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millions of other Russians scattered all over the vast
empire; the Cossack company in the heart of Manchuria
chanting their nightly petition to the throne of grace; the
nobler choir in the Kremlin on Easter Day pouring forth
songs of joy that Christ is risen — are all engaged in the
same service, which has the same meaning, and which re-
veals the same profound and universal faith. In the
magnificent cathedral of St. Isaac's at St. Petersburg, in
the extemporized service at a railvv-ay-station, amid en-
camped battalions of armed Russia in the Ussuri littoral,
everywhere and always it is "Holy Russia" which speaks
— "Holy Russia" ever singing, ever praying, ever ad-

And doubt not that it is "Holy Russia" indeed. Grant-
ing all their superstition, conceding their ignorance,
giving full credit to every unfortunate phase which the
Christian religion takes among this peculiar people, he
who travels the empire from end to end, with eyes to see
and ears to hear, cannot but admit that here is a power
in human affairs, bhnd it may be, cruel ofttimes, no
doubt, but still reverent, devotional, and fairly saturated
with a faith so deep that it is instinctive, and the like
of which may not be witnessed in all the earth. What it
will all result in he would be foolish, indeed, who would
predict. But that it exists is certain; that it moves
forward, slowly perhaps, to the eye of the hour, but



rapidly to the eye of history, and, in any case, irresist-
ibly, is merely a fact. "Holy Russia!" There she stands,
or, rather, yonder she marches. Make of her what you
will ; say of her what you will ; but do not forget that she
exists, and exists increasingly.^

* Most of the thousands of Russian churches and cathedrals
are built with money voluntarily given by the common people.




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Online LibraryAlbert Jeremiah BeveridgeThe Russian advance → online text (page 30 of 40)