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James; m. Jemima Lyon (No. 77); 3. Israel; 4. Blchard; 5. Samuel; •.
Letitia; m. John Doughty; 7. Jane; 8. Hannah; 9. Mary.


has not been ascertained. He married second, Dec. 23, 1735, Hannah,

daughter of Abraham and Hannah ( ) MillerJ. She was born

at Rye June 1, 1712, and died April 18, 1793, "ae 80 y. 10 m. 18 d:";
buried at Byram Point. His will, dated Jan. 1, 1756, probated West-
chester Co., N. Y. contains the following bequests. "I will and be-
queath to my wife Hannah, for her use during the time that she shall
remain my widow, one bed (etc.) and that my executors shall yearly
pay her as long as she shall be and remain my widow, eight pounds
current money of New York, in full for her right of dower in my Estate.
To my eldest son Samuel Lyon, the sum of twenty-five shillings, within
six months after my decease, which sum shall be in full barr to his
claim as my eldest son and heir to my estate, and to have no more
of the estate. Unto my son Nehemiah Lyon, the sum of thirty shill-
ings for his part of the estate

"I give unto my daughter Elizabeth, the wife of Nehemiah Sher-
wood, the sum of five pounds to be paid her by my executors within
six months after my decease. I give unto my daughter Abigail Lyon
twenty pounds of my estate to be put out at interest by my executors
and paid her with interest when she is eighteen years of age or shall
be married. I give to my daughter Hannah Lyon twenty pounds of
my estate, to be put out at interest by my executors and paid her with
interest when she is eighteen years of age or shall be married. Should
either daughter Abigail or Hannah die before eighteen years of age
or be married, the survivors shall have what has been given to the

"I give to my youngest son Sylvanus Lyon thirty pounds out of
my estate, to be put out at interest and paid him when he comes of
age. The remainder of my estate shall come to and be divided equally
among and between my sons William Lyon, Benjamin Lyon, Abraham
Lyon, Monmouth Lyon and Sylvanus Lyon, share and share alike. I
nominate and appoint my brother Joseph Lyon and my son William
Lyon to be the executors of my last will this first day of January,
1756, Rye, N. Y."

Children of Samuel Lyon by his first wife:
*78. I. Samuel; b. Oct. 11, 1725; d. Oct.-Nov. 1805.
*7». II. WUIiam; b. Jan. 15, 17 26-7; d. March 15, 1824.

♦80. III. Nehemiah [Nathaniel In Bible Kec.]; b. Feb. 10, 1728-9; d. Dec.
9, 1758.

twill of Abraham Miller of Rye, dated Sept. 18, 1749; proved June 8, 1760,

mentions Hannah, wife of Samuel Lyon.


81. IV. EUzabeth; b. June 30, 1732; d. Jan. 22, 1786; m. Nehemlah Sher-
wood. §

•82. V. Benjamin; b. Jan. 1, 1734 (or March 7, 1733); d. 1822; m. Mary
Hyatt, t

Children of Samuel and Hannah (Miller) Lyon:
88. VI. Abraham; b. Aug. 19 (or 9), 1736; d. Oct. 29, 1758.
*84. VII. Monmouth; b. Oct. 19, 1738; d. Sept. 18, 1770.
86. VIII. AbigraU; b. Dec. 25, 1742.

88. IX. Hannah; b. July 23, 1744; d. April 18, 1793 [1795].

*87. X. Sylvanus; b. Jan. IS (or 7), 1746; d. Sept. 13 (or 30) 1830; m.
Sarah Purdy

32. III. 6. JONATHAN* LYON [Thomas% Thomas'], born at
Greenwich, June 1, 1706; died in North Castle, N. Y. in 1786. He
married Elizabeth Mead, daughter of Samuel and Hannah Mead; born
April 5, 1708-9; living April 2, 1783 (date of her husband's will).
March 5, 1753, Johnathan Lyon sells land to Elizabeth Mead. In 1772 he
deeded land in Greenwich to his brother Gilbert. The will of Jona-
than Lyon "of North Castle, N. Y." is on file and recorded in the
office of the Court of Appeals at Albany, N. Y.; dated April 2, 1783;
proved Jan. 24, 1787. He bequeaths "to Elizabeth my dearly beloved
wife one third part of all my lands in North Castle during her natural
life," also £70 out of the estate and all the moveable estate; to son
Jonathan £40; to son Elnathan £40; to son Israel £80 and negro
boy Abram; to son David £150; to son Peter all lands in North Castle,
also negro man Isaac; to grandson Jonathan, son of Elnathan, £10;
to grandson Jonathan, son of Peter £5; to grandson Jonathan, son of
Phebe £5. Executors, sons Israel and Peter Lyon. Witnesses Silas
Sutherland, yeoman, Enoch Miller, Samuel Miller.

Children of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Mead) Lyon, (Greenwich T. K.):
•88. I. Jonathan; b. Nov. 14, 1728; Uving 1783; m. Anna Miller.

89. II. Elizabeth; b. June 28, 1730; d. before 1783.

*90. III. £lnathan; b. Aug. 7, 1732; d. 1810; m. Mary Ann Bush.

IThomas Sherwood of Ipswich, Eng., came to Boston, 1634. He removed
to Stratford, Conn., and from there to Stamford in 1648, and to Rye, N. T., In
1668. His son Stephen lived for some years In New Amsterdam, but removed
to Rye and bought property on Manusing Island in 1668. He was a pro-
prietor of Penigo Neck in 1683. He married Mary , and died before

1714, leaving a son Stephen, who was the father of Nehemiah above.

tMary Hyat was grand daughter of Caleb Hyat. who was a constable at
Rye, Oct. 1683. He was a proprietor and owned a home lot of 15 acres on
Brown's Point, a part of Harrison, in 1725. He was also one of the proprietor*
of the "White Plains Purchase" Feb. 11, 1714-15, and a signer of the "Patent"
March 1.1, 1721. His sons were Caleb, Jr., John and Nathan, one of whom
was the father of Mary above.


•tl. IV. Israel; b. Dec. 20, 1734; d. Bedford, Dec 28, 1816; m. Abigail

88. V. Phebe; b. Dec. 16, 1736; d. Jan. 2, 1817; m. Roger Lyon (No. 185).

•9S. VI. David; b. May 26, 1740; est. adm. Aug. 30, 1787; m. Freelove

•»4. VII. Peter; b. May 17, 1743 (or 1742; in Bible Bee. May 28. 1746);
d. Jan. 11 (or July 4), 1824; m. Jerusha Palmer.

96. VIII. (?) Naomi Thatcher; b. Jan. 31. 1747; d. before 1783.

33. III. 6. MARY" LYON (KNAPP) [Thomas^, Thomas^], born
in Greenwich, Conn, about 1707; died there between 1739 and 1742.
She married Israel, son of Timothy and Elizabeth (Seymour) Knappt
of Greenwich; born Dec. 13, 1705; d. 1783. His will, dated June 1,
1777, probated Stamford, Aug. 28, 1783, mentions sons Timothy and
Israel and daughters Mary Mead, Elizabeth Knapp, Hannah Husted and
Amy Knapp. (Among these Israel and Amy were issues of a second

Children of Israel and Mary (Lyon) Knapp:

98. I. Timothy; was living June, 1777; m. Sept. 14, 1751, Ruth, daughter
of Thomas and Hannah Close.

97. II. Mary; was living June 1777; m. June 23, 1755, Stephen, son of
ESlnathan Mead; children: 1. Stephen, b. Feb. 19, 1766; 2. Mary, b. April 30,
1768; 3. Israel, b March 18, 1760.

98. III. EUzabeth; living June 1777.

99. IV. Hannah; b. March 1740; d. Feb. 16, 1825; living June 1777; m.
Abraham, son of David Husted

34. III. 6. DAVID^ LYON [Thomas^, Thomas'], born in Green-
wich, Conn, about 1708; died there in 1772. Adm. of Estate to James
Lyon and Joseph Brundage June 17, 1772; distribution of estate Dec.
31, 1772 (Stamford Probate Records). His wife was Martha, daughter
of Joseph Stedwell§ (No. 14).

Children of David and Martha (Stedwell) Lyon:

100. I. Martha; m. James Lyon (No. 62) ; d. before 1807.

*101. II. Joanna; b. about 1733; d. before 1802; m. Joseph Brundasre.
102. III. Mary (Polly); m. Israel Lyon (No. ).

•103. IV. Elizabeth; b. about 1740: m. Joseph Banks.

Jlsrael Knapp was grandson of Nicholas Knapp of Watertown, Mass., 1630
(see note 12 In Appendix). He married 2nd, Aug. 2, 1742; Anna, daughter of
Joseph and Mary Marshall; children: 1. Israel; b. May 1, 1743; living In 1777;
2. Anna; b. March 1, 1748; d. before June 1777; 3. Amy; b. April 1, 1752;
living June, 1777. Israel Knapp had a third wife (married Jan. 7, 1762).
BlUabeth Hugford, widow of Dr. Hugford.

{Samuel Oampton of Rye, and wife Mary, daughter of Joseph Stedwell,
Feb. 16, 1740, sell to brother Joseph Stedwell, and sister Martha, wife of David
Lyon, and Johanna, wife of George Kniffen, Jr., (Greenwich T. K. V. 897. SS8.)


35. III. 6. JOSEPH' LYON [Thomas^ Thomas'], born in Green-
wich, Conn., about 1712 (?) died at White Plains, N. Y. Dec. 23 [26],
1776. He married first before 1735, Mary, eldest daughter of Peter

Disbrowt of Rye. He married second Anne , born Sept. 24,

1724; died June 24, 1819, ae 94 y. 10 m. (G. R., Pine Merritt burying
ground. Port Chester). Joseph Lyon owned a farm of 140 acres at
White Plains and another of 200 acres in the town of Courtland, West-
chester Co., N. Y. His will, on file in Albany, N. Y. is dated Feb. 17,
1758, eighteen years before his death. It mentions wife Mary, brother
in law, Charles Theall, sons Joseph (the eldest), Daniel, James, Reuben,
Jeremiah and Thomas, daughter Mary, wife of Elnathan Haight, "three
youngest daughters, Hannah, Susanna and Anne," also a prospective
child, "when the child she (Mary, his wife) now goes with shall be
born, if it proves a son" etc. [This was Joseph, named after his
oldest brother, who died about the time he was born]. Executrix,
wife, Mary, or in case of her death or marrying again, his brother in
law Charles Theall and son Daniel Lyon, "in whose care and fidelity
I very much confide and depend upon." The will of Joseph Lyon was
presented for probate at Albany, N. Y. The papers attached thereto
recite the following facts. Joseph Lyon, testator, died about Dec. 23,
1776. His son Daniel Lyon, who was one of the executors went to
Canada during the American Revolution and refused to serve as ex-
ecutor, the signature of Joseph Lyon having been destroyed in the will.
The petition dated July, 1797, states the following persons as heirs:
Daniel Lyon, late of New Brunswick, now of White Plains, Jeremiah
Lyon of New Brunswick, Thomas Lyon of White Plains, Reuben Lyon
of New Brunswick, Ann Sharp, widow, of New York City, Joseph
Lyon, boatman. New York City, Ann Lyon, spinster, Sarah Herds, wife
of Abraham Herds, New York City, Mary Lyon, res. Goshen, under age,
(the three last named all children of James Lyon, deceased, late of
White Plains, N. Y.), Susannah, wife of Daniel Goldsmith. Joseph
Lyon (oldest) son of testator, died in his lifetime leaving a son Joseph
Close Lyon. The prospective child spoken of in the will, also named
Joseph, it is supposed was killed in the British Army, and left no issue.
Hannah, daughter of testator died before her father. Mary, first
wife of testator, also died in his lifetime.

Children of Joseph and Mary (Disbrow) Lyon:
•104. I. Joseph; b. about 1735; d. about 1758-9; m. Phebe Close (No. 69).

tMarch 1735, Joseph Lyon sold land to his brother-in-law John Boyd, whose

wife was Lydia Disbrow.


•1»B. II. Daniel; m. Martha Miller; res. (1797) White Plains.

•106. III. James; d. before July, 1797; three children named above.

107. IV. Benben; rem. to New Brunswick.

108. Y. Jeremiah; rem. to New Brunswick.

100. VI. Thomas; m. Feb. 19. 1794, Elizabeth, dau. of Ebenezer and

Elizabeth (Smith) Gould (b. Sept. 22. 1749; d. Sept. 21. 1829); res. (1797) White
Plains; no ch.

110. VII. Mary; d. before July 1797; m. before June 1758, Blnathan

111. VIII. Hannah; d. April 8, 1780; m. Sep. 30, 1765, Thomas (No. 70),
son of Thomas and Hannah (Lyon) Close (b. April 1, 1740; d. 1792.)

112. IX. Susanna; m. Daniel Goldsmith of Coxsackie, N. T.

113. X. Ann; m. James Sharpe; a son John, bapt. Oct. 2, 1785, at Presby-
terian Chh., N. T.

114. XI. Joseph; b. 1758; d. in British Army, leaving no issue.

36. III. 6. JEMIMA^ LYON (THEALL) [Thomas-, Thomas'],
born in Greenwich, Conn.; she was living in Rye, N. Y. in 1760; died
before her husband. She married Charles, son of Ebenezer and Anne
Theall; he was born 1704; died Sept. 29, 1778. His will was dated
April 17, 1778; probated New York April 5, 1780. Executors named,
son in law Ezekiel Halstead, Capt. Joshua Purdy. They refused to
serve, and estate was administered by son Thomas Theall.

Children of Charles and Jemima (Lyon) Theall:

115. I. Ebenezer; oldest son; m. and had daughter, Jemima.

lie. IL Charles; d. 1783; will dated Feb. 15, 1783; probated Aug. 6, 1783;
m. 1st Millicent Dickinson; m. 2nd, Sarah .

117. III. Thomas; b. 1750; d. May 13. 1827; had home lot and house at
Rye; m. Sarah Bush.

118. IV. Sarah; m. Brown; res. Newburgrh. N. Y.

119. V. AbigaU; b. Sept. 9, 1741; d. Dec. 9, 1828; m. July 17, 1758, Bzeklei

130. VI. Anna; m. Isaac Fowler; had a son Isaac.

37. III. 6. DEBORAH* LYON (HOBBY) [Thomas=, Thomas'],
born in Greenwich, Conn., about 1715; will dated Oct. 6, 1802. She
married Jonathan, son of Jonathan and Sarah (Mead) Hobby, of Green-
wich, b. Oct. 28, 1714; living in 1762. See note 13, in appendix.

Children of Jonathan and Deborah (Lyon) Hobby (Greenwich T. R. VI.

121. I. Deborah; b. Dec. 9, 1733; m. Jan. 24, 1757, Ebenezer, son of
Thomas Brown.

122. II. Abigail; b. Sept. 23, 1735; living 1802; m. Elijah Mead.
12:i. III. Eme [Amy]; b. Dec. 4, 1737; m. Joel Reynolds.

124. IV. Jonathan; b. Dec. 28, 1739; m. 1st Lavinia Noah; m. 2nd, Hannah
Mead; d. Lanesboro, Mass., Aug. 1795.

125. V. Mary; b. Jan. 23, 1741; m. Caleb Mead.

126. VI. Son; b. Dec. 20, 1743; d. Dec. 20, 1743.



187. VII. Elizabeth; b. Dec. 20, 1744; d. Feb. 17, 1827; m. Stephen Mead
of Caleb.

128. VIII. David; b. about 1746; d. before 1802; m. Sept. 5, 1768. Hannah

Thomas^], born in Greenwich, Conn, about 1717; was living when her
husband died in 1768. She married John Fowler of Eastchester, born
1689, died Aug. 26, 1768; buried at Eastchester. His will was dated
Aug. 23, 1765; proved New York Aug. 21, 1768. Executors; Stephen
Ward, wife Elizabeth, Samuel S. .

Children of John and Elizabeth (Lyon) Fowler:

129. I. John.

130. II. Andrew.

131. III. David.

132. IV. Joshua.
V. Thomas.

VII. AbigaU; m.


134. VI. Henry.






VIII. Jemima; m. Samuel Williams.

IX. Elizabeth; m. Crawford.

X. Miriam; m. Baker.

39. III. 6. GILBERT^ LYON tThamas^ Thomas'], born at
Byram Neck, Greenwich, Conn. July 20, 1719; died in 1816; will dated
Aug. 28, 1809, probated Stamford, Conn., June 5, 1816; executor, son
John Lyon. Gilbert was called "gentleman Gil." He lived on the
homestead near Byram Bridge. He owned a large tract of land in
Rye and much real estate also in White Plains and Harrison. He
married Jane, born Oct. 19, 1725; daughter of Nathan Kniffin
(SnifEen§). During the Revolution his sympathies were with the
loyalists (tories), but his sons did not share his feelings in this regard.
He lived to the unusual age of ninety-seven years and died at last
while sitting in his chair as though falling asleep.

Children of Gilbert and Jane (Kniffen) Lyon:
•139. I. Deborah; b. March 26, 1743; m. Cajeb Merritt.
•140. II. Gilbert; b. July 13, 1745; d. before 1809; m. Ruth Lyon.
•141. HI. Sarah; b. Jan. 19, 1749; d. March 12, 1813; m. Andrew Miller.
•142. IV. Andrew; b. Aug. 5, 1751; d. Aug. 4, 1840; m. Eunice KnlfTen.

{George Kniften, father of Nathan, was in Stratford, Conn., about 1650.
In 1666 he bought a house and lands from John Budd, Sr., the house being
situate in the town called Hastings. He was propounded for freeman of the
colony in 1670, his name appearing on the record as "Georg Snuftens of Ry."
He died in 1694 leaving six sons and a daughter who married John Stoackam.


♦143. V. Joshua; b. Feb. 5, 1754; d. Oct. 2, 1841; m. Elizabeth Purdy.

144. VI. Simeon; b. Aug. 20, 1756; d. 1807t: m. Mary Mills, no Issue.

*146. VII. AbigaU; b. April 5, 1760; d. July 3 [or 23], 1841; m. Daniel

146. VIII. Elizabeth; b. Aug. 19. 1762; d. April 17. 1858; m. March 26,
1786, Samuel Lyon (No. 217).

•147. IX. Abraham; b. Nov. 13, 1764; d. Aug. 26, 1849; m. Hannah Mills.

40. III. 8. PHEBE* LYON (MILLER) [Joseph^, Thomas^], born
at Byram Neck, Greenwich, Conn, about 1700; was living 1752. She
married Samuel, son of Samuel Miller of Budd's Neck, Rye; born in
1692; living in 1752. In 1717 he made aflBdavit that his age was about
25. March, 1741, he sold to Joseph Haines 70 acres of land in Rye.
Jan. 14, 1742, he sold to his father in law, Joseph Lyon a considerable
tract of land in the lower part of Harrison. In the will of her mother,
dated April 8, 1767, her sons Joseph and William were named as

Children of Samuel and Phebe (Lyon) Miller:

148. I. Joseph; b. before 1731; m. Margaret, dau. of John and Catherine
(McDonald) Thomas.

149. II. William; m. March 21, 1765, Mary, dau. of John Havlland.

160. III. Lyon; b. July 4, 1736; d. March 15, 1814; m. Susanna, dau. of
Roger and Elizabeth Purdy

41. III. 8. AMY^* LYON (HAINES) [Joseph-, Thomas'], born at
Byram Neck, Greenwich, Conn, about 1702; died at Harrison in 1783-4;
will dated Nov. 22, 1782; probated New York, Feb. 3, 1784. She mar-
ried GodfreyJ, son of Godfrey and Anne Haines of Rye. An item in
the New York Gazette for July 3, 1766, gives details of his accidental
death by drowning on the Tuesday evening previous, stating that he
followed the business of lobster catching for the market.

Children of Godfrey and Amy (Lyon) Haines:

161. I. Gilbert; b. about 1745; "aged about 21" when his father died.
152. II. Sarah.

tWill dated Greenwich, Aug. 26, 1804; probated Stamford, Aug. 17, 1807;
executors wife Mary and Nehemlah Williams. Mary was daughter of Samuel
and Abigail (Holmes) Mills; she was b. Jan. 14, 1758; d. 1832. Her will was
dated June 6, 1832; probated Stamford, Aug. 24. 1832; executor, Seth Lyon (No.

{Godfrey Haines Sr. died July 22, 1768, ae. 93; adm. of his estate April
10, 1769, to his son Gilbert. His wife, Anne, died Feb. 19, 1858; ae. 68; buried In
Blind Brook Cemetery.


153, III. Mary Ann; b. 1752; d. Dec. 8, 1R25. ae. 73; m. 1st. Aug. 39. 1769
William Ascougrh§; m. 2nd. Daniel Merritt Jr., (a son John).

42. III. 8. ANNE* LYON (BUDD) [Josepll^ Thomas*], born at
Byram Neck, Greenwich, Conn; died "in her fiftieth year" Dec. 6,
1760; buried in Blind Brook cemetery. She married Elisha, son of
Joseph and Sarah (Underhill) Buddt, born 1705, died Sept. 21, 1765, in
sixtieth year; buried in Blind Brook cemetery. His will dated 1765.

Children of Elisha and Anne (Lyon) Budd:

164. I. Jonathan; mentioned in grandfather's will, Oct. 17S2.

166. II. James.

166. III. Miriam; m. before 1765 Jonah Maynard.

167. IV. Sarah; m. before 1765 Hackaliah Purdy.

158. V. Anne; m. before 1765 Brown.

169. VI. Fhebe.

43. III. 8. MARY* LYON (MERRITT) [Joseph^ Thomas*],
born at Byram Neck, Greenwich, Conn.; died before the date of her

father's will, Oct. 10, 1752. She married (perhaps Joseph)


Children of Joseph (?) and Mary (Lyon) Merritt.

160. I. Silvanns; was living in 1767.

161. II. Elisha; died under age before 1761.

162. III. Joseph; was living in 1767.

52. IV. 22. CALEB* LYON [Thomas', John-, Thomas^], born in
Greenwich, Conn., Oct. 20, 1718; died there Aug. 30, 1809, ae 90 y$.

5 Children of William and Mary Ann (Haines) Ascough: 1. Sarah; b. July
20, 1772; 2. William. They lived at Brown's Point, Harrison. He died Sept.
1776. Administration of estate granted Oct. 9, 1784 at New York, to Daniel
Merritt Jr., who had married the widow of deceased.

tSllsha Budd was a descendant (probably a grandson) of John Budd, the
Immigrant. The Budd family (from Normandy) were in Rye, co. Sussex, Eng.,
during the Norman conquest. Jean Budd was a soldier under Charles the Great
and Richard his grandson (son of William) was rewarded by the Duke of Nor-
mandy for his valor. John, son of Richard, was created Earl of Sussex by
William the Great, whose sister he married. John, his son, married Kathlene
Brown, a descendant of Sir Anthony Brown of the Montague family. He was

born at Rye, Eng. about 1600 and came to New Haven Conn., with his wife and
two sons John and Joseph, 1652. He went to Southold, L. I., where he bought
lands and was one of the original proprietors of the town of Brookhaven In
1655. In 1661 he purchased a tract of land in Rye, N. T., on which he settled.
He was deputy to the General Court at Hartford in 1663.

tin 1847 Dr Thomas Lyon (No. 373) of Morristown, N. J., prepared a manu-
script record of the descendants of Caleb Lyon which is authority for many
statements in the succeeding pages, credited as above "Dr. T." An authentic
copy of this valuable record is now owned by Mrs. Esther B. Hunt of Atwater,
Cayuga Co., N. T.


He was mentioned in the will of his grandfather, John Lyon, dated
Jan. 24, 1735-6. May 20, 1736, he chose for his guardian his cousin,
John Hobby. He was a farmer and blacksmith. He married Eunice,
daughter of Elnathan Mead of Greenwich, born in 1720 (bapt. Green-
wich, Oct. 20, 1728), and died April 9, 1803 (Dr. T.). Both were
buried on the farm, North St., Greenwich. Jan. 2, 1782, a petition
against allowing tories who had served in the British armies to return
again as citizens of either town was signed by thirty-seven Stamford
and Greenwich men, one name being Caleb Lyons.

Children of Caleb and Eunice (Mead) Lyon:

•163. I. Caleb; b. Dec. 3, 1744 O. S. ; (Dec. 4, Dr. T.) d. Aug. 18, 1832 (Aug.
16, Dr. T.); m. Rachel Mead.

•164. II. Daniel; b. Nov. 3, 1745 (Dr. T.); d. 1824; m. 1st. Elizabeth Treen;
m. 2nd. Betsey Lockwood Whelply.

•165. III. Eunice; b. April 1. 1750; m. Peter Husted.

•166. rv. Amos; b. April 9, 1762 (Dr. T.); d. Dee. 1815 (Dr. T.); m. Amy

•167. V. :Noah; b. March 16, 1756; d. Sept. 20, 1820; m. Mary Mead.

•188. VI. Job; b. Nov. 16, 1758; d. Sept. 23, 1841; m. Elizabeth Mead.

169. VII. Jerusha; m. Nov. 7, 1804, Gideon Peck (2nd wife); he b. Sept.
3, 1756; d. Greenwich, Jan. 7, 1815, son of Theophilus and Rebecca (Knapp)

•170. VIII. Rebecca [Rebekah]; b. Nov. 1765; m. Jonathan Close; res. 1851
Stanwich, Conn.

•171. IX. Hannah; b. July 16, 1767; d. June 1, 1806; m. Jonathan Mead.

57. IV. 22. RUTH* LYON (MEAD) [Thomas', John^ Thomas'],
born at Greenwich, Conn.; bapt. Oct. 29, 1732; married Abraham Mead,
born at Greenwich, May 22, 1735. son of Elnathan Mead and a descend-
ant of William Mead the immigrant. See appendix, note 14.

Children of Abraham and Ruth (Lyon) Mead (Greenwich T. R.):

172. I. Abraham; b. Aug. 26, 1754; killed In the Revolutionary War.

173. II. Eunice; b. Oct. 9, 1755; m. Ist, July 27, 1750, Solomon Mead; m.
2nd. May 27, 1779, Benjamin Weed.

174. III. Esbon; b. Jan. 26, 1757; killed in the Revolution.

176. IV. Daniel; b. May 1, 1758; m. 1st, Luclncy Palmer, who died April
20, 1813; m. 2nd, Mary Doty.

176. V. Jonathan ["Jotham"]; b. Nov. 25, 1759, died young.

177. VI. Enos; b. May 3, 1761; d. Sept. 6, 1837; m. 1783. Prudence Ander-

178. VII. I/emuel; b. AprU 1, 1763; d. Jan. 28, 1826; m. June 24. 1802,
Jerusha Pool.

170. VIII. Bath; b. Jan. 21, 1764; d. Nov. 17, 1842; m. Major Brown of
Round Hill, Conn.

58. IV. 23. HANNAH* LYON (MERRITT) [Daniel*, John*.
Thomas^], born about 1730; living in 1782. She married Gilbert, son


of Andrew and Rachel (Kniffen) Merritt§; born about 1725; died 1785;
will dated Dec. 2, 1782, proved New York, April 15, 1785. Executors,
wife Hannah, brother Robert Merritt, In it the expression is used
"by force of title of his wife," of land in dispute with James Lyon
(No. 62) of Byram. Gilbert Merritt was Justice of the Peace in Rye.

Children of Gilbert and Hannah (Lyon) Merritt:

180. I. Daniel; b. 1749; d. 1810, ae. 62 y. 2m. 20 d.

181. II. Gilbert; b 1753; d. Feb. 2, 1824; m. Ist after 1782, Anne Miller,
(was to be disinherited if he married one Mary Seaman) ; m. 2nd, Ablgrall

182. III. Sarah; b, 1751; d. 1841. ae. 90 y. ; m. April 2, 1771, Daniel Car-
penter; Children: Gilbert, Daniel, Hannah (m. Francis Secor).

59. IV. 24. JOHN* LYON [John», John^ Thomas'], born at
Greenwich, Conn., Nov. 18, 1713, died there about 1790. His father
bequeathed to him "the farm he lives on in Greenwich." He died
insolvent; inventory Oct. 13, 1790; settlement of estate, Aug. 22, 1793
(Stamford Probate Rec). He married Mary Miller, born Rye, Nov.
10, 1714, daughter of Abraham and Hannah ( ) Miller of Rye.

Children of John and Mary (Miller) Lyon:

18S. I. Mary; b. before July 1749 (bequest from grandfather Lyon).
•184. II. James; b. 1747; d. Nov. 13, 1819.

There may have been other children. Possibly Joshua Lyon of Green-
wich, pensioner 1840, and Pelatlah Lyon, who served in the Revolution Army,
were his sons.

60. IV. 24. CAPTAIN ROGER* LYON [JohnS John^ Thomas'],
born Byram, Greenwich, Conn. Dec, 13 (or 15), 1715; died North Castle,

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