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Savage's Company, Col. Lamb's Artillery; died in hospital at New
Windsor at close of war.

Joshua Lyon (T. No. 143?); "of Greenwich" 1840, pensioner.

Justus Lyon ["Justas"]; private Capt. Gilbert Lyon's Company,
Col. Thomas Thomas, Westchester Co. Militia; also in same Regi-
ment, Capt. St. John's Company.

Michael Lyon; private Capt. Pawling's Company, Col. Pawling.

Michael Lyons; probably the same as the foregoing; private Capt.
Livingston's Company, Col. Wessenfel's Regiment (wounded, Marble-
town, Ulster Co.) .

Michael Lyons, (perhaps also same as foregoing); 8th Company,
2nd. Regiment N. Y. Line, enlisted April 12, 1777 tor 3 years, dis-
charged April 8, 1880.

Moses Lyon; private Capt. Gilbert Lyon's Company, Col. Thomas
Thomas, Westchester Co. Militia; also Capt. Sackett's Company in the
same Regiment.

Nathaniel Lyon; private Capt. Harrison's Company, Col. Harper's

Nathaniel Lyons (perhaps the same as the foregoing); private
Capt. Marshall's Militia Company, Col. Marinus Willett.

Noah Lyon; (T. No. 167); private Capt. Lawrence's Company,
Col. Thaddeus Crane, Westchester Co. Militia; also served in Con-
necticut Militia under Capt. Abraham Mead and in Conn. Line under
Capt. Thomas Hobby.

Peter Lyon (T. No. 94); member of Westchester Co. Committee
of Safety.


Peter Lyon; private in Capt. Gilbert Lyon's Company, Col. Thom-
as Thomas, Westchester Co. Militia; also in same regiment under
Capt. Hobby.

Roger Lyon (T. No. 60); in 1772 commissioned Captain of Militia,
and as such is said to have served in the revolutionary war; once
entertained General Washington and his staff at his home at North

Roger Lyon (T. No. 185); private Capt. Gilbert Lyon's Com-
pany, Col. Thomas Thomas, Westchester Co. Militia; also in same
regiment under Capt. Hobby and under Capt. St. John.

Samuel Lyon (T. No. 78); member of Westchester Co. Com-
mittee of Safety; member of Westchester Co. Regiment of Associated
Exempts, Lieut. Col. Joseph Benedict.

Samuel Lyon (T. No, 188); promoted Major, Feb. 22, 1776, from
2nd Major, in a Regiment of Minute men; had been Major (1772) of
Colonial Troops.

Samuel Lyon (T. No. 245); private Westchester Co. Militia, Col.
Pierre van Cortlandt.

Samuel Lyon (T. No. 237); said to have died from injuries re-
ceived during the Revolutionary war, an enigmatic statement; to him
in part may belong some of the following records of service, which
probably should be claimed in part by No. 245, and possibly may refer
in part to still a different Samuel; private 2nd. Regiment Westchester
Co. Militia, Col. Thomas Thomas, under Capt. Hobby April 16 —
Aug. 15, 1777, under Capt. Gilbert Lyon Dec. 17, 1780 — Nov. 4, 1781;
also in same Regiment under Capt. Sackett, under Capt. St. John
and again under Capt. Lawrence; also in Capt. Long's Company,
Col. Webster's Regiment. A Samuel Lyon is mentioned also as hav-
ing been a prisoner of war.

Samuel Lyons; private Capt. Long's Company, Col. Williams'
Regiment (probably the same as the Samuel Lyon above in Capt.
Long's Company); also in Capt. Tourneur's Company, Col. Hays'

Thomas Lyon; private Capt. Hunt's Company, Col. Wessenfel's
Regiment; also Capt. McNitt's Company, Col. Webster's Regiment.


Thomas Lyons (probably the same as the foregoing); private
Ulster Co. Militia, Col. Levi Pawling; also Capt. McNitt's Com-
pany, Col. Webster's Regiment.

Thomas Lyons; Meutenant in Col. Seth Warner's Additional Con-
tinentals, N. Y. Line; also lieutenant Capt. Barrow's Company, left
leg fractured at Ticonderoga July 2, 1777.


The ancestry of this William has not been ascertained, but it
may be assumed, that he was of the family of Thomas Lyon of Rye,
and probably in the fifth generation. He is said to have been born
in "Westchester County in 1774, and to have had a brother Samuel
about two years younger than himself. He, probably with his pa-
rents, went from Westchester County to Greenbush, near Albany,
but returned to Westchester County and settled at Unionville. He
took part in the war of 1812. He married Mary See, born 1780,
died April 24, 1847; buried at Unionville, N. Y. William Lryon
died March 18, 1849; buried in cemetery of Dutch Reformed Chh.,
Unionville, N. Y.

Children of William and Mary (See) Lyon:

2701. I. Sliza; b. Oct. 1801; d. March 21, 1883; m. 1st. Drake MUler; m.
2nd William Todd.

*2702. II. Andrew W.; b. Oct. 31, 1804; d. June 8, 1889; m. Harriet
De Revere.

2703. III. Peter; b. ; d. at sea; m. Louisa Marsh.

2704. IV. Susan.

2706. V. Nancy, b. 1810; d. Aug. 19, 1869; m. James De Revere.

*2706. VI. Thomas; b. April 10, 1815; d. July 23, 1891; m. 1st Mary Rey-
nolds; m. 2nd Matilda Lefurgy.

2707. VII. Mary; b. July 29, 1817; d. Feb. 8, 1888; m. Daniel Odell.
3708. VIII. Jane; b. June 13, 1820; d. Feb. 22, 1890; m. Abraham Yerks.

2709. IX. Charlotte.

2710. X. Daniel.

2702. VI. 270Oa.§ ANDREW" W. LYON [William'] born Oct.
31, 1804; led June 8, 1889; buried at Sparta, N. Y. He married,
about 1822, Harriet De Revere, born June 18, 1806, died June 8, 1890;
buried at Sparta.

Children of Andrew W. and Harriet (De Revere) Lyon:

*2711. I. George W.; b. Sept. 25, 1823; d. 1904; m. Levantia White


2712. IL James H.; b. Oct. 12, 1825.

2713. IIL Nancy Maria; b. March 12, 1829; d. May 17, 1867; m. James L.

2714. IV. Peter Edwin; b. Sept. 17, 1832.

2715. v. Stephen Marshall; b. July 29, 1837; d. May 25, 1838.

2716. VL WUIiam; b. 1840; m. Powell.

2706. VL 2700a. THOMAS" LYON [William'], born April 10,
1815; died July 23, 1891; res. Unionville (now Hawthorne), West-

§The arbitrary number 2700a has been assigned to William Lyon of Union-


Chester Co., N. Y. He married first Mary Reynolds, born Dec. 7, 1816,
died Aug. 8, 1876, daughter of Enos and Mahala (Miller) Reynolds.
He married second Matilda Lefurgy, born Aug. 20, 1826, died April
9, 1887.

Children of Thomas and Mary (Reynolds) Lyon:

♦2717. I. Oscar; b. Sept. 15, 1836; d. Feb. 1, 1907; m. 1st Catherine Ryder;
m. 2nd, Elizabeth Telford; m. 3rd, Anne Clark. ,

2718 II. £mily; b. Nov. 1. 1888; d. Sept. 5, 1889; m. David Haight.
*2719. III. Henry; b. Nov. 2, 1842; m. Armlnda Halght.

2720. IV. Mary Elizabeth; b. Aug. 1, 1846; d. Nov. 25, 1860; unm.

2721. V. Miller Reynolds; b. May 28, 1849; d. March 14, 1852.
*2722. VI. Elbert MUier; b. April 13, 1854.

2711. VII. 2702. OEORGE W.' LYON [Andrew W.«, William^],
born Sept. 26, 1823, at Hammonds Mills, Westchester Co., N. Y.;

died , 1904, at Sing Sing, N. Y., where he had resided. He

married, March 9, 1847, Levantia White Hicks, born March 25, 1825,
living in 1908; daughter of Rufus and Jennette (Salisbury) Hicks ot
Otsego Co., ,N. Y.

Children of George W. and Levantia White (Hicks) Lyon:

2723. I. Hiram Sparks; b. Dec. 18, 1847; d. 1905; m. March 1«,

1885, Charlotte Acker.

2724. II. Georgia Ann Salisbury; b. April 6, 1855; d. April 24, 1868.

2717. VII. 2706. OSCAR'^ L-YON .[ThomasS William''], iborn
Sept. 15, 1826; died Feb. 1, 1907; buried at Unionville, N. Y., where
he had lived. He married first Catherine Ryder, born Sept. 10, 1837,
died April 10, 1880, buried at Unionville; daughter of David Ryder.
He married second Elizabeth Telford, born April 9, 1864; d. May 6,
1891; buried at Unionville. He married third Ann Clark.

Children of Oscar and Catherine (Ryder) Lyon:

2725. I. Ida.

2726. II. MiUer.

2727. III. Julia; m. Robert Maynard.

2728. IV. Elizabeth; m. Purdy Orser.

2729. V. Bertha; b. Oct. 1, 1867; d. Nov.. 12, 1873.
Children of Oscar and Elizabeth (Telford) Lyon:

2730. VL Thomas; b. April 1, 1891; d. Oct. 6, 1891.

2731. VII. Clifford; b. April 1, 1891; d. April 28, 1894.

2719. VII. 2706. HENRY^ LYON [Thomas', William"], born
Nov. 2, 1842; res. (1908) Unionville, Westchester Co., ,N. Y. He


married Arminda Haight, born May 17, 1843, daughter of Horace
and Betsey (Brown) Haight.

Children of Henry and Arminda (Haight) Lyon:

2732. I. Isadora; b. April 9, 1860; m. Addison Bird.

2733. II. Henry Hudson; b. 1862; m. Lucinda Carpenter.

2734. IIL Olin J.; b. 1865; m. Askin.

2735. IV. Eveline J.; b. June 28, 1879; m. James G. Taylor.

2736. V. Chester B.; b. Dec. 12, 1884; unm.

2722. VII. 2706. ELBERT I^ILLER' LYON [Thomas^ Wil-
liam"], born at Unionville, Westchester Co., N. Y., April 13, 1854;
res. Schagticooke, N. Y. He married first Emmerretta Hammond,
daughter of Leander Hammond. She died Jan. 7, 1893, aged 34 y.
5 m. 27 d.; buried at Unionville, N. Y. He married second .

Children of Elbert M. and Emmerretta (Hammond) Lyon:

2737. I. Dora; m. Albert Cox.

2738. II. Frank.

2739. IIL Lonis.


In Volume I. of the Lyon Memorial, pp. 391, 392, there are mem-
oranda of several Lyons who lived in Greenfield, Mass., 1790-1820.
It seems most likely that they were all related, perhaps all descend-
ants of Caleb Lyon, No. 168. Caleb was married April 28, 1756. He
may have had a son born early in 1757, and it would have been natu-
ral that he should have named him John from his grandfather and
great grandfather. This would account for the John Lyon who died
in Greenfield Oct., 1798. The John born 1781 might have been the
oldest son of the foregoing, and was probably the same John who

bought a saw-mill in 1803, who married Patience , and

removed from Greenfield to Bernardston, and who died Sept. 19,
1839, leaving seven children. Another plausible hypothesis is that
Caleb's brother John, born 1740, joined him in Greenfield, after his
marriage, which took place in Goshen Aug. 8, 1771. (See Vol. I, p.
67). This would then probably be the John who died 1798, and the
John born 1781 may have been his son. Betsey Lyon, who was mar-
ried in Greenfield Jan. 28, 1795, was probably a daughter of Caleb,
or else of his brother John.§

It will be remembered that Caleb's son Caleb, No. 361, removed
to New York, settling first in Walworth, Wayne Co. Now William
Lyon of Wayne Co., N. Y. (see Vol. I, p. 312), whose son Daniel
lived in Walworth, may very easily have been a brother or cousin
of Caleb, Jr., and, since we have no other clew to his antecedents,
we may accept this as a plausible hypothesis — ^the more so, since the
immediate relatives of Caleb, Sr. were of an uncommonly enterpris-
ing disposition.

Records have recently been received of another Lyon of Green-
field, who certainly belonged to the family of Caleb, and who also
went to New York State to seek his fortune. His name also was

lit will be remembered that several of the brothers of Caleb Lyon settled
In Goshen, which is not very far from Greenfield; it is quite possible that some
of their descendants came to Greenfield. We may note that one of them, Levi,
had a son John born 1780, but he seems not to have been long a resident of
Goshen. Some of the sons of Aaron Lyon of Sturbridge lived 1780-1825 in
A-shfield, quite near Greenfield and niany of their descendants have never been
traced. Jacob Lyon No. 132, from Woodstock, settled about 1770 in Gageboro,
not far from Greenfield. There was a son Jacob and a daughter "Rockse" of
whose history nothing has been ascertained, but the children were left fatherless
while yet very young and might naturally have gone to join their kinsfolk in
Greenfield. It will bo noted that the name Roxy appears among the children
of William of Greenfield. There seems no reason for supposing that any of the
Lyons of Lanesboro and New Ashford, descendants of Richard of Fairfield, found
their way to Greenfield.


William, born July 25, 1790. He could hardly have been a son of
Caleb, Sr., or even of Caleb's brother John. It is almost certain that
he was grandson of one or the other of these, probably of Caleb.
His grandson, Alva E. Lyon, of Perry, la., says that he was one of
a family of twelve or thirteen children, one of them named Horace.
They were probably not all children of one mother, but the name
of the father has passed out of the remembrance of the family. One
of the brothers was probably the Rufus Lyon Who had a daughter
born in Greenfield Nov. 15, 1820 — probably the same iRufus who was
afterward (1827) Justice of the Peace and town clerk in Stock-
bridge, Windsor Co., Vt. This is inferred from the fact that Wil-
liam named one of his sons Rufus.

William Lyon left home at the age of fourteen, "his mother
having died and his father having married again," and went to Ver-
mont, where he lived ten years. It seems likely that he spent those
years in Craftsbury, where Nehemiah Lyon, probably his father's
own cousin, had settled. About 1814 William Lyon removed from
Vermont to Allegany County, N. Y., where he married Rhoda Millett
March 22, 1815. He remained in that region twenty-eight years,
then went west, locating in Jo Daviess County, 111., where he died
April 25, 1881. The brothers of William became widely scattered,
settling in New York, Vermont, Pennsylvania and even in Georgia.
Family tradition says that one of the sons had a daughter Mary
who was a fine musician in her time.

Children of Willlam§ and Rhoda (Millett) Lyon:

*4001. I. Isaac Perry; m. Mary R. TyrreU.

*4002. II. Betsey; m. Delson Tiffany.

*4003. III. Boxy; m. Samuel Johnson.

*4004. IV. Horace; m. 1st Mary Edwards; m. 2nd Grifens.

*4005. V. Mary; m. Columbus Wright.

4006. VI. Bufus; m. Charlotte St. John.

4001. VIII. 4000. ISAAC PERRY* LYON [Williamn, was born

in Allegany Co., N. Y., in June, 1821; died . He married

Mary R. Tyrrell.

Children of Isaac P. and Mary R. (TyrreU) Lyon:
♦4007. I. William H.; m. May Edmonds; res. Jefferson, la.
•4008. II. Bhoda; m. John F. Miller; res. Jefferson, la.

§To William Lyon of Greenfield, the arbitrary number 4000 has been as-
signed. He is assumed to have been of the family of William Lyon of Boxbury,
In the seventh generation. His probable line is William^ [John«, Caleb", Caleb*,
John', John2, William^].


4009. III. Harrison li. ; unm. ; res. Jefferson, la.

*4010. IV. Ii«wis S.; m. Mary Secord; res. Jefferson, la.

4011. V. Maggie d. in Infancy.

*4012. VI. Casper P.; m. Martha Clopton; res. Jefferson, la.

*4013. VII. Alva E.; m. Eva McKean; res. (1908) Perry, la.

4014. VIII. Grant; d. In infancy.

4002. VIII. 4000. BETSEY" LYON (TIFFANY) [William'], born
in Allegany Co., N. Y.; died . She married Delson Tiffany.

Children of Delson and Betsey (Lyon) Tiffany (the families live in Stock-
ton, in.):

4015. I. Albinos; m. Anna O'Brien; 5 children.

4016. II. Fanny; m. Thomas Tyrrell; one child.

4017. IIL Columbus.

4018. IV. Mary; unm.

4019. V. Charles; m. Mary Simons.

4020. VI. Palmer; unm.

4021. VII. Douglas; m. .

4022. VIII. Lena; unm.

4023. IX. Keuben; m.

4003. VIII. 4000. ROXY" LYON (JOHNSON) [William^, bom
in Allegany Co., N. Y.; died . She married Samuel Johnson.

Children of Samuel and Roxy (Lyon) Johnson (The families live at Stock-
ton, 111.):

4024. I. Allen; m. Emma Hopkins; children: 1. Thurlow (m. Carrie Dow;
2 ch.); 2. Jessie; 3. Leland; 4. Orlena; 5. Colonel.

4025. II. Millard; m. Mary Heilman; children: 1. Chester; 2. Earl (m.
Minnie Rindesbacker; a son, Liyman) ; 3. Stella (m Fred. CoppernoU; one ch. );
5. Florence; 6. liea; 7. Porter.

4026. III. MelTin; m. ; wife and child deceased.

4027. IV. Liiberty; m. Jonas Parker; children: 1. Alma; 2. Clyde; 3. Del-
son; 4. Ada; 5. Freeman; 6. Glenn; 7. I<aara.

4028. V. Victory; m. Jerome Griggs (?); a son Samuel.

4029. VI. Eunice; unm.

4030. VII. Reverday; unm.

4031. VII. Noble; m. 1st Florence Fitzsimraons; one child Mabel; m. 2nd
Ada Machomber; children: 2. Buth; 3. Arba; 4. I^ola; 5. Harold; 6. Martha.

4032. IX. Emma; unm.

4033. X. Delma; unm.

4004. VIII. 4000. HORACiE' LYON [William'], born in Allegany

Co., N. Y.; died ; married first Mary Edwards and second

Gr if en's.

Children of Horace and Mary (Edwards) Lyon:

4034. I. Alexander; m. ; res. near Mt. Carroll, XIL

4035. II. MitcheU; m. ; res. DeKalb, 111.


Children of Horace and (Grifens) Lyon:

4036. IIL Martha.

4037. IV. Boxy.

4038. V. Mary.

4039. VI. Charles.

4005. VIII. 4000. MARY» LYON (WRIGHT) [William^], was
born in Allegany Co., N. Y. She married Columbus Wright and lives
(1908) near Marengo, 111. She is the only one of the children of Wil-
liam Lyon now living (1908).

Children of Columbus and Mary (Lyon) Wright:

4040. I. Jerome; m. .

4041. II. Viva; m. .

4042. IIL Elmer; m. .

4043. IV. Delos; m. .

4006. VIII. 4000. 'RUFUS* LYON [William'], was born in Alle-
gany Co., N. Y.; died . He married Charlotte St. John,

Children of Rufus and Charlotte (St. John) Lyon (the families live near
Stockton, in.):

4044. I. John; m. Charlotte Tyrrell; res. Belvldere, 111.

4045. II. L.anra; m. Cassius Tyrrell.

4046. III. Homer; m. Sarah O'Brien.

4047. IV. Mary [Mamie]; m. Dr. Smith.

4007. IX. 4001. WILLIAM H." LYON [Isaac P.», William'], mar-
ried May Edmonds.

Children of William H. and May (Edmonds) Lyon:

4048. I. Ida; m. .

4049. IL WiU; m. .

4050. III. Anna; m. .

4051. IV. Sue; m. .

4053. V. Cecil; m. .

4053. VI. Harry; unm.

4054 VII. Ruth; unm.

4008. IX. 4001. RHODA A.« LYON (MILLER) [Isaac P.«, Wil-
liam'], married John F. Miller.

Children of John F. and Rhoda A. (Lyon) Miller:

4055. I. Maggie; m. James Winkleman; children: 1. Myrtle; 2. Grace (ni.
Hough; one dau.); 3. Sadie; 4. Dorris; 5. Bennie.

4066. 11. Isaac; m. Nellie Davis; no ch.

4057. IIL Fitz; unm.

4058. IV. Liberty; m. Henry Mattison; children: 1. May; 2. "Baby.'

4059. V. May; m. Judd.


4010. IX. 4001. LEWIS S» LYON [Isaac P.S William'], mar-
ried Mary Secord.

Children of Lewis S. and Mary (Secord) Lyon:

4060. I. James.

4061. II. Frank.

4012. IX. 4001. CASPER P.» LYON [Isaac P.» William^ mar-
ried Martha Clopton.

Children of Casper P. and Martha (Clopton) Lyon:

4062. I. Ernest.

4063. II. Percy.

4064. III. Vernon. ,.
4066. IV. Casper.

4013. IX. 4001. ALVA E.» [Isaac P.S William'] married Eva
McKean, whose father is author of the McKean Genealogy. Res.
Perry, la.

Children of Alva E. and Eva (McKean) Lyon:

4066. I. ComeUna.

4067. II. Homer.

(See Vol. II. p. 371.)

Nothing new has been learned of the antecedents of this Sam-
uel, but he was certainly of the family of Richard Lyon of Fairfield,
and quite likely may have been No. 198 (Vol. II. p. 271). The name of
one of his grandsons, the oldest child of (Ezra Lyon (Vol. I. p. 316),
Caleb Meeker Slocum Lyon is very suggestive, pointing to a close
relationship with the family of Caleb* Lyon [Samuel*, Richard^ Rich-
ard^] of Fairfield, since Caleb's daughter Rhoda married Caleb Meek-
er. Ezra's brother, Levi C. Lyon, married a Slocum. Samuel Lyon
with his family moved to Fulton, Co., N. Y., about 1795, 'settling in
Edinburg and securing land, it is said, from Van Vechten, Patroon
of Albany. According to H. M. Lyon of Minneapolis, his great grand-
son, there were five of the sons who settled in New York State, in
Saratoga and Fulton Counties.

One of these was Levi C. Lyon (Vol II, p. 371), another was cer-
tainly Abel Lyon (Vol. I, p. 316), still another was probably Ezra Lyon
(Vol. I, p. 316), who was brother, not son, of Abel. Irene (Lyon) Bass
was almost certainly a daughter of Samuel. The revised record of
Samuel's family, as far as ascertained is as follows:

Children of Samuel and Eunice ( ) Lyon:

I. Abel; b. about 1775.

II. Ezra; b. about 1790.

III. L«vi C; b. Hartford, Conn., 1791.

IV. Irena; b. about 1792-7.

There were several other children, including two sons.

Recently some other descendants of Abel Lyon have been traced.
One of Abel's sons was Daniel Brayton Lyon. The fact that the name
Brayton occurs also in the family of Edward Birch Lyon, another of
Abel's sons, makes it probable that the maiden name of some com-
mon ancestor, possibly Eunice, wife of Samuel, was Brayton. Abel's
wife's name was Esther Pulling, said to have been born about the
time of the battle of Lexington, and to have lived not far from Dan-
bury, Conn. Daniel Brayton Lyon was born in Edinburg, N. Y., Feb.
24, 1820. He was a graduate of Union College 1847 (name given er-
roneously in Vol. I, page 419 as David B. Lyon); Phi Beta Kappa;
became an .Episcopal clergyman and lived successively in Battle
Creek, Mich., Ionia, Mich., Ripon, Wis., and (1908) Minneapolis, Minn.
When living in Ripon he was County Superintendent of Schools, Fond


du lac Co., Wis. He married, at Battle Creek, Mich., Dec. 31, 1853,
Tirzah West Lord of New Ireland, Quebec, daughter of Peter Chand-
ler Lord and Lois Dexter West.

Children of Daniel B. and Tirzah W. (Lord) Lyon:

I. Hiram Moore; b. Battle Creek, Mich., Oct. 23, 1854; m. at MerrlUan, Wis.,
June 14, 1884, Bffie Laura Fulton, dau. of Andrew Jackson Fulton; res. (1908)
Minneapolis, Minn.

IL Charles Brayton; b. Ionia, Mich., May 16, 1858.
IIL Harriet Moore; b. Ionia, Mich., Feb. 19, 1860.

IV. Margaret; b. Ripon, Wis., May 3, 1867.

V. Heber Newton; b. Ripon, Wis., March 15, 1862.

VI. Mary Gertrude; b. Ripon, Wis., March 17, 1872; m. July 6, 1898 at
Indianapolis, Ind., Edward Taylor, son of William Alexander and Margaret Eliza-
beth (Shade) Taylor; ch. : 1. Edward liord, b. Aug. 21, 1899; 2. Heber Newton
I<yon, b. June 3, 1901; res. (1908) Indianapolis, Ind., 1941 N. Pennsylvania St.




















October fifth, 1710, the French fort at Port Royal, Nova Scotia,
was surrendered with 258 men to a force of Colonials under command
of Col. Francis Nicholson, who was colonial governor of Maryland
1694-99, of Virginia 1699-1705, of Nova Scotia 1712-17 and of South
Carolina 1721-25. Among the oflBcers under Col. Nicholson there was
a Captain Lyon, whose identity has not been ascertained. The fort
was renamed by its captors Annapolis. One of the keys which were
given up at the surrender is now in the cabinet of the Massachusetts
Historical Society.

It is recorded on page 368 of Vol. I, that Joanna Lyon married in
Dedham, Mass., Sept. 20, 1733 Benoni Fairbanks. May not this
Joanna or Johanna have been a daughter of SamueP and Joanna
(Weld) Lyon [William-, William'], perhaps the "Hannah," No. 120,
said to have been baptized July 24, 1714? It would have been natural
for Samuel to name one of his daughters Joanna, and the names
Hannah and Johannah might be easily confused. Note that Eleazer
and Jedediah, sons of Samuel, each named a daughter Joanna.

To record of Daniel Brayton Lyon, p. 432, add the following items:
Charles Brayton Lyon; grad. Ripon college. Res. 1908 425 Oak
Grove St., Minneapolis; m. at Marquette, Wis., June 6, 1883 Martha
McCracken, dau. of Samuel M. and Margaret A. (Benson) McCracken
(Mr. McC. d. at Berlin, Wis., Sept. 28, 1861). Ch.; 1. Bertha E., b. June 7,
1884; 2. Georgia West, b. Oct. 20, 1888; 3. Barbara Elizabeth, b. Sept.
11, 1896.

Harriet Moore Lyon, b. Battle Creek, Mich. Feb. 19, 1860. Res.
(1908) Chester Terrace, Duluth, Minn.; m. Minneapolis Oct. 22, 1884,
Frank C. Berry, son of J. Collins Berry and Amanda Beckwith
(of Minneapolis). Ch.; 1. Marion Russell, b. Nov. 20, 1885. 2. Brayton
Lyon, b. March 21, 1890. 3. Laurence Everest, b. Nov. 27, 1898; all
b. Minneapolis.



From a letter written Feb. 18, 1879, by Alvin Lyon, son of Elisha, No. 450
of family'of "William of Roxbury; Alvin was then 83 years old.

The Tradditions of Our family are like this:

Long time past Our ancestors lived in france Near the City of
Lyons. At the Massacre of St. Bartholomew, Being French Hugenots
a Remnant escaped the Massacre of that Terable Night, they went
Over to England where we received a commingling of Anglo Saxon
Blood took place, passing to Wales and not liking they returned to
England and from theire Seven Brothers of the name of Lyon emi-
grated to this Country, they came Direct to providence Bringing
their families theire Ox Yokes their Hay poles plows chains and all
the Impliments of husbandry. Havein procured Carts and Oxen they
proceeded Inland when Night came on they divided themselves among
the farmers the woman took from the cart her wheel and obtaining
a Distiff of flax sat down to her wheel with a will the old man God
Bless him, took his ax and mounted the wood pile in this way they

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