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The American monthly
review of reviews

Albert Shaw




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The American Monthly
Review of Reviews.



Volume XXXIV. July-December, 1906.


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Copyright, 1906, by The Review of Reviews Co.


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Abdul Hamid and Pan-Islamism, 486.

Adams, Franklin. Chile and Peru ; the Rival

Republics of the South, 433.
Adams, Franklin. United States of Brazil, 184.
Africa : Benguela Railway, 633.
Aladvin, of the Russian Duma, 168.
Alcohol, Free, in the Arts and as Fuel, 211.
Alfonso, King of Spain, Marriage of, 22.
American Interest in the World at Large, 131.
Anglo-American Amenity ; Does it Exist? 355.
Antarctic Zone. Animal and Plant Life in, 371.
Architecture Against Ugliness. 93.
Athletics, College, *• Professional " Coach in, 605.
Australia, Central. Irrigation Problem in, 619.
Austria, a Real Constitutional State, 225.
Austria. Cabinet Changes in, 21.
Austria's Foreign Policies-, 666.

Ballooning, Sensations That Accompany, 749.

Balzac on Labor, 615.

Barrett, John. Rio Janeiro (Descriptive), 177.

Baskerville, Charles. Coal Tar Industry and its
Jubilee, 431 ; Free Alcohol in the Arts and
as Fuel. 211.

Beit, Alfred, Diamond King and Empire Builder.

Belgium, Affairs in, 149.

Belgium, Political Future of, 226.

Bern i 8, Edward W. Investigating Municipal
Ownership at Home and Abroad. 342.

Bliss. W. D. P. The Growth of Political Social-
ism, 82.

Book Reviewing, Ethics of, (507.

Books, The New. 123. 253. 3*2. 511. <539, 753.

Brady, Austin C. Mexico's Fighting Equipment,

Brazil and the Pan-Amenen~> Con^-ence, 144.

Brazil, New President of (Dr. Affonso A. M.
Penna), 706.

Brazil, United States of, 184.

Brig ham, Johnson. Albert Baird Cnmmins, Gov-
ernor of Iowa, 291.

Brown, Elmer Ellsworth, United States Commis-
sioner of Education, 166.

Brown, G. M. L Chile and Peru: The Rival
Republics of the South, 433: United States
of Brazil. 184.

Brownell, Atherton. Cuban Republic on Trial,

Brush, Edward Hale. American History and
Mural Painting, 689.

Bryan, William J. European Tour of. and Dis-
cussion of His Political Position, 259-264, 400.

Business and Resources, American, Marvelous
Growth of, 677.

Business Conditions, 269.

Butler, Nicholas Murray. A Visit from British
Teachers, 547.

Cabinet Changes, 657.

California and the Japanese. 643.

Calvo. and the Calvo. or Drago, Doctrine, 216, 405.

Canada, Our Relations with, 659.

Canadian Problems. 532.

Cancer: Can It Be Cured? 237.

Canfield, James H. William Torrey Harris,
Teacher, Philosopher, Friend, 164.

Capital Punishment and Capital Crime, 368.

Cartoons, Current History in, 33, 160, 284, 416,
542, 673.

Cellulose, Wonders of, 374.

Central America, Affairs in, 18, 137, 144.

Chile (descriptive), 433.

Chile, Affairs in. 529.

Chile After the Earthquake, 404.

China, Affairs in, 28, 411.

China, Typhoon in, 411.

Chinese Labor, 362, 647.

Chinese Political Progress, 537.

Churchill, Winston, Campaign of. for Guberna-
torial Nomination in New Hampshire, 142,

Coal Tar Industry and Its Jubilee. 431.

College Fraternity as an Educational Influence,

Colleges, American, Wealth and Democracy in,

Commercial Agents, National Need of, 372.
Commercial Panic, Prospects of a, 474.
Composers, Foreign, as Guests of America, 698.
Congressional Affairs:

Congress, Proceedings in, 29, 156.
Congress, Work of, 139.
Congressional Elections. Result of, 651.
Legislation : Yellow Fever Quarantine, Em-
ployers* Liability, Immunity of Witnesses.
President's Traveling Expenses, Mariposa
Grove Reservation, Battle Mountain Sani-
tarium Reservation, Oklahoma National
Park, Acquisition by President of Historic
Lands, 141.
Meat Inspection Bill, 6.
Naturalization Law, New, 141.
Niagara Falls, Preservation of, 141.
Pure Food Legislation, 12, 140.
Panama Canal Legislation, 140.
Smoot Case. 13.
Senate, Changes in, 15.
Statehood Question, 13, 651.
States, New, in Prospect, 140.
Cooperative Factory, Academic, 245,
Copper, Story of, 561.
Corporations, Lawyers and, 222, 738.
Cuba, Education in. Status of, 111.
Cuba : Insurrection in, 387-392, 424, 527-532, 658.
Cummins, Albert Baird, Sketch of, 291.
Currency Question, The, 658.

Darton. N. H. Opening of the Shoshone Reser-
vation, 197.

Date, Oldest Fixed, in History, 369.

Davis, Mrs. Jefferson, 560.

Davitt. William, the Irish patriot, 81.

Divorce by Mutual Consent. 240.

Dreyfus, Captain, Vindication of, 134, 146; His-
tory of Dreyfus Affair, 147.

Digitized by




Dunn. Arthur Wallace. President Roosevelt and

Corporate Wealth, G87. Secretary Root and

South America, 583.
DuPont, Col. Henry A., Elected Senator from

Delaware, 16.
Durland, Kellogg. Aladyin, Russia's First

"Walking Delegate." 108.

Edmonds, Richard H. The Most Prosperous Pe-
riod in Our History, 677.

Education : A Visit from British Teachers, 547.

Education, General, West Point and, 95.

Education, German, Under Fire, 608.

" Education," What Hampton Institute Means
by, 305.

Edward VII. and Emperor William at Friedrichs-
hof, 485.

Egypt, England's Fear as to, 154.

Electrification of Steam Railways, 712.

European Notes, 25.

Fire Losses, Serious Question of, 102.

Fiske, Philip S. The Traffic Manager and the
Shipper, 204.

Fly, House, as Carrier of Disease, 630.

Forest reserves, New National, 708.

France, Affairs in, 20, 134-135.

France and the Vatican. 535.

France as an Investor, 71.

France: Church Separation Law, Progress of,
664; The Pope and, 272-274; Protestant
Church After the Separation, 480.

France, New Ministry in, and Other Parliament-
ary Affairs, 662.

French Navy, Slow Growth of, 108.

Georgia and the Race Question, 524-525.
Georgia Campaign, 269.
German Education Under Fire, 608.
Germany and the Kaiser, 271.
Germany :

Colonial Director, Bern hard Dernburg, 536.

Koepenick Episode, 664.

Public Opinion and Foreign Policy in, 228.

Recent Events in, 24.

Reichstag, Opening of, 665.
Gilman, Lawrence. Eminent Foreign Composers

as Guests of America, 698.
Graves, Ralph H. Sir Robert Hart, 296.
Great Britain :

Affairs in, 18, 146, 405.

Anglo-German Amenities, 20.

Education Bill, Progress of, 18, 270, 354, 722.

England, Classes and Masses in, 132.

House of Lords, Past, Present and Future, 593.

House of Lords, Position of, 132.

India and the New British Parliament, 498.

Irish Question in Parliament, 661.

Labor Question in Parliament, 661.

Law and Government in, 145.

Parliament versus Cabinet, 632.

Politics and Other Affairs in, 270, 532-533.

Russia, Relations with, 19.

South African Colonies, Constitutions for, 271.

New Zealand and Other Colonies, 19.

Hampton, Institute : What It Means by " Edu-
cation," 305.

Harris, William Torrey. Teacher, Philosopher,
Friend, 164.

Hart, Sir Robert: Character Sketch, 296.

Harvey, Charles M. The Pike Exploration Cen-
tennial, 333.

Hearst : see also under Political Affairs.

Hearst and the Hearst Movement, 515-518.

Hearst, William R., Defeat of, in New York. 652.

Hearst, William R., Political Position of, 263.

Hearst, William R., the Man, 598.

Hereditary Traits, Our, 616.

Heyn, Edward T. How the Kaiser Works, 702.

Hohenlohe, von, Prince, " Recollections " of, 535,

Hughes, Charles Evans. Character Sketch, 552.

Ibsen, Henrik, as a World Force, from Many
Viewpoints, 96.

Ibsen's Work and Influence, 37.

Icelanders' Demand for Self-Government, 479.

** II Santo," by Antonio Fogazzaro, 353.

Immigration from Norway, 224.

India and the New British Parliament, 498.

India and the Opium Trade in the Far East, 364.

Indian (American) Affairs, 651.

Insurance Monopoly, A British State, 477.

Iowa State Politics, 17, 268.

Islamism, Pan-, Abdul Hamid and, 486.

Italian Advancement, 135.

Italian- American Intellectual Alliance, Proposi-
tion for, 359.

Italian Colony in Arkansas, 361.

Italy, Cabinet Change in, 22.

Italy, Progress in. 149.

Italy, Why She Should Remain in the Triple
Alliance, 742.

Japan, Affairs in, 28.

Japanese, California and, 643.

Japan's Exploitation of Asia, 278.

Jesuit General, A New (Rev. Francis Xavier

Wernz), 407.
Joachim, Joseph, Nestor of Violinists, 356.

K em merer, E. W. Philippine Postal Savings

Bank, 468.
Knaufft, Ernest Rembrandt Tricentennial, 49.
Kodama, Viscount, 304.
Korea, Affairs in. 28.

Labor: Five Years of Strikes and Lockouts in
Holland, Germany, and France, 741.

Labor: Shortening of the Industrial Working
Day, 622.

Labor: Strikes in Germany, Insurance Against,

Latimer, J. D. Greatest Year of New Railroad
Enterprises, 449.

Latin-America, United States and, 609.

Lawyers and Corporations, 738.

Lawyers and the Trusts, 222.

Leading Articles of the Month, 85, 215, 345, 471,
598, 728.

Lee, W. B. The New President of Brazil, 706.

Leo XIII. and Pius X. Contrasted, 358.

Leoncavallo, Ruggiero. 700.

Life Insurance Disclosures and Reformation, 5.

Lighting, Improved Methods of, 748.

Lightships, Improved, 504.

Literature, ** Industry " of, at Dawn of Twen-
tieth Century, 497.

Literature, Our Unworthy Attitude Toward, 106.

Lombroso as Seen by His Daughter, 234.

Lusitania, Largest Ship Afloat, 203.

Lynching and the Criminal Law, 751.

McIveb, Charles D., of North Carolina, 422.
Magoon, Charles E., Character Sketch, 556.
Manufacturing Methods, Can We Improve? 475.
Maps and Diagrams:

Africa: Benguela Railway, 633.

Australia, River Systems of, 619.

Brazil, 185.

Canadian Railways, 459.

Chile. 435.

Circulation Per Capita. 1875-1905, 474.

Costa Rica, 144.

Crop Values for Forty Years, 472.

Earthquake Chart of the World. 404.

Gautemala, 144.

Honduras, 144.

Iowa Counties That Decreased in Population.
1900-1905, 75.

Kansas Counties That Decreased in Popula-
tion, 1900-1905, 74.

Lusitania and Earlier Great Ships, 203

Digitized by



New York Bank Clearings, 18(50-1905, 471.

New York Counties That Decreased in Popula-
tion, 1900-1905, 76, 77, 78.

Nicaragua, 144.

Oklahoma and Indian Territory, Showing Dis-
appearing Boundary Between, 13.

Panama, 144.

Peru, 435.

Printing and Publishing Business, Showing In-
crease of, in United States, 338, 340, 341.

Railroad Construction, New, in Western and
Northwestern United States, 453.

Railroads in Texas, 457.

Railway Traffic Earnings, 472.

Russian Empire, Baltic Shores of, 277.

Salvador, 144.

San Francisco Earthquake, " Fault " Which
Caused, 350.

Shoshone Indian Reservation, 198.

South America, Proportion of, Occupied by
Brazil, 184.
Match Industry in Sweden, 109.
Matson, Clarence H. Awakening of Nevada, 56.
Maver, William, Jr. Electrification of Steam

Railways, 712.
Meat Industry in Holland, 604.
Medical Science, Progress of, 103, 628.
Medicine, Patent, Evil, 104.
Memory, Power of, How Explained, 606.
Mexico, Affairs in, 529, 659.
Mexico on a Gold Basis, 218.
Mexico: Cananea, Mining Riots at, 17.
Mexico's Fighting Equipment, 575.
Millionaires, Appeal to Our, 85.
Mine Ventilation, Fire-damp and, 624.
Monroe Doctrine, Commercial Side of, 114.
Monroe Doctrine, South American \\ew of, 244.
Morel, E. C. Tunneling the Seine at Paris, 63.
Moslem Uprising, Fear of, 154,
Mt. Ruwenzori, Central Africa, 629.
Municipal Ownership at Home and Abroad, In*

vestigating, 342.
Music Season, American, 667.
Music, Russian, Quarter Century of, 231.

Negro Troops' Case at Brownsville, Texas, 649.
Nevada, The Awakening of, 56.
New England, Politics in, 267.
New York State Campaign, 267.
New Zealand, Affairs in, 19.
Norwegian Emigration: Our Interest in It, 224.
Novelists, American, and Reform from a French
Viewpoint, 752.

Obituaby, 32, 159, 283, 415, 541, 672.

Oklahoma, New State of, 13, 651.

Oku, General Baron, 304.

Olympic Games of 1906, American Athletes in, 43.

Oregon as a Political Experiment Station, 172.

Oregon, Independent Voting in, 143.

Oregon State Election, 16.

Packing-house Sensations — Reynolds-Neill Re-
port — President's Special Message on, 6-11.

Painting, Mural, American History and, 689.

Palestine as New Zion, 155.

Panama, Visit to. bv the President, 403, 648.

Panama Canal, Chinese Labor on, 647.

Panama Canal : Sea -level versus Lock System. 15.

Panama Canal to Be Built by Contract, 528.

Pan-American Conference, 144, 278-279, 405.

Paris, Tunneling the Seine at, 63.

Patent Medicine Evil. 104.

Peary Reaches " Farthest North," 668.

Penna, Affonso A. M.. President o F Brazil, 706.

Pennsylvania's New State House, 523-524.

Pennsylvania State Politics, 16.

Periodicals, Briefer Notes on Topics in, 117, 246,
376, 505, 634.

Persia to Have a Parliament, 410.

Peru, 433.

Philippine Postal Savings Bank, 468.

Pike Exploration Centennial, 333.
Pius X. and Leo XIII. Contrasted, 358.
Poetry, Magazine, Past, Present, and Future, 491.
Polar Exploration: Peary Reaches "Farthest

North," (87° 6'), 668.
Polish Language in Prussia, 665.
Polish Question, Revival of, 229.
Political Affairs:

California Campaign, 400, 525.

Bryan and His Party, 400.

Colorado Politics, 399. 526.

Congressional Campaign, 264.

Election Results in Various States, 393, 394,

Hearst and the Hearst Movement, 400, 515-518.

Minnesota Politics, 398.

Nebraska Politics, 398.

New England Politics, 522.

New Hampshire Politics, 394.

New York Politics, 394, 515-521.

Ohio Republican Situation, 397.

Oregon as a Political Experiment Station, 172.

Pennsylvania Campaign, 522.

Primary Law of Wisconsin in Operation, 398.

Race Prejudice in the Election, 649.

Senators, Method of Electing in Oregon, 174.

State Campaigns, 142-143, 264-269, 393.

Wisconsin's Primary Law in Operation, 398.
Population, Rural, Decrease in, 74.
Porto Rico, Affairs in, 529.
Porto Rico, German-American Opinion on, 220.
Portraits :

Abdul Hamid, Sultan of Turkey, 487.

Adam, J. N., 396.

Adams, Henry C, 11.

Aehrenthal, von, Baron, 743.

Agassiz, Alexander, 563.

Aguirre, Charles M., 424.

Aladyin, of the Russian Duma, 26, 168.

Alexander, D. S., 253.

Alexandra, Queen of England, 2.

Alfonso, King of Spain, and the Queen, 24.

Alves, F. de P., l&i.

Ansel, Martin F., 654.

Apponyi, Count, 263.

Bacon, Robert, 528.

Balzac, de, Honors, 615.

Barrett, John, 587, 609.

Barth, Theodor, 349.

Beach, Frederick Converse, Adv. p. 45, Aug.

Beard, Dan, 762.

Beebe, C. William, 761.

Beit. Alfred, 157, 301.

Benson, Arthur Christopher, 254.

Berteaux, M., 21.

Beveridge, Albert J., 7.

Birrell, Augustine, 133.

Bonaparte, Charles J., 413.

Bonhag, George, 43.

Bonilla, Manuel, President of Honduras, 145.

Bowie, Sydney J., 11.

Branco, Baron Rio, 583.

Breton, Jules, 158.

Briand, M. A., 272.

Brisbane, Arthur, 516.

Brooks, Bryant B., 670.

Brooks, Franklin E., 11.

Brown, Elmer Ellsworth, 167.

Bryan, William Jennings, 150, 258, 262, 263.

Buchtel, Henry A., 526, 671.

Burgess, John W., 42.

Burrows, Julius C, 14.

Butler, Nicholas Murray, 40.

Cabrera, Manuel E., President, 145.

Caillaux, M., 663.

Calvin, John, 759.

Calvo, Carlos, 217.

Campbell, C. H., 660.

Canterbury, Archbishop of. 661.

Capote, Domingo Mendez, 388.

Castellanos. J. A., 424.

Chamberlain, George E.. 16.

Chamberlain, Joseph, 146.

Digitized by




Chandler, E. S., 11.
Chanler, Lewis Stuyvesant, 518.
Charles, King of Roumania, 101.
Choate, Joseph, Aug. adv. p. 50.
Churchill, Winston, 143.
Clark, William A., 565.
ClC»mcnceau, Georges, 535, 663.
Clifford. John, 661.
Cobb, William T., 393.
Coekran, W. Bourke, 514.
Cocks, William W., 11.
Cole, Albert L., 538.
Comer, Braxton B., 671.
Conners, William J., 511).
Corral, Ramon, 575.
Cosfo, Manuel Gonzftlez, 581.
Craigie, Mrs. Pearl Mary Teresa, (" John Oli-
ver Hobbes"), 283.
Crawford, Coe I., 671.
Creighton, J. K., Aug. adv. p. 46.
Cromer, George W., 11.
Cross, C. W., 660.
Cummins, Albert B., 268. 291.
Cummins, Mrs. Albert B., 293.
Curzon, Lady, 130.
Daniels, C. M.. 43.
Davidson, James O., 656.
Davidson, Rt. Rev. Randall Thomas, 661.
Davis, Charles R., 11.
Davis. Mrs. Jefferson, 560.
Davitt, Michael, 81.
Dawes, Charles G., 345.
Demburg, Bern hard, 537.
Deroulede, Paul. 21.
Des Planches, Edmondo M., 361.
D'Estournelles, Baron, 2<53.
Dewey, Melvil, 403.
Diaz, Porfirio, 255, 575.
Dolgoroukov, Prince, 275.
Dominiguez, Jose! Lopez, 273.
Doumer, Paul, 21.
Drago, Seflor, 586.

Draper, Andrew S., Aug. adv. p. 49.
Dreyfus, Alfred, and family, 147.
Drysdale, A., 600.
Du Pont, Henry A., 16.
Edward VII., of England, 406.
Emery, Lewis. Jr., 142.
Escalon, P. Jose". President of Salvador, 145.
Ewry, Ray C, 43.
Fogazzaro, Antonio, 353.
Foraker, Joseph B., 14.
Ford, John, 520.
Foy, J. J., 600.

Francis-Joseph, Emperor of Austria, 22.
Funk, Isaac K., 403.
Funston, Frederick, 392.
George, King of Greece, 2.
Geronimo, Chief. 756.
Gibbons, Cardinal, Aug. adv. p. 50.
Gilder, Richard Watson, 491.
Gillett, James N.. 057.
Giolitti, Signor, 21.
Gomez, JosG Miguel. 387, 425.
Gomez, Juan Gualberto, 388.
Gouin, L., 660.
Gould, George J., 452.
Greene, William C, 569.
Griffis, William Elliott, Aug. adv. p. 50.
Griggs. James M.. 265.
Griscom, Lloyd C, 583.
Guild, Curtis, Jr.. 654.
Gunckel, John. 128.
Gustav Adolf, Prince, of Sweden, 534.
Gustav, Crown Prince, of Sweden, 534.
Guyot-Dessaigne. M.. 663.
Haakon, King of Norway, 25.
Hadley. Arthur T., Aug. adv. p. 50.
Hahn, Archie. 43.

Hale, Edward Everett, Aug. adv. p. 49.
Halpin, M. P., 43.
Hamilton. Charles A., 11.
Ilardie, Keir, 662.

Harriman, E. II., 451.

Harris, Andrew L., 29.

Harris, William Torrev, 155.

Hart, Albert B.. Aug. adv. p. 50.

Hart, Sir Robert, 290.

Haskins, Kittredge. 11.

Haugen, Gilbert N., 11.

Hearst, William Randolph, 2(53, 517, 599.

Heinze, F. Augustus, 5(56.

Henry, E. Stevens, 11.

Henry, Prince Consort of Holland, 481.

Hey den. Count, 275.

Higgins, Frank W., 267.

Higgins. Joseph H., 654.

Higginson, Thomas W., Aug. adv. p. 50.

Hill. Frederick Trevor, 639.

Hill. James J., 449.

Hitchcock, Ethan Allen, 650.

Hitt, Robert R., 415.

*• Hobbes, John Oliver," 282.

Iloch, Edward W., 070.

Hohenlohe-Schillingfurst, von, Prince, 737

Holcombe, Chester, 305.

Horton, R. F., 061.

Howbert, Irving, 334.

Howell, Clark, 269.

Hughes, Charles E.. 396. 521. 550, 552.

Hughes, Mrs. Charles E., 553.

Hughes, G. E., 660.

Hulbert, Homer B.. 753.

Ibsen, Henrik, 37, 97.

Ihmsen, Max, 519.

Ingersoll. Ernest, 127.

Ingram, A. F. W., Bishop of London, 6(51.

Irving, Sir Henry, 757.

lsvolski, A. P., 27.

Jackson, A. V. Williams, 640.

Jaures, Jean, 20.

Jerome, William T., 267.

Joachim. Joseph, 357.

Johnson, John A., 655.

Jordan, David Starr, Aug. adv. p. 48.

Joseph us, Flavius, 123.

Keyser, Cassius J. Aug, adv. p. 48.

Knox, George William, 640^

Kodama, Viscount. 304.

Ladd. George T., Aug. adv. p. 50.

Lamb, John, 11.

Lanctot, C, 660.

Law son, Thomas W., 572.

Leavitt, R. J., 43.

Lednicki. Alexander, 27.

Lefean, Daniel F.. 11.

Inland, Charles G.. 639.

Leoncavallo. Ruggiero, 700.

Leroy-Beaulieu, Anatole, 154.

Lever, Asbury F.. 11.

Lightbody, J. I)., 43.

Limantour, Jos(» Ives, 219.

Lindsey. Ben B.. 526.

Littlefield. Charles E., 393.

Lloyd-George. David, (561.

Lombroso, Cesare, 235.

London, Bishop of. A. F. W. Ingram, 661.

Londonderry, Lord, 661.

Lorimer. William. 11.

Lvov. Prince, 275.

McBride. R., 660.

McDonald. Jesse F.. 334.

Mclver. Charles Duncan, 423.

McMaster, John B.. 755.

Mackenzie, William, 458.

Magoon, Charles E., 528, 557, 587.

Maltby, Mr.. 587.

Maltby. Mrs., 587.

Mann. D. I)., 458.

Matherson, A. J.. 660.

Matthews, Brander. 403.

Maud, Queen of Norway, 25.

Maxey. Edwin. 126.

Metcalf, Victor H.. 614.

Miller, Admiral, 272.

Moliere, (Jean Baptiste Poquelin), 759.

Digitized by




Montalvo. Rafael, 388.

Montt, Don Pedro, 433.

Moran, John B., 522.

Moret, Sefior, 21.

Morley, John, 499.

Morris, Clara, 124.

Muck, Karl, 607.

Mun, de, Comte, 20.

Mtinsterberg, Hugo, 254.

Murez, Captain. 580.

Murphy, Charles F., 514.

Murray, G. H., MO.

Musorgski, Modest, 232.

Nabuco, Joaquim, 583.

Nabukov, Mr., 2(5.

Neill, Charles P.. 9.

Nelson, N. O., 729.

Nevinson, Henry W., 124.

Neweomb, Simon, Aug. adv. p. 40.

Nixon, Lewis, 514.

O'Brien, Edward C, 589.

Oku, General Baron, 304.

Olaf, Prince, of Norway. 25.

Ordonez, President, of Uruguay, 589

Oscar, King, of Sweden, 534.

Palma, Tomas Estrada, 380.

Palmer, Lieutenant, 587.

Palmer. William J., 334.

Pardo, Don Jose, 437.

Parsons, Herbert, 395.

Patterson, M. R., 049.

Pehna, Affonso Agusto. 700.

Perkin, Sir William, 431, 733.

Perry, Bliss, 758.

Peters, A.. 000.

Pichon, Stephen, 002.

Picquart, Georges, 003.

Pike. Zebu Ion Montgomery, 333.

Pilgrim, Paul, 43.

Pius X., 273.

Porter, Claude B., 208.

Prinstein, Myer, 43.

Proctor, Fletcher, 394.

Prouty, Charles A., 5.

Puccini, Giacomo, 099.

Pugsley, W., 000.

Rembrandt, Hermantz van Ryn, 49, G18.

Reyes, Bernardo, 581.

Reynolds, James Bronson, 9.

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