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The Oldest Family.

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la iHemortal Volnmt



Author op " The Genesis of thb Unitod States "

>^^- ' ■■"■' '".iniHi.t.. i.,T7r^



Copyright, 1895,

All rights reserved.

The Riverside Press, Cambridge, Mass., U. H. A.
Electrotyped and Printed by H. O. Houghton and Company.


vi " Honor thy father and thy mother, that thy days may be long in the land which
^ the Lord thy God giveth thee." ^ -4 CIA S^2

^ The interest of people in their kindred is one of the meas-
ures of the distances between the races of men. The cul-
tivation of family history is one of the essentials to the wel-
fare of society. The continued existence and prosperity of
every nation depends upon the love of country and pride of
race, which is true patriotism.

We are commanded to honor our forefathers, that our

» days may be long. Our religion, civilization, and patriotism,
alike require us to rescue their memory from oblivion, so
that they may not perish forever as though they had never
been born. And it is our sacred duty to " gather up the
fragments that remain " before their past history has been
obliterated by the effacing fingers of destruction and decay.
I will give something of " the Cabells and their kin " in
England as an introduction ; but my especial object will be
to give an outline history of an American family in its vari-
ous branches, showing the contribution of the various mem-
bers to the history and advancement of their section and
of their country. And as Americans are a mixed race, I
shall sometimes trace back to emigrant ancestors, and will
give the " Seize Quartiers " sufficiently often to convey a
fairly approximate idea of the actual percentage of English,
Scotch, Huguenot, and other blood flowing in the veins of
the kindred, especially of this section, which sent out so
many emigrants to other sections of our country.


Much has been written of the first settlements of the
tide-water regions which lay within the reach of shipping,
while comparatively little has been published about the cut-
ting loose from the moorings, and the first advancement of
the settlements " within the land " to the westward. For
the first three generations, this work will be largely devoted
to an outline of this movement up the James River valley,
and to the earliest settlements within the north and south
branches of James River.

When young Dr. William Cabell emigrated with his
fortunes from the land of his forefathers to become the
founder of a new family in the New World, he cast his
lot for his new beginning in the frontier forests of Vir-
ginia along the upper valley of the James. And it came
to pass that the new family and the new country grew up
together, — the founder of the one was to some extent the
founder of the other, — and the interests of both were in
many ways, for many years, the same.

The earlier members of this new family were men of
affairs rather than of letters, — the times and the task
before them required them to be so. They were not only
among the most active founders of this region, but also
among the most active builders-up of this region. They
not only made the hunting-ground of the savage — a wil-
derness of wild woods — to feel the yoke of the plow and to
blossom as the rose, but, from the time when this section
was first represented in the colonial government to the
beginning of the Revolutionary period, Cabells were in the
House of Burgesses, looking to its interest in the public
councils. During " the time that tried men's souls," Ca-
bells and their kin were in the conventions guarding the
rights of their home land. And from the war between
the mother country and the Colonies to the war between


the States, the Cabells and their kin were constantly rep-
resenting this region in the House of Delegates, the State
Senate, or the House of Representatives of the United

But the Cabells and their kin were not among the
founders of this section only, and their services have not
been confined to this region alone. Many of them are
found among the leading founders of the West and other
portions of the Union. They have had their full share in
the public and domestic affairs of nearly every portion of
their country, and in shaping its destiny both under the
crown and under the Republic.

I have made a special effort to give to the part of the
work which relates to those born prior to 1825 (" three-
score years and ten " ago), and to many of those born since,
who have gone before us, something of a memorial charac-
ter, going somewhat into details. But of " the living gen-
erations " it is mainly in the nature of a record. And I
have made no effort " to trace back " those intermarried
with after 1825, because the increasing number of these
people, and the increasing length of these lines, would fill
volumes. So it was necessary to leave much of the family
history of the present generations for the future historians
of the family.

I have been more disposed to make use of matter still in
manuscript than to give matter already preserved by the
art preservative of arts.

The material I have had to work with is necessarily un-
equal. Some pubHc (church and state) records have been
preserved, others have not. The records of some counties
have been destroyed. Some families have preserved their
family memorials fairly well, others have not preserved
them at all. Some individuals have led active lives, others


have lived quietly. Some have devoted themselves to pub-
lic, others to domestic affairs. And thus, while each one
may have done his duty equally well in the Hfe task assigned
to each, — whether it \v«s the opening up of a new country
to civihzation, the founding of a new repubhc, the estab-
lishment of a new State, or the clearing of a new ground
for the plow, — our knowledge of them and of their acts
must be very unequal. It has been said that "the man
who makes two blades of grass to grow upon a spot of
ground where only one grew before, deserves better of man-
kind than the whole race of politicians put together." Yet
no class is more apt to be forgotten than the farmer, who
seldom leaves any material for the biographer.

Of some of the past generations I have sufficient material
to make volumes ; of others I have found but Httle, and of
others nothing. " There be some of them that have left
a name behind them that their praises might be reported.
And some there be who having no memorial are perished
as though they had never been born."

Of the present generations, some wish to have a full rec-
ord of their families preserved, and have furnished ample
material. Others only wish brief outlines, and have fur-
nished but Httle. Others are willing to give names, but not
dates of birth, etc. Others " do not wish to be in print at
all," etc. At least half a dozen have taken the trouble to
prepare and send me quite interesting sketches of their
families " for my own perusal," coupled with the request
that " they should not be published." " There are many
men of many minds."

These differences in material and of opinion have made
it impossible to give the work an entirely uniform character.
But the main object, considering all things, — for the way
of the genealogist is proverbially hard, — has been fairly


well accomplished. The memory of the forefathers has
been preserved ; an outline of the past history of the past
generations of the family has been given ; the spread of
the descending stream has been shown ; the names of the
descendants have been recorded quite completely down to
1861 ; and thus the initial step for the future historian of
the present generations has been taken.

I wish to express my especial thanks to the Hon. Edward
Carrington Cabell, of St. Louis, Mo. ; Hon. George L. Rives,
of New York ; Dr. Julian M. Cabell, U. S. A. ; and Edmond
L. McClelland, of Washington, D. C, — the especial patrons
of this book, — and to other members of the family who
have patronized the work, and to all who have aided me
with material for the book, or in any other way. I wished
to mention each one in these premises by name, but find
that I cannot do so in a satisfactory way. Some have done
a great deal ; others, very Httle. Therefore to name all on
the same footing would not be fair ; while to state what
each one did would be to draw comparisons, and " compari-
sons are odious." But each one can rest assured that I am
very grateful to all, and I hope that all may continue to
take an earnest interest in the welfare of " the Cabells and
their kin."

Alexander Brown.

" Union Hill," May 23, 1895.


"Monuments themselves memorials need."
A good edition of a book — the work of the Art preservative of arts —secured in many libraries, is
the most enduring memorial.



The Cabells and their Kin in England 1-23

A brief account of Dr. William^ Cabell's younger brother,

Joseph 1, and his descendants in England 23-30


The Cabells and their Kin in America. " Others of the name " . 31, 32
Dr. William ^ Cabell, the founder of the family in Virginia,
with some account of the earliest settlement (1726-1774) of

the upper valley of James River 32-72

Henrico County to 1728 34-36

Goochland County, 1728-1744 36-47

Albemarle County, 1745-1761 48-60

Amherst County, 1761-1774 60-66

A Summary, 1724-1774 66-72


The Founder's children and those allied to them by marriage, with
much of the history of the upper valley of James River (1750-

1800), especially during the Revolution 73-171

I. Mary ^ Cabell and William Horsley, of " Centre Hill " . . 73-75
II. Col. William ^ Cabell and Margaret Jordan, of " Union Hill " 75-130

III. Col. Joseph 2 Cabell and Mary Hopkins, of « Sion Hill " . . 130-141

IV. Col. John 2 Cabell and Paulina Jordan, of "Green Hill" . . 141-145
V. Col. Nicholas ^ Cabell and Hannah Carrington, of " Liberty

Hall" 145-171


The Founder's grandchildren and those allied to them by marriage,
with some historical data, mainly of the Revolutionary period,
and a good deal of Virginia and Kentucky biography and gene-
alogy 172-273

I. Mary ^ Cabell Horsley's children 172-176


6. William 3 Horsley and Martha Megginson 172,173

7. Robert '^ Horsley and Judith Scott, d. s. p 173, 174

8. Elizabeth ^ Horsley and Roderick McCulloch .... 174, 175

9. John ^ Horsley and Fanny Starke 175,176

n. Col. William ^ Cabell's children 176-227

10. Col. Samuel J.^ CabeU and Sarah Syme 176-190

11. Col. William 3 Cabell and Anne Carrington .... 190-200

12. Paulina ^ Cabell, Major Edmund Read, and Rev. Nash

Le Grand, d. s. p 209-212

13. Landon » Cabell and Judith Scott Rose 212-216

14. Hector 3 Cabell and Paulina Cabell (26), rf.s.j9. . . 216

15. Margaret J.-^ Cabell and Robert Rives 216-226

16. Elizabeth ^ Cabell and William H. Cabell (27) . . . 226, 227

III. Col. Joseph -' Cabell's children 227-241

17. Elizabeth 3 Cabell [1st] and William Megginson . . 227

18. Joseph 3 Cabell, Pocahontas R. Boiling, and Mrs. Anne

E. Duval 227-232

19. Mary H.'^ Cabell and John Breckinridge 232-236

20. Ann^CabellandRobertC. Harrison 236-240

21. Elizabeth 3 Cabell [2d] and William J. Lewis . . . 240, 241

IV. Col. John 2 Cabell's children 241-249

22. Dr. George ^ Cabell, Sr., and Sarah Winston .... 241-243

23. Frederick^ Cabell and Alice Winston 243,244

24. Dr. John J.^ Cabell and Henry Ann Davies .... 244-247

25. Samuel J.^ Cabell and Susanna Ewing 247-249

26. Paulina 3 Cabell, Hector ^ CabeU (14), and William

Daniel, rf. s. JO 145,216

V. Col. Nicholas Cabell's children 249-273

27. William H.^ Cabell, Elizabeth Cabell (16), and Agnes

S. B. Gamble 226, 249-258

28. Dr. George ^ Cabell, Jr., and Susanna Wyatt . . . 258-260

29. Elizabeth ^ Cabell and W^illiam B. Hare . . .

30. Joseph C.^ CabeU and Mary W. Carter, d. s. p. .

31. Nicholas ^ Cabell, Jr., and Margaret R. Venable

32. Mary A.^ Cabell and Benjamin Carrington . .



The Founder's great-grandchildren, their descendants, and those
allied to them by marriage; containing much history, biography,
and genealogy subsequent to the Revolution; coming down to the
present time, and relating to citizens of nearly every State of the

Union, and of several foreign countries 274-610

I. Mary 2 Cabell Horsley's Branch 274-304

6. William ^ Horsley's descendants 274-281

33. William * Horsley's family and alUances .... 274, 275

34. Mary C* Horsley Pendleton's family and alli-

ances 275, 276

35. Robert * Horsley's family and alliances .... 276


36. Samuel C* Horsley's family and alliances . . . 276

37. John * Horsley's family and alliances .... 277-281
8. ElizabethSHorsleyMcCuUoch's descendants .... 282-300

38. Mary * McCulloch Thornton's family and alliances 282-285

39. Elizabeth * McCulloch Davies' family and alli-

ances 285-288

40. Frances * McCulloch Shackelford's family and alli-

ances 288-291

41. Isabella * McCulloch Waugh's family and alliances 291, 292

42. Nancy E.* McCulloch Glasgow's family and alli-

ances 292,293

43. William H." McCuUoch's family and alliances . . 293-300
9. John ^ Horsley's descendants 300-304

44. Jane * Horsley Roberts' family and alliances . . 300, 301

45. John ■* Horsley, Jr.'s family and alliances . . . 301-304
II. Col. William ■ Cabell's Branch 304-446

10. Col. Samuel J.^ Cabell's descendants 304-324

46. William Syme * Cabell's family and alliances . . 304-306

47. Mildred Meriwether * Cabell Green's family and

alliances 306-314

48. Samuel Jordan * Cabell's family and alliances . . 314-316

49. Paulina R.* Cabell Whitlock's family and alliances 316-

50. Margaret Washington * Cabell Higginbotham's

family and alliances 316-318

51. Patrick Henry * Cabell's family and alliances . . 318-320'

52. George Washington * Cabell's family and alliances 320-323

53. Emeline S.* Cabell Scruggs-Hart, d. s. p. . . . 323, 324

11. Col. William 3 Cabell, Jr.'s descendants 324-397.

54. Elvira * Cabell Henry-Bruce's family and alli-

ances 324-339-

65. Margaret* Cabell McClelland 's family and alli-
ances 339-354

56. Ann Carringtou* Cabell Flournoy's family and

alliances 354-364

57. WilUam Jordan * Cabell, rf. s. /) 364,365.

58. Mary Elizabeth* Cabell Callaway's family and

alliances 365-369'

59. Clementina * Cabell Irvine's family and alliances . 369-376

60. Sarah Carrington * Cabell Massie's family and

alliances 376-379

61. Edward A.* Cabell's family and alliances . . . 379-384

62. Paul Carrington * Cabell's family and alliances . 384-388

63. Mayo * Cabell's family and alliances 388-396

64. Patrick Henry * Cabell, d. s. p 396, 397

13. Landon ' Cabell's descendants 397-401

65. Landon R." Cabell-Marion F. Cabell (111), d. s.p. 397

66. Robert Henry * Cabell's family and alliances . . 397-399

67. Elizabeth * Cabell Preston's family and alliances . 399-401
15. Margaret J.'' Cabell Rives' descendants 401-446


68. Landon Cabell * Rives' family and alliances . . 401-406

69. Margaret Jordan * Rives, d. s. p 406, 407

70. William Cabell * Rives' family and alliances . . 407-425

71. Lucy Shands •* Rives Brown's family and alliances 425-433

72. Paulina Cabell * Rives Pollard's family and alli-

ances 433-438

73. Robert * Rives' family and alliances 438, 439

74. Henry •* Rives, d. s. p 439

75. George ^ Rives' family and alliances 439-442

76. Alexander * Rives' family and alliances .... 442^146
III. Col. Joseph 2 Cabell's Branch 446-531

17. Elizabeth ^ Cabell Megginson's descendants .... 446^52

77. Joseph Cabell * Megginson's family and alliances 446^52

18. Joseph ^ Cabell Jr.'s descendants 452-486

78. Sophonisba E.'* Cabell Grayson's family and alli-

ances 452-454

79. Sarah Boiling * Cabell Meredith's family and alli-

ances 454-462

80. Joseph M.* Cabell, d. s. p 462

81. Edward Blair * Cabell's family and alliances . . 462-469

82. Benjamin W. S.* Cabell's family and alliances . . 469-477

83. Mary P. R.* Cabell Doswell's family and alliances,

extinct 477,478

84. Jane Randolph * Cabell Allin's family and alli-

ances 478, 479

85. John Breckinridge * Cabell's family and alliances 479, 480

86. Elizabeth R.^ Cabell Pollitt-Dixon's family and

alliances 480^83

87. Robert Boiling * Cabell's family and alliances . . 484, 485

88. George Washington * Cabell's family and alliances 485, 486

89. Mary A. H.* Cabell Willard's family and alli-

ances 486

19. Mary H.^ Cabell Breckinridge's descendants . . . 486-515

90. Letitia Preston * Breckinridge Grayson-Porter's

family and alliances 486-489

91. Joseph Cabell * Breckinridge's family and alli-

ances 489-497

92. Mary Anne.* Breckinridge Castleman's family and

alliances, extinct 497

93. John * Breckinridge's family and alliances . . . 497-500

94. Robert Jefferson* Breckinridge's family and alli-

ances 600-511

95. William Lewis * Breckinridge's family and alli-

ances 511-515

20. Ann ^ Cabell Harrison's descendants 515-531

96. Susanna Randolph * Harrison Lewis-Brent, d. s. p. 515

97. Mary Hopkins* Harrison Richardson's family

and alliances 515-519

98. Joseph Cabell * Harrison's family and alliances . 519, 520


99. Carter Henry * Harrison's family and alliances . 520-524

100. Ann Cabell^ Harrison Brown's family and alli-

ances r 524,525

101. Robert Carter * Harrison's family and alliances 525

102. Elizabeth Lewis * Harrison Devore's family and

alliances 525, 526

103. Sarah Randolph ^ Harrison Lansdale-Bulkley's

family and alliances 526

104. Virginia^ Harrison Castleman's family and alli-

ances 526-531

105. Pocahontas R. P.* Harrison Sloane's family and

alliances 531

IV. Col. John 2 Cabell's Branch 531-557

22. Dr. George ^ Cabell, Sr.'s descendants 531-539

106. Paulina * Cabell Henry's family and alliances . . 531, 532

107. George Kuhn 4 Cabell's family and alliances . . 532,533

108. Alice * Cabell Carrington's family and alliances . 533-535

109. John Breckinridge * Cabell's family and alliances . 635-539

110. William J. Lewis * Cabell's family and alliances,

extinct 243

111. Marion F.* Cabell-Dr. Landon R. Cabell (65),

d.s.p 397

23. Frederick ^ Cabell's descendants 639-544

112. Mary Mildred * Cabell Horsley. See under 37.

113. Frederick M.* Cabell's family and alliances . . 539, 540

114. Edmund W.* Cabell's family and alliances . . . 540

115. Clifford * Cabell's family and alliances .... 540-542

116. Paulina Virginia * Cabell Mosby's family and

alliances 542, 543

117. Louis Warrington * Cabell's family and alliances . 643, 544

24. Dr. John J.3 Cabell's descendants 544-549

118. Judith Scott* Cabell Cralld's family and alli-

ances 544^546

119. Sarah Winston* Cabell Ward's family and alli-

ances 546,547

120. Frances Whiting * Cabell Friend's family and alli-

ances 547,548

121. Henry Ann * Cabell Early's family and alliances . 548, 549

25. Samuel J.' Cabell's descendants 560-557

122. Paulina J.* Cabell McCormack-Lackey's family

and alliances 550

123. William E." Cabell's family and alliances . . . 550-552

124. Jennetta * Cabell Simpson's family and alliances 552, 553

125. Elizabeth * Cabell McElroy's family and alliances 554

126. Madison* Cabell's family and alliances .... 554,555

127. Elvira A.* Cabell Anderson's family and alliances 555, 556

128. Frederick * Cabell's family and alliances . . . 556, 557
V. Col. Nicholas 2 Cabell's Branch 558-610

27. WiUiam H.^ Cabell's descendants 558-591


129. Louisa Elizabeth* Cabell Carringtou's family and

alliances 558-567

130. Emma Catherine * Cabell Carrington's family and

alliances 567-571

131. Robert Gamble * Cabell's family and alliances . . 572-574

132. Elizabeth Hannah * Cabell Daniel, d. s. p. . . . 574

133. Edward Carrington * Cabell's family and alliances 574-584

134. John Grattan * Cabell's family and alliances . . 584, 585

135. Henry Coalter * Cabell's family and alliances . . 586-591

28. Dr. George » Cabell, Jr.'s descendants 591-597

136. John Nicholas * Cabell's family and alliances . . 591, 592

137. Elizabeth C.'* Cabell Alexander's family and alli-

ances 592-596

138. James Lawrence * Cabell, d. s. p 596, 597

29. Elizabeth ^ Cabell Hare's descendants 597-601

139. Hannah Heningham * Hare Crawford d. s. p. . . 597

140. Sarah Elizabeth * Hare Reid's family and alliances 597-601

31. Nicholas 3 Cabell, Jr.'s descendants 601-605

141. Nathaniel Francis * Cabell's family and alliances . 601-605

32. Mary A.^ CabeU Carrington's descendants .... 605-610

142. Joseph Nicholas * Carrington's family and alli-

ances 605-607

143. Sophonisba* Carrington Powell's family and alli-

ances 607,608

144. James Lawrence* Carrington's family and alli-

ances 608

145. Gilbert Paul * Carrington's family and alliances . 608, 609

146. Elizabeth Hannah * Carrington Hartsook's family

and alliances 609, 610

Index 611-641


[There is, I believe, no authentic portrait of Dr. William Cabell, the emi-
grant, and there are no good pictures, so far as I know, of snxy of his children.
I could not assume the responsibility of selecting for insertion the likenesses
of those of later generations. The portraits in this "memorial volume " have
been inserted by relatives or friends as memorials for those who are dead, and
as tokens of affection for those who are living ; thus they have an especially
appropriate value.]

The Cabell Window ix the Chapel of St. Nicholas. 1517.

See page 8 Frontispiece

Church of St. John Baptist, Frome, Somersetshire, England . . 6


Fac-simile of Commission of Col. William Cabell, Sr., as

County Lieutenant of Amherst, Va. 1761 80

V. Mrs. Hannah Carrington Cabell 156

From a St. Memin portrait. 1807-1808. (Inserted by her
grandson, Hon. E. C. Cabell, and her great-grandson, Dr. J. M.
Cabell, U. S. A.)

11. Mrs. Anne Carrington Cabell 204

From a portrait by George Cooke. 1834. (Inserted by her
granddaughter, Mrs. Sarah Randolph Brown.)

27. Judge William H. Cabell 250

From a portrait by Jarvis. About 1832. (Inserted by his son,
Hon. E. C. Cabell, and his grandson. Dr. J. M. Cabell, U. S. A.)

(27.) Mrs. Agnes S. B. Gamble Cabell 252

From a portrait by Jarvis. About 1832. (Inserted by her son,
Hon. E. C. Cabell, and her grandson. Dr. J. M. Cabell, U. S. A.)

(27.) Col. Robert Gamble 256

From a St. Memin portrait. 1807-1808. (Inserted by his
grandson, Hon. E. C. Cabell, and his great-grandson, Dr. J. M.
Cabell, U. S. A.)

30. Hon. Joseph Carrington Cabell 264

From his portrait at the University of Virginia. (Inserted by
his nephew, Hon. E. C. Cabell, and his grand-nephew, Rev. P.
B. Cabell.)

31. Nicholas Cabell, Jr 268

From a St. Memin portrait. 1807-1808. (Inserted by his great-
grandson, J. Hartwell Cabell.)

148. Dr. William A. Horsley 278

From a daguerreotype. (Inserted by his widow, Mrs. Eliza G.
Perkins Horsley.)


42. Mrs. Nancy Ellis McCulloch Glasgow 292

From a miniature. 1854. (Inserted by her daughter, Mrs.

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