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space of one year unto said John and Marie Willson, the said John and
Marie Willson giving them quitt claim to land aforesaid, and in
failure thereof said John and Marie Willson may take out an execution
against so much of the land aforesaid as may satisfie the said sume."
(Colonial Rec. Conn. IV. p. 424; date May 13, 1703). Oct. 11, 1705,
there is record of the issuing of such execution (Col. Rec. Conn. IV.
p. 531). See appendix, note 6.

A more amicable transaction is recorded June 24, 1737, when
certain lands at Horseneck were transferred by Thomas Lyon, John
Willson, Jonathan Lyon, David Lyon and John Lyon, all of Greenwich,
to Thomas Close (Greenwich T. R. V. p. 13.).

Children of Joseph and Mary (Lyon) Stedwell:

12. I. Mary; m. Samuel Crampton of Rye.

13. II. Joseph.

14. III. Martha; m. David Lyon (No. 34).
16. IV. Johanna; m. George KnifEen. Jr.

4. II. 1. ABIGAIL' LYON (BANKS) [Thomas'], born Fairfield.
Conn., about 1654; died before Nov. 1713t (date of settlement of estate
of her brother Samuel). She married in Stamford, Conn., April 3, 1672,
John Banks, son of John Banks, Sr., of Fairfield. See appendix, note 7.
John Banks, Jr. died July 14, 1699 (Savage). Distribution of estate
May 4, 1703; to widow Abigail Banks her dowry and one-third the
personal estate; four sons and two daughters; widow Abigail guardian

§This seems to have been an after thought, for on Nov. 4, 1691, John Willson
and Mary Willson gave quit claim to the executors and administrators of the
estate of Thomas Lyon for any demands by reason of any legacy due by tne
will of the deceased, or any other demand which is or may be [made] by us
on said estate. Greenwich Town Records, p, 78.

tShe was living Dec. 19, 1710: "Deliverance Brown received from mother-in-
law Abigail Banks, etc." (Fairfield Rec.)


to John Banks, the youngest son; Mary Banks chose her Mother guar-
dian; Joseph Banks guardian to his brothers Daniel and Samuel.

Children of John and Abigail (Lyon) Banks:

16. I. Joseph; b. about 1674; m. Hannah , who married Ind.

1713, John Lyon (No. 24).

17. II. Daniel; m. Lydia .

18. III. Samuel; m. 1st — — — — ; m. 2nd Rebecca (Hobby) Lyon, widovr
of Thomas Lyon (No. 22).

10. IV. Daughter; m. Deliverance, son of Hakallah Brown.

20. V. John.

21. VI. Mercy.

5. II. 1. JOHN^ LYON [Thomas^], born, probably at Fairfield,
Conn., about 1655, and died in Greenwich in 1736. He lived with his
brother Samuel on the undivided estate left by their father, Thomas
Lyon. The name of his wife has not been ascertained. John Lyon was
deputy to the General Court of Connecticut from Fairfield, Conn., 1725-
1730. Feb. 27, 1698-9, at a meeting of the proprietors of the town, it
was agreed "that we doe impower the aforesaid men (Hecaliah Brown,
Deliverance Brown, John Merritt, Robert Bloomer and John Stockham)
to bargain with and sell unto John Lyon a certain tract of land lying
up Byram river, if they shall see good and convenient soe to doe," and
to John Lyon was confirmed "a parcel of land lying against the mill
between the cartway down into the Neck and the mill creek bounded
up the said creek by John Hoit's meddow and to run down to the said
Creek till it comes to John Boyd's meddow, provided the said John
Lyon doe not praidice the carte way into the neck, nor the way to the
mill, neither shall hee hinder any person from settin up thare field
fence if they have occasion." At a town meeting held Sept. 20, 1697,
Capt Theall, John Horton, Joseph Purdy, Hecaliah Brown, John Lyon,
Thomas Merritt and Isaac Denman were chosen a committee "for the
management and carrying on of the worke of building a meeting house
for the towne of Ry, and also for the appointing of a place where it
shall set, and the above meeting house shall not acsed above thirty
square feet." The seating space of this place of worship speaks for
the size of the congregation, which doubtless comprised every family in
the settlement.

In April 1699, John Lyon and Isaac Denman were chosen to lay out
a road to White Plains, "beginning at the head of Capt. Theall's land
and so to run to the caseaway (causeway) brook," said road to be three
rods in breadth. July 14, 1710, John Lyon signed a quit claim for


all obligations due him from his brother Joseph; witnesses Richard
Ogden and John Stockham. Feb. 1714 ("one thousand seven hundred
and thirteen fourteen") John Lyon, Sr., living at Byram in the Town
of Greenwich, deeded to his son Daniel Lyon of the same place his
dwelling house and home lot, with all his lands and meadows on
"Byrum Neck" not already disposed of to his son John Lyon, Jr.;
John Corbit witness. His will (Stamford Probate Rec. Lib. I. p.
115) was dated Jan. 24, 1736; executors John Merritt and Samuel
Brown; witnesses Johannes Dow, David Lyon, George Gorham. He
bequeathed to Caleb Lyon, son of his son Thomas, deceased, one half
the mill in Greenwich, with one half the lands pertaining to it, he to
pay to his sister, when he should come of age, £30 current money;
Thomas, brother, of Caleb to have the other half of the mill property;
to his son John the western and to his son Daniel the -eastern half
of the land at Byram Neck already deeded to them, Daniel to have
also the lands on "Mary's Hill." (In case Daniel died leaving no
male heir the lands bequeathed to him were to go to James Lyon, son
of John, Jr.) The moveable estate to be divided equally between
"my four daughters, Ruth, Mary, Hannah and Jude." For full text
of the will see appendix, note 8.

Children of John Lyon:

*tt. 1. Thomas; b. before 1689; d. 1733; m. Rebecca Hobby.

*2S. II. Daniel; b. about 1688; d. 1762; m. Sarah Jennings.

•M. III. John; b. about 1690; d. July 1749; m. Hannah, widow of Joseph

K. IV. Buth; living in 1736.

8«. V. Mary; living 1736.

*!87. VI.. Hannah; b. 1704; d. about 1790; m. Close.

28. VII. Jude; living 1736.

7. n. I. SAMUEL' LYON [Thomas'], was born at Greenwich.
Conn., date not ascertained, and died at Rye, N. Y. in 1713. He was
unmarried and died intestate. Fairfield Probate Records (Lib.
1702-50, p. 268) contained the following memorandum: "Thomas Lyon
who was appointed administrator on the estate of Samuel Lyon late of
Greenwich, according to a former Order of Court, have rendered an
aocompt of his administration to the Court of Probate held in Fair-
field Dec. 1713, which accompt the Court have compared with the In-
ventory [and] do find that there is Clear Estate the sum of £180. 14s.,
the deceased Lyon dieing and leaving no Issue but there was surviving
eight brothers and sisters, two of the said sisters being also deceased.


the Court do therefore order that said estate shall be divided as fol-
loweth: To Thomas Lyon above named £67. 16s. 9d.; to John Lyon.
Joseph Lyon, Sarah Merritt and Deborah Cove [or Cone] each £22.
12s. 3d., and to the children of Elizabeth, one of the sisters of the
deceased Samuel Lyon, £22. 12s. 3d. It is to be understood that
Thomas above sd hath bought two sheirs of sisters Abigail and Mary
which is the reason of his exceeding a single portion. And the Court
do desire and appoint Mr. Elisha Holly and Mr. John Holly Cooper to
distribute sd Estate according to above Order of Court."

6. IL 1. THOMAS' LYON [Thomas'] was born at Greenwich,
Conn., in 1673, and died April or May 1739. He built the house near
Byram Bridge, which is still standing, having been occupied continu-
ously until the present time by his descendants. Among the Land
Records we find "Land laid out on ye west side of Byram River, known
as Cook's Purchase, to Thomas Lyon, Joseph Lyon, Samuel Lyon,
Abigail Banks and Thomas Bullis" (Fairfield Deeds II, p. 43, date 1701).
John Lyon, Thomas Lyon and Samuel Lyon of Rye and Byram, sell
property at Fairfield that was their father Thomas Lyon's (ibid III.
p. 73; date 1707). Thomas Lyon married Abigail, daughter of John
Ogdent, of Stamford, Conn.; she was living at distribution of estate of
Thomas Lyon, Sept. 1752; d. before Nov. 26, 1760.

Thomas Lyon was a member of Colonel Robert Hunter's Com-
pany of Fuliseers, mustered in New York and Westchester counties
on February 24, 1711 for 61 days' service on the Canadian frontier
(Booth's Hist. New York City) .

For the full text of the will of Thomas Lyon (dated April 2, 1739,
proved at Stamford, Conn., May 1st, 1739, see Note 9 in Appendix.
The following are named as children and grand children and heirs
of Thomas Lyon and also of Abigail Lyon, widow of said Thomas,
Nov. 26, 1760: John Fowler and wife Elizabeth, both of Westchester;
Charles Theall and wife Jemima, both of Greenwich; Israel Knapp,
of Greenwich, and his children, born of his first wife Mary, daughter

tJohn Ogden came to Stamford from Long Island In 1641 and received
Dec. 7 a house and lot dI* ten acres. In 1642 he agreed with Governor Kieft
to build a stone Church for 2500 guilders. He returned to Hempstead In 1644,
and was one of the patentees of the town. He removed in 1651 to Southampton,
li. I., where he was chosen Assistant, and named in the Royal Charter. H«
went to New Jersey with Governor Carteret, and was representative from Eliza-
bethtown in the First General Assembly, 1668. He married Jane, daughter of
Robert Bond of Southampton, and his daughter Abigail became the wife of
Thomas Lyon, Jr.



of said Thomas Lyon, deceased; viz: Timothy, Mary wife of Stephen
Mead, Elizabeth, Hannah; Jonathan Hubby and wife Deborah, of
Greenwich; these acknowledge receipt from "our brothers Thomas
Lyon of Rye and Gilbert Lyon of Greenwich" (Greenwich T. R. IX.
p. 28).

Children of Thomas and Abigail (Ogden) Lyon:

*29. I. Abigail; m. 1st William Anderson; m, 2nd Jeremiah Anderson; was
"of Greenwich" 1760.

•SO. II. Thomas; d. Nov. or Dec. 1770; m. 1st Phebe Vowles; m. 2nd
Martha Travis.

*.31 III. Samuel; b. Oct. 14. 1701; d. March 3. 1756; m. 1st ; m.

2nd Hannah Miller.

*32. IV. Jonathan; b. June 1, 1706; d. 1783-7; m. Blizabeth Mead.

•S$. V. Mary; b. about 1707; d. before 1742; m. Israel Knapp.

*34. VI. David; d. 1772; m. Martha Stedwell.

*S6. VII. Joseph; d. Dec. 23, 1776; m. 1st Mary Disbrow; m 2nd Ann

*S9. VIII. Jemima; m. Charles Theall; res. 1760 Rye, N. T.

*S7. IX. Deborah; b. about 1715; d. 1802; m. Jonathan Hobby; was "of
Greenwich" 1760.

*38. X. Elizabeth; m. John Fowler; res. 1760 Westchester; was llvlnr

*3t. XI. GUbert; b. July 20, 1719; d. 1816; m. Jane Knlffen.

8. IL 1. JOSEPH^ LYON [Thomas^] was born in Greenwich,
Conn., about 1677 and died in Rye, N. Y., Feb. 21, 1761, in his 84th

His wife's name was Sarah, parentage not ascertained. He
owned and operated a grist millf on Blind Brook, and purchased from
the original proprietors of Rye Neck, Joseph Budd, John Hought
(Hoyt) and Daniel Purdy, a lot of thirty acres in addition to the estate
inherited from his father. In 1711 he was one of the vestrymen
elected by the parish of Rye (established 1695). § In 1729 his name
appears with that of his brother John among the signatures to a grant
of land to the Presbyterian Society as a site for a church building. In

tRye from early times rejoiced in a considerable number of mills for which
the numerous streams afforded excellent facilities. Of these we find fifteen or
twenty In operation before the Revolution. The first established were grist

mills. John Budd's, afterwards known as Lyon's Mill, on Blind Brook Creek,
was built sometime before the year 1669. Not long after the Mill on the
opposite side of Rye Neck was built by the same proprietor on Mamaroneck
River. In 1696 Samuel Lane and Joseph Lyon received permission to build
a Mill on Blind Brook, the location of which is supposed to be that now occu-
pied by Park's Mill. This was long known as Bloomer's Mill.

{His fellow vestrymen were Andrew Coe. John Merrltt, Sr., Daniel Purdy,
Thomas Purdy, Thomas Merritt, Jr., George Lane, Jr., John Disbrow of Mamaro-'
neck. George Kniffln. John Miller of Bedford and Joseph Cleator Clark.


the Blind Brook Cemetery at Rye Neck is found a tombstone, elabor-
ately carved after the ancient fashion, bearing the inscription: "In
Memory of Mr. Joseph Lyon who deceased Feb. the 21st, A. D. 1761,
in the 84th year of his age. He gave the land for the cemetery."

His will, dated Oct. 10, 1752, probated March 12, 1761, mentions
wife Sarah, daug'hters Phebe, wife of Samuel Miller, Amy, wife of
Grodf rey Haines and Annie, wife of Elisha Budd ; also grandsons Joseph,
Elisha and Sylvanus (Merritt), children of deceased daughter Mary,
and grandson Jonathan Budd. For full text, see note 10 in appendix.

Joseph's widow Sarah died Jan. 26, 1769 in the ninetieth year of
her age; buried in Blind Brook Cemetery. Her will was dated April
8, 1767, proved Jan. 30, 1769 before Caleb Fowler, Surogate of West-
chester Co., N. Y. (Probate Rec. XXI. p. 647).

Being "at present in good health and sound mind" bequeathes to
her daughters Phebe Miller and Amy Haines to be equally divided,
her household goods, furniture and wearing apparel; to each of child-
ren [not named] of daughter Anne Budd, deceased £10; the greater
part of the remainder of the property to go to daughters Phebe Miller
and Amy Haines and to grandsons Joseph Merritt and Sylvanus Merritt,
and to grandson William Miller. "I order that my negroes have a
fortnight to look their masters in, and not to be forceably sold under
a month after my decease." Executors, grandsons Joseph Miller and
William Miller. Signed Sarah Lyon, her mark. Witnesses, Andrew
Merritt, farmer, Ezekiel Halsted, John Carhart.

Children of Joseph and Sarah ( ) Lyon:

♦40. I. Phebe; b. about 1700; m. Samuel Miller.

*41. II. Amy; m. Godfrey Haines; d. 178'3-4.

*42. III. Anne [Annie]; b. 1704; d. Dec. 6, 1760; m. Elisha Budd.

•43. IV. Mary; d. before Oct. 1752; m. Andrew (?) Merritt.

9. II. 1. ELIZABETH- LYON (MARSHALL) [Thomas'], born
in (j<reenwioh. Conn., date not ascertained, died about 1712, previous
to settlement of estate of her brother Samuel, Nov. 28, 1713. She
married John Marshall, Jr., son of John Marshall of Greenwich. June
2, 1698 Thomas Lyon deeds land to John Marshall, Jr. (Greenwich T.
R. I. p. 199). May 21, 1700 John Marshall deeds land to John Mar-
shall Jr. (ibid I. p. 218). Estate of John Marshall, Jr. adm. April
6, 1733, at Stamford.

Children of John and Elizabeth (Lyon) MarshaU (Greenwich T. R.):
44. I. Child; b. ember 10, .


46. II. ChUd; b.

46. HI. John; b. May ; m. Jan. 10, 1732, Sarah, dau. of Joseph


47. IV. Hannah; b. Dec. 25, 1704-5.

48. V. David; b. Jan. 31, 1706-7; d. 1759; adm. of estate at Stamford to
John Griffin of New York.

49. VI. Elizabeth; b. Oct. 6, 1708; m. Aug. 26, 1736, Daniel Lyon (No. 23).

60. VII. Elihu; b. June 4, 1710; d. 1747; left dau. Judith, ae. about
eleven in 1747 (Probate Record, Stamford).

51. VIII. Mary [Mercy]!; b. Jan. 11, 1711-2; m. Nov. 8, 1734, Daniel

By a second wife, John Marshall had also sons: 1. John; b. Sept. 24, 1714;
2. Zaccheus; b. April 11, 1716; 3. Ichabod; b. Feb. 22, 1717-8; Michaiah; b. June
17, 1723-4. z

22. III. 5. THOMAS^ LYON [John^ Thomas^], born at Byram,
Greenwich, Conn., before 1689; died there in 1732 or 1733. He married
Rebecca, daughter of Thomas and Rebecca Hobby. After his death
she married, before Oct. 17, 1733, Samuel Banks (No. 18) as his second
wife. Thomas Lyon was mentioned in the will of his grandfather,
Thomas Lyon. He had a large tract of land in Grenwich deeded to
him by his father, Feb. 8, 1713-4. Rebecca, wife of Thomas Lyon
made confession of faith in the second Congregational Church in
Greenwich, Oct. 13, 1728, and her five children then living were bap-
tized a week later. Oct. 17, 1733 administration on the estate of
Thomas Lyon was granted to Rebecca Banks who had been his widow.
(Stamford Probate Records.)

Children of Thomas and Rebecca (Hobby) Lyon:
•52. 1. Caleb; bapt. Oct. 20, 1728; d. Aug. 30, 1809; m. Eunice Mead.

53. IL Hannah; bapt. Oct. 20, 1728.

54. III. Thomas; b. about 1715; bapt. Oct. 20, 1728; removed to New
Hempsteadt; d. before 1759.

55. IV. Rebecca; bapt. Oct. 20, 1728.

56. V. Job; bapt. Oct. 2«, 1728.

•57. VL Ruth; bapt. Oct. 29, 1732; m. Nov. 1, 1753, Abraham Mead.

23. III. 5. DANIEL' LYON [John^ ThomasS] born Greenwich,
Conn., about 1688 (?); died in 1782. He married Sarah Jennings,
daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Grumman) Jennings. She was born
Feb. 1, 1699, and was not living when her husband died. June 29,
1728 his father deeded him land "for love." It is possible that it
was this Daniel ("Daniell") Lyon who was married Aug. 26, 1736 to

§ Children of Daniel and Mary (or Mercy) Marshall Ogden: 1. Daniel; b. Aug.
31, 1375; 2. Mary; b. April 8, 1737; 3. Elizabeth; b. Sept. 9, 1739; 4. Ichabod;
b. May 8, 1742; 5. John; b. April 24, 1744; 6. Joab; b. July 29, 1746; 7. and 8.
(twins) Richard and John; b. Jan. 13, 1748-9.


daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Grumman) Jennings. She was born
Feb. 1, 1699, and was not living when her husband died. June 29,
1728 his father deeded him land "for love." It is possible that it
was this Daniel ("Daniell") Lyon who was married Aug. 26, 1736 to
Elizabeth Marshall (No. 49) (b. Oct. 6, 1708) by James Reynolds J,
P., Greenwich. They had a son Daniell, b. Dec. 12, 1736. It is re-
corded that Elizabeth Lyon and Elias Marshall deeded to Thomas Hill
of Stamford land that had come from their father, John Marshall
(Greenwich T. R. VIII. p. 106).

The will of Daniel Lyon was dated Feb. 7, 1782 and probated at
Stamford, Conn., April 3, 1782.

Daughter of Daniel and Sarah (Jennings) Lyon:
•58. I. Hannah; b. about 1730: m. Gilbert Merritt.

24. III. 5. JOHN^ LYON [John% Thomas'], born Greenwich,
Conn.; lived and died at Byram Neck; will dated July 14, 1749; pro-
bated New York, Aug. 10, 1749. He married Hannah, widow of Joseph
Banks (No. 13).* Feb. 10, 1713-4 John Lyon Sr. deeded land to his
son John Lyon of Greenwich. Sept. 10, 1741 John Lyon and wife
Hannah of Greenwich deeded land to son in law Joseph Banks, son
and heir to Joseph Banks, late of Greenwich. Jan. 26, 1718-9, John
Lyon was Executor in will of Thomas Merritt of Rye. June 27, 1719.
he was administrator to estate of Samuel Banks of Rye, whom he calls
"uncle." In his will he leaves to wife Hannah [hanah] the use of
the house and barn and four acres of land adjoining. To his eldest
son John he leaves the house at Greenwich "where he now lives" and
half of "the land that I have on Byram Neck adjoining to the River,"
also "my young negro Jeffery, which he had some time before." To
his son James he leaves "Mary's Hill" on Byram Neck and "Samuel
Banks Lott," also "my negro boy Hector." To his son Roger he
leaves land on Calves Island "and all my salt meadow" and "my right
in the undivided lands in Rye," also "my negro Mack which lives with
him." To his son Gilbert he leaves the farm where he himself re-
sided, with house and barn and four acres adjoining after his wife's
decease, also two timber lots the other side of Byram River. To his
son in law Abraham Bush he leaves "the saw-pitts Lott now in his
possession." Executors are to sell the land at "Cacaet" (Kakiate, or
New Hempstead, now Clarkstown) and in the patent of Peter Fan-
conier for his three daughters, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Starr Tread-
well, Ruth, wife of Abraham Bush and Sarah, wife of Elnathan Mead,


to whom other bequests are also made. A bequest of £30 is made
to Mary the daughter of son John, to be paid to her when of age or
at her marriage. "The negroes that Treadwell and Bush have at
their respective houses to be deemed and accounted as part of my
moveable estate" and "my old negro Betty to be maintained during
her life out of the estate." Executors, wife Hannah, son John Lyon
and son in law Thomas Treadwell, Witnesses: J. Wetmore, Cor.
Flamen, Ebenezer Edwards.

Children of John and Hannah ( ) Lyon (Bible record of births is

extant) :

•59. I. John; b. Nov. 18, 1713 (T. R.); d. about 1790; m. Mary Miller.

•60. II. Roger; b. Dec. 14, 1715 (Dec. 15, T. R.); d. May 13, 1797; m. Mary

•81. III. Elizabeth; b. Jan. 12, 1717-8; m. Thomas Starr TreadwelL

•82. IV. James; b. May 31, 1720; d. 1804; m. Martha Lyon (No. 100).

•63. V. GUbert; b. March 10, 1722; d. before 1798; m. Mary .

•64. VI. Buth; b. July 10, 1724; m. Abraham Bush.

•66. VII. Sarah; b. Dec. 10, 1727; m. before 1749 Elnathan Mead (b. Feb.
11, 1698).

27. III. 5. HANNAH* LYON (CLOSE) [John', Thomas»], born
Greenwich, Conn., 1704 (baptized Feb. 15, 1748-9, ae, 45); died about
1790; estate distributed Aug. 20, 1790. She married May 6, 1729,
Thomas Closet, son of Thomas Close of Horseneck, Greenwich, Conn.
He was born at Greenwich, Nov. 28 1706; bapt. Feb. 15, 1708-9; d.
Nov. 1, 1764, in his 59th year.

Children of Thomas and Hannah (Lyon) Close:

66. I. Hannah; b. Jan. 11, 1730; m. Dec. 17, 1749, Theophilus Lockwood;
was living In 1790.

67. II. Sarah; b. March 13, 1733; m. Oct. 25, 1766, Jesse Parsons; was
living in 1790.

68. III. Ruth; b. Aug. 2, 1735; m. Sept. 14, 1761, Timothy Knapp.

69. IV. Phebe; b. June 29, 1738; d. 1792; m. Feb. 24, 1764, Joseph Lyon,
Jr. [No. 104] (T. R.).

70. V. Thomas; b. April 1, 1740; m. Sept. 30, 1765, Hannah Lyon (No. 111).

IThomas Close, probably son of Joseph Close of Greenwich died 1708-9; will
dated Dec. 30, 1708, probated Feb. 2, 1708-9. He married Sarah, dau. of Richard
and Ann (Husted) Hardy. Their children were: 1. Sarah; b. Deo. 10, 1870;
2. Hannah; b. March 12, 1672; m. Johannes Luqueor of Newtown, L. I.; S.
Thomas^; b. Dec. 16. 1674; 4. Joseph; b. Nov. 20, 1676; m. Rebecca Tomklns;

5. Benjamin; b. May 18, 1680; 6. Mary; b. 20, 1682; m. Moses Hunt;

d. before 1718; 7. I^lizabeth; b. Aug. 5, 1684; 8. Buth; b. Nov. 1, 1687; 9.
John; b. April S, 1688; 10. TAVdiii. Tiiomass Close, above, b. Deo. 16, 1674. died

about 1707; inventory of estate Fairfield, Oct. 30, 1707. He married

Children: 1. .Sarah; b. Nov. 9. 1703; 2. Hannah; b. March 29. 1705; m. Isaac
Bundle; 3. Thomas*; b. Nov. 28, 1706; m. Hannah Lyon (No. 27).


29. III. 6. ABIGAIL^* LYON (ANDERSON) [Thomas^, Thomas'],
born at Byram Neck, Greenwich, Conn.; married at Rye by Rev.
Christopher Bridges, Oct. 16, 1716, to William Anderson (Greenwich
T. R.); bapt. May 31, 1695; son of Isaac and Prudence (Woodward)
Anderson, of New York City. She married second Jeremiah Ander-
son, brother of her first husband (mentioned in Greenwich T. R. 1764
as son of Isaac, and brother of John Anderson).

Son of William and Abigail (Lyon) Anderson:

71. I. William, Jr.; b. Greenwich, Dec. 16, 1717, "Dec. 15, on the Sabbath
daye at night between twelve and one o'clock." (T. R.)

30. III. 6. THOMAS^ LYON [Thomas% Thomas'], born Byram
Neck, Greenwich, Conn.; lived on the Bush place, King St., Rye; died
Nov. or Dec. 1770. Will dated Nov. 5, 1770, probated New York, Dec.
20, 1770; executors, sons Thomas and Andrew Lyon. See note 11 in
appendix. March 24, 1749-50 Thomas Lyon bought land of his brother
Samuel. Jan. 10, 1757 Thomas Lyon deeded to his son Thomas land
which he lately bought of his brother Samuel Lyon of Rye (Rye T. R.).
He married first Phebe VowlesJ ("ffowles"), who died before 1770. He
married second, before 1770, Martha Travis; she died about June 1773.
(Her will, dated June 2, 1773, mentions brothers David and Robert
Travis and sisters (?) Mary Lynch, Catherine Purdy and Jemima
Simmons. Executors Gabriel Lynch and Bartholomew Gedney).

Children of Thomas and Phebe (Vowles) Lyon:
*72. I. Thomas; b. 1724; d. Deo. 23, 1810; m. Anna Marsh.
.73. II. Abigail; m. Daniel Merritt; was living In 1770.
*74. in. Phebe; d. Jan. 29, 1770; m. Samuel "Willson.
•76. rV. Mary; b. about 1721; d. 1761; m. Abraham Miller.
•76. V. Andrew; b. Oct. 19, 1728; d. Aug. 22, 1809; m. Ist. Sarah Budd;
m. 2nd. Phebe Green.

77. VI. Jemima; m. James Seaman. t

31. ni. 6. SAMUEL* LYON [Thomas^ Thomas'], bom Oct. 14,
1701, at Byram Neck, Greenwich, Conn., where he lived on the old
family estate; died March 13, 1756; buried at Byram Point; no head-
stone. He was known as Captain Samuel Lyon; his father be-
queathed to him his boat. The name of the first wife, married in 1724,

tPhebe was no doubt of the family of Richard Vowles who was a land holder
In Fairfield between 1650 and 1700.

tJames Seaman was son of Adam Seaman of Rye, N. T., who married Ja*.
16, 1729-30, Hannah Prue. Their chllden were: 1. Adam, eldest son; 2.

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