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is love

820- 1 " G- is love." — / John 4 . 8.
Is Mind

{238-30 Mind sends forth perfection, for G* is Mind.
311- 4 G- is Mind : all that Mind, God, U, or
330-22 Mind is not both good and bad, for G* is Mind ;
r 482-25 G- is Mind, and God is infinite ;

p 425-21 G* is more to a man than his belief.
Is natnral good

s 119-21 G- is natural good, and is represented only by
Is not eorportal

$ 116-21 G' is not corporeal, but incorporeal,
Is not influenoed

pr 7-23 G' is not influenced by man.
is not man

r 480-19 Man is not God, and G- is not man.
is not moved

pr 2- 8 G- is not moved by the breath of praise


is not separate

pr tf- 5 G-


of purer eyes

/20-22 ^ '"


is not separate from the wisdom He bestows.

is omnipotent;

G* is ** of purer eyes than — iTaft. 1 ; 13.
o 357- 4 G* is ** of purer ^es than— Bab, 1 ; 13.
is omnipotent

pr 17- 2 G' it omnipotent^ mtprmne,
$ 130-12 since you admit that G- is omnipoti
p 384-28 LifeisGod, andthat G-isomnipot
is One

B 117- 3
Is one

c 267-4


is oar LJfe

t 107-17

p 388-24

whereas G- is One, —not one of a series, but

G- is one. The allness of Deitv is His oneness.
G' is one God, infinite and perfect,

in reali^ G* is our Life,
self-evidient, when we learn that G* is our Life,
is oar refuge

f 444-11 **G-isoiirrefligeandstrength, — Psal. 46.-1.

is reflected

is revealed
/ 341-25
b 300-31
ff 511-12
Is seen

is Spirit
B 117- 6

yet G* is reflected in all His creation.

the Horeb height where G- is revealed ;
G- is revealed onlv in that which
G* is revealed as infinite light.

G- is seen only in the spiritual uni'verse

/307- 2

Scriptures also declare that G* is Spirit.
There is no evil in Spirit, because G* is Spirit.

* is substance and man is the divine image

* is the creator of man.

G- is Spirit; therefore the language of
Because G- is Spirit, evil becomes

► 331-14 " "" -^ • "


6 301-17 G-
Is tlie ereator

r 470-21 G-
is the Father

m 64-26 UntU it is learned that G- is the Father of all.
Is the infinite

/ 248-14 G* is the infinite, and infinity never began,
Is the lawmaker

p 381-15 G- is the lawmaker,
is the Life

g 566- 5 G* is the Life, or intelligence, which forms
is the light

ap 55^16 for G- ** is the light thereof." — lUv. 21 .• 23.
Is the only Life

6 289- 4 until he learns that G* is the only Ufe.

324-14 the understanding that G* is the only Life,
r 472- 1 Science teaches man that G* is the only Life,
is the only Mind

6 308- 6 the lesson is learned that G- is the only Mind
338-26 the great fact that G- is the only Mind;
Is the only Spirit

tp 73-11 G* is the only Spirit.
Is tlie power

a 27-8 G* is the power in the Messianic work.
Is the Principle

B 112-32 G- is the Principle of divine metaphysics.
r 476- 9 G* is the Principle of man.
Is to be understood

r 472- 2 G* is to be understood, adored, and
Is true

8 113-24 I find that G* is true,

b 312-18 yet G* is Truth.

g 643-32 the Lord God [Jehovah G*] made ~ Gen. 2 : 4.
kingdom of

(see kingdom)
kingdom of oar

ap 568-15 and the kingdom of our G*, — Hev. 12 : la
what the true knowledge of G* can do for man.

knowledge of


s 133-31

o 640-21
yy 600- *

not quite given place to the true knowledge

of G-.
a false sense which hath no knowledge of G-."
increoMng in the knowledge of G\ — Col. 1 : 10.
known to

pr 16-26 hidden from the world, but known to G-.
knows oar need

pr 13-15 G* knows our need before we tell Him

s 132-32 Jesus as ** the Lamb of G- ; ^^—John 1 ;29.
ap 564-13 speaks of Jesus as the Lamb of G*
gl 590- 9 definition of
law of

(see law)
laws of

a 128- 6 refers only to the laws of G*
ph 168-17 all in consonance with the laws of G-,
leadeth us

pr 17-10 And G* leadeth us not into temptation,
leave the field to

p 419- 5 leave the field to G*, Life, Truth, and Love,

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' 303-18 to beliere ... in tome power leas than O:

o 338-23 else God would . . . become lees than O-.

g 643- 1 misconception of Life as something less than

n> 79- 4 those who are ignorant of Life as G*.

6 310-27 and if Spirit should lose Life as O-,
life In

a 45-19 the rerelatlon and demonstration of life in Q\

b 324-18 the goal of Spirit, or life in <?*.

Life, or

/ 249-11 Any other theory of Life, or <?•, is delusire

6 283-14 They insist that Life, or G\ is

o 357-30 and, if so, can Life, or Q-y dwell in eril

g 543-29 belief . . . would make Life, or &•, mortal.

Ufe which l»

a 47- 3 faint conception of the Life which is Q-.

ap 661-20 understanding the Life which is O'.
lUceness of

jp 71-19 neither ... is the image or likeness of G*,

81-17 Man in the likeness of G- :

/ 208-26 the spiritual image and likeness of G* ?

222-23 far from being the image and likeness of G*,

6 285- 9 not man, the Image and likeness of O*,

287-20 not the image and likeness of G*; *'

292-11 sick, and dying mortal is not the likeness

of G-,

299-15 indiTidnallty, imase, or likeness of G*,

303-28 belief . . . material man is the likeness of G*

315-17 The likeness of G* we lose sight of through

p 414-27 man is the image and likeness of G*,

r 467-15 man is the likeness of G*, pure and eternal,

475- 9 man is made in the image and likeness of G*.

g 531-32 man ... in the image and likeness of G*

548- 6 man in the image ana likeness of G*.

gl 591- 6 the spiritual Inuige and likeness of G* ;

pr 12-15 man*s likeness to G* and of man*s unity

p 395- 5 man*s immortality and eternal likeness to G*.


ph 167-19 you must lore G* supremely.

6 326- 9 man cannot love G- supremely . . . while

340-10 lore G- and keep His commandments:

t 444- 5 to them that lore G-,*' — Rmn. 8 ; 28.

ap 566- 9 glory prepared for them who love G-.
re of


a 42- 4 gare no hint of the unchanging loye of G*.

b 304- 9 from the love of G-." — Rom. 8 .-39.
loTinglT sovems

p 412- 1 great fact that G* loringly goyems all,

/ 231-20 because G* made you superior to it

g 605-13 And G* made the firmament, — Oen. 1 .* 7.

510-13 And G* made two great lights ; — Gen. 1 ; 16.

513-22 And G* made the beast of— Gen. 1 ; 25.

625-20 Everything good or worthy, G* made.

626- 4 G* made ** every plant — Gen. 2 ; 5.

' 220- 7 G* made all that was made,

b 318- 6 Scriptures declare that G* made all,
m»de Man

o 434-31 but G* made Man immortal

/ 227-16 G- made man free.

g 516-28 G' made man in His own image,
maintained bv

g 531-18 divine order still maintained by G-
nukker is

p 428-14 ** whose builder and maker is G-.** — Heb. 11 .* 10.

g 532- 3 G* makes and governs all.
mmn and

c 258-24 gains the true conception of man and 0-.

g 624-26 or is it a lie concerning man and G- ?
auuilfestatlon of

b 295-16 manifestation of G* through mortals is as

gl 583-10 Christ. The divine manifestation of G-,
man Is not

/ 260-12 Man is not G-, but like a ray of

r 480-19 Man is not G*, and Ood is not man.
man nor

g 533-30 ** Neither man nor G- shall father my fault."
man of

b 314-10 Jews, who sought to kill this man of G-,
man-pro Jeoted

s 140-23 tribal Jehovah was a man-projected G-,
man to

a 18-13 reconciles man to G*, not God to man ;

19- 2 Christ's purpose to reconcile man to G-,

19- 7 Jesus aided In reconciling man to G*

sp 94- 8 and of the relation of man to G-,

s 114-26 It shows the scientiflc relation of man to G*,



material view of

g 521-27 this material view of G- and the universe,
meaning of

c 261-23 you may learn the meaning of G-,
n&esaajge frona

b ^2-10 the divine message from G* to men
Mind Is

91-31 nor the medium of evil, for Mind is G-.
275-22 that all is Blind, and that Mind is G-,
310-29 Mind is G-, and God is not seen by

r 469-13 Answer. — Mind is G-.
Mind or

r 482-29 on the basis of the one Mind or G-.

g 538-17 the false claims that misrepresent G*,
motherhood of

g Wl- 6 the fatherhood and motherhood of G*.
mouth of

p 410-11 proceedeth out of the mouth of G* ,'* — Matt. 4 : 4.

ph 200-24 the divine Soul named G-.

r 469-11 Life, Truth, and Love, — named G*.
nature and

s 118-31 the law of Love, in which nature and G* are
nature of

a 20-18 even the nature of G* ;

g 637-32 but this is not the nature of G*,
never decreed disease

/ 221-19 that G- never decreed disease,
never endowed matter

p 378-26 G- never endowed matter with power to
never n&ade

/ 222-26 concluded that G- never made a djrspeptic,

g 540-20 " G* never made yoji, and you are a false sense
never slumbers

/ 249-21 G- never slumbers, and His likeness
no law of

p 391-18 No law of G' hinders this result.
no part In

a 19-26 Those who cannot . . . have no part in G*.
no relation to

Sh 196-17 They have no relation to G* wherewith
ling except

/ 2&-29 because they declare nothing except G*.
notions about

o 357-20 wrong notions about G* must have
not originate In

r 472-10 sin, and death, ... do not originate In G*
obedience to

a 26-18 By his obedience to G*, he demonstrated
ph 183-13 obedience to G- will remove this necessity.
/ 241- 4 he who refuses obedience to G-, is chastened

r 496- 7 first duty is to obey G-,

T 489-21 at another the medium for obeying G- ?
obligations to

c 262- 4 Neither does . . . diminish man*s obligations
obnoxious to

g 633-21 BCateriality, so obnoxious to G*, is

p 425-27 Tou will never fear again except to offend G*,
offering to

g 540-31 be brings a material offering to G*.
offspring of

a 29-30 Man as the offspring of G-, as the idea of Spirit,
c 267- 2 ofTsprine of G* start not from matter or
p 396-27 man is the offspring of G*, not of man ;
of Jacob

s 135- 6 presence of the G* of Jacob.'*— P«a/. 114 : 7.
of nature

a 44-20 for the G* of nature to sustain Jesus
omnipotence of

o 345- 7 When the omnipotence of G* is preached
t 445-18 omnipresence and omnipotence of G*.

s 113-21 evil, death, deny good, omnipotent G*,

a 35- 26 spiritual communion with the one G*.
m 69-21 Do you have one G* and creator,
sp 94- 1 Jesus taught but one G*, one Spirit,

« 113- 1 As there fe but one G-, there can be but
ph 167-18 To have one G* and avail yourself of the
183- 4 thus departing from the basis of one G*,
191- 5 delusion that there is more than . . . one G\
/ 204-21 When will the ages . . . realize only one G-,
205-26 hinders man's normal drift towaids the . . .

one G*,
249- 3 let us have one G*, one Mind,
c 256- 9 The theory of three persons in one G*
b 276- 1 Having one G% . . . unfolds the power that
301-22 Thou Shalt have one G*, one Mind.
308- 4 there is and can be but one G*,
330-24 one Mind only, because there Is one G*.

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b 333-16 one O-, and one mediator— / JHm, 2 : 6.

334-32 bat one infinite and therefore one G*.
o 847- 9 writer infers tbat ... it most be the one (7*,
366-32 Then there most hare been... more than one G*.
867-20 Ab there is in reality but one 6% one Mind,
361-11 unites with the Jew^s belief in one G-,
p 382-15 of spiritual power and of faith iii one (?*,

419-26 for there is but one Mind, one G'.
r 466-16 Is there more than one O'
467-10 all men have one Mind, one G- and Father,
460-18 but one Mind, because there is but one G* ;
ff 616-18 does not imply more than one G-,
617-17 because there is but one G\
682-25 and there is but one G-, hence one Mind
544-27 nor the image and likeness of the one G\
gl 680- 8 not Ood*8 nian, who represents the one 0*
680-26 that the one G- and creator entered
687-17 God is one G*. infinite and perfect,
601-17 substance. Life, Truth, Love: the one G* ;
604- 4 the belief in more than one G- ;
one absolute

r 466-12 Tliey refer to one absolute G-.
one oninlpreeeiit

o 361-7 a monotheist; he has one omnipresent G*.
OB the side of

/ 301-11 superabundance of being is on the side of G%
opposed to

8 151-25 The human mind is opposed to G*
ph 192-20 can hare no power opposed to G*,
ap 660- 5 mortal belief in a power opposed to G-.

o 367-25 If what opposes G' is real,
opposite of

6 282-29 the fall of man or the opposite of G*
r 654-20 Jesus defined this opposite of G*
(601-13 the opposite of G-;
602- 4 and therefore the opposite of G%
opposites of

gl 604-23 the opposites of G* ; errors; hallucinations.
opposite to

p 380-29 to beliere that there is a power opposite to G*,
or good

(see good)
origin of

^556-17 is like inquiring into the origin of G-,
or Spirit

0« 580-13 theantipodeofG*, or Spirit;

c 366-12 theLordour G'isoneLord.'* — Dfftit. 6:4.
oor ignormnee of

plBM- 7 It is our ignorance of G-, the dlTine Principle,
ontoome of

/ 260-13 man, the outcome of G*, reflects Ood.

/ 242-16 In patient obedience to a patient G*,
people of

$ 133-17 wrought wonders for the people of G*
288-19 aresttothepeopleof G''~J/e0.4;9.

c 260-13 perfect O- and perfect man, — as the basis
b 337- 6 not the . . . likeness of Spirit, the perfect G-,
perfection of

262- 6 C. S. takes naught from the perfection of G*,
Person or

b 302-26 infinite Principle, called Person or G*.
possible to

pr 1-3 faith that all things are possible to G*,
pours the riches '

pr 6-16 G* pours the riches of His lore into the
power of

a 146-14 medicine substitutes drugn for the power of G*
/ 224-30 The power of G* brings deliverance to
p 406- 8 the power of G- is understood
power with

b 308-81 ** power with G- and with men.»' — Otn, 82 : 28.
pray to

pr 13-20 If we pray to G* as a corporeal person, this
prepared of

ap 566-30 she haUi a place prepared of G-. — Rev. 12 ; 6.
prepares the soil

o 361-28 until G* prepares the soil
presence of

g 543- 9 shut nut from the presence of G-.
priests anto

s 141.^ " kings and priests unto G-." — Rev. 1 ; 6.
prince of

b 309-11 Israel, — a prince of G-, or a soldier of God,
proceed f ronti

g 520-11 both man and woman proceed from G*
pnmoonoed good

g 526-15 G* pronounced good all that He created,
prove what

a 26-17 to prove what G- is and what He does for man.


qoali^ of

g 606- 5 Understanding is a quality of G*,

b 300-21 through the realisation of G* as ever present
realm of

r 481- 6 the hoUest,*"— the reatan of G-.—Meb. 10: 19.

g 630-l<r recognizing G\ the Father and Mother of all,
reconeiled to

a 45-11 we were reconciled to G* Xfj—Bom. 6 .- 10.

5 337- 2 man, reflecting G*, cannot lose his

r 489-17 How can man, reflecting G-, be dependent on
reflection of

(see refleetioti)
reflecti<Mis of

6 336-15 man*s . . . are reflections of G*.

man, made in 6od*s likeness, reflects G*.
shall know this when man reflects G*.
man, the outcome of God, reflects G*.
spiritual universe is good, and reflects G*
man, like aU things real, reflects G-,
cannot be separated ... if man reflects G*.
That only is real which reflects G*.
The universe reflects €h,
Man reflects G*;
reflects G- as Father-Mother, ^

sp 70- 8


/ 260-13

& 286-20



r 478-27

9 602-28

535- 5

ap 577- 8

relating^ to

« 127-13

terms stand for everything relating to €h,

/ 315-26 in existence, and in his relation to G*.
231-34 Science of being in man*s relation to G*,

b 316- 7 the real man aim his relation to G-,

ph 170- 1 it robs manof reUance on G-,
remain in

g 513-20 continuity of all individuality remain in G;
remen&berlng that

p 419- 6 remembering that G- and His ideas akmeare
rendering to

/ 219-38 not rendering to G* the honor due to Him
repreee n tative of

a 02-24 The hl^ieet earthly representative of G*,

g 627-11 Here the metaphor r e pr e sents G*, Love, as
627-36 the lie represents G- as repeating creation,

/ 264- 6 G* requires perfection, but not until the
ts in
g 519-25 G* rests in action,
return thanks to

j»r 3-38 and yet return thanks to G* for all blessings,

s 127-17 C. S. reveals G*, not as the author of sin,

ph 197- 8 G' said of the tree of knowledge,
/ 33(^29 G- said, ** Thou shalt not eat ^it.** — Gen, 3 . 17.
r 476-23 And G* said : *^ Let US make man — Gen. 1 .• 91.
^50»-18 And G* said. Let there be light:— Gen. 1:&
606-4 And G* said. Let there be a ~ Gen. 1:6.
606-15 And G- said. Let the waters— Gen. 1.9.
507-11 And G- said. Let the earth— Gen, 1 ; 11.
600- 9 And G* said. Let there be lights— Gen. 1 ; 14.
511-19 And G- said. Let the waters— Gen. 1 ; 20.
513-14 And G- said. Let the earth — Gen. 1:34.
515-11 And G* said. Let us make man — Gen. 1 ; 26.
517-26 G* said unto them. Be fruitful, — Gen. 1 ; 28.
518-5 And G* said. Behold, I have giren- Gen. 1:S9l
525-13 G* said, Let us make man after our mind
52»-15 Tea, hath G- said. Ye shall not eat — Gen. 3 : 1.
saw OTerything

g 618-24 And G- saw everything that He — Gen. 1 .• 31.
saw tliat it

g 506-24 and G- saw that it was good. — Gen. 1 • 10.
60B-11 and G* saw that it was good.— Gm. 1:12.
511-10 and G* saw that it was good. — Gen. 1 : 18.
513- 7 and G- saw that it was good. — Gen. 1 : 21.
513-24 and G* saw that it was good. — Gen. 1 : 25.
515- 3 " And G- saw that it was good.** — Gen. 1 ; 25.
saw the light

^603-^ And G* saw the light,— Gen. 1:4.
Science is of

g 551-16 all Science is of G*, not of man.

8 111- 7 Science of G* and man is no more supernatural
111-10 as the Science of G* must,
seek onto their

•p 70- • Shwdd not a people seek ttnto their G- T-^Iea,
8 : 19.

t 455-30 G- selects for the highest service
sense of

c 266-25 material sense of G* leads to formalism

b 379-30 starting from a material sense of G*,

Digitized by


God 207


mind separate from (?*
life separate from O'.


sense of

b 312-34 A personal sense of O' and of man*8
gl fi90-24 when the spiritual sense of Q- and of inflnitv
591- 1 a physical sense of G* as finite and corporeal.
■entonee of

/ 232-24 the sentence of 0% which sealed
•rat from

ap 561-31 ** There was a man sent from O' — John 1 : 6.

a 49-18 faithf nl sentinel of O- at the highest post
■efwrste from

a 42-20 belief that man has .
a 13ft- 6 He claimed no
shaped man

g 525-14 and G' shaped man after His mind;
•mile of

ph 175-10 to say that a rose, the smile of O*, can produce
•olcUer of

6 309-11 Israel, — a prince of Ood, or a soldier of G',
Bon of

islUp with
b 315-12 hid from their sense Christ's sonship with G-.

b 315-20 the liberty of the sons of (?*.

b 310-14 Science reyeals Soul as (?•, untouched by sin
Soul, or

«p 72-11 Soul, or (?*, is the only truth-giver to man.
r 463-22 Uie synonym of Mind, Soul, or G;
Spirit and

o 345- 1 Spirit and G* are often regarded as
Spirit is

(SM Spirit)

8 137-20 Christ, the Spirit of <?•, of Truth, Life, and
r 480- 3 Where the spirit of G- is,
g 503- 8 the spirit oiG- moved upon the — Gen. 1 ; 2.
684-22 the spirit of G- dweU in you." — Bom, 8 :9.
Spirit, or

sp TB-IS If Spirit, or (?*, communed with mortals
r 482-11 Soul is properly the synonym of Spirit, or 6* ;

/ 214-21 more than th^ do a spiritual G:

t 450- 4 belief in a mysterious, supernatural O*,

g 638-31 supposes G* to be the author of sin

« 130-27 claim of Science for the supremacy of (?*,
Gained by

/ 221-22 in which being is sustained by (7*,
g 530- 5 In divine Science, man is sustained by G*,
g 517-20 The only proper symbol of G* as person Is

b 300-16 talked with G' as consciously as man talks with

t 466-26 if he is taught of G- to discern it.
term for

b 286-17 In the Saxon . . . good is the term for G-.

t 453-21 masquerader in this Science thanks G- that
the AU-in-all

s 127- 4 If G\ the All-in-all, be the creator of the
the Father-Mother

b 331-30 G' the Father-Mother; Christ the

B 187^ the Son of the Uving G-V— MaU. 16: 16.
theories oonoeming

9 133-23 sjfecial theories concerning <7-,
those who scoff at

o 358-15 nor of the inventions of those who scoff at <?•.
thonghts from

h 298-28 Angels are pure thoughts from (7*, winged with
to ignore

ph 166-17 To ignore <?• as of little use in sickness is a
to man

a 18-14 reconciles man to Crod, not G' to man ;

19- 2 to reconcile man to Ood, not G- to man.

an 104- 1 true thoughts, passing from G- to man.

s 117-17 As a divine student he unfolded G' to man,

{206-15 In the scientific relation of G- to man,
284-30 Thought passes from G' to man,
332- 2 relatmn of G' to man and the universe.
to suppose that

pr 6-19 To suppose that G- forgives . . . according
ph 183- 5 To suppose that G- constitutes laws of

/ 213-12 and is a tendency towards G-, Spirit.
p 430- 9 he will advance more rapidly towards G%
tributary to

r 481- 2 is tributary to 6*, Spirit, and to nothing else.
tri-nnity of

b 340-18 It inculcates the tri-unity of G, Spirit,



/ 237-29 the only living and true G- can do.

b 838- 3 brings to light the only living and true G-

p 410- 8 know Thee, the only true 0-, — John 17 ; 8.

a 20-21 to obey the divine order and trust G*,

pr 8-15 to understand G- is the work of eternity,

a 22-29 does not understand G-.

f 209-32 constant capacity to understand 6*.

t 446-21 To understand G' strengthens hope,

r 486-29 If . . . medium through which to understand (?*,
understanding of

a 33-30 a new and higher understanding of G'
9p 76-13 When advanced to . . . the understanding of G*,
79-13 through the higher understanding of 6*,
s 127- 7 a knowledge or understanding ofo*.
b 275-26 The true understanding of G- is spiritual.
315- 5 His better understandmg of G' was a rebuke to
828-11 they gain the true understanding of G'
p 428-32 the understanding of G- as the only Life,
r 473-23 a better understanding of (?*... is required.
^ . „ tGbrIn


496-14 prove what the understanding of (
ap 567- 6 prevails through the understanding oi u\
576-26 In proportion to his understanding of G'.
gl 589-24 understanding of G' and man appearing.
nnderstandins; tliat

gl 589- 9 the understanding that G* is the divine
unity of

s 132-12 coming from divine Mind, prove the unity of G;
g 502-26 eternal verity and unity of (?• and man,
unity with

a 18- 2 exemplification of man's unil^ with G*,
r 497-16 unfolding man's unity with G-

tp 78-31 These are the effects of one universal G*,

p 428-16 not ** to the unknown G- " — Acts 17 ; 23.
gl 696- 8 dedicated " to the unknown G-." — AcU 11: 23.
unknown to

p 424- 6 Accidents are unknown to G*,

/ 249-16 and tneludes nothing unlike G*.
c 262-23 and conquering all that is unlike G*.
unlikeness of

r 470-14 the unlikeness of G-, is unreal,
unsostained by

/ 212-18 undirected and nnsustained by G\

a 20- 2 unto G* the things that are God's.*'— Ifatt.

g 640-18 unto G* the things that are God's." — ifaff.
22 .-21.
verities of

a 28- 5 and taught the unseen verities of G*,
voice of

/ 226- 6 voice of G* in behalf of the African slave
b 321-26 became to him the voice of G*,
wait on

b 323-10 we pause, — wait on G\
vralked with

/ 214- 7 •* walked with G-," — Gen. 6 .• 24.
waymarks of

g 642-24 not to remove the waymarks of G*.
we approach

«p 95- 7 We approach G*, or Life, in proportion to
what Is

r 465- 8 ^wMtion. — WhatlsG-?
whole of

g 517-23 can never reveal the whole of G*,
will arrest

an 106-24 G* will arrest him.
win bless

pr 13-17 G' will bless it, and we shall incur less risk
will heal

pr 12- 3 A mere request that G- will heal the sick
r 496- 1 G- will heal the sick through man,
will never place

a 31- 2 G' will never place it in such hands.
win not punish

o 357- 1 we must admit that G* will not punish roan
will of

pr 11-30 habitual desire to know and do the will of G-,
gl 597-22 •• For this is the will of G-. " — 7 Thess. 4 ; 3.
will overturn

/ 223-31 G' will overturn, until
will redeem

o 354-21 G* will redeem that weakness,
will save us

pr 2-18 A request that G* will save us
will smite

p 439-20 G' will smito you, O whited walls,
wiU still guide

t 444- 9 G> will still guide them into the right use of

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