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Sesrmour, John.

Memoirs of the life of Eleanor Gwinn, a celebrated courtezan, in the
reign of King Charles 11., and mistress of that monarch. [Anon.]
London: Printed for F. Stamper. 1652. No. 6 in ♦♦0.3823.31

Shadow pantomimes.

BEStTRAND, v., effendi. Les silhouettes anim^es k la main. Paris.
1892. Illus. 4003.73

Chase, E. F. Ballads in black. A series of original shadow panto-
mimes, with forty-eight full-page silhouette illustrations and
full (tirections for producing shadow pictures with novel effects.
Boston. 1882. 40oga.75; ♦♦T.99.60

Denier, T. The great secret of shadow pantomimes; or, harlequin
in the shades. How to get them up and how to act them. New
York. [1868.] Illus. No. 3 in ♦4504.64

Feu le Theatre de S6raphin depuis son origine jusqu'i sa disparition.
1776-1870. Paris. 1872. ♦♦T.96.145

Frost, S. A. The book of tableaux and shadow pantomimes. New
York. [1869.] 40098.260

Jacx)b, G. Das Schattentheater, in seiner Wanderung vom Morgen-
land zum Abendland. Vortrag. Berlin. 1901. Plate. 4001.79

Same. Geschichte des Schattentheaters. Erweiterte Neubear-

beitung des Vortrags Das Schattentheater in seiner Wanderung
vom Morgenland zum Abendland. Berlin. 1967. 4009.361

Kahle, p. E. Zur Geschichte des arabischen Schattentheaters in
Egypten. Leipzig. 1909. 6252.113

Kern, F. Das egyptische Schattentheater. (In Horovitz, J. Spuren
griechischer Mimen im Orient. Pp. 98-104. Berlin. 1905.)


Patterson, A. Shadow entertainments and how to work them, being
something about shadows, and the way to make them profitable
and funny. London. [1895?] Illus. Diagrams. 8009.49

Riviere, H. L. La tentation de Saint- Antoine : faerie a grand
spectacle en 2 actes et 40 tableaux, representee pour la premiere
fois sur le Theatre du chat noir le 28 d^cembre. Paris. [1887?!
Colored plates. 4043.1x5

Thalasso, a. Moli^re en Turquie. £tude sur le theatre de Karagueuz.
Paris. 1888. ♦n^.56.58

Shadow pantomimes. Bibliography.

Jacob, G. Bibliographic fiber das Schattentheater. Erlangen. 1902.


Die wichtigsten alteren Nachrichten fiber das arabische Schat-

tenspiel. Schattenspiel-Bibliographie. (In Littmann, E. Arabische
Schattenspiele. Pp. 69-83. Berlin. 1901.) 400347

Shadows of the stage. Winter, W. 2409.130; ♦♦T.49.8; etc.


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Shakespear's-Head, Covent-Garden, London.

Ghost of Shakespeare, pseud. Memoirs of the Shakespear's-Head,

in Covent-Garden: in which are introduced many entertaining

adventures, and several remarkable characters. London. 1755.

2 V. ••G.3934^

Shakespeare, William.

The complete works of Shakespeare. Illustrated with steel engrav-
ings, chiefly portraits in character of celebrated American actors,
drawn from life, expressly for this edition. New York. Johnson
& Co. [1856.] 3 V. Portraits. Plates. *459X4

Shaketpeare, William. Works about.

Only such general works on Shakespeare as bear upon the stage of
his day have been included in this list. These will be found under
the heading Elizabethan theatre. For special biographical and
critical studies of Shakespeare the catalogue of the Barton Li-
brary should be consulted.
Shakespeare, William. As an actor.

Bruce, J. Who was "Will, my lord of Leycester's jesting player?"
(In Shakespeare Society, London. Papers. Vol. i, pp. 88-95.
London. 1844.) *4596.ii.i;etc.

Fleav, F. G. a chronicle history of the life and work of William
Shakespeare, player, poet, and play maker. London. 1886. Por-
trait. Plate. 3590.X9; **T.55.i3i
Shakespeare, William. Celebrations.

Concise account. An, of Garrick's Jubilee held at Stratford-upon-
Avon, in honour of Shakspeare, in 1769. And of the commemora-
tive festivals in 1827 and 1830. Stratford-upon-Avon. 1830.

No. 4 in ♦♦0.3943.3

Drama League, The, of America. Shakespeare festival in honor of
the poet's birthday. April 23, 1912, Lincoln Park, Chicago. Chi-
cago. [1912.I Plans. 8076.334

Hunter. R. E. Shakespeare and Stratford-upon-Avon, comprising
the salient facts and traditions connected with the poet and his
birthplace ; together with a full reqord of the Tercentenary cele-
bration. London. 1864. Plates. Plan. ♦♦ ; etc.
Shakespeare, William. Fiction relating to him.

A Beckett, A. W. William Shakespeare behind the scenes of the
Globe Theatre. From a rare M.S. London. 1864. ♦♦T.96.a68

Chancellor, L. B. The players of London: a tale of an Elizabethan
smart set. New York. [1909.] Plates. *4574*i95

Shakespeare, William. Illustrations. See Theatrical illustrations.
Shake^eare, William. Memorials.

HiFFERNAN, P. Dramatic genius [containing a plan for erecting a
temple as a memorial to Shakespeare]. London. 1770.


Wilson, W. A house for Shakspere. A proposition for the con-
sideration of the nation. London. 1848. ♦♦T.96.i885etc.

Same. The second and concluding paper, containing a review

of the reception of the first, and a few digressions. London.
[1849] ♦♦T.96.i87;etc

Shakespeare, William. Representations of his plays.

See also Theatrical illustrations.

Brereton, a. Shakespearean scenes and characters: with descriptive
notes on the plays, and the principal Shakespearean players, from
Betterton to Irving. London. 1886. Portrait. Plates. ♦♦G.61.7


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Shakespeare, William. Representatums of his plays, (Continued.)

Some famous Hamlets from Burbage to Fechter. With an

appendix giving extracts from the criticisms on Hamlet. Lon-
don. 1^4. 66oob.ii ; ♦•T.97.96

Caine, T. H. H. Richard iii and Macbeth: the spirit of romantic
play in relationship to the principles of Greek and of Gothic art,
and to the picturesque interpretations of Henry Irving: a dramatic
study. London. 1877. 45^ii;**T.97.95

CoHN, A. Shakespeare in Germany in the sixteenth and seventeenth
centuries: an account of English actors in Germany and the
Netherlands and of the plays performed by them during the same
period. London. 1865. *459X*3

CotE, J. A critique on the performance of Othello by F. W. Keene
Aldridge, the African Roscius. Scarborough. 1831.

No. 3 in ♦♦G.3924.17

Critical examination, A, of the respective performances of Mr.
Kean & Mr. Macready, in Gibber's alteration of Shakespeare's
historical play of King Richard the Third. London. 1819.

♦•0.3937.33; etc.

• Daly, C. P. Letter to James Henry Hackett [regarding his Notes

and comments upon certain plays and actors of Shakespeare].

X February 24, 1863. [Copy.] ♦♦G.3930-8

Essay, An, on acting: in which will be considered the mimical be-
haviour of a certain fashionable faulty actor [David Garrick];
to which will be added a short criticism on his acting Macbeth.
London. 1744. ♦♦

Fbchter in Hamlet and Othello. [Edinburgh. 1861.]

No. 2 in ♦♦0.3940.13

Fitzgerald, P. H. Shakespearean representation: its laws and limits.
London. 1908. 4593*338

FooTE, S. A treatise on the passions, so far as they regard the stage ;

with a critical enquiry into the theatrical merit of Mr. G ^k,

Mr. Q n, and Mr. B y. The first considered in the part of

Lear, the two last opposed in Othello. London. [1747.]


Frost, J. B. The greatest Hamlet, an appreciative review of
Hamlet as presented by John £. Kellerd. Atlanta. [1915.] Illus.
Portraits. Plates. *4590.ia5

Hackett, J. H. Notes and comments upon certain plays and actors
of Shakespeare, with criticisms and correspondence. New York.
1863. Portrait. ♦♦T.S7.178; etc.

HoRNB, R. H., editor. Was Hamlet mad? Being a series of critiques
on the acting of the late Walter Montgomery: written in Mel-
bourne in 1867, by Archibald Michie, J. E. Neild, R. H. Horne
[etc.]. Edited by R, H. Horne. London. [1871.] 4598.105

Jenkin, H. C. F. Mrs. Siddons as Lady Macbeth and as Queen
Katharine. With an introduction by Brander Matthews. New
York. 19x5. ♦♦T46.61.3

Jones, H. A. Municipal and repertory theatres: a lecture [com-
paring the production of Shakespeare's plays in England and in
Germany] delivered to the Sheffield Playgoers* Society. London.
1913. ♦♦T.76.186

JussERAND, J. A. A. J. Shakespeare in France under the ancien
regime. London. 1899. Portraits. Plates. ♦♦T.55.80; etc


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Shakespeare, William. Representations of his plays. (Continued.)

Kemble & Cooke: or, a critical review of a pamphlet published
under the title of Remarks on the character of Richard the Third,
as played by Cooke & Kemble. With other critical remarks on
the performances of these two gentlemen. London. [1801.]

♦♦T.96.3X3; etc.

Letter, A, to Miss Nossiter. Occasioned by her first appearance
on the stage: in which is contained remarks upon her manner of
playing the character of Juliet. With theatrical observations.
London. 1753- ♦♦*T.97.59;ctc.

London. Theatres. His Majesty's theatre. King John souvenir.
Shakespeare's historical drama, King John, produced at Her
Majesty's theatre by Herbert Beerbohm Tree, on the 20th of
September, 1899. [London. 1899.] 18 photographs. ♦♦0.70.23

London. Theatres. Lyceum theatre. Souvenir of King Henry the
Eighth, presented at the Lyceum Theatre, 5th January, 1892, by
Henry Irving. Illustrated by J. Bernard Partridge. London.
1892. (is) plates. 4599ft*i09;**T.58.i5i

Souvenir of Macbeth produced at the Lyceum Theatre, by

Henry Irving, 29th December, 1888. Illustrated by Charles Catter-
mole & J. Bernard Partridge. London. 1888. lUus. Plates.

65g4^6; ♦♦T.58.I49

Martin, H. Remarks on Mr. John Kemble's performance of Hamlet
and Richard the Third. London. 1802. ♦•T.96.3i4;etc

Mason, E. T. The Othello of Tommaso Salvini. With portraits
by Robert Frederick Blum. New York. 1890. ♦♦T.57.45;etc.

Matthews, J. B. Shaksperian stage traditions. (In Matthews. J.
B., and A. H. Thomdike, editors. Shaksperian studies. Pp. 1-27.
New. York. 1916.) 4596.159

Merschberger, , Dr. Die Anfange Shakespeares auf der Ham-
burger Buhne. [Hamburg. 1890.] 45908.123

Mr. Fechter's Othello. [London. 1861.] No. 7in**G.3940.i3;ctc.

Nicholson, B. Kemp and the play of Hamlet — Yorick and Tarlton
— a short chapter in dramatic history. (In New Shakspere So-
ciety. [Publications.] Series i. Transactions. No. 8. 1880-6.
Part I., pp. 57-66. London. 1881.) *6552.xo.x88o-i886.i ;etc.

Observations on Mr. Kemble in the characters of Cato, Wolsey. and
Coriolanus. London. 1817. No. 5 in ♦♦0.3824.3; etc.

Odell, G. C. D. *A midsummer night's dream* on the New York
stage. (In Matthews, J. B., and A. H. Thorndike, editors. Shak-
sperian studies. Pp. 1 17-162. New York. 1916.) 4596.159

Ottley, H. Fechter's version of Othello critically analyzed, pre-
fatory observatidns on the stage, the audience, and the critics.
London. 1861. No. 4 in ♦♦O.3940.13

* Pelletier, M. C. The winter's tale. As performed by the Saturday
Morning Club. (In Bostonian, The. VoL 2, pp. 1-16. Plates.
Boston. 1895.) *530i45-a

Phelps, H. P. The stage history of famous plays. Hamlet from
the actors* standpoint. Its representatives, and a comparison of
their performances. New York. 1890. Portraits. 4597.116; ♦♦T.5741

PiLON, F. An essay on the character of Hamlet. As performed by
Mr. Henderson, at the Theatre Royal in the Hay-Market. Lon-
don. [ 1777] No. 4 in ♦♦G.3937.11

PiTTARD, J. Observations on Mr. Garrick's acting [of King Lear];
in a letter to the Right Hon. the Earl of Chesterfield. London.
1758. ♦♦T.97.ii9;etc.


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Shakespeare, William. Representations of kis plays. (Continued.)

PossART, E., Rdtter von. Welches System der Scenerie ist am besten
geeignet fur die Darstellung verwandlungsreicher, klassischer
Dramen, insbesondere der Shakespeare'schen? Festvortrag.
Munchen. 1901. ♦♦T.77.aa4

Remarks on the character of Richard the Third; as played by Cooke
and Kemble. London. 1801. ♦♦T.96.314; etc.

Ripley, P. Stage spectacles. [New York. 1868.]

No. 15 in ♦♦0.3832.3

Robson, S., and W. H. Crane. Shakespeare's Comedy of errors.
Produced by Robson and Crane. Arranged for the stage and
illustrated by Alfred Thompson. [Prospectus. Detroit. 1885.]
Illus. Plates. ♦♦T.g4.a4

Russell, Sir E. R. Irving as Hamlet. London. 1875. ♦♦0.76.3.

ScHARF, Sir G. Recollections of the scenic effects of Covent Garden
Theatre during the season 1838-9. London. 1839. (39) plates.


ScHiNK, J. F. Ueber Broc)cmann's Hamlet. Berlin. 1778.


Scott, C. W. Some notable Hamlets of the present time. London.
1900. Portraits. 4549a.i9i

Shakespearean actors. [Scrap-book. 18 — ?] 2 v. ♦♦G.3930.13

Shakspeare travestied. [Dublin. 1862.] No. 3 in ♦♦G.3940.13

Short criticism, A, on the performance of Hamlet by Mr. [John
Philip] Kemble. London. 1789. No. 5 in ♦♦G.3937.11

TiECK, J. L. Dramaturgische Blatter. Nebst einem Anhange nach
ungedruckter Aufsatze iiber das deutsche Theater und Berichten
tiber die englische Biihne geschrieben auf einer Reise im Jahre
181 7. Breslau. 1826-1852. 3 v. 2908.3

Timothy, pseud. The first play of the season. [Charles Mayne
Young in Hamlet. Edinburgh. 1828.] No. i6in ♦♦G.3937.11

ViNCKE, C. F. G., Freiherr von. Gesammelte Aufsatze zur Biihnen-
geschichte. Hamburg. 1893. 6892.48

Weilen, a. W., Ritter von. Hamlet auf der deutschen Biihne bis zur
Gegenwart. Berlin. 1908. 4593.30a

WiLMOT, . A retrospective glance at Mr. Fechter's lago, and

acting edition of Othello. London. 1862. No. 5 in ♦♦G.3940.13

Winds, A. Hamlet auf der deutschen Biihne bis zur Gegenwart.
Berlin. 1909. 6907.22

WiNGATE, C. E. L Shakespeare's heroes on the stage. New York.
1896. Portraits. 4596.135; ♦♦T.47.90

Shakespeare's heroines on the stage. New York. [1895.]

Portraits. 4595-134; •♦T.47.89

Winter, W. Shakespeare on the stage. New York. 191 1. Por-
traits. 4597-165; ♦♦T.56.57
Shakespeare, William. Shakespeare's company of actors.

Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O. The visits of Shakespeare's company
of actors to the provincial cities and towns of England, illus-
trated by extracts gathered from corporate records. Brighton.

1887. ♦♦G.74.a9

Nicholson, B. Kemp and the play of Hamlet — Yorick and Tarlton
— a short chapter in dramatic history. (In New Shakspere So-
ciety. Transactions. No. 8. 1880-6. Part i, pp. 57-^. London.
1881.) ♦6552.10.1880-86.1 ; etc.

Shakespeare, William. Theatre of his time. See Elizabethan theatre.


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Shakspeare and his contemporaries. Tegg, W. a597-3S; **T.57.a73

Shakspeare, and his latest stage interpreters. [London. 1861.] 772-
786 pp. No. I in ♦♦0.3940.13

Relates chiefly to Charles Albert Fechter. Cut from Fraser's Mmsaxine. De-
cember, 1861 [Periodical Room •3187. 1.64]. •

Shakspere gallery of engravings. See Tallis's Shakspere gallery of

Shakespeare in Germany.

CoHN. A. Shakespeare in Germany in the sixteenth and seventeenth
centuries: an account of English actors in Germany and the
Netherlands. London. 1865. ^459X-3

Merschberger, , Dr. Die Anfange Shakespeares auf der Ham-
burger Btihne. [Hamburg. 1890.] 459oa.i23

Weilen, a. W., Fitter von. Hamlet auf der. deutschen Btihne bis ztir
Gegenwart. Berlin. 1908. 4593.203

Winds, A. Hamlet auf der deutschen Btihne bis zur Gegenwart
Berlin. 1909. 6907.22

Shakespeare in Italy.

MoRLEy, L. C. C. Shakespeare in Italy. Stratford-upon-Avon. 1916.
Portraits. Plate. 459B.58

Shakespeare in Russia.

LiRONDELLE, A. Shakespeare en Russie, 1748-1840. Paris. 1912.

Shakespeare on the stage. Winter, W. 4597.165; ♦♦T.56.57

Shakespeare revival, The. Buckley, R. R. 4598.50

Shakespeare Society, London. Publications.

Alleyn, E. The Alleyn papers. A collection of orig^inal documents
illustrative of the life and times of Edward Alleyn, and of the
early English stage and drama. London. 1843. 4596.53; etc.

Armin, R. Fools and jesters; with a reprint of Robert Armin's Nest
of ninnies. 1608. London. 1842. 4596.67; etc.

Collier, J. P. Memoirs of Edward Alleyn, founder of Dulwich
College: including some new particulars respecting Shakespeare,
Ben Jonson, Massinger, &c. London. 1841. **T.55.77;ctc.

Memoirs of the principal actors in the plays of Shakespeare.

London. 1846. **T.55.i3o; etc.

Cunningham, P., editor. Extracts from the accounts of the Revels
at court, in the reigns of Queen Elizabeth and King James I.
London. 1842. 4596.56; etc*^

GossoN, S. The school of abuse, containing a pleasant invective
against poets, pipers, players, jesters, &c. London. 1841.

3575.8; etc.

Henslowe, p. The diary of Philip Henslowe, from 1591 to 1609.
Printed from the original manuscript preserved at Dulwich Col-
lege. London. 1845. 4596.46; etc.

Heyvvood, T. An apology for actors. In three books. From the
edition of 1612, compared with that of W. Cartwrigrht. London.
1841 4575x7; etc.

Lodge, T. A defence of poetry, music, and stage plays. London.
1853. No. 2 in ^4596.20; etc.

NoRTHBRooKE, J. A treatise against dicing, dancing, plays, and inter-
ludes. With other idle pastimes. From the earliest edition,
about A.D. 1577. London. 1843. 4596.62; ♦♦T.96.14; etc.

Tarlton, R. Tarlton's jests; with notes, and some account of the
life of Tarlton. By J. O. Halliwell. London. 1844. 4596.57; etc.


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Shakspeare travestied. [Dublin. 1862.] 170-182 pp.

On Fechter's Othello. No. 3 in **G.3940.I3

Shakespeare's environment. Stopes, C. C. 4595.141

Shakespeare's theater. Thorndike, A. H. 6595.30; etc.

Shakespearean actors. See Elizabethan theatre; Shakespeare, William.
Representations of his plays.

Shakespearean playhouses. Adams, J. Q., /r. 4594.156

Shakespearean stage. See Elixabethan theatre.

Shak^erian stage traditions. Matthews, J. B. 4596.159

Sharp, Thomas.

A dissertation on the pageants or dramatic mysteries anciently per-
formed at Coventry, by the trading companies of that city; chiefly
with reference to the vehicle, characters, and dresses of the actors.
Added, the Pageant of the Shearmen &. Taylors' Company, and
other municipal entertainments of a public nature. Coventry.
Merridew. 1825. (5), 226, (4) pp. Plates. Music. ♦♦T42.3

Another copy, on large paper, is on shelf-number **G.3830.2.

Shaw, Bernard. See Shaw, George Bernard.
Shaw, E3rre Massey.

Fires in theatres. 2d edition. London. Spon. 1889. xx, 86 pp.

Shaw, George Bernard.

Love among the artists. Chicago. Stone & Co. 1900. viii, 3-443»
(i) pp. ♦♦T.87.IO

A novel of stage life.
Shaw, Robert Gould.

Club of Odd Volumes, Boston. Exhibition of prints and playbills to

illustrate the history of the Boston stage (1825 to 1850), from

the collection of Robert Gould Shaw. May 3 to May 8, 19 15.

[Boston. 1915] ♦•Q.I7.3I

Shea, George E.

Acting in opera: its A-B-C. With descriptive examples, practical
hints, and numerous illustrations. New York. Schirmer. [1915.]
xiii, 90 pp. Plates. 4049a.a86

Sheffield, England. Theatres.

Theatrical Examiner. The, for Sheffield. [Weekly.] Vol. i. Oct.
28, 1824- Jan. 24, 1825. Sheffield. 1825. 16, 80 pp. ♦♦T.a7.a4;etc.
Sheffield Playgoers' Society.

Jones, H. A. Municipal and repertory theatres: a lecture deliverecf
to the Sheffield Playgoers* Society. London. 1913. ♦♦T.76.186
Sheridan, Richard Brinsley Butler.

Verses to the memory of Garrick. Spoken as a monody, at the
Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane. London: Published by T. Evans.
1779. 15 PP- No. 2 in ♦♦G.38ao.ii

Same. 2d edition. Plate. ♦♦T.94^

Same. The tears of genius. A monody. On the death of Mr. Gar-
rick. Dublin: Printed for C. Jackson by J. Byrn. 1780. 14 pp.

Sheridan, Richard Brinsley Butler. Works about.

Earle, W. Sheridan and his times. London. 1859. 2 v. Portrait.

4549.39; **T.57.a9

Fitzgerald, P. H. The lives of the Sheridans. London. 1886. 2 v.

Portraits. 4550.67 ; ♦♦T.56.a33

Same. The Sheridans. London. [190-?] 2 v. Portraits.

Plates. ♦2545.251


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Sheridan, Richard Brinsley Butler. Works about. (Continued.)

Heroic epistle, An, from cunning little Isaac to the modern Con-

greve. London. 1781. No. 2 in ♦♦G.aSao.g

MooRE, T. Memoirs of the life of Richard Brinsley Sheridan.

Philadelphia. 1825. 6542^ ; ^K.33.7

Same. 5th edition. London. 1827. 2 v. Portrait.

Oliphant, M. O. W. Sheridan. London. 1883.

34493.69; ♦*T.57.i65; etc.

Rae, W. F. Sheridan. A biography. With an introduction by

Sheridan's great-grandson the Marquess of Dufferin and Ava.

London. 1896. 2 v. Portraits. Plates. ♦*T.56.53;etc.

Sanders, L. C. Life of Richard Brinsley Sheridan. London. [1890.]

Sheridaniana; or, anecdotes of the life of Richard Brinsley Sheridan;
his table-talk, and bon mots. London. 1826. Portrait.

4549.26; **T.57.a38

SiCHEL, W. S. Sheridan. From new and original material, including
a manuscript diary by Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire. Lon-
don. 1909. 2 V. Portraits. Plates. 2544.193

Theatrical monopoly: being an address to the public on the present
alarming coalition of the managers of the winter theatres. Lon-
don. 1779. Portrait. No. 4 in **G.38a4.i4; etc
Sheridan, Thomas.

The buskin and sock; being controversial letters between Mr. Thomas
Sheridan, tragedian, and Mr. Theophilus Cibber, comedian, just
published in Dublin. Dublin printed: London reprinted for Jacob
Robinson. 1743. (i), 56 pp. No. i in **G.3833.i6

A full Vindication of the conduct of the manager of the Theatre-Royal.
Written by himself. Dublin: Printed by S. Powell. 1747. 19 pp.


An humble appeal to the public, together with some considerations

on the present critical and dangerous state of the stage in Ireland.

Dublin: Printed. London: Re-printed for W. Faden. 1758.

No. 6 in ♦♦G.3823.16
Relates particularly to the Smock Alley Theatre of which Sheridan was manager.

A state of the case in regard to the point in dispute between Mr.

Mosse and Mr. Sheridan. [Anon.] Dublin: Printed in the year,

^ 1750. 26, xix pp. No. 4 in ♦♦0.3823.16

Same. 2d edition. **T.57,436

A vindication of the conduct of the late manager of the Theatre-Royal

humbly address'd to the publick. Dublin: Printed in the year,

1754. 23 pp. **T.77^

Sheridan, Thomas. Works about.

B N, B T. The stage: or coronation of King Tom.

A satyr. Dublin. 1753. No. 8 in ♦♦G.3824.17

Case. The, of the stage in Ireland; containing the reasons for and
against a bill for limiting the number of theatres in Dublin;
wherein the qualifications of a manager are considered and the
conduct and abilities of the manager of the Theatre in Smock-
Alley [Thomas Sheridan] are examined. Dublin. 1758.

Dublin in an uproar: or, the ladies robb'd of their pleasure. Being
a full and impartial relation of the remarkable tumult that lately
happened at the Dublin theatre. Dublin. [1747.]

No. 2 in ♦♦0.3823.16

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Sheridan, Thomas. Works about. (Continued.)

Lee, J. A letter from Mr. Lee to Mr. Sheridan. Dublin. 1757.

No. 2 in ♦♦G.3824.1
Sheridan family.

Fitzgerald, P. H. The lives of the Sheridans. London. 1886. 2 v.
Portraits. 4550.67; ♦♦T.56.a33

Same. The Sheridans. London. [190-?] 2 v. Portraits.

Plates. *a545.35i

Sheridaniana; or, anecdotes of the life of Richard Brinsley Sheridan;

his table-talk, and bon mots. London. Colburn. 1826. xi, 334

pp. Portrait. Autograph facsimile. 4549.a6; ^^

Sherwood, Mary Neal, translator.

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