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as he was swimming over was taken with the cramp a few rods from
the shore and drowned. His wife, with her infant daughter, came over
on the ship Lyon which arrived Nov. 2, 1631, also bringing Governor
John Winthrop's wife and others of the family. She afterwards became
the wife of Captain Robert Feake of Watertown, who removed a few
years later to Stamford, Conn, where he, with Capt. Daniel Patrick,
had purchased land. Her daughter, Martha Johanna Winthrop, there
married Thomas Lyon, and the young couple for a time lived with
Mrs. Feake, whose husband had returned to Watertown. Captain
Feake became insane and his wife, who seems to have had no strong
affection for him, found a new "affinity" in the person of William
Hallet who ultimately married her while Captain Feake was still living-
Mr. Hallet settled afterwards at Hallets' Cove, L. I., joining the Society
of the Friends. Greenwich Town Records have the following ' item
(Lib. I. p. 168): Nov. 25, 1650 William Hallet of Greenwich in New
Netherlands for 3 score and 10 pounds sells to Jeffere Ferris as his own
and wife's right also ye lands purchased by Daniel Patrick and Robert
Feke in New Netherlands. Signed, William Hallet; Elizabeth Hallet.

tThomas Fones of London, an apothecary, married, Feb. 25, 1604, Anne
Winthrop, horn Jan. 16, 15S5, died May 16, 1819; daughter of Adam and Anne
(Browne) Winthrop of Gro1.on and sister of Governor John Winthrop of Mass-
achusetts. Thomas Fones died April 15, 1S29.



From Stamford, Conn., Town Records.

Nov. 26, 1652. — An agreement between William Potter the on pty,
and Thomas Lyon the other pty, Viz — of bartter or exchange of lands,
the said William Potter doth surrender and pass over from him and
his, on house and hom lote Contaynin on acre and half mor or less,
bounded by the highway west and north west, Henry Ackerly Est., and
that wch was Samuell Shermans south, unto Thomas Lyon and his
for ever and in leue whereof the said Thomas as above doth surender
unto the foresaid William Potter two acres of medow more or less
Bounded by Jno Chapman Este, Thos Stevens West, butting to the Sea
South, and highway North.

From Fairfield Land Records. Lib. 4, p. 92.

May 11, 1654. — Thomas Lyon hath purchased of Thomas Sherving-
ton one home lot being in quantity foure acres and half being more or
less being bounded on the Northwest with the land of Samuel Drake, on
ye northeast with the land of the said Thomas Lyon, on the south-
east with the land of the said Thomas Lyon, on the southwest with a
highway. The town hath granted unto Thomas Lyon a parcell of land
lying by his homelot that sometime was the land of Thomas Sherving-
ton part of it was swamps and part of it was upland being in quantity
foure acres being more or less bounded on the southeast with the
highway on the southwest by the land of Thomas Beardsley and Georg
Godwine on the northwest and have with the Common, on the north-
west with the land that sometime was Thomas Shervington now
Thomas Lyon's now that within ye boundes ther lyes an acre East of
Swamp land that John Barlow Samuel Drake Thomas Shervington have
sold unto the said Thomas Lyon and his heirs forever.

From Fairfield Land Records. Lib. A. p. 92.

The 12th. January 1658. Thomas Lyon hath purchased too parcells
of land of Andrew Ward, ye one parcell of land containinge six acres
more or less lying on ye Newfield Bonded to ye South by ye land of
Alexander Knowlton to ye North by ye land of George Roden butting to
ye highway to ye East and to ye river to ye West. The other parsell


being too acres of madow lying in 1' quit nyeck is commonly Sasqua
bounded by ye land of Mr. Jons to ye north by ye land of John Wheeler
to ye south butting to ye upland to ye west and upon ye land that was
given [?] by Mr John Tomsons to ye east.

From Fairfield Land Records. Lib. A. p. 92.

The 12th of January 1658, Thomas Lyon of Fairfield hath pur-
chased of Symon Hoyt of Stamford one parcell of land in quantity six
acres more or less Lyinge and being in ye Newfield or Milno plains
also so called bounded by ye land of John Hayt to ye north and ye
land of ffrancis purdye to ye south buting on ye highway to ye East
and to ye common fenc to ye west.

From Fairfield Land Records. Lib. A. p. 141.

Nov. 1, 1675. Daniel ffrost hath purchased of Thomas Lyon his
homelot in ffairfeild both the upland and swamp land being in quantity
eight acres more or less with the privilidges and appurtenances there-
unto belonging with all the houseing and trees on the said land. To
be to him and to his heirs forever the land is bounded on the north-
west with the land of Samuel Drake and the Common, on the north
and northeast with the Common, on the southeast with the land of
John Sturge and the highway. After ye said Daniel hath purchased of
ye said Thomas to be to ye said Daniel and to his heirs forever Two
thirds intrest in ye perpetual Commons of ffairfeild.

From Greenwich Town Record, p. 78.

I, John Willson with Mary my wife, of Greenwich in the Collony
of Connecticut do hereby acquit and discharge as well in our behalf as
in the behalf of our heires executors and administrators John Lyon
the eldest son of Thomas Lyon of the place aforesaid and the said
Thomas Lyon's heires executors and administrators, from all demands
debts dues which I the said John or Mary my wife or any of or from
us might have by resone of any legacye due by will of Thomas Lyon
deceased or any other demand, which is or may be on the said estate
of him the said Thomas Lyon by us or any of us.

Nov. 4th 1691


Job Wright MARY X WILLSON f marks

John Stoakham




To Robert Feeke And Daniel Patrick.

Wee Amogerone, Sachem of Asamuck and Rammatthone, Naw-
horone, Sachems of Patomuck, have Sould unto Robert Feaks and
Daniell Patricke all theire rights and interests in all ye severall lands
betwene Asamuck River and Patomuck, which Patomuck is a littel
river which divideth ye bounds betwene Capt. Turner's Perchase and
this, except ye neck by ye Indians called Monakewego, by us Elizabeth
Neck, which Neck is ye perticaler perchace of Elizabeth Feaks, ye sd.
Robt. Feaks his wife, to be hers and her heaires or assigns forever, or
else to be at ye disposal of ye aforementioned purchasers forever, to
them and there heares executors or assigns, and theye to enjoy all
rivers. Islands, and ye severall naturall adjuncts of all ye forementioned
places, neigther shall ye Indians fish within a mille of aney English
ware, nor invite nor permit aney other Indians to sett down on ye
forementioned lands; in consideration of which lands ye forementioned
purchasers are to give unto ye above named sachems twentie five
coates, whereof theye have reseived eleven in part payment; to witness
all which theye have heerunto sett their hands this 18 July 1640.



Robert A. Heusted

Amogerone X






Andrew X Messenger



) marks




Keofferam hath sould all his right in ye above to Jeffere Ferris.

Richard Williams.
Angell Heusted.



March 5, 1676. The Towne of Rye adopted the following: Thomas
Lyon and Thomas Brown are appointed to choose a house or place to
be fortified for safety of the towne also the young men who come into
the fortifications and remaining during the trouble are to have equal
proportions in the undivided land provided they be such as the towne


The following records were taken from the parish church at
Upway, Eng., by Cornelius Haight of Fishkill, Dutchess Co., N. Y.
Simon Hoyt, son of John and Ruth Hoyt, was born at Dorchester, Eng.
Jan. 20, 1590, and died Sept. 1, 1657 at Stamford, Conn. He married
first at Parish church, Upway, 1612, Deborah Stowers, daughter of
Walter Stowers. She was born at Dorchester, May 1, 1593, bapt. Up-
way parish church, June 5, 1593. Date and place of death not known.
Simon married second, after coming to America, Susanna Smith, who

survived him. She married second Bates, and died about

1674 at Stamford, Conn. By his first wife, Deborah, Simon had (born

in England): 1. John, b. March 12, 1614 (m. Mary ; settled in

Rye, N. Y.; will dated Aug. 29, 1684); 2. Walter, b. June 9, 1616; d.

1695-6; m. ; 3. Thomas (adopted the name "Hyat"),

b. Sept. 20, 1618; d. Sept. 9, 1656; 4. Deborah; b. Aug. 9, 1620; d. June
3, 1628; 5. Nicholas; b. Nov. 11, 1622; d. July 7, 1655; m. June 12, 1646,
Susanna Joyce, widow; 6. Ruth; b. Jan. 2, 1625. By his second wife,
Susanna, he had (born in America); 7. Moses, b. about 1637; m. Eliza-
beth ; res. Eastchester, N. Y.; 8. Joshua; b. about 1640; d.

1690; m. Mary Bell; 9. Samuel, b. about 1642; d. April 7, 1720; m.
1st, Nov. 16, 1671, Hannah Holly; m. 2nd, Sept. 20, 1714, Rebecca Gold;
m. 3rd Hannah Gold; 10. Benjamin; b. Feb. 2, 1644; d. Jan. 26, 1735-6;
m. Jan. 5, 1670, Hannah Weed; 11. Mary; m. Thomas Lyon (No. 1);

12. ; m. Samuel Finch. 13. Miriam; m. Samuel


In 1628 Simon Hoyt, accompanied by his brother-in-law Nicholas
Stowers, and the Spragues, who also were from Upway in Dorset, came
to America, in the ship "Abigail" with Governor John Endicott, arriv-
ing at Salem, Mass. Sept. 6. In 1629 he went to Charlestown. In 1630
he was in Dorchester, his name appearing in the records as Simon


Hoit. In 1635 he was at Scituate where he with his wife, Susanna
Smith, joined the Church. In 1639 he went to Windsor, Conn., where
he had four score acres of land granted him by the plantation Feb. 28,
1640. A house lot was granted him in Fairfield, March 1649, and his
name appears in a list of the pioneers of Stamford. In the Stamford
Town Records there is on file an interesting document relating to the
distribution of her estate. It is dated 1, 12 mo. 1674, and signed by
her several sons and sons-in-law, as follows: Moses Hoyt, Joshua
Hoyt, Samuel Hoyt, Benjamin Hoyt, Thomas Lyon, Samuel ffinch,
Samuel Firman. Witnesses Abram Finch and Jonas Seely.

To Land Claimed By Mary (Lyon) Willson.

Letter from Mary (Lyon) Willson (No. 3) to her cousin Fitz John
Winthrop. Cover and date torn off; probably written in spring of 1698.
Honnered Sir

I have made bould to let you understand how I have been wronged.
Sir, be plesed to know that the Indians about the year 1640, gave a
parsal of land to my grandmother Mrs. Elizabeth Feke as by Gren-
which record may appear. My grandmother gave it to my mother
Martha Johana Winthop, to her and the heirs of her body, but my
father haveing got the writing in his hand, and my mother was dead,
my father haveing many children by a second wife and some persons
in Grenwhich had the land which was my mothers is posesion, my
father tooke thre hundred acres of land in another plase and it was
recorded to him free and not on account of exchange, and my father
haveing reseved such a heavy bribe, always kept the deed of gift from
me and I cannot lern that it hath been recorded in any publick Record,
and the deed is now in the hand of such as I think I can prove have
declared they had it in ther posesion very lately. I am sory that I have
ocation to reflect on the person from whome I had my being, but the
truth could not be declared without it, and I would intreat your
asistans by your counsell or ani other lawfull way wherby I may if it
be posible recover my right. I rest

Your Kinswoman


To Fitz John Winthrop.


Indorsed by Fitz Jolin Winthrop "Mrs. Willson the daughter of

Mr. Lyon . these to be looked over. The men in possession

of her right at Grenwich are John Medes, Robert Husted and James
Ferris etc."

Letter from John Willson and Mary (Lyon) Willson to Gov. Fitz
John Winthrop.

B'edford, October 4th, 1698.

Most Honoured Sur

We have troubled your Honour with a few lines to enforme your
Honour that we ear in good helth at this present writing. We
have cause to bless God for it and we doe hope and desire that thes
lines may find your Honoure in good helth and, after our loving du-
tifull respects unto your Honour, wee see cans to informe you that we
have gotten what writings and evediances we cann at present and have
gotten by Maiger Silicks order a man to plead our case, Samuell Haise
by name and we desire your Honour to dew what you can to trouble
you any more at present for the bairer hereof can fully enforme your
Honour and so we rest.

Your Honours humble servants


For the Honoured Governor Wintrop of Conecticut, deliver with
care I pray.

To Fitz John Winthrop.

Letter from Widow Mary Lyon.

Byram, December 21, 1701.

Generall Winthrop and Honrd Governr. I have presumed to
trouble yu with the perusall of these few lines in respect of the
trouble yoi' Kinswoman puts me and my children to, as also hearing
that by her means you have receeved false reports; as if I hadd not
performed the duty of a mother to her and that my children hadd not
acted as if she were a sister to them; But I doe asure y^ Hon^ that I
have done for her as for any of my own daughters, And concerning my
children showing respect to her, my eldest sonn gave her a good cow
since her father's decease and the rest of my sonns hath done more for
her than for any other of their sisters. I shall forbeare to write every


perticular that I and my sonns have done for yi' Kinswoman since my
husband's decease, the which would amount to a great sum of Money
but I can not forbeare to informe yor Honr of the value of thirty pounds
at least, my husband gave to Joseph Stedwell by marriage of his
daughter Mary yr Honrs Kinswoman, I shall forbeare also to inform yr
Honr of the many gross abuses and scandalizeing reports, which is
spread here by her means amongst the neighbourhood against her
father whom on duty she ought to have honoured if she hadd ex-
pected the blessing of God to have prospered her designes the which
she is now carrying on in a very unjust manner; and I doe hope yr
Hour will not contenance any such unjust actions. I would desire
earnestly that yi' Horn would be pleased to send me word what re-
ports itt is that you have heard concerning this matter, that thereby
I might cleare my name among my neighbors, not else from.

Your Friend Mary Lyon.

To Fitz John Winthrop.

This letter was in quite a different hand from the one of 1668
(see p. 38) and was evidently dictated.

From Greenwich Town Records, p. 30. Feby. ye 13, 1676. The
towne have formerly granted unto John Bancks Seneor of ffayrefeild
and Thomas Lyon of Greenwich a sartane parsell of land in Green-
wich Lying by byram River and by Estemation three score acers this
land to be equally divided betwixt the fore said John Banks and
Thomas Lyon and it is Bounded by Byram River on the west by the
comon road to Ry on the south and the comon land on the north East
as it is marked upon the top of the hy hill as unto the uper end of the

The town acknowledgeth that they have formerly granted unto
Mr. John Banks senior of ffayrefeild as Thomas Lyon's attorney a
sartaine parsell of land lying in Greenwich on the lower end of Byram
neck by estemation three hundred ackers bounded on the sea on the
southeast and south, byram River on the west and so to run by the
river, north unto a markt tree and foure or five Rocks about six and
twenty Rods below the wading place at byram River in the comon
Road, and all soe bounded on the north by the comon Land, the
eastern bounds by a little run that runneth into the sea. Against the
title of lands this above said entry is to stand of no force until the
towne approves.


Greenwich Town Records Vol. 1. p. 440. Greenwich Anno 1701
October ye 17, at a towne meeting Legaly Warned. Whereas Mr.
Richard Blackly Mr. Johnt Haite Mr. Daniell Shelton have mad
Representation un [to] ye towne Conserning a sertaine titule thaye by
virtue of Right they Chalenge in ye behalfe of an heiress desending
from Mrs. Martha Johanah Wintrop, ye sd Gentlemen desiring an ac-
ount [of] ye towne of what they know in ye matter more pei'tickulerly
[when] ye towne granted to Mr. John Bancks as attorney unto Thomas
Lyon that neck of Land Cauled Byram neck as [ye] perticuler grant to
sd banck as Lyon's atturney whether sd neck was granted to sd bancks

and Lyon as ye towne perticuler and free grant to them

Careflnes unto which ye towne makes this returne from what know-
ledge they have reseved from theire authorized prsons yt ye
grant made by ye towne 1676 Febr 13 [re]specting what is in sd grant
Insealed was made to sd bancks [Thomas] Lyon's atturney upon ye
account of a Right sd Thomas Lyon [lai]d a Clame to in Lands in
Greenwich by virture of a right [of his] first wiffe Mrs. Johannah

Ye above written is aproved pr vote of ye towne at ye towne meet-
ing above sd.

Letter of Theophilus Eaton to John Winthrop, Jr. See p. 36.

Sir: yours of Deer 8th I received this last night concerning her
that was Mr. Feakes his wife and that part of the Estate at Stam-
ford. I know not well how to add to what I formerly wrote. By order
of a Court of Magistrates William Hallet was to prove what part of
the Estate belonged to him, and then to receive it without further
question. Mr. Feakes his Estate and children were to be divided and
half to be delivered to her if she settled within any of the 4 Colonyes,
where the Government would have an Eie to the children and that
part of the Estate with a due respect to Mr. Feakes and the other
half to be kept at Stamford with like respect to Mr. Feakes and the

I shall pass by her injurious writing to myself desring God may
give her true repentance for greater miscarriages, but her departure
from Stamford with the children (as I am informed) was altogether
without allowance, and in the language which comes from thence, she
stole away. It is true by order before the Court of Magistrates sate —
she was to have 2 cowes delivered and some provisions but had no


liberty to take away the children. I pitty her and the children and
upon any reasonable security at Boston or Hartford that the Estate
shall be preserved for use of Mr. Feakes herself and his children, this
jurisdiction being discharg'ed I shall move the Court of Magistrates
that the Estate may be wholly delivered from Stamford to such as
may be orderly appointed to receive it, but no part of it is at
New Haven,

I am altogether a stranger to Thomas Lyon and his wife; till now
I have not heard the least intimation of her weakness or his neglect.
From your information I shall now enquire and consider what the
case may require. With my best respects I rest

Yours in what I may


January 4 1648.


JOHN BANKS was in Windsor, Conn., as early as 1640 and was
town clerk there in 1643. He was soon after in Fairfield, Oonn., and
was representative to the General Court for that place 1651-1661. In
1670 he owned a home lot at Rye, N. Y., on the Plains. (Rye Records).
He was representative from Rye and Fairfield as late as Oct. 11, 1683.
He died Jan. 1685 at Fairfield. Will dated Dec. 12, 1684, probated at
Fairfield; executors, sons, John Banks and Obadiah Banks,

JOHN' BANKS married 1st a daughter of Charles Taintor of
Wethersfield, Oonn. They had one child, born at Windsor. He mar-
ried second, Mary, dau, of Thomas Fitch and widow of Thomas Sher-
wood, By his second wife he had: 1, John^; m. Abigail Lyon (No. 4);
d. July 14, 1699; 2. Samuel, of Rye; adm. of estate June 27, 1719 to
John Banckes and John Lyon, nephews and principal creditors; 3.
Joseph; d. Oct, 1682; unm.; 4. Obadiah, of Fairfield; d. Feb. 1691; 5.
Benjamin; m. Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Lyon, of Fairfield; d. 1692;
6. Susanna; m. Jonathan Sturgis; 7. Hannah; m. Daniel Barr; 8. Mary;
m. John Taylor.

JOSEPH* BANKS [John^ John'], born, probably at Fairfield,
Conn., about 1672, lived in Greenwich, Conn,, died before 1713. His
wife's name was Hannah. She survived him and became the wife of


John Lyon Jr., (No. 24). At settlement of her estate (Fairfield Pro-
bate Records, Feb. 7, 1729) her "present husband" John Lyon, Jr.;
only son, Joseph Banks; George Gorham and wife, Hannah, oldest
daughter; Abigail Banks, second daughter, and Mary Banks, third
daughter, all of age, sign an agreement for distribution of the estate.

Children of Joseph and Hannah ( ) Banks: 1. Hannah, b. Oct.

27, 1704; m. George Gorham; 2. Abigail, b. Jan. 23, 1706-7; 3. Joseph*,
b, Jan. 14, 1708-9; d. 1760; m. Martha ; 4 IVIary, b. June 27, 1710.

DANIEL^ BANKS [John=, John'] was a minor in 1703, His wife's
name was Lydia. Children: 1. Abigail*, b, July 23, 1721; m. Benjamin
Treen; 2. Daniel*, b. Jan. 23, 1723; d. July 25, 1759; m. Rachel Hobby;
3, Obadiah*, b. Aug. 21, 1724; m. Elizabeth Smith; 4. Lydia, b. July 2,
1726; m. Feb. 16, 1754, Daniel Smith, Jr.; 5. Ruth, b. June 10, 1730; m.
John Holmes.

SAMUEL^ BANKS [John-, John'] was a minor in 1703. He settled
at North Castle, N. Y. Will dated Jan. 15, 1742; probated March 1,
1743 at New York; executors David Brundage, Aaron Forman, Sr.
The name of his first wife is not known. He married second, before
Oct. 17, 1733, Rebecca, widow of Thomas Lyon (No. 22) and daughter
of Thomas and Rebecca Hobby. Children by first wife: 1. Samuel*,

d. 1774; m. Deborah ; 2. John*, b. about 1729; d. after 1772; m.

Deborah Newman; 3. Hannah, m. before 1742, Finch; 4.

Jemima (?); 5. Mary Anna; 6. Rosanna; 7. Susanna.

CAPTAIN JOSEPH* BANKS [Joseph', John^ John'], born Green-
wich, Conn., Jan, 14, 1708-9; d. 1760; will dated Dec. 31, 1756; probated
Dec. 17, 1760. His wife's name was Martha. Children: 1. Joseph, b.
about 1745; m. Elizabeth Lyon (No. 103); 2. James, b. Feb. 16,
1752; d. May 29, 1844; m. Sarah Lyon (No. 196) "Oct. 7, 1767, he
chose for guardian Epenetus Holmes"); 3. John; 4. Abigail; 5. Mary;
6. Martha.

ABIGAIL* BANKS (TREEN) [DanieP, John^ John'], born Green-
wich, July 23, 1721; married May 17, 1741, Benjamin Treen, from Eng-
land. Children: 1. Henry, b. March 15, 1741; 2. Abigail, b. Sept, 14,
1743; 3. Joseph, b. Nov. 1745; 4. Elizabeth, b. 1747; m. Daniel Lyon
(No. 164).

DANIEL* BANKS [DanieP, John^ John'], born Greenwich, Jan. 23,
1723; died July 25, 1749. He married Aug. 14, 1747, Rachel, dau. of


John and Hannah (Mead) Hobby. Children: 1. Daniel, b. Dec. 1,

1747; d. 1814; m. Mary Lyon (No. 199); 2. Sarah, b. Sept. 20, 1749;
May 4, 1762 chose Thomas Hobby guardian; 3. David, b. May 27, 1751;
May 4, 1762 chose Thomas Hobby guardian; 4. Cliarity, b. March 9,
1753; 5. Samuel, b. May 27, 1755; April 3, 1769 chose John Hobby
guardian; 6. Lydia, b. Aug. 9, 1757.

OBADIAH^ BANKS [DanieP, John=, John'], born Greenwich, Aug.
21, 1724; d. early in 1784; will dated Jan. 25, 1784; probated Stamford,
Feb. 11, 1784. He married Sept. 1, 1755, Elizabeth, dau. of Daniel and
Rebecca (Butler) Smith, who survived him. Children: 1. Obadiah, b.
Aug. 21, 1757; 2. Daniel, b. Feb. 23, 1759; 3. Joshua, b. Dec. 23, 1760;
4. Elizabeth; 5. Mary; 6. Abigail; 7. Rebecca; 8. John, b. 1774; d. April
26, 1842; m. Elizabeth Banks; 9. Benjamin.

SAMUEL* BANKS [SamueP, John=, John'], born probably at North
Castle; d. about 1774; will dated Jan. 26, 1772; probated Feb. 10, 1774;
witnesses John Banks and Deborah Banks; executors, wife Deborah
and son James Banks; bequests: to son James Banks, all my lands at
North Castle; to grandson, Samuel Banks, land at Stanwich; grand-
daughters mentioned Betty Banks, Mary Ann Banks and Vashti Banks.

Children of Samuel and Deborah ( ) Banks: 1. James; res.

Stanwich, Conn. (?).

JOHN* BANKS [SamueP, John=, John'], born about 1729; res.
North Castle; was living in 1822. He married Deborah, dau. of Joseph
Newman; also living in 1822. Children: 1. John, b. 1750; d. March
26, 1807; m. June 1771, Elizabeth Reynolds, who died Feb. 12, 1812, ae.
67 y; 2. Deborah, b. Nov. 30, 1752; m. Silas Sutherland; 3. Hannah, b.
Nov. 23, 1753; d. June 22, 1824; m. June 1771, Daniel Ferris; 4. Samuel,
b. April 18, 1755; d. June 24, 1826; m. April 9, 1778, Charity Lyon (No.
277); 5. Joseph, b. March 22, 1758; d. in Sugar House prison, N.

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