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JAMES' LYON of Marblehead married, March 1, 1747-8, Elizabeth

Children of James and Eillzabeth Merritt Lyon:

I. James; bapt. July 2, 1749; d. In infancy.

II. Jane; bapt. Nov. 3, 1751; m. Jan. 31, 1773, Thomas Lefavour.
•III. James; bapt. Feb. 23, 1755.

IV. Elizabeth; bapt. Nov. 21, 1756; d. in infancy.

V. Elizabeth; bapt. July 8, 1759.

JAMES^" LYON [James'], baptized at Marblehead Feb. 23, 1755;
died Aug. 10, 1824, ae. 72 y. He was a sailmaker. He married in Mar-
blehead, Oct. 21, 1781, Sarah Laskey.

Children of James and Sarah (Laskey) Lyon, born at Marblehead.
•I. James; bapt. March 24, 1782; m. May 10, 1808, Rebecca Selman.

II. Sarah; bapt. April 11, 1784.

III. EUzabeth; bapt. Nov. 20, 1785.

IV. Samuel Merritt; bapt. Feb. 24, 1788; m. (Int.) May 11, 1816, Sarah
Beal. [A child of Samuel d. Oct. 1821; a dau. (of Samuel and Sally), Sarah
E., b. 1822, m. June 26, 1845, Ebenezer Martin, ae. 23).

V. John; bapt. March 21, 1790; d. May 13 (or 15), 1809.

VI. William; bapt. Jan. 11, 1792; m. (?) July 1, 1816, Sarah Tutt; d.
(?) Feb. 10, 1825, ae. 35 y. William and Sarah had five children, all d. In in-
fancy, 1819 — 1824.

VII. Charles; bapt. June 15, 1794; d. Oct. 15, 1824, ae. 29 y.

VIII. Thomas; bapt. May 15, 1796; a seaman (mate); d. June 30, 1825.

Possibly it was this Thomas who m. Mary and had a son James, b.

1821, who m. Feb. 23, 1845, Jane B. Freete, ae. 23.

IX. Richard; bapt. Aug. 5, 1798; m. Hannah ; a dau. Mary

bapt. March 21, 1845.

X. Jane; bapt. July 1, 1800; d. Sept. 3, 1800.

JAMES* LYON [James^ James*], baptized at Marblehead, March
24, 1782; died April 21, 1822. He was a seaman (mate); married,
May 10, 1808, Rebecca Selman who survived him and died Jan. 27,

Children of James and Rebecca (Selman) Lyon:
I. Infant; d. Sept. 5, 1811.


IL Rebecca Jane; b. about Oct. 1812; bapt. June 6, 1819, ae. 6 y. 9 m.

III. Sarah Dennis; b. about Jan. 1815; bapt. June 6, 1819, ae. 4 y. 6 m; m.
(?) Oct. 31, 1830, John Green.

IV. James; bapt. June 6, 1819.

V. Abigail; bapt. Feb. 28, 1821. Possibly to this family belongs also John
Lyon who m. Mary E. and had a son Samuel, born Nov. 17, 1847.

THOIVLAS LYONS, probably of the family of John, but possibly
Thomas* [James^ James'] (above), married, Feb. 18, 1830, Hannah

Children of Thomas and Hannah (Besom) Lyons:

I. Betsey L«wis; bapt. June 7, 1829.

II. James; bapt. June 7, 1829.

III. Thomas; bapt. June 7, 1829.

IV. WiUiam: bapt. June 7, 1829.

JOHN LYON, parentage not ascertained, married Mary B. ,

Children of John and Mary E. ( ) Lyon:

I. Theodate; bapt. Dec. 21, 1845.

II. Samuel Thomas; bapt. Nov. 17, 1847.

JOHN LYONS, apparently of a family unrelated to the foregoing,
married July 25, 1754, Lydia Lambert. A daughter Mary, bapt. June
15, 1755, married, Feb. 3, 1776, Joseph Hibbert. There is record of a
John J. Lyons, who married Feb. 23, 1740, Mary Thompson; also a
John Lyon or Lyons who, in 1782, was engaged to be married to Mrs.
Sarah Port. There was also in Marblehead a Lynes family repre-
sented by a Samuel Lynes who married, Sept. 24, 1741, Elizabeth
Commins, and in the next generation (presumably) by a Samuel who
married March 1, 1778, Deborah Marston.


The following additional notes on some of the Old World Lyons
were communicated by Dr. G. W. A. Lyon, as supplemental to the
Chapter on the Lyons of England, pp. 7 et. seq.

In the archives of Calvados, Normandy, are preserved papers re-
lating to the Abbey of Villers-Canivet. No. 12 is a deed wherein Raoul
Buffart gives certain rights, etc., to the abbey on the occasion of his
daughter's entering the community as religieuse. Pierre [Peter] de
Lions is mentioned as witness to this deed. The document is with-
out date; but the abbey has existed since 1127; chart No. 69 bears
date 1150; chart No. 71, 1154; chart No. 72, 1186 etc. The abbey was
near Falaise, and not far from the castle of Lions . It is quite possible,
therefore, that Pierre was the father of Ingelram, the first of the name
in England. Peter, then, has persisted as a family name for 700 years.

No. 84 in the papers of the Abbey of St. Jean of Falaise — in the
same diocese as the above — founded by consent of Henry I. of England,
is a gift to the abbey by Geoffrey Louon of the lands whicli Richard,
a priest, son of Hugh de Muires, held of him and Asceline his wife.
The date is 1224, but the seal is broken. This Geoffrey may have been
Geoffrey of Norfolk.

In the archives of the Abbey of Fontaine-Guerard is a long and
circumstantial account of the murder by William de Lion, Lord of
Haqueville of hs wife, Marie de Ferrieres. The murder was an
atrocious one, and William, to escape the royal justice, surrendered
himself at the prison at Rouen, alleging that the crime, having been
committed in a convent, belonged to ecclesiastic jurisdiction. But on
complaint of the family of Ferrieres, the King ordered the prisoner
sent to the castle of Guerard. He was forced to found a daily mass
forever in the church of Fontaine-Guerard for the repose of the soul
of his victim; to give a certain amount of land to the four sons which
he had by his marriage; to remain two years outside the realm, and
to make several pilgrimages. Dated June 1, 1401. He was killed 1415
at Agincourt. The sepulchral statue of Marie de Ferrieres, removed
from the church to the Tower of King John of England, was subse-
quently restored to the church, and is still existent .

In the choir of this abbey was interred Herve de Lion, who had
become Lord of Radepont by his marriage with Matilde de Poissy
about 1280. Nearby is interred Herv§ de Lion, their son. Lord of


Noyon on the Andelle, of Radepont and of Pont St. Pierre, husband of
Jeanne de Montmorenci.

In the matter of the Lyon estate at Eccleston, Lancaster, Henry
and Ellen, his wife, had a messuage and lands there in the early part
of the 15th century; this descended through Robert, George, Henry, to
William, claimant in 1570. George had it in 1609.

The "Lyon dollar" was a Dutch (Brabant) coin, so called because
it bore the figure of a lion (formerly often written lyon). In
Feb., 1705, the merchants of New York complained that that city
was drained of "heavy" money "so that we can expect nothing to
tarry with us but the Lyon dollar, whereof none here can judge of
their value." The coin was said to have been then commonly in
circulation in New York, Pennsylvania and even in the Carolinas.
Its value, the merchants at that time believed should be fixed at
5s. 6d. In 1720 an Act was passed to raise the value of the Lyon
dollar. In 1768 they were mentioned as "rarely now seen."

In a letter from Edward Howes to John Winthrop Jr., dated Feb.
25, 1629, occurs the following: "The Arabian Philos. I writt to you of
he was styled among vs Dr Lyon, the best of all the Rosicrucians that
ever I mett with all, farre beyond Dr Ever."

An old indenture dated May 26, 1705, is recorded in New York
city of Phillip Lyon, orphan ae. about fourteen as servant and appren-
tice to Hendrick von Bael of the city of New York. Another early
Lyon name in New York is that of Thomas Lyon, barber. May 27,
1702. Half a century later we find an Abraham Lyon, Jew, baker, in
New York mentioned in will of Mordicai Gomez dated May 3, 1750.

Rye was originally Poningoe, named from Ponus, one of the rul-
ing sagamores of Rippowams (Stamford) 1640. The Byram river was
called Armonck; Blind Brook was Mockquams; Stony Brook was

In 1729 the proprietors of undivided lands in Rye granted to the
Presbyterian Society half an acre of land on the plains for a building
site, signed among others by John Lyon, Jr. (No. 24) and Joseph
Lyon (No. 8).

In the will of John Allison of Haverstraw, Jan. 6, 1751, mention
is made of land of Banks and Lyon lying in Kakiat (Lib. xix, p. 141).

The will of Elisha Budd of White Plains (see No. 42), dated Sept.
11, 1765, speaks of father in law Joseph Lyon and makes bequests to


four daughters, Miriam Maynard, Sarah Purdy, Ann Brown and Phebe
Theal, also son Jonathan and son in law Isaiah Maynard (executor)
Lib. XXV. p. 8. The record of No. 156 on page 63 should therefore
read: m. before 1765 Isaiah [not Jonah] Maynard; also to the record
of No. 159 should be added: m. before 1765 Theall.

In "Westchester Wills" it is stated that Coles Golding of Bedford,
in will dated Jan. 6, 1760, makes bequest to Israel Lyons (No. 275),
son of Israel, and appoints as executors wife Phebe and friends Jon-
athan Lyons Sr. and Israel Lyons. The statement differs in several
particulars from that found on page 75. Reference is to Lib. XXII,
p. 11.

The will of Thomas Marsh (Lib. XXVII, p. 351) of Harrison's
Purchase was dated April 14, 1770, probated Oct. 3, 1770.

As stated on footnote on page 69, Thomas Marsh of Harrison's
Purchase bequeathed land to his daughter Anne, wife of Thomas
Lyon (No. 72), to go to her son Samuel Lyon at her death. He made
bequests also to his grand-daughters Sarah Lyon (land) and Phebe
Lyon (£100). The record on page 69 gives the birth of Sarah
daughter of Thomas Lyon as July 15, 1771, whereas the will of Thomas
Marsh was dated April 14, 1770. The inference is that Thomas Lyon
had a daughter Sarah who may or may not have been older than
Phebe, but who died after April 14, 1770 and before July 15, 1771.

The will of Susannah Bishop of Phillips Manor (or Phillipsburgh)
dated June 12, 1763 (Lib. XXIV, p. 190) makes bequests to daughter
Sarah Lyons and granddaughter Jemima Lyons, also to sons John
and Thomas and to daughters Rebecca Drake, Susannah Ryder, Je-
mima Styvers and Ann Wildby. [In these old wills the name Lyon
is not unfrequently written Lyons, if the printed copies are to be

An unidentified Samuel Lyon lived in New York City in the mid-
dle of the eighteenth century. He was probably not of the family of
Thomas Lyon of Rye. His will indicates the nature of his business,
and seems to show that he had no immediate relatives or else that
he was disowned by his family The will is as follows (Lib xxii p.
328, Surrogate's office. New York City) : In the name of God Amen.
I Samuel Lyon of the City of New York, Marriner, being of Sound mind
and memory and considering the uncertainty of this Frail and Transi-
tory Life, do therefore make and ordain this my last Will and Testa-
ment; that is to say, First, after all my just debts be paid and dls-


charged, I give and bequeath unto my trusty Friend Alexander Wylly
and Mary his wife, of the said City of New York, Tavern Keepers,
all my real and Personal Estate, and more particularly all my share
or shares of Prize Money due or coming to me from all prizes taken
by the Privateer, Sloop Goldfinch, Capt. Dobbs Commander, during
her last Cruize, and likewise all share or shares of Prize Money that
shall be or may become due to me from The Privateer, Brigg George,
Peter Healy Commander, now bound on a Cruize against his Majesty's
enemies. Likewise I make and ordain the said Alexander Wylly and
Mary his wife to be Executors of this my last Will and Testament,
hereby utterly disallowing any former wills by me made. In witness
whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the thirtyyeth day of
July, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifty
eight, and in the thirty second year of his Majesty's reign. Witness-
es: George Campbell, Stephen Fitz Patrick, Moses Cherry.

MERRILL PALMER LYON was a descendant of some Canterbury
Lyon. Note that Harriet* Lyon [Chester^, Bphraim-, Ebenezer*] of
Canterbury married Henry P. Palmer, as a suggestion for the origin
of the given name Palmer. The family has a tradition of some re-
mote connection with Gen. Nathaniel Lyon. Merrill Palmer Lyon
married Mary Antress Lewis. They had a son Joseph Palmer Lyon,
born at Hanover, Conn., Nov. 29, 1869; whether or not there were other
children has not been ascertained. Joseph Palmer Lyon is a civil
engineer, grad. Mass. Institute of Technology, where he was after-
wards Instructor and Assistant Professor. Specialty, bridge construc-
tion. Has been Bridge Inspector for New York Central R. R., and
Estimator for American Car and Foundry Co., Passaic, N. J. Has
resided in Rochester, N. Y., New York City, Detroit, Mich., at last ac-
count (1905) in Hanover, Conn. He married in Hyde Park, Mass.
Oct. 31, 1896 Frances Clara La Rhetta, born 1873, daughter of Samuel
(dec. July 15, 1898) and Clara Ann (Lovell) La Rhetta.

Daughter of Joseph P. and Frances C. (La Rhetta) Lyon:
I. liOuise Frances; b. Rochester, N. Y., July 2, 1899.

MRS. TRUMAN HAWLEY LYON of Grand Rapids, Mich, (see
Lyon Pioneers of Michigan, in Vol. II. of the Memorial) died sud-
denly Dec. 23, 1907. The fatal attack of heart disease came just as
her son-in-law, Prof. Greacon of the High School in Grand Rapids



was reading aloud a letter telling of the birth in Cleveland (to Mrs.
Carl Adams) of her first great-grandchild. Mrs. Lyon was one of the
oldest residents of the city and prominent in club and society circles.

ERNEST NEAL LYON (see Vol. II. p. 379), widely known as a
contributor of verse to various magazines, died at Pasadena, Cal.,
Nov. 26, 1907. An obituary notice appeared in the Newark Evening
News of Nov. 30, giving a sketch of his life and commenting favorably
on his literary achievements. Especial mention is made of his
lines on President McKinley's last words and those on Roosevelt's
Charge at San Juan. He is survived by his wife, Amelia Stanner


Addenda and Corrigenda.


No. 35, p. 32. — Probably died intestate about 1718. Jan. 30, 1720-1
"Elizabeth Lyon, daughter of Edward Airs of Portsmouth, widow of
Henry Lyon, who died two or three years ago," petitions for a settle-
ment of the estate. There seems to be no other Henry Lyon to whom
this could refer.

No. 6, p. 33. — Joseph may have (had a daughter Abigail, born about
1699. No other explanation suggests itself for the record: "Abigail
Lyon of Woodstock married, July 18, 1718, William Chapman of Mans-

No. 12, p. 36. — It is likely that this was the "Lyon of Roxbury" of
whom John Winthrop, Aug. 7, 1711, writes that he (hired four horses.
"Lyon himself," he adds, "comes with us with an axe, If there should
be bows in the way." Other Lyons living in Roxbury at that time
were Thomas (No. 3), ae. 63; William' (No. 5), ae. 59; Bliphalet (No.
29), ae. 24, and possibly Joseph^ (No. 6), ae. 57, although he was
probably living then in Woodstock.

No. 105, p. 41. — Ebenezer Goodell inherited from his father the
old home farm in Canterbury (set off from Pomfret 1749).

Children of Ebenezer and Experience (Lyon) Goodell, born in Pomfret
(Canterbury) :

I. Ebenezer; b. Sept. 12, 1729; was in the Revolutionary war; m. Phebe

II. Judith; b. June 30, 1731; m. Ebenezer Ballard.

III. Aaron; b. July 26, 1733; m. Amy Tyler.

IV. Experience; b. Aug. 19, 1735; d. young.

V. Irois; b. Oct. 7. 1738; m. Ezra Ballard.

VI. Moses; b. July 16, 1741; m. Thankful Forbes.

VII. Experience; b. April 23. 1747; m. Thomas Grow.

VIII. ComeUns; b. July 7, 1749: m. Nellie Dana.

N. B. — By Volume I. Is meant Lyon Memorial Massachusetts Families.
Throughout this Supplement, page and serial numbers are those of this volume.


No. 116, p. 42. — The Bleazer Lyon mentioned in footnote, p. 42,
was probably a son of Eleazer (No. 116.), since one of his daughters
was named Bethia Allen, his wife's maiden name. Sutton Vital Re-
cords contain the following items: baptized Oct. 6, 1776, Betty Lyon,
Joanna Lyon, Lucresia Lyon, Martha Lyon; baptized Aug. 22, 1779,
Anna Lyon, Bethia Allen Lyon. Anna is said to have been daughter
of Eleazer and Mary Lyon; the others no doubt were of the same

No. 127, p. 43. — Philip Lyon settled south of Wigwam Hill after
1741. He was one of 22 men from WilbraJham 1755-60; was one of 8
men from that place in the army before Boston, after the Lexington
alarm, he having rank of sergeant. Dr. Philip Lyon (perhaps son of
the foregoing) died in Ludlow July 26, 1802, leaving no family; his
"amiable consort" died the previous year at Randolph, Vt. (Hist. Conn.

No. 64, p. 49. — It was possibly a daughter of Ebenezer (born about
1733-4, but not recorded) that was the Elizabeth Lyon of Woodstock
who married, Jan. 26, 1753, John Ransom.

No. 190, p. 49. — Possibly the "Abel Lyon" who married, June 4,
1767, Elizabeth Hosmer of Woodstock; if so, he married later in life
than was usual in those days, or else was twice married.

No. 69, p. 51. — Moses Lyon was chosen deacon of the Congrega-
tional church in Holland Oct. 25, 1768.

No. 210, p. 52. — Marsilva Lyon married Joseph Cheney, int. May
7, 1764 (Sturbridge T. R.).

No. 227, p. 55.— Mary (Lyon) Bird died Feb. 28, 1782; buried
Needham. n

No. 228, p. 55. — A Hannah Lyon died at Needham Nov. 19, 1811,
ae. 76.

No. 81, p. 56. — Seth may well have been father of the Sarah Lyon
of Ashford, who married, Sept. 2, 1776, Daniel Lewis.

No. 255, p. 57. — "Lois, son of Josiah Lyon, baptized March 9, 1745"
(Sutton Vital Records).

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I.


No. 107, p. 58. — ^Jonathan Lyon sold to Lieut. John Fisk 35 acres
of land in Pomfret in 1754 for £1700 and bought 54% acres in Pom-
fret and Ashford at the same time for £1660, "old tennor."

No. 304, p. 60. — This could not have been the Zerviah Lyon of
Pomfret, who married April 25, 1764 Joseph Ashley (born Hampton,
Conn., June 1, 1728; died Pomfret, Sept. 1787). She was a second
wife, therefore not likely to have been very young when married. She
was most probably a descendant (granddaughter) of Abiel Lyon of
Pomfret (No. 34). She may possibly have been the missing member
of the large family of Jonathan Lyon (No. 107). She died May 5, 1781.

Children of Joseph and Zerviah (Lyon) Ashley:

I. Thomas; b. Oct. 25, 1765.

II. Chloe; b. Oct. 2, 1768; d. "past middle life" in Hampton, Conn., unm.

III. Ebenezer; b. Feb. 17, 1775; res. 1793 Abington, Conn.; d. Batavla, N. T.

IV. Susannah; b. Dec. 31, 1776; m. Elisha Smith of Rodman, N. Y.

No. 306, p. 62. — Daniel Moody was "of Worcester."

No. 134, p. 64. — A Providence paper says that Dea. William Lyon
died at Woodstock, ae. 67 years, March 30, 1811, "in a supposed fit,
while lighting a fire."

No. 334, p. 64. — ^Josiah Lyon was Justice of the Peace in Salem
1837; he had twelve children.

No. 146, p. 64. — Capt. John Lyon Jr. of Leicester may have been
son of this John Lyon. He was twice married. His first wife died in
Sept. 1791; notice of death in "Chronicle" of Sept. 8. He married
second at Rehoboth, April 21, 1792, Lydia, daughter of Capt. Obadiah
Read. She died Sept. 3, 1796 (Chronicle); he died at Haverhill Sept.
24, 1796.

No. 166, p. 65.— Sept. 12, 1774, Nathaniel Child, Elisha Child,
Jediah Morse, Charles C. Chandler, and Samuel McClellan, Committee
on Correspondence for the town of Woodstock send by the hand of
Capt. Lyon a letter accompanying a donation of sixty-five sheep for the
revolutionary forces in Boston.

No. 170, p. 66. — Hannah Dresser, wife of Lemuel Lyon, was born
Oct. 9, 1742; daughter of John and Sarah (Scott) Dresser of Oxford,

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of VoL 1.


Mass. Lemuel kept a tavern in Goshen, and was one of the selectmen
there in 1781.

Several generations later a Marcus Lyon of Goshen, Mass., no
doubt a descendant of Caleb Lyon (No. 59), married Cordelia Shaw
and settled in Wauseon, O. He had a son, Arthur William, born June
11, 1857, grad. Oberlin 1880, "Merchant Miller"; res. (1906) Ligonier,
Ind. ; married at Rockland, Me., Ellen M. Spear, daughter of E. R.
Spear of Rockland; one son, Graham Spear Lyon, born Ligonier, June
9, 1887.

No. 174, p. 68. — 'Levi Lyon went from Woodstock to Union, where
he bought land Aug. 22, 1774. He was chosen deacon there March 15,
1782; later he removed to Stafford, Conn.

Children of Levi and Ruth (Fitch) Lyon (list on p. 68 incomplete):

I. Abner Fitch; d. Nov. 3, 1775.

II. Charles; b. 1773; d. Sept. 8, 1778.

III. Joseph; b. Aug. 1778; d. Sept. 8, 1778.

IV. liUcinda; bapt. Aug. 25, 1779.

V. John; bapt. May 7, 1780.

VI. Daniel; bapt. Dec. 20, 1781.

VII. Phebe; b. 1787.

VIII. Roxana.

IX. Willard.

No. 177, p. 68. — ^Cyrus Lyon enlisted as private at Chesterfield,
Mass., April 21, 1775.

No. 380, p. 68. — This was no doubt Luther Lyon of Harvard, who
married, Feb. 7, 1802, Polly Turner. He died Nov. 11, 1833; she died
Oct. 29, 1840, ae. 70, in Athol. These items from the Vital Records of
Phillipston, which contain also the following, relating it may be as-
sumed, to children of Luther: Mary Ann Lyon married, Nov. 5, 1829,
Abraham Oaks of Athol; Sophia Lyon married, May 12, 1831, Gilman
D. Newton; Luther Lyon Jr. died Nov. 11, 1822, ae. 16.

No. 188, p. 69. — "Dec. 5, 1791, Daniel Lyon Jr. bid off Benjamin
Bowen, a town charge, to keep for the ensuing year at four shillings
per week." Woodstock T. R.

No. 402, p. 70. — The statement tlhat Molly (or Polly) Lyon mar-
ried first Marcy Whitney is an error. She married, Feb. 22, 1800, Free-

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I.


man Pratt, who was born in Southbridge Dec. 19, 1775, and died July
3, 1855. They had a daughter, Mary May Pratt, born in Southbridge,
Oct. 3, 1809 (and probably other children) ; she married Aug. 25, 1834,
Schuyler Carroll Phillips, who was born in Woodstock, Conn., April
26, 1809, and died in Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. 1, 1888; she died Jan. 17,
1856; both were buried at West Woodstock. He married a second
time, but no children by this marriage are living. Emily Pratt Phil-
lips, a daughter by the first marriage was born in Brooklyn, Oct. 4,
1844, and married, Nov. 6, 1867, Chester Davis Burrows Jr. (born in
New York City Jan. 1, 1843, died in Brooklyn March 13, 1906). Their
children were: 1. Ellen, born July 16, 1873 (M. Weldon Winans Free-
man); 2. Mary May (d. infant); 3. Emily Zerviah, b. 1879; m. Wilson
W. Jenkins; 4. Mary Hester, b. Sept. 29, 1880; 5. Stephen Bradford,
b. April 11, 1882; 6. Chandler Briggs, b. March 16, 1885.

No. 196, p. 71. — Ebenezer Lyon died Dec. 1825, ae. 83 (Sturbridge
T. R.) ; private Fam. Rec. says, "died Dec. 28, ae. 81." His widow
Prudence died June 21, 1834, ae. 82.

No. 202, p. 72. — Mary (Polly) Wilkinson, second wife of Capt.
Stephen Lyon, was daughter of Capt. Benjamin Wilkinson of Scituate.

No. 479, p. 76. — Probably the Betsey Lyon who married Nov. 29,
1798, Seth Eastman.

No. 214, p. 76. — Alfred C. Lyon was selectman in Holland 1783,
'94 and '95.

No. 246, p. 80. — Abner Lyon died Oct. 8, 1817; his widow died
Dec. 15, 1823, ae. 77 (Sturbridge T. R.).

No. 535, p. 80.— Achsa (Richardson) Lyon died Feb. 17, 1846 (Stur-
bridge T. R.).

No. 536, p. 80. — Nathan Fiske was born in Sturbridge April 4, 1762
and died Nov. 2, 1829.

No. 538, p. 80. — ^Major Samuel Fiske was born in Sturbridge Dec.
30, 1773.

No. 570, p. 83. — Judith Lyon of Reboboth, married Capt. Jenkins
D. Jones (Providence, R. L Gazette, Sept. 11, 1811).

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. 1.


No. 272, p. 83. — The following items relate probably to descend-
ants Oi Jonathan Lyon of Pomfret: Polly Lyon of Pomfret married
Dec. 16, 1784, Chester Grosvenor; Hannah Lyon of Pomfret married
Sept. 28, 1782, Pelatiah Lyon of Plainfield" (see No. 289, p. 59; Re-
becca Lyon of Pomfret married, Jan. 1, 1794, Josiah Morse of Canter-

No. 641, p. 87. — Mary W. Lyon died Feb. 14, 1882.

Page 89. — ^The illustration opposite this page represents not the
residence of Col. James Lyon, as stated, but the well preserved old
dwelling built nearly a century ago by Jasper Lyon, No. 705. It stands
on the main street of the village near the Congregational Church, em-
bowered in the foliage of magnificent old shade trees.

No. 671, p. 90. — ^William Howe [How] was born Nov. 20, 1792.

No. 698, p. 93. — It must have been this Elijah Lyon who married
Laura Kingsbury, born Oxford, Mass., Feb. 21, 1807, daughter of Jere-
miah and Betsey (Butler) Kingsbury. They removed to New Boston,
thence to Worcester, Mass., and finally to Amenia, Dutchess Co., N.

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