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They removed to the Lake country of New York State.

Page 136, No. 681. — This is probably the Sarah Lyon who mar-
ried, May 4, 1827, Israel Campfield of Chatham.

Page 136, No. 682. — For Morrice read Morris.

Page 136, No. 385. — Sarah Wilcox [Willcox] was daughter of John
Wilcox, Esq. According to Littell's Genealogy she died June 1, 1795,
aged forty years. If this is correct, the ten children recorded were
all hers, and so Littell gives them.

Page 136, No. 692.— Elizabeth was born April 28, 1774; married
April 27, 1791, Moses Tucker.

Page 136, No. 693. — Mary was born May 6, 1776.

Page 136, No. 694. — John was born Oct. 7, 1778; died Feb. 11,
1842; m. Tabitha Moore, daughter of Isaac.

Page 136, No. 695. — ^Rachel was born Aug. 21, 1781, twin sister,
not of John but of Sally.

Page 136, No. 696. — Sally, twin to Rachel, married, not John
Ross, but Jonathan Roff.

Page 136, No. 697. — Peter was born Feb. 27, 1787; he married
his cousin Anne Miller, daughter of Phebe Cory, No. 720.

N. B. Pagre and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


Page 136, No. 699. — For Tenn., read Pa.

Page 136, No. 700. — For Squire, read Squier, and for 1818 read


Page 137, No. 386. — ^The Joanna Lyon, born 1751, died Oct. 12,
1783, is probably Joanna Wilcox, wife of Benjamin Lyon.

Page 137, No. 707. — Peter m. .

Page 137, No. 390. — ^Tliis account and that of No, 316, page 131,
evidently relate to the same Nathaniel. One may argue from the
fact that Mercy Wilcox was a sister of Sarah, wife of Ebenezer Lyon,
No. 385, that the Nathaniel who married Mercy was a brother of
Ebenezer. The Revolutionary War record certainly belongs to the
same Nathaniel, since his widow Mercy applied for a pension — unless
both were in the Revolution or else each had married a wife Mercy.
[It may be noted that Littell gives the name of Nathaniel's wife in
different places as Mary, Mercy and Massey.] The question of the
identity of Nathaniel, Revolutionary soldier, cannot be positively
settled from evidence at present available.

Page 137, No. 718. — Phebe Lyon married as second wife Joshua*
[not Josiah] Miller [Jacob', Enoch^ SamueP].

Children of Joshua and Phebe (Lyon) Miller:

I. Sllza Anne; m. .

II. Charlotte; twin sister of Eliza Anne; m. Rev. ■William Davis.

III. Jotham; unm. ; d. ae. 24 years.

IV. Jacob; m. ; lived In Indiana.

V. John.

VI. Martha.

VII. lincretia; twin sister of Martha.

Page 137, No. 391. — ^The date of Susan's marriage was April 15,
not April 1.

Page 137, No. 720. — Cornelius and Phebe (Cory) Miller had a
daughter Anne who married her cousin Peter Lyon, No. 697, son of

Page 138, No. 723g. — ^For Charlos, read Charles. See further
record in Errata, p. 390.

Page 138, No. 723 n. — Eliminate the parenthesis after Anna.

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


Page 139, No. 415. — Samuel was certainly not the son of Aaron.
He may have been son of John, No. 132, brother of Aaron.

Page 141, No. 772.— The date of Ebenezer Cobb Lyon's birth is
given here April 17, 1826; on p. 169 it is given April 17, 1836;
Query, which is correct?

Page 142, No. 801. — ^Esther and Caroline were not the same
person. Read:

801. V. Esther.
801a. VI. Caroline.

Page 143, No. 468. — Henry Lyon was born about 1785; Eunice,
his wife, was born about 1790. After Thomas in line 3, instead of
(1776-1844), read (1766-1844).

Page 143, No. 824. — Ann Lyon married Rohert Steele, a {)rominent
citizen of Dayton, O.

Page 143, No. 470. — As already stated, this Abraham is really
No. 181, belonging to the fifth, not the sixth, generation.

Page 144, line 5. — For Squires, read Squier.

Page 145, No. 491. — Hannah Smith was daughter of Jonathan
Smith and Elizabeth Trembly, daughter of Peter Trembly and
Susannah Backer.

Page 145, No, 841.— Sarah Clark was born Oct. 1, (not 11), 1773.

Page 145, No. 852. — After Broadwell add, removed to Ohio.

Page 147, No. 517. — See p. 390 for additional records of this
family .

Page 150, No. 536. — Margaret Congar was born March 24, 1782,
and died March 28, 1851.

Page 150, No. 917. — Joseph Lewis Riggs married Elizabeth Anna

Page 150, No. 918. — ^Elias Riggs married Martha Jane Dalzel.

Page 150, No. 921. — Read: m. Rev. Joseph G. Monfort.

Page 150. — Following paragraph on No. 536, insert:

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


553. VI. 267. HARRIET HAVENS' COOK (COX) [Mary»
(Lyon), Joseph*, Capt. Joseph', Joseph-, Henry^] was born May 29,
1804, in Hanover, N. J., and died Aug. 15, 1874, at Osborne, Ohio;
married Dec. 21, 1821, John Cox, born Sept. 16, 1800, in Harrison Co.,
Va.; died April 9, 1883, at Osborne, Ohio. He was the founder of
Osborne, Ohio. For the children of John and Harriet Havens (Cook)
Cox, see page 210.

Page 150, No. 554. — Read: Mary (Cook) Mozier died in or near
Forest City, Mo. [not Wis.] about 1895.

Children of Jacob and Mary (Cook) Mozier:

I. Indiana [not Juliana] ; m. Greenbury Louden, had several children.

II. Jacob, Jr.,; m. , had several children.

III. Harriet; m. George McNulty, had several children.

IV. Charles; m. , had several children. All the foregoing res.

(1907) near Forest City, Holt Co., Mo.

V. Steplien Abraham; d. young.

VI. Carrie; m. Edwin [not Edward] Phillips; has two children; res.
Manitou Springs, Colorado.

Page 150, No. 555. — The record should read:

Children of Hugh and Phebe (Cook) Andrews:

I. Angeline; b. about 1832; m. Levi Kirby; resided at Addison, O., where
both of them died.

II. Abraham; m. ; had several children; d. about 1903 at Addi-
son, O.

III. Samuel; married twice and had several children.

IV. Jane; d. young.

V. Isabell; d. young.

VI.' Wilbur; m. ; had several children; res. (1907) Eaton, Ind.

VII. Eleanora; m. , and had one daughter.

VIII. Eliza; b. 1851; m. Amos Cook (of another family, unrelated); res.
Union City, Ind.; two children, one only living, named Harry, who is married
and has one child.

Page 151, No. 556. — Record should read:

Children of Stephen and Sarah (Caldwell) Cook:

I. Mary Jane; m. Jason Kester, New Carlisle, O. ; children: 1. Ida,

m. Charles Ellis, Dayton, O. ; 2. Clara, m. Bratten; 3. George,

m. and had one son, res. New Carlisle, O. ; 4. Frances, m.

Taylor, Dayton, O. ; 5. Harry, m. ; removed West; was formerly of

Springfield, O.. on the "Farmer and Fireside".

II. John Wesley; d. — ; m. ; one .:laug liter, who res. near

Dayton, O.

III. Chalmers; wounded at the battle of Pittsburg Landing, 1862, brought
home and soon died.

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


IV. Albert, m. ; res. Mt. Vernon, Ind., formerly lived near Hill-
grove, O.

V. Melissa; m. Repp; no children.

VI. Lucy; m. as second wife Repp [not Rapp], widower of her

sister Melissa; reside at Huntington, Ind., and have two sons in business there.

VII. Martha; m. Parrett.

VIII. Angeline; m. Stoner [not Staner]; has one daughter; res.

near Hillgrove, O.

IX. Rosa; m. John Bickel; they have four sons. She and family live
near Hillgrove, O.

X. Levi Kirby; m. and has children.

Page 151, No. 557. — ^Record should read:

Children of George and Sarah (Cook) Rockey:

I. John; m. Victoria Stepleton [not Singleton], Addison, O. ; children:
1. Angeline, unm. ; 2. Ulysses Grant, married and has a son, Carleton.

II. Jane; d. young.

III. Daughter; d. young.

IV. Sllen; m. Joseph Anderson; res. near Addison, O. ; had four or five

V. Minerva; m. David Mound, St. Paris, O. ; children: 1. Wilbur, m.

and has 3 children; res. St. Paris, O. ; 2. Albert; 3. Daughter, d. young;

4. Child, d. young; 5. Scott A.; all live at St. Paris, O.

Page 151, No. 559. — Benjamin Lyon was born Oct. 25, 1780, and
died July 6, 1839; buried at Newark.

Page 151, No. 951. — For Techenor read Tichenor.

Page 152, line 3 from top. — Read: They were the parents of
Ex-governor Franklin Murphy of New Jersey.

Page 152, No. 572.— Read: He married first, Nov. 1, 1820, Eliza-
beth Gardner.

Page 152, following No. 955g, insert:

VIII. Catherine MatUda; b. Feb. 21, 1831; d. March 30, 1832. (Change
succeeding serial numbers correspondingly).

Page 152, No. 955g.— For d. March 13, 1835, read d. March 13,

Page 152, No. 955i.— For b. Feb 6, 1831, read b. Feb. 6, 1836.

Page 152, No. 955k. — For Rodgers read Rogers.

Page 153, No. 581. — In line three, for P. C. Court read Court of
Common Pleas.

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


Page 153, No. 976. — Read: Ellen; m.

Page 153, No. 979. — Read: Agnes; m. Dr. John D. Jackson;
children: 1. Edward E., m. Miss Osborn; 2. Charlotte, m.

Robison, s. of Collins Robison, Esq., of Morristown; 3.

Mary, m: Lewis A. Chandler, Esq.; 4. Dr. John, Jr., of Rockaway,
N. J.; 5. Agnes; 6. Laura, m. May 10, 1858, Lewis A. Chandler, Esq.,
widower of her sister Mary.

Page 153, No. 980. — Read: Dau. of Col. Isaac Southard. The
name of the fourth child was John Rolin.

Page 154, No. 988. — There should be an asterisk before 988.

Page 154, No. 989. — For Dunlap read Dunlop.

Page 154, No. 597. — After Warren County insert Ohio.

Page 155, No. 997. — For Jephtha read Jephtha D.

Page 155, No. 598. — ^For Miss Dudley read Colonel

Ambrose Dudley of Cincinnati, O. The following line should read:
Daughter of Colonel Ambrose and (Ludlow) Dudley.

Page 155, No. 599. — ^Omit Dudley after Louisa.

Page 155, No. 606. — Samuel Lyon was born about 1781-2; Susan
Ogden, born 1779, died Aug. 17, 1809. See also record on p. 238,
where this same Samuel appears as No. 2170.

Page 157, No. 611. — In line 1, p. 157, for Son read Children.

Page 157, No. 625. — The maiden name of Phebe may have been
Purcell instead of Wheeler; see will of her aunt Abigail (Lyon)
Grumman, who mentions "my niece Phebe Parsel".

Page 165, No. 652. — ^After New Hartford insert N. Y.

Page 167, No. 692. — ^Elizabeth Lyon was born April 28, 1774;
she married, April 27, 1791, Moses Tucker.

Page 167, No. 1167. — For John read Jonathan M.

Page 167, No. 1168. — For Apollos B. read simply Apollos.

Page 167, No. 1169. — Instead of Mary M. Fisher, read Margaret
M, Fisher; after Robert read married Martha .

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


Page 167, No. 1173. — For Jonathan read Jonathan M.; after
Eliza Jane read born 1832.

Page 167, No. 1174. — Read: Aaron; m. in New York

City and rem. to French Creek, Pa.

Page 167, No. 1175. — Instead of George H. read George Henry.

Page 167, No. 1176. — The children of William and Nancy (Brown)
Koyer were: 1. James; 2. William; 3. Henry; 4. Maria; 5. Sarali
Jane; 6. Peter.

Page 167, No. 1178. — The name of Henry's first child was Mary
not Henry; eliminate Brown in parenthesis.

Page 167, No. 1179. — Also eliminate (Brown).

Page 168, No. 694. — After Tabitha Moore read daughter of Isaac
Moore .

Page 168, No. 694. — Rachel was twin sister of Sally, not of John
Lyon. Henry Moore was son of Joseph Moore of Mount Bethel and
therefore not a brother of John's wife.

Page 168, No. 1181. — Instead of Sally Ann read Sally Allen.

Page 168, No. 696. — Instead of John (or Jonathan) Ross, read
Jonathan Roff.

Page 168, No. 1196. — Instead of Julia read Julia Anna.

Page -168, No. 1197. — Instead of 4. Squire; 5. Milton, read: 4:
Edwin; 5. Squier; 6. Milton.

Page 168, No. 1198. — Instead of Squire Osborn read Squier Os-
born. Add to the list of the children of Nathaniel and Rachel (Potter)
Bond the following:

1198a. IV. 3Iartba.
1198b. V. Mary.

Page 168, No. 713. — Mary Potter maiTied James Morehouse Nov.
26, 1788; removed to Warren County, Ohio.

Page 168, No. 1200. — After Joel Kennedy add: res. Hamilton, Ohio.

Page 169, No. 1210. — Read Isaac Warren.

Page 169, No. 1211. — Read Henriette Amanda.

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


Page 169, No. 722.— The number 722 should be 772. The date of
birth is given here April 17, 1836; on p. 141 it is given April 17, 1826.
Query, which is correct?

Page 169, No. 727. — The date of Isaac Lyon's marriage, June 12,
1885, is clearly wrong; probably the year was 1850.

Page 170, No. 737.— In line 3 for Oct. 3 read Oct. 30.

Page 174, No. 836.— The number 836 should be 833.

Page 175, No. 840. — David Enyart was of Somerset Co., N. J. He
emigrated to Butler Co., Ohio about 1800 with his parents, brothers
and sisters.

Page 175, No. 1303. — Daniel Liebee is right; the correction on p.
891 to David Liebee is an error.

Page 175, No. 1304. — For Daniel Clark read David Clark; for
Mratha read Martha, but this record of marriage should be erased.
David Clark Enyart died an old man unmarried; it was his cousin
David Enyart who married Martha Ann Whittaker.

Page 175, No. 841.— Sarah Clark was born Oct. 1 (not 11), 1773.
The date of her marriage was Aug. 31, 1794. John Cox of Somerset
Co., N. J., emigrated to Washington County, Pa., 1797; two years
later to Harrison County, Va., and in 1801 removed to Ohio and was
one of the original settlers and founders of Fairfield, Green Co., O.
The date, 1907, should accompany the statement at top of p. 176, that
the pioneer homestead is still standing.

Page 175, Footnote:— For (1709-1787) after Philip', read (1709-
1785) ; for Joanna in the same line read Johannah. In line 6 instead
of "descended irom Sir Richard Cox," read son of Sir Richard Cox
(1499-1583). In the line of Sarah" Sutton, for DanieP read David'
(1703-1775). In line 4 from the bottom of the page, for Hannah
Winans read Susannah Backer [Baker]. Susannah Backer was a
daughter of Henry Backer and Susannah Winans, daughter of John
Winans and Susannah Melyen, daughter of Cornelius and Joanna.

Add at the close of the note: [Isaac" Cox] served from 1776 until
the close of the war. He was a Sergeant and participated in all the
battles in New Jersey including Monmouth, Trenton and Paulus Hook.

N. B. Pagre and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


Page 176, line 3. — ^For children of John and Sarah (Lyon) Cox,
read children of John and Sarah (Clark) Cox.

Page 176, No. 1311. — Fior d. Fairfield, O., in 1870, read d. near
Troy, Miami Co., O., about 1870. Add: m. 1st. about 1819, Anna S.
Tingley; m. 2nd. about 1827, Mrs. Mary Ham, nee Light.

Page 176, No. 1312. — Read: Elizabeth; b. in New Jersey, May 31,
1797; m. James Allen; d. in Osborne, O., 1855-6.

Page 176, No. 1313. — Read: Sarah; b. Jan. 7, 1799; d. March 17,
1860 near Osborne, O.; m. in 1816 John Haddix.

Page 176, No. 1314.— Add: m. Dec. 21, 1812 Harriet Havens Cook,
b. May 29, 1804 at Hanover, Morris Co., N. J., d. Aug 15, 1874.

Page 176, No. 1317. — ^For Christina read Christian.

Page 176, No. 1319. — For Price Wilkerson read Robert Wilkinson;
for d. Dayton, O., read d. Piqua, O. Add: res. Fairfield, O. and
Piqua, O.

Page 176, No. 1320.— Martha died at Piqua, O., about 1860.

Page 176, No. 1322. — ^After the word Amos add: also three daugh-

Page 176, No. 1323. — Read: Jonathan; m. .

Page 176, No. 1325. — Read: Jeremiah M.; m. .

Page 176, No: 1326. — Read; Charles B.; m. . Add: Jona-
than Clark and Elizabeth Prior had also four daughters.

Page 180, No. 918. — Rev. Elias Riggs and his wife Martha Jane
Dalzel went in Oct. 1832 as missionaries to Greece and from thence to
Smyrna in Asia Minor.

Page 180, No. 920. — James M. Ray was a native of Cauldwell,
Essex Co., N. J., and afterwards resided in Indianapolis, Ind., and
was cashier of the State Bank there.

Page 181, No, 924.— Elizabeth (Riggs) Forsyth died Sept. 7, 1848.
She married, Aug. 25, 1842, Antrim Robbins Forsyth, a merchant of
Greensburg, Ind., son of John Forsyth of Trenton, N. J.

Page 181, No. 1409. — For William read William Congar.

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


Page 181, No, 948.— Lewis Lyon married Feb. 23, 1826, Mary B.
Tucker of Livingston.

Page 181, No. 1426. — For Techenor read Tichenor. The same
correction should be made in line 3, also in line 2 from bottom of

Page 183, No. 988. — In line 8, for Janette read Jeanette.

Page 184, No. 1021. — In line 4 omit the Jr. after Samuel Much-
more Crane and instead of son of Samuel M. Crane of Chatham, N, J.,
read son of Isaac Crane and Mary Muchmore, daughter of Samuel
Mu.— William Clark Haddix died about 1870.

Page 210, No. 1787. — For Sarah E. read Sarah Elizabeth.

Page 210, No. 1788. — For Cosard read Cosad. Add to the list of
children of John and Sarah (Cox) Haddix:

1788a. VII. Maria Ann; b. 1839; m. Harvey Phillips; they had one son.

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


Page 210, No. 1314. — Harriet Havens Cook was a descendant of
Henry Lyon of Newark through Joseph- by two lines, viz. in the sixth
generation thus [Mary' (Lyon), Joseph, A. B.*, Capt. Joseph*, and
Mary Cook, Joseph^ Henry'] and in the seventh generation thus [Mary'
(Lyon), Rachel' (Crane) EzekieP, Abigail* (Lyon), Joseph^ Henry'].
Her husband John Cox was in the eighth generation through SamueP
as shown in the text.

Page 210, No. 1790. — Insert in the record: m. Emmeline Bressler.

Page 210, No. 1791. — For Staat read Statts.

Page 210, No. 1793. — Add: m. Mary Elizabeth Judson.

Page 210, No. 1794.— Add: m. 1st, Aug. 26, 1863, Sarah Sylvia
Reese; m. 2nd, Maria Markley.

Page 210, No. 1795.— Add: m. Dec. 24, 1868, Margaret Ann
Hoover .

Page 210, No. 1315. — For Lydia Cosard read Lydia Cosad. Lydia
Cosad was born 1799 in Sussex County. N. J., died about 1895, Seattle,
Wash. She was daughter of Rev. Thomas Cosad, born 1763 in Som-
erset County, N. J., died 1808 at Wantage, Sussex Co., N. J., and
Abigail Tirigley of Somerset Co., N. J. Rev. Thomas Cosad was a
son of Anthony* Cosart [Jacob*, Anthony*, Jacques'] and Catherine
Coon. The last sentence of the paragraph should read: She married
second about 1824 Moses Moore, married third about 1827 Joseph
Sexton [Not Saxton], and became a U. B. preacher and preached for
forty or fifty years throughout the West. She was known as Rev.
Lydia Sexton or "Aunt Lydia Sexton" (her people were Baptists).
Several years before her death she published her autobiography. In
line 6 of the paragraph, for Lydia (Cosard) Cox, read Lydia (Cosad)

Page 210, No. 1796. — Instead of res. Kansas, read res. Fort Scott,
Burlington and Fredonia, Kansas.

Page 210, No. 1316. — Mary (Cox) Martin died at Middletown,
Ohio, June, 1833. Jonathan Martin of Middletown, Ohio, was born
1791 in Middlesex Co., N. J., son of Isaac Martin and Sarah Valen-
tine, who came from New Jersey in 1803 and settled in Butler

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


County, O. Jonathan married first Nancy Crooks and had two sons
and two daughters. He died in December, 1831.

Page 210, No. 1797. — For Harriet read Harriet N.

Page 210, No. 1798. — Read: m. William M. Johnston, who m.
1st Mary M. Cox, No. 1789.

Page 210, No. 1317. — For Christiana, in line 1, also for Christina,
line 4, read Christian. She died near Danville, 111., Sept. 1887.
Solomon Mozier, born 1798, died 1877, was brother of Jacob Mozier,
who married Mary Cook, sister of Harriet Havens Cook, wife of John
Cox, Christian's brother.

Page 211, No. 1799.— Read: Adam H.; b. near Fairfield, O., about
1833; m. in 1887, Martha Cooper; no children.

Page 211, No. 1800. — John Cox Mozier, twin brother of Adam,
married about 1860 Margaret Endicott. They have five children living
(1907), three daughters and two sons. One of the latter is married
and one is unmarried. Residence Buford, Jefferson Co., 111.

Page 211, No. 1801. — William R. Mozier, b. near Fairfield, O.,
1837, married Nancy Bloomfield; had one daughter Harriet b. about

1860, who married Sweringer and had two children: 1.

Garfield; 2. Lena, m. Waggaman. William R. Mozier re-
sides at Independence, Kansas.

Page 211, No. 1802.— Levi J. Mozier. b. near Fairfield, O., 1840,
married first McGinnis (Macginnis) and had three daugh-
ters: 1. Clara J.; 2. Ella B.; 3. Emma Florence, married, June 21,
1906, Herbert C. Hebard. Levi J. married second, Ann Butz and
had two children: 1. Levi J. Jr., d. 1907, and 2. Elsey. All reside
at Danville, 111.

Page 211, No. 1803.— Read: Harriet Adaline; b. Oct. 28, 1845, at
Williamsport, Ind.; d. Dec. 19, 1905, at Danville, 111.; m. Capt.
Daniel C. Demude, Park Superintendent, Chickamauga, where they
resided several years, but now (1907) of Danville, 111. They had
no children.

Psige 211, No. 1318. — James M. Cox died in October, 1839,
(accidentally killed by falling from a stage). He married about

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of "Vol. II.


1833 Jane Woodward, born Nov.. 1811, died April 6, 1858, in Cali-

Page 211, No. 1804. — Adaline Woodward Cox removed to Cali-
fornia in 1857 and she and her brother James have resided in San
Francisco for nearly fifty years. She was married about 1862-4.
Res. (1907) near Huntington, Ind.

Page 211, No. 1805. — James Cox was unmarried. He died Dec.
15, 1907, at Huntington, Ind.

Page 211, No. 1319. — In line 3, for Dayton, O., read Piqua, O.;
in line 5, for Price Wilkerson read Robert Wilkinson.

Page 211, No. 1806.— Add after d. Jan., 1889, the words at
Dayton, O.

Page 211, No. 1807.— Read: Lydia; b. 1835; d. , Piqua,

O.; m. Isaac Patterson. After this line add:

Son of Robert and Matilda (Cox) Wilkinson:

1807a. II. Price; d. when a young man, unmarried.

Page 211, No. 1320.— Martha Cox died at Piqua, Ohio She
married about 1838-40 in Fairfield, O., Othias McGowen of Fairfield,
who died about 1900-1 at Covington, O. About 1858-60, removed from
Fairfield, O., to Piqua, O.

Page 211, No. 1809. — Charles Swayne McGowen was born about
1843. He married three wives and has only one living child, a son
Harry, who was by the second wife. Has resided many years and
still resides (1907) at Logansport. Baggage Master on the Pennsyl-
vania Railroad for many years. His son Harry is married and is
proprietor of a chrysanthemum farm in California.

Page 211, No. 1321. — ^William Clark resided near Dayton, Ohio.

Page 211, No. 1811. — Read: Sarah D.; m, Dennis Walsh; res.
Austin, Texas.

Page 211, No. 1812.— Add: res. (1907) Piqua, O.

Page 211, No. 1813. — For Van Skark read Van Skaik.

Page 211, No. 1815.— Add: res. (1907) Dayton, O.

N. B. Pagre and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


Page 212, No. 1818.— Read: Henry Van Tyle; b. 1836; d, 1895;
resided in Dayton, O.

Page 212, No. 1819. — Add: had ten children (names not ascer-
tained) ; res. many years in Dayton, O., but since 1902 was living in
Alleghany City, Pa.

Page 212, No. 1820.— Add: m. .

Page 212, No. 1821. — Add: unmarried.

Page 212, No. 1823. — Pauline died before 1888; she married
Charles A. Lewis, not Charles O. Lewis.

Page 212, No. 1824. — Instead of there were other children, read:
had also two sons res. in Boston in 1888.

Page 212, No. 1825. — Read: Adaline; d. before 1887; m. James
O. Davis, who d. about 1892; resided in Dayton, O.; a daughter
Louella m. Charles C. Spalding, residence Dayton, O.

Page 229, No. 1769.— Daniel Y. Cox died July 5, 1902. He married
Ellen Catherine Griffey (not Grissey as in the text)

Page 229, No. 1771. — Joseph W. Cox was born 1828, near Fair-
field, O. He died about 1890-2, at Union City, Ind. He married

first Julia A. Brown, and married second wife , by whom he

had three children, names not ascertained.

Page 229, No. 2049. — For William read William R.

Page 229, No. 1773. — Add to record of children of Irvin and Mary
E. (Cox) Wrigley:

S056a. IV. Jennie B.; d. about 1895.

Page 229, No. 2057. — The correction in Errata, p. 391, of Roy to
Ray is an error; Roy is correct.

Page 229, No. 1782.— For 1782 read 1783. Melinda Haddix died
about 1900 in Texas. The home of the family was near Osborne, O.
The sons, George W., Thomas, James M., Andrew and Charles were
all married; they removed to Texas some time after 1890.

Page 230, No. 2066. — ^For James D. Moates read Joseph D. Moates,
who died June, 1907, Dayton, O. His daughter, Josie May, married

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