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the use of a garden and keep two Hoggs on the said land, and to have
the apples of my orchard, and Andrew Lyon to make them into Syder
as much as sees cause of them.

Item. I give unto my eldest son Thomas Lyon to him and his
heirs and assigns forever the following parcels of land and part of
my Estate, to say, one parcel of land lying west of the Street or road,
beginning at the Southerly corner by Gilbert Miller's land by said
street and running northerly along his land to Thomas Howell's land
to my upper lot against my house, thence Easterly along said Lott
as the fence stands to King St. thence down said street along the road,
to Miller's Land where it begins, may it contain more or less in
quantity, also one other parcel of land to my son Thomas lying Easterly
of my Homestead, beginning at the South Easterly Corner thereof
and running Northerly as the fence now stands along my homestead
until it comes to the corner at the Lane, then to run an equal breadth
at Each end to Byram River, and may this East parcel contain more
or less in quantity. I order and it is my Will that my eldest son
Thomas Lyon shall have out of my moveable Estate the sum of
twenty five shillings paid him in full barr (over and above what I have
already given) to his claim as Eldest son or heir to my Estate and to
have no more than what is given him as aforesaid.

Item. I give my homestead and Dwelling House after my wife
Martha Lyon marrying again or death, unto my son Andrew Lyon in
which I mean all my land from my son Thomas Lyon's land along the
street to Samuel Brown's land Northerly including thereon and therein
the house that Andrew Lyon, my son hath built and now dwells in
and so running along Samuel Brown's land I have given my son Thomas
down to Byram River and lying [?] said Homestead more or less, to


hold said dwelling of mine and House of Andrew Lyon as abovesaid
and the land thereto adjoining aforesaid unto him the said Andrew
Lyon, my son his heirs and assigns forever. My upper lot of land
opposite to my house on the street bounded Southerly by Thomas'
land and street Easterly and Northerly and however be it more or less.
Item I further give unto my son Andrew Lyon his heirs and assigns
forever all that my land lying between Samuel Brown's land and
Byram River and running up the River by Joseph and Benjamin
Willson's land and Samuel Brown's land about sixty or seventy acres.
Item I further give unto my son Andrew Lyon his heirs and assigns
forever all that my fifty acres of land I have on the East side of the
Byram River in Greenwich in Connecticutt lying joyning Gilbert
Lyon's land and mayors [?] Item I order and it is my will that what
land, meadow sedges or Island or Beach I have on Neversinck Island
in partnership with my son Andrew Lyon be sold by my Executors
to the best advantage and the produce thereof to be accomptable for
by them as moveable and divided with the rest of my moveable Estate
among my children as hereinafter directed and that such sales, deeds
and conveyances made by my Executors of my right on Neversinck
Island shall be good to the purchaser in law or equity as if given by
myself in my own life time to all intents and purposes.

Item. I order and it is my will that after my just debts and charges
and all so much of my moveable Estate hereinbefore given and be-
queathed that the whole of my moveable Estate be it more or less
shall be divided, shared and paid to and among my children in follow-
ing manner by my Executors — to say — ^To the children of my daughter
Phebe, deed late wife of Samuel Willson deed Equally among her
children one fifth part of the remainder of my moveable. To the
children of my daughter Mary deed late wife of Abraham Miller deed
Equally among them her children one fifth part of the remained of
my moveable Estate. To Abigail wife of Daniel Merritt one fifth part
of my said moveable remainder of my Estate. To Jemima the wife
of James Seaman one fifth part of my said moveable remainder of my
Estate. To my son Andrew one fifth part and ten pounds more of the
remainder of my moveable Estate. It is to be understood that when
a division of said moveable Estate is made that in said division the
other four children are to Each lose their part of the ten pounds that
Andrew Lyon is to have more than one fifth. Lastly I nominate and
appoint my two sons Thomas Lyon and Andrew Lyon to be the exe-


cutors of this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking all my
former Wills by me made and allowing this and no other to be my
last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my
hand and seal this fifth day of November Ano Dom One thousand seven
hundred and seventy.

Sealed signed published pronounced and declared by said Thomas
Lyon to be his last Will and Testament in presence of Jonathan
Kniffen John Carhart Saml Lyon.


In the name of God Amen this second of April one thousand seven
hundred and eighty three I Jonathan Lyo of North Castle Westchester
County State of New York being advanced in age and weak in body
but of perfect mind and memory thanks be unto God therefore calling
unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing it is appointed for
all men once to die Do make and ordain this my last will and testa-
ment, that is to say, principally and first of all I give and recommend
my soul unto the hands of God that gave it and my body I recommend
to the Earth (to be buried in decent Christian burial at the discretion
of my Executors nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I
shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God and as
touching such worldly Estate wherewith it has pleased almighty God
to bless me with in this life I give, demize and dispose of the same in
the following manner and form. — Imprimis I give and bequeath to
Elizabeth my dearly beloved wife one third part of all my lands in
North Castle during her natural life. Also I give unto my beloved
wife the sum of seventy pounds to be paid out of my estate by my
beloved son Peter Lyon. Also I give unto my beloved wife Elizabeth
the whole of my moveable Estate to be at her sole disposal. — Item
I give and bequeath unto my well beloved son Jonathan Lyon the
the sum of ten pounds. — Item I give unto my beloved grandson Jonathan
be paid by my son Peter. Item I give and bequeath unto my well
beloved son Elnathan Lyon the sum of foi'ty pounds to be raised and
levied out of my Estate and paid by my son Peter. — Item I give and
bequeath unto my well beloved son Israel Lyon the sum of eighty


pounds to be raised and levied out of my Estate and paid by my son
Peter. — Item I give and bequeath unto my well beloved son Peter Lyon
all my lands lying in North Castle to be and remain his sole property.
■ — Item I give unto my well beloved son Peter one negro man named
Isaac. — Item I give unto miy loving grandson Jonathan son to Elnathan
the sum of ten pounds. — Item I give unto my beloved grandson Jonathan
son of Peter the sum of five punds. Also give unto my beloved grand-
son Jonathan son of my daughter Phebe the sum of five pounds. Also
I Constitute, make and ordain my well beloved sons Israel and Peter
Executors of this my last will and testament and I do hereby disallow,
revoke and disanul all and every other former Testaments and wills,
legacies and bequests and Executors by me in any way before named,
willed and bequeathed rattifying and confirming this and no other to be
my last will and testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto
set my hand and seal the day and year above written.


Signed and setaled, published, pronounced and declared by the
said Jonathan Lyon as his last will and testamest in the presence of
us the subscribers.

Silas Sutherland

Enoch Miller

Samuel Miller.

Weschester County — ss. — ^Be it Remembered that on the twenty-
fourth day of January one thousand seven hundrey and eighty-seven
personally came and appeared before me, Richard Hatfield, Esquire,
Surrogate of the said County, Silas Sutherland, of North Castle in the
said County, yeoman, and being duly sworn on his oath, declared that
lie did see Jonathan Lyon, deceased, sign and seal the preceeding
written testament purporting to be the will of the said Jonathan
Lyon bearing date the second day of April one thousand seven hun-
dred and eighty- three and heard him publish and declare the same
as for his last will and testament that at the time thereof be the said
Jonathan Lyon was of sound disposing mind and memory to the best
of the knowledge and belief of the Deponent and that Enoch Miller
and Samuel Miller together with the Deponent subscribed the said will
as Witnesses thereto in the presence of the testator.

Richard Hatfield, Surrogate.


Copied at Albany, N. Y., May 29, 1902, by Smith H. Riker from
"Wills and Probates, No. 1, 1787 to 1796" in the office of the Clerk
of the Court of Appeals.


Feb. 17, 1758, Joseph Lyon of the White Plain, yeoman, then in
good health and sound memory but calling to mind the uncertainty of
this mortal life, etc., do make this my last will and testament. Men-
tions wife Mary, brother-in-law Charles Theall, six sons, Joseph, Dan-
iel, James, Reuben, Jeremiah and Thomas (Joseph, the eldest son).
Mentions "my three youngest daughters, Hannah, Susannah and
Anne", then mentions "my four daughters", Mary, the wife of El-
nathan Haight, Hannah, Susannah and Anne (some of these sons and
daughters being then minors). Makes wife Mary executrix, and in
case of her death or marrying again his brother in law Charles
Theall and son Daniel Lyon, "in whose care and fidelity I very much
confide and depend upon" to be the executor of his will. "It is my
will that whereas my said wife Mary at the Ensealing hereof is Great
with Child, that when the child she now goes with shall be born, if
it proves a son," -etc.

August 30, 1786 Elisha Horton of Harrison's purchase (who with
John and Jane Carhart, was a witness to Joseph Lyon's will) appeared
before Richard Hatfield, Esq., Surrogate of Westchester County, with
Joseph Lyon's will, from which the signature and witness names had
been torn, and swore that he witnessed the will and that it was
Joseph Lyon's last will and testament. November 24, 1798, Daniel
Goldsmith, Quaker, of Consackie, Albany County, appeared before
Peter Ogilvie, Judge of the court of Probates of the State of New York,
and swore that the instrument attached was Joseph Lyon's will — that
he came in possession of it in 1783 and that two years afterwards,
Daniel Lyon the executor therein named being in Nova Scotia, the
name and seal of said testator and the names of the witnesses were
cut off to the knowledge of this Deponent in order that the letters of
administration upon the 'estate might not be grantel to some other
person. He swore that Joseph Lyon died in the fall of 1776.

■Copied from Book IL, p. 88 Wills and Probates, 1796-1822 in the
oflSce of the Clerk of the Court of Appeals at Albany, Feb. 14, 1903 by
J. H. Riker.



NICHOLAS KNAPP come to New England probably with John
Winthrop 1620- He was at Watertown, Mass., ifesO, and there his chil-
dren were born and recorded. He removed to Stamford, Conn., about
1640 and died there Sept. 16, 1670; will dated April 15, 1670, probated

at Fairfield. Nicholas married 1st Elinor , who died Aug.

16, 1658. He married 2nd March 9, 1659 Unity , widow 1st of

Clement Baxton, 2nd, of Peter Brown. Children of Nicholas and Elinor

( ) Knapp: 1. Jonathan; b. 1361; d. Dec. 27, 1631, ae. 7 mo;

2. Timothy, b. Dec. 14, 1632; m. Bertha Brandish; 3. Joshua; b. Jan.
5, 1636, d. 1684; 4. Caleb (Cobb?); b. Jan., 20, 1638; m. Hannah Smith;

5. Sarah; b. Jan. 5, 1639; m. April 6, 1657, John Disbrow; 6. Ruth; b.
Jan. 6, 1641; m. Nov. 20, 1657, Joseph Ferris; 7. Hannah; b. March

6, 1643; 8, Moses; b. about 1645; m. 1669, Abigail Westcoat; 9. Lydia;
b. ; m .May 22, 1685, Thomas Pennoyer.

JOSHUA- KNAPP, born Watertown, Mass., Jan. 5, 1636; d. Green-
wich, Conn., 1684 (inventory of estate Oct. 27, 1684). He married
at Stamford June 9, 1657, Hannah Close, dau. of Joseph Close. She
survived him and married 2nd, John Bowers. He removed in 1663
from Stamford to Greenwich. Children of Joshua and Hannah (Close)
Knapp: 1. Hannah, b. March 26, 1660; m. Daniel Smith; 2. Joshua,
b. 1662; m. March 16, 1689, Elizabeth Reynolds; 3. Joseph; b. 1664;
m. Mary (Lockwood) Husted (widow); 4. Ruth; b. 1666; m. John
Reynolds; 5. Timothy; b. 1668; d. 1737; 6. Benjamin; b. 1674;
m. April 13, 1700, Elizabeth Butler; d. 1719-20; 7. Caleb (Cobb?) b.
1677; m. April 1, 1697 Sarah Randall; d, 1750; 8. Jonathan, b. 1679;
m. Mary Husted.

• TIMOTHY^ KNAPP, born Greenwich 1668; died there 1733 (?) (will
dated Oct, 15, 1733, probated Nov. 6, 1737; inventory of estate 'Nov. 7,
1733 (?). He married 1st March 16, 1699. Elizabeth Seamore, who d.
June 17, 1713; he m. 2nd Feb. 16, 1713-4 Martha Weeks. Children of
Timothy and Elizabeth (Seamore) Knapp: 1. Rebecca, b. Sept. 24,
1701; 2. Timothy, b. Aug. 9, 1703; d. April 22, 1703; 3. Israel, b. Dec.
13, 1705; m. 1st Mary Lyon (No. 33); m. 2nd Aug. 1742 Anna Mar-
shall; m. 3rd Jan. 7 (or 17) 1762, Elizabeth Hugford (widow of Dr.
Hugford); d. 1783; 4. Mary, b. April 16, 1708; m. Thomas Hoyt of
Danbury; 5. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 22, 1710; m. Ebenezer Picket of Dan-


bury; 6. Prudence, b. Jan. 20, 1712-13. Children of Timothy and Martha
(Weelis) Knapp: 7. Ruth, b. Feb. 24, 1714-5; m. Dec. 6, 1733, Nathan-
iel Lockwood; 8. Hannah, b. July 12, 1717; m. Sept. 19, 1732, Nathaniel


JOHN' HOBBY was in Greenwich as early asl672. He died there
before Oct. 17, 1707; will dated 1707; executors Stephen Holmes,
Jonathan Hobby. His wife's name is not known. Children: 1. Thom-
as; m. Rebecca ; d. Aug. 6, 1732; 2. John; d. March 12 1693;

3. Benjannin; d. 1744; 4. Jonathan; m. Dec. 12, 1711 Sarah Mead; 5.
Martha; m. Thomas Morehouse Jr.; 6. Elizabeth; m. Ebenezer Prindle;
7. Mary; m. Nov. 18, 1656 Stephen Holmes; 8. Hannah; m. Cornelius
Burkcom; 9. Rebecca; m. Samuel Hardy; d, before 1693; 10. Rachel;
m. Henry James.

THOMAS= HOBBY (above) d. Greenwich Aug. 6, 1732; inventory

of estate March 13, 1732-3. He married Rebecca . Children:

1. John; m. March 1716 Hannah Mead; 2. Rebecca; m. 1st about 1717
Thomas Lyon (No. 22); m. 2nd, about 1733 Samuel Banks; 3. Martha;
m. Oct. 29, 1718, Charles Thomas; 4. Susanna; m. Isaac Mead.

JONATHAN^ HOBBY (above) married Dec. 12, 1711 Sarah Mead
Children: 1. Jonathan, b. Oct. 28, 1714; m. Deborah Lyon (No. 37); 2.
Joseph, b. Dec. 23, 1716; m. Aug. 20, 1744 Sarah Knapp; 3. Ebenezer,
b. Feb. 8, 1718-9; m. Hannah Holmes; 4. Benjamin; m. Feb 25,^763
Amy (Knapp) Mead (widow).


WILLIAM' MEAD was born in England about 1600. He came to
Massachusetts with his family about 1642 (?) and later settltd in
Hempstead, L. I. In 1660 his two sons, John and Joseph came to
Greenwich, Conn, and bought land of Richard Crabb and others. Wil-
liam Mead died in 1663. His children were: 1. Joseph; b. about 1630;
d. May 3, 1690; m. Dec. 4, 1654 Mary Brown. 2. Martha; b. 1632; m.
John Richardson of Westchester, N. Y. 3. John; b. 1634; m. 1657
Hannah Potter, dau. of William Potter of Stamford.


JOHN- MEAD [William'] b. 1634; children: 1. John; b. about
1658; m. 1681 Ruth Hardy; 2. Joseph; b. May 2, 1660; m. Mary

; 3. Hannah; b. about 1661; m. July 12, 1697, John Scofleld;

4. Ebenezer; b. about 1663; m. Sarah Knapp; 5. Jonathan; b. about
1665; m. Martha Finch; 6. David; b, about 1665; m. Dec. 16 1707
Abigail Leave; 7. Benjamin; b. about 1666; m. 1st. May 10, 1700,
Sarah Waterbury; m. 2nd Rachel Brown; 8. Nathaniel; b. about 1669;

m. Rachel ; 9. Samuel; b. 1673; m. Hannah ; 10.

Abigail; b. 1675; 11. Mary; b. 1678.

SAMUEL^ MEAD [John^ William'], born 1673; died before Jan. 9,

1719-20, date if distribution of estate. He married Hannah ;

Children (Green T. R.) ; 1. Samuel; b. May 3, 1696; m. Dec. 6, 1716
Ann Hewitt; 2. EInathan; b. Feb. 11, 1698; was living 1754; 3. Peter;
b. Oct. 2, 1699-70; d. young; 4. Hannah; b. Nov. 29, 1702; m. before
Jan. 7, 1719-20 Samuel Haight of Rye; 5. Deborah, b. July 10, 1704;
6. John, b. Feb. 11, 1706; 7. Elizabeth, b. April 5, 1708-9; m. about
1727, Jonathan Lyon (No. 32).

ELNATHAN' MEAD [SamueP. John=, William'], born Feb. 11,
1698; res. Greenwich; was living 1754. Name of wife unknown. Chil-
dren: 1. Eunice, b. 1720, bapt. with EInathan and Deborah Oct. 20, 1728;
d. April 9, 1803; m. about 1743, Caleb Lyon (No. 52); 2. EInathan, b.
about 1724; m. about 1748 Sarah Lyon, (No. 65); 3. Deborah; m. 1st

Nov. 20, 1749, Samuel Close; m. 2nd, Smith; 4. Stephen; m.

June 25, 1755, Molly Knapp; 5. Abraham, b. May 22, 1735; m. Nov. 1,
1753, Ruth Lyon (No. 57); 6. Henry; m. 1st Elizabeth Denton; m. 2nd,
Sept. 10, 1775 Mary Wood.


JAMES MILLER was a resident land owner at Norwalk, Conn.,
where he had received a grant of four acres of land from the town
prior to July 4, 1668. He is enumerated on the assessment rolls of
Norwalk March 1671 for £80. May 30, 1678 John Roach, a soldier
in the Indian War, makes a deed of gift of 12 acres of land unto
Samuel Miller, minor, son of James Miller, in case of his death to go
to the other children of James. Feb. 17, 1679, James Miller and
Benjamin Scribner bought of John Budd house and land on Apacamake


Neck, Rye. ec. 24, 1861, James Miller and wife Martha of Rye sell
house and home lot at Norwalk to Matthias Sensior. Nov. 28, 1695
Benjamin Scribner releases John Miller of Rye for all interest in
the Rye property, James having paid all the purchase money. In 1701
the town of Rye by vote granted to James Miller 10 acres of land in
the White Plains purchase. In 1708 he was still living in Rye. Chil-
dren of James and Martha Miller: 1. Samuel, b. about 1670; m. ;

2. Anthony, b. about 1675; m. Mary ; 3. Jonathan, b. about

1680; Warden Grace Chh. Rye, 1712; 4. Abraham, b. about 1685; m.
Hannah ; 5. John, b. about 1688; d. April 1750; m. .

SAMUEL= MILLER [^] born about 1670; m. ; a son

Samuel, b. 1692, was living in 1752; m. Phebe Lyon (No. 40).

ANTHONY^ MILLER [James'], born about 1675; m. Mary ;

children: 1. Anthony, b. about 1701; m. Hannah Ganung; 2.William,
m. 1727 Martha Hunt; the descendants of these were Tories and went
to New Brunswick during the American Revolution.

ABRAHAM^ MILLER [James'], born Rye, N. Y. (Budd's Neck)
about 1685; died Rye (Sawpit) April 1750; will dated Sept. 18, 1749;
codicil March 28, 1750; proved April 16, 1750. He lived in a house
near where the railroad now crosses King St., Portchester. Oct. 20,
1720 deeds land at Budd's Neck to Samuel Cheeseman; May 31, 1722,
bought 120 acres of land near Byram River from John Coe; Town
Constable, 1720-1725; Warden Grace Chh. 1727. He married Hannah

; d. Jan. 20, 1777. They had: 1. James, b. Sept. 9, 1709; d.

young; 2. Hannah, b. June 1, 1712; d. April 18, 1793; m. Dec. 23, 1735
Samuel Lyon (No. 31); 3. Mary; b. Nov. 10, 1714; m. John Lyon
(No. 59); 4. Anna, b. Aug. 28, 1717; m. Caleb Fowler; 5. Martha, twin
sister of Anna; m. Nathaniel Worden; 6. Abraham, b. Dec. 9, 1720;
d. Oct. 17, 1747; m. Mary Lyon (No. 75); 7. Gilbert b. July 29, 1724;
d. April 13, 1792; m. Rachel Merritt; 8. Jonathan, b. Dec. 12, 1726; d.
June 3, 1793; m. Elizabeth Doughty; 9. Elizabeth, b. Rec 7, 1728; 10.
Mary, b June 23, 1734; d. young.

JOHN= MILLER [James'], born about 1688; res. White Plains,

N. Y,; m. ; children: 1. James, b. about 1718; d. 1776-84; m.

Hannah Bloomer; 2. Abraham, b. about 1720; d. 1765; m. Letitia

; 3. Elijah, b. May 8, 1728; d. Aug. 21, 1776; m. Ann Fisher;



4. Anthony, b. about 1735; d. 1822; m. Hester Davids; 5. Eliza, m.
Jeremiah Fisher; 6. Tamar, m. Lewis Kniffen; 7. Letitia, m. Blisha
Merritt; 8. Mary, m. Joseph Hunt. (Hon. Warner Miller, U. S. Sen-
ator from New York is a descendant of Anthony^ Miller).

GILBERT^ MILLER [Abraham^, James^], born July 29, 1724 at
Budd's Neck, Rye; died April 13, 1792 at Sawpit, Rye; m. Rachel
Merritt, born Sept. 19, 1731; living July 21, 1780; daughter of Andrew
and Rachel (Sniffen) Merritt; children: 1. Abraham, b. Feb. 17, 1750;
d. 1789; adm. of est. Jan. 6, 1789 to Robert Kennedy; 2. Gilbert, b.
Feb. 20, 1752; d. June 26, 1824; 3. Anne, b. Dec. 5, 1754; d. Nov. 27.
1802; m. Gilbert Merritt; 4. Hannah, b. Oct. 11, 1756,

ABRAHAM* MILLER [Abraham', Abraham-, James^], born Sawpit,
N. Y. about 1745; died 1794; adm. of estate April 21, 1794 to widow
Phebe Miller. He was farmer and village blacksmith at Sawpit, Rye.
N. Y. He married about 1767 Phebe Hawxhurst. born May 30, 1748,
O. S. at Oyster Bay, L. I.; died Nov. 23, 1831, at Somers, Westchester
Co., N. Y.; buried at Amawalk. She was dau. of Daniel and Sarah
(Seaman) Hawxhurst. Children: 1. Elizabeth, b. 1768; d. April 29,
1848; m. May 1799 Joshua Fowler; 2. Daniel H., b. Feb. 22, 1771; d.
Sept. 2, 1841; m. Oct. 19, 1797 Abigail Griffen; 3. Philadelphia, b. Aug.
2, 1773; d. Nov. 13, 1852; m. Aug. 9. 1795, Joseph Griffen; 4. Walter,
b. about 1776; d. 1777; 5. Richard, b. Jan. 1779; d. Oct. 3, 1845; m.
1804 Jane Van Sicklen; 8. Charles, b. Nov. 1, 1781; d. Aug. 29, 1868;
m. Oct. 16, 1806. Amy Conklin; 7. Abraham, b. Jan. 18. 1784; d. March
4, 1847; m. June 21. 1804, Elizabeth Griffen; 8. John, b. April 30, 1786;
d Feb. 2, 1815; m. about 1814 Esther Haviland; 9. Phebe, b. 1788; d.
1810; 10. Walter; b. 1790; d. 1835. Note that this Abraham Miller
is No. 230, p. 70, a descendant of Thomas' Lyon.

To Governor George Clinton.

Horse Neck Dec'br 19th 1778.

Sir, I beg leave to acquaint your Exel'cy that the situation of af-
fairs, are such in the County of Westchester, for the want of Guards,
that I am reduced to the necessity of quitting my house, and puting
myself under the protection of the Guards in this place. This is like-


wise the fate of every honest friend to his Country in Rye. The con-
siquence is, that, a nomber of designing persons under the influence
of avaritious & Inimical principles, malce a practice, of secretly pur-
chasing fat Catle, and in the night thro woods and bye Places, pass
the Guards, here, and keep them secreeted untill a convenient oper-
tunity presents, to send them to the Enemy. In this way I am cred-
ibly Informed, eight fat oxen and four Cows have lately been sent
from the neighbourhood where I should live and a considerable nom-
ber of fat hoggs. There is no doubt this is the case quite across to the
North River. In this way the Enemy have a large and ever plenti-
full supply in New York market. I am confirmed in this by the re-
port of Capt. Olmstead of Col. Enos Regt., on Guard here; who has
this week return'd from Valentine's near Fort Independence, where
he had been sent a flag and detained some days, who says he heard
and saw while there, two hundred head of Cattle, and a greac nomber
of Sheep and hoggs pass by there towards New York. This is a
harvest for those Infamous Villains, the Cow Thieves, &c., and brings
great distress on many of the good Citizens in this quarter of the
Country, I would beg leave to hint to your Exelency, that should a
party of men, as a patrole under the Command of an active honest
man be Employed, I conceive would be of great Importance, and the
most likely method to detect the Theives. I am told Mr. John Haynes
proposes to offer himself for that purpose. Whether this, or such
other method as your Exelency in your great wisdom shall judge best,
I doubt not will soon be adopted. I am, with Great Respect and
Esteem, your Exelen'ys most obed't Humble Ser't

Samuel Lyon.
His Exe'lcy Gov'r Clinton.

[From Public Papers of George Clinton, War of the Revolution
Series, Vol IV.]

NOTE 17.

In Committee of Safety for the County of Westchester, July the
24th, 1776. Benjamin Lyon (No. 82) of the White Plains being A
Man of Repute and A Member of this Committee being Sworn on the
Holy Evanjalist of Almighty God, Deponeth and Saith that he was
coming from New York in a Boat Some Time Last March as Near as
the Deponent can Recollect the Time when Joseph Ball was in Com-


pany at the Same Time and A dispute arising between the Deponent

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