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Y., where he died Dec. 1844. She died in Providence, R. I., Sept. 20,

Children of EUjah and Laura (Kingsbury) Lyon:

I. Charles H.; m. Nov. 24, 1864, Annette Jellson, dau. of Orson Jellson of
Richmond, N. H. ; res. Richmond, where he was selectman 1884; merchant and
farmer; a s. Herbert R.; born Nov. 15, 1875.

II. Elijah J.; b. Worcester, Mass.; res. Providence, R. I.

III. !Elizabeth P.; b. Amenia, N. Y. ; m. Franklin Church; res. Providence,
R. I., later in New York City.

No. 702, p. 94. — Sarah Samantha (Lyon) Grover died Nov. 24,

No. 735, p. 96.— Children of Otis T. and Mary C. (Bolles) Lyon:

I. Hattle.

II. Judson; m. Maud Eliza Lyon, granddaughter of Oliver W. Lyon (No.

III. George M.; d. April 1, 1883 (G. R.).

Nc/. 426, p. 96. — Ebenezer Lyon died Feb. 8, 1849, ae. 72. Rebecca,
wife of Ebenezer Lyon, died Oct. 13, 1847, ae. 63. Children of Ebenezer

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of "Vol. I.


and Rebecca: Esther, b. July 23, 1818; Diantha, b. Dec. 21, 1821; fore-
going items from Sturbridge T. R. One record of the children of Eben-
ezer gives: 1. Leonard [afterwards of Methuen] ; 2. Willard; 3. Dian-
tha; 4. Samantha and "other girls."

No. 742,. p. 96. — Oril Lyon married Sept. 7, 1823, Simeon Streeter.

No. 743, p. 97.— Abijah Smith Lyon of Oxford married, May 2, 1838,
Caroline Phillips. His sister Prudence (No. 746) married, Nov. 21,
1834, Alfred H. Cook (Sturbridge T. R.).

No. 429, p. 97. — Stephen Lyon came from Holland to Union with
his sons and lived with them on the Samuel Crawford place. The His-
tory of Union states that he married Olive Stevens (not Stearns), but
his wife's name is afterwards given as Sally. She died Sept. 24, 1845;
ae. 65. He died June 11, 1860, ae. 80. They were buried in East

Children of Stephen and Sally (Stevens) Lyon:

753. I. Salome; b. Aug. 18, 1804; m. Rev. Uriah Underwood; d. 1852.

751a. II. Orrin; b. 1808; d. March 10, 1885; bur. East Cemetery (See
record below).

751. III. Walter; b. April 13, 1810; (See record below).
751b. IV. Fanny; b. March 3, 1812; m. Sullivan Underwood.

752. V. Cyprian Stevens; b. July 3, 1814; d. July 6, 1868; [Hist. Union]
(See record below).

751a. Vn. 429. ORRIN' LYON [Stephen*, Ebenezer^ Ebenezer^,
William*, John^, William^] was bom in 1808 and died in Union, Conn.,
March 10, 1885. He married Sept. 3, 1837, Matilda Snow.

Children of Orrin and Matilda (Snow) Lyon:

I. EmUy Dellza; b Sept. 10, 1838; d. Sept. 29, 1842.

II. Harriet Laclnda; b. Oct. 24, 1842; m. 1st. Myron Balcom; m. 2nd. Mason

III. Mary Ann Margraret; b. Jan. 20, 1842; d. March 10, 1844.

IV. Nancy Hannah; b. March 8, 1846; m. Horace Tucker.

V. George Melvin; b. Aug. 22, 1848.

751. VII. 429. WALTER' LYON [Stephen', Ebenezer', Eben-
ezer*, William^ John^ William^] was born April 13, 1810; he removed
from Union to Ellington, Conn., about 1877. He married first Hannah
Snow of Woodstock, who died Oct. 1, 1874. He married second .

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I.


Children of Walter and Hannah (Snow) Lyon:

1. Martha Ann; b. Jan. 15, 1840; d. Sept. 1848.

IL Sarah Salome; b. May 21, 1843; m. Gurdon Chaffee.

752. VII. 42. CYPRIAN STEVENS' LYON [Stephen^ Eben-
ezer°, Ebenezer*, William^ John-, William^] was born July 3, 1814. He
married in 1842 Melinda Ingalls, born March 7, 1817, of Hampton, Conn.
Cyprian died in Union, Conn., July 6, 1868. His widow married Seaver
Gifford. She died Dec. 5, 1880.

Children of Cyprian and Melinda (Ingalls) Lyon:

L Emily; b. Oct. 25, 1844; m. 1886, Rev. L. L. GoodeU.

IL Olive M.; b. March 27, 1846; d. Sept. 9, 1864.

III. L. Emmogrene; b. Aug. 18, 1847; m. 1872, Henry Upham.

IV. Albert F.; b. April 25, 1849.

V. Henry T.; b. Oct. 6, 1851; m. 1882, Alice Arnold.

VL Oliver C. (or G.) ; b. July 22, 1853; m. 1886, .

No. 754. p. 97 — ^Warren White Lyon married Marietta (not Mary)
Chaffee. He became a wealthy man.

No. 763. p. 98. — Amos Lyon was born April 2, 1719 (Sturbridge T.
R.). He was probably the "Amos Lyon of Webster" who married,
April 5, 1842, Melaney W. Robinson (Sturbridge T. R.).

No. 435, p. 98. — Walter Lyon was chosen deacon in the Baptist
church in Holland July 12, 1817.

772. VII. 443. OLIVER WATSON' LYON [Wareham', Ware-
ham', Ebenezer*, William^ John^ William^] (see p. 99) was born in
West Woodstock Aug. 28, 1815, and died in that place April 5, 1883, ae.
67 y. 7 m. 7 d. (T. R.). He married Lydia A. Shepard.

Son of Oliver W. and Lydia A. (Shepard) Lyon (there may have been
other children):

I. George Nelson; m. Jan. 10, 1877, Jessie Etta Britten; farmer in W.
"Woodstock; children: 1. Maud Eliza, b. May 31, 1878; m. Aug. 5, 1902 Judson
Lyon (son of Otis T. Lyon, No. 735); 2. Clarence Oliver, b. Feb. 2, 1882, unm. ;
3. George Eugene, b. Sept. 23, 1885; unm., res. at home.

No. 451, p. 100. — Colonel Jonathan Lyon married at the age of
forty-six, after a courtship of twenty-one years. In the war of 1812
the British fleet made a descent upon Stonington; the country was
alarmed and the "Malitia was Call Out," — ^Jonathan Lyon with the
Windham regiment among otlhers.

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I.


No. 833, p. 104. — Children of Ebeuezer and Eliza Ann (Lyon)
Knowlton, living in 1904, were: 1. Nathaniel Lyon of West Ashford
(see footnote, p. 104); 2. Mrs. Shurtliff; 3. Mrs. Clifford Phillips
of Ashford, and 4. Mrs. Hannah Church, of Putnam, Conn.

[Amasa*, Amasa^ Nehenliah^ William*, John-, William^] (see page 106)
was born in Woodstock, Conn., March 23, 1803. She married Peltiah
Wight of Woodstock. They lived in New York City. She died .

Children of Peltiah and Sarah W. (Lyon) Wight:

I. Mary; d. .

II. Elizabeth; d. .

III. George; d. .

IV. Mien; m Duer; one son. Rush, lives N. Y. City.

871. VII. 504. AMASA UDOLPHUS' LYON [Amasa", Amasa^
N'ehemiah*, William^ John-, William^] (see page 106) was born in
Woodstock, Conn., about 1814, and died in 1878. [Note that his name
is given incorrectly on p. 106 and again on p. 420 of the Memorial.]
Graduate of Yale College, 1834; also of Harvard Law School. He was
a lawyer, for a time Clerk of the Supreme Court. Res. New York City,
Brooklyn and "in New Jersey." He married in 1840 Mary Esther
Backus of East Woodstock (born in Westminster, Conn.) and Sarah
Danielson of Danielson, Conn.

Children of Amasa U. and Mary E. (Backus) Lyon:

I. Samuel Backus; b. Palmer, Mass., Aug. 25, 1841; physician; Medical
Superintendent Bloomingdale Asylum, N. Y. and White Plains; m. Oct. 31, 1883,
In Urbana, O.. Margaret Wiley, dau. of Evans Glenn and Mary L. (Magrew)
Wiley of Urbana; children: 1. Wiley, b. 1886, d. 1887; 2. Winslow, b. 1889.

II. Amasa Jr.; m. 1st. Augusta Moore; children: 1. a son, b. about 1870;
2. Mary B., b. about 1875; Amasa m. 2nd. Alice CooUdge; children: 3. Katherin,
b. about 1885; 4. Edward Coolidgre, b. about 1890.

III. Sarah; d. in Infancy.

872. VII. 504. WILLIAM GRAVES' LYON [Amasa^ Amasa',
Nehemiah^ William^ John^ William'] (see page 106) was born in
Woodstock, Conn., bapt. Oct. 12, 1817. He married Margaret Doane.
Res. New York City.

Children of William G. and Margaret (Doane) Lyon:

I. George W.; lawyer (deceased); m. ; children: 1. William: 2.


II. John; (living 1906); m. ; one son and and one daughter.

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I.


No. 869, p. 106. — Aaron M. Lyon married Eliza May; lived in
Stockbridge, Mass., and in Saratoga, N. Y.; deceased; no children.

No. 533, p. 108. — Abner Lyon married, int. April 13, 1793, Betsey
Hibbard; sbe died May 24, 1806, ae. 29 (Sturbridge T. R.).

Children of Abner and Betsey (Hibbard) Lyon:

I. Harriet; b. about 1794; m. Jan. 4, 1814, Josiah Conant (Sturbridge T. R.).

IL Maria; b. 1796; d. Aug. 4, 1829; ae. 33 (Sturbridge T. R.)

IIL Marian; b. 1799 (?); d. Feb. 25, 1802, ae. 2 (Sturbridge T. R.).

IV. Betsey; b. 1799 (?); d. Dec. 24, 1802, ae. 3 (Sturbridge T. R.)

V. Rosetta.

VI. Abner Martin; b. 1805; d. Jan. 31, 1828, ae. 23 (Sturbridge T. R.).

No. 552, p. 109. — Asa Lyon married Olive Adams.

No. 640, p. 117. — Nathaniel Lyon was selectman in Ludlow about
1805, Homer Lyon selectman about 1835, David Lyon selectman about
1830 and deacon in the Congregational church about 1825 (Hist. Con-
necticut Valley).

No. 1045, p. 120. — Lyman Howard Lyon died at Lyons Falls, N.
Y., Sept. 9, 1906; buried at Tarboro, N. Car. (N. Y. Herald).

No. 685, p. 122. — The following item from the Congnegationalist

and Christian World (April , 1907) will be of interest to every

Lyon :

"The most notable event in recent Rhode Island history occurred

April 10, when the whole State Conference, association, and even
neighbors across the line, gathered in the beautiful church at Central
Falls to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the pastorate of Rev.
James H. Lyon. There have been long pastorates in this seaboard
state, notable, historical even, but at present none beside this stretches
up (juite to its twentieth year. The celebration came almost entirely
as a surprise to Mr. Lyon, who refers to it now as a "conspiracy," and
the spontaneity of the church was only equaled by the hearty love
and delight of every minister and layman throughout the conference.
"On the preceding Sabbath Mr. Lyon — who has "never been Doc-
tored" — summed up the years in a sermon saturated by the radiant
wit, keen intelligence, and exquisite English of which he is master.
But Wednesday was the day. Men arose in that packed audience one
after the other to praise, to reverence, to congratulate until even the
enormous bouquet of roses which towered from the platform proved
unable to hide his blushes. Speeches, letters, poetry simply poured

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of VoL I.


over the pulpit top. One parson declared that of the three types,
young, old and eternal men, Mr. Lyon is the last, ending his address
with the loyal saluation, "O King, live forever I" Another prayed God
to keep him long from Heaven that he might go on making Heaven
here below.

"But when he rose at last, tall, vibrant, with the fire of youth un-
dimmed within his eyes, the audience murmured at his close, "Speak-
ers have spoken excellently, but thou excellest them all." Seldom has
a more brilliant and clever address delighted a critical crowd."

No. 704, p. 124. — Danforth Lyon settled in Providence, R. I. A
Providence newspaper of date July 9, 1825, contains a notice of the
death of his son "William Rhoads," ae. 11 m. 19 d.

No. 705, p. 125. — The Providence Gazette of June 5, 1823, an-
nounces the marriage of Jasper Lyon to Phebe Smith Stafford of War-

No. 1103, p. 129. — Marvin Thomas Lyon died July 8, 1906, at his
home in East Hampton, L. I.

No. 1309, p. 150. — Jessie Adeline Tiffany married Dr. A. F. Piercy
(not Percy). Their daughter Ethel died Jan. 22, 1906, ae. 22, of ty-
phoid fever, at the family residence, 868 19th St., Oakland. She leaves
two brothers, Osseo and Clare (obituary notice in San Francisco pa-

No. 1353, p. 153. — Sarah Maria Lyon married Charles William
Lyon, a descendant of Thomas Lyon of Rye (see p. 235 of this volume).

1014. VIIL 664. JUDAff LYON [Nehemiah M.', Nehemiah«,
Benjamin^ Caleb*, John^ John^ William^] was born in North Crafts-
bury, Vt., Aug. 29, 1825. He was a blacksmith and lived successively
in Medina Co., O., Prophetstown, 111., Hixton, Wis., Dorchester, Wis ,
and Amboy, Wash. He died about June 1, 1894. He married in
Charleston, Vt., Aug. 8, 1852 (?) Laurinda Ketchum, daughter of
and (Batchelder) Ketchum.

Children of Judah and Laurinda (Ketchum) Lyon (all but the oldest born
in Hixton. Wis.):

I. Chauncey N.; res. (1906), Hixton. W^is.

II. Frank A.; res. (1906) La Centre, Wash.

III. Selina; deceased; m. G. A. Pierce, who res. (1906) Amboy, Wash.

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I.


IV. Celestia; twin sister of Selina.
v. George G.

VI. Royal May; b. Feb. 1, 1869.

VII. Edd E.; b. Aug. 8, 1871.

1371g. IX. 1014. EDD B.^ LYON [Judah^ Nehemiah M.^ Nehe-
miah", Benjamin^ Caleb\ John^ John-, William^] was born at Hixton,
Wis., Aug. 8, 1871. He is a logger by occupation; res. (1906) Westport,
Ore. He married at Westport, Oct. 16, 1901, May, daughter of H. and
Ida/ M. (Diegnau) Greene, of Westport. He was in Company B, 2nd
Oregon Infantry Vols, in the Philippines, where he won distinction
for gallantry in action at San Miguel de Mayumo, May 13, 1899, and
was awarded a medal of honor.

Son of Edd E. and May (Greene) Lyon:

I. CLiude Herbert; b. Astoria, Ore., Sept. 6, 1903.

No. 1022, p. 156.— Mrs. Electa Spafford Lyon died Oct. 26, 1905;
buried at Charlotte, Vt., beside her husband.

No. 1024, p. 156. — Charles Mason Lyon married a second wife in
his eightieth year; she died about 1900.

No. 1388, p. 177. — Mary Ann (Lyon) Gilmore was born in Aviston,
not Avington; res. (1906) in New Rochelle, N. Y.

No. 1389, p. 177.— For "children of Thomas G. T. and Jennie

(Lyon) Patterson," read children of Charles Edward and Jennie

(Lyon) Patterson." The address was changed May 1, 1906 to 108
Centre Ave., New Rochelle.

No. 1719, p. 188. — Hannah Adaline (Lyon) Smith entered into rest
Wednesday, July 31, 1907, ae. 94 y. 7 m. 12 d., at Traverse City, Mich.

No. 1704, p. 191.— The old Chandler house, built 1791, is still in
good repair and occupied. It is close to the site of the old Lyon Tav-
ern, near the cemetery on the hill.

No. 1849, p. 204. — In the third line of the record, for Makawao,
Maui, read Hilo, Hawaii; in line 4, for Nov. 1, read Oct. 31. Mr. and
Mrs. Hay live (1907) at Hauula, Oahu, where he is employed as station

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I.


No. 1862, p. 206. — The son of Frederick B. Pomeroy also died in
Jonesville, leaving a widow and one child, who married Ernest Saxton,
one of Jonesville's best citizens; one or two children.

No. 1896, p. 209. — Kellogg Haskins Jr. was born Nov. 4, 1839, the
third son, not the first.

No. 1776, p. 217. — Sabra Ann (Lyons) Westcott died in Minneapo-
lis, Minn., Aug. 26, 1906, in her seventy-ninth year.

No. 1777, p. 217. — Daniel Lyons died at his home, 183 Conklin
Ave., April 1, 1907. The following excerpt is from an obituary notice
in a local newspaper:

"Mr. Lyons lived with his parents in Great Bend until he was 15
years old, when he went to Schenectady and learned the cabinet mak-
er's trade, after which he came to Binghamton. He at once entered
the auctioneering business and after a time opened a general store in
connection with his other business interests. As the result of injuries
sustained in a railroad wreck Mr. Lyons was confined to his house
for seven years and gradually gave up active business. Of late years
he had attended to his real estate holdings up to the time he was con-
fined to his bed, about two years ago.

"He served as president of the Council for several terms and
was also president of the School Board and was a trustee of the Bar-
low school up to the time of his death. He was a prominent Mason
and a member of Calumet Lodge of Odd Fellows and also an exempt

No. 2050, p. 225. — Mrs. Celeste M. A. (Hall) Winslow is living
(1908) at 10 May St., New Rochelle, N. Y.

No. 1815, p. 226.— Thomas Shearer was born July 14, 1791 and
died Jan. 31, 1841; Margaret Miller born April 14, 1793, died March 1,
1863. Charles Shearer died Dec. 9, 1894, ae. 76.

No. 2065, p. 227. — Bstella May (Lyons) Gallagher had a daughter,
Frances Lyman, born at Slaterville Springs Jan. 1, 1906.

No. 2190, p. 249.— Fred M. Lyons died Feb. 4, 1907.

No. 2350, p. 269. — Aaron Lyon was selectman 1775, '76, '77 and '80.

No. 2352, p. 271. — Nathan Lyon's name was on the roll of the
Baptist Church in Claremont, Mass., 1805.

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I.


No. 2356, p. 272. — Among the qualified voters of Ashfield 1798
were Lieut. David Lyon and Aaron Lyon (No. 2353).

No. 2700, p. 298. — John Lyon of Scituate was probably of the
family of Henry Lyon of Newark. See Lyon Memorial, Connecticut
and New Jersey Families, p. 249. See also note 25 in Appendix.
Marvin Lyon of Providence, R. L, who married Asenath Ashley [Sam-
uel, Abner, Samuel, Jonathan, Robert], born Dec. 1794 in Hampton,
Conn., may have been of this family although it may be noted that
Marvin Thomas Lyon (b. 1865) who had uncles living in Providence,
was of the family of William Lyon of Roxbury.

No. 2725, p. 301. — Martin Lyon of Genoa married Jan. 16, 1849,
Harriet Northway, born New Hartford, N. Y., Jan. 16, 1801, daughter of
Rufus and Cynthia (Marsh) Northway.

No. 486, pp. 76 and 398. — Aaron Lyon died at Warsaw, N. Y.,
leaving a family of children. He owned a large farm there.

No. 489, pp. 76 and 398. — Ethelbert [Ethel] Lyon moved to Ohio,
and finally joined the Mormons.

No. 482, pp. 76 and 398. — The children of Moses Lyon were born
in Orville, Vt. He himself is said to have settled at Lyonsburgh,
Wyoming Co., N. Y. The following records have been obtained from
authentic sources of some of the descendants of Moses.

482. VI. 211. MOSES" LYON [EtheF, Moses\ William^ John^
William^], born in Holland, probably about 1773. He settled in Orville,
Vt., where all his children were born (one of his grandsons was
named Edwin Orville). He afterwards removed to Wyoming Co., N.
Y. (Eagle or Lyonsburgh). His wife's name has not been ascertained.

Children of Moses Lyon (cf. p. 398):

1630. I. Elijah.

1631. II. Mary [Polly].

1633. III. Josephus; d. Pike. N. Y.. March 28, 1883.

1633. IV. Story: res. Arcade, N. Y.

1634. V. Samantha.

1635. VL Justus [Justice].

1636. VII. SeuecT.

1637. VIII. Smith; res. Arcade, N. Y.
1637a. IX. Miriam.

1637b. X. Eleanor.

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I.


1632. VII. 482. JOSEPHUS^ LYON [Moses', BtheP, Moses*,
William^ John^ William'] was born in Orville, Vt. He lived in Eagle,
Wyoming Co., N. Y., later in Hume, Allegany, N. Y. and finally in
Pike, Wyoming Co., N. Y. He died March 28, 1883. He married
Elmyretta Gilchrist.

Children of Josephus and Elmyretta (Gilchrist) Lyon:

I. Frank; b. Eagle, N. Y., Dec. 14, 1840; m. Mary Van Slyke; children: 1.
Grant W.; 2. Ellsworth F. ; 3. Nellie; these res. Pike, N. Y. ; the sons in mer-
cantile business.

II. Frances; m. Dr. W. Smith, at one time health officer of part of New

III. Flmira; d. young.

IV. Edwin OrvUIe; no. ch.

V. Fred; no. ch.

VI. Eva; m. G. S. Van Gorder, a State Senator.

1633. VII. 482. STORY^ LYON [Moses', EtheP, Hoses', William',
John^ William'] was born at Orville, Vt. He marriel Mary Barnes.
Res. Arcade, N. Y.

Children of Story and Mary (Barnes) Lyon:

I. Barnes; m. Emily Capron; both deceased; ch. 1. Anna, res. 29 W. 23d St.,
New York City, 2. David; 3. Lottie, and others.

II. Ann; res. (1905) Arcade, N. Y., unm.

III. Helen; m. James H. Gibson; a dau. Hattie; they res. (1905) Arcade,
N. Y.

IV. Jannette; m. L. W. Mason; res. Arcade, N. Y., children: 1. Ij. Arthur

(res. Pike, N. Y.); m. ; ch. : (a) Marion, b. 1891; (b) James Arthur, b.

1902; (c) Leonard Charles, b. 1905); 2. Frank; res. Arcade, N. Y., unm.

V. Wallace; m. Satie Bean; both deceased; no ch.


Nos. 35 and 36, p. 331. — Peter and Lemuel were children of Wait-
still (Wyatt), not of Abigail (Fales) Lyon.

No. 46, p. 332. — Asaph Lyon was selectman 1787, tovv^n clerk 1787
and Representative in the General Court from Shutesbury.

No. 55, p. 333. — Elisha Mills, son of Zachariah and Margaret (Ken-
drick) Mills, born Aug. 3, 1735. He was 1st Sgt. in Capt. Robert
Smith's Company, Col. William Heath's Regiment. He left a widow
and three children. Aaron Smith had already five children by a former

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I.


wife Sarah. By his second wife, Deborah (Lyon) Mills, he had: 1.
Calvin, b. Aug. 30, 1778; 2. Lucy, b. March 30, 1781; m. Nov. 26, 1798,
Jonathan Newell of Needham. Aaron Smith married third, July 19,
1795, Grace Gay of Dedham; 2 children.

No. 57, p. 339. — ^Barzillai Lyon died June 24, 1796; his widow died
April 4, 1803; Martha Lyon (No. 119) married, Feb. 13, 1800, Joel
"Wheeler. Ruth (No. 120) [recorded as a son] had: 1. A son, b. June
9, 1811; 2. a daughter, b. April 18, 1815; 3. a son Gardner, b. May 28,
1824; d. Aug. 22, 1829, ae. 5 y. Lucy (No. 121) was born April 26,
1780. Lois (No. 122), twin sister of Lucy, married Jan. 21, 1802 [Aaron
Wright]. Betsey, (No. 123) was born Oct. 20, 1782; married Dec. 7,

1806, . A daughter [Anna, No. 124?] of Barzillai was born June

8, 1785. The foregoing items from Hubbardston T. R.

No. 69, p. 340. — Mary Barney was daughter of Elisha and Silence"
[not Polly] (Eddy) Barney [Joseph*, John', SamueP, John'].

No. 74, p. 343. — According to Dorchester T. R. Thomas Lyon died
Nov. 12, 1845; he married his third wife June 8, 1841; his widow mar-
ried Jan. 1, 1849, Josiah Davenport.

No. 118, p. 346. — Attarah Grimes was born March 18, 1776 [her
age at death 70 y. 1 m. 14 d.]. According to Hubbardston T. R. Dana
(No. 198) was born Jan. [not June]; Pliny (No. 199) died 1803 [not
1813] ; another child of Asa is mentioned, who died Jan. 20, 1808, ae.

No. 137 p. 349.— Sally (Brown) Lyon died June 6, 1807, ae. 23 y.;
buried Needham.

No. 235, p. 349. — Lucy S. Broad, daughter of Timothy and Lucy
(Smith) Broad was baptized May 5, 1814; died Feb. 1833, ae. 19.

No. 247, p. 350. — Elizabeth Lyon married, Oct. 20, 1836, Hiram,
son of Luther and Betsey (Abercrombie) Bailey of Troy, Vt. He was a
carpenter; res. Manchester, N. H.

Children of Hiram and Elizabeth (Lyon) Bailey, born in Manchester, N. H. :

I. Henrietta Thankful; b. 1837; m. Frederic Corning Thompson; res. New
York City.

II. Helen Arvesta; b. Nov. 10, 1839.

III. Mary Alma; b. Jan. 5, 1844; m. John A. Adams; one ch.

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I.


IV. Edward Lyon; b. Dec. 10, 1841; m. Frances E. Parker of Bedford, N.
H. ; a son Lewis H., b. May 30, 1866.

V. Emma; b. May 12, 1846; d. young.

VI. Anna; d. young.

VII. Margaret; d. young.

VIII. Jennie F.; b. Sept. 8, 1856; m. Nathaniel J. L. Ryder; res. Man-
chester, N. H. ; eh.: 1. Edward F.; 2. Harris B.; 3. Natalie; 4. Charles K.

No. 272, p. 353.— Helen M. Lyon was born March 28, 1831 (Dor-
chester T. R.).

No. 274, p. 353.— ^Moses G. Lyon married Sept. 19, 1842, Eliza V.
Howe; a child of Moses died Aug. 29, 1843, ae. six weeks (Dorchester
T. R.).

No. 145, p. 354. — ^Benjamin Glover Lyon married Eliza Babcock
[not Glover]. Asa Payson Lyon (No. 279, without doubt) died Oct.

1828, ae. 35 y. Samuel S. Lyon (No. 280) married Rebecca ;

a daughter, Sara Jane was born July 16, 1849 (Dorchester T. R.).

No. 316 (?), p. 356. — Eunice Lyon married Jan. 14, 1834, Oliver
Hall (Dorchester T, R.).

No. 317 (?), p. 356. — ^Rebecca Lyon married April 21, 1834,
Stephen S. C. Jones of Brookline (Dorchester T. R.).

No. 326, p. 356. — Andrew J. Lyon was born June 27, 1849
(Hubbardston T. R.).

No. 234, p. 358. — Ann Frances Whitney, daughter of Israel and
Mary (Fuller) Whitney, was born April 13, 1806; died April 9, 1842,
ae. 34.

No. 312, p. 364. — A child of Jeremiah Lyon died Jan. 11, 1842, ae.
17 y. (Dorchester T. R.).

No. 346, p. 364. — Israel Whitney Lyon died suddenly of pneumonia
Feb. 22, 1897, at his home in Englewood, N. J. [N. B. On page 364
line 13, for N. Y. read N. J.].

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I.



No. 16, p. 373. — Elizabeth Marcy was daughter of John and Sarah
(Hadlock) Marcy.

No. 26, pp. 373 and 410. — Timothy Foster of Walpole, Mass.
settled in Dudley, Mass. 1748. He married first Molly May, second
Keziah Lyon (No. 26?), third Mary Payson. He had sixteen children.
Thirteen sons enlisted in the Revolutionary army, serving in the
aggregate more than sixty years. Many of his descendanT,:5 lived in
Windham, Pomfret and Union, Conn.

No. 27, p. 374. — George Lyon was born March 10, 1732-3 [i. e. 1733,
not 1732 in our reckoning]. Zerviah Marcy could hardly have been

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