. Florence, b. May 22, 1904.

2584. IL Edith; b. April 23, 1891.

2071. VIII. 1320. CORA E.' LYON (LOOMIS) [Spardon^
Samuel', Israel', Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born July 10,
1860. She married, Dec. 23, 1880, Charles Loomis of Oxford, N. Y.
They lived in Bainbridge, N. Y.

Children of Charles and Cora E. (Lyon) Loomis:

2585. I. Ward; b. June 19, 1883.

2586. IL Ralph; b. July 7, 1885.

2587. IIL Leon; b. Dec. 12, 1887.

2588. IV. Bemice; b. Aug. 12, 1889.

2073. VIII. 1320. EDWARD B.' LYON [Spardon', Samuel*,
Israel', Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], of Bainbridge, N. Y.;
born May 1, 1866. He married, Sept. 18, 1888, Emma Hayes.

Children of Edward B. and Emma (Hayes) Lyon:

2589. I. Jessie; b. Aug. 3, 1889.

2590. IL Archie; b. June 15, 1891.

2591. IIL MUdred; b. Dec. 31, 1895.

2074. VIII. 1320. ERNEST S.' LYON [Spardotf, Samuel*,
Israel', Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], of Bainbridge, N. Y.;
born June 29, 1870. He married Minnie Maude Rounds.

Children of Ernest S. and Minnie M. (Rounds) Lyon:

2592. I. Brlford Henry; b. Nov. 27, 1894.

2593. II. Homer Ernest; b. Oct. 11, 1897.
2694. IIL Edna Josephine; b. Sept. 16, 1899.

2595. IV. Howard Milton; b. April 1, 1900(?).

2596. V. Kenneth B.; b. Jan. 31, 1904.

[Willef, Samuel', Israel', Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born
Bingham, Pa., May 10, 1841. She married, Sept. 24, 1867, George W.


Ward Of Newburg, N. Y., born Nov. 16, 1845. They live (1906) in
Wellsville, Alleghany Co., N. Y.

Children of George W. and Miriam C. (Lyon) Ward:

2597. I. Willet Lyon; b. May 10, 1869; m. Nov. 17, 1897, Eliza Leonard of
Spring Mills, Alleghany Co., N. T. ; children: 1. Churchill Lyon, b. Sept. 17,

1898; 2. Miriam, b. July 3, 1906; 3. Dorothy; b. April 27, 1903; 4. Margaret,
b. Oct. 12, 1905; 5. Eleanor, b. Oct. 12, 1905.

2598. II. Mary; b. March 7, 1872, at Bingham, Pa.; m. July 10, 1895, Del-
bert Alonzo Crowner of Wellsville, N. Y.; res. Columbus, Ohio; a aau., Lovina

Ann, b. June 21, 1903; d. Sept. 26, 1903.

2599. III. Ixivina Monroe; b. March 15, 1876, at Wellsville, N. Y.; m. June

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