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b. 1788; Elihu, b. 1790; Hannah, b. 1792; Electa, b. 1794.

Calvin Sikes, b. 1779. Had four children— Calvin, b. 1805 ; Edward, b. 1808;
Joshua, b. 1811 ; Nancy, b. 1818.

John Sikes, b. 1784. Had seven children, who all left town — Sarah, b. 1808;
Caroline, b. 1810; Joseph, b. 1812; Tryphenia, b. 1813; Clarissa, b. 1821; Nancy,
b. 1825; Harriet, b. 1829.

MILLEli — Ancestry traced back to period of King Philip's war, Thomas M. be-
ing killed by the Indians in defense of Springfield, October G, 1G75. Solomon, his
grandson, d. August 20, 17G0, aet. 30 years.

Capt. Joseph Miller, b. 1698, d. April 5, 17G0.

Joseph, son of Capt, J. and Mary Miller, b. May, 1724, d. April 8, 1803; m.
Catherine Ferry. Had children, Aaron John, b. January 11, 1750, Sybil, b. 1747.
m. Isaac Brewer, d. 1834 ; Leonard, b. 1752 d. 1828 ; ilartha, m. Levi Bliss ; JMoses,
d. young; Joseph, b. September 1, 1756, d. April 1, 1829; Catherine, d. young;
George, b, 1759, d. 1829; Catherine, b. 1764, d. 1852, m. Benj. Sikes; Polly, b.
1766, d. 1855, m. Moses Wood; Margaret, b. 1768, d. 1820.

Aaron John Miller, a physician and surgeon in Revolutionary War, m. Esther
Burr; d. at Ludlow, November 4, 1838. AVas a member of State Legislature. The
following quotation from Palmer Journal illustrates the man: — " The first physi-
cian in Ludlow was Dr. Aaron John Miller. He was a very tidy sort of man, dis-
tinguished for wearing the highest-priced black broadcloth he could find, and always
eating molasses instead of butter on his bread, drinking clear tea and a very
little old New England, never any water. lie was a rapid talker, made his fever
powders of camphor-gum and loaf-sugar, and was never known to hurt his patients
with his medicines. He usually walked on his visits to patients, always accom-
panied by his little yellow dog. He was intolerant of others' opinions, and empha-
sized his own with frequent thrusts of his cane." The following acrostic, written
by him, was found among the papers of his son, the late Gordon B. Miller : —
" Great chief, Columbia venerates thy name,
Europe with awe proclaims thy deathless fame ;
On Asia's plains, where priests adore the sun,
Eajahs and nabobs own great Washington ;
Grim Alric's sons, who war eternal wage,
Earth's savage nations all revere our sage.


Wliere Pliiladelphia graces yonder plains,
Adorned witli laurel our loved hero reitins ;
Serene lie guides the helm of every State;
His skill in war and politics complete.
Illustrious statesman ! thou in virtue's cause
Now deign'st to sit. the guardian of our laws ;
Graced with the lovely olive branch of peace,
Thy praise, O Washington, shall never cease !
On thee this western world have turned their eyes,
« Ne'er to revert them till thou mount the skies."

From a piece of his entitled " Summer Evening Song of Connecticut Kiver," are
culled the following stanzas : —

" Flow on, loved Connecticut, majestic and slow,
And mingle thy waters with ocean below ;
The god of the sea with his brine-dripping bride
Exulting beholds thee still swelling his tide.

" The sun has gone down and the star of the west
Is spreading delighted his beams on thy breast.
While meek Lima, adorned with aspect serene,
To grace with her graces the beautiful scene.

" I was born near thy marge in the year 'forty-nine.
And love thee, still love thee and call thee divine ;
Not Ganges, nor Avon, nor Egypt's famed Nile,
Could ever so sweetly my cares all beguile."

His " Epitaph on Little Bute," a favorite dog of his, is of a different character: —

" Hard was the fate of little Bute ;
With hungry wolves he did dispute ;
Amid the strife of battle din
deceived a grip beneath the chin.

"Adieu my brother of the dust!

Those savage whelps are doubly cursed ;
With horrid shriek and doleful yell
I hear them howling now in Hell.'*

Children of A.vrox Joiix and Esther Miller — Betsey Elizabeth, b. February
3, 1782, d. September 24, 1872, m. Asa Earned ; Asenath, b. June 3, 1784, d.
August 4, 1850; Aaron J., Jr., b. April 22, 1787, d. Janrfary 12, 1866, m. Tlieodo-
sia Parsons; Gordon Bliss, b. September 7, 1789, d. .July 3, 1874; William Abe-
lard, b. July 30, 1797, ni. Nancy Burr; Mary Eloise, b. ^799, d. 1842, m. Harvey

Leonard Miller, son of Capt. Joseph Miller, m. Mary Sikes and Sarah Kellogg.
Had children — Moses, Catherine, Orris, Ithamar, Polly, Sila, Joseph, Leonard, Susan.

Moses, b. 1778, d. 1855, m. Lucy .Tones.

Catherine, b. 1780, d. 1854, m. Jonathan Dan.

•A solitary and gloomy swamp thus named, where the wolves used to gather In the night
and howl.


Orris, b. 17B1, m. Willard Munsell.

Ithamar, b. 1783, m. liacbel Akers.

Polly b. 1784, d. 1824, ni. Elijah Fuller.

Si LA, b. 1785, d. 1859, m. Amos Kendall.

Joseph, b. 1787, d. 1871, m, Martha Walker.

Leonard, b. 1788.

ScsAN, b. 1790, d. 1872, m. Amos Putnam.

Joseph Miller, b. September 1, 1756, m. Mary Wilder, d. April 1, 1829. Had
children— Sylvester, b. December 27, 1783, m. Charlotte Little; Joanna, b. Septem-
ber 5, 1785, burnt in a barn, 1787 ; Joseph, Jr., b. November 28, 1787, m. Dolly
Miller, and Electa Barton ; Daniel, b. October 30, 1789, m. Pamelia Jones and
Lucy Smith, d. 1870; Charlotte, b. November 14, 1791, m. Zenas Parsons, d. 1839;
John, b. October 26, 1793, m. Lucinda Barton ; Maria, b. May 7, 1796, m. Gordon B.
Wood ; Polly, b. March 23, 1798, m. Zebina Miller.

Ithamar, son of Leonard Miller, had children, Charles L., Albert, Harriet, Eliza,


Hon. Charles L. TMiller, wlio dropped dead in tlie Capitol at "Wasiiington, on the 3d of Jan-
uary, was born in Boston in 1808. but moved to LuiHow when about four years of age. Ilis
fatlier was Ithamar Miller, a native of Ludlow and brother of Dea. Joseph Miller of tliat
town, and lived on the farm wliere Dainel Brewer now lives. Removing from Ludlow when
Charles was fifteen years of age, the family settled in the State of New York, but subse-
quently moved to Constantine. St. Joseiih C<)uiity, Mich., where he became a merchant, town
clerk, postmaster, and was afterwards elected clerk of the Senate. In IS14 he removed to
Colon, anil carried on successfully the business of general merchandise. He was elected rep-
resentative to the legislature in 1853 and 1854:. and in 1S5G he was elected Judge of Probate
and served four years. In 1860, by invitation of Senator Chandler, he took the place of clerk
of the United States Senate Committee on Commerce, and during every session since he lias
been at his post, drawing the text of all the iiniiortant bills of that Committee. With impaired
health he returned to Washington at the beginning of the session, and was at his duties daily.
In fifteen minutes after entering the Capitol, on the morning of tlie 3d, he was found lifeless.

Senator Chandler says of him : He was one of the purest and truest men I have ever met
in my life, .lie was universally beloved, and the removal of such a man as Judge .Miller seems
to be a public calamity.

George Miller, son of Joseph and Catherine, m. Esther Cleveland, Eunice
Parsons, Mary Lyman. Had children, Seth, Dolly, Zebina, Almira, Esther, Esther
2d, George, Lyman, Edwin, Edwin 2d,

Seth, b. 1790; left town.

Dolly, b. 1792, d. 1856, ra. Abner Beebe.

Zebina, b. 1794, d. 1867, m. Polly Miller.

Almira, b. 1796, d. 1859, m. Asahel Bartlett.

Esther, b 1797, d. 1798.

Esther, b. 1799, m. Henry Fuller.

George, b. 1801, m. Mary Ann Burgess.

Lyman, b. 1804, d. 1867, m. Hannah Stocking.

Edwin, b. 1807, d. same year.

Edavin, b. 1817.

BREWER. — Isaac Brewer m. Sybil Miller of Ludlow abt. 1750, came to Lud-
low three years later and settled on the bank of the Chicopee River, at the Law-
rence place, had children — Isaac, Daniel, Pliny, Polly, Catherine, Betsey, Chauncey,
Abigail, Isaac, Lyman, Clarissa.

Isaac, d. in infancy.

Daniel, d. at age of 17, served against Shay's Rebellion.

Pliny, m. Lois Stebbins of Springfield and settled iu Norwich, Conn.

Polly, m. Joshua Fuller of Ludlow.


rATiiF.niNE, m. Walter Stel)bins of Springfield.

Betsey, m. Jerre Snow of Springfield.

CiiAUNCET, m. Lucena Mandeville of Granljy and settled in Ludlow.

AniGAiL, ni. John Sniilli of South Hadiey.

Isaac, ni. Catherine Fo.x of lirookl^n, L. I.

Lyman, ni. Harriet Tj-Ier of Norwich, Conn., settled there.

Clarissa, m. Zenas Lawrence of Ludlow.

The first Isaac Brewer d. at 47, leaving ten children, the eleventh heing born
after his death. The widow held the farm, paying off the large amount of debts
and giving her son riiny a collegiate education. — All the Brewers now in town are
descendants of Chauncey,

FULLER. — For most of these data we are indebted to Benjamin Fuller of

The first of whom there is record was Youso Fui.eer, who accompanied his son
Jo.shua from Ellington, Conn., to Ludlow.

Joshua Fueeer, b. September 9, 1830, m, IMarcy Lathrop of Tolland, Conn., d.
in 1810. She d. in 1828, aet. 02. Had children— Elisha, Solomon L., Ezekiel,
Sarah, Lydia, Benjamin, Olive.

Klisha, the first, d. last, aged 96, m. Rebecca Waterman and Sarah Cleveland.
Had two wives. Had children, John, Joshua, (removed from town,) Susan, (m.
Dr. Munger,) Isaac, (removed to Soniers,) Ely, Joel, Asenath, (m. Asaliel Rood,)
Samuel, Martha, (m. Henry Starkie,) Waterman, Henry Seymour, Rebecca, (m.
Jared Carver,) Zera.

John, m. Colton and Capen. Had children, Walter, m. Eunice

Gleason ; Norman, m. Elvira Wright; Edmund W., m. Elvira Capen; Orra, m.
Justin Lombard; infant child; Lodisa, ni. Abijah Capen; P. D wight, m. Caroline
Olds ; Marcia, m. 1). K. Paine.

Eey, m. Jerusha Little. Had children — Elisha A., m. Polly Fuller; Merrick, m.
Catherine ; Eliza, m. Lucius Ferry; Caroline, m. Daniel Warner; Viennc,

m. Francis McLean and Benning Leavitt; Emily, m. Sanderson; Charlotte,

m. Chester Graves; Martha, Jane, m. Lockhart Howard.

JoEE, m. Phebe Jones. Had children, Estus, Sarah, m. Rufus Billings, Levi.

Samuel, m. Warner. Had children, Adaline, James, Samuel and four others.

Waterman, m. Sarah Abercrombie. Had children, Martha, m. Jerre Dutton,
George, Charles, William H.

Henry S., m. Esther Miller and Mary Aldcn. Had children — Esther, Sarah, m.
Levi Collins ; IVLary, ni. Henry Collins; Henrietta, m. Edwin Cliapin ; Olivette, m.
Henry Frost; Henry, died young; Edward E., m. Jane D. Prentice; Emma, m.
Henry Ilard^' ; Henry, m. Lizzie Munsing ; Frank, m. Jennie Webster and Anna
Mears ; Fannie, Lily, Hattie.

Zera, m. Caroline Wright. Had children — Otis, m. Eliza Braman ; Caroline,
m. Joseph Ilinman; Sarah Ann, m. Allen Seymour; Ellen, m. George Carver.

Solomon L. settled and d. in Somers, Conn.

Ezekiel settled and d, in Ludlow, m. Mary . Had children— Marania, b.

1782; Elijah, b. 1784 ; Rachel, b. 178(5, m. Sylvester Clark ; Polly, b. 1789; Mercy,
b. 1792; Ezekiel, b. 1794; Lyman, b. 179G; Franklin, b. 1799.

Elijah, had children — Polly, m Elisha A. Fuller; Electa, m. Potter ; Catherine,
m. Atchinson ; Gilbert C, m. Harriet.

Ezekiel, had children — Albert, m. Violate Miller; Edmund, m Lyon; Daven-
port L., ni. Susanna McClentick and Maria Charles; Henry.


I.TMAx, had children— Eliza, Lathrop, m. Joanna Wood; Cornelia, m. Gilbert
C. Fuller.

Sarah, m. Benjamin Chapin of Chicopee and Samuel Chapman of Ellington,
Conn., d. at 64.

LvDiA, m. David Barton of Granby, settled in what was then called "Whites-
town, N. Y. He died at 87 y. 2 m. His wife died next day at 84 y. 5 m. Both
buried in one grave, at Clinton, N. Y.

Benjamin, settled at Monson, April, 1795. Soon after, his father and mother
went to live with him, both died there, aged 75 and 80.

Olive, m. Wihiani McKinney of Ellington, Conn., d. at Stafford, Conn., at 75.

Tlie family was rather noted for longevity. Joshua d. at 80, his wife at 02,
Flisha at 0(5, Solomon L. at 80 or over, Ezekiel at 80, Sarah at 64, Lydia at 84, Benja-
min at 75, Olive at 75. Ten of the 49 granduhiklren are living, some of whom are
over 80.

Joshua lived on the Dorman farm. While his father. Young Fuller, la}' dead, one
Sunday morning, the liouse caught fire and burned to the ground, necessitating the
removal of the corpse to the orchard.

Elisha Fuller was a noted wag. He would perpetrate a joke at any expense.
Every one has heard of his story about the pins, which he offered for sale from his
store with the assurance that the pin-maUer was dead and there was no further
chance to buy. Taking up a pair of spectacles once at the Town-house to try them,
lie averred he could see a hawk on Wilbraham mountain. Nor would he listen to
one word of disparagement of Ludlow. Some one remarking concerning the pov-
erty of her soil, he declared that a traveler once lost his horse near the Center, and
finding him in a field of corn, was obliged to clear a passage through the stalks
with an axe. He once told the wondering auditors that he drove his horse at the
time of a shower so fast that he himself kept ahead of the rain, while his dog swam
just behind the wagon for a long distance.

HUBBARD. — Elisha Hurbard ra. Mary , came to Ludlow about

1740 (?), d. at 72. Had children — llussell, Titus, Luther, Lowell, Judah, Anstis,
Calvin, (left town,) Bernice.

BnssELL, m. Olive. Had children — Lovina, Warren, Asahel, Harvey, Ann, Dan,
Jemima, Susan.

Titus, m. Phebe . Had children — Harr^', b. 1797 ; Calvin, b. 1798 ; Lowell,

b. 1801 ; Elisha, b. 1804; Israel Newton, b. 1808; John P.. b. 1813; Lovina, b. 1818.

John HunnARD, Jr. (brother of first Elisha), ni. Anna . Had children —

Bachel,b. 1762; John, b. 1704; Asa, b. 1769; Anna, b. 1770; Ira, b. 1772 ; Martha,
b. 1774; Charles, b. 1777; Ethan, b. 1779.

KENDALL — Ensign Jasies Kendall m. Jerusha . He died March

9, 1820, at 74. Shed. October 24, 1836, at 90. Had children— Chapman, Reuel,
James, Selah, Amos, Via, Sally, Jerusha.

Chapman, had children — Daniel and Mosely.

Reuel, had children — John, .James.

James, had children — Levi, Reuben, James.

Selah, had children — J. Munroe, William.

Amos, d. June 19, 1836, at 50, m. Sila, who d. September 18, 1859, at 73, liad
children — Carlo M., Caroline, Eliza, Salome, James W., Henry Burt, William W.,
Horace, Jeruslia, Delia.

Via, d. young.

190 ArPEXDix.

Sally, ni. Moses Rood.
Jkeusha, m. Aaron Carver.

BUUR. — Jonathan Burr came to Ludlow from Ellington, Conn., about 17G8, b.
1740, il. 1807, ni. Priscilla Freeman. Had eliildreo — Xoadiah, b. 17G4 ; Tiniotliy,
b. 17tJ7; Jonathan, b. 1709 ; Freeman, b. 1771 ; Ansel, b. 1773; Ashbel, b. 1770;
Sally, b. 1770 ; Polly, b. 1782 ; Eli, b. 1784 ; Betsey, b. 1787.

Timothy m. Hannah Graham. Had children — Billy Graham, b. 1700; Hannah,
b. 1702; Betsey, b. 1704 ; Charles, b. 1707; Halsey, Hart, Barton, Almira.

Jonathan m. Mindwell Chapin. Had children — Ashbel, b. 1700; Estes, b.
1801; Polly, b. 1803.

Frekman m. Mary Goodell. Had children — Matilda, b. 1700 ; Maria, Solomon,
Freeman, Columbus, I51mina, Julena.

Ansel m. Anna Pinney. Had children — Emily, Anna, Ansel, Eli.

Ashhel m. Clarissa Hikes. Had children — Lyman, b. 1805; Abigail, b. 1808.

Eli m. Cynthia Burchard.

RARBEK. — EnENEZER Barrkr, a town officer first in 1777, lived, raised bis
family and d. on place now owned by David L. Atchinson. Was totally blind many
years before his death. His wife was insane for a number of years. Had children
— Ebenezer, Lewis, David, Abigail, Anna, Tirzah.

Ebenezer, lived on old place.

Lewis, lived on Dea. Parsons' place.

David, Abner and John lived in Vermont.

Abigail, m. Zerah Chapin of Cliicopce, mother of Sophia Moody, now SOye<ars old.

Anna, m. Zelotes Parsons, lived and d. in Wilbraham.

Tirzah, b. July 7, 1776.

Ebenezer, m. Lovicy Bartlett of Wilbraham, July 20, 1784. Had children —
Lovicy, m.. Rebecca , had children — Ira, Joel, Warren, Eli, HoUis.

Ira was father of the present Hollis.

ROOT. — Timothy Root, b. 1740 in Somers, Conn., m. Sarah Bartlett and rem. to
Ludlow abt. 1770. She d. 1785. Had children — Timothy. William, Sally, Nancy,
Flavia, Amy and Pliny; m Dorothy Shumway and d. Nov. 22, 1822. Had chil-
dren — Sophia, Amos, Dorothy, Polly, Parmelia, Elizabeth and Cynthia. Decem-
ber 2, 1822, his real estate was valued at $2,075 and personal property at §300, large
for the times.

Timothy', d. in infancy.

William, in. Eunice Sheldon, and settled in Granby, Muss.

Sally, d. in Ludlow unm., aet. 80.

Nancy, m. William Snow and settled in Granby, Mass.

Flavia, m. Gains Taylor and settled in South Hadley.

Pliny, m Ruth Cleaveland of Palmer, rem. to Steuben Co., N. Y, and then to
Jackson, Mich.

SoriiiA, m. Nathaniel Lyon and settled in Ludlow.

Amos, m. Mary of Richmond, Va., and settled there. Served in the war

of 1812.

Dorothy, ni. John Gates of Ludlow.

Mary, m. Gaius Clough, lived in Franklin, N. Y., and Chicopee.

Parmklia m. Otis Horr of Ludlow, and Warren Squires.

Elizabeth, m. William Clark and lived in Hubbardston and Ludlow.


Ctsthia, m. George Clark of Ludlow.

There are eleven descendants of these fourteen children now livintr in Ludlow,
among wliom are John Gates, George K. Clark and Mrs. Maria C. Clark Burr.

LYON. — Dea. David Ltov, b. 1735, d. 1804, came from Woodstock, Conn.,
1770, m. Eunice StebV)ins, 1764. Children— Eunice, b. 17G6, d. 1804 ; Gad, b. Feb-
ruary 28, 1769, d. December 26, 1815; Nathaniel, b. January 24, 1772, d. February
11, 1839 ; Stephen, b. 1775, d. December 23, 1837.

Eunice m. James Sheldon.

G.\D m. Jerusha Kendall, March 13, 1794. Had children — David, Dexter, Ho-
mer, Homer, 2d, Helena.

David, b. January 15, 1795, m, Fannie Wright.

Dexter, b. October 3, 1796. m. Sila Taylor, d. December 14, 1839.

HoMKR, b. December 12, 1798, d. December 14, 1798,

HoMKR, 2d, b. January 13. 1800, m. Maria Taylor.

Helena, b. January 10, 1803, d. April 28, 1829.

Nathaniel, m Hannah Kendall, December 31, 1804. Had children — Norman,
a son, Hannah, Sophia, Norman, Olive, Albert, David.

Norman, b. February 3, 1806, d. November 28, 1808.

A SON, b. August 5, 1808, d. August 5, 1808.

Nathaniel m. Sophia Root, May 8, 1814. Had children.

Hannah, b. February 25, 1815, m. Urbane Carver, d. May 8, 1856.

Sophia, b. IMarch 11, 1817, m. George Taylor.

Norman, b. December 12, 1818, m. Lydia Cooley.

Olive, b. January 28, 1821, d. November, 1839.

Albert, b. Augusts, 1825, d. April 11, 1858.

David, b. September 21, 1827, m. Jane Slate.

Stephen, m. Patience Wright, January 22, 1799. Had children — Lucj', Solon,
Eunice, Ruth, Esther, Ephraim, Gad, Mary, Dexter, Sarah, Josiah, Caroline.

Lucr, b. November 22, 1800, m. Cleveland.

Solon, b. August 22, 1802, d. 1873.

Ednice, b. June 8, 1804, m. Hilliard.

Roth, b. June 10, 1806, d. September 3, 1858.

Esther, b. September 26, 1808, m. Barrett.

Ephraim, b. January 21, 1811.

Gad, b. April 21, 1813. d. December 9, 1849.

Mary, b. July 13, 1815.

Dexter, b. May 10, 1817.

Sarah, b. April 24, 1819, m. Swart.

Josiah, b. August 3, 1820, d. May 11, 1822.

Caroline, b. April 23, 1823, d. January 5, 1859.

David Lyon is said to have been the first deacon of the Congregational Church
after the town was set off from Springfield. Dr. Philip Lyon, supposed to be a
brother of David, b. 1762, d. 1802.

DUTTON- — .Teremiah Dittton came from East Haddam, Conn., about 1776.
Had children — Sally, m. Maxwell ; Betsey, m. Van Horn ; Charlotte, m. Eaton ;
Oliver, m. Hubbard ; Calvin, Cone.

Oliver, b. 17G0, d. 1843, m. Judith Hubbard. Had children— Lois, b. 1784, d.
1844; Lorin, b. 1792, d. 1806; Dennis, b. 1799, d. 1850; Asenath, b. 1802, d. 1803;
Hubbard, b. IbOO.


CLOUGir.— Timothy, had children— Uriah, b. 1757, d. 1832; Jonathan.

Ukiah, m. Molly Oraette, b. 175y, d. 1837. Had children— Iluldah, b. 1780, m.
Moffit; Uriah, Jr., b. 1783, d. 1784; Uriah, b 1785; Mordecai, b. 1787, d. 1831;
Gaius, b. 1789; Mary, b. 1701 ; Lydia, b. 1703; Joseph, b. 1707, d. 1834; Seth, b.

Mordecai, m. Lucy Case. Had children — Mordecai, Jr , b. 1813 ; Roselle, b.
1815; Sarah, b. 1818; Mary Ann, b, 1820; Ambrose, b. 1822, the only one of the
name now in Ludlow; Uriah, b. 1821,

JovATiiAX Clougu, had children — Dan, had childrLMi — Desire, b. 1800; Jonathan,

b. 1802, d. 1803; Abner, b. 1805; Timothy, m. Lucy . Had children —

Abif^ail, b. 1702; Susa, b. 1704; Hannah, b. 1797; Olive, b. 1801; Candace, b.
1801 ; Timothy, b. 1804 ; Jonathan, b. 180U ; Daniel, b. 1808. d. 1810; Daniel, b. 1811.

John, m. Sarah and Lovisa . Had children — Sarah, b. 170G ;

Keziah, b. 1798 ; Charlotte, b. 1800 ; Clarissa, b. 1802 ; Lovisa, b. 1804 ; Sophronia,
b. 1805; Nancy, b. 1811; Ann J., b. 1814; John, b. 181G; Mary, b. 1818,

PUTNAM. — AnxER, b. Sutton, Mass., March 17, 17G5, m. Abi-jail Waters. Came
to Ludlow, 1790, d. October 23, 1831. Had children — James, Nathan, Amos.

James, b. September, 1787, m. Marcia Co.y.

Natiiax, b. October 8, 1788, m. Mary B. Look.

Amos, b. October 8, 1788, m. Susan Miller of Ludlow, d. January 31, 1871 ;
(Nathan and Amos, twins, each lost a limb.) Amos had children — Abigail Waters,
b. May 10, 1811, m. D. L. Atchinson ; Amos Hurley, b. January 20, 1814, m. Sarah
Warner; Leonard Miller, b. August 19, 1815, m. Lucy Smith; Susan Alvira, b.
June 28, 1817, m. Avery Green; Zadoc Porter, b. May 8, 1810, m. Lucia Chapin ;
Flavius Josephus, b. November 11, 1821, m. Sylvia B. Alden, d. August 18ti4, at
Andersonville prison ; Sarah Ann, b. June 4, 1824, m. Gordon M. Pisk ; Adaline
Eliza, b. July 10, 1830, m. Lyman S. Hills.

JONES.'*— (Thomas, came from Wales. His son was Benjamin, whose son was
also named Benjamin, the father of) Stephen Jokes, b. in Somcrs, Conn., June 27,
1750, m. Lucy Cooley, December 22, 1770, came to Ludlow in 1700, bringing six chil-
dren. One was b. in Ludlow, Lucy, d. July 15, 1808. Stephen m. Mrs. Mary
Chapin of Springfield, September 27, 1811. She d. July 2G, 1841. He d. January
2, 1828.

Stephek and Lccy Jones had children — Stephen, Levi, d. aet. 13 months, Lucy,

Levi went to Illinois. Had children — Mary, Susan, Parmelia, Simeon.

Stephen had children — Hannah, Annie, Amanda, Asenath, Dargo B., Catherine,
Martha, Stephen Cooley.

Si.MEON m. Mary Chapin, dau. of his father's second wife. Had children — Han-
nah, Delia, David C, Henry S., Daniel, Daniel, Eliza, Parmelia, au infant, Sarah,
Irene, Charles.


CC. (See pages 90, 140.)

On the occasion of the death of Capt. Hubbard the following lines
•were penned bj Hon. G. M. Hsk of Palmer : —


Comes there a mournful message,

On wings of lightning sped,
Thrilling the ear witii sadness,

Whispering, " He is dead \"

Brief is the touching stor}',

How at his country's call,
Went he forth in his armor,

To conquer or to fall.

Bravely his comrades leading, —
. On to the strife they go.
Bearing the nation's standard
To the soil of the foe.

Over the trackless ocean,

Rounding the stormy capes,
Where the hurricane dashes

The sea in mountain shapes

Hearing the distant thunder,

Seeing the murky smoke.
Knows he the strife of battle

Rages at Roanoke 1

Turns on his fevered pillow,

Starts with commanding word ;
Calls for his faithful comrades.

Asks for his trusty sword.

" Onward all! to the struggle !
Charge ! the foe is near !
Mount to his frowning ramparts!
Plant our standard there ! "

Wandering thus in fancy.

He leads his comrades on ;
Crushing the foe before him.

Until the field is won.

Hushed is the din of battle.
Hushed is the cannon's roar ;

•Died on shipboard, in Pamlico Sound, February 12, 1862, the fourth day after the battle at
Boauoke Island.



And sleeps the young Commamler, —
Sleeps to awake no more.

Homeward they gentl}' bear him,

Over the foamy track, —
Anxiously hearts are waiting,

Waiting the welcome back.

Sad, oh sad, is the welcome,

That greets the soldier's bier;
Voices are hushed in sorrow —

Rapidly falls the tear.

Solemn the muffled drum-heat,

Slow is the measured tread ;
Bearing the youthful captain,

To his home with the dead.

riark ! 'tis the parting volley,

Firing over his grave ! —
The last sad act is finished,

And rests the young and brave.

" Come to the bridal chamber,"
Bind on the weeper's brow
Laurel wreaths of the soldier,
Twined with the willow's bough.

" Green be the turf above him ; "
Peaceful his dreamless sleep ;
Ever in fond remembrance
His treasured meni'ry keep.

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