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and resides Dayton, O.

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


Page 230, No. 2067. — Add: they also had a daughter who died
a young girl.

Page 230, No. 2068. — Read: John; m. .

Page 230, No. 2069. — For Thomas read Charles. Charles Hart-
man formerly lived in Osborne, O.; since 1888 he has been in
Colorado. His daughter, Eva Pearl, was born 1883.

Page 230, No. 2070. — For Benjamin read Benjamin F.

Page 230, No. 2072. — For Fraina read Fraim.

Page 230, No. 1788. — George Haddix was born about 1834-5, died
about 1895. He married Harriet Cosad [not Cosard], daughter of
Reuben* Cosad [Aaron', Anthony^ Jacob', Anthony^ Jacques'] and
Mary Rockfield. Add to children of George and Harriet (Cosad)
Haddix the following:

2074a. III. Frank; m. , Osborne, O.

2074b. IV. Lillie; m. Naden.

2074c. V. Emma; m. — .

2074d. VI. George; d. ; unm.

IsabeUa, Martin. Frank, Lillie and Emma and their mother reside (1907)
at Osborn, O.

Page 231, No. 2077. — It was Nellie R. Johnston, not Lelah E., who
died Aug. 23, 1901. The youngest daughter, Anna, married Sept. 17,
1906, Mark Harvey; they have one child. Leonidas E. Johnston
resides (1907) at Rushville, 111.

Page 231, No. 1790. — The last sentence in the paragraph should
read: He married, Nov. 15, 1850, Emmeline Bressler, born April 7,
1830, in Pennsylvania; died Feb. 11, 1903, in Xenia, O.; daughter of
Jacob and Catherine (Fisher) Bressler.

Page 231, No. 2080. — For Nov. 29 read Nov. 25; for m. Mary
Holtz, read m. Jan. 1, 1878, Mary E. Holtz, daughter of Lewis Holtz
of Ottawa, O. Prof. Edwin B. Cox has been Superintendent of Schools
at Xenia, Ohio, for over twenty-five years (1907). The children of
Edwin B. and Mary E. (Holtz) Cox were:

I. Mary Bdna; b. ; d. young.

II. licwis Clark; b. Sept. 24, 1882.

N. B. Pagre and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


III. Miriam; b. Oct. 11. 1886; d. Jan. 26, 1887.

IV. Zella; b. Feb. 1, 1889.

V. Bdwin Bruce; b. Jan. 7, 1897.

Page 231, No. 1791. — In lines 1, 4 and 6, for Staat read Statts.
The last sentence of the paragraph should read: She married first,
Dec. 3, 1850, Edward Statts, born Jan. 31, 1810, at Albany, N. Y.;
died April 22, 1863, at Detroit Mich,, son and youngest child of
Baremt C. Statts and Catherine Cuyler of Albany, N. Y. She married
second, March 12, 1884, John Wallace of Clark County, Ohio, born
June 14, 1820, died March 3, 1904, at Osborne, O. She resides (1907)
at Osborne, O.

Page 231, No. 2081. — Read: John Cuylen; b. May 12, 1853; unm.;
res. Victor, Colorado, [not California] ; assayer of the Portland Mining
Company in that place.

Page 231, No. 2082.— Read: Harriet Bleecker; b. Oct. 30, 1860;
d. May 1, 1884, at Osborne, O.

Page 231, No 1792.— Joseph B. Worley was born Sept. 12, 1816,
died May 1, 1884, [not Oct. 1888] ; m. Aug. 12, 1858 Julia Ann Cox.

Page 231, No. 2083,— Read: Joseph Cox; b. July 19, 1859; m. 1883
Louisa M. Holtzapple; children: 1. Julia Ethel, b. Aug. 25, 1884;
2. Mary Elizabeth, b. Jan. 2, 1886; 3. Rachel Esther, b. Dec. 28,
1893. Joseph C. Worley is a conductor on the Erie R. R.; res. G-alion,

Page 231, No. 2084.— Read: John B.; b. Jan. 6, 1862; m. 1883 in
Springfield, O., Frances Clark, dau. of Charles Clark; children:
1. Charles, d. young; 2., Robert; 3. John; 4. Helen; 5. Alice;
6. Henry; 7. Chloanna [not Chloarma] ; 8. Joseph Cuyler;
9. Frances; res. Springfield, O.

Page 231, No. 2085.— Read: Harriet Elizabeth; b. April 16, 1863;
m. Jan. 18, 1888, Jason Evans Keever [not Keiver] ; children:
1. Willard Havens, b. June 16, 1889; 2. Julianna, b. Feb. 13, 1895.
Res. Osborn, O.

Page 231, No. 1793. — William Henry Cox married, Jan. 9, 1862,
Mary E. Judson, born July 21, 1844. at South Salem, Westchester Co.,
N. Y., daughter of Oliver Judson and Susan Raymond.

N. B. Page and serial iiumljers are those of Vol. II.


Children of "William H. and Mary E. (Judson) Cox:
2085a. I. Charles; b. Nov. 9, 1862; d. Jan. 28, 1863.
2085b. II. WUUam; b. May 10, 1864; d. July 12, 1864.

2086. III. Oliver Wendell; b. June 5, 1869; m. June 28, 1893 Mary Catherine
Shellenbarger, b. Oct. 17, 1873; children: 1. WiUiam E., b. May 19, 1894; 2.
Esther Li., b. Aug. 22, 1899; 3. Robert F., b. Feb. 28, 1902. The family res. Os-
born, O.

2086a. IV. Harriet; b. Oct. 20, 1874; d. Feb. 13, 1875.

Page 232, No. 1794. — In line 4, after Sarah add Sylvia. After
daughter of John and Nancy (Herr) Markley, add: who res. near
Fairfield, O. At the end of the paragraph add: John C. Cox was
proprietor of a fancy stock farm at Osborne, O., 1865 to 1870, when
he removed to Dayton, O., and was in the wholesale drug business
from 1870 to 1873. From 1873 to 1902 he carried on a commercial
brokerage business, after which he retired from active business.
Resides (1907) at 1011 W. Second St., Dayton, O.

Page 232, No. 2087.— Read: Carrie Edith; b. Aug. 6, 1871; m.
June 8, 1907, Lewis Brailey Johnson, b. about 1856-7, son of Tapley
Taylor Johnson and Rachel Brailey; res. (1907) at Redlands, Cali-
fornia. [Tapley Taylor Johnson was a cousin of William M. Johnston
who married Mary M. Cox (No. 1789), sister of John C; also a
cousin to Dr. James L. Johnston, who married Esther Allen (No. 1776),
cousin of John C. Cox].

Page 232, No. 2088. — Instead of daughter of Mrs. Anna Cowen
Sanders, read: daughter of Francis M. Sanders and Anna Cowan.
Francis M. Sanders was the son of David Sanders (son of Cyrus of
Mendham, N. J.) and Jane Caroline Bonnel, daughter of William
Bonnel and Sarah Doty (daughter of James); William the son of
Capt. Nathaniel Bonnel and Elizabeth Allen; Capt. Nathaniel the
son of Nathaniel Bonnel, who came from Long Island to Elizabeth-
town and married Hannah Miller of Westfield.

Page 232, No. 1795. — For Hosver in line 3, also in line 4, read
Hoover. The last sentence of the paragraph should read: He mar-
ried, Dec. 24, 1868, Margaret Ann Hoover, daughter of Dr. Reuben C.
Hoover and Catharine Smith of Osborne, O., who emigrated from
Cumberland Co., Pa., to Fairfield, O., about 1850-2, and later removed
to Osborne. Theodore F. Cox resides Dayton, O.

B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


Page 232, No. 2089. — Read: Harriet H. (not Margaret H.)
b. Dec. 31, 1869; m. Aug. 27, 1895, Jonah A. Wollaston, who d. May
17, 1898, Dayton, O.

Page 232, No. 2090.— For Aug., 1872 read Aug. 12, 1873; for
Dayton read Osborne; add: unmarried.

Page 232, No. 2091.— Instead of b. 1874; d. ; read:

b. March 1, 1875; d. July 26, 1876.

Page 232, No. 2092.— Read: Mary Emma; b. Jan. 9, 1878;
d. Jan. 2, 1887 [not June 2].

Page 232, No. 1796. — John Thomas Cox resided many years at
Burlington and Fredonia, Kansas. Record of children of John T. and
Catherine R. (Allison) Cox should read:

3093. I. Ann Hemans.

2094. II. Clara Alma; m. George McDiarmid; children: 1. Lillie, 2.
Katie, 3. George.

3095. III. John T. Jr.; m. Elizabeth Fagan [not Fayan] ; children: 1.
Fagan; 2. Irene.

2096. IV. Herbert Finley; m. Irene Fagan.

2098. V. Lydia Catherine [not Cosad]; m. James M. Johnston (not James
W. Johnston) ; one child. Portia.

Page 232, No. 1797. — For Harriet Martin read Harriet N. Martin.
Henry Conklin was born about 1825, Morris Co., N. J.; lived many
years at Cambridge City, Ind., and later removed to Chicago, 111.
Harriet N. Martin died Feb. 1894, at Chicago; her husband died some
years previously.

Page 232, 1st Footnote. — Capt. Caspar Schneider was a "Ranger
on the frontier" in the Revolutionary War and a captain in the
War of 1812.

Page 232, 2nd Footnote. — Add after Ebenezer^ also Benjamin*.

Page 233, line 1. — For Harriet read Harriet N.

Page 233, No. 1798. — Isabella G. (Martin) Johnston died April 21,
1895, at Dayton, O. She married about 1862 William M. Johnston,
born Oct. 23, 1815. died Nov. 18, 1865, widower of her cousin, Mary M.
Cox, No. 1789.

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


Page 233, No. 2104. — For Bessie read Bessie A., and add:
m. , 1905.

Page 233, No. 2106. — Read: Charles; m. ; has children.

Page 233, No. 2107. — Read: John; m. ; no children.

Charles, John and Ivy Needham all reside (1907) in Dayton, O.

Page 233, No. 2112. — Read: Charles; m. ; res. at

Piqua, O.

Page 233, No. 2113. — Read: Anna; m. Alonzo Glick, now de-
ceased; res. formerly in Piqua, O., but now (1907) in Columbus, O.

Page 233, No. 1818. — For Harry Van Tyle Clark, read Henry
Van Tyle Clark. After Louisa Miller, add: he died 1895.

Page 233, No. 2115. — For Sarah E. read Sarah S.; add: res.
Dayton, O.

Page 233, No. 2116. — For William S. Sherer read William Sherer.

Page 233, No. 2117. — For Stratten read Stratton; add: res. Day-
ton, O.

Page 234, No. 2119. — Add: res. Dayton, O.

Page 234, No. 2120. — Add: res. Dayton, O.

Page 238, No. 2161.— It is stated in line 2 that Mary was born
about 1720; lower on the page the date is given as about 1722; the
latter is perhaps a closer approximation. The first four names in this
list, Nos. 2160, 2161, 2162 and 2163 undoubtedly belong to descendants
of SamueP Lyon through SamueP, Joseph^ Henry^ or possibly

Page 238, No. 2163a. — Colonel James Lyon is identified as James
No. 183, son of Henry*. Mrs. Helen Lyon Deas, who lives near
Newark or Orange, N. J., is a descendant of Colonel James.

Page 238, No. 2164. — Certainly not Phebe No. 161, daughter of
Daniel*. She was probably a daughter of Samuel Lyon No. 62.

Page 238, No. 2165. — Stephen, b. 1751, is almost certainly Stephen
No. 192, son of Henry^, but it was not this Stephen who married
Nancy Hill. The name of his wife was Mary.

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


Page 238, No. 2166. — Identified as Sarah No. 160, daughter of

Pagt 238, No. 2167.— Identified as No. 150, daughter of Eliphalet*,
erroneously recorded on p. 98 as Betsey Harrison.

Page 238, No. 2168. — Identified as John Heath' Lyon [Nathaniel
S.', David°, Nathaniel*, Capt. Henry^ SamueP; Henry']; No. 2405
on a subsequent page. For born about 1765, read born Aug. 21, 1819.

Page 238, No. 2169. — Identified as son of David" Lyon No. 178
and Rachel McCoy. He was born April 14, 1781, not 1770-5.

Page 238, No. 2170.— Identifltd as Samuel, No. 606, son of David=
Lyon. The name should certainly not have appeared in this place.

Page 238, No. 2170a. — Probably Samuel son of John No. 199 or
possibly son of Samuel No. 197; in either case grandson of Joseph*
No. 69.

Page 238, No. 2171. — Possibly Aaron No. 400, son of John^
Probably a son of Aaron No. 141. The date of his birth is given here
1799, on p. 240 it is given as probably about 1795. It is stated here
that he married Rachel Townley; on p. 240 that he married Rachel
T'ownley Harrison, the former no doubt her maiden name; the latter
should read: Mrs. Rachel (Townley) Harrison.

Page 238, No. 2160. — It is stated here that Prudence Lyon mar-
ried Josiah Baldwin. Congar in his Notes says it was Joshua Baldwin.

Page 238, No. 2173a. — Read: Zenas; m. Aug. 31, 1769, Dorcas
Younglove, bapt. Sept. 27, 1747, daughter of Bzekiel Younglove and
Mary Lyon No. 2163.

Page 238, No. 2175. — Read: Rebecca; m. Roberts.

Page 238, No. 2176. — Read: Mary; m. Ball.

Page 238, No. 2178. — Read: Lewis; m. Martha Williams about
1770; children: 1. Henry, b. 1773, m. Sarah Baldwin, daughter of
Caleb; 2. Sarah, b. 1778, m. Joshua Baldwin, son of Phineas; 3. Amos,
b. 1781, m. Sarah .

Page 238, No. 2162. — ^The statement that Rebecca Lyon at the
age of thirty-six married a man ten years her junior is remarkable if

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


true. One may note that only two children are recorded, both girls.

Page 239, No. 2165. — Stephen Lyon who married Nancy Hill was
son of David' No. 178, and was born in 1789, not in 1755 (or 1751 as
it Is on p. 238). The Stephen born 1751-5 was No. 192; his wife's
name was Mary. A part of this record probably relates to him. See
record on a succeeding page of Stephen Lyon No. 464e.

Page 239, No. 2166. — For Eppingham in line 3, read Effingham.

Page 239, No. 2187. — Read: Jemima; m. Bethuel P. Meeker; they
had a dau. Harniet Catherine, who m. William Pickett and went with
him to California about 1848-9; they had a daughter Anne Pickett,
who m. in San Francisco, Cal., in 1854, Samuel Barrett.

Page 238, No. 2188. — The record in full is as follows:

ISAAC TOWNLEY [Sarah' (Lyon), Daniel, Thomas', Thomas^
Henry^] was born May 22, 1777, and died Aug. 23, 1832. He married
Sarah Meeker, daughter of Michael Meeker and Mary Edwards.

Children of Isaac and Sai'ah (Meeker) Townley:

I. Cliirk; b. May 1, 1797; m. May 12, 1822, Rachel Gildersleeve; d. at
Shelbyville, 111

II. Charlotte; b. March 1, 1799; m. Charles Freeman of Morris Co., d. in

III. Fannie; b. June 23, 1801; m. Charles May; d. at Patterson. N. J., April
8, 1839.

IV. William; b. Aug 9, 1S03; m. 1st. Jane Ball; m. 2nd. ; m. 3rd.

Jane Pitch; d. in iSlizabeth in 1S92.

Y. Harriet; b. Dec. 12, 1805; d. young.

VI. Julia; b. June 2, 1807; m. Henry D. Johnson.

VII. Stephen; b. March 9. 1810; m. Dec. 18, 1838. Sarah C. Reeves; d. April
1. 1853. Sarah was b. April 6, 1815; d. Aug. 9, 1875.

VIII. £liza; b. 1812; m, John Adams; d. Oct. 18. 1844.

IX. Abigail; b. April 6, 1815; m. "William H. Hallenbeck on Oct. 13, 1832.

X. Harriet; b. Dec. 29, 1818; m. Samuel Cardiff.

XI. Isaac Baldwin; b. Jan. 13, 1822; m. Frances Tucker; d. at Newark, N.
J,, Feb. 21, 1853.

Page 239, No. 2191. — Read: Elizabeth; m. Luther Meeker and
removed to Western New York State; they had children; names

Page 239, No. 2192. — Moses and Phebe had a daughter Mary J.,
born April 15, 1811, m. Aaron Allen Gardner, Jr., and d. Jan. 2, 1881.

N. B. Page and aerial numbers are those of Vol. II.


Page 240, No. 2199. — For Eliza read Elizabeth; for Squire read

Page 240, No. 2168.— This is John Heath Lyon, No. 2405, whose
more complete and authentic record is given on a subsequent page.

Page 243, No. 2222. — Erase the asterisk.

Page 247, No. 2173. — Capt. David Lyon is identified as David.
No. 174, son of Samuel*.

Page 251, line 9. — Samuel S. Lyon was born Oct. 6, 1836; For
further information see Addenda, p. 378.

Page 251, No. 103.— In line 2, for Aug. 1779 read Aug. 12, 1779.
In line 6, for 1702 read 1712. In line 6, for Aug. 12, 1779, read
Dec, 4, 1761. The will of Benjamin Coe names a son Benjamin; this
Benjamin married Bethia Grumman, daughter of Ichabod Grumman
and Bethia Lyon Winans Foster, No. 50.

Page 251, last paragraph. — Rev. David Lyon is fully identified
as grandson of David" Lyon No. 178. The line is: David' [Stephen*,
David^ Nathaniel*, Capt. Henry^, SamueP, Henry^] .

Page 289. — In the inscription under the illustration facing this
page, for Walter Lyon, No. 415, read Walter Lyon, No. 280. The
same correction should be made in the illustration facing page 301.

Page 352, line 12. — For Palo, read Polo.

Page 375, Line 9. — Clarinda (not Clorinda) Lyon was relict of
Edward Birch Lyon, a Michigan pioneer who came to Dundee, Mich.,
about 1832 from Sacket Harbor, N. Y. His record is given in Vol. I,
page 317. His father, Abel Lyon, was certainly a descendant of
Richard Lyon of Fairfield, and not improbably the Abel Lyon who
served in the Revolutionary war from Lanesboro, Mass. (No. 155),
or possibly a son of that Abel. The given name "Caleb Meeker"
of one of Abel's grand children points surely to Fairfield, Conn., as
the home of the family.

Page 378, line 3.— The date of Samuel's birth, Oct. 6, 1836, has
been accidentally omitted; his death occurred in 1905.

Page 391, line 1. — Eliminate this and the following correction:
"David" and "Cosad" are right as they stand in the text. The name

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


Cosad was written by the original emigrants Cossart. It is variously
written by their descendants, Cosad, Cozad, Casad, Cosart, Cosard and
Cassatt. ,

Page 391, lines 20, 21 and 25. — Eliminate these corrections:
Domineck, Roy and Sprietsma are the right readings.

Page 447, line 16 of first column. — ^Transfer Victor to its proper
place under the head of Colorado, not California.


The following items were received too late to be placed in regu-
lar sequence.

Page 93, No. 87 (See also page 364 of this volume). — Joseph
Crane's youngest daughter Elizabeth, born about 1770. She mar-
ried in 1794 Daniel Doty, born March 23, 1765, son of John= Doty
[Joseph'] and his second wife Sarah Clark, daughter of Daniel Clark,
a descendant of Richard Clark of Elizabethtowu, N. J. Daniel Doty
married first, about 1787, Elizabeth Potter, who soon died (about
1789-90, daughter of Amos^ [DanieP, fSamueP] and sister of John
Potter, who married Bethiah Lyon, No. 388 and also settled in
Butler Co., O. In 1790 Daniel Doty went on an exploring tour down
the Ohio river as far as the present site of Cincinnati. He found
there only two houses — log cabins — one occupied by Major Benjamin
Stites, from Scotch Plains, N. J., the other by Capt. John S. Gano,
also from New Jersey. Rev. Daniel Clark, uncle of Daniel Doty, was
the first minister of the gospel in that region, having previously
preached many years in Pennsylvania. Daniel Doty returned to
New Jersey 1793-4, to bring thence hi's new bride, Elizabeth Crane;
he purchased a large tract of land in Butler Co., near the present
site of Middletown and settled upon it in the fall of 1795 or spring
of 1796. There he reared a large family, and there, on May 8, 1848,
he died. The date of his wife's death has not been ascertained.

Children of Daniel and Elizabeth (Crane) Doty, all but the oldest born in
Butler Co., Ohio:

I. Joel; b. in New .lersey Feb. 9, 1795; drowned in the Miami river In 1806.
II. Noah; b. May 6, 1796; d. 1803.

III. John; b. Dec. 15. 1797; m. Margaret .Jewel, dau. of .John, of Middle-
town, O.

N. B. Pag-e and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


IV. Daniel; b. Aug. 9, 1799; m. Ist, Mary Surges, dau. of Anthony; chil-
dren: 1. Randolph, d. at 23 yrs. ; 2. Mark; 3. John; Daniel m. 2nd, Catherine
Crane, his own cousin, dau. of Joseph Crane; children: 4. Aretas; 5. Georgre; 6. Pit-
man; 7. Sarah, d. ae. 4 yrs.; 8. Joseph; 9. Daniel.

v. Elizabeth; b. Jan. 16, 1801; m. her second cousin Ambrose* Doty [George^,
George'' Joseph^] ; children: 1. Nancy, d. in Iowa, ae. 19 yrs.; 2. Hnldah; 3.

VI. Huldah; b. Jan. 8, 1803; m. John Williamson; children: 1. Daniel,
2. Hendrick, d. ae. 19 yrs.; 3. Joseph; 4. £llen; 5. Elias; 6. William; 7. Mary
Anne; 8. Sarah Jane; 9. Abner 10. John Henry.

VII. Orpha; b. June 8, 1804; m. Thomas Van Tyle; a dau. Sarepta, m.
Golden, but d. ae. 20 yrs.

VIII. Sarepta; b. Feb. 16, 1806; m. 1st James Jewel, bro. of John's wife;
children: 1. John; 2. Albert; Sarepta m. 2nd, Aretas Crane, brother of Daniel's
second wife; children: 1. Joseph; 2. Sarah; 3. William; 4. !Ellas.

IX. Joseph; b. Jan. 7, 1808; m. Marys Vail [SamueP, Samuel*, brother of
Stephen, proprietor of Middletown] ; children: 1. Bnssel; 2. Gilbert; 3. Buth Jane;
4. Zina; 5. Deborah; 6. £llen.

X. James Mier; b. Oct. 8, 1809; m. Susan Anderson; children: 1. Joel;
2. Elizabeth; 3. Buth Anne; 4. Ellas; 5. Daniel; 6. Jerusha.

XI. Jerusha; b. Jan. 9, 1811; m. Simeon Taylor; one son, George.

XII. Elias; b. June 23, 1812; d. In Iowa, ae. about 23 yrs.; m. Pamelia
Bogart; one son, Noah.

J'OSEiPff CRAiNE [Jo■seph^ Abigail* (Lyon), Joseph-, Henry']
(see page 364 of this volume), son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Johnson)

Crane, was born about 1750. He m. and had a number of

children, among them Joseph, whose daughter Catherine married
Daniel Doty, above, and whose son Aretas married as second hus-
band iSarepta Doty, above.

Page 83, No. 31 (see also p. 361 of this volume). — Samuel Sayre,

son of Samuel and Hannah (Lyon) Sayre, married • and had

a son Samuel, born 1760-5. He lived in Madison, Morris Co., N. J.
He married Charity Cooper, born about 1765, daughter of John^' Cooper,
born 1738 [DanieP Cooper and Grace Runyon] and Lynche Boyle,
daughter of Solomon.

DANIEL* SAYRE [Elizabeth^ (Lyon), Joseph^ Henry*] (see pages
364-365 of this volume), married Anna Runyon, b. Oct. 27, 1747, daugh-
ter of Richard^ Runyon [Peter^ Vincent'] and Jane Van Court, b.
Aug. 13, 1727; res. near Madison, N. J.

Children of Daniel and Anna (Runyon) Sayre:

I. James; m. Deborah Dunham, dau. of John, son of John.

II. Elias; m. Miss Hetfleld of Ellzabethtown, N. J.; they had a

son Thomas O. Sayre.

Page 103, No. 233 (see also page 370 of this volume). — Joseph
Crane (not Phebe as stated on page 370 of this volume) was the

N. B. Page and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


oldest child of Ezekiel and Phebe Crane. He married Eunice Dod,
born 1741-2, died Feb. 20, 1822, daughter of Thomas^ Dod [DanieP,
Daniel, Jr.-, DanieP] and Sarah Newoomb. The following record is
preserved in the Courthouse at Newark, N. J.: "On May 5, 1794, the
lands of Joseph Crane, deceased, in Newark, were divided between
Sarah, wife of Timothy Day, Jr., Phebe Crane and Rhoda Crane, min-
ors, said lands bounded north by the road and lands of Tabitha Wood§
and southeast and southward by lands of Ezekiel Crane [No. 84].
Silas Howell, Simeon Broadwell and Daniel Bruen, Commissioners."

Children of Joseph and Eunice (Dod) Crane:

I. Sarah; b. Sept. 27, 1773; d. Feb. 26, 1860; m. Sept. 27, 1792, Timothy
Day, Jr., b. Sept. 3, 1768; d. Dec. 31, 1843.

II. Phebe; b. about 1776-7.

III. Rhoda; b. about 1778-9.

It is likely that there were other children older than Sarah but not living
In 1794.

Page 115, No. 413. — ^Asher Lyon could not have been a son of
Aaron, iNo. 141, who was born 1769, since Asher's son Joseph, No. 728,
was born 1785. Neither does it seem very probable that Asher was a
grandson of Mattaniah, No. 52, born 1724, although that would not be
impossible. He might more easily have been grandson of Mattaniah,
No. 17, born not later than 1694, but there seems to be no reason for
believing this. It will be noticed that his wife's maiden name was
Smith, so that the unidentified Smith Lyon, born about 1790, who
married Jerusha Dean in Springfield, N. J., might easily have been
his son. As it is, the names of Asher Lyon, No. 413, his son Joseph,
No. 728 and his grandsons, Jacob L., No. 1219, John H., No. 1216 and
Philip E., No. 1221, should find place in the list of unidentified Lyons.

Page 156, No. 1024. — For Nainette read Rainette.

Page 156, No. 1028.— For 1837 read 1831.

Page 174, No. 1292. — Add: Children: 1. Amanda Jenette; 2. Sarah
Anne; 3. Amelia.

Page 239, ;No. 2188 (see also page 402 of this volume). — Clarke
T'ownley, son of Isaac Townley, No. 2188, was born May 1, 1797 at
Springfield, N. J. and died at Shelbyville, 111. He lived at JefEersons
Village, N. J. Children: 1. Margaret, b. 1826; 2. Ezra, b. 1830; 3.
George, b. 1834.

ITabltha (Clark) Wood was the widow of John Wood whose sister Mary
married Henry Lyon, No. 68. Tabitha was daughter of Capt. Abraham' Clark b.
1702-3 [Thomas", Rlchardi].

N. B. Pagre and serial numbers are those of Vol. II.


From Dr. Palmer Heath Lyon there have been received oppor-
tunely the following records of some of the descendants of David
Lyon, No. 178, whose children are given among the foregoing notes;
see page 375 of this volume.

464e. VI. 178. STEPHEN' LYON [David=, Nathaniel*, Capt.
Henry^ SamueP, Henry^] was born at Lyons, Somerset Co., N. J.,
Sept. 3, 1789, and died Sept. 10, 1873. He married, Aug. 25, 1811,
Nancy Hill, born Feb. 17, 1792, died Sept. 17, 1847, of Basking Ridge.
Compare record No. 2165 on p. 239 of Memorial, Conn, and N. J.
Families. One may surmise that that record really applies to this
Stephen, but with erroneous dates of birth and death of Nancy Hill.
The other items might all be true of this Stephen except the wife
Mary in 1818.

Children of Stephen and Nancy (HiU) Lyon:

2400. I. David; b. April 27, 1812; d. Sloansville, N. T., March 2, 1906,
ae. nearly 94 y. ; m. Sarah A. Williams. This is Rev. David Lyon, In Ad-
denda, p. 251 of Vol. II.

2401. II. Mary; b. Feb. 12, 1814; d. May 1880; m. Sept. 8, 1856 C. C. Suy-

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