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historique et critique, avec des renseignements pratiques. Paris.
1900. Maps. Plan. 6868.5

Bullock, C. Popular recreation. (A church congress paper.) The
theatre as it is; and the Ober-Ammergau play. London. [1880.]


Burton, I., Lady. The Passion-Play at Ober-Ammergau. London.

1900. Portrait. ♦♦T47.65


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The public library of the city of boston

6berammergau Passion Play. (Continued.)

Butt, E. N. A flying visit to Ober-Ammergau with an a ccou nt of
the Passion Play. London. 1880. ♦♦T^7.7a

DuBBERs, W. Das Oberammergauer Passionsspiel nach seiner
geschichtlichen, ktinstlerischen, ethischen und culturhistorischen
Bedeutung und unter Berucksichtigung alterer and neuerer Kritik
dargestellt. Frankfurt a/M. 1872. a866wii

Farrar, F. W. The Passion Play at Oberammergau, 1890. London.
1890. 9865.17

Jackson, J. P. The Ober-Ammergau Passion Play: (illustrated).
Giving the origin of the play, and history of the village and
people, a full description of the scenes and tableaux of the drama,
and the songs of the chorus, in German and English. London.
1880. Illus. Portraits. Plates. Plan. ♦*T.36.ioi ; etc

LocHEMES, M. J. Recollections of Oberammergau. Dayton. [1892.]
Illus. Portraits. 4879-77

MacColl, M. The Ammergau Passion Play. With some intro-
ductory remarks on the origin and development of miracle plays,
and some practical hints for the use of intending visitors. Lon-
don. 1870. ♦*T.47.i03;ctc

Martin, W. At the Ober-Ammergau Passion Play, with an intro-
duction on the ancient mysteries. A lecture. Buenos Ayres.
[1881?] S866.13

MoLLOY, G. The Passion Play at Ober-Ammergau in the summer of
1871. Boston. 1872. Illus. a866w7

Oberammergau Passion Play. [A collection of photographs illus-
trating the Passion Play. Mtinchen. 1910.] 35 photographs in
portfolio. *Cab.34.35.3

Oxenham, H. N. Recollections of Ober-Ammergau in 1871. Lon-
don. 1880. •♦T484

Richards, L. P. Oberammergau. Its Passion Play and players. A
20th century pilgrimage to a modern Jerusalem and a new Geth-
semane. Munich. 1910. Illus. Portraits. Plates. Plan. 2866.16

Sellar, a. C. The Passion-Play in the Highlands of Bavaria. Edin-
burgh. 1871. **T.97.i99

Short, J. H. Oberammergau. New York. [1910.] Portraits.
Plates. 4879a.ioa

Stoddard, J. L The Passion-Play of Ober-Ammergau. (/» his Red-
letter days abroad. Pp. 59-101. Boston. 1884. Illus. Por-
traits.) 2273.50

Thomas, G. C. The Passion Pky of 1871. [Philadelphia. 1871.]


Tweedie, E. B. The Oberammergau Passion Play, 1890. Lrondon.
1890. Illus. Plates. **T.47.74

Wyl von Wymental, W. Der Christus-Mayr. Neue Studien aus
Oberammergau. Berlin. 1890. **TjgjJ9o

Oberlaender, Hans.

Die geistige Entwicklung der deutschen Schauspielkunst im 18. Jahr-
hundert. Hamburg. Voss. 1898. viii, (i), 216 pp. [Thcater-
geschichtliche Forschungen. 15.] 6872.57

O'Bryan, Daniel.

Authentic memoirs; or, the life and character of that most celebrated
comedian, Robert Wilks. Added, an elegy on his death. London:
Printed for S. Slow. 1732. 30, (2) pp. **T.57.i9a


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Observatenr, L', des spectacles, ou anecdotes th^trales. [Bimensuel.]
Tome I, 2, 3 (no. 13). Ouvrage p^riodique par M. de Chevrier.
A La Hayc. Aux d^pens dc Tauteur et se trouvc chez Ics libraires
nomm^s dans le prospectus. 1762. 2 v. Plates. ♦♦

A continuation, having the title Suite de I'Observatettr des spectacles, may be
found on shelf-mimber **

Observations on Mrs. Siddons, in the following characters: Margaret
of Anjou, Belvidera, Jane Shore, Lady Randolph, Isabella and
Zara. By a lady. Dublin: Printed by P. Byrne. 1784. (8),

47 pp. ♦♦T.57.135

A later edition entitled The beatities of Mrs. Siddons may be found on shelf-
numbers ••T.56.1S5; No. I in **G.38j4.i7«

Observations on the effect of theatrical representations, with respect
to religion and morals: occasioned by the preface to the third
volume of the Works of Mrs. H. More. Bath. Hume. 1804.
32 pp. No. 16 in ♦♦0.3834.15

In favor of the theatre. Another edition, without imprint, is on shelf- number
No. 15 in ••0.38*4.15.

Observations on the importance and use of theatres; their present
regulation, and possible improvements. London: Printed for M.
Cooper. 1759. 3-40 pp. ♦♦T.97.118

Obeeiver, An, pseud.

The theatre, as it is: or, remarks upon a pamphlet, entitled "The
Bath Theatre vindicated." London. Hamilton, Adams, & Co.
1844. 20 pp. ♦♦T.76.98

The Bath Theatre vindicated, hj a resident, may be found on sheU-number

OccaBional paper. The. [Anon.] See Willis^ Richard, Bishop of Win-

O'Connor, John Bartholomew.

Chapters in the history of actors and acting in ancient Grreece,
together with a Prosopographia histrionum Graecorum. A dis-
sertation, Princeton University. Chicago. The University of
Chicago Press. 1908. ix, 144 pp. 9965.105

O'Connor, Thomas Power, prefacer.

HiBBERT, H. G. Fifty years of a Londoner's life. London. 1916.
Portraits. Plates. 4545*X5X

O'Conor, Charles.

Association of the Bar of the City of New York. Proceedings on
a publication in the New York Times of March 26th, 1876,
censuring the counsel for the plaintiff in the Forrest divorce case
[Charles O'Conor]. New York. 1876. >lo. 2 in ♦7686.5a

Odell, George Clinton Densmore.

*A midsummer night's dream' on the New York stage. (In Matthews,
J. B., and A. H. Thorndike, editors^ Shaksperian studies. Pp.
117-162. New York. 1916.) 4596.159

Oehmichen, Gustav.

Das Biihnenwesen der Griechen und Romer. 3 Tafeln. (In Hand-
buch der klassischen Altertums-Wissenschaft. Band 5, Abt. 3.
Pp. 179-304- Munchen. 1890.) a973-5o.5.Part 3

tJber die Anfange der dramatischen Weltkampfe in Athen. (In
Koeniglich-bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Munich.
Philosophisch-philologische und historische Classe. Sitzungs-
berichte. 1889, Band 2, pp. 103-167. Munchen. 1889.)



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CEuvre frangaise des trente ans de theatre.

CEuvre fran<;aise et populaire des trente ans de theatre. 1903. Repre-
sentations populaires et causeries. Paris. Nilsson. 1904. iii,
(i) pp. ♦n*

Contains 26 reprints of theatre programmes of performances given by the society.
OSuvre frangaise des trente ans de theatre. Works about.

Bernheim, a. J. Trente ans de theatre. Paris. 1903, 04,^ 2 v.

Of piays and masquerades. [Anon.] See Willis, Richard, Bishop of

Ohnc Schminke! Sittenfeld, C. ♦♦T.97^5; etc

Ohnet, Georges.

The rival actresses. London. Vizetelly & Co. 1889. 331 PP-

O'Kecffe, John.

Personal reminiscences by O'Keeffe, Kelly and Taylor. Edited by
Richard Henry Stoddard. New York. Scribner, Armstrong &
Co. 1875. xxi, 341 pp. Portraits. 6549.129

Recollections of the life of John O'Kceffe. London. Colburn. 1826.
2 V. Portrait. 6545.55; ♦♦T.55.ia9

Another copy is on shdf-number ••K.45.10.
Old acquaintance, An, pseud.

The life and mysterious transactions of Richard Morris, Esq. Better
known by the name of Dick Spot, the conjuror. Particularly in
Derbyshire and Shropshire. Written by an old acquaintance,
who was a critical observer of all his actions, for near fifty years.
London. Printed for Ann Lemoine. 1798. 47 pp. Plate s.

Old actor. An.

Memoirs of the life of Mr. Booth, containing a true statement of all

the circumstances attending his engagements at the rival theatres,

with a few remarks upon his conduct. London. Keys. [1817.]

27 pp. No. 6 in ♦♦0.3824.13

Old actor, An.

Secrets of the stage; or, playhouse mysteries unveiled. New York.
Fox. [1881.] 69 pp. Portraits. Plates. ♦♦T.75,19

Old and new magic, The. Evans, H. R. 7605.77

Old book collector's miscellany. The.

Actors* remonstrance, The, or complaint: for the silencing of their
profession, and banishment from their severall play-houses. Lon-
don. 1643. [London. 1873.] No. 19 in ♦4555-53.3
Stage-players complaint, The. In a pleasant dialogue. London.
1641. [London. 1873.] No. 14 in ♦4555.52.3
Taylor, J. The trve cavse of the watermen's suit concerning players,
and the reasons that their playing on London side is their
extreame hindrances. With a relation how farre that suit was
proceeded in, and the occasion that it was not effected. [Lon-
don. 1872.] ♦♦T.76.i45;ctc
Old Boston Museum days. Ryan, K. 6257.50; ♦♦T.76.194

Old Croncy, An, pseud.

The life and adventures of John Edwin, comedian. Added, the
whole collection of his songs, oddities, &c. London: Published
by J. Aitkin. 1791. (3), 36, 9-8o pp. ♦^'.58.89

Another copy is on shelf -number ""T. 58.88.


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Old hand* The, psiud.

Of the Italian opera. By the old hand. [London. 1845.] 373-37^
pp. No. 23 in ♦♦0.3832.1

Rdates to the opera season of 1845 at HU Majesty's Theatre, London. Cut
from Fraser's Magazine, September, 1845 CPer. Room •3187.1.38!.

Old lawyer. An, pseud.

Review of the Forrest divorce. Containing some remarkable dis-
closures of the secret doings of the jury. New York. Stringer
& Townsend. 1852. 31 pp. No. 4 in ♦7686.52

Old man. An, of the town, Pseud,

Thhsb original letters to a friend in the country, on the cause and
manner of the late riot at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane.
London. 1 763. ♦♦T.97.325 ; etc.

Old naval officer, An, pseud.

A peep at the theatres! and bird's-eye views of men in the jubilee
year! A novel, satirical, critical, and moral. London. Chappie.
t8i2. 3 V. in I. ♦♦T.87.70

Old playgoer. An, pseud.

Desultory thoughts on the national drama, past and present Lon-
don. Onwh3m. 1850. (5), 62 pp. ♦♦T.96.204

Another copy is on shelf-nomber ••T.46.s<5.
Same. 2d edition. (5), 70 pp. ♦♦T.96.191

Another copy is on shelf-number ••T.76.36.

Old play-goer. The. Robson, W. 4575.18; ♦♦T.76.143

Old Prices Riot. See London. Theatres, Covent Garden theatre. O.
P. (Old Prices) Riot, 1809.

Old showmen. The, and the old London fairs. Frost, T.

2469.15; ♦♦T.97.326; etc.

Old stager, An, pseud.

See also Hodson, James Shirley.

Stage reminiscences. Recollections, chiefly personal, of performers
during the last forty years. Glasgow. Hedderwick. 1866. (4),
236 pp. ♦♦T.58.5

Conttnts, — An escapade with Edmmid Kean. — Braham in America. — GustaTtss
V. Biooke. — The manaprer's duel. — An episode in the early life of Miss Aitken.
— Madame Vcstris. — Two theatres under one roof. — The riyal managers. —
Harry Johnstone. — Charles Mathews' debut. — Andrew Ducrow. — A fete at
Hamilton Palace. — The Glasgow 'Thespian Club." — Destruction of the
Theatre-Royal, Queen-Street. — The late James Aitken. — Glasgow Fair in
the olden time. — Sire and son. — John Henry Alexander.
These articles originally appeared in The Glasgow Weekly Citizen.

Same. 2d edition. 1870. ♦♦T.58.6

Old timer, An, pseud. See Eaton, William O.
Old Westminster, An, pseud.

The Westminster play, its actors and its visitors. [London.] Ginger.

1855. 35 pp. ♦n*.97.265

An account of the pierformance of Terence's Phormio at the Westminster School.

Old woman's gossip. Kemblb, F. A. ♦♦T.15.11

Oldfield, Anne.

AuTHBNTicK memoirs of the life of that celebrated actress Mrs.
Ann Oldfield. Containing a genuine account of her transactions
from her infancy to the time of her decease. London. 1730.

No. II in ♦♦G.3930.13.2
Egerton, W. Faithful memoirs of the life, amours and perform-
ances, of M" Anne Oldfield. With several other dramatical
memoirs. London. 1731. Portrait. ♦♦T.57.221

Oldys, W. Memoirs of Miss Anne Oldfield. London. 1741. Por-
trait. ♦*T.56.3i5; etc


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Oldfield, Anne. (Continued.)

Robins, E. The palmy days of Nance Oldfield. London. 1898.
Portraits. 4545.166; •♦T.55.g3

Theatrical correspondence in death. An epistle from Mrs. Oldfield,

in the shades, to Mrs. Br..ceg.. .rdle, upon earth: containing a

dialog:ue between the most eminent players in the shades, upon

the late stage desertion. London. 1743- **T.57.346; etc.

Oldmixon, John.

Reflections on the stage, and Mr. Collyer's Defence of the Short
view. In four dialogues. [Anon.] London. Printed for R.
Parker. 1699. (14), I94 PP- ♦♦0.3821.7

In favor of the theatre. Collier's Defence of the Short view of the profanenesa
and immorality of the English stage, etc., may be found on shdl-nttmbcrt
••T.77.41; etc. Another copy is on shelf-number No. « in ••G.aSax.S.

Oldsrs, William.

The history of the English stage, from the Restauration to the
present time. Including the lives, characters and amours, of the
most eminent actors. With instructions for public speaking. By
Mr. Thomas Betterton. London: Printed for E. Curll. 1741.
(6), 167 pp. Portraits. ♦♦T.56.314

Wrongly attributed to Thomas Betterton on the title-page. Another copy is
on thelf-number No. s in ••G.3823.11.
Same. The history of the, English stage. Including the lives,
characters and amours of the most eminent actors and actresses.
Revised, with additional notes, by Charles L. Coles. Boston.
Spear. 1814. 148 pp. No. i in 3553.31 ; ♦♦T.55.111

Anotfier copy is on shelf-number No. 1 in ••K.45.19.
Memoirs of Miss Anne Oldfield. [Anon.] London: Printed in the
year 1741. (i), 86 pp. Portrait ♦♦T.56.315

Another copy is on shelf-number No. 6in ••G.38J3.11.

Same. [With notes by Charles L. Coles. Boston. Spear. 1814.]
60 pp. No.2in3553.3i;^^T.55.iia

Another copy is on shelf -number No. a in ••K.45.19,
Oliphant, Margaret Oliphant Wilson.

Sheridan. London. Macmillan & Co. 1883. vi, (i), 210 pp. [Eng-

lish men of letters.] a449a.69;^^T.57.i65

Same. New York. Harper, vi, (i), i99 Pp. 34498.76; ♦♦T.57.166
OUver, D. E.

The English stage. Its origins and modern developments. A critical

and historical study. [2d edition.] London. John Ouseley, Ltd.

[1912.] xiv, (i), 152 pp. 4579-341

Bibliography, pp. 149- 15 a.

Olivier, Jean Jacques.

Les com^diens fran<;ais dans les cours d'Allemagnc au xviiic si^le.
S6rie 1-4. Preface de fimile Faguet. Paris. Societe fran^aise
d'imprimerie et de librairie. 1901-05. 4 v. Portraits. Plates,
some colored. ♦♦T.74.IO

Contents. — x. La cour Electorate palatine, 16 — ?-i778. — Lc retoor de Ltndor
ou le nouvel heureusement Comedie. a. La cour royale de Prusse, 16 — ?-i786.
— Prologue en Thonneur du mariage de Joseph, roi des Romains avec
Wilhelmine Am61ie de Braunaichweig-Liineburg. — Le triomphe des amours 8c
des plaisirs. Ballet royal . . . sur le mariage du roy . . . par le Sr. S6vigny. —
LMmpromptu dee bergcrs de Potsdam. — Prologue h^roique par le Sr. SEvigny.
3. Les cours du Prince Henry de Prusse, du Margrave Fridiric de Bayreuth
et du Margrave Charles-Alexandre d* Ansbach. — Le bouquet. Petit op6ra
comique. 4. La cour du Landgrave Fr6d6ric II de Hesse-Cassel. — Fragments
de la partition de Constance ou rheureusc tiroMt^. Comedie m616e d*ariette«
. . . de M. le Chevalier de Nerciat.
There is a bibliography at -the end of each volume.


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Olivier, Jean Jacques. (Continued.)

Voltaire et les com^diens interpr^tes de son theatre, fitude sur Tart
theatral et les comediens au xviiie siecle. Paris. Soci^te fran<;aise
d'imprimerie et de librairie. 1900. xxxv, 439, (i) pp. Plate.
Bibliographic, pp. 365-371. 4676.33

Olivier, L^on, translator.

Jeux olympiques, Les, 776 av. J.-C. - 1896. Athenes. 1896. 2 parts

in I V. Illus. Plates. *4000.i04

Olympia, oder Darstellung der grossen olympischen Spiele. Krause,

J. H. 3965.35

Olympic games.

CoRNFORD, F. M. The origin of the Olympic games. (In Harrison,

J. E. Themis. Pp. 212-259. Cambridge. 191 2.) 3486.130

EsTRiEs, M. d'. a travers I'figypte et la Grece. Les jeux olympiques

anciens et modernes. Paris. [1897.] 3058.17a

Jeux olympiques, Les, 776 av. J.-C.-1896. Trad, frangaise par Leon

Olivier. Athenes. 1896. 2 parts in i v. Illus. Plates. "^4000.104
Krause, J. H. Olympia, oder Darstellung der grosseff olympischen

Spiele und der damit verbundenen Festlichkeiten, sowie sammt-

licher kleineren Olympien in verschiedenen Staaten. Wien. 1838.


Patterson, J. Pulvis Olympicus. [Paisley. 1896.] 4004.124

West, G. A dissertation on the Olympick games. (In Pindar.
Odes. Vol. 2, pp. 1-275. London. 1753) 2999.21.2; etc.

O'Mom'oy, Richard, pseud. See Saint-Geni^ Richard, Vicomte de.
On the art of the theatre. Craig, E. G. 80693.162

On the stege. Cook, E. D. 2476.67; **T.77.84

On the stage — and off. Jerome, J. K. ♦♦T.58.42;ctc.

On theatrical emancipation. Thackeray, T. J. **T.76.i84

One of the public, pseud.

Major and minor theatres. A concise view of the question, as
regards the public, the patentees, and the profession, with re-
marks on the decline of the drama, and the means of its restora-
tion. Added, the petition now lying for' signature. By one of
the public. London. 1832. ♦*T.76.72;etc.

One who dares to think for himself, pseud.

Reason versus passion; or, an impartial review of the dispute
between the public and the proprietors of Covent Garden Theatre.
London. [1809.] ♦♦T.76.170

O'Neill, Eliza. See Becher, Eliza, Lady.
O'Neill, Francis.

Irish minstrels and musicians. Chicago. The Regan Printing House.
1913- 3-497 PP- Illus. Portraits. Plates. Autograph facsimiles.

Open-air theatres.

Waugh, F. a. Outdoor theatres. The design, construction and
use of open-air auditoriums. Boston. [1917.] Illus. Plates.
Plans. 4098.86


See also Actors; Singers.

Almanacco de' reali teatri S. Carlo e Fondo, del annata teatrale
1834. Napoli, 1835. Portraits. ♦♦M.i09b.45

Baker, H. B. The Italian opera in England. [London. 1877.]



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Opera. (Continued.)

Bertranb, J. 6. G. fitudes d'^conomie th^atrale. Les theatres
lyriques de Paris. [Paris. 1866.] No. 2, 3 in **

BiE, O. Das Theater. Biihnenbilder und Kostume von Karl Walser.
Mit Text von Oskar Bie. Berlin. [1912.] Colored illus. 34
colored plates. **T.7a.i

Blaze, F. H. J. De I'opera en France. Paris. 1820. 2 v. Table.
Music. 8045.15; etc

BoiGNE, C. DE. Petits m^moires de TOpera. Paris. 1857. **M.i39.i

Bosch, M. G. Historia de la opera en Buenos Aires. Origen del
canto i la musica. Las primeras compafiias i los primeros
cantantes. Buenos Aires. 1905. 40490.121

Cambiasi, p. Rappresentazioni date nei reali teatri di Milano 1778-
1872. Opere in musica, nome dei maestri, poeti ed esecutori
principali, balli dati nel R. Teatro alia Scala, nome dei coreografi,
maestri, ballerini, elenco dei professori componenti Torchestra,
elenco degli impresarj. Milano. 1872. No. i in ♦♦M.1234

Cornet, J.* C. Die Oper in Deutschland und das Theater der Neu-
zeit. Aus dem Standpuncte practischer Erfahrung. Hamburg.
1849. ♦♦M.148.17

Democritus, Joseph, pseud., and William Diogenes, pseud. The re-
markable trial of the queen of quavers, [Polly Farmer, pseud.]
and her associates, for sorcery, witchcraft, and enchantment, at
the assizes held in the moon. [London 1777.] ♦♦M.117.9; etc

Desarbres, N. Deux siecles a TOpera (1668-1868). Paris. 1868.

8049.25; **M.ii8.i

Sept ans a TOpera. Souvenirs anecdotiques d*un secretaire

particulier. Paris. 1864. Illus. **M.ii8.2

Ebers, J. Seven years of the King's Theatre. London. 1828. Por-
traits. ♦♦M.I 13.13; etc

Edgcumbe, R., 2d Earl of Mount Edgcutnbe. Musical reminiscences of
an old amateur, chiefly respecting the Italian opera in England
for fifty years, from 1773 to 1823. London. 1827. ♦♦M.i09b.28; etc

Edwards, H. S. Famous first representations. London. 1886.


History of the opera, from its origin in Italy to the present

time. With anecdotes of the most celebrated composers and
vocalists of Europe. London. 1862. 2 v. 8049.19; etc.

The lyrical drama. Essays on subjects, composers & executants

of modern opera. London. 1881. 2 v. 4046.59; ♦♦M. 126.22

Fair enquiry. A, into the state of operas in England. London.

[17—?] ♦♦T.96.177

Fischer, G. Opem und Concerte im Hoftheator zu Hannover bis

1866. Hannover. 1899. Plate. 4045.153

FoNSECA Benevides, F. da. O real theatro de S. Carlos de Lisboa.

Desde a sua fundagao em 1793 ate k actualidade. Estudio his-

torico. [Cisboa. 1883.] Portraits. Plate. Plan. Tables.

Gaudefroy, a. Les premieres au theatre de Lille. 1895-96 — 1896-97.

Lille. 1897. ♦♦T.97.115

Geoffroy, J. L. Cours de litterature dramatique, ou recueil par

ordre de matieres des feuilletons de Geoffroy, precede d'une notice

historique sur sa vie. Paris. 1819, 20. 5 v. ♦♦T4646

Grau, R. Forty years observation of music and the drama. New

York. 1909. Portraits. 4045.172


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Opera. (Continued.)

GRicoiR, fi. G. J. Des gloires de TOpera et la musique a Paris.

Documents recueillis sur TOpera et autres theatres a Paris, et

sur tout ce qui a rapport a Tart musical en cette ville jusqu'i

Tannic 1880. Bruxelles. 1878, 81. 3 v. Portraits. ♦*M.i34.5

Gruneisen, C. L. The opera and the press. London. 1869.

No. 3 in ♦♦M.125.8
GuRA, E. Erinnerungen aus meinem Leben. Leipzig. 1905. Por-
trait. Plates. ♦♦M.ia7.5i
HotiLTON, R. A review of the musical drama of the Theatre Royal,
Drury Lane, for the years 1797-98-99 & 1800. Addressed to the
proprietors of the theatre. London. 1801.

No. 4 in **M.i34,io; etc.
Italian opera. The, in London. The Queen's Theatre. [London.
1851.] No. 24 in ♦*G.38aa.i

JuLLiEN, J^ L. A. La cour et Topera sous Louis xvi. Marie Antoi-
nette et Sacchini, Salieri, Favart et Gluck. Paris. 1878.

4676.5a ;**M.ia7.39

L'op^ra secret au xviiic siecle. 1 770-1 790. Aventures et in-
trigues secretes racontees d'apres les papiers in^dits conserves
aux archives de I'fitat et de I'Opera. Paris. 1880.

4674,60; ♦♦M.i45.a9

Kelly, M. Reminiscences of Michael Kelly, of the King's Theatre,

and Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, including a period of nearly

half a century; with original anecdotes of many distinguished

persons, political, literary, and musical. London. 1826. 2 v.

La J ARTE, T. E. Du F. DE. Curiosit^s de TOp^ra. Paris. 1883. Fac-
similes. **
Lasalle, a. de. Memorial du Theatre-Iyrique. Catalogue raisonne
des cent quatrevingt deux operas qui y ont 6te represent^s depuis
sa fondation jusqu'a Tincendie de la salle de la Place du Chatelet,
avec des notes biographiques et bibliographiques. Paris. 1877.

No. 2 in ♦♦M.145.18

Les treize salles de TOp^ra. Paris. 1875. 6664.51 ; **M.i39.ia

Lehmann, L Mein Weg. Leipzig. 1913. Portraits. Plates. 4043.125
< Same. My path through life. Translated by Alice Benedict

Seligman. New York. 1914. Portraits. Plates. 4043.ia7

Lyden, £. F. M. DE. Le theatre d'autrefois et d'aujourd'hui. Can-
tatrices et comediens. 1 532-1882. Paris. 1882. ♦*M.ia7.a9

Malliot, a. L La musique au theatre. Paris. 1863. Tables.

♦*M.i 29.20

Marcello, B. Le theatre a la mode au xviiie siecle. (II teatro alia
moda.) Paris. 1890. No. 5 in ♦*M.i39.aa

Old hand. The, pseud. Of the Italian opera. By the old hand.
[London. 1845.] No. 23 in ♦♦G.38aa.i

Opera Box, The. [Programmes, plots and criticisms of operas pro-
duced at Her Majesty's theatre. London.] 1849-51. 218 nos. in
3 V. **M4i9.28

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musical franQois. Paris. 1840. ♦♦M.433.17

Paroisse-Pougin, F. A. A. Un directeur d*op6ra au dix-huiti^me
siecle [Jacques Devismes]. L'Op^ra sous Tancien regime: I'Op^ra
sous la Revolution. Paris. 1914. 4048.264

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Opera. (Continued.)

Philofiddle, psettd. A letter from Philofiddle [pseud.] to the public,

on the management of the Opera. London. 1805. ♦♦T.96U361
PoNTicouLANT, L. A. Le D., Contte de, and fi. Fournier. La musique

chez le peuple, ou TOpera-national, son passe et son avenir sur

le Boulevard du Temple. Paris. 1847. No. 4 in **M.i47.3.i

PossART, E., Ritter von. Die Separat-Vorstellungen vor Konig Ludwig

n. Erinnerungen. Munchen. 1901. **T.77.a2i

Rattler, Morgan, pseud. The German opera. [London. 1842.]

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