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N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


164. VI. Abraham; b. 1760; m. Hannah Ogden; see p. 119, bottom of

166. VII. Joseph.

166. VIII. Jacob.

167. IX. Daniel; probably the Daniel Lyon of Hanover 1800-19 (opinion
J. C. C).

168. X. Aaron; m. Lettee ; she b. 1771, survived her husband

many years and d. July 26, 1846; bur. Elizabethtown, First Presbyterian

168a. XI. David; buried near his bro. Aaron; David Lyon, s. of Daniel of
Springfield, m. July 10, 1798, Elizabeth Gillom (N. J. Archives).

168b. XII. Moses.

Page 99, No. 61. — A^bel Lyon married probably Sarah Baldwin.

Page 99, No. 62. — ^Abigail Crane was born, not 1713 but either in
1714 or 1721; the latter date agrees best with the date of her marriage.
Abigail and Samuel were second cousins. The son David, No. 174,
was Capt. David Lyon of Elizabethtown; see page 247. Samuel Lyon
and Abigail Crane had also a daughter Phebe, No. 2164, p. 238.

Page 99, No. 64. — Nathaniel Lyon was born about 1721; died Jan.
or Feb. 1761.

Page 100, No. 65. — Josiah Lyon was born probably about 1716.
His children should be arranged probably in about the following order:

I. Phebe.

II. Mary.

III. Lydia; b. 1745 (called Elizabeth by Congar).
rv. David; eldest son; b. 1747.

V. Abraham; b. 1749.

VI. Josiah.

VII. Ann.

Page 100, No. 66. — In line 4, for daughter of Zopher read children
of Zopher.

Page 101, line 1. — For Tichnor, read Tichenor.

Page 101, No. 68. — Henry Lyon married Mary, not Hannah Wood.
Capt. Christopher Wood died Feb. 8, 1759; his will was made Nov. 20,
1758. His widow, Phebe (Johnes) Wood died 1785; her will made
April 14, 1772, mentions Mary, wife of Henry Lyon. The statement
that only the first three children were born before 1759 is based merely
on the fact that these were named in their grandfather Wood's will;

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


it is probable tliat all were born before 1759. Henry married possibly

a second wife Hannah . It is probable that his son James,

No. 188, was Col. James, No. 2163a, (p. 238), and that Stephen; No.
192, was the unidentified Stephen, No. 2165, whose birth is given on p.
238 as 1751, on p. 239 as 1765. The record however on page 239 cer-
tainly does not all relate to this Stephen, whose wife, however, was
probably Mary.

Page 101, No. 69. — David^ Littell was son of John= and Mary
[George^ and Alice Poore].

Page 101, N.O. 194. — ^This Joseph was almost certainly the father
of Capt. Joseph Lyon, No. 71.

Page 101, No. 197. — This Samuel Lyon was possibly the father of
the unidentified Samuel, No. 2170a, born 1780 (p. 240).

Page 101, No. 201. — Abigail m. .

Page 101, No. 202. — For Strain read Straun.

Page 101, No. 70. — The dates of birth and death of Abraham Lyon
are identical with those of Mary, wife of Josiah Lyon, No. 65. The
circumstance leads one to suspect that some error has been made by
a transcriber; it does not prove that they are erroneous as referring
to Abraham. An expert genealogist states that Abraham was born in
1710 and died 1732. It is mentioned that he had one son Abraham, a
Captain in the Revolutionary Army. If this is true, Capt. Abraham was
almost certainly an only child, and born the year of his father's death.

Page 102. No. 210. — ^For Casey read Carey [A. B. L.].

Page 103, No. 83. — ^Kezia Baldwin married, not Isaac Crane but
Samuel* Crane [John', Azariah^ Jasper']. The children named as
those of Isaac and Kezia Vere except the last, children of Samuel and

Kezia. Isaac married and had a son Isaac, who married and

in turn had a son Isaac, born 1767. No further trace of descendants.

Page 103, No. 84. — ^Esiekiel Crane was born May 8, 1711 and died
in March or April 1794. He was a leading founder of the Baptist
Church at Lyons Farms April 17, 1769. He married first about 1738-

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


9t Phebe , undoubtedly Dalglish or Douglas. His second wife

was Abigail Baldwin, born about 1724, died some where between 1773
and 1779. She was daughter of Nathaniel* Baldwin§, 1690-1750 [John^
and Ruth Botsford, daughter of Henry, John- and Mary, Sylvester* and
Sarah Bryant]. Record of dates of birth of the older children are
wanting, except in the case of Phebe. The following record is prob-
ably substantially correct, although the name of Joseph should stand
first in the list.

Children of Ezekiel and Phebe (Dalglish?) Crane:

I. Phebe; b. 1740; bapt. at Lyons Farms Baptist Church, Oct. 15, 1769;
m. Deacon John Ball [Timothy', Thomas^, Edwardi] ; d. 1781.

II. Sarah; b. about 1742; m. a Crane, probably Matthias*, b. 1737-8;

d. 1777; grad. Tale College [John' and Abigail , Azariah^ Jasper*];

they had children.

III. Rachel; b. 1744-5; d. 1783-7; m. Joseph Lyon, A. B. (No. 91).

IV. Joseph; b. 1738-9; d. 1779-80; bapt. with Phebe, Oct. 15, 1769; m.
Eunice Dod, daughter of Thomas; it was his uncle Joseph, No. 87, who married
Elizabeth Johnson, afterwards Mrs. Paul Day.

Children of Ezekiel and Abigail (Baldwin) Crane:

V. Jonathan; b. Dec. 22, 1749; d. Feb. 1753, not 1785 as stated.

VI. Joanna; b. about 1751; m. 1st Joseph^ Plum, b. 1745, d. 1787 [John*.
John', Samuel-, John^], they had children, one of whom was Isaac, the first
Plum to change the name to Plume. Joanna m. 2nd about 178 8 Elias B. Vree-
land, b. Dec. 20, 1750; d. March 29, 1828; bur. in Canfleld Graveyard, Cedar
Grove, N. J.

VIL Elias; b. Sept. 10 1753; d. March 13. 1809; m. about 1775 Phebe«
Brown, b. Feb. 12, 1758, d. 1828, [Stephen^, Stephen*. Joseph', John^, Johni].
Elias was a private in Capt. Josiah Pierson's Company, Second Regt. Essex
Co., Revolutionary Army.

Page 103, No. 237. — The children of Deacon John and Phebe
(Crane) Ball were:

I. Calvin.
II : Liuther.

fThe grounds for believing that Ezekiel was twice married are these:
1. His daughter Phebe was born in 1740, when Abigail Baldwin was only
sixteen years old, possibly seventeen or eighteen [Baldwin Genealogy says she
was born 1724, the date was certainly not before 1722]; 2. An Ezekiel Crane
"born about 1710" married Phebe Dalglish [Douglas], born 1715, daughter of
John^ and Sarah (Ward) Dalglish [Robert' and Mary Dennison] ; no Ezekiel
Crane is recorded in New Jersey earlier than 1727-8 except this Ezekiel of
Joseph b. 1711; note also that Phebe Dalglish's mother was Sarah and that
Phebe had a sister Rachel, who married a Canfleld.

§Nathaniel Baldwin married first Mary Congar, dau. of Samuel= [John' and
Mary] — so says Baldwin Genealogy; others say that Nathaniel's wife was
Mary' Crane [Azariah^ and Mary Treat, Jasper* and Alice]. Mary Treat was
the daughter of Capt. Robert Treat and Jane Tapp, dau. of Edmund Tapp.

Capt. Robert Treat was son of Richard Treat and Alice . Nathaniel

had seven children by wife Mary. In 1730 he married a second wife Esther,
1689-1763, and had Ave children by her.

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


III. Phebe [Littell's Genealogy calls her Rachel.]

Deacon John Ball married second Miss Fairchild and had: 1. John;

2. David; 3. Daniel; 4. Uzel.

Page 103, No. 234. — ^The children of Elias and Phebe (Brown)
Crane were:

I. David; b. 1776; d. 1782.

II. Stephen; b. 1778.

III. Moses; b. 1779.
rV. Eunice; b. 1781.

V. Mary; b. 1783.

VI. Jonathan; b. 1784.

VII. David (2nd); b. 1786.

VIII. Rachel; b. 1789.

IX. Jabez; b. 1790.

X. Cyrus; b. 1791; d. 18«9.

XI. Abigail; b. 1794; d. 1836.

XII. WUUam; b. 1799.

Page 103, No. 85. — Israel Crane, according to competent authority
married Sarah . Perhaps he was more than once married.

Page 103, No. 240. — Israel Crane, Jr., born about 1735-40 had a son
Israel, born about 1760-1765, of Cranetown, N. J. He married Fanny
Pierson, daughter of Dr. Matthias Pierson of Orange, N. J. This
Israel Crane was a well known road builder and public spirited Jersey-
man, who for many years owned the Pompton Turnpike, and who was
a commissioner appointed by the State to finance the Morris Canal.

Page 103, No. 86. — Jerusha Cook, wife of Capt. Josiah Crane, was
daughter of Obediah Cook of Long Island. Captain Josiah and his
wife Jerusha were buried in the cemetery at Connecticut Farms, now
called Union.

Page 103, No. 245.— Sarah Crane died before 1785.

Page 103, Footnote. — ^The statements of this footnote involve
chronological impossibilities. It is true that there was an Isaac Crane
who married Mary Muchmore, daughter of Samuel, but it could not
have been the Isaac born 1767. [A. B. L.].

Page 104, No. 251. — ^Josiah Crane died after the close of the war
in 1785, while on a journey to visit Ms brother Elias who had re-
moved to Kentucky. He married Abigail Lyon, daughter of John, No.

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


51. His wife's family lived in Morris County and he went from Essex
County up into Morris County and enlisted in the army and is supposed
to have been married sometime during the Revolutionary war. It is
stated that he was a soldier in the Jersey Blues and was with Washing-
ton and Lafayette in all the battles fought in New Jersey, including
Trenton, Monmouth and Brandywine,

Children of Josiah and Abigail (Lyon) Crane:

I. John Josiah (?); date of birth in doubt; the Crane Genealogy says,
b. March 8, 1767; d. 1808; m. Nov. 7, 1790, Rebecca Saffer, b. Sept. 22, 1769;
d. Oct. 26, 1847; something is wrong here if John Josiah was really son of
Josiah, b. 1753.

II. Benjamin; b. at Lyons Farms, Feb. 18, 1783; d. in New York, 1832;
m. 1st Elsey Schuyler; m. 2nd Jane Low.

BENJAMIN* ORANE [Josiah^, Capt. Josiah*, Abigail" (Lyon)
Joseph^ Henry^], also [AbigaiP (Lyon) John*, Isaac', Thomas^ Henry'],
born at Lyons Farms Feb. 18, 1783; died in New York 1832. He
married first, March 28, 1804, Elsey Schuyler, born March 28, 1787,
died July 15, 1806. He married second in New York City April 25,
1807, Jane Low, who was born Aug. 16, 1783, died Dec. 14, 1833; daugh-
ter of William Low.

Daughter of Benjamin and Elsey (Schuyler) Crane:

I. Ann Maria; b. Jan. 18, 1805; d. July 13, 1805.

Children of Benjamin and Jane (Low) Crane:

II. Benjamin Franklin; b. Feb. 16, 1808; m. Sept. 15, 1834, Amanda F.
Chardavoyne; d. Feb. 13, 1839.

III. Theodore; b. Oct. 8, 1809.

IV. Elsey Schuyler; b. Aug. 14, 1811.

V. John Josiah; b. Jan. 19, 1813; res. New York City; from him the com-
piler of the Crane Genealogy got his information relative to his grandfather,
but some error has been made in the record of his uncle (?) John Josiah.

VL Madison; b. Aug. 15, 1815; d. Sept. 1, 1815.

VII. Augrustus; b. Jan. 13, 1817; m. Elizabeth Balleo, Morristown, N. J.

Vin. William tow; b. Jan. 25, 1819; d. May 19, 1819.

IX. Edward; twin bro. of William; b. and d. Jan. 25, 1819.

Page 103, No. 246. — Lois Crane married Hinman.

Paeg 104, No. 248. — Elizabeth Crane married Pool.

Page 104, No. 249. — Mary Crane m. Harrison.

Page 104, No. 250. — Joanna Crane m. Heard.

Page 104, No. 253. — Jabez Crane died when a young man.

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


Page 104, No. 254. — Elias Crane removed to "the new country"
now known as Kentucky probably about 1782-3. Nothing is known of
his descendants.

Page 104, No. 255. — Jerusha Crane m. Brown.

Page 104, No. 90. — The data in this paragraph certainly do not
relate to Bphraim Sayre, No. 90. This Ephraim was popularly known
as Deacon Ephraim Sayre. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary
Army and a personal and intimate friend of Washington. Among the
descendants of this Ephraim are Joseph Sayre, architect, of Newark,
N. J., Sidney L. Thompson of Elizabeth, N. J., and Dr. Lewis Albert
Sayre, the founder of Bellevue Hospital, New York City. John Sayre,
a brother of Ephraim resided in New York City in 1785. He removed
to Philadelphia. Among his descendants were Dr. Francis Bowes
Sayre, also died during the yellow fever epidemic of 1799 and, in the
present day, Robert Sayre of South Bethlehem, Pa., owner of the
Sayre Observatory there; he is also a banker and railroad magnate.
The record in the text of the children of Ephraim Sayre — also the
footnote, should be canceled as irrelevant.

Page 105, No. 91. — ^Rachel Crane, wife of Joseph Lyon, A. B., was
born 1744-5, not 1739, and was probably daughter of Ezekiel and
Phebe, not of Ezekiel and Abigail, as already stated. In line 2, page
105, for 1892 read 1802. In line 5, instead of "cousin" read "second
cousin." Joseph Lyon, A. B., made his will Feb. 5, 1817, probated June
16, 1821. Names his wife Sarah and children Sarah Wilbur and Mary
Cook, also names Abraham Cook, husband of Mary Cook. Executor
"my friend David Lyon" (No. 306). Witnesses: Isaiah Meeker, Sarah
Meeker and Phebe Meeker. Note that the descendants of Joseph
Lyon, A. B., trace by two lines to Joseph- Lyon and Henry^ Lyon.

Page 105, No. 92. — ^Abigail Lyon was born July 14, 1754. Dr.
Caleb Halstead was son of Caleb Halstead, born 1725 and wife Rebecca,
born 1730. The record of her children should read:

I. Mary Cook; m. General Isaac Andrus; a great-granddaughter, Miss Emma
G. Lathrop, res. (1907) Newark, N. J.

II. Joseph L,yon; b. April, 1779; d. Oct. 1779.

III. Phebe Roberts; b. 1781; married two husbands.
rv. Joseph I^yon; b. 1783; d. 1807; m. .

V. Caleb Stockton; b. Dec. 16, 1787, (not Dec. 11 as stated).

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


Page 106, line 5 from top. — For Nathaniel read Matthias.

Page 107, No. 98. — Martha Lyon was born about 1733, married
about 1756-7.

Page 107, No. 99.— Phebe Chandler was born Nov. 30 (not 21) 1730,
and died May (not March) 14, 1781.

Page 107, No. 304. — Tappan Lyon died Dec. 15, 1776.

Page 107, No. 306.— David Lyon died May 21 (not 24), 1845.

Page 107, No. 307. — Ann Lyon was born June (not Oct.) 27, 1763,
and died Jan. 20, 1846 (not 1840).

Page 107, No. 309. — ^Joanna Lyon was born Dec. 1 (not 2), 1769.

Page 107, No. 310.— Caleb Lyon died April 17 (not Dec. 28), 1854.

Page 109, No. 102. — In line 4, for Edgar* read Edward'.

Page 111, line 1, also lines 4 and 6, for Ayrs read Ayres.

Page 111, No. 108. — In the second, also the seventh line, for Latou
read Laton [Lay ton].

Page 111, No. 361. — For Usnal read Uzel.

Page 111, No. 362. — For Guernig read Guerin.

Page 112, No. 384. — For Athens College read College at Athens.

Page 113, No. 392e. — ^For William read William D.

Page 114, No. 400. — Aaron was probably Aaron Lyon, No. 2171
(p. 240).

Page 114, No. 132. — ^John Lyon certainly had other children, among
them a son Samuel, undoubtedly Samuel, No. 415.

Page 115, No. 415. — iThis Samuel belongs to John Lyon, No. 132.

Page 115, No. 141. — ^Aaron Lyon certainly had a son Aaron who
was possibly No. 2171 (p. 240). Ajiother son William married Abigail
Miller, daughter of Smith and Rachel (Miller) Miller. William and
Abigail had: 1. William; 2. Baker; 3. Adelaide.

Page 116, line 4. — For Anguish read Anguish.

Page 116, No. 434. — It was probably this John who married, Sept.
26, 1827, Phebe Edwards; res: Livingston, N. J.

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of "Vol. II.


Page 117, No. 175.— In the fourth line for (No. 85) read (No. 89),

Page 118, No. 178.— David Lyon was born Feb. 27, 1756; died July
24, 1797. He married, Nov. 10, 1777 Rachel McCoy, bom Oct. 29,
1760, [or 1761], d. Aug. 26, 1839, daughter of Capt. Garvin McCoy, b.
Jan. 1, 1738, d. April 20, 1800, and Susan Kinnan, b. May 7, 1740, d.
May 14, 1807. This is undoubtedly the Rachel Lyon referred to on
p. 240 as mother of John Lyon, No. 2169. David served in the militia
company commanded by his father-in-law, and later in the Continental
Army. His death resulted from injuries received while driving a load
of hay into his barn on the old homestead at Lyons, Somerset Co.,
N. J: After his death Rachel married Toan.

Children of David and Rachel (McCoy) Lyon:

464a. I. Nathaniel; b. May 30, 1779; d. Aug. 10, 1781.

464b. II. John; b. April 14, 17S1; m. Mary Miller. See No. 2169 for
further record.

464c. III. Jonathan P.; b. Feb. 22, 1783; d. Sept. 1801.

464d. IV. Mary; b. June 15, 1786; d. May 26, 1857.

•464e. V. Stephen; b. Sept. 3, 1789; d. Sept. 10, 1873 (Authentic Bible
Record); m. Nancy Hill. See No. 2165 for what seems to be a garbled record
of this Stephen: also see end of this supplement for authentic record.

*464f. VL Nathaniel [Secundus] ; b. Jan. 25, 1792; d. Nov. 5, 1822. See
end of this supplement for further record.

464g. VII. David; b. Oct. 9, 1794; d. April 15, 1815.
*465. VIII. Rachel; b. ; m. Samuel Ogden.

Page 118, No. 180. — David Lyon married Prudence .

Children of David and Prudence ( ) Lyon:

I. David; b. about 1785; m. Sept. 29, 1809, Mrs. Phebe Johnson.

II. Moses; m. Phebe Townley.

III. Henry; b. about 1785; m. Eunice Harrison.

IV. Sarah; m. Jan. 6, 1801, Enos Egbert.

V. Phebe; b. Aug. 28, 1789; d. Aug. 11. 1790.

Page 118, No. 181. — In place of this paragraph, substitute that on
Abraham Lyon, No. 470, p. 143, who was really son and not grandson
of Josiah* Lyon.

Page 118, No. 189. — Henry Lyon's wife Hannah died probably
1782-3. Hannah was Henry's second wife; by the first he had no chil-
dren. Henry and Hannah had daughters as well as sons.

Page 119, No. 195. — ^Thomas* Clark was son of Richard^ Clark
[Richard-, Richard^].

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


Page 119, No. 496. — Elizabeth Clark m.

Page 119, No. 204. — Capt. Abraham Lyon, if a son of Abraham* as
stated must have been born 1732. If the date of his birth was later
than this he oould not have been son of Abraham. There is hardly any
doubt that he was of the fifth generation from Henry^ through SamueP
by one of his sons Joseph* or SamueP.

Page 119, No. — . — (At bottom of page). This Abraham was with-
out doubt No. 164, son of Daniel* Lyon [Thomas', Thomas', Henry'].

Page 121, No. 252.— Obediah Crane died, not in 1838, but April 11,
1833. His wife Martha Taylor was the daughter of David Taylor 1709-

Children of Obediah and Martha (Taylor) Crane:

I. Joanna; b. Nov. 1, 1779; d. Jan. 18, 1870.

I. Susanna; b. Jan. 21, 1782; d. Dec. 7, 1783.

III. Cornelia Walton; b. July 7, 1784; d. Feb. 8, 1813; m.


IV. Mariah; b. Dec. 8, 1786.

V. Elizabeth J.; b. Aug. 27, 1790; d. Sept. 26, 1862; m. Jan. 3, 1808,
Job Meeker, who d. June 11. 1841, ae. 57 y.

VI. Phebe S.; b. Dec. 14, 1793; d. Dec. 6, 1801.

JOANNA^ CRANE (SCUDDEIR) [Obediah^ Josiah*, Abigail'
(Lyon), Joseph^ Henry'] (above) married June 24, 1797 Abraham
Clark Scudder, son of John Scudder and wife Zipporah Clark, daugh-
ter of Capt . Abraham* Clark [Thomas^ Richard'] . He was born
Aug. 3, 1776 and died July 30, 1853.

Children of Abraham C. and Joanna (Crane) Scudder:

I. Obediah C; b. July 30, 1798; d. young.

II. Cornelia Walton; b. Feb. 21, 1800; m. Sanford; they had one

child, Elizabeth, who m. Mortimer Smith, and they had one child, Joanna,
who m. Burns of Ridgefield Park.

III. Tubal; b. Nov. 21, 1802; d. young.

IV. Harriet; b. Jan. 1, 1804: d. young.

V. Harriet; b. Sept. 13, 1806; m. Williams; children: 1. John;

2. William; 3. Anna; 4. Abraham.

VI. Clark; b. Jan. 12, 1809; m. ; children: 1. Kate; 2. Joanna;

the latter m. Rev. Benjamin O. Parvin, and lived in Rahway.

VII. Amnnda; b. March 13. 1811.

VIII. Israel; b. Aug. 25, 1813; m. Mary Shaw; children: 1. James;
2. Anna; 3. Elizabeth; 4. Frederic; 5. Harriet, who lived in Brooklyn, N. T.

IX. Martha C; b. Oct. 31, 1815; m. William Mills' Townley [William«,
Matthias*, James', Effingham =, Col. Richardi] ; children: 1. Alonzo Crane,

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


b. Feb. 11, 1849; res. Newark, N. J.;, 2. Alexander Newton, b. March 8, 1851;
d. 1861; 3. Amanda Scndder; res. Rahway.

X. Julia Ann; b. Sept. 8, 1817; m. Agar Lindsey Roff, son of Nathaniel;

children: 1. Firman, killed in the Civil War; 2. Alfred, m. ; res.

Springfield, N. J.; 3. Matilda, m. John Knapp and had one child Helen;
4. Cornelia Walton, m. Wallace Kaylor and had three sons who all lived at

Westfield; 5. Jane, d. young; 6. CharleB, m. ; res at Mountain Side

near Westfield; 3 children.

Page 122, No. 545. — ^Backus Wilbur was born Nov. 9, 1788 in
Massachusetts; grad. Princeton College 1813; Theological Seminary
1816; in line 2 read Dayton, O.

Page 122, No. 546. — ^Elizabeth Wilbur married William (not Wil-
bur) Price, born about 1789-90. He was son of Daniel* Price [Daniel',
Joseph", Benjamin^].

Page 122, No. 267. — In line 7, after Hanover read N. J. and add
also at Fairfield and New Carlisle, O. In line 9, omit the words
"where he died March 31, 1841." In the last line of the paragraph,
for Hingley read Tingley, and add "daughter of Samuel"; this third
marriage took place about 1825.

Page 122, No. 552. — Eliza Lyon Cook died at Addison, O.

Page 122, No. 553. — ^The lineage of Judge John' Cox should read
[Isaac*, b. 1743, Philip^ b. 1709, Philips b. 1677-80, Isaac^].

Page 122, No. 554. — For Forest City, Wis. read Forest City, Mo.

Page 123, No. 556. — For Hill grove read Hillgrove.

Page 123, No. 284. — Phebe Clark, born 1759, daughter of Abraham*
Clark, born 1726-7 [Joseph^ Joshua^ Richard'] and wife Sarah or

Phebe Badgeley. She married first Crane, but was still in

her 'teens when she became the wife of Benjamin Lyon about 1777-8.
Instead of children of Benjamin and Phebe C. (Crane) Lyon, read
children of Benjamin and Phebe (Clark, Crane) Lyon.

Page 123, No. 559.— Benjamin was born Oct. 25, 1780 (not 1777)
and died July 6, 1839.

Page 123, No. 560. — If Benjamin and Phebe had a daughter
Martha, it seems strange that in the many land transfers and
quit claims made by Phebe wherein all their children are named

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


there is never a mention of Martha. If she was their daughter and
born in 1778 she must have been the oldest child.

Page 123, No. 287.— Mary (Plum) Lyon died after 1776-7.

Page 124, No. 563. — After John insert Plum.

Page 124, No. 564.— For Oct. 29, read Oct 30. After John insert:

564a. V. Montgomery; b. March 15, 1776

and change serial numbers of the children of Rufus and Charity

Page 124, No. 572.— For 1799, read 1797.

Page 124, No. 295. — Amos Day married also a second wife.

Page 124, No. 585.— For b. Nov. 24, 1836, read d. Nov. 24, 1836.

Page 124, No. 586.— For b. 1769, read b. 1796.

Page 125, No. 595.— For b. Aug. 8, 1812, read b. Aug. 8, 1817.

Page 125, No. 300, — At the end of the paragraph add: Another
of the surveyors of the Symme's Purchase was Capt. Joseph' Cox,
Topographical Engineer [John^, John', Philip^ Isaac^].

Page 125, No. 598. — Instead of "Son; m. Miss Dudley", read
"Daughter; m. Col. Ambrose Dudley of Cincinnati, O."

Page 125, No. 599.— Israel d. 184—.

Page 125, No. 600. — Benjamin Ludlow Day m. Harriet Kipp of
New York.

Page 125, No. 302. — Besides the three children named, there were
five or six others.

Page 127, No. 606. — Samuel Lyon was born 1781-2. After No. 610,
add a sixth child, David.

Page 127, No. 310.— Caleb died, not Dec. 28, but April 17, 1854.
In line 4, for Phebe Clark (Crane) Lyon, read Phebe (Clark, Crane)

Page 128, No. 625. — Phebe married 1st William Pennington and
2nd Asa Whitehead. Query: Is not this the Phebe Parsel referred
to in the will of Abigail (Lyon) Grumman, No. 317? (See page 131,

N. B. Pag-e and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


line 3 from bottom.) If so the record is wrong in making her daughter
of Capt. James Wheeler.

Page 130, No. 315. — In line 12 of the paragraph, for Joduthan read

Page 131, No. 316. — The account here given belongs to Nathaniel
Lyon No. 390. See note on a subsequent page.

Page 131, No. 317. — In line 7 of the paragraph, for 1768 read
April 16, 1769; in line 13, for Sammuel read Samuel. In line 4 of the
paragraph, for Germmond read Grumin.

Page 133, No. 658.— For b. March, 1792, read b. March, 1797.

Page 134, line 1.— For 1789 read 1798.

Page 136, No. 329. — 'Matthias Lyon married Mary Elizabeth Fitz-
Randolph, daughter of Gilbert FitzRandolph of Stone House Village.

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