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[1852. J Portrait. ♦♦T.57.366

Stapleaux, Leopold Louis Lambert.

Les courtisanes du Second Empire. [Anon.] Partie 3: Les actrices.
S^rie I. 2e Edition. Bruxelles. Office de publicite. 1871. 122,
(i) pp. •♦T.96.5

Star, The. [Play bills.] See Boston. Theatres. Howard Athen.eum.

Star, A, for a night. Janis, E. ♦♦T.87.100

Stars of the opera. Wagnalls, M. ♦4049a.346

Stars of the photoplay. Chicago. Photoplay Magazine. 1916. (5) pp.

Portraits. 8061.253

Over 100 art portraits of famous film favorites with short biographical sketches.
The running title is Photoplay Magazine's Popular players.

Stars of the stage.

Browne, E. A. W. S. Gilbert. London. 1007. Portraits. Plates.


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Stars of the stage. (Continued.)

Cran, Mrs. G. Herbert Beerbohm Tree. London. 1907. Portraits.
Plate. 4549a.i97

Marshall, C. Ellen Terry. London. 1907. Portraits. Plates.

State of the British stage. [London. 1834.] 151-168 pp.

No. 23 in ♦♦0.3822.3

Cut from the Westminster Review, January, 1834 [Periodical Room •3146. 1.1834 J.

State, The, of the case, between the Lord Chamberlain of His Majesty's
houshold, and Sir Richard Steele, as represented by that knight.
Restated, in vindication of King George, and the most noble the
Duke of Newcastle. With a true copy of King Charles's patent,
to Sir William Davenant, for erecting a play-house, &c. London,
Printed and soldby John Applebee. 1720. (4), 35 pp. ♦♦T.(>7.34i
This is an answer to Sir Richard Steele's State of the case between the Lord-
Chamberlain and the Governor of the Royal Company of Comedians, in which
Steele protests against the withdrawal of the Drury Lane patent by the Duke
of Newcastle.

Same. (In Theatre, The. Pp. 468-509. London. 1791.) ♦♦T.a6.23
Another copy is on ihelf*number ••G. 3824.7.
State, A, of the case in regard to the point in dispute between Mr.

Mosse and Mr. Sheridan. [Anon.] See Sheridaji, Thomas.
Statistischer Riickblick auf die Koniglichen Theater zu Berlin, Han-
nover, Kassel und Wiesbaden fiir das Jahr 1895. Berlin. Mittler.
1896. 48 pp. ♦♦T.g4.i6

Statuettes parisiennes. Diguet, C. **T.57.334

Stebbins, Emma, editor.

CusHMAN, C. S. Charlotte Cushman: her letters and memories of
her life. Boston. 1878. Portrait. 4345-53; **T.56.a8o

Stebbins, Genevieve.

Delsarte system of dramatic expression. New York. Werner. 1886.
Illus. 359i>6o

Same. 2d edition. 1887. 359Z-75

Stebbins, Oliver B.

A famous Boston amateur dramatic club [the Aurora Club]. (In
Bostonian, The. Vol. 2, pp. 131-140. Facsimiles. Boston. 1895.)


The oldest theatre now in Boston. (In Bostonian, The. Vol. i, pp.

1 13-130. Illus. Portraits. Plates. Boston. 1894.) *530i.45.i

Relates to the Boston Museum. Reprinted from Boston sights and strangers*

guide, 1856.

Steele, Elizabeth.

The memoirs of Mrs. Sophia Baddeley. A new edition. London:

Printed for the author. 1787. 6 v. ♦♦T.58.1

Same. Dublin: Printed for Messrs. Colles. 3 v. ♦♦T.58^

Steele, Sir Richard.

The state of the case between the Lord-Chamberlain of His Majesty's

houshold, and the Governor of the Royal Company of Comedians.

With the opinions of Pemberton, Northey, and Parker, concerning

the theatre. London: Printed for W. Chetwood. 1720. 30 pp.

Portrait. No. 2 in •♦G.sSaa.g

A protest against the withdrawal of the Drury Lane patent by the Lord
Chamberlain, the Duke of Newcastle. Steele was Governor of the Royal Com-
pany of Comedians.
Same. (In Theatre, The. Pp. 447-467. London. 1791.) ♦♦T.a6^3
Another copy is on thelf-number ••0.3824.7.


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Steele, Sir Richard, editor.

Theatre. The, by Sir Richard Steele. [No. 1-28. Jan. 2 -Apr. 5,
1720.] Added, the Anti-theatre [by Sir John Falstaffe, pseud.
No. 1-15. Feb. 15 -Apr. 4, 1720]; the character of Sir John Edgar
[pseud, of Sir Richard Steele] ; Steele's case with the Lord
Chamberlain; the crisis of property, with the sequel, Two
Pasquins, &c. London. 1791. Portrait. ♦♦T.a6.a3; etc.

Steele, Sir Richard. IVorks about.

Baldassari, B. a letter from Sig. Benedetto Baldassari of the Hay-
Market, to Sir R d S e of Drury-Lane. London. 1720.

No. 2 in ♦♦0.3823.18

Battle, The, of the authors lately fought in Covent-Garden, between
Sir John Edgar [pseud, of Sir Richard Steele], generalissimo on
one side, and Horatius Truewit, on the other, London. 1720.

No. 4 in ♦♦0.3823.18

Dennis, J. The characters and conduct of Sir John Edgar [pseud,
of Sir Richard Steele], call'd by himself sole monarch of the
stage in Drury-Lane; and his three deputy-governors, in two
letters to Sir John Edgar. London. 1720. ♦♦T.77.107 ; etc.

Forster, J. Sir Richard Steele. (In his Historical and biographical
essays. Vol. 2, pp. 105-207. London. 1858.) 45198.17; etc.

Rag, Timothy, pseud. An answer to a whimsical pamphlet, call'd The
character of Sir John Edgar, &c. Humbly inscribed to Sir Tre-
mendous Longinus. Written by Sir John Edgar's baker. Lojidon.
1720. No. 10 in ♦♦0.3821.11

State, The, of the case, between the Lord Chamberlain of His
Majesty's houshold, and Sir Richard Steele, as represented by
that knight. Restated, in vindication of King George, and the
most noble the Duke of Newcastle. With a true copy of King
Charles's patent, to Sir William Davenant, for erecting a play-
house, &c. London. 1720. ♦♦T.97.341 ; etc.
Steevens, George, editor.

Malone, E. An historical account of the rise and progress of the

English stage, and of the economy and usages of our ancient

theatres. [With additions by G. Steevens.] (In Shakespeare,

William. Plays. Vol. 3. Basil, m.dcc.ic.) 6602.18; etc.

Stegmann, Carl David.

Mentzel, E. Karl David Stegmann. Aus dem Leben eines Biihnen-
kiinstlers des 18. Jahrhunderts. (In Archiv fiir Theatergeschichte.
Vol. I, pp. 129-159. Berlin. 1904,) 6907.12.1

Stein, Philipp.

Deutsche Schauspieler. [Teil] i, 2. Berlin. 1907, 08. 2 v. Por-
traits. [Gesellschaft fiir Theatergeschichte.] ♦6907.19
Contents. — i. Das achtzehnte Jahrhundert. Eine Bildnissammlung. a. Da«
ncunzehnte Jahrhundert. Kine Bildnissammlung.
A collection of portraits with short biographies.

Stephens, Robert Neilson.

A gentleman player. His adventures on a secret mission for Queen
Elizabeth. Boston. Page & Co. 1899. 438 pp. Plates.

Queens of song. Portraits designed and etched on copper by F. L.
Kirkpatrick and C. A. Worrall. Troy. Nims & Knight. [1889.]
(22) pp. Illus. Portraits. ♦4040.117

Contents. — Patti. — Juch. — Nilsson. — Gcrstcr. — Lehmann. — Materna. —
Albani. — Fursch-Madi. — Nevada.


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Stephens, Robert Neil son. (ConHnued.)

Queens of the drama. Portraits by F. L. Kirkpatrick and C. A.
Worrall. Biographies by Robert N. Stephens. Troy, N. Y. Nims
8t Knight. [iSg-?] (22) pp. Portraits. ♦♦

Contents. — Jane Hading. — Julia Marlowe. — Mrs. Langtry. — Mme. Modjeska.
— Adelaide Neilson. — Fanny Davenport. — Ada Refaan. — Sara Bernhardt —
Ellen Terry. — Mary Anderson.

Stem, Adolf Ernst.

Der Untergang des altenglischen Theaters. (In Historisches
Taschenbuch. Jahrgang 46, pp. 155-209. Leipzig. 1876.) *a309.i46
Stevens, George Alexander.

The dramatic history of Master Edward, Miss Ann, and others, the
extraordinaries of these times. Prefixed, memoirs of the life of
the author. New edition. London: Printed for J. Murray. 1786.
(i), xi, (i), 192 pp. Plates. •♦G.3977.17

Relates to Edward Shuter, Nancy Dawson and othcrt.

Stevens, Major.

HooTON, R. T. Life and frolics of Major Stevens, the wonderful
dwarf. Boston. 1832. ♦♦T.55.ia7

Stewart, Douglas.

Tales from the note-book of a stroller. London. Douglas & Co.
1862. (4), 211 pp. •♦T.57.a66

Sticotti, Antonio Fabio.

Garrick. ou les acteurs anglois, ouvrage contenant des observations
sur I'art dramatique, sur Tart de la representation, & le jeu des
acteurs. Avec des notes historiques & critiques, & des anecdotes
sur les differens theatres de Londres & de Paris. Traduit dc
Tanglois. A Paris, chez Lacombe. 1769. (8), 199, (i) pp. ♦*T.58.ii6

A very free translation, with many additions, of Sir John Hiirs The actor: a
treatise on the art of playing [No. i in ••G.3823.6; ••T.78.40; etc.].

Stirbey, Prince Georges, prefacer.

Weiss, J. J. A. Trois annees de theatre, 1883-1885. Les theatres
parisiens. Paris. 1896. **T^^A^

Stiriing, Edward.

Old Drury Lane. Fifty years* recollections of author, actor, and
manager. London. Chatto & Windus. 1881. 2 v. ♦♦T.77.83

Another copy is on shelf* number •2454.52.

Stockdale, John Joseph.

The Covent Garden journal. [Anon.] London. Stockdale. 1810.
2 V. Plates. ♦♦T.75.13

Other copies are on shelf-numbers ••G.3822.6; ••K.35.2.
Stockmar, Christian Friedrich, Freiherr von.

Martin, Sir T. Monographs. Garrick, Macready, Rachel and Baron
Stockmar. London. 1906. Portraits. **T.55.75;ctc

Stoddard, John Lawson.

The Passion Play of Ober-Ammergau. (In his Red-letter days
abroad. Pp. 59-101. Boston. 1884. Illus. Portraits. Plates.) 2273.50
Stoddard, Richard Henry, editor.

DoRAN, J. "Their majesties' servants." Annals of the English stage,
from Thomas Betterton to Edmund Kean. With a memoir of
Dr. Doran, and an introduction and conclusion, by R. H. Stod-
dard. New York. 1880. 2 v. 4573.99
Stoddart, James Henry.

Recollections of a player. New York. The Century Co. 1902. xxi, 255
pp. Portraits. Facsimiles. Autograph facsimile. 4343.239; ♦♦T.56.246
Reminiscences of stage life in Scotland, England, and the United States.


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Stoker, Abraham.

Personal reminiscences of Henry Irving. By Bram Stoker. New
York. The Macmillan -Co. 1906. 2 v. Portraits, one colored.
Plates. Manuscript facsimiles. 4544.333

Stoltjs, Rosine.

P^GNON, E. Rosine Stoltz. [Paris.] 1847. No. 7 in ♦♦M.ii>7.3

Stone, Henry Dickinson.

Personal recollections of the drama or theatrical reminiscences, em-
bracing sketches of prominent actors. Albany, N. Y. Van Benthuy-
sen. 1873. x»i» 3^6 pp. Portraits. Autograph facsimile. **T.56.i94
Stopes, Charlotte Carmichael.

Shakespeare's environment. London. G. Bell & Sons, Ltd. 1914,

xii, 369 pp. 4595-Z4Z

Contains information regarding the Elizabethan stage.

William Hunnis and the revels of the Chapel Royal. A study of his

period and the influences which affected Shakespeare. Louvain.

Uystpruyst. 1910. xiv, 362, (i) pp. Coat of arms. [Materialien

zur Kunde des alteren englischen Dramas.] aS53-X39

Stoppato, Lorenzo.

La commedia popolare in Italia. Saggi. Padova. Draghi. 1887.
234, (i) pp. 3779.128

Storer, James Sargant, and Henry Sargant Storer, illustrators.

Brewer, J. N. Histrionic topography: or, the birth-places, resi-
dences, and funeral monuments of the most distinguished actors.
London. 1818. Plates. ♦♦T.96.339;etc.

Stories of the Boston stage. Eaton, W. O. •♦T.15.7

Stories, The, of the Russian ballet. Applin, A. ♦♦T.93.1

Storm, The.

Programme of the story, scenery, & dances, in the new gnrand fairy
ballet, in two acts The stofm; or, the Isle of the Genii! (Pre-
ceded by an introduction.) Founded on *La tempete.' London.
Miller. [1834.] 20 pp. ♦♦T.36.68

Storms, A. D.

The players blue book. Worcester, Mass. Sutherland & Storms.

L1901.J 304 pp. Portraits. Autograph facsimiles. ♦♦T.55.56

ricf biographical sketches of American actors and actressef.

Story, The, of a play. Howells, W. D. ♦♦T^.73

Story, The, of the Scots stage. Lawson, R. 4579^59

Story, The, of the tragedy of Agis. With observations on the play,
the performance, and the reception. London. Printed for M.
Cooper. 1758. 15 pp. ♦♦T.96^3

Stoullig, Edmond, editor.

Annales, Les, du theatre et de la musique. Ann^e 1-39. 1875-1913.

Paris. 1 876-19 1 4. 39 V. Portrait. ♦♦T.37.1

Revue d'art dramatique. [Semi-monthly.] Tome 1-16, 29-32. 1886-

89, 93. Paris. 1886-93. 20 V. ♦♦T.35.4

Strack, Johann Heinrich.

Das altgriechische Theatergebaude. Potsdam. Riegel. 1843. (3),
8 pp. 9 plates. *Cab.6o.is8.3

Straeten, Edmond Vander. See Vandcr Stracten, Edmond.
Strakosch, Clara Louise. (Clara Louise Kellogg.)

Italian opera as illustrated by Adelina Patti. Illus. Portraits. (In

The music of the modern world. Vol. i, pp. 6-10. New York.

[1895.]) •♦M.14.1.1

Memoirs of an American prima donna. New York. G. P. Putnam's

Sons. 1913. xiii,382pp. Portraits. Plates. Facsimile. Music. 4045.155


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Stralsund, Germany. Theatres.

Struck, F. Die altesten Zeiten des Theaters zu Stralsund. (1697-
1834.) Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte des deutschen Theaters.
Stralsund. 1895. ♦♦T.75.a4

Strang, Lewis Clinton.

Celebrated comedians of light opera and musical comedy in America.
Boston. Page & Co. 1901. 293 pp. Portraits. 4343-ao8; ♦♦
Contents. — Introductory. — Francis Wilson. — James T. Powers. — Walter
Jones. — Dc Wolf Hopper. — Richard Golden. — Ehitch comedy and its deline-
ators. — Thomas Q. Seabrooke. — Frank Daniels. — Jerome Sykes. — Dan Daly.
Henry Clay Barnabee. — Henry E. Dixey. — Otis Harlan. — Richard Carle. —
Digby BelL — Jefferson De Angelis. — Peter F. Dailcy. — Light comedy in
opera and its exponents.
Famous actors of the day in America. Series [i,] 2. Boston. Page
& Co. 1900, 02. 2 V. Portraits. 4343'ao9; **T.58.a3

Contents. — X. Preface. — Joseph Jefferson. — James A. Heme. — Richard Mana-
field. — E. M. Holland. — Edward H. Sothern. — John Drew. — William
Favcrsham. — John B. Mason. — Nat C. Goodwin. — James O'Neill. — William
H. Crane. — Wilton Lackaye. — William Gillette. — Henry Miller. — James K.
Hackett. — Henry Jewett. — Stuart Robson. — Melbourne MacDoweU. — Sol
Smith Russell. — Otis Skinner. — J. E. Dodson. — Robert B. Mantcll. —
Roland Reed. — Joseph Haworth. — Herbert Kelcey. a. Preface. — The new
E. II. Sothern. — Jolin Drew in comedy and romance. — N. C. Goodwin, the
comedian. — John B. Mason in modem comedy. — Fritr Williams. — William
Gillette and "Sherlock Holmes." — Edwin Arden. — Richard Mansfield's Henry
V. — William Faversham. — Stuart Robson in "Oliver Goldsmith." — The
melodramatic James O'Neill. — James A. Heme's "Sag Harbour." — Maclyn
Arbuckle. — John Hare. — William H. Crane. — Henry Miller in melodrama. —
John Blair and the Independent Theatre. — Henry Jewett. — Edward S.
Willard. — Louis Mann. — Charles J. Richman.
Famous actresses of the day in America. Boston. Page & Co. 1899,
1902. 2 V. Portraits. 4343.210; ♦♦T.58.a4

Another copy is on shelf-number 'P. 10.860.

Contents. — i. Preface. — Maude Adams. — Julia Marlowe. — Sarah Cowell Lc
Moyne. — Minnie Maddern Fiske. — Ida Conquest — Blanche Walsh. — Annie
Russell. — Isabel Irving. — Maxine Elliott. — Ada Rehan. — Virginia Harned.

— Viola Allen. — Corona Riccardo. — Mary Mannering. — Julia Arthur. —
May Irwin- — Effie Shannon. — Mrs. Leslie Carter. — Mary Shaw. — Ol^a
NeUiersole. — Lillian Lawrence. — Blanche Bates. — Elsie De Wolfe. — Ro«e
Coghlan. — Margaret Anglin. — Fay Davis.' — Odette Tyler. — Marie Bur-
roughs. — Kathryn Kidder. — Helena Modjeska. — May Robson. a. Jtilia
Marlowe in medodrama. — Henrietta Crosman. — Mary Shaw and "Ben Hur."

— Maude Adams in "L'Aiglon." — Amelia Bingham. — Ida Conquest. —
Phoebe Davies. — Mrs. Fiske as Becky Sharp. — Hilda Spong. — Annie Russell
in light comedy. — Valerie Bcrgere. — Mary Mannering as a star. — "Zara"
and Mrs. Leslie Carter. — Anna HeJd. — Sarah Cowell Le Moyne. — Mary
Sanders. — Ada Rehan's Nell Gwyn. — Elizabeth Tyrec. — Grace George. —
Margaret Anglin. — Viola Allen. — Maxine Elliott.

Players and plays of the last quarter century. An historical summary

of causes and a critical review of conditions as existing in the

American theatre at the close of the nineteenth century. Boston.

Page & Co. 190:}. 2 V. Portraits. Plates. 4343.215 ;**T.77.i8
Contents. — x. The theatre of yesterday, a. The theatre of to-day.

Prima donnas and soubrettes of light opera and musical comedy in

America. Boston. Page & Co. 1900. xiv, 270 pp. Portraits.

^8.183; ♦♦T.58.36

Contents. — Introduction. — Alice Nielsen. — Virginia Earle. — Lillian Russell.

— Josephine Hall. — Mabelle Gilman. — Fay Templeton. — Madge Lessing. —
Jessie Bartlott Davis. — Edna Wallace Hopper. — Paula Edwardes. — Lulu
Glaser. — Minnie Ashley. — Edna May. — Marie Celeste. — Christie Mac-
Douald. — Marie Dressier. — Delia Fox. — Camille D'Arville. — Marie Tempest.

— Maud Raymond. — Pauline Hall. — Hilda Clark.

All the foregoing volumes by Strang belong to the Stage lovers' series.

Stranger, The, in England. Goede, C. A. G. 65798.71 ;**T.98.ioi


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Strant2, Ferdinand Carl Felix Alexander von.

Erinneningen aus meinem Leben. Hamburg. Rtchter. [1901.]

(5), 272 pp. Portrait. Facsimiles. 4049.234

Stratford Theatrical Review, and stage reporter. No. i. Dec. 10, 1827.

[Stratford. Bacon.] 1827. 4 pp. No. 2 in **G.38ai.34

Stratford-upon-Avon, England. Celebrations.

Concise account, A, of Garrick's Jubilee held at Stratford-upon-
Avon, in honour of Shakspeare, in 1769. And of the commemora-
tive festivals in 1827 and 1830. [With a brief notice of the rise and
progress of the Shakespearean Club.] Stratford-upon-Avon. 1830.

No. 4 in ♦♦G.3942.3
Jarvis, J., reporter. Correct detail of the ceremonies attending the
Shakespearean gala, celebrated at Stratford-upon-Avon, April 23-
25, 1827, with some account of "Garrick's Jubilee," in 1769. Strat-
ford-upon-Avon. [1827.] Plate. **T.56.i96; etc.
Stratford-upon-Avon, England. Shakespeare Memorial.

Buckley, R. R. The Shakespeare revival and the Stratford-upon-
Avon movement. With chapters on folk-art by Mary Neal, a
Foreword by F. R. Benson, and an introduction by Arthur Hutch-
inson [on the Shakespeare Memorial theatre]. London. 191 1.
Portraits. Plates. Maps. 4598.50

Shakespeare Memorial Association, Stratford-upon-Avon. Shake-
speare Memorial, Stratford-on-Avon. London. [1878.] Portrait.
Plates. Map. ♦♦T.57.a64; etc.

A history of the Shakespeare Memorial, Stratford-on-Avon.

2d edition. Abridged from the ist edition, and brought down to
February, 1882. London. [1882.] Portrait. Plate. 66ooa.a9

Stratford-upon-Avon Herald.

The Shakespeare Memorial Buildings, Stratford-upon-Avon. A
complete record of' the festival connected with the inauguration
of the theatre portion, April 23rd to May 3rd, 1879. Stratford-
upon-Avon. 1879- ♦♦T.55.iai
Stratico, Simon e, Conte.

Deir antico teatro di Padova. In Padova. Nella Stamperia del
Seminario. 1795. viii, 70 pp. 6 plans. 4091.100

Stratton, Charles Sherwood.

Bleeker, S. Gen. Tom Thumb's three years* tour around the woHd,
accompanied by his wife — Lavinia Warren Stratton, Commo-
dore Nutt, Miss Minnie Warren, and party. New York. Booth.
1872. 144 pp. lUus. Plates. 6269.62; ♦♦T.97.a95

Sketch of the life, personal appearance, character, and manners of
Charles S. Stratton, the man in miniature known as General Tom
Thumb. With some account of remarkable dwarfs, giants, &
other human phenomena, of ancient and modern times. Also,
General Tom Thumb's songs. New- York. 1847. ♦♦T.58.60; etc.
Sketch of the life, personal appearance, character, and manners of
Charles S. Stratton, the man in miniature, known as General Tom
Thumb, and his wife, Lavinia Warren Stratton, including the
history of their courtship and marriage; also, of Commodore
Nutt and Minnie Warren; with some account of remarkable
dwarfs, giants, & other human phenomena, of ancient and modem
times. Also, songs given at their public levees. New York. 1863.
Illus. Portraits. Plates. ♦♦T.58.6a; etc.


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Strauss, Richard.

Brown, A. A., compiler. [Newspaper clippings and program of first
performance in America of Richard Strauss's Salome. Boston.
1910.] ♦♦M.357.3a

Stray records; or, personal and professional notes. Harrison, C.

457a.i375 **T.57.i5i ; «tc.
Street amusements. See Strolling players.

Streifzuege durch die Theaterwelt. Felsing, O. **T,fs^s

Streit, Andreas.

Das Theater. Untersuchungen uber das Theatcr-Bauwcrk bei den
klassischen und modernen Volkern. Wien. Lehmann & Wentzcl.
1903. viii, 267 pp. Illus. Plates. Plans. ^Cab.60.155.3

Strode, William.

Hoffsten, E. G. The floating island, by William Strode, together

with an account of the life of the author, and a review of the

university drama in England, chiefly after the year 1600. Thesis,

University of Pennsylvania. [St. Louis. 1908.] 2552.181

Strolling player, A, pseud. See Roberts, John.

Strolling player. The. Tbmpleton, W. ♦^.58.85

Strolling players.

See also Actors abroad; Italian players in France; Travelling

Albert, M. Les theatres de la foire. (1660-1789.) Paris. 190a
Illus. Plates. 4676.104; ♦♦T.g7.a54

AuRiAC, P. E. J. M. d', editor. Theatre de la foire. Recueil de pieces re-
presentees aux foires Saint-Germain et Saint- Laurent. Pr6c6d6 d*un
essai historique sur les spectacles forains. Paris. 1878. ♦♦T.37.146
Bernardin, N. M. La com^die italienne en France, et les theatres
de la foire et du boulevard. (1570-1791.) Paris. 1902. Illus.
Portraits. Plates. 2679^7?

BoNNASSiES, J. Les spectacles forains et la Com^die frangaise. Lc
droit des pauvres avant et aprds 1789. Les auteurs dramatiques
et la Comedie frangaise au dix-neuvieme siecle d'apres des docu-
ments inedits. Paris. 1875. Plate. 2677.76; ♦♦T.77.1 13
Campardon, L fi. Les spectacles de la foire. Depuis 1595 jusqu'a
1791. Documents inedits recueillis aux Archives nationales. Paris.
1877. 2 V. ♦♦T.75.6
Challamel, J. B. M. A. Les amuseurs de la rue. Paris. 1875. Plates.

Chardon, E. H. La troupe du roman comique d6voilee et les
com6diens de campagne au xvii« siecle. Le Mans. 1876. ♦♦T.54.20
EsPARB&s, A. A. d'. Les forains. Illus. Plates. (In Les demi-
cabots. Pp. 199-246. Paris. 1896.) ♦*T.97^30

FouRNEL, F. V. Tableaux du vieux Paris. Les spectacles populaires
et les artistes des rues. Paris. 1863. **T.97.i73

FRfeBAULT, fi. Les industriels du macadam. Dessins par A. Hum-
bert. Paris. 1868. Plates. ♦♦T.9g.43
GiFFARP, P. L. La toumee du pere Thomas. [Roman.] Paris. 1887.


GouRiET, J. B. Les charlatans c^l^bres, ou tableau historique des
bateleurs, des baladans et de tous les personnages qui se sont
rendus c^lebres dans les rues et sur les places publiques de Paris.
Paris. 1819. 2 V. Plate. **T^.327

Hampe, T. E. Die fahrenden Leute in der deutschen Vergangenheit.
Leipzig. 1902. Illus. Portrait. Plates. 293i-^


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Strolling players. (Continued.)

Ryley, S. W. The itinerant, or memoirs of an actor. [Fiction.]
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and their tips, Paris theatres, minor theatres, music halls, racing
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Die altesten Zeiten des Theaters zu Stralsund. (1697-1834.) Ein

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Stage decoration in France in the Middle Ages. New York. The

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