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daughter of John and Sarah (Hadlock) Marcy, who were married in
1686. She was perhaps a grand daughter and so a cousin of her hus-
band, whose mother was Elizabeth Marcy, dau. of John and Sarah.

No. 35, p. 375.— Uriah Lyon died July 24, 1849, ae. 79 y. His
widow died Nov. 9, 1862, ae. 82 y. Elias Lyon (No. 48) was drowned
1878. Lyman Lyon married Olive H. W. Buck; removed to Geneseo,
111.; children: 1. Alvin Moore, b. July 3, 1843; 2. Mary Jerusha, b.
April 24, 1845. These items from History of Union, Conn.

No. 39, p. 376. — Date of marriage June 14, 1826, not 1822.

No. 71, p. 377. — For Andrew L. Draper read Andrew S. Draper.

No. 47, p. 378. — Elisha Lyon married Delotia Bosworth, they had:
1. Sarah; 2. George; 3. Frank; 4. Mary, m. John Jones.

No. 101, p. 380 (also p. 384). — For Harris Fanning read Harris

Page 381, 1. 6 from bottom, — ^For Harriet S. read Abbie Louise.

To the unconnected records on p. 368, add:
Charles, d. Dec. 22, 1843, ae. 21 (D).
Daniel, m. Ann Trainer, int. Jan. 10, 1846 (D).
Diana, m. Aug. 13, 1784 Elijah Kilton at Foxboro (D).
Mrs. Susan J., d. Feb. 2, 1842, ae. 47 y. (D).
Thaddeus M. Harris Lyon, d. June 1, 1843, ae. 27 (D).

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. I.



Addenda, Errata and Notes.

Furnished by John C. Cox, Dayton, Ohio.t

Page 15, Footnote. — William Armstrong Crosier F. R. S. in his
Armory and Registry of American Families gives the Coat of Arms
of Henry Lyon of Perthshire and later of Milford, Conn., and also of
William Bateman of Fairfield, Conn., as follows:

Coat of Arms of Henry Lyon and other Lyons of Perthshire,
Scotland. Argent, a lion rampant azure, armed and langued, within
a double tressure flory, counter-flory gules. Crest: a demi-lady to
the girdle habited and holding in her right hand the Royal Thistle
and in the sinister (left hand) a chaplet laurel all ppr. Motto:
"In te Domine Speravi."

Coat of Arms of William Bateman. Or, on a chevron between
three escalops gules, an ostrich feather argent. Crest: a pheasant
ppr. Motto: "Nee pretio nee prece."

Explanation of Coat of Arms.
The meaning of some of the above heraldic words are as follows:
Argent: silver or white. Azure: blue. Or: gold. A demi-lady hold-
ing in her right hand a Royal Thistle etc., is an allusion to the
alliance with the daughter of the King. Flory and Counterflory gules
means flowered and counter-flowered red.

Page 33, line 13. — The date of 1648 is incorrect after all, according
to the modern method of reckoning time. King Charles was beheaded
January 30, 1649, a date memorable in history. In those days, how-
ever, the legal year began March 25 instead of January 1, so that
the date was written January 30, 1648, or oftener January 30, 1648-9.

N. B. — By Volume II. is meant Lyon Mem.orial, Connecticut and New
Jersey Families. Throughout this Supplement, page and serial numbers are
those of this volume.

tMr. Cox has rendered invaluable service to the descendants of Henry Lyon
by his thorough and painstaking critical review of the history of this family
as presented In Vol. II. of the Lyon Memorial. A few additional notes and com-
ments have been supplied also by the Editor in chief of the Memorial, these ni-
dicated by the initials [A. B. L.].


Henry Lyon was admitted to the Milford church Feb. 24, 1649 (if we
can accept this date) less than a month after the tragedy at Whitehall.
Miss Sidney Lyon states that the three brothers came to America
in 1648. At least one of them, Thomas, came certainly earlier than
this. In August, 1647, Thomas was settled in Stamford and married
to the granddaughter of Governor John Winthrop. This completely
refutes the hypothesis that he was present at the execution of King
Charles [A. B. L.] .

Page 44, line 16. — The statement made here that Henry Lyon was
the youngest of the three brothers from G-len Lyon seems to be based
on the fact that he was the last of the three to assume matrimonial
responsibilities. Thomas must have been married in 1746 or 1747;
Richard is supposed to have been married as early as 1650, although
this is by no means certain; Henry married in 1652. It is stated on
page 252 that according to family tradition, Richard was the youngest
of the three brothers, and this may have been true. He had only
three children who were of age when his will was made, April 12,
1678. This would indicate that his marriage, assuming that he had
but one wife, took place about 1652 [1651-3]. The comment of Mr.
J. C. Cox is: "it is my opinion from all known data and information
of these three Lyons, that they should come in the following order as
to birth, Thomas, Richard and Henry, the latter being the youngest
and born probably about 1625. The date of Henry's birth, given by
some authorities at 1618, looks now to be erroneous." [A. B. L.]

Page 62, line 11. — The date of Henry Lyon's will, given here and
elsewhere as 1702, was actually Feb. 9, 1703, according to our modern
method of reckoning time. Up to the year 1752 in England and her
colonies the legal year began March 25, although in the popular reck-
oning, it began as now on January first. This explains the date of
the will in question, which is given as "this ninth day of February, 1702
alias 3," which is further fixed beyond question by the added state-
ment "and in ye first year of ye Reign of our Sovereign Lady Anne
&c Queen &c," since Anne became Queen of England April 23, 1702.
Similar double dates occur frequently in the early history of the
American colonies, and they should always be quoted in full; the
usual form would be Feb. 9, 1702-3. [A. B. L,]

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


Page 62, line 24. — ^Read: "John had died in 1694 and Thomas had
shortly followed his younger brother; Nathaniel passed on in 1701."
Note that the will of John was probated Nov. 2, 1694, while inventory
of the estate of Thomas was made Nov. 21, 1694. Nathaniel was dead
and his widow again married when Henry^ made his will, for he speaks
of his daughter "Mary Lyon, alias Potter, relict of my son Nathaniel
Lyon." The death of Nathaniel could not therefore have taken place
after 1702, and since his will is dated Dec. 20, 1700, it is practically
certain that he died early in 1701.

Page 80. — At the begnning of the paragraph, the probable date of
the birth of Henry Lyon should be given. On page 44 it is stated that
he was born perhaps about 1625, and that seems a reasonable con-
jecture. Although nothing is known of his parentage one may surmise
that their given names were Thomas and Mary.

Page 80, line 8. — The date of Henry's marriage is given on p. 46
as May, 1652, here simply as 1652. The name of his bride is given
here as well as on p. 46 and elsewhere as Elizabeth Bateman (daughter
of William). Savage and other authorities say that she was "Mary
Bateman, the only daughter of William Bateman." Elizabeth may be
correct, if it can be shown by her father's will that Henry Lyon's
wife was so named, or if the deed of May 1st, 1675 of Henry Lyon
and wife of Elizabethtown to Honorable Philip Carteret calls her
Elizabeth. The will of William Bateman, quoted on p. 47 (line 13)
mentions a grandchild, "Joseph Middlebrooke," showing decisively that
he had another daughter besides the one who married Henry Lyon,
and that this daughter married a Middlebrooke. Elizabeth, if that was
her nam.e, was probably born about 1630-2.

Page 80, line 10. — Henry Lyon is here said to have been dismissed
from Fairfield to Milford Church May 28, 1654. The fact was, as stated
p. 46, that he was dismissed on that date from Milford to Fairfield

Page 80, line 18. — For February 4, 1861 read February 4, 1681, or
possibly 1680. The date of Henry's second marriage, given in line 23
as "about 1689-90" should be four or five years earlier. His second
wife, Mary, was undoubtedly daughter of one of the early settlers in
Newark, probably Matthew Campfield, Samuel Plum or Stephen Free-

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


man. At the close of the paragraph, it is stated that Henry returned
to Newark in 1696. On p. 73 in Prof. Winan's sketch of Lyons Farms,
it is implied that he was still in Elizabeth in 1700.

Page 80, No. 2. — Thomas must have been born in 1653, since his
parents were not married until May 1652.

Page 80, No. 3. — Mary was probably born 1656. If Samuel was
"a lad of fourteen" at the time of the land distribution in 1667 (see
p. 54), he must have been older than Mary.

Page 80, No. 4. — Samuel was born probably in the latter part of
the year 1654.

Page 81, No. 10. — Mary was born probably about 1686-7.

Page 81, No. 11. — ^Dorcas was born probably about 1688-9.

Page 81, No. 2. — Thomas Lyon married Elizabeth , who

was undoubtedly Elizabeth Ward, born 1660, sister of John Ward who
married Mary Lyon, No. 3. They were children of Sergeant John
Ward, Sr. The children of Thomas and Elizabeth should probably be
named in the following order:

I. Penelope; m. Thomas Thompson.

II. Elizabeth; unm.

III. Annas; m.. MiUs.

IV. Isaac; b. 1691.

V. Thomas; b. 1692.

"VI. Mattaniah; b. 1694 (year of his father's death).

Page 82, line 1.— For 1669 read 1696.

Page 82, line 16. — For "children" (of John and Mary), read "son."

Page 82, line 21. — For Zopher read Thomas; Zopher was the
brother, not the father, of Sarah Beach.

Page 82, line 31.— For Aug. 20, 1703 read Jan. 20, 1707 as date of
Samuel's will. The statement represented as based on this will that
the children by first marriage were Samuel, Henry, Joseph, Mary and
Sarah, those by second marriage, John, James and Hannah is certainly
not in accordance with fact. The record should read:

Children of Samuel and Sarah (Beach) Lyon:

I. Samuel; b. 1676. He m. likely a dau. of Rev. Abraham. Pierson Jr..

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


and Abigail Clark, he the son of Rev. Abraham and Abigail (Wheelwright)


II. John; b. about 1678, probably, since he married Elizabeth Riggs, born
1679. She would not marry a man fifteen or twenty years younger than herself.

III. Joseph; b. about 1680; m. Mary Pierson.

IV. Henry; b. 1682; m. Mary Roberts.

V. Sarah.

Children of Samuel and Hannah (Pierson) Lyon:

VI. Mary.

VII. Hannah.

VIII. James; b. Oct. 5, 1700; d. Nov. 16, 1775, at Newport, R. I.

Page 83, line 8.— For 1726 read February 1726-7; the date must
have been between the 15th and the 27th of Feb. 1727. Mary Harrison
(line 9) was daughter of Richard Harrison, Sr. of Branford, Conn,
(from W. Kirby, Eng.) Sarah Brown (line 10) was born about 1685,
daughter of Joseph and Hannah (Freeman) Brown. Hannah Freeman,
born 1655, daughter of Stephen and Hannah (Astwood) Freeman.
Hannah Astwood was daughter of Capt. John Astwood and his first
wife. Joseph Brown was son of John and Mary (Burwell) Brown,
John being one of the Newark pioneers from Milford. The last three
lines of the paragraph refer to an unidentified Joseph Lyon, certainly
not No. 5.

Children of Joseph and Mary (Pierson) Lyon:

I. Abigail; b. about 1685-6; m. 1704-5, Joseph^ Crane, Esq. [Jasper-, Jasper^].
*II. Mary; m. Nathan Foster.

III. Hannah; b. about 1704; m. Samuel* Sayre, b. about 1700, d. 1760
[Samuel', DanieP, Thomas^].; they had a son Samuel, and other children, names
not known to the writer.

IV. Elizabeth; b. about 1706; m. Daniel Sayre, second cousin of Samuel.

Page 83, No. 32. — For Sarah (?) Cook, read Mary Cook.

Page 83, No. 6. — Nathaniel Lyon married Mary, who was probably
Mary Camp, born 1664. or possibly Mary Harrison. As a widow she
married in 1702 Samuel Potter. Mary Harrison was daughter of
Richard Harrison, Jr., of the colony from Branford.

Page 83, No. 7. — ^John Lyon died Oct. 23-31, 1694. His wife was

Hannah , probably Hannah Baldwin, daughter of John and

Hannah (Bruen) Baldwin. Nothing is known of his descendants or
whether indeed he had grandchildren.

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


Page 88, No. 8. — The record should read:

Children of Benjamin and Bethia (Condit) Lyon:

I. Anne; [not Abigail]; b. 1689; m. Canfield.

II. Joanna; b. about 1691; m. Joseph Prudden.

III. Benjamin; b. 1693 [not 1690 as stated].

Note. — A fourth daug'hter Mary, m. Nathan Foster, is erroneously added in
the list of Errata, p. 390. The Mary who m. Nathan Foster was No. 29.

Page 88, No. 9. — Capt. Ebenezer Lyon died March 31 [not 13],
1739. On p. 89, line 10, also line 13, for Darkis read Dorkis or Dorcas;
In line 14, for Riderous read Ridemus.

Page 89, No. 45. — For Darkis read Dorkis.

Page 89, No. 47. — After Ebenezer insert "m. Abigail ."

Page 89, No. 50. — Bethia m. 1st (as stated) John Winans; m. 2nd
Joseph* Foster [Mary^ (Lyon), Joseph^ Henry']; m. 3rd. Ichabod
Grommon (Grumman ) .

Page 89, line 7 from bottom. — The date of death of John Winans,
1674, is inconsistent with that of the birth of a second John given in
the next line as 1673. Probably the latter date should be also 1674;
in any case the dates are given only approximately. In line 2 from
bottom of page, for his brother's father, read Susannah's mother's

Page 90, No. 13. — Following the list of the children of Thomas
Lyon there should be a statement that there were other children.

Page 90, No. 20. — Samuel Lyon married probably a Pierson. They
probably had other children, among them a son David. Prudence,
No. 2160, Mary, iNo. 2161 and Rebecca, No. 2162, mentioned among
unidentified Lyon names, page 238, may have been of this family, or
these may have been children of Henry or Joseph, brothers of this

Page 90, No. 21. — Mary Roberts was probably a daughter of David
Roberts. The children (sons) of Henry and Mary Roberts Lyon, in
order of birth were :

I. David; b. 1710; d. 1755; m. Phebe ; no children; will 1742. This

is almost certainly the Capt. David Lyon who was buried at Whippany, Morris
Co., N. J. There is a stone there indicating that he was born 1710 and died

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


1755. Nevertheless, possibly the David buried at Whippany was son of Samuel,
No. 20.

II. Zopher; b. about 1712; m. Mary , 1732.

III. Henry; b. about 1714; d. before 1771; m. Mary "Wood.

IV. Josiah; b. about 1716; m. about 1740 Mary .

V. Jonathan; b. 1719; d. 1784; m. Mary Baldwin.

VI. Nathaniel; b. about 1721; d. 1761; m. Rebecca Pierson.

Page 91, No. 22. — Joseph Lyon was born about 1680, not 1676,
Mary Pierson, his wife, was daughter of Rev. Abraham and Abigail
(Clark) Pierson. Abraham Pierson, b. about 1641, d. 1708, was son of
Rev. Abraham Pierson 1608-1678 and Abigail Wheelwright, dau. of
Rev. John Wheelwright. Abigail Clark was dau. of Deacon G-eorge
Clark of Milford, Conn.

Page 91, No. 69.— For b. 1700 read b. about 1702-3:

Page 91, No. 70. — Abraham, according to a reliable genealogist,
was b. 1710 and d. 1732. Joseph and Mary (Pierson) Lyon certainly
had several other sons and daughters. Besides Joseph and Abraham
possibly they had also the following children: Samuel, John, James,
Abigail, Sarah, Susannah and Mary. It Is quite probable that Mary,
No. 2161, p. 238, was their daughter.

Page 91, No. 25. — John Lyon b. about 1678, m. Elizabeth Riggs b.
about 1679.

Page 91, No. 71. — Joseph Lyon, No. 71 (see p. 101) could not have
been son of John, No. 25. Probably he was son of Joseph No. 194,
p. 101.

Page 92, No. 75. — The date of Samuel's baptism should read
probably July 6, 1738; either this or the date of death must be wrong
[A. B. L.].

Page 93, No. 28. — Joseph Crane died in 1726 after Aug. 2nd, or in
1727 before Feb. 13th. Jasper Crane was born 1650 not 1657 and died
at Newark March 16, 1712 not March 6, 1712. Capt. Samuel Swaine
was born 1651 not 1659. Joseph Crane's will was proved Feb. 13, 1727
instead of May 24, 1727, as stated.

Children of Joseph and Abigail (Lyon) Cranef:

I. Benjamin; b. Nov. 27, 1705-6; d. July 13-14, 1777; m. Sarah .

tThe dates of this family as given in the Lyon Genealogy have been copied
mainly from Crane's Genealogy, which has made a great many mistakes.
N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


He was the eldest child, but was under age Aug. 2, 1726. No descendants have
been traced.

II. Isaac; b. Oct. 8, 1709; m. not Kezia Baldwin but Samuel* Crane
[John', Azarlah^, Jasper'].

III. £zekiel; b. May 8, 1711; d. March or April, 1794; m. probably 1st, Phebe
; m. 2nd, Abigail Baldwin.

rv. Israel; b. Jan. 2, 1713; d. Aug. 1, 1785; m. according to competent

authority Sarah . He may have married also as stated on p. 103,

Abigail .

V. Abigail; b. about July 17145; d. Oct. 20, 1768; m. Samuel Lyon (No.. 62).

VI. Joseph; b. Jan. 2 (or 7), 1716; d. ; m. Elizabeth Johnson.

VII. Josiah; b. Dec. 28, 1718; d. Dec. 15, 1785; m. 1st, Jerusha Cook;
m. 2nd, Phebe .

VIII. Joanna; b. Sept. 8, 1720 (not 1719 as stated); m. 1st, Samuel
Congar; m. 2nd. Joseph Camp, Esq.

Page 93, No. 87. — Joseph Crane, born 1716, married Elizabeth
Johnson, born about 1722-5; she made her will 1785 and d. soon after;
she m. 2nd. before 1785, Paul* Day, b. 1724, d. 1802 [Joseph, PauP,
George*]. Elizabeth was dau. of Capt. John* Johnson 1700-1752 [Eli-
phalet^ Esq. and Deborah, Thomas^ Robert'] and Elizabeth* Ogden, b.
about 1705 [Capt. David" 1678-1734, David^ and Elizabeth (Swain)
Ward, John']. Elizabeth' (Swain) Ward [Capt. SamueP, William'], was
widow of Josiah^ Ward [George'].

The children of Joseph and Elizabeth (Johnson) Crane were:

I. John.

II. Benjamin.

III. David; d. before 1785; m. Hannah Wade, who was born at Connecticut
Farms. They had: Phebe, b. 1778; Elizabeth, b. 1780; and Ave other children.

IV. Joseph.

V. Isaac.

VI. Abigail.

VII. Phebe.

VIII. Elizabeth.

Page 93, No. 89a. — Joseph PYister was born about 1710-15. There
were other children, for Joseph Lyon speaks in his will of the "chil-
dren" of his daughter Mary (Lyon) Foster.

Page 93. No. 30. — Elizabeth Lyon, b. about 1706, married Daniel*
Sayre [Daniel", Joseph^ Thomas'].

§Abigail Crane could not have been born in 1713 as stated on p. 99, unless
she and Israel were twins. The Crane Genealogy says she was born 1727, but
she is named in the will of her father dated Aug. 2, 1726. The 1727 may have
been a misreading of 1721, and this may after all be the correct date, Abigail
being the youngest child Instead of Joanna. One of the two was born probably
1714, the other 1721.

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


Children of Daniel and Elizabeth (Lyon) Sayre:

I. Daniel.

II. Mary; m. 1st Samuel Van ; m. 2nd Long.

III. John; m. .

IV. Sphraim; b. March 8. 1746; m. Hannah Meeker.

Page 93, No. 32. — Obediah' Cook was son of Jolin' and Elizabeth
[Ellis^ and Martha Cooper]. There seems to be no evidence that
Capt. Joseph Lyon made a will, neither has there been found any
account of the settlement of his estate. Abigail, No. 92, was born
July 14, 1754. There were certainly other children, possibly among them
Obediah, Sarah and Mary.

Page 94, No. 34. — ^Nathaniel Lyon, father of Mary died 1701, not

Page 94, No. 40. — Benjamin Lyon was born 1693, not 1691. His
first wife was undoubtedly Mary Day, sister of his second wife. In
line 1, p. 95 omit (Condit), for which (Day) should probably be sub-
stituted. Hannah, No. 95, was b. about 1721; Sarah, No. 97, b. aboui;
1725-6; Martha, No. 98, b. 1733; Daniel, No. 102, b. 1735-6. The name
of Martha should therefore follow that of Moses, and Daniel should
precede Matthias.

Page 95, No. 41. — The paragraph relating to the children of Joseph
Prudden's negro servant is out of place in a Lyon Genealogy.

Page 96, No. 44. — Ephraim' Clark was son of Ephraim^ [Richard^].
For Darkis, No. 119, read Dorkis; for Riderous, No. 121, read Ridemus.

Page 96, No. 45. — For Darkis read Dorkis.

Page 96, No. 47. — Ebenezer Lyon married Abigail .

Page 96, No. 50. — Bethia Lyon's mother was Elizabeth Winans,
sister of Jacob, her husband's father (see footnote, p. 89). Her second
husband, Joseph Foster, No. 89a., was son of her cousin Mary Lyon,
No. 29. The Joseph Lyon named as executor of Joseph Foster's will
was Capt. Joseph Lyon, No. 32. The older form of spelling the name
Grumman was Grommon, originally Grumin. On page 97, line 5 for
Ichbod, read Ichabod; line 9 for Icabod, read Ichabod. Ichabod Grum-
man was son of Joseph' Grumman [ ^; John*] .

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


Page 97, No. 129c. Jacob Foster had a daughter Mary who mar-
ried Isaiah" iStites [Benjamins William', Richa^d^ John^].

Children of Isaiah and Mary (Foster) Stites:

I. Jacob Foster; m. Sarah Frazee.

II. Henry; m. Mary Clark.

III. Benjamin; m. Eliza Anne Drake.

JACOB FOSTER' STITES [Mary« (Foster), JacobS Joseph*,
Mary' (Lyon), Joseph', Henry*] also [Mary' (Foster) Jacob*, Bethia'
(Lyon), Ebenezer^ Henry*], married Sarah Frazee, daughter of Henry.

Children of Jacob F. and Sarah (Frazee) Stites:

I. Isaiah; m. 1st Drake; m. 2nd Sarah ; no ch..

II. Mary; d. at the age of 15 years.

III. Charlotte; m. Philemon Dunn and had a son Albert.

IV. Henry.

HENRY' STITES [Mary" (Foster), Jacob", Joseph*, Mary' (Lyon),
Joseph", Henry*], also [Mary° (Foster) Jacob*, Bethia' (Lyon); Ebene-
zer^ Henry'], married Mary Clark, daughter of Edward Clark of West-

Children of Henry and Mary (Clark) Stites:

I. Eliza; m. Talmage Ross, s. of John.

II. John; m. ; res. New York City.

III. Annie; m. Gershom Littell, s. of Gershom.

IV. Aaron; m. ; res. New York City.

BENJAMIN' STITES [Mary« (Foster), Jacob=, Joseph*, Mary'
(Lyon), Joseph^ Henry*], also [Mary" (Foster), Jacob*, Bethia' (Lyon),
Bbenezer^ Henry*], married Eliza Anne Drake, daughter of Nathaniel.

Children of Benjamin and Eliza Anne (Drake) Stites:

I. Hulda; m. James Cleaver, s. of William H.

II. Julia.

III. Mary.

IV. Caroline.

V. Benjamin.

Page 97, No. 50. — The children of Ichabod Grommon and Bethia
(Lyon, Winans) Foster were:

I. Bethia; b. 1750-3; m. Benjamin Coe, s. of Benjamin, 1712-1788.

II. Daughter; b. about 1753; d. young; buried 1769.

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


III. Ichabod, Jr.; b. 1755; d. Oct. 29, 1794; m. Hannah Bruen.

IV. Aaron; b. 1757; d. Aug. 20, 1801; m. Abigail Lyon (No. 317).

Page 97, No. 51. — Add to children named:

III. Abigail; b. about 1755; m. Josiah^ Crane [Josiali*, Joseph^ Jasper^,
Jasper^], also [Josiah*, AbigaiP (Lyon), Joseph^, Henry^].

Page 98, No. 134. — It was probably this Henry who married at
Hanover Jan. 1773, Martha Tompkins.

Page 98, No. 150. — Instead of Betsey Harrison read:

150. VIIL Elizabeth [Betsey]; b. 1764 (?); d. 1855; m. Abiel Harrison.
See No. 2167, p. 239.

Page 98, No. 57. — The will of Thomas Lyon was dated Sept. 4,
1784; proved Sept. 19, 1785. He was twice married, only the last
four of his children being by his second wife Temperance, as follows:

V. Moses; b. 1762.

VI. Elijah; b. 1763.

VII. John; b. 1767; perhaps John Lyon of Rockaway; see list of Inldenti-
fled Lyons.

VIII. Levi; b. about 1765.

Page 98, No. 151. — Read: Sarah; m. Nov. 15, 1753, Joseph Hatha-
way at Morristown.

Page 98, No. 60. — It seems probable that Eunice Stephens, who
was almost certainly a second wife, was not the mother of all of
Daniel's children; possibly not of any of themf. Congar in his
Genealogical Notes gives in addition to the list on p. 99 the names
David and Moses. He states also that Eunice had a son John Stephens,
by her first husband. The date of Daniel Lyon's birth given in the
text is certainly too early; it was probably about 1730-32.

Children of Daniel Lyon:

159. I. Crecy.

160. II. Sarah; b. about 1756; m. 1774 Evetts' Townley [Effingham',
Col. Richard!] . for descendants see No. 2166, p. 239.

161. III. Phebe.

162. IV. Joanna; b. about 1760-5; m. Enoch Ball, b. about 1760.

163. V. Anna.

t Among marriages in Hanover occurs the following: Daniel Lyon married
Jan. 16, 1753, Elizabeth Force. This could hardly have been any other Daniel.
If Elizabeth was dau. of Abraham Force, Abraham Lyon, No. 164, was probably

her son, and she was the mother of at least six of Daniel's children.

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