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surprising they have not long ago wandered into a modern English
dress. To say that they will at once be accorded a place in the
library beside the hallowed version of old is to say all that need be
said in their praise." — London Athcsneum.

J- His Voracity, and His Downfall. A Romance. By

Owen Wistar. Illustrated by Mr. John Stewardson.

8vo. Cloth, gilt top. ;^2.oo.
" It would deprive the reader of half the pleasure of reading this
uncommonly bright tale, were we to anticipate even a part of the
plot. Suffice it to say that there is the prettiest and freshest of love
episodes woven through the mistletoe leaves of a hearty Christmas
story; that the Baron of Wantley, the Monks of Oyster-le-Main,
Elaine, and Geoffrey, and Uttle Whelpdale the Buttons, and Old
Popham the Butler, — that all these and a score more are the most
laughable and lovable characters that we have encountered in fiction
this many a day. In Mr. John Stewardson, Mr. Wistar has had an
artistic collaborator born. The humorous pen-and-ink work which
illustrates the text and adds to the fun of almost every page opens
an entirely new vein in art." — Chicago Times.

Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company, 715-717 Market St.


LJIS GREAT SELF. By Marion Harland,
-*■ ■*■ author of " Alone," " True as Steel," etc. i2mo. Cloth,


" It calls up the days when the ladies flashed in brocades and
swelled in hoops ; when the men were autocrats and discussed
Shakespeare and Mr. Pope ; a time that even Thackeray, seeing tlie
picturesque opportunities which it afforded the novelist, did not disdain
to deal with, and which will always be treasured by the lovers of the
old and the picturesque. Some of the author's pages have about
them the fragrance that scents a room when some antique cabinet
has been opened, and there steals out the perfume of thyme and
lavender placed there by a hand that has long ago mouldered into
dust." — Philadelphia Record.

yOHN GRAY. A Kentucky tale of the olden
time. By James Lane Allen, author of " Flute and
Violin," etc. i2mo. Cloth, J^i.oo.

" The unhappy love experience which forms the thread of the
tale is but a chapter out of the life of almost any young man. And
it is not dramatically told, either. Yet there is an intangible some-
thing in the book that now and then touches the spring of tears when
the reader is least expecting it. The central character, John Gray, is
as noble a specimen of young manhood as any idealist could create,
yet always and everywhere he is entirely natural and human." —
Boston jfournal.

n^HE MAN OF FEELING. By Henry Mac-
-* KENZiE. Illustrated by William CuBiTT Cooke. i6mo.
Cloth, uncut, ^i.oo; Large paper, buckram, $3.00.
" While other works are extolled, admired, and reviewed, those of
Mackenzie will be loved and wept over. They cannot be out of
date till the dreams of young imagination shall vanish and the deepest
sympathies of love and hope be stilled forever. The tender pleasure
which • The Man of Feeling' excites is wholly without alloy. Its
hero is the most beautiful personification of gentleness, patience, and
meek sufferings which the heart can conceive." — London Saturday

Philadelphia: J. B. LiPPiNCOTT Company, 715-717 Market St.

n^HE HOYDEN. By ''The Duchess" (Mrs.

-^ Hungerford) . l2mo. Paper, 50 cents. Cloth, ;Ji.oo.

" One of the brightest and prettiest of this writer's books. The
plot is more elaborate than is usual, and is developed with great
cleverness. The humor is bright, the pathos is dehcate, and the
animated style of the narrative makes the story charming reading.
The heroine is an admirable study, and, on the whole, one of the
most thoughtful and careful of its author's creations." — Washington

Other Stories by « The Duchess."

A Little Irish Girl. Lady Patty.

Bound in Paper, 50 cents each. Cloth, ^i.oo.

Phyllis. A Life's Remorse.

Molly Bawn. Mrs. Geoffrey.

Airy Fairy Lilian. Portia.

Beauty's Daughters. Loys, Lord Berresford, and other

Faith and Unfaith. Stories.

Doris. Rossmoyne.

"O Tender Dolores." A Mental Struggle.

A Maiden all Forlorn. Lady Valworth's Diamonds.

In Durance Vile. Lady Branksmere.

The Duchess. A Modern Circe.

Marvel. The Honourable Mrs. Vereker.

Jerry, and other Stories. Under-Currents.

l2mo. Bound only in cloth, 75 cents.

" ' The Duchess' has well deserved the title of being one of the
most fascinating novelists of the day. The stories written by her are
the airiest, hghtest, and brightest imaginable, full of wit, spirit, and
gayety,but contain, nevertheless, touches of the most exquisite pathos.
There is something good in all of them." — London Academy.

" There is no author in fiction to compare with ' The Duchess,'
and each of her novels reaches thousands of readers."— ^cj/c'w Globe.

Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company, 715-71 7 Market St.



N BOTH SIDES. By Frances Courtenay
Baylor. i2mo. Cloth, ^1.25.

" No such faithful, candid, kindly, brilliant, and incisive presenta-
tion of English and American types has before been achieved. The
wit of the story is considerable. It is written brilliantly, yet not
flimsily. It is the best international novel that either side has hitherto
produced. It is written by an American woman who really knows
both countries, and who has shown that she possesses powers which
ought to put her in the front rank of fiction." — New York Tribune.

-^-^ Courtenay Baylor. i2mo. Cloth, ^1.25.

" It is lightened through and through by humor as subtle and
spontaneous as any that ever brightened the dark pages of life history,
and is warmed by that keen sympathy and love for human nature
which transfigures and ennobles everything it touches." — Chicago



Courtenay Baylor. i2mo. Cloth, $1.25.

" An entertaining collection of stories by a clever writer who does
not adhere to any single line of scenes, incidents, or characters. Few
of our women writers have ventured upon so wide a range of character
or been more successful." — New York Herald.

" Miss Baylor is one of the best and brightest of American short
story writers." — Boston Transcript.


AR IN THE FOREST. By S. Weir Mitchell,

author of " Hepzibah Guinness," etc. i2mo. Cloth, ^l .25.

" Dr. Mitchell shows in this, as in his other novels, a keen knowl-
edge of human nature, the power to grasp and portray remarkable
situations, a hearty recognition of manliness in all its phases, and a
thorough understanding of the intricacies of the feminine mind. It is
a capital novel." — Boston Beacon.

Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company, 715-717 Market St.




But Men Must Work.
Sir Godfrey's Granddaughters.
Mary St. John.
Heriot's Choice.
I2mo. Paper, 50 cents. Cloth, jgi.oo.
The Search for Basil Lyndhurst.
Wooed and Married. Barbara Heathcote's Trial.

Nellie's Memories. For Lilias.

Queenie's Whim. Robert Ord's Atonement.

Not Like Other Girls. Uncle Max.

Wee Wifie. Only the Governess.

Bound only in cloth, ;^i.oo.
" Miss Rosa Nouchette Carey has achieved an enviable reputation
as a writer of tales of a restful and quiet kind. They tell pleasant
stories of agreeable people, are never sensational, and have a genuine
moral purpose and helpful tone, without being aggressively didactic
or distinctly religious in character." — Boston Herald.

/J DIPLOMAT'S DIARY. By Julien Gordon.

■^-^ New Edition in paper covers. i2mo. 50 cents.

" A strong story. Realistic enough to be either a clever work of
art or a record of fact. The stage upon which the little drama is
played, the people who pass over it, the customs and manners, — these
are accurately taken from hfe, and by one who has occupied a position
within the diplomatic circle."— iV^w York Tribune.

" The two characters that figure in the foreground of this story
are alive ; we can hear them speak ; we see them ; we should recognize
them in the street. That is the right artist's touch, and he who pos-
sesses it can at will make us commune and sympathize with other
human beings, no matter what their social status or what the stage-
setting of their lives." — New York Sun.

Also bound in cloth, jgl.oo.

By the same author :

A Successful Man.

Vampires and Mademoiselle Reseda.

i2mo. Cloth, ^i.oo each.

Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company, 7x5-717 Market St.



■«-— ' FOR-NoTHiNG. Translated by Mrs. A. L. Wister. From

the German of Joseph F. von EichendorfF. Handsomely

illustrated by photogravures from designs by Johann and

Kanoldt. Printed on fine plate paper throughout. Small

4to. Bound in cloth, gilt top. New Edition, ^2.50.

" The autobiography of this young itinerant German philosopher

is deUghtful. It reads like a mixture of Goethe and Daudet. The

romance of it is warm and colorful ; the humor fine and delicate.

One's interest in the narrative is greatly enhanced by the plentiful and

beautiful process illustrations."



It is through the delightful translations of Mrs. A. L. Wister
that the novels of this celebrated German author have become so
popular in America. They have now been profusely illustrated with
characteristic full-page drawings from the original German editions,
and include the following volumes :
'Old Mam'selle's Secret. , Countess Gisela.
At the Councillor's. In the Schillingscourt.

The Second Wife. The Bailliff's Maid.

The Lady with the Rubies. Gold Elsie.
The Owl's Nest. >The Little Moorland Prin-

Price in sets, 10 volumes, jjl 10.00.
" No one who has read ' The Old Mam'selle's Secret,' with its
rapid story, its melting pathos, and its strong characterization, needs
to be told of the singular merits of the writer. That was universally
recognized as one of the most absorbing, powerful, and dramatic
stories which had come across the ocean in many a day. The sams
German original and the same English reproducer have given us the
other volumes." — Albany jfournal.

nTHE HOL COMBES. A Story of Virginia Home-
■^ Life. By Mary Tucker Magill. i2mo. Cloth, ^1.50.
" A picture of home-life in old Virginia before the war. Diaries,
letters, dialogues, conversation, and action make up the character of
the story. The stranger to the domestic life of the South can nowheve
find a more faithful picture of its former quahties and surroundings."

Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company, 715-717 Market St.

pOUND WANTING, By Mrs. Alexander,

■'- author of " For His Sake," *• The Wooing O't," etc. l2mo.
Cloth, ^i.oo.
" In some respects ' Found Wanting' is the best of her books, for
it contains Madame Falk, a faithful sketch of a modern journalist,
carefully finished in all essentials. One always feels sure in taking
up a story by this writer that the heroine will command respect and
esteem, and this is something to be thankful for. There are two
women in 'Found Wanting;' either one would pose acceptably as
heroine. This is a good story." — Philadelphia Public Ledger,


IDA REAR A BERING, A Sequel to ''The Quick
-^-^ or the Dead?'' i2mo. Cloth, ^1.25. Paper, 50 cents.

" Miss Rives has treated the plot of her story with such wonderful
skill that the characters seem not the creatures of a novelist, but
creatures of real flesh and blood, living and moving, thinking and
doing, not with the set regularity of so many puppets, but with the hfe
and reality of beings of this world, moved by the same motives and
inspired by the same thoughts as ourselves." — Boston journal.


-* Rives. i2mo. Cloth, ^i.oo.

"To me her novels have been of the greatest interest and value :
they have suggested new trains of thought; given me new ideas;
opened up new vistas — in fact, their reading has been not only
pleasurable but profitable." — Philadelphia Evening Telegraph.


-* Rives. i2mo. Cloth, ^i.oo.

" That Miss Rives has been thought worthy of recognition at the
hands of critics North and South is the strongest evidence of the fact
that she has done something out of the common, and we will preface
whatever we have to write by saying that we are not among the least
of her admirers." — Chicago Times.

Philadelphia: J. B. LiPPiNCOTT Company, 715-717 Market St.




FROM THE German. |i.oo per volume.

Countess Erika's Apprenticeship. By Ossip Schubin
•* O Thou, My Austria !" By Ossip Schubin
Erlach Court. By Ossip Schubin
The Alpine Fay. By E. Werner
The Owl's Nest. By E. Marlitt
Picked Up in the Streets. By H. Schobert
Saint Michael. By E. Werner
ViOLETTA. By Ursula Zoge von Manteufel
The Eichhoffs. By Moritz von Reichenbach
A New Race. By Gola Raimund
Castle Hohenwald. By Adolph Streckfuss
Margarethb. By E. Juncker
Too Rich. By Adolph Streckfuss
A Family Feud. By Ludwig Harder
Thh Green Gate. By Ernst Wichert
Only a Gikl. By Wilhelmine von Hillern
Why Did He Not Die? By Ad. von Volckhauser
The Lady with the Rubies. By E. Marlitt
Vain Forebodings. By E Oswald
A Penniless Girl. By W. Heimburg
Quicksands. By Adolph Streckfuss
Banned and Blessed. By E. Werner
A Noble Name. By Clare von Gliimer
From Hand to Hand. By Golo Raimund
Severa. By E. Hartner
HuLDA. By Fanny Lewald
^„.^The Bailiff's Maid. By E. Marlitt
In the Schillingscourt. By E. Marlitt
Countess Gisela. By E. Marlitt
At the Councillor's. By E. Marlitt
The Second Wife. By E. Marlitt
The Old Mam'selle's Secret. By E. Marlitt
Gold Elsie. By E. Marlitt
The Little Moorland Princess. By E. Marlitt

l2mo. Attractively bound in cloth. Thirty-four volumes in
twenty-three. Sold only in sets. ;^30.oo per set.

" Mrs. A. L. Wister, through her many translations of novels from
the German, has estabhshed a reputation of the highest order for
literary judgment, and for a long time her name upon the title-page
of such a translation has been a sufficient guarantee to the lovers of
fiction of a pure and elevating character, that the novel would be a
cherished home favorite. This faith in Mrs. Wister is fully justified
by the fact that among her more than thirty translations that have
been published by Lippincott's there has not been a single disappoint-
ment. And to the exquisite judgment of selection is to be added the
rare excellence of her translations, which has commanded the
admiration of literary and linguistic scholars." — Boston Homeyournal.

Philadelphia : J. B. Lippincott Company, 715-717 Market St.

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