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\ \



":.;- KANSAS

Vol. XX, Part I,





J. T. LOVEWELL, Sbobbtaby.

vTTTOPEKA, 1906.

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Google :^



^' •*'-<-'.

> ^1


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Vol. XX, Part I.



December, 1906.

TOPEKA, 1906.


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President F. O. Marvin Lawrence.

w^^_«*.^o*v/^*./o i B. F. Ever Manhattan.

Vu^-presuients j J. E. Weun Lindsborg.

Treasurer Alva J. Smith Emporia.

Secretary ,. .J. T. Lovewell Topeka.

Past Officers of the Academy.


1869. '70. . B. F. Muds«.
1871-*78.. JohnFraaer.
1874-'78.. F. H.Snow.
1879/80.. B.F.Madffe.
1881. '82. . J. T. LoveweU.

1883 A. H. Thompson.

1884. '85.. R. J. Brown.
1886...... E.L. Nichols.

1887 J.D. Parkef.

1888 J. R. Mead.

1889 T. H. Dinsmore, jr.

1880 G.H.FaiIyer.

1891 Robert Hay.

1892 E. A. Popenoe.

1893 E.H.S.BaUey.

1894 L.E.Sayre.

1896 Warren KnauB.

1896 D.S. Kelly.

1897 S. W. WUliston.

1898 D. E. Lantz.

1899 E. B. Knerr.

1900 A. S. Hitchcock.

1901 E. MiUer.

1902 J. T. Willard.

1903 J.C. Ck>oper.

1904 Edward Bartow.

1905 L. a WooBter.


1869. '70. . J. S. Whitman.

1871 B. F.Madffe.

1872, '73. . B. F. Mudffe, Dr. R. J. Brown.

1874 J. A. Banfield. J. D. Parker.

1876 B. F. Mudse. J. D. Parker.

1876. '77.. B. F. Mudffe.

1878 B. F. Madffe, J. H. Carmth.

1879-'82. . J. H. Carruth. Joseph Savage.

1888 J. R. Mead. G. E. Patrick.

1884 F. H. Snow, Joseph Savage. ^

1885 E. L. Nichols, G. H. Failyer.

1886 J. D. Parker. N. S. Goes.

1887 J. R. Mead, E. H. S. Bailey.

1888 E.H.S. Bailey. T.H.Dinsmore. jr.

1889 E. H. S. Bailey. G. H. Failyer.

1890 D. S. Kelly. F. W. Cragin.




F. W. Craffin, O. C. Charlton.
F. O. Marvin. Mrs. N. S. Kedzie.
J. T. Willaid. E. B. Knerr.
L D. Graham, J. D. Hewitt
L D. Graham. S. W. WUliston.
S. W. WUliston. D. E. Lantz.

D. E. Lantz. A. S. Hitchcock.
C. S. Parmenter, L. C. Wooster.

A. S. Hitchcock. J. R. Mead.

E. Miller. J. C Cooper.

J. C. Cooper, L. C Wooster.
Edward Bartow. J. A. Yates.
Edward Bartow. J. A. Yates.
L. C. Wooster. B. F. Eyer.
W. A. Harshbarser, F. W. Boshonff.

B. F. Eyer. J. E. Welin.



J. D. Parker.


. A. M. Collette.

1874, '75.

. John WherrelL


E. B. Knerr.

1876. '77.

Joseph Savage.


D. E. Lantz.


E. A. Popenoe.


G. P. Grimsley.


E. H. S. BaUey.


. J. T. Lovewell.



F. H. Snow.


. F. O. Marvin.


R. J. Brown.


D. S. Kelly.

1876, '77.

W. K. Kedzie.


. L.E.Sayre.


R. J. Brown.


J. W. Beede.

1884. '85.

A. H. Thompson.

1901. '02.

E. C. Franklin.


L D. Graham.


Alva J. Smith.

Digitized by




Present and Past Officers of the Academy 2

Membership of the Academy January 10, 1906 5

Secretary's Report, 1905 10

Minutes of Thirty-eighth Annual Meeting 13-


I. -President's Address, 1905:

The Development of the Sciences in Kansas. Lyman C. Wooster, 23

II. -Chemical Papers:

The Reaction of Animal Cells to Chemical Stimuli. Frank H.

Hartman 43

The Chemical Processes for the Detection of Organic Substances

and Medicinal Chemicals. L. E. Sayre 50

A Chemical Study of the Lime and Sulfur Dip. Roscoe H. Shaw, 53
On the Durability of Cement Plaster. E. H. S. Bailey and W.

G. Stromquist 61

IIL— Geological Papers: ,

The University of Kansas Expedition into the John Day Region
of Or^on. C. E. McClung 67

The Loup Fork Miocene of Western Kansas. Charles H. Stem-
berg 71

Additional Observations on the Geology of Kansas. Lyman C.
Wooster 75

IV. -Biological Papers:

Determinations of some Texas Coleoptera, with Records. El-
bert S. Tucker 85

Additions to the List of Kansas Diptera. F. F. Crevecoeur 90

The Effect of Light on Melilotua alba. R. W. Coppedge 97

Additions to List of Kansas Coleoptera, 1905. Warren Knaus. . 106

Collecting Insects at Night. Elbert S. Tucker 108

Additions to the List of E^ansas Arachnida. Theo. H. Scheffer, 121
The Red Phalarope— A New Bird for the Kansas List. L. L.

Dyche 181

Notes on Some Mosquitoes of Douglas County. Chauncey Over-
man 183

Some Results of the University of Kansas Entomological Ex-
peditions to Texas, 1904 and 1905. F. H. Snow 136

Some Results of the University of Kansas Entomological Ex-
peditions to Arizona, 1904 and 1905. F. H. Snow 155


Digitized by


4 Contents.

v.— Botanical Papers : pace

The Botanical Features of the New United States Pliarma-

copoeia. L. E. Sayre 185

A Little Experiment in Flower-making. Grace. Meeker 188

Notes on the Flora of the Rosebud Indian Reservation, South

Dakota. Albert B. Reagan 190

VI.— Mathematical and Physical Papers:

Variations of Latitude. E. Miller. 199

The Genesis of Gold in Mineral Veins and Placers. J. T. Love-
well 205

The Gas-engine in the Commercial Development of kansas. P.

F. Walker 208

Note on Certain Formulas for the Desig^n of Reenforced Con-
crete Beams. A. K. Hubbard 217

Examination of Coal-dust after Explosions in Mines of South-
eastern Kansas. Edward Bartow 228

The Foucfiiult Experiment. J. T. Lovewell 230

A Deep Well at Emporia. Alva J. Smith. 234

The Interpretation of Indicator Diagrams. Charles I. Corp 239

A Bit of Engineering at Mount Vernon. M. L. Ward 246

VII. —Miscellaneous Papers :

The Study of Mineralogy for Self -culture. J. C. Cooper 253

Mutations and the Evolution of Man. Alton H. Thompson 260

VIIL —Announcements, ETC.:

Relating to Academy Publications 267

Price List of Publications .* 268

Index to this Volume 269


Capitol Building Frontispiece.

Academy Museum, two views 16, 40

Chemical Cultures 49

Kansas Spiders 129, 130

A Deep Well at Emporia 237

Indicator Diagram 240

Digitized by




January 10, 1906.


G. P. Grimsley, Ph. D., 1904, assistant state geologist, Morgantown, W. Va.

Rev. Johns D. Parker, 1897 New Haven, Conn.

Arnold B. Johnson, 1897, U. S. Lighthouse Board — Washington, D. C.
W. A. Kellerman, Ph. D., 1897, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.
Edw. L. Nichols, Ph. D., 1897, Cornell University. . . . Ithaca, N. Y.

W. S. Franklin, Sc. D., 1897, Lehigh University South Bethlehem, Pa.

Geo. Wagner, Phar. C, 1904, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis.
S. W. Williston, Ph. D., 1902, University of Chicago, Chicago, 111.


Mrs. R. J. Brown, 1903 Leavenworth.

Mrs. Mary Savage, 1897 Lawrence.

Dates printed in the foUowinfi: list signify date of election to membership in the Academy.

E. H. S. Bailey, Ph. D., 1883, University of Kansas. . Lawrence.

F. W. Cragin, M. S., 1880 Colorado Springs.

L. L. Dyche, M. S., 1881, University of Kansas Lawrence.

Geo. H. Failyer, Ph. D., 1879, Department of Agr. . . . Washmgton, D. C.

E. C. Franklin, Ph. D., 1884, Leland Stanford Jr. Univ., Stanford Univ.,':Cal.
L D. Graham, 1879, Kansas Farmer Topeka.

Erasmus Haworth, Ph. D., 1882, University of Kansas, Lawrence.
Warren Knaus, M. S., editor McPherson Democrat, . . McPherson.

D. E. Lantz, M. S., 1887, Biological Survey Washington, D. C.

J. T. Lovewell, Ph. D., 1878, secretary Ac. of Sci. . . . Topeka.

F. 0. Marvin, C. E., 1884, University of Kansas Lawrence.

J. R. Mead, 1879 Wichita.

Ephndm Miller, Ph. D., 1873, University of Kansas. . Lawrence.

E. A. Popenoe, A. M., 1872, Kansas Agr. College — Manhattan.

L E: Sayre, Ph. M., 1885, University of Kansas Lawrence.

Alva J. Smith, 1903, county surveyor Emporia.

B. B. Smyth, 1880, curator Goss omith. collection Topeka.

F. H. Snow, Ph. D., 1868, University of Kansas Lawrence.

A. H. Thompson, D. D. S., 1873 Topeka.

D. M. Valentine, LL. D., 1878 Topeka.

M. L. Ward, D. D., 1880, Ottawa University Ottawa.

J. T. Willard, M. S., 1883, Kansas Agr. College Manhattan.

S. W. Williston, Ph. D., 1880, University of Chicago, Chicago, 111.

Digitized by


6 Kansas Academy of Science.


L. O. Adams, 1903, University of Kansas Lawrence.

Orr Adams, 1898 Telluride, Colo.

Frank G. Agrelius, 1905 Lawrence.

H. C. AUen, 1904 McPherson.

Carroll D. Armstrong, M. D., 1905 Salina.

John J. Arthur, 1904 Topeka.

W. R. Arthur, 1903, A. B., high school Lc^^an.

C. H. Ashton, 1903, University of Kansas Lawrence.

Alfred W. Ayers, 1904, minister Cong, church. Onaga.

Harvey W. Baker, 1902, Kansas Agricultural College, Manhattan.

M. A. Barber, 1904, University of Kansas Lawrence.

Elam Bartholomew, M. S., 1895 Stockton.

Edward Bartow, Ph. D., 1897, University of Kansas.. Lawrence.

Wm. C. Bauer, A. M., 1897, Baker University Baldwin.

W. J. Baiungartner, 1904, University of Kansas Lawrence.

Frank G. BedeU, 1904 lola.

J. W. Beede, Ph. D., 1894, University of Indiana Bloomington, Ind.

Edw. Bumgardner, M. D., 1896 Lawrence.

F. W. Bushong, B. S., 1896, Kansas City University, Kansas City, Kan.

H. P. Cady, 1904, University of Kansas Lawrence.

M. E. Canty, 1903 Buffalo.

Chas. I. Corp, 1905, University of Kansas Lawrence.

Clarence L. Cole, M. D., 1902 Washington, D. C.

Ewing N. CoUett, 1903, Indian University Bacone, I. T.

Rev. John T. Copley, 1903 Clinton.

J. C. Cooper, 1899 Topeka.

R. W. Coppedge, 1905, high school Topeka.

E. G. Corwine, 1905, student Mulvane.

W. R. Crane, 1904, University* of Kansas Lawrence.

Ralph K. Crawford, 1904, University of Kansas Lawrence.

F. F. Crevecoeur, 1899 Onaga.

Robert W. Curtis, Ph. D., 1904, University of Kansas, Lawrence.

F. B. Dains, Ph. D., 1902, Washburn College Topeka.

R. E. Davis, 1904 Fort Scott.

Geo. A. Dean, 1903, Kansas Agricultural College Manhattan.

Emil O. Deere, 1905, Bethany College Lindsborg^

S. D. Dice, 1904, public schools Alma.

James Dickson, 1904, University of Kansas Lawrence.

Hugo Diemer, M. E., 1903, University of Kansas Lawrence.

R. B. Dunlevy, B. S., 1896, Southwest Kansas College, Winfield.

E. X. H. Dunmire, 1905, University of Kansas Lawrence.

Harry Eagle, 1905, student Topeka.

J. Whit Ebey, 1903, science teacher Howard.

H. W. Emerson, 1904, University of Kansas Lawrence.

H. W. Ewing, D. D. S., 1903, lola Gas Company lola.

B. F. Eyer, B. S., 1894, Kansas Agricultural College, Manhattan.

Fred Faragher, 1904 Lawrence.

Thos. B. Ford, 1905, University of Kansas Lawrence.

Lillian E. Fowler, 1905, Ottawa high school Ottawa.

Digitized by


Membership. 7


A. O. Garrett, 1901, high school Salt Lake City, Utah.

Chas. N. Gould, B. S., 1903, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Okla.

C. F. Gustafson, 1899, Kansas City high school Kansas City, Mo.

Brice E. Hammers, 1904, chemist Santa Fe shops Topeka.

J. O. Hamilton, 1903, Kansas Agricultural College Manhattan.

Dr. Eva Harding, 1904 Topeka.

H. J. Hamly, B. S., 1893, McPherson College McPherson.

W. A. Harshbarger, B. S., 1902, Washburn College.. . Topeka.

Frank Haiiman, 1905, student Kansas City, Kan.

L. D. Havenhill, 1904, University of Kansas Lawrence.

H. D. Hess, 1904, University of Kansas Lawrence.

W. E. Henderson, 1901 lola.

Francis C. Herr, 1905, physician Ottawa.

W. C. Hoad, 1904, University of Kansas Lawrence.

Geo. J. Hood, 1904, University of Kansas '. Lawrence.

Geo. H. Hoxie, M. D., 1902, University of Kansas. . . Lawrence.
W. F. Hoyt, A. M., 1902, Kansas Wesleyan University, Salina.
L. C. Hodson, 1905, University of Kansas Lawrence.

B. C. Hubbell, 1905 Concordia.

Albert K. Hubbard, 1904, University of Kansas Lawrence.

Thos. M. Iden, 1897, State Normal School Emporia.

F. B. Isely, B. S., 1902, high school Wichita.

John J. Jewett, 1902 Sawtelle, Cal.

Carl Johns, 1900, Bethany College Lindsborg.

A. W. Jones, B. S., 1894, Kansas Wesleyan University. . Salina.

Hugo Kahl, 1897, Carnegie Museum Pittsburg, Pa.

George F. Kay, 1904, State University Lawrence.

W. H. Keller, 1898, Atchison county higlv school Effingham.

Harry L. Kent, 1904, high school Hays City.

John H. Klopf er, 1904 Topeka.

E B. Knerr, Sc. D., 1889 Atchison.

Rev. James G. Knotter, 1903 Dexter.

Pierce Larkin, 1902, University of Oklahoma Norman, Okla.

B. E. Lewis, 1904, city schools Eureka.

C. H. Lyon, 1900, high school Emporia.

Hester E. Loveall, 1904 Fort Scott.

H. T. Martin, 1902, University of Kansas Lawrence.

R. Matthews, D. D. S., 1898 Wichita.

Walter E. Matthewson, 1903, Kansas Agr. College. . . Manhattan.
F. M. McClenahan, 1903, Kansas Agricultural College . . Manhattan.

C. E. McClung, 1903, University of Kansas Lawrence.

Ehner V. McCollum, 1902, University of Kansas Lawrence.

Edith A. Mclntyre, B. S., 1902 Middletown, N. Y.

D. F. McFarland, 1903, University of Kansas Lawrence.

J. M. McWharf, M. D., 1902 Ottawa.

W. G. Medcraft, 1904, Kansas Wesleyan University. . Salina.

Grace R. Meeker, 1899 Ottawa.

C. F. Menninger, M. D., 1903 Topeka.

H. L. Miller, 1904, high school Topeka.

Digitized by


8 Kansas Academy of Scierice.


Roy L. Moodie, 1904, University of Kansas Lawrence.

L. N. Morscher, 1900, high school ^ ; Lawrence.

Travis Morse, 1903 lola.

J. H. Newby, 1899, photographer Osage City.

A. M. Nissen, A. M., 1888, high school Wetmore.

Henry N. Olson, 1905, Bethany Collie Lindsborg.

D. H. Otis, M. S., 1897 Madison, Wis.

W. K. Palmer, M. E., 1897, consulting engineer Kansas City, Mo.

Frank Patrick, 1903 Topeka.

Leslie F. Paull, 1903, manual-training school Kansas City, Mo.

L. M. Peace, 1904, University of Kansas Lawrence.

Norman Plass, D. D. , 1902, president Washburn College, Topeka.

S. F. Poole, B. S., 1902, Fairmount College Wichita.

Charles H. Popenoe, 1903, Kansas Agricultural College, Manhattan.
J. M. Price, A. M., 1900 Atchison.

C. S. Prosser, M. S., 1892, Ohio State University. . . . Columbus, Ohio.

W. S. Prout, 1904 Topeka.

Albert B. Reagan, 1904, Indian school Rosebud, S. Dak.

W. F. Rice, 1902, public schools Gordon.

W. B. Robertson, 1905, student. Lawrence.

A. P. Ruediger, 1905 Lawrence.

Lumina C. Riddle, M. S., 1902. '. Columbus, Ohio.

Arthur Ringer, 1902, Atchison coimty high school Effingham.

W. G. Russell, 1905 Russell.

Richard Scammon, 1905, student Lawrence.

D. C. Schaff ner, 1903, Collie of Emporia Emporia.

J. H. Schaffner, A. M. , M. S. , 1902, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.
Theo. H. Scheffer, 1903, Kansas Agricultural College, Manhattan.

Eva Schley, 1903, high school Topeka.

Aaron Schuyler, 1904, Kansas Wesleyan University. . . Salina. ,

C. H. Shattuck, 1899, Washburn Collie Topeka.

Roscoe H. Shaw, 1904, University of Nebraska Lincoln, Neb.

J. L. Shearer, 1902, public schools Halstead.

E. T. Shelley, M. D., 1892 Atchison.

R. S. Sherwin, 1904 Norman, Okla.

Claude J. Shirk, 1905, teacher of science McPherson.

J. A. G, Shirk, 1904, University of Kansas Lawrence.

Paul L. Shuey, 1905, University of Kansas Lawrence.

Ralph C. Shuey, 1905, University of Kansas Lawrence.

Eugene G. Smyth, 1901 Topeka.

Wesley N. Speckman, Ph. D., 1903, Kan. Wesl. Univ., Salina.

B. T. Stauber, D. D., 1903 Salina.

S. G. Stewart, M. D., 1904 Topeka.

Chas. M. Sterling, 1904, University of Kansas Lawrence.

Chas. H. Sternberg, 1895 Lawrence.

Teresa Stevenson, 1901 Ottawa.

W. C. Stevens, 1904, University of Kansas Lawrence.

E. F. Stimpson, University of Kansas Lawrence.

A. J. Stout, 1904, high school Topeka.

Digitized by




R. S. Sherwin, 1901 Norman, Okla.

Frank Strong, 1905, chancellor of University Lawrence.

Olin Templin, 1904 Lawrence.

A. M. Ten Eyck, 1903, Kansas Agricultural College. . Manhattan.

F. J. Titt, B. S., 1898, Kingfisher Collie Kingfisher, Okla.

Norman Triplett, 1905, State Normal School Emporia.

E. S. Tucker, 1904, University of Kansas Lawrence.

P. F. Walker, 1905, University of Kansas Lawrence.

J. D. Walters, M^ S., 1894, Kansas Agr. College.... Manhattan.

Howard R. Watkins, 1905, Kansas Agr. College Manhattan.

C. D. Weaver, M. D., 1902 McPherson.

Ella Weeks, 1903, Kansas Agricultural College Manhattan.

J. E- Welin, 1899, Bethany College Lindsborg.

W. B. Wilson, 1903, Ottawa University Ottawa.

E. M, Williams, 1904 Chicago, 111.

L. B. Wishard, 1903, high school lola.

C. H. Withington, 1903, Kansas Agricultural College, Manhattan.
Heman A. Wood, 1905, Kansas Agricultural College. . Manhattan.

H. I. Woods, M. S., 1902, Washburn College Topeka.

L. C. Wooster, 1897, State Normal School Emporia.

J. A. Yates, M. S., 1898, Ottawa University Ottawa.

Total number of members, January 10, 1906, 204.

Digitized by


10 Kansas Ac(idemy of Science.


'T^HE present secretary began his duties about the 10th of Janu-
-*- ary. At that time the nineteenth volume of the Transactions
was in the hands of the state printer, and one of the first tasks de-
volved on the new secretary was to see that the promises of an
«arly issue of the forthcoming volume were duly fulfilled. It soon
became apparent that the state printer was not bound by an under-
standing he had with Professor Grimsley, either because the latter
did not make the plan sufficiently definite, or because the former
had a change of heart after it was settled that he would go out of
office in June. At any rate we could not get the extra copies of
papers which the Academy had voted, and the best that could be
done was to have fifty extra copies of each signature of the Trans-
actions printed. These were divided up and sent to the authors as
a partial remedy for the failure.

The rush of legislative printing delayed the completion of our
volume till May, and it was gratifying to note, when it did come
out, that it wad the largest and one of the best yet sent forth by
the Academy.

The Transactions were distributed according to vote of the
Academy, giving to each member a copy, and an extra copy was
sent to writers of papers.

The usual distribution to exchanges was made, and copies sent
to state officials and to prpminent newspapers. Members of the
legislature were supplied on application, but other applicants had
to be informed that our Transactions were on sale at list prices.

The exchange list is much as it has been for some years, and it
may be very profitably revised and enlarged. It is through this
that our library obtains its growth, and will become, if properly
managed, a very unique and valuable collection of books.


While the last legislature was in session, an invitation was sent
out by the secretary for members and others to visit the museum,
then just installed in its permanent quarters.

It is believed that this had a favorable influence in making
known the work of the Academy and in securing legislative pro-
vision for its support. We are by law a "coordinate department

Digitized by


Secretary's Report, 1905. 11

of the State Board of Agriculture,'* and there is no doubt we shall
receive all the recognition we deserve. We have a field of activity
of our own, which supplements the agricultural, the educational,
the mechanical and the commercial work of the state, and it is for
us to take possession of our province.

In its enlargement our museum has happily taken the form of
an exhibit of the economic mineral resources of the state, and this,
with proper care and growth, may become one of the most interest-
ing and useful collections in the state-house. Our present display
is the outcome of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, at St. Louis,
and the near approach of the commemoration of the semicenten-
nial of Kansas is an opportunity this Academy should not neglect
of strengthening itself and doing its share in the upbuilding of our
commonwealth. It will be very appropriate at this meeting for
the Academy to put itself on record as a promoter of this worthy
enterprise. The mineral resources of Kansas are only beginning
to be known, and promise to add to our wealth an equal quota
with the agricultural products. The total value of our coal, of our
petroleum, our clays, cements, and plaster, of our salt, of our glass
sand, and many other minerals, represents a fortune, compared with
which the i^ealth of a modem CrcBSUs appears insignificant.


Reference has already been made to our books, and in consider-
ing a library, its quality is quite as important as its size. We are
constantly receiving the transactions of scientific bodies from
various parts of the earth. We also get various government pub-

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