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28, 1899, George Bryant Nichols of Ossian, N. Y.; a dau., Mary Georgia; b. Aug.
24, 1902.

2083. VIII. 1325. SETH JAY» LYON [Samuel', Samuel', Israel',
Israel*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas'], born 1867; died Aug. 24, 1900,
m. Evalyn Dyke.

Children of Seth Jay and Evalyn (Dyke) Lyon:

2600. I. Cliflford.

2601. II. Herbert.

2602. III. Ernest.

2603. IV. A son.

2093. VIII. 1331. MARY^LYON (BLAKESLBB) [Jared', Daniel«,
IsraeP, Israel*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas'], born in Afton, N. Y.,
Aug. 9, 1853. At the age of twelve she moved to Bast Pike, Wyoming
Co., N. Y. She married, first Oct. 1, 1873 Jerome Blakeslee. He died
Dec. 27, 1875; killed by a falling tree. She married second, Feb. 4,
1877, George Blakeslee, nephew of her former husband. They re-
moved in 1881 to Simpson, Ks., where they now (1906) reside.

Son of Jerome and Mary (Lyon) Blakeslee:

2604. I. Ward Jerome; b. East Pike, N. Y., Aug. 21, 1874; m. in Cali-
fornia, March 12, 1901, Ida McGinniss, dau. of J. H. and Lizzie ( ) Mc-

Ginniss, of Rockville, Ind. ; machinist and farmer; res. Simpson, Ks. ; no children.

Children of George and Mary (Lyon) Blakeslee:

2605. I. Ernest G.; b. Jan. 22, 1878, at East Pike, N. Y. ; has lived in
Colorado, Mexico, New Mexico and California; now res. Kemmirer, Wyoming; a
railroad engineer; is married and has a son, George Ernest.

2606. II. George J.; b. Feb. 13, 1881, at East Pike, N. Y. ; m. 1892, Kate
Noll at Ashville, Ks. ; U. S. mail carrier; res. Simpson, Ks. ; children: 1. Rex-
ford, b. Oct. 4, 1903; 2. Irene, b. May 21, 1905.

2607. III. Earl B.; b. Nov. 24, 1883, in East Pike, N. Y. ; m. Ruby O'-
Conner of Parachute, Colo.; res. some time in Parachute, now a farmer at Simp-
son, Ks. ; no children.

2608. IV. Merton F.; b. June 9, 1889, at Simpson, Ks.

2609. V. Loren E.; b. March 2, 1894, at Simpson, Ks.


2094. VIII. 1331. RAY« LYON [Jared', DanieP, Israel', Israel*.
Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas^], born in Afton, N. Y., July 20, 1863;
removed with his parents in 1867 to East Pike, Wyoming Co., N. Y.;
in 1879 to Simpson, Ks., and in 1886 to Sidney, Colo. He married about
1889 Agnes Rawson. They reside (1906) at Sayre, Okla.

Children of Ray and Agnes (Rawson) Lyon:

2610. I. Kyle; b. about 1894.

2611. II. WUliam; b. about 1898.

2612. III. MUdred; b. about 1900.

2613. IV. Infant; dec.

2099. VIII. 1331. ELBERT' LYON [Jared', Daniel", Israel'.
Israel*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas^], born Nov. 24, 1873 at Bast Pike,
"Wyoming Co., N. Y.; removed with his parents in 1879 to Simpson, Ks.,
and in 1886 to Sidney, Colo. He married in Vernal, Utah, about 1894;
res. Sidney, Colo.

Children of Elbert and ( ) Lyon:

2614. I. Roy; b. about 1895.

2615. II. Florence; b. about 1901.

2616. III. Merton; b. Oct. 1905.

2101. VIII. 1333. CHARLES L.' LYON [Israel', Charles', Israel',
Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas^], born Oct. 28, 1835. He mar-
ried Elvira D. Landers, born Oct. 23, 1835.

Children of Charles L. and Elvira D. (Landers) Lyon:
*2617. I. George L.; b. Feb. 5, 1857; m. Myra J. Doolittle (No. 2090).
•2618. II. Sarah M.; b. Dec. 28, 1860; m. Keeler E. Shaply.

♦2619. III. Melvin T.; b. Jan. 22, 1863; m. Iva Hendrlckson.
•2620. IV. Frank A.; b. June 18, 1865; m. Lela Davis.
•2621. V. Carrie B.; b. Nov. 1, 1874; m. Ray W. Parker.

2104. VIII. 1334. CUYLER W.« LYON [Abijah', Charles', Israel',
Israel*, Jonathan", Thomas% Thomas^], born Nov. 14, 1838; died Aug.
19, 1872. He married, Dec. 10, 1864, Susan M. Taylor of Sand Lake.

Children of Cuyler "W. and Susan M. (Taylor) Lyon:

2622. I. Alva; b. June 10, 1870; d. Aug. 11, 1877.

2623. II. Florence; m. May 18, 1887, Adam H. Miller.

2106. VIII. 1334. CLARINDA M.' LYON (PIKE) [AbijaV,
Charles', Israel', Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas^], born Sept. 20,
1837. She married, Sept. 7, 1853, Joe Pike of Colesville, N. J.


Children of Joe and Clarlnda M. (Lyon) Pike:

2624. I. Ida; b. Dec. 29, 1854; m. Henry Truesdell; has children.

2625. II. Hector; d. ae. about 15.

2626. III. Olive; married ; has children.

2148. VIII. 1354. PHILLIPS RUNDLB* LYON [Solomon R.\
Setli', Spardon', Israel*, Jonathan*, Tllomas^ Thomas'], res. Bedford
Village, Westchester Co., N. Y.; m. Susie A. .

Son of Phillips R. and Susie A. ( ) Lyon:

2627. I. Herbert; b. April 8, 1888; d. Jan. 13. 1890.

2149. VIII. 1354. IRVING WITTALL" LYON [Solomon R.»,
Seth', Spardon*, Israel*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas*], a physician;
married Mary Elizabeth Tucker, daughter of Frederick Darrow and
Louise (Jacobs) Tucker; res. Hartford, Conn.

Children of Irving "W. and Mary E. (Tucker) Lyon:

2628. I. Mary Phillips; m. Chester Albree; res. Pittsburg, Pa.

2629. II. Irving Pliillips; a physician; res. 531 Franklin St., Buffalo, N. T.

2630. III. Charles; res. Hartford, Conn.

2174. VIII. 1408. CLARA ISABEL^ LYON (HAYES) [William
Penn', Isaac', Thomas', David*, Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas'], born at
Racine, Wis., Oct. 2, 1857; grad. Univ. of Wisconsin, 1876; studied
French, German and painting in Europe 1878-79, 7 months at Berlin
Art School. She married at Madison, Wis., June 16, 1885, Jay Orlo
Hayes, son of Anson Bveris Hayes (b. Aug. 27, 1813, at Granby, Conn.)
and Mary Folsom (b. Oct. 2, 1825, at Holland, N. Y.; see Holland Gen.).
He was born Oct. 2, 1857, at Waterloo, Wis. ; grad. Law School of Univ.
of Wis. 1880; practiced law in Ashland, Wis. until 1886 then operated
extensive iron mines at Ashland and at other places. They live (1906)
in Eden Vale, Calif.

Children of Jay O. and Clara Isabel (Lyon) Hayes:

2631. I. Harold Ariel; b. Nov. 9, 1886, at Hurley, Wis.; d. Jan. 19, 1887.

2632. II. Infant son; b. and d. Feb. 23, 1888, at Eden Vale, Calif.

2633. III. Mildred Mary; b. Oct. 29, 1889, at Eden Vale, Calif.

2634. IV. Lyetta Adelia; b. Feb. 22, 1893, at Eden Vale, Calif.

2635. V. Elystus Lyon; b. Feb. 15, 1895, at Eden Vale, Calif.

2636. VI. Meriam Folsom; b. June 27, 1897, at Eden Vale, Calif.

2637. VII. Jay Orlo Jr.; b. Dec. 22, 1899, at Ironwood, Mich.

2175. VIII. 1408. WILLIAM PENN» LYON, JR. [William Penn',
Isaac', Thomas', David*, Jonathan', Thomas^ Thomas'], born at Racine,


Wis. Aug. 23, 1861; grad, Univ. of Wisconsin, A. B. 1881, also LL. B.
1886. He married, Oct. 27, 1889, at Eden Vale, Calif., Ellen Chynoweth,
born Feb. 5, 1850; grad. Univ. of Wisconsin, A. B. 1870, A. M. 1882.
She was daughter of Thomas and Emily (Bradford) Chynoweth.f
They lived (1906) in Eden Vale, Calif.

Children of William Penn and Elllen (Chynoweth) Lyon:

2638. I. Carroll Hayes; b. March 2. 1891, at Eden Vale, Calif; d. April 13,

2639. II. William Penn; b. April 11, 1894, at Eden Vale, Calif.

2228. VIII. 1429. ALFRED MANINGTON» LYON [Robert B.',
John W.*, Thomas', David*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas^], born June
29, 1862 at Atkinson, 111. He married, Dec. 25, 1888, in Los Angeles,
Calif., Anna D. Tufts, daughter of John Quincy and Susan A. (Cook)
Tufts of Los Angeles. He lived in Indian Territory 1880 to 1888, then
moved to Los Angeles, Calif., where he has resided ever since. He
is a dealer in firearms and sporting goods.

Son of Alfred M. and Anna D. (Tufts) Lyon:

2640. I. Percy Tufts; b. Los Angeles, Calif., Sept. 17, 1893.

2259. VIII. 1440. NINA» LYON (DALTON) [George F.^ Wil-
liam F.', Thomas^ David*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas'], born Terre
Haute, Ind., Sept. 10, 1876. She has musical talent, which she has
cultivated and put to use as a church singer and a teacher of music.
She was at one time on the stage as Katharine Lyon. She married,
April 25, 1896, in San Francisco, Bento C. Dalton, son of Frank and
Jennie (Cole) Dalton, of Berkeley, Calif. Present address 185 John St.,
Oakland, Calif.

Children of Bento C. and Nina (Lyon) Dalton:

2641. I. Raymond Lyon; b. Nov. 25, 1898.

2642. II. Harold Francis; b. Feb. 5, 1901.

2262. VIII. 1470. WILLIAM HENRY* LYON [William H.*, Wil-
liam W.*, Jonathan*, Peter*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas^], born Oct. 8,
1847; died Nov. 5, 1901; res. White Plains, N. Y. (19 South Broadway).
He married June 4, 1873, Frances Halsted Sherwood, born 1849 at
White Plains; daughter of John R. and Martha (Halsted) Sherwood.

tThomas Chynoweth, born in Cornwall, Eng. ; moved to Rochester, N. T., at
nine years cf age, (See Chynoweth Gen.); Emily Bradford born at Keene, N. H.
(See Bradford Gen.).


Children of William H. and Prances H. (Sherwood) Lyon:
2643. I. Kdith M.; b. April 11, 1874; d. May 5, 1886.
8644. II. WUIiam Henry; b. April 11, 1881.

2645. III. Charles Sherwood; b. Nov. 9, 1886.

2263. VIII. 1470. MARY PARISH^ LYON (VAIL) [William H.»,
William W.*, Jonathan"*, Peter*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas*], born
Brooklyn, N. Y., Dec. 25, 1848; res. Plainfield, N. J. She married Oct.
29, 1873, Anthony C. Vail.

Children of Anthony C. and Mary Parish (Lyon) Vail:

2646. I. Carolyn Lyon; b. Jan. 22, 1876; m. May 8, 1902, Dr. Charles New-
ton Cutter of Chelsea, Mass.

2647. II. Ralph L,yon; b. Jan. 31, 1885.

liam H.'', William W.', Jonathan', Peter*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas*],
born Brooklyn, N. Y. Sept. 30, 1853; res. (1906) No. 53 Broadway, White
Plains, N. Y. She married. Sept. 18, 1878, Edwin Bowers Day.

Children of Edwin B. and Caroline W. (Lyon) Day:

2648. I. Grace ILyon; b. July 21, 1880; m. Jan. 2, 1905, Charles Waters

2649. IL £dna Bowers; b. May 28, 1885; d. Feb. 21, 1887.

2650. III. Irring Meade; b. Jan. 11, 1888.

2651. IV. Doris Carolyn; b. Feb. 22, 18 90.

2265. VIII. 1470. ADELAIDE S.» LYON (DAY) [William K.\
William W.*, Jonathan^ Peter*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas*], born
Brooklyn, N. Y. June 1, 1857; res. (1906) Plainfield, N. J. She mar-
ried, June 5, 1878, Alfred William Day.

Children of Alfred W. and Adelaide S. (Lyon) Day:

2652. L Mabel; b. Jan. 12, 1880; d. Nov. 3, 1888.

2653. IL May L,yon; b. Jan. 27, 1886.

2285. VIII. 1506. ELMER DANIEL* LYON [Daniel, Lorenzo M.',
Samuel', Peter*, Jonathan*, ThomasS Thomas*], born March 24, 1872;
address (1905) P. O. Box 41, South Milwaukee, Wis. He married May
8, 1901 Carrie Eva Brown, at Centerville, Mich.

Daughter of Elmer Daniel and Carrie Eva (Brown) Lyon:

2654. I. Florence May.

2288a. VIII. 1508. WILLARD CHARLES* LYON [Charles W.^
Lorenzo M.', Samuel', Peter*, Jonathan*, Thomas^', Thomas*], born in


Scio Township, Mich., Dec. 17, 1859; attorney; res. (1907) St. Johns,
Mich. He married at Medina, O., March 21, 1882, Stella Gertrude

Children of WUlard C. and Stella G. (Spink) Lyon:

2655. I. Charles Ralph; b. March 10, 1883; unm. (1907); machinist In

Oldsmoblle works, Lansing, Mich.

2656. II. Harry Glenn; b. April 10, 1887; unm. (1907); machinist in Olds-
mobile works, Lansing, Mich .

2288b. VIII. 1508. EDWIN HOWARD^ LYON [Charles W.\
Lorenzo M.', Samuel', Peter*, Jonathan*, Thomas^, Thomas^], born in
Scio township, Mich., July 7, 1861; a prominent lawyer (1907) in St.
Johns, Mich. He married first Alice Maxam. She died within two
years and he married second, Sept. 14, 1893, Nellie M. Bundy.

Children of Edwin H. and Nellie M. (Bundy) Lyon:

2657. I. Frances; b. 1897.

S658. II. Edwin Howard, Jr.; b. 1901.

2288d. VIII. 1508. IDA MAY' LYON (FILDEW) [Charles W.',
Lorenzo M.°, SamueF, Peter*, Jonathan^ Thomas^, Thomas'], born Nov.

9, 1865; married in September or October, 1890, John H. Fildew; res.
(1907) St. Johns, Mich.

Children of John H. and Ida Mary (Lyon) Fildew:

2659. I. Helen; b. March 17, 1892.

2660. II. Annie; b. 1895.

2661. IIL Stanley; b. 1897.

2662. IV. A son; b. 1900.

2320. IX. 1589. WILLIAM FRANKLIN' LYON JR. [William F.«,
Nathan R.', Enon«, Caleb^ Caleb*, Thomas^ John^ Thomas'], born High
Forest, Minn., Oct. 7, 1870. He married Nellie Russell, daughter of
Judge Russell of Hart, Mich. They live (1906) in Hart, Mich.

Son of William F. and Nellie (Russell) Lyon:

2663. I. Fred BusseU; b. about 189 5.

2322. IX. 1589. JAY EDGAR" LYON [William F.«, Nathan R.\
Enon', Caleb', Caleb*, Thomas^ John=, Thomas'], born Oberlin, O., Nov.

10, 1874. He married Edna Palmiter of Hart, Mich. They live (1906)
in Detroit^ Mich., where he is connected with the National Express


Children of Jay Edgar and Edna (Palmiter) Lyon:

2664. I. Laura Louise; b. July 4, 1900.

2665. II. Edwin Franklin; b. March 7, 1904.

2324. IX. 1589. JUDSON WEST" LYON [William F.«, Nathan
R.', Enon', Caleb", Caleb*, Thomas*, JohIl^ Thomas»], born Norwalk, O.,
Feb. 6, 1880. He married, Aug. 23, 1905, Donna Wisner of Lowell,
Mich. They live (1906) in Norwalk, O., where he is a booker in the
A. B. Chase Piano Company.

2395. IX. 1681. LIZZIE" LYON (LOCKYBR) [William', Jam•es^
James', Roger", Roger*, John', John^, Thomas'], born Jan. 19, 1865. She
married, Jan. 14, 1892, George Lockyer, born Feb. 6, 1863; son of John
and Elizabeth ( ) Lockyer.

Children of George and Lizzie (Lyon) Lockyer:

2666. L Albert William; b. Nov. 18, 1892.

2667. II. Edith Agnes; b. Dec. 4, 1894.

2400. IX. 1690. WILLIAM WILLIAMS' LYON [William W.»,
Miles^, Jonathan', Roger", Roger*, John' John^, Thomas'], born Nov. 15,
1856; res. 758 Jefferson Ave., Brooklyn; appraiser, U. S. Customs. He
married Dec. 2, 1874 Alice Mott, born Aug. 25, 1857; daughter of John
and Mary Louise ( ) Mott.

Children of "William W. and Alice (Mott) Lyon:

2668. I. Florence Louise; b. Sept. 28, 1875; m. Nov. 29, 1893, George M.
Davis; ch. : George M. and Gladys.

2669. II. Blanche; b. Sept. 10, 1877.

2670. III. Alice Mott; b. June 16, 1886.

2671. IV. Frederick W.; b. Oct. 13, 1891.

2672. V. Ruth Newman; b. May 6, 1897.

2673. VL John Mott; b. Jan. 14, 1899.

2401a. IX. 1690. HERVEY C." LYON [William W.', Miles^ Jona-
than', Roger", Roger*, John", John^, Thomas'], born Oct. 20, 1865; res.
44 Lee Ave., Brooklyn, later in Pittsubrg, Pa. He married April 25,
1886, Ida Tilley, born June 11, 1864; daughter of William and Almeda
(Willetts) Tilley.

Children of Hervey C. and Ida (Tilley) Lyon:

2674. L Mary AbigaU; b. Jan. 13, 1887.

2675. II. Mildred; b. Nov. 7, 1888.

2676. IIL Harold; b. Jan. 13, 1891; d. Jan. 17, 1891.


liam P.*, Stephen', William', Justus", Roger*, Jolin*, John^, Thomas^],
born Jan. 4, 1876. She married, June 2, 1898, George Seward Robinson,
who was born in Putnam Co., N. Y., Oct. 19, 1873; son of Lewis George
and Laura (Henion) Robinson. He is a farmer, living near Amawalk,
Westchester Co., N. Y.

Children of George S. and Mabel A. (Lyon) Robinson:
2677. I. £rne§t Lyon; b. Towners, N. Y., Aug. 23, 1898.

2678. II. Earl Henion; twin bro. of Ernest.

2679. III. Seward Penn Lyon; b. April 11, 1906, at Amawalk, N. T.

2498. IX. 1826. JOSEPH HERBERT" LYON [James«, William
LiJ', James', James', James*, John^ John-, Thomas'], born Greenwich,
Oonn., March 21, 1871. He studied medicine but is at present Captain
of a steamboat. Has been Justice of the Peace. Present address
Mica, Kootenai Co., Idaho. He married in Spokane, Wash., Nov. 11,
1891 Rose Leet, daughter of Col. M. and Sarah E. (Snow) Leet, of
Indianapolis, Ind.

Children of Joseph H. and Rose (Leet) Lyon:

2680. I. Alfred Jefferson; b. Mica Bay, Idaho, Aug. 23, 1892.

2681. II. Felix Herbert; b. Spokane, Wash., Nov. 9, 1894.

2632. III. Victor Leet; b. Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, May 15, 1897.

2683. IV. Laurance Paul; b. Mica Bay, Jan. 9, 1899.

2500. IX. 1826. WILLIAM ERNEST" LYON [James', William
L.', James', James", James*, John^ John^ Thomas'], born Plainfield,
N. J., July 21, 1878. Present address Harrison, Idaho. He was mar-
ried in Spokane, Wash., Feb. 5, 1902 to Lenore Searles, daughter of
G. C. and Lavantia (Martin) Searles of Coeur d' Alene, Idaho.

Children of William E. and Lenore (Searles) Lyon:

2684. I. Ernest Kenneth; b. Harrison, Idaho, Dec. 15, 1902.

2685. II. Dorothy Mabel; b. Nov. 2, 1904.

2533. IX. 2005. AMY" LYON (THORNTON) [MarcusS Charles*,
William', Israel", Israel*, Jonathan^ Thomas-, Thomas'], was born at
Bainbridge, Sept. 27, 1875. She married, Oct. 14, 1893, Cory D. Thorn-
ton, born Sept. 17, 1870. They make their home with her parents. He
is a farmer^ and has another farm half a mile distant, the original
homestead of Daniel Lyon (No. 681). He is Republican, president of a
local telephone company, and road commissioner for Bainbridge town-


2558. IX. 2046. PAUL PADEN» LYON [George H.^ William^
William^ Israel", Israel'', Jonathan^ Thomas^ Thomas^], was born at
North East, Pa., April 18, 1874. His mother died at Bedford, Pa., when
he was 3^ years old. He had a home with his grandmother the great-
er part of each year, but with his father each winter till nine years old.
After that all the time except in school was with his father. On his
16th birthday he was presented with a new surveyors' compass. He
proceeded at once to good use of it, and was credited with being the
youngest surveyor in the state. At eighteen he was given charge of
one of three corps of men making survey for a pipe line from Brad-
ford Pa. eastward to near the seaboard. This was wholly outside of
his father's supervision. His work was so expeditious and satisfactory
that he was retained in service several months at the best wages after
the several parties were dismissed. In 1898 and '99 he spent one year
prospecting in the Klondike gold field. Thousands were waiting in
May below the Chilcoot Pass in the rush to be in the lead to go down
the lakes and rivers by boats when the ice should break. Friends
wanted to join with him, but decided they could not because of his
decision not to run Sabbaths (Saturday). The exigency, they thought,
required then to run every day. He made his trip single handed. He
tied up every Saturday. His expertness at boating and use of charts
brought him in two days ahead of his friends who would not wait for
him. His prospecting was not remunerative except in knowledge
gained of the country and of mining and methods. He returned the
following spring.

Aug. 26, 1902, he married Adaline Bonham, daughter of Winfield
Scott and Eva (Saunders) Bonham, at Shiloh, N. J.

He and his father co-operate, working together or separately, as
engagements favor, at civil engineering. He is chief engineer for
Timberlake Gold Mining Co., of Routt Co., Colorado, devoting part of
his time to that work.

The Prohibitionists have twice made him their candidate for the
legislature. He has served them since as secretary and later as chair-
man of the county committee. He is a good writer, speaker, and organi-
zer, and everywhere gains friends. His home is Bradford, Pa.

Children of Paul Paden and Adaline (Bonham) Lyon:

2686. I. Richard Bonham; born July 2, 1903, at Mt. Jewett Pa.

2687. II. Chester Paden; born Jan. 12, 1905, at Mt . Jewett.

2688. III. Ruth Virginia; born June 3, 1906, at Bradford, Pa.


2617. IX. 2101. GEORGE L.' LYON [Charles L.«, IsraeF,
Charles^ IsraeP, Israel*, Jonatllan^ Thomas^, Thomas^], born Feb. 5,
1857. He married, Sept. 24, 1879, Myra J. Doolittle, born May 13, 1860.

Children of George H. and Myra J. (Doolittle) Lyon:
3689. I. Alton B.; b. Oct. 6, 1881.
2G90. II. Kena M.; b. Dec. 22, 1SS7.

2618. IX. 2101. SARAH M.^ LYON (SHAPLY) [Charles L.^
Israel", Charles^ IsraeP, IsraeP, Jonathan^ Thomas", Thomas^], born
Dec. 28, 1860. She married, Feb. 16, 1877, Keeler E. Shaply, born Jan.
12, 1855.

Children of Keeler E. and Sarah M. (Lyon) Shaply:

2691. I. Mattie A.; b. Nov. 19, 1877; m. July 4. 1895. Isaac Woods, b.

April 9, 1875 d. June 22, 1906; children: 1. Flossie, b. May 10, 1896; d. Aug. 5,

1896; 2. Ralph, b. Aug. 7, 1898; 3. Celia, b. June 6, 1900; 4. Ina, b. March 7,

2682. II. Florence May; b. Dec. 23, 1883; m. Xov. 27, 1902, Ralph Hinman,
b. Feb. 9, 1882; ch. ; Marion, 6. Feb. 23, 1904.

3693. IIL Ross; b. July 3, 1889.

3694. IV. Ernest; b. June 27, 1894.

2619. IX. 2101. MELVIN T.» LYON [Charles L.», IsraeP,
Charles^ IsraeP, IsraeP, Jonathan^ Thomas-, Thomas^], born Jan. 22,
1863; died June 22, 1896, He married, June 6, 1888, Ida Hendrickson,
bom Dec. 22, 1863.

Children of Melvin T. and Ida (Hendrickson) Lyon:
2S95. I. Erl; b. July 27, 1890.

2696. IL Louie; b. Oct. 28, 1892.

2620. IX. 2101. FRANK A.^ LYON [Charles L.^ IsraeP. Charles'.
IsraeP, IsraeP, Jonathan^ Thomas% Thomas^], born June 18, 1865. He
married, Dec. 1, 1886, Lela Davis, born May 23, 1867.

Children of Frank A. and Lela (Davis) Lj-on:

2697. I. Alta; b. Oct. 5, 1887.

2698. II. Ida; b. July 19, 1889; d. Dec. 1900.

2699. III. Ina; b. Aug. 16, 1S92.

2621. IX. 2101. CARRIE B.' LYON (PARKER) [Charles h.\
IsraeP, Charles^ IsraeP, IsraeP, Jonathan^ Thomas-, Thomas^], born
No-v'. 1, 1874. She married, Jan. 1, 1901, Ray W. Parker, born March
11, 1876.

Son of Ray TV. and Carrie E. (Lyon) Parker:

2700. I. Senneth; b. Dec. 6, 1903.



ADAM^ WINTHROP of Lavenham, co. Suffolk, Eng., about 1497
married Joanne Burton. Adam^ Winthrop, born Oct. 9, 1498; died Nov,
9, 1562; m. in London July 20, 1534, Agnes Sharpe, daughter of Robert
Sharpe, Gent, of Islington, co. Middlesex, Eng. Adam^ Winthrop, born
Lavenham, Aug. 10, 1548; died Groton, Eng. March 28, 1623. He was
auditor of Trinity College, Cambridge. He married as his second wife,
Feb. 20, 1579-80 Anne, daughter and co-heir of Henry Browne of
Bdwardstone, co. Suffolk, Eng. She died April 19, 1629 (Manorial
families of Suffolk). John* Winthrop was born at Groton Manor,
Eng., Jan. 12, 1587, and died at Boston, Mass., March 26, 1649. He
was a lawyer and County magistrate who became a great Puritan
leader and emigrated to New England, coming to Salem in the ship
Arabella in 1630. He was elected on the passage Governor of the
Massachusetts Bay Colony, and held that position of honor almost
continuously until 1646. His first wife (married March 16, 1605) was
Mary Forth, daughter and heiress of John Forth, Gent, of Great Stan-
bridge, CO. Essex, Eng. She died June 26, IfilS. He married second
Dec. 6, 1615, Thomasine Clopton, daughter of William Clopton of
Castellane near Groton. She died Dec. 8, 1616. April 29, 1618, he mar-
ried Margaret Tyndall, daughter of Sir John Tyndall of Great Maple-
stead, CO. Essex. She died June 14, 1647, and in December of that year
he married as his fourth wife Martha (Rainsborough) Coytmore,
widow of Thomas Coytmore, and daughter of Capt. William Rains-
borough, R. N. By his first wife, Mary Forth, John Winthrop had:

1. John; b. Feb. 15, 1606; d. April 5, 1676; m. 1st Martha, daughter of
Thomas and Anne (Winthrop) Fones; m. 2nd Elizabeth, dau. of Sir
Edmund Reade of Wickford, co. Essex. 2. Henry; b. Jan. 20, 1607; d.
July 2, 1630; m. April 25, 1629, Elizabeth Fones; 3. Forth; b. Dec. 30,
1609; d. Nov. 28, 1630; 4. Mary; b. 1612; d. April 12, 1643; m. 1632,
Rev. Samuel Dudley, Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony. John
Winthrop had by his third wife, Margaret Tyndall: 1. Stephen; b.
March 24, 1618; d. 1658; m. Judith, dau. Capt. William Rainsborough;

2. Adam; b. April 7, 1620; m. 1st, Feb. 1642, Elizabeth Grover; m.
2nd, Elizabeth Hawkins. 3. Deane, b. March 16, 1622; d. March 16,
1704; m. 1st, Sarah Glover; m. 2nd, Martha Mellows. 4. Samuel; b.
Aug. 28, 1627; d. 1673-6; m. in Antigua, Elizabeth . (His grand-


daughter, Sarah, m. Henry Lyons of Antigua, whose great great grand-
son, Edmund, became Admiral Lyons, R. N., raised to the peerage as
Baron Lyons in 1856, the father of Lord Lyons, British fi^inister in
Washington 1858).

Henry' Winthrop was baptized at Groton Manor, Jan. 20, 1607.
At the age of twenty he went to the Barbadces, but did not remain
there very long. April 25, 1629, he married, in London, his cousin
Elizabeth Fones, daughter of Thomas and Anne (Winthrop) Pones.t
When Henry Winthrop, following his father, sailed from England in
the month of April, 1630, he left his wife at Groton to come over sub-
sequently with his mother, both being on the verge of maternity.
Henry arrived on the ship Talbot in the harbor of Salem on July 1,
1630, and, as the ancient family records state the circumstances, on the
following day he went on shore with the principal officers of the ship,
and walking out to a place, now called by the Salemites Northfield, to
view the Indian wigwans, they saw on the other side of the river a
small canoe. He would have one of the company swim over and fetch
it rather than walk several miles on foot, it being very hot weather,
but none of the party could swim but himself and so he plunged in and

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