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Svo, cloth extra, 2r, dd.

CflATTO & VVINDUS, Publishers, in St. Martin's Lane, London, W.C. 23

Sundowner. Told by the Taf frail. Crown 8vo. clo:h, 3

Surtees (Robert). Handley Cross; or, Mr. Jorrocks's Hurst.

_With 79 Illustrations by JOHN LEECH. A New Edition. Post 8vo, cloth, as.

Swift's (Dean) Choice Works, in "Prose and Verse. With Memoir,

Portrait, and Facsimiles of the Maps in ' Gulliver's Travels.' Crown Svo, cloth, 2 s - ^-
Gulliver's Travels, and A Tale of a Tub. Tost 8vo, half-bound, ss.
Jonathan Swift: A Studv. By I. CHURTON COLLINS. Crown Svo, cloth extra. 8s.

Swinburne (Algernon C.), Works by

Selections from the Poetical Works of SUicli

A. C. Sv/inburne. I-'cap. Svo 6s
Atalanta in Calydon. Crown Svo, 6s.
Chastelard : A Tragedy. Crown Svo, -js.
Poems and Ballads. FIRST SERIES. Crown

8vo, or fcap. Svo, gs.

Poems and Ballads. SECOND SER. Cr.8vo, 9 j.
Poems & Ballads. THIRD SERIES. Cr.Svo, yj.
Songs before Sunrise. Crown Svo, ios. 6<i.
Bothwell : A TrazeJy. Crown Svo, i?s.

Studies in Song. Crown Evo, ',s.

Mary Stuart: A Tragedy. Crown 8vo, Ss.

Tristram of Lyonesse. Crown Svo, gs.

A Century oi Roundels. Small .;

A Midsummer Holiday. Crowu 8vo, -;s.

Marino Faliero : A Tragedy. Crown Svo, 6s.

A Study cf Victor Hugo. Crown Svo, 6s.

Miscellanies. Crown Svo, i2s.

Liocrine : A Tragedy. Crown Svo, 6s.

A Study of Ben Jor.son. Crown 8vo, -;s.

The Sisters : A Tragedy. Crown Svo, 6s.

Astrophel, &c. Crown s\-o, 7.?.

Studies in Prose and Poetry. Cr.Svo, 91.

The Tale of Balen. Crown Svo, js.

Rosamund, Queen of the Lombards : A

Tragedy. SECOND EDITION, ku a n, .

TORY POEM. Crown Svo, 6s.

Bongs of Two Nations. Crown Svo, 6s.
George Chapman. (See Vol. II. of G. CHAP-
MAN 3 Works.) Crown Svo, 3J. 6.1 7 .
Essays and Studies. Crown Svo, i?s.
Erechtheus : A Tragedy. Crown Svo, 6s.
A Note on Charlotte Bronte. Cr. Svo, 6s.
A Study of Shakespeare. Crown Svo, Ss.
Songs jof the Springtides. Ciw.n " v f> L 6-_

Syntax's (Dr.) Three Tours : In Search of the Picturesque, in Search

of Consolation, and in Search of a Wife. With RnyvLANDSON'S Coloured Illustrations, and Life of the
Author by J. C. HOTTliN. Crown Svo, cloth extra, js.6if.

Taine's History of English Literature. Translated by HENRY VAN

-.'. Four Vols., small demy Svo, cloth boards, 305. POPULAR EDITION, Two Vols., large crown
, cloth extra, 15^.

Taylor (Bayard). Diversions of the Echo Club:. Burlesques of

ist Svo, cloth limp, sj.

Taylor (Tom). ^Historical Dramas: -JEANNE DARC,' "Tv.ixi AM;

; 'N.' Crown Svo, is. each.

Temple (Sir Richard, QTcTsri.). A Bird's=eye View of Pictur=

i adia. With 30 Illustrations by the Author. Crown Svo, c'

Thackerayana : Notes and Anecdotes. With Coloured Frontispiece and

Hundreds of Sketches by WILLIAM MAKK ri- ACii THACKI ; I:AY. CPV.VH Bvo, cl

Thames, A New Pictorial History of the. By A. S. Ki

is. Post Svo, cloth, is. 6d.

Thomas (Annie), Novels by.

The Siren's Web : A Romance of London Society. Crown Svo, cloth, y. 6i.
Comrades True. Crown Svo, cloth, gilt top, 6s.

Thomas (Bertha), Novels by.

The Yiolln-Player. Crown SVQ. cloth. 3J. 67.

Cruwnovo, cloth, ^'ill tup, G

In a Cathedral City. I The Son of the House,

The House on the Scar: a Tale of South Devon. SECOND EDITION'.

Thomson's Seasons, and The Castle of Indolence^ With Intro-

duction by ALLAN CUNNIN ions. Post Svo. half-bound, zs.

Thornbury (Walter), Books by.

The Life and Correspondence of J. M. W. Turner. With EL;!;t Illustrations in Colours and

Two Woodcuts. New and Revised Edition. Crown Svo, cloth, y. 61^.
Tales for tha Marines. IV.t Svo, illustrated boards, vs.

Timbs (John), Works by. Crown Svo, cloth, 35. (>.l. each.

Clubs and Club Life in London: Anecdotes of its Famous Coftee-houses, Hostelrics, ar.-.l

Taverns. With 41 Illustrations.

English Eccentrics and Eccsntricitles: Stories of Delusions, Impostures, Sporting Scc-nus,
\ rti - ,ts, Theatrical l ; olk, &c. With 48 Illustrations.

Trollope (Anthony), Novels by.

Crown Svo, cloth extra, 3^. 6cf. each ; post Svo, illustrated boards, 25. each.
The V/ay We Live Now. I Mr. Scarborough's Family.

Frau Frohmann. | Marion Fay. | The Land-Leaguers.

Post Svo, illustrated b

Kept in the Dark. I The American Senator.

The Golden Lion of Cranpere.

24 CHATTO & W1NDUS, Publishers, iii St. Martin's Lane, London, W.C.
Troilope (Frances E.), Novels by,

. 3vo, cloth extra, $s. 6,/. each ; post Svo, illustrated boards, as.
Like Ships upon the Sea. I Mabel's Progress. _ I Anno Furness. __

Trol ! ope (T. A.). Diamond Cut Diamond. Post 8vo, illust. bds., zs.
Twain's (Mark) Books.

Tha Author's Edition da Luxe of the Works of Hark Twain, in 22 Volumes

to 600 Numbered Copies for sale in Great Britain and its Dependencies), price 13 15.?. net the
Set ; or, iss. 6d. net per Volume, is now complete, and a detailed Prosp-ctus may be had. The
First Volume of the Set is SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR. (Sold only in Sets.)


Crown Svo, cloth extra, $s. dd. each.
JVTark Twain'a Library of Humour. With 197 Illustrations by E. W. KEMBLR.
Roughing It; and The Innocents at Home. With 200 '"ustrations by F. A. ERASER,
The American Claimant. WithSi Illustrations by HAL II 9HST and others.
*The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. With in Illustrations.
Tom Sawyer Abroad. With 26 Illustrations by DAN BEAUD.
Tom Sawyer, Detective, &c. With Photogravure Portrait of the Author.
Pudd'nhead Wilson, With Portrait and Six Illlustrations by Louis LOEB.
*A Tramp Abroad. With 314 Illustrations.
*The Innocents Abroad ; or, The New Pilgrim's Progress. With 234 Illustrations. (The Two Shil

ling Edition is entitled Mark Twain's Pleasure Trip.)

*The Gilded Age. By MARK TWAIN and C. D. WARNER With 212 Illustrations.
*The Prince and the Pauper. With 190 Illustrations.
tr-iife on the Mississippi. With 300 Illustrations.

"The Adventures of lluckleberry Finn. With 174 Illustrations by 12. W. KF.MKT.R.
*A Yankee at the Court of King Arthur. With 220 Illustrations by DAX lii> \RU.
*The Stolen White Elephant. | "The 1,OOO,OOO Bank-Note.

The Choice Works of Mark Twain. Revised and Corrected throughout by the \uthor. With

Life, Portrait, and numerous Illustrations.

*** The books marked * may be had also In post Svo, picture boards, at 2j. each.

Crown Svo, cloth, gilt top, 6s. each,

Personal Recollections Of Joan of Arc. With Twelve Illustrations by F. V. DU M J.VD.
More Tramps Abroad.

The Man that Corrupted Hadleyburg. and other Stories and Sketches. With
Mark Twain'a Sketches. Post Svo, illustrated boards, c.r. _

Tytler (C. C. Fraser=). Mistress Judith: A Novel. CrowF 8v ; o,

cloth extra, $s. 6d, ; post Svo, illustrated boards, aj.

TytfeF (Sarah), Novels by.

Crown Svo. cloth extra, 3.?. 6ii. each ; post Svo, Illustrated boards, 2J. each.
Lady Bell. | Buried Diamonds. I The Blackball Ghosts. | What She Came Through,

Post 8vo. illustrated boards, zs. each.

Citoyenne Jacqueline, I Saint Mungo's City. I Noblesse Oblige. I Disappeared,
The Bride's Pass, I The Huguenot Family. | iieauty and the Beast.

Crown Svo, cloth, 31-. (>d. eai.h.

The Macdonald Lass. With Frontispiece. I Mrs. Carmichaal's Goddesses.

The Witch-Wife, j Rachel Langton. I Sapphira, I A Honeymoon's Ecllpaa.

A Young Dragon.
Three Men of Mark. Crown 8ro. cloth, gilt top, 6s. _ __ r

Upward (Allen), Novels by.

A Crown of Stravr. Crown 8yo, cloth, 6s. _

The Queen Against Owen. Crown Svo, cloth, 3*. dd. ; post 8vo, picture boards, zj.

The Prince of Balklstan. Post 8vo. picture boards, zs.

Vandarn (Albert D.). A Court Tragedy. With 6 Illustrations by

J. B A RNARD DAVIS. Crown Svo, cloth. 3f . 6d. ___

VasTlti'andlEsther. By 'Belle' of The World. Cr. 8vo, cloth, y.'6J.
Vizetelly (Ernest A.), Books by. Crown Svo, cloth, 35. 6d. each.

The Scorpion: A Romance of Spain. With a Frontispiece.

V/ith Zola in England: A Story of Exile. With 4 Portraits.

A Path of Thorns. Crown Svo, cloth, gilt top, 6-f. _ ___ _

Wagner (Leopold). How to Get on the Stage, and how to

S u ccead there. Crown 8vo, cloth, 2J. 6.V. __ _________ __

Walford's County Families of the United Kingdom (1902).

Containing- Notices of the Descent, Birth, Marriage, Education, &c., of more than D;stin.ijui<.!icd
Heads of Families, their Heirs Apparent or Presumptive, the Offices they hold or have held, their /own
and Country Addresses. Clubs, &c. Royal Svo, clotn.RJlt, poj. _

Waller (S. EQ. SebastianS's Secret. With 9 Illust-s. Cr. Svo.
Walton and Cotton's Complete Angler. With Memoirs and Notes

It HAKRIS NICOLAS, and 61 Illustrations. Crown Svo, cloth antique, 7.?. 6rf. ____

WaitfWhitman, Poems by. Edited, with Introduction, by WILLIAM

M. ROSSKTTI. With Portrait. Crown Svo, hand-made paper and buckram. 65. _

Warden (Florence), Novels by.

Joan the Curate. Cr. 8ro, c5oth, y. 6rf. I A Fight to a Finish, Cr. 8vo, cloth, gilt top, to

CHATTO & W1NDUS, Publishers. MI St. Martin's Lane, London, VV.C. 33
Warman (Cy). The Express Messenger, and other Tales of the

Rail. _Crown 8vo, cloth, 3*. 6d.

Warner (Charles Dudley). A Roundabout Journey. Crown 8vo,

cloth extra, 6s.

Wassermann (Lillias). The Daffodils. Crown 8vo, cloth, is. 6J.
Warrant to Execute Charles I. A Facsimile, with the 59 Signatures

and Seals. Printed on paper 22 in. by 14 in. ?s.

Warrant to Execute Mary Queen Of Scots. A Facsimile, including Queen Elizabeth's Signa-
ture and the Great Seal. ss.

Weather, How t<TForeteIl the, with the Pocket Spectroscope.

By F. W. CORY. With Ten Illustrations. Crown 8vo, i.r. ; cloth, is. 6ef.

Werner (A.). Chapenga's White Man. Crown Svo, cloth, 35. 6d.
Westall ( William), Novels by.

Trust Money. Crown 8vo, cloth, y. 6rf. ; post 8vo, illustrated boards, 2j.
Grown 8vo, cloth, ds. each.

As a Man Sc-nrs, I A Red Bridal. I As Lack would have it.

Her Ladyship's Secret.

A Woman Tempted HJjj.
For Konour.and Life,

Her Two Millions. I The Old Factory.

Two Pinches ot Snuff. I Sons of Delia!

Crown 8vo, cloth, $s. 6U. each.
Nigel Fortcscue.
Ben Clough. | Birch Dene.

Tha Phantom City.
Ralph Morbrecli's Trust,
A Queer Race.

With the Kod Eagle.

Roy Of Roy's Court. With 6 illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth, y.
Strange Crimes. (True Stories.) Crown 8vo. cloth, y. &i.
The Old Factory. POPULAR EDITION. MedtamSro.&A

Red Ryvlnjtton,

Westbury (Atha). The Shadow of Hilton Fernbrook: A Ro-

mance of Maoriland. Crown 8vo, cloth, y. 6d.

Whishaw (Fred.). A Forbidden Name : A Story of the Cc

Catherine the Great. Crown 8vo, cloth, giit top, 6s.

White (Gilbert). The NaturaifHistory of~Selborne. Post 8\oT

printed on laid paper and half-bound, gj. ^

Wilde (Lady). The Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms, and

Superstitions of Ireland ; with Sketches of the Irish Past. Crown 8vo, cloth, jj. 6<r\

Williams (W. Mattieu, F.R.A.S.), Works byT~

Science In Short Chapters. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, js. Git.

A Simple Treatise on Heat. With Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth, as. &i.

The Chemistry of Cookery. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 6s.

A Vindication of Phrenology. With Portrait and 43 Illusts. Demy 8vo, cloth extra, MS. 6J.

Williamson (Mrs. F7"rT.). A ChildTWidow. Post 8vo. bds. ,
Wills (C. J.), Novels by.

An Easy-going Fellow. Crown 8vo. cloth. 3?. 6. | His Dead Past. Crown 8vo, clotli. Cf.

Wilson (Dr. Andrew, F.R.S.E.), Works by.

Chapters oil Evolution. With 239 Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, ;!. 6d,

Leaves from a Naturalist's Note-Book. Post 8vo, cloth limp, is. 6J.

Leisure-Time Studies. With Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, f.s.

Studies In Life and Sense. With 36 Illustrations. Crown Svo, cloth, 31. &/.

Common Accidents: How to Treat Them. With Illustrations. Crown Svo, is.; cloth, is.6J.

Glimpses of Nature. With 35 Illustrations. Croyn Svo, cloth extra, 3*. 6.Y.

Winter (John Strange), Stories by. Post Svo, illustrated board?,

ss. each : cloth limp, ss, dd. each.

Cavalry Life. | Regimental Legends.

Cavalry Life and Regimental Legends. LIBRARY EDITION, set in new type and hand-
somely bound. Crown Svo, cloth, 3*. 6</.

A Soldier's Children. With 34 Illustrations by E. G. THOMSON and E. STUART HARDY. Crown
Svo, cloth extra, 3 r . 6d.

Wissmann (Hermann von). My Second Journey through

Equatorial Africa. V/ith 92 Illustrations. Demy Svo, cloth. i6s.

Wood (H. F.), Detective Stories by. Post 8vo, boards, 25. each.

The Passenger from Scotland Yard. | The Englishman ot the Rue Cain. __

Woolley (Celia Parker). Rachel Armstrong; or, Love and The-

ology. PostSvo.cloth. 2j.6aT.

Wright (Thomas, FTS-A.), Works by.

Caricature History of the Georges ; or, Annals of the House of Hanover. Compiled frcm
Squibs. Broadsides, Window Pictures. Lampoons, and Pictorial Caricatures of the Time. V, .th
over -.. Crown Svo, cloth, $s. 6cf.

History of Caricature and of the Grotesque In Art, Literature, Sculpture, and
Painting. Illustrated by F. W. FAIKHOLT, F.S.A, Crown bvo, cloth, is. bd.

26 CHATTO & WINDUS, Publishers, in St. Martin's Lane, London, VV.C.

Wynman (Margaret). My Flirtations.

J. BERNARD PARTRIDGE. Post 8m. cloth limp, ?r.

With 13 Illustrations by

Zola (Emile), Novels by. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3*. Cd. each.

The Joy of Life. Edited by EP.NESJ A. ViZF. TELLY.

The Fortune ot tRe Rougons. Edited by ERNEST A. VIZETELLV.

Abbe Mouret's Transgression. Edited by ERNEST A. VIZETKLLY.

The Conquest of Plassans. lulited by ERNEST A. VIZKTELLY.

Germinal; or, Master and Man. Edited by ERNEST A. VIZETELLY.

The Honour of the Army, and other Stories. Edited by ERNEST A. VIZETELLY.

His Excellency (Eugene Rougon). With an Introduction by ERNEST A. VIZETELLY.

The Dram-Shop (LVAssommoir). With Introduction by E. A. VIZETELLY.

The Fat and the Thin. Translated by ERNEST A. VIZETELLY.

Money. Translated'by ERNEST A. VIZETELLY. | H'a Masterpiece. [Shortly.

The Downfall. Translated by E. A. VIZETELLY.

The Dream. Translated by ELIZA CHASE. With Eisrht Illustrations by JEANNIOT.

Doctor Pascal. Translated by E. A. VIZETELLY. With Portrait of the Author.

Lourdes. Translated by ERNEST A. VIZETELLY.

Rome. Translated by ERNEST A. VIZETELLY. | Paris. Translated by ERNEST A. VIZETELLY.

Fruitfulness (F6condite). Translated and Edited, with an Introduction, by E. A. VIZETELLY.

Work. Translated by ERNEST A. VIZETCLLY.

With Zola in England. By ERNEST A. VIZETELLY. With Four Portraits. Crown 8vo, cloth. 3*. U.

*ZZ * (L. Zangwiny. A Nineteenth Century Miracle. Cr. 8vo, y~M.

The Mayfair Library, post 8vo, cloth limp, as. 6d. per Volume.

Quips and Quiddities. By W. D. ADAMS. ~- ' . .

The Agony Column of ' The Times. 1

A Journey Round My Room. ByX. DE MAISTRH.

Poetical Ingenuities. By W. T. DOBSON.

The Cupboard Papers. By FIN-BEC.

W. S. Gilbert's Plays. Three Series,

Bongs of Irish Wit and Humour.

Animals and their Masters. By Sir A HELPS.

Social Pressure. By Sir A. HELPS.

Autocrat of Breakfast-Table. ByO. W. HOLMES.

Curiosities of Criticism. By H. ]. JENNINGS.

Pencil and Palette. By R. KEMPT.

Little Essays : from LAMB'S LETTERS.

Forensic Anecdotes. By JACOB LARWOOD.

Theatrical Anecdotes. By JACOB LARWOOIX
Ourselves. By E. LYNN LINTON.
Witch Stories. By E. LYNN LINTON.
Pastimes and Players. By R. MACGREGOR.
New Paul and Virginia. By W. H. MALLOCK.
Muses of Mayfair. Edited by H. C. PENXELL
Thoreau : His Life and Aims. By H. A. PAGB.
Puck on Pegasus. By II. C. PENNELL.
Pegasus Ke-saddled. By H. C. PENNELL.
Puniana. By Hea. HUGH ROWLEY.
More Puniana. By Hon. HUGH ROWLEY.
By Stream and Sea. By WILLIAM SENIOR.
Leaves from a Naturalist'g Note-Book. By Dr.

The Golden Library.

Songs for Sailors. By W. C. BENNETT.
Lives of the Necromancers. By W. GODWIN.
The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table. By

Tale for a Chimney Corner. By LEIGH HUNT.

Post 8vo, cloth limp, 2s. per Volume.

Scenes of Country Life. By EDWARD JESSE.
La Mort d' Arthur : Selections from MALLORY.
The Poetical Works of Alexander Pope.
Diversions of the Echo Club. BAYARD TAI LOR.

Handy Novels. Fcap. 8vo, cloth boards, is. 6d. each.

Dr. Palliser's Patient. By GRANT ALLEN
Monte Carlo Stories. By JOAN BARRETT.
Black Spirits and White. By R. A. CRAM.

Seven Sleepers of Ephesus. M. E. COLERIDGE.
The Old Maid a Sweetheart. By A. ST. AUBYN.
Modest Little Sara. By ALAN ST.

My Library. Printed on laid paper, post 8vo, half-Roxburghe, as. 6d. each.

The Journal of Maurice de Guerin. i Christie Johnstone. By CHARLES READB.
The Dramatic Essays of Charles Lamb. Peg Wofflngton. By CHARLES READE.
Citation of William Shakspeare. W. S. LANDOR. '

- The Pocket Library. Post 8vo,

Robinson Crusoe. Illustrated by G. CRUIKSHANK
Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table and The Professor

at the Breakfast-Table. By O. W. HOLMES.
Provincial Letters of Blaise Pascal.
Whims and Oddities. By THOMAS HOOD.
Leigh Hunt's Essays. Edited by E. OLLIER.
The Barber's Chair, By DOUGLAS JERROLD.

printed on laid paper and hf.-bd., zs.
The Essays of Eiia. By CHARLES LA:>

. each.


Anecdotes of the Clergy. By JACOH LARWOOD.
ipieurean, &c. By THOMAS MOORE.


Gulliver's Travels, &c. By Dean SWIFT.
Thomson's Seasons. Illustrated.
White's Natural History of Selborne.


The Orange Girl. By WALTER BESANT.
All Sorts and Conditions of Men. By WALTER

The Golden Butterfly. By WALTER BESANT
The Deemster. By HALL CAINE.
The Shadow of a Crime. By HALL CAINB.
A Son of Hagar. By HALL CAINE.
The Moonstone. By WILKIE COLLINS.
The Woman in White. By WILKIE COLLINS.
The Dead Secret. By WILKIE COLLINS.

The New Magdalen. By WILKIE COLLINS.
Held in Bondage. By OUIDA.
Moths. By OUIDA. | Puck. By OUIDA.
Under Two Flags. By OUIDA.
Peg Woffington ; and Christie Johnstone. By

The Cloister and the Hearth. By CHARLES
Never Too Late to Mend. By CHARLES RBADE,
New Arabian Nights. By R. L. STEVENSON.
The Old Factory. By WILLIAM WESTALL.

The St. Martin's Library. Pott 8vo, cloth, as. net each ; leather, 35. net each.
The Cloister and the Hearth. By C HAS. READE. | It is Never Too Late to Mend,' By CH. READB.
Familiar Studies of Men and Books. By ROBERT Louis STEVENSON.

CHATTO & WiNDUS, Publishers, in St. Martin's Lane, London, W.C-._j2:


LIBRARY EDITIONS OF NOVELS, many Illustrated, crown 8vo, cloth extra, 35. 6J. each.


Valerie's Fate. | Barbara.

A Life Interest. A Ik-ht with Fate.

Mona s Choice. I A Golden Autumn.

By Woman's Wit. Mrs.Crichton'sCreditor.

The Cost of Her Fride. j The tup-mother.

A Miss'mg Hero.
By F. M. ALLEN. Green as Grass.

Fhilistia. j Fabylon. Tr,e Great Taboo.

Dumaresq'i Daughter.

Duchess of Powysiand.

Blood Royal.

I. Greet s Masterpiece.

Th2 Scallywag.

At Market Value.

Strans" Stories
Tcr ?,] lirnifi s Sake,

The F.e Zoning Hand.
r ) hs D?viJ'3 Die.
T;i if Mortal Coil.
The Tents of Shem

Under Scaled Orders.

By M. ANDERSON. Othello's Occupation.

Phra the rhcenieian. I Constable of St. Nicholas.

In a Steamer Ohiir. i A Woman Intervenes.
From Whose Eourae. | Revenue !

Woman of UonBracelets. I Under a Strange Mask.
Fettered for Life. A Missing Witness.

The Harding Scandal. | Was She Justified ':

By 'BELLE.' Vashti and Esther.

By Sir W. BESANT and J. RICE.
Ready-MonerMortiboy. I

My Little Girl.
With Harp and Crown.
This Son of Vulcan. .
Tiis Gciden Butterfly:

Celia's Arbour.
Chaplain of thi F!st.
Tho Seamy Side.
The Case of Mr. Lucraft.
In Trafalgar's Bay.

In Deacon's Orders.
Tiie Master Craftsman.
The City of Refuge.
A Fountain Sealed.
The Changeling.
The Fourth Generation

The Monks of Thelcma. I Tho Ten Years' Tenant.

All Sorts & Conditions. Armorel of Lyonesse.
The Captains' Room. S.Katherlne's bv Tower
All in a" Garden Fair. Verbena Camellia, &c.
Dorothy Forster. The Ivory Gate.

Uncle Jack. I Holy-Rose The Rebel Queen.
World Went Well Then. Dreams of Avarice
Children of Gibeon.
Herr Paulas.
For Faith and Freedom
To Call Her Mine.
The Revolt of Man.
The Bell of St. Paul's.

Tha Charm.

By AMBROSE BIERCE-In Midst of Ufa.

By M. McD. BODKIN __ Dora Myrl.
By PAUL BOURGET. A Living Lie.
By J. D. BRAYSHAW. Slum Silhouette*.

Shadow of the Sword. ! The New Abelard.
A Child of Nature. ! Matt. | Rachel Dene

God and the Man. } Master of the Mine.

Martyrdom of Madeline ! The Heir of Linne.
Love Me for Ever. Woman and the Man.

Annan Water. j Red and White Heather.

Foxglove Manor. Lady Kilpatrick.

The Charlatan. ' Andromeda.

R. W. CHAMBERS.-The King in Yellow.
Bv J. M. CHAPPLE. The Minor Chord.


Shadow of a Crime. | Deemster. | Son of Hagar.
By AUSTIN CLARE.-By Rise of River.


PaulFerroll. | Why Panl Ferroll Killed his Wife.

By ANNE COATES.Rie's Diary.


The Red Sultan. I The Burden of Isabel.


By WILKIE COLLlNS-contiwed.

Armadale. I AfterDark.
No Name. | Antonina
Basil. | Hide and Seek.
The Dead Secret.
Queen of Hearts.
My Miscellanies.

The Woman in White.
The Law and the Lady.
The Haunted Hotel.
The Moonstone.
Man and Wife.
Poor Mis Finch.

Miss or Mrs. ?
The Nev/ Magdalen.
The Frozen Deep.
The Two Destinies.
' I Say No.'
Little Novels.
The Fallen Leaven.

Jezebel s Daughter.
The Black Robe.
Heart and Science.
The Evil Genius.
The Legacy of Cain.
A Rogue's Life.
Blind Love.


Blacksmith <fc Scholar. I You Play me FA!SC.
The Villa ice Comedy. | Midnight to M; ; :
M. J. COLQUHOUN._EvervIn;h;
The Inimitable Mrs. Macsinghaou

By E.H.COOPER.-Geoffory Hamilton.
By V. C. COTES.-Two Girlson a Barge.

The Prophet of the Great Smoky Mountains.
His Vanished Star.

Romances of the Old Seraglio.

The Adventures of a Fair Rebel.

ByS. R. CROCKETT and others.
Tales of Our Coast.

Diana Barringtou. ; The Real Lady Hilda.

Proper Pride. i Married or Single ?

A Family Likeness. Two Masters.

Pretty Miss Neville. In theKingdom of Kerry
A Bird of Passage. Interference.

Mr. Jervis. A Third Person,

Village Tales. Beyond the Pale.

Some One Else. ' Jason. ! Miss Balmaine s Past
Infatuation. > Terence

By W. CYPLES. -Hearts cf Gold


The Evangelist : or. 1'ort Salvation.

H. C. DAVIDSON. -Mr. Sadler's Daughter*

By E. DAWSON.~The Fountain of Youth.

By J. DE M I LLE. A Castle in Spain.

Oar Lady of Tears. | Circe's Lovers.
True Tales of Travel and Adventure.
> Manches

Tales of Terror.
Chronicles of I
Danevitch. [Detector
Tyler Tatlock, Private

Man from Manchester.
Records of Vincent Trill
The Mystery of
Jamaica Terrace.

Deacon Brodie
Old Corcoran s Money.

The Firm of Girdlestone.

A Daughter of To-day. I Vernon's Aunt.
By A. EDWARDES. A Plaster Saint.
By Q. S. EDWARDS. Suazelleparilla.

Cursed by a Fortune
The Case of Ailsa Gray
Commodore J'unk.
The New Mistress.
Witness to the Deed.
The Tiger Lily.
The White Virgin.
Black Blood.
Double Cunning.
Bag of Diamonds. &c.


A Fluttered Dovecoto.
Kin of the Castle
Master of Ceremonies.
Eve at the Wheel. &:.
The Man with a Shadow
One Maid's Mischief.
Story of Antony Grace.
This Man's Wife.
In Jeopardy. [nrnj.
A Woman Worth Win-

Ropes of Sand.

Jack Doyle's Daughter.

One by One.

A Dog and his Shadow.

A Real Queen.

Beth's Brother's Wife. I The Lawton Girl.

AStrange Manuscript Fotmd in a Copper Cylinder

A Waif of the Plains.
A Ward of the Golden
Gats. [Springs.

A Sappho of Green
qol.Starboltle's Client.
Susy. | Sally Dows.
Sell-Ringer of Angel's.
Tales of Trail and"

igel s.

A Protegee of Jack

Barker's Luck.
Devil's Ford, [celslor.'
The Crasaie of the ' Ex-
Three Partners.
Gabriel Couroy.

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