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(78) IV. Henry; b. Jan. 1, 1899.

P.^ Franklin', Sarah' (Lyon), Elnathan*, Jonathan*, Thomas^ Thomas']
born Dec. 28, 1864; married, Sept. 2, 1885 to David Miller, born March
27, 1861.

Children of David and Maggie Helen (Nelson) Miller:

(79) I. Nellie; b. July 19, 1886; m. John F. Bence (No. 38); one child.

(80) II. Charles; b. Oct. 9, 1892.

(81) III. Franklin; b. July 3, 1895.

Franklin^ Sarah'' (Lyon), Elnathan*, Jonathan', Thomas^, Thomas']
born Sept. 8, 1872; married, July 24, 1895, Charles Irving Jones, at
Birdseye, Ind.

Children of Charles I. and Catherine (Nelson) Jones:

(82) I. LUlie May; b. June 15, 1896.

(83) II. L,ila Fay; b. June 1, 1898.

(84) III. Harry CecU; b. Aug. 14, 1900.

(85) IV. Roy Earl; b. March 7, 1905.

(51) VIII. (20) JAMES FOWLER* NELSON [John P.', Frank-
linS Sarah" (Lyon), Elnathan*. Jonathan', ThomasS Thomas'] born Dec.
4, 1874; married, May 1899, Laura King.

Children of James F. and Laura (King) Nelson:

(86) I. John D.; b. April 24, 1900.

(87) II. Walter M.; b. April 2, 190 2.

A.', Franklin^ Sarah'' (Lyon), Elnathan*, Jonathan', Thomas% Thomas']
born March 22, 1869, near Corydon, Ind.; married, July 10, 1884, Clar-
ence Crone, of Georgetown, Ind.


Children of Clarence and Nellie Grant (Nelson) Crone:

(86) I. Clemmie E.; b. Feb. 8, 1886.

(87) II. George; b. Dec. 24, 1888.

(88) III. Boy; b. Sept. 9, 1889.

(89) IV. Orin; b. April S, 1892.

(90) V. Walter; b. May 9, 1893.

(91) VI. Anna; b. Dec. 18, 1894.

(92) VII. A son; b. Jan. 8, 1902.


In the Lyon Memorial, Connecticut and New Jersey Families, p.
249 it is stated that three brothers, Samuel, Alexander and "Major"
Lyon, "from Connecticut or Rhode Island" settled in 1791 at Lyon
Brook, Chenango Co., N. Y. The information came from a descendant
of this Samuel Lyon and should be authentic. Reasons are given
(loc. cit.) for the belief that these three brothers were from Rhode
Island, and that they were descendants of Henry Lyon of Newark.
The accjount stated that of the three brothers, two, Samuel and Alex-
ander, had served in the Revolutionary war "in a Connecticut regi-
ment." The name Alexander Lyon, however, does not occur in any list
of Revolutionary soldiers from Connecticut, and the vague family tra-
dition cannot be given much weight. The definite statement, however,
that the third brother, "Major" Lyon, was killed at Little York in a
fight with the British in 1812, is confirmed by the following passage
found in the Annals of Oxford. Thomas Lyon, one of three brothers
who came to Oxford, N. Y., from Dutchess County in 1792, "became
a major and led a regiment of State Troops from the County of Chen-
ango in the War of 1812. Towards the close of 1813 General Dearborn,
under whom Major Lyon served, crossed Lake Erie with seventeen
hundred men, with the intention of attacking York, now Toronto, and
then the chief depot of the British Posts in the West. A landing was
made before York on the 27th of the month [April] under hot fire, but
the Americans pushed on and the enemy were driven from the works.
The Americans were still pressing toward the main works when a
magazine exploded, a plot of the British. Two hundred Americans
were killed and wounded, among the mortally wounded being Majop
Lyon, who was carried on board the Commodore's vessel and there died,
the death of a hero." In fact the troops who were engaged in the at-
tack upon York were under the command of Gen. Zebulon M. Pike,
and that oflBcer with two of his aides, one of them very possibly Major


Thomas Lyon, were mortally injured in the explosion. General Pike
lingered long enough to receive the British ensign torn down from the
captured fort.

It is clear that Major Thomas Lyon was not Thomas' No. 288
[David*, Jonathan^ Thomas", Thomas^], whose history is given else-
where in this volume in detail. The conjecture that the three brothers
were sons of Thomas Lyon of Cranston, R. I., whose brother John re-
moved from Rhode Island about 1794 (?) to Sherburne, Chenango Co.,
N. Y., is a very plausible one. If one further assumes that John Lyon
born at Lyons Farms about 1698 accompanied or followed his brother,
Lieutenant James, to Rhode Island, we have this possible lineage:
Major Thomas^ Thomas*, John^ SamueP, HenryS of Newark.

Returning to the Annals of Oxford, we find the statement that
Thomas, David and Samuel Lyon, brothers, went from Dutchess Coun-
ty, N. Y.,t to Oxford, N. Y., in 1792. "They went up the river in a
canoe from Great Bend, Pa., and settled at what is now known as
Lyons Brook, then called Can-na-wa-go. They purchased seven square
miles of land for one shilling per acre. After meeting with many
vicissitudes they finally cleared the land and developed several fine
farms and erected grist mills and saw mills." Evidently this is another
version of the story of the brothers, Alexander, Samuel and "Major",
who "came to Lyon Brook in 1791, bought land of Benjamin Hovey,
Grov. Clinton's land agent for one shilling an acre, and built a grist
mill, a lumber mill and a woolen mill." The brothers could not have
been Thomas, David and Samuel, Nos. 288, 292 and 294, but there is
reason to believe that David No. 292 did go to Chenango county to
live, for it is stated that in 1811 his sister Elizabeth Jacobs, No. 287
went to join him there. A daughter of David, Susanne or Susan mar-
ried a son of Samuel Lyon of Lyons Brook, and it is stated by their
grand daughter. Miss Anna Holcomb, that these Lyons were not re-
lated ["were of entirely different dens"]. Miss Holcomb gives the
following record.

Children of Samuel and ( ) Lyon:

I. Daniel; m. .

II. Huldah; m. Charles Smith.

III. Sally; m. Rathbone.

tCircum-stantial as this account is. it may be after all that the three brothers
did not come from Dutchess County. It would be natural to assume that they
came from there, because other Lyons in Chenango County were from that


IV. Betsey; m. Burlingame [note that Thomas Lyon of Cranston.

R. I. married Huldah Burlingame — also that John Lyon ot Scltuate, R. I. mar-
ried Martha Burlingame, sister of Huldah, and that John Lyon settled in
Sherburne not far from Oxford, N. Y.]

v. Polly; m. Samuel Pollard.

VI. Samuel; m. Eddy.

VII. Liovina; m. John Pollard.

VIII. liUcina; twin sister of Lovina; m. Baker.

IX. Ira; m. .

X. liOvica; m. William Smith.

XI. George Rowley; m. Susan Lyon No. 743. . .;


About 1750-1763 there came from Enniskillen, co. Ulster, Ireland,
to Pennsylvania a Lyon family whose descendants are now widely
spread and number some of the most prominent representatives of the
Lyon family in America. The ancestry of the Irish family has not
been traced, but there is every reason to believe that it sprang from
the same stock as the English families. It is observable that in Ireland
as in England the name appears both with and without the final "s."
The immigrants were John Lyon with his family, and three sons of
his younger brother, James.

3000. I. . JOHN* LYON, of Enniskillen, Ireland, was

born early in the eighteenth century. He married in Ireland Margaret
Armstrong whose brother Col. John Armstrong, was also an immigrant
to America, and played a prominent part in Colonial and Revolutionary
days in Pennsylvania history. John died in 1780, will dated Dec. 13,
1779; his widow died about 1793; both were buried in Tuscarora. They
settled 1763 on a farm two miles west of Mifflintown, Pa.

Children of John and Margaret (Armstrong) Lyon:

*3001. I. William; b. March 17, 1729; m. Alice Armstrong.

*3003. II. James; m. Martin.

*3003. III. Samuel; m. Eleanor Blaine.

*3004. IV. John; m. Mary Harris.

3005. V. Mary; b. 1748; m. Benjamin Lyon (No. 3103).

3006. VI. Frances; b. 1752; d. May 7, 1839; m. William Graham.

3007. VII. Margaret Alice; m. Thomas Anderson.

3008. VIII. Agnes; unm.

3001. n. 3000. WILLIAM^ LYON [John*], born in Ireland March
17, 1729, came to America in 1750 and settled at Carlisle, Pa., where he
died Feb. 7, 1809. He married first, 1756, Alice, daughter of his uncle,
Col. John Armstrong. He married second Ann Fleming. He was a
lieutenant 1757 in the Colonial army, and in the following year was in
the Du Quesne expedition. He was a member of the Committee of
Safety in 1776 and held various court offices.

Son of William and Alice (Armstrong) Lyon:

•3009. I. James; b. Oct. 1757; d. Nov. 11, 1811; m. Sally Eyre.

Children of William and Ann (Fleming) Lyon:

3010. II. Margaret; b. May 9, 1770; m. July 25, 1793 Rev. David Denny.


3011. III. John; b. Oct. 13, 1771; m. Priscilla Coulter; was a lawyer at

3012. IV. William; b. June 17, 1773; d. early, at St. Francisville, La.
*3013. V. Samuel; b. Jan. 20, 1775; m. Hetty Broome.

3014. VI. Mary; b. Aug. 20, 1776; d. 1832; unm.

3015. VII. Alexander Parker; b. Aug. 4, 1778; d. 1808; unm.; a lawyer.

3016. VIII. Nancy; b. Aug. 16, 1780; d. 1800; unm.

3017. IX. Alice Armstrong; b. Sept. 25, 1781; m. March 6, 1810, George
Chambers of Chambersburg; d. 1848.

*3018. X. George Armstrong; b. April 11, 1784; d. Jan. 6, 1855; m.
Anne M . Savage .

3002. II. 3000. JAMES^ LYON [John^], born in Ireland and mar-
ried there to Martin. He came to America in 1763 and lo-
cated in Mifflin Co., Pa. He was assessor in 1777.

Children of James and (Martin) Lyon:

3019. I. John; b. in Ireland; settled In Butler Co., Pa., where he left

descendants; was in the Revolutionary war.


3020. II. Margaret; b. Philadelphia, 1763, three days after arrival of her
parents in America; m. 1783, John Oliver; d. June 8, 1847 at McVeytown.

*3021. III. William; b. Jan. 31, 1765; m. Rebecca Graham.

3022. IV. Elizabeth; b. ; m. John McVey, founder of McVeytown;

rem. to Zanesville, O. ; d. ae. 88 y.

3023. V. Isabella; b. Aug. 14, 1770; m. June 20, 1793, John Patterson;
d. June 28, 1858.

3024. VI. Nancy; twin sister of Isabella; m. about 1794 John Patterson,
cousin of her sister's husband; d. April 16, 1855.

.3025. VII. Mary; b. May 6. 1774; m. Robert Forsythe; d. Feb. 24, 1861.
*3036. VIII. James; b. Feb. 11. 1786; d. March 20, 1872; m. Elizabeth
Lyon (No. 3104).

3003. II. 3000. SAMUEL^" LYON [John*], born in Ireland; died
April 9, 1795. He inherited one half of his father's farm. He held
various offices; was a colonel and commissioner for the Revolutionary
army. He married Eleanor Blaine.

Children of Samuel and Eleanor (Blaine) Lyon:

3027. I. Margaret; b. March 26, 1772; m. Jan. 16, 1795, her cousin
James Blaine, son of Col. Ephraim Blaine; they had a son £phraim who mar-
ried Maria Gillespie and was the father of the distinguished statesman, James
Gillespie Blaine.

3028. II. Isabella; b. Feb. 14, 1774; m. March 12, 1798 ; m.

2nd. Alexander Reed.

3029. III. John; b. Feb. 1, 1776; d. 1814; unm.; was a lawyer In Bedford.

3030. IV. Nancy; b. April 27, 1778; d. June 22, 1867; unm.

3031. V. Rebecca; b. Nov. 2, 1785; m. Feb. 6, 1812 James M. Russell;
d. Dec. 14, 1870 at Bedford.

♦3032. VI. Samuel; b. Jan. 19, 1791; m. Nancy Campbell.


3004. II. 3000. JOHN* LYON [John*], born in Ireland; died
about 1820. He inherited one half his father's farm. In 1797 he re-
moved to Butler Co., Pa. He married Mary, daughter of John Harris
of Mifflintown.

Children of John and Mary (Harris) Lyon:

3033. I. Thomas Harris.

3034. II. William.

3035. III. John.

3036. IV. James.

3037. V. Margaret.

3038. VI. Mary.

3039. VII. Catherine.

3040. VIII. Nancy.

3009. III. 3001. JAMES* LYON [William^ John*], born Oct.
1757; died Nov. 21, 1811; married July 25, 1793, Sally Byre of North-
ampton Co., Va. He was a physician.

Children of James and Sally (Eyre) Lyon:

8041. I. William; unm.

3042. II. Margaret; m. William Taylor, a lawyer; res. Norfolk, Va.

3013. III. 3001. SAMTJBL* LYON [William*, John*], born Jan.
20, 1775; married March 1800, Hetty Broome. He was a merchant in
Baltimore, Md.

Children of Samuel and Hetty (Broome) Lyon:

•3043. I. William; m. 1st Reynolds; m. 2nd MulhoUand.

♦3044. II. George Armstrong; m. Mary Sterrett.

3045. III. Jacob; res. Clarion Co., Pa.

3046. IV. John; res. Clarion Co., Pa.

3047. V. Rachel; m. Dr. Hugh Campbell of Uniontown, Pa.

3018. III. 3001. GEORGE ARMSTRONG* LYON [William',
John*], born April 11, 1784 at Carlisle, Pa.; d. Jan. 6, 1855. He was
an attorney and prominent citizen. He married, June 14, 1815, Anna
M. Savage of Northampton Co., Va.

Children of George A. and Anna M. (Savage) Lyon:

3048. I. Virginia T.; b. July 31, 1817; d. 1866; unm.
•3049. IL William; b. Aug. 3, 1819; m. Augusta Baldwin.

3060. IIL John [BeT.]; b. July 26, 1821; unm.

3061. IV. Susan Ellen; b. May 24, 1823; d. Oct. 27, 1852; m. J. W.
Burbrldge; res. New Orleans, La.


3053. V. Mary Elizabeth; b. March 25, 1825; d. May 25, 1838.

3053. VI. Anna Margaret; b. ; m. James B. Lyon (No. 3110).

♦3054. VII. Alexander Parker; b. June 29, 1829; m. Elizabeth T. Denniston.

3055. VIII. Thomas Lyttleton; b. April 29, 1832; d. March 29, 1883; m.
1st. Mrs. A. Marks; m. 2nd. Beulah Clark; res. New Orleans, La.

3056. IX. Alice Chambers; b. April 13, 1836; m. June 13, 1861 Thomas C.
Lazear, a lawyer; res. Pittsburg, Pa.

3021. III. 3002. WILLIAM* LYON [James'', John^J, born Jan.
31, 1865; married Rebecca Graham.

Children of William and Rebecca (Graham) Lyon:

3057. L William Graham; b. March 7, 1799; d. April 11, 1816.

3058. II. Ann £liza; b. Jan. 7, 1801; d. Nov. 10, 1801.

*3059. III. George Armstrong; b. Dec. 12, 1803; m. Jessie Alexander.

3060. IV. Rebecca Armstrong; b. Aug. 21, 1806; d. June 11, 1831; m.
Stuart Turbett.

3061. V. Amanda; b. Aug. 31, 1808; d. early.

3062. VI. John B.; b. Aug. 19, 1810; d. early.

3063. VII. James; m. Mary Holmes of Pittsburg, Pa.; ch. 1. Ann Eliza;
2. Sarah.

3026. III. 3002. JAMBS" LYON [James^ John'], bom Feb. 11,
1786; died March 20, 1872; married his cousin Elizabeth Lyon (No.
3104), they lived in Huntington Co., later in Fulton Co., Pa.

Children of James and Elizabeth (Lyon) Lyon:

3064. I. Margaret Oliver; b. June 7, 1810; d. March 1863; m. 1832,
D. C. Ross.

•3065. II. John William; b. Dec. 1811; m. Catherine V. Ross.

3066. III. Benjamin Alexander; b. May 25, 1818; unm.
*3067. IV. James Graham; b. Oct. 3, 1820; m. Margaret Roberts.

3032. III. 3003. SAMUEL' LYON [SamueP, John'], born Jan.
19, 1791; married Nancy Campbell.

Children of Samuel and Nancy (Campbell) Lyon:

3068. I. Parker Campbell; res. Richmond, Va.

3069. II. Ellen; m. Rev. Nichols of Mobile, Ala.

3043. IV. 3013. WILLIAM* LYON [Samuel*, William^ John'];
m. 1st, Reynolds; m, 2nd, Mulholland.

Children of "William Lyon:

3070. I. WiUiam; d. young.

3071. II. Samuel; lawyer in Blairsville.

3072. III. May; m. George Duchat; res. Chicago, 111.

3073. IV. George McDonald; unm.; res. Chicago.
There were other children.


3044. IV. 3013. REV. GEORGE ARMSTRONG* LYON [Samuel',
William^ Jolin^], married Mary Sterrett, Erie, Pa.

Children of George A. and Mary (Sterrett) Lyon:

3073. I. Margaret; b. 1830; m. John W. Douglas, lawyer, Washington,
D. C.

3074. II. Alexander McD.; b. 1835; m. 1st, Ann Lowry; m. 2nd, Maria
Crolby; 2 ch.

3075. III. George A.; b. 1837; m. Rose Vincent; 2 ch.

3076. IV. Wilbur; b. 1841; m. 1st, Hattie Cadwell; m. 2nd, Maria Derrick-
son; 2 ch.

3049. IV. 3018. REV. WILLIAM* LYON [George A«., WiIliam^
John*], bom Aug. 3, 1819; died June 1862; m. July 1846 Augusta Bald-

Children of William and Augusta (Baldwin) Lyon:

3077. I. George A.; b. July 6, 1847.

3078. XL John L,yttleton; b. Aug. 13, 1849.

3079. III. Henry Webb; b. June 1852.

3080. IV. Lucy Baldwin; b. Aug. 1854.

3081. V. Anna Trace; b. June 1859.

3083. VI. William r,yttleton; b. Sept. 1860.

3054. IV. 3018. ALEXANDER PARKER* LYON [George A».,
William^ John'], born June 29, 1829; died Dec. 17, 1861; m. May 10,
1855 Eliza T. Denniston.

Children of Alexander P. and Kliza T. (Denniston) Liyon:

3083. I. Catherine Thaw; b. May 6, 1856; m. Albert Fell, of Philadelphia,

3084. II. Charles I-yttleton; b. Jan. 26, 1858; m. Annie Reed.

3085. III. Alexander Parker; b. Dec. 27, 1859; m. Mary Duydam; a dau.

3086. IV. John Denniston; b. Jan. 1861; res. Pittsburg, Pa.

3059. IV. 3021. GEORGE ARMSTRONG* LYON [William',
James^ John'], born Dec. 12, 1803; died Oct. 23, 1873; m. 1st, Nov. 11,
1830, Jessie Alexander; she died May 12, 1835 and he married second,
Oct. 31, 1836, Sidney J. Oliver.

Children of George A. and Jessie (Alexander) Lyon:

3087. I. Rebecca Armstrong; b. Nov. 18, 1831; m. 1st, James McAllister;
m. 2nd, Jan. 16, 1879, David Wilson, Ph. D.

3088. II. James Alexander; b. April 8, 1833; m. Orlie A. Mitchelson; ch.:
1. Albert Chase; 2. James Park, Wymore, Neb.

Daughter of George A. and Sidney J. (Oliver) Lyon:

3089. IIL Mary M.; b. March 23, 1840; res. Belleville, Pa.


3065. IV. 3026. JOHN WILLIAM* LYON [James', James^ John»],
born Dec. 1811; died Feb. 27, 1845; was a farmer in Fulton Co. He
married, Dec. 1838, Catherine V. Ross.

Children of John W. and Catherine V. (Ross) Lyon:

3090. I. Elizabeth; b. Oct. 10, 1839; m. George Chestnut.

3091. II. Margaret; b. May 1841; m. J. W. Patterson.

3092. III. James Graham; b. Feb. 1843.

3093. IV. John; b. Jan. 1845.

3067. IV. 3026. JAMES GRAHAM* LYON [James«, James^
John*], born Oct. 3, 1820; res. Fulton Co.; married June 27, 1857, Mar-
garet Roberts.

Children of James G. and Margaret (Roberts) Lyon:

3094. L Mary Ida; b. May 10, 1858; d. Feb. 14, 1864.

3095. IL Ettie Elizabeth; b. Oct. 10, 1859.

3096. III. James Elmer; b. Feb. 2, 1869.

3100. JAMES LYON, brother of John Lyon, No. 3000, did not him-
self come to America, but three of his sons did so. Among his children

3101. I. Wniiam; a Tory; settled in Canada.

3102. II. Robert; a lieutenant in the 6th Pennsylvania, In the Revolution;
d. Northumberland, Pa., Aug. 19, 1823, ae. 77.

*3103. IIL Benjamin; b. 1752; m. Mary Lyon (No. 3005).

3103. II. 3100. BENJAMIN* LYON [James*], born in Ireland

1752; came to America 1763 with his uncle John Lyon (No. 3000).
He was a lieutenant and captain in the Revolution; resigned 1779
on account of ill health. He removed to Northumberland but returned
about 1800. He married his cousin Mary Lyon (No. 3005). She
died 1811, and he went to live with his daughter Elizabeth in Hunting-
don County.

Children of Benjamin and Mary (Lyon) Lyon:

3104. I. Elizabeth; b. Dec. 15, 1780; d. Jan. 21, 1849; m. her cousin
James Lyon (No. 3026).

*3105. II. Jolin; b. Aug. 11, 1782; d. Jan. 25, 1868.

*3106. III. James; b. April 12, 1787; m. Ann Forman.

3107. IV. Margaret; d. about 1825.

3105. HI. 3103. JOHN* LYON [Benjamin^ James*], born Aug.
11, 1782; died Jan. 25, 1868. He married first, April 29, 1808, Jane


Maclay. She died April 30, 1809 and he married second, Sept. 7, 1814,
Ann Patton, daughter of Gen. John Patton; she died May 1817 and he
married third, July 20, 1820, Margaret B. Stewart. She died May 26,
1835 and he married fourth Ann P. Hubley, who survived him and died
Nov. 13, 1884. He was head of the firm of Lyon, Short & Co., engaged
in the iron industry. He removed to Pittsburg where he carried on
the manufacture of charcoal on a very extensive scale.

Son of John and Jane (Maclay) Lyon:

3108. L William Maclay; b. April 20, 1809; was a member of his father's

Son of John and Ann (Patton) Lyon:

♦3109. II. John Patton; b. June 5, 1815; m. Westanna S. Elliott.

Children of John and Margaret E. (Stewart) Lyon:

*3110. III. James Benjamin; b. April 21, 1821; m. Anna M. Lyon (No.

*3111. IV. Samuel Stewart; b. Nov. 11, 1822; m. Anna Valentine.

3112. V. Mary A.; b. Dec. 24, 1824; d. March 7, 1863; m. Feb. 15, 1848
J. Robert Lowrle.

*3113. VL George W.; b. Nov. 7, 1826; m. Anna C. Potter.

3114. VII. Jane Alice; b. March 24, 1829; m. April 11, 1850 Bucher Ayres.

3115. VIII. Margaret Elizabeth; twin sister of Jane; d. Oct. 12, 1867;
m. Oct. 15, 1851, Rev. Robert HamlU.

3116. IX. Sarah Walker; b. April 28, 1831; d. May 15, 1860; m. Dec. 23,
1852, George Bucher Porter.

♦3117. X. Thomas Stewart; b. March 15, 1833; m. Nannie J. Wright.

3118. XI. Emma; b. April 4, 1835; d. young.

3106. III. 3103. JAMES* LYON [Benjamin', James*], born April
12, 1787; d. Aug. 28, 1851; a merchant in Oswego, N. Y.; m. April 25,
1811, Ann Forman.

Children of James and Ann (Forman) Lyon:

3119. I. Joseph Benjamin; b. March 3, 1812; m. Ann ; d. Nov.

9, 1872.

3130. II. John Edward; b. June 18, 1813; m. Catherine M. Tracy; res.

Oswego, N. T. ; children: 1. Kate, m. — ; 2. James, of California; 3. Annie,

unm. ; 4. Gardiner.

3121. III. Mary Elizabeth; b. Dec. 24, 1814; m. 1st, Theodore Morgan; m.
2nd, Charles Whittlesey.

3122. IV. James H.; b. April 6, 1817; m. Ann Maloney; res. Chicago, 111.;
children: 1. Mary, m. F. Richie; 2. Kate.

3123. V. Margaret; b. Aug. 29, 1822; m. George W. Noxon.

3124. VI. Joshua Forman; b. June 6, 1830; d. April 12, 1856; unm.

3109. IV. 3105. JOHN PATTON* LYON [John*, Benjamin*.
James*], born June 5, 1815; was an iron manufacturer, Sligo, Clarion
Co. He married Westanna S. Elliott.


Children of John P. and Westanna S. (Elliott) Lyon:

3125. I. John Edward; d. young.

♦3126. II. David Elliot; b. Dec. 26, 1844; m. Ettle M. Smith.

3127. III. Anna Ellen; d. young.

3128. IV. Fanny Grant; m. Feb. 22, 1870, George B. Logan.

3129. V. Alice Patton.

3130. VI. John Patton; d. young.

3131. VIL Edward West; m. Aug. 24, 1882, Minnie M. Relnhart of
Thomasvllle, N. C. ; ch. : 1. Margori; 2. Minon.

3132. VIII. Marian Bella.

3110. IV. 3105. JAMES BENJAMIN* LYON [John», BeIljamin^
James*], born April 21, 1821; married, Oct. 3, 1850, Anna M. Lyon
(No. 3053).

Children of James B. and Anna M. (Lyon) Lyon:

3133. I. Ellen D.; b. April 5, 1852.

3134. II. John Glamis; b. July 20, 1855; glass manufacturer, Pittsburg,
Pa.; m. Adellna C. Langworthy; a son James B., b. Oct. 3, 1883.

3135. in. Margaret Stewart; b. May 19, 1858.

3136. IV. James Benjamin; b. Oct. 9, 1860.

3137. V. George Alexander; b. March 22, 1863.

3138. VI. Mary L,owrie; b. March 15, 1866.

3139. VII. Thomas Lyttleton; b. Feb. 17, 1869; glass manufacturer,
Pittsburg, Pa.

3111. IV. 3105. SAMUEL STEWART* LYON [Jolln^ Benjamin^
James'], born Nov. 11, 1822; res. Bellefonte, Pa.; m. Oct. 16, 1855, Anna

Children of Samuel S. and Anna (Valentine) Lyon:

3140. I. John Stewart; b. Jan. 4, 1857; m. April 2, 1885, Margaret
McKnlght .

3141. II. Abraham Valentine; d. young.

3142. III. Anna Valentine; b. April 1, 1858.

3143. IV. Clara Valentine; b. March 14, 1861; m. William J. Nichols.

3144. V. Mary Lowrie; b. Sept. 19, 1863; m. Dec. 25, 1884, Ellis Orvls.

3145. VI. Rebecca Pugh; b. Jan. 23, 1872.

3113. IV. 3105. GEORGE W.* LYON [John^ BenjaminS James'],
born Nov. 7, 1826; res. Huntington Co.; iron manufacturer; married
June 25, 1863, Anna C. Porter.

Children of George W. and Anna C. (Porter) Lyon:

3146. I. Clara Charlton; d. 1865.

3147. II. George Porter; d. 1870.

3148. III. John Porter; b. July 29, 1872.


3117. IV. 3105. THOMAS STEWART* LYON [John^ Ben3amin^
James^], born March 15, 1833; res. Topeka, Kansas; m. Sept. 14, 1865,
Nannie J. Wright.

Children of Thomas S. and Nannie J. (Wright) Lyon:

3149. 1. Miriam; b. Nov. 12, 1866.

3150. IL Margaret HamiU; b. Feb. 12, 1873; d. young.
3161. III. WiUiam Maclay; b. March 16, 1874.

3126. V. 3109. DAVID ELLIOTT^ LYON [John P.*, John', Ben-
jamin^ James'], born Dec. 26, 1844; was a Captain in the Civil war;
married June 23, 1868, Bttie M. Smith.

Children of David E. and Ettie M. (Smith) Lyon:
3152. I. Alice Patton West.
8153. II. Westanna Elliott.


Of the origin of the Marblehead Lyon family nothing has been
ascertained. A few years ago there was advertised for sale a Lyon
coat of arms, said to have been for several generations in possession
of this family; also a very complete manuscript record of the family
history. These may sometime be rediscovered. The facts here given
are all gathered from parish and town records of Marblehead.

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