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ton. 1900. 174 pp. ♦♦T.65.a5


B., Mr., pseud.

A letter from Mr. B. to Miss F. Manchester. Leigh. 1814. 12 pp.

B., W.

The juror. A farce. 2d edition. London; Printed for John Norcock,
1718. (3), 28 pp. **T.57.96

Babois, Marguerite Victoire.

£l6gies par M™e Victoire Babois, sur la mort de sa fille agee de cinq
ans. Paris. Didot. An xiii. [1804/05.] 22 pp. ♦♦T.97.148


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Bach, Sigismond Ferdinand.

Nos femmes. Album en couleurs par Bac. Preface de Maurice
Donnay. Paris. Empis. [1895.] (8) pp. (20) colored plates. ♦♦T.51.15

Bachelor's torments; or, the sweets of a family. An imitative interlude,
in one act. With the stage business. London. Duncombe.
[182-?] 20 pp. Colored portrait. ♦*T.37.iii

Bacon, Francis, Baron Verulam and Viscount St. Albans.

The promus of formularies and elegancies (being private notes, circ.
1594, hitherto unpublished). Illustrated and elucidated by
passages from Shakespeare by Mrs. Henry Pott. With preface
by E. A. Abbott. London. Longmans, Green, & Co. 1883. xix,
628 pp. Manuscript facsimile. **T.55.i28

Bacon, Theodore.

Delia Bacon; a biographical sketch. London. Sampson Low,
Marston, Searle & Rivington, Ltd. 1888. (7), 322 pp. Portrait.
Autograph facsimile. ♦♦T.56.130

Relates largely to the Shakespeare- Bacon controversy. The author's name is
signed to a note of acknowledgment.

Badaire, A. E.

Le monde de la police et les scandales du d6p6t. Paris. Chamuel.

1894. 67 pp. ♦♦T.97.I70

Bagchot, Walter.

Shakespeare the man. An essay. New York. McClure, Phillips &

Co. 1901. XV, (i), 66, (i) pp. Portrait. **T.55.i32

Prefatory note by Viola Roseboro'.

Baignoux, Pierre Philippe.

Paris, scene lyrique. A Amsterdam. 1783. 20 pp. **T.97.66

Bailey, John J.

Waldimar. A tragedy, in five acts [in verse]. New- York. Not
published. 1834, 124, (i) pp. **T.35.8

The scene is laid principally at Thessalonica, at the close of the fourth century.

Baillie, Joanna.

A series of plays: in which it is attempted to delineate the stronger

passions of the mind. Each passion being the subject of a tragedy

and a comedy. New edition. London. Longman, Hurst, Rees,

Orme & Brown. 1821. 3 v. **T.36.ii

Baker, Benjamin A.

A glance at New York. A local drama, in two acts. [Anon.] Added,
the costume, and the stage business. New York. French. [185-?]
32 pp. [French's Standard drama. The acting edition. No. 216.]

Ballu, Roger.

Une vie d'artiste. fitude de moeurs contemporaines. Paris. Baschet.
1885. (5), 329, (2) pp. ♦♦T.87.49

Banim, John.

Damon and Pythias. A play in five acts. As acted by Mr. Forrest.
With the stage business, costumes, &c. New York. French.
[185-?] 60 pp. [French's Standard drama. No. 37.] **T.37.8

Barbier, Auguste. See Barbier, Henri Auguste.
Barbier, Henri Auguste.

6tudes dramatiques. Nouvelle edition. Paris. Dentu. 1874. (3),
332 pp. ♦♦T.37.I40

Contents. — Jules C6sar. Tragidie de Shakspeare. Traduite en vers frangais.
— Benvenuto Cellini. Opera en deux actes. Paroles de L^on de Vailly et
Auguste Barbier.

Souvenirs personnels et silhouettes contemporaines. Paris. Dentu.
1883. (3), 378 pp. **T.57.335


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Bamett, Morris.

The serious family. A comedy in three acts. With the stage busi-
ness, costumes, etc. New York. French. [185-?] 3-48 pp.
* [French's Standard drama. No. 79.] **T.37.9

An adaptation of Le man a la campagne by Bayard and Waillj.
The tempest, as a lyrical drama. London. Mitchelk 1850. ^2 pp.

Bamum, Phineas Taylor.

The humbugs of the world. An account of humbugs, delusions,

impositions, quackeries, deceits and deceivers generally, in all

ages. New York. Carleton. 1866. 424 pp. ♦♦T.97.177

Same. Les blagues de Tunivers. Paris. Faure. 1866. (3), 367 pp.

Barr, Amelia Edith.

The children of Shakespeare's plays. [Philadelphia. 1883.] 498-
501 pp. In**T.i3.i

Extracts from The Continent, April 18, 1883.

Barri^re, Theodore, and Ernest Capendu.

Les faux bonshommes. Comedie en quatre actes. 2e Edition. Paris.
Levy. 1857. (4), 176 pp. ♦*T.37.iaa

Barry, S.

The persecuted Dutchman; or, the original John Schmidt. A farce,

in one act. Added, the costume and the stage business. New

York. French. [186-?] 15 pp. [The minor drama. The acting

edition. No. 152.] **T.97.3o8

Barry, William.

Sporting fambles and holiday papers. London. Routledge. [1873.]
iv, 262 pp. **T.97.336

Relates principally to Great Britain. •

Barrymore, William.

[Harlequin and the talking bird.] Programme, songs, &c., of the
new comic pantomime, Harlequin and the talking bird, or, the
singing trees & golden waters. Invented and produced by W.
Barrymore, Jun. Performed at the New Theatre Royal, Drury
Lane, December 27, 1824. London. Tabby. 1824. 15 pp.

Words only. ♦♦T.sS.aa

Barthelemy, Charles.

Histoire de la comedie en France depuis les origines jusqu' a nos
jours. Paris. Dupret. 1886. (3), 180 pp. **T.97.i65

Barthet, Armand.

The sparrow of Lesbia; a comedy in one act. The original French,

with an English translation, prepared for Raphael Felix, manager

of Mile Rachel's French Company. New York. Darcie & Corbyn.

1855. 22 pp. , **T.34.i3

Bath contest, The: a collection of all the papers, advertisements, &c.,

published by the candidates for the office of Master of the

' Ceremonies, and their friends. Bath: Printed and sold by Crutt-

well and Archer. [1769.] 66 pp. **T.97.338

Beard, John.

Letters which have passed between John Beard and John Shebbeare.
London : Printed for G. Kearsly. 1767. 3-50 pp. **T.57^i

Beaumarchais, Pierre Augustin Caron de.

Theatre. Precede d*une etude par Hippolyte Stupuy. Le barbier de
Seville. lUustre par A. Esnault. Paris. B^cus. 1884. xlii, 174 pp.
Illus. Portrait. Plates. **T.37.209


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Becker, Carl Ferdinand, the Younger.

Die Tonkiinstler des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts. Ein kalendarisches
Handbuch zur Kunstgeschichte. Leipzig. Kossling. 1849. viii,
177 pp. **T.97.i96

Becque, Henri Francois.

The crows. A comedy in four acts. Translated by Benedict Papot.
(In Drama, The. 1912, no. 5, pp. 14-126. Chicago. 1912.)

Preceded by an account of the author by the translator. **T.I5.I7.2

Bedford, Paul.

Drawing-room dramas. With Hints to amateurs by Bracebridge
Hemyng. London. Clarke. [1874.] 5-13 1 pp. Plate. ♦♦T.gS.aa
Another copy is on shelf-number ••T.98.9.

Beerbohm, Max.

Works. New York. Scribner. 1896. (5), 165 pp. **T.97.33a

Contents. — Dandies and dandies. — A good prince. — 1880. — King George the
Fourth, — The pervasion of rouge. — Poor Romeo! — Diminuendo.
Bell, Robert, editor.

Songs from the dramatists. New-York. Dodd, Mead & Co. 1882.
268 pp. **T.37.i99

BeU, William.

Shakespeare's Puck, and his folkslore, illustrated from the super-
stitions of all nations. London. i8$2[-64]. 3 v. Illus. Plates.


Part of vol. 2 and all of vol. 3 are devoted to an attempt to prove that Shake-
speare once lived in Germany.

Bellamy, Thomas.

Miscellanies: in prose and verse. London: Printed for the author, and
sold by W. Brown. 1794, 95. 2 v. in i. Portraits. Plate. **T.96.228
Appended to vol. a arc his Life of William Parsons and The London iheaires
which have separate title-pages and pagination but form part of this collection.

Bellermann, Heinrich. See Bellermann, Johann Gottfried Heinricn.
Bellermann, Johann Gottfried Heinrich.

t)ber die Entwicklung der mehrstimmigen Musik. Vortrag gehalten
im Saale der Singakademie zu Berlin im Wissenschaftlichen
Verein am xix. Januar 1867. Berlin. Sacco. 1867. 40 pp.

Belloy, Auguste, Marquis de.

Portraits et souvenirs. Paris. Levy. [1859.] 210, (i) pp. **T.99.i8

Contents. — Par manierc d'avant-propos. — Les piliers du Cafe Valois. — L'ami
des malheurcux. — La cimeti^re Delahays, ou ce que devienncnt les livres. —
La question d'Orient. — Virgile i San-Remo.

Bennett, George John.

The Albanians, a dramatic sketch: and miscellaneous poems. Lon-
don. Kidd. 183 1. X, 230 pp. ♦*T.37,aio
Bergerat, Auguste fimile.

Le livre de Caliban [pseud.]. Preface de Alexandre Dumas. Paris.
Lemerre. 1887. (3), xvi, 361, (i) pp. ♦♦T.97.186

Bernard, Laure.

Theatre de marionnettes, ouvrage pour la jeunesse. Paris. Didier.
1^37' (3), XV, 366 pp. Plates. Engraved title-page. [Biblio-
theque universelle d'education.] ♦♦T.38.8

Contents. — David ct Goliath. Piece biblique. — Le jam-e-jam numai ou miroir
magique. Piece feerique. — Le roi Lear. — Le dormeur cveill^. — Une m^prise.

Bernard, Thales.

La Lisette de Beranger. Souvenirs intimes. Eau-forte par G. Staal.

Paris. Bachelin-Deflorenne. 1864. (3), 122, (i) pp. Portrait.

[Collection du Bibliophile frangais.] **T.98.ia8


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Berrurier, Louis Barthelemy.

Code de la chasse contenant le resume general des lois et decisions
judiciaires et administratives sur le droit et la police de la chasse.
Paris. Dusillion. 1844. 124 pp. **T.99.53

Betterton, Thomas.

The amorous widow: or, the wanton wife. A comedy. London:
Printed in the year 1710. 87 pp. **T.57.a24

Beverley, Elizabeth.

The actress's ways and means, to industriously raise the wind!
Containing the moral and entertaining poetical effusions of Mrs.
R. Beverley, comedian. 4th edition. London. The Author. 1822.
32 pp. **T.96.ao8

A new dish of all sorts, containing original songs, poems, &c., and
forming a companion to the "Book of variety." 3d edition. Lon-
don. The Authoress. 1824. 23 pp. **T.97.i79
The book of variety may be found on shelf-number **T.97.i78.

Reflections. London. The Authoress. 1829. 35 pp. ♦♦T.97.a34
Biagioli, G. See Biascioli, Niccolo Giosafatte.
Biascioli, Niccolo Giosafatte.

Per le augustissime nozze di Napoleone il grande con Maria Luigia,
Arciduchessa d' Austria. Ode. Parigi. Didot. 1810. 15 pp.

Bier, Jacques de.

Le premier, billet. Monologue. (In Saynetes et monologues. Serie
I, pp. 111-123. Paris. 1877.) ♦♦T.37.a46

Bigeon, Maurice.

.Les revokes scandinaves. Paris. Grasilier. 1894. (6), 341 pp.


Contents. — Cicorg Brandes. — Jonas Lie. — Edvard Grieg. — Stephan Sinding.
— Bjomstjerne Bjomson. — August Strindbcrg et les femmes emancipees. —
Herman Bang et Ame Garborg. — Henrik Ibsen.

Birch, Charlotte.

Jane Eyre, or the orphan of Lowo [sic]. A drama in two parts and
four acts, by Charlotte Birch-Pfeiffer, as performed by Mme.
Marie Seebach. New York. Fourteenth Street Theatre. 1870.
36, (18) pp. Portrait. ♦♦T.94.26

A dramatization of Charlotte Bronte's novel of the same name. German text
and English translation in parallel columns.

Bird, Robert Montgomery.

Nick of the Woods, or, adventures of prairie life. London. George
Routledge & Sons, Ltd. [1883.] 316 pp. **T.78.32

Bishop, Washington Irving.

Second sight explained. A complete exposition of clairvoyance or

second sight, as exhibited by the late Robert Houdin and Robert

Heller, showing how the supposed phenomena may be produced.

Edinburgh. Menzies & Co. 1880. 78 pp. **T.97.26i

Bisson, Frederick Shirley Dumaresq de Carteret-.

The drama as an element of education. London. Simpkin, Marshall,
& Co. [1882.] X, no pp. Portrait. Autograph facsimile.

Contains also extracts from other works by the author, letters addressed to
him, etc.

Bj0mson, Bj0rnstjerne.

Leonarda. A drama in four acts. Translated from the Norwegian
by Daniel L. Hanson. {In Drama, The. 191 1, no. 3, pp. 16-76.
Chicago. 191 1.) ♦♦T.15.17.1

Preceded by an account of Bj0mson as a dramatist, by William Morton Payne:


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Blackhum, Henry.

Art in the mountains: the story of the Passion Play. London.
Sampson Low & Marston. 1870. (i), 167, (i) pp. Illus. Por-
traits. Plates. Diagram. ♦♦T.46.15
Relates to the Oberammergati Passion Play of 1870.
Blanchard, Edward Litt Laman.

Aladdin and the wonderful lamp, or, Harlequin and the flying palace.
A pantomime. First performed at the Royal English Opera,
Covent Garden, December 26th, 1865. [London.] The Theatre.
[1865.] 22 pp. ♦♦T.37.2I4

Aladdin; or, Harlequin and the wonderful lamp. Grand comic Christ-
mas pantomime. London. Tuck & Co. 1874. 48 pp. **T.37.24i

Beauty & the beast; or, Harlequin and Old Mother Bunch. Grand
comic Christmas pantomime. London. 1869. 32 pp. **T.37.236

The children in the wood; or. Harlequin Queen Mab and the world
of dreams. Grand comic Christmas annual. London. Tuck &
Co. [1872.] 39 pp. ♦♦T.37.239

Cinderella; or, Harlequin and the fairy slipper. Grand comic Christmas
pantomime. London. Tuck & Co. 1878. (6), 32 pp. **T.37.245

The dragon of Wantley ; or, Harlequin and Mother Shipton. Grand
comic Christmas pantomime. London. Tuck & Co. 1870. 36 pp.


Faw! fee!! fo!!! fum!!!! or. Harlequin Jack, the giant killer. Grand
comic Christmas pantomime. London. Tuck & Co. 1867. 33 pp.


The forty thieves. [Anon. Pantomime. London. 1876.] 17-53 PP«
There is no title page. **T,37.243

Grimalkin the Great; or. Harlequin Puss in Boots, and the miller's
sons. Grand comic Christmas pantomime. London. Tuck & Co.
1868. 31 pp. **T.37.23S

Jack in the Box; or. Harlequin Little Tom Tucker and the three
wise men of Gotham. Grand comic Christmas pantomime. Lon-
don. Tuck & Co. 1873. 36 pp. ♦♦T.37.240

Little Goody Two-Shoes ;NDr, Harlequin and Cock Robin: an entirely
novel, grand comic Christmas pantomime. London. The Music-
Publishing Co. [1863.] 22 pp. ♦♦T.3645

Little King Pippin; or. Harlequin Fortunatus and the magic purse
and wishing cap. Grand comic Christmas pantomime. London.
Tuck & Co. 1865. 36 pp. **T.37.232

Number Nip; or, Harlequin and the gnome king of the giant moun-
tain. Grand comic Christmas pantomime. London. Tuck & Co.
1866. 34 pp. **T.37.233

Tom Thumb the Great; or. Harlequin King Arthur and the Knights
of the Round Table. Grand comic Christmas annual. London.
Tuck & Co. 1 87 1. 40 pp. **T.37.238

The white cat. [Anon. Pantomime. London. 1877.] 17-46 pp.
There is no title-page. **T.37.244

Whittington and his cat; or, Harlequin Lord Mayor of London.
Grand comic Christmas pantomime. London. Tuck & Co. 1875.
55 pp. **T.37.242

Blanchard, Laman. See Blanchard» Samuel Laman.
Blanchard, Samuel Laman.

Sketches from life; with a memoir of the author, by Sir Edward
Bulwer Lytton, Bart. London. Colburn. 1846. 3 v. Illus.
Portrait. Autograph facsimile. ♦♦T.97.103


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Blavet, fimile Raymond. (Parisis.)

La vie parisienne. 1884-89. Paris. Boulanger [& Ollendorff. 1885-]
1890. 6 V. ♦♦T.37.34

The issues for 1886 and 1889 arc of the second editton.

Blaze de Bury, Marie Pauline Rose, Baronne.

Moliere, and the French classical drama. London. Knight. 1846.

216 pp. ♦♦T,59^

Racine, and the French classical drama. London. Knight & Co.

1845. 264 pp. **T.5M

Bloch, Louis, and Sagari.

Paris qui danse. Paris. Librairie illustr^e. [1888.] (3), 225, (i) pp.

Blum, Ernest.

Journal d'un vaudevilliste, 1870-1871. Paris. Levy. 1894, (3)» ">»
298 pp. ♦♦T.57.349

Boaden, James.

An inquiry into the authenticity of various pictures and prints, which
have been offered as portraits of Shakspeare. London. Triphook.
1824, (4), V, (i), 206 pp. Portraits. **T.56.37

The five portraits are proof impressions.

Boas, Frederick Samuel.

Shakspere and his predecessors. London. Murray. 1896. viii, 555,
(i) pp. [University extension manuals.] **T.57.a84

Bodel, Jean.

C'est li jus de Saint Nicholai. {In Monmerqu^, L. J. N. D. and F. X.
Michel, editors. Theatre frangais au moyen age. Pp. 157-207.
Paris. 1842.) **T.34!8

Boissy, Louis de.

Le triomphe de Tinteret. [Anon.] Com^die. {In Desforges,

Memoires anecdotes pour servir a Thistoire de M. Duliz. Pp.
131-188. Londres. 1739) ♦♦T.58.93

Same. 66 pp. {In Same. i753) No. 2 in **T.58.93

Boiteau, Dieudonn^ Alexandre Paul.

Vie de Beranger. 1780-1857. Paris. Perrotin. 1861. viii, 247 pp.

Boiteau, Paul. See Boiteau, Dieudonn^ Alexandre Paul.
Bolton, Robert.

A letter to a lady, on card-playing on the Lord's Day. [Anon.]
London: Printed for J. Leake, at Bath; and sold by M. Cooper.
1748. (i), 50 pp. **T.97.38

Bonnet de Malherbe, J. (Joseph d'Ar^ay.)

Indiscretions contemporaines. Souvenirs intimes. Paris. Rouveyrc
& Blond. 1883. viii, vi, 286, (i) pp. ♦*T.56.a98

Contents. — La salle 4 manger du docteur V^ron. — Lcs joumalistes d' autrefois.
— Lcs origines du National. — Les duels parlementaires. — Les presidents de h
Chambre des D^put^s. — Critique litt^raire. — Un chapitre ignore dans Thistoire
d'une grande revue. — Les metamorphoses du Journal des Debats. — Un
souvenir k propos de Cr^tineau. — Joly. — Un curieux magistrat. < — Esther
(tuimont. — Le dernier des Chenier. — £mile de Girardin ct son pfcrc.

Book Lover, The. [Monthly.] A periodical of current literature. Vol.
I (no. 3, 4). March, April, 1898. London. Hutchinson & Co.
1898. 2 nos. ♦♦T.95.56

Booth, Junius Brutus.

Ugolino. A tragedy, in three acts. Added, the costume and stage
business. New-York. French. [185-?] 27 pp. [French's Ameri-
can drama. The acting edition. No. 120.] ♦*T.374i


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Bordelon, Laurent.

Arlequin comedien aux Champs filisees, nouvelle historique, allego-
rique & comique. [Anon.] 2e edition augmentee de plusieurs
scenes, de plusieurs remarques, de trois lettres, d*un opera
comique, & d*une petite comedie, intitulee, La baguette. A Paris,
chez Arnoul Seneuze. 1694. (8), 230, (i) pp. Plates. Music.

Borinski, Carl.

Das Theater. Sein Wesen, seine Geschichte, seine Meister. Leipzig.
Teubner. 1899. iv, 139 pp. Portraits. Aus Natur und Geistes-
welt.] **T.47.7i

Bormann, August Edwin.

The Shakespeare-secret. Translated from the German by Harry
Brett. London. Wohlleben. 1895. xvi, 278, (70) pp. Illus.
Portraits. Plates. Maps. Colored charts. Facsimiles. **T.55.36
A list o^ the works chiefly referred to, pp. 275-278.

Boston. Theatres. Boston Museum. 1843-1903. .

Catalogue of the paintings, marble and plaster statuary and engrav-
ings, comprised in the collection of the Boston Museum and
Gallery of Fine Arts, together with a descriptive sketch of the
institution and its collection. Boston. Tuttle & Dennett. 1844.
24 pp. ♦♦T.78.83

Same. Stacy, Richardson, Filmer & Co. 1847. 36 pp. **T.78.84
Boston. Theatres, Columbian Museum.

[Broadsides containing lists of objects on view in the museum.
Boston, Mass. 1799-1816?] 6 broadsides. Illus. ♦♦T.114

Bouch6, Jacques.

Gallet et le Caveau, 1698-1757. Paris. Dentu. 1884, 2 v. Illus.


Contains a preface by Tony R^villon and a comedy by Moreau and Francis,
having the title Gallet ou le chansonnier droguiste. Tome 2 is composed of
chansons and comedies of Gallet.

Boucicault, Dion.

London assurance. A comedy in five acts. [London? 185-?] 72 pp.
Plate. **T.37.57

Old heads & young hearts. A comedy in five acts. With the stage
business, costumes, etc. New York. Taylor & Co. [185-?]


Pauvrette. A drama, in five acts. New York. French. 1858. 66 pp.

Autograph facsimile. **T.37.59

The willow copse. A drama. — In five acts. With editorial remarl®;

stage business, &c. Boston. Spencer. [1854.] 64 pp. ♦*T.37.6o

Boudin, , Madame, alleged author.

Les intrigues de Moliere et celles de sa femme. See Intrigues, Les,
de Moliere et celles de sa femme.
Bouquet, Le. Petit opera comique oour etre execute a la fete de son
altesse royale Monseigneur le Prince Henri, le 12 juillet 1770 sur
son theatre de Rheinsberg. (In Olivier, Jean J. Les comediens
fran^ais dans les cours d'Allemagne au xviiic siecle. Serie 3, pp.
107-129. Paris. 1903.) * ♦*

Boussingault, Adam.

Le theatre de la Moscovie. Paris. Franck. 1859. vii, 33 pp.
fBibliotheque russe et polonaise. 5.] No. i in ♦♦T.98.130

Taken from his Nouveau theatre du monde. Appended is La Villc's Discours
sommaire de ce qui est arriv^ en Moscovie.

Bouvet, A. J. B. See Bouvet de Cresse, Auguste Jean Baptiste.


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Bouvet de Cress6, Auguste Jean Baptiste.

La stephaneide, ou Conaxa, Les deux gendres, et le Journal de Paris,
suivis d*un fragment de lettre a M. fitienne, envoyee au Journal
de I'Empire, avec des notes pour I'intelligence du texte. Paris.
Dentu. 1812. (i), 19 pp. ♦♦T.56.274

£tienne's Les deux gendres may be found on shelf- number **T. 56.271. Conaxa
may be found on shelf-number ••T.S6.272.

Boydell, John.

A catalogue of the pictures, &c., in the Shakspeare Gallery, Pall-
Mali. London: Printed for the proprietors. 1794. xiv, (i), 212,

24 pp. **T.57^33

Appended is A catalogue of small pictures printed for the Shakespeare Gallery.

Bradshaw, , Lady.

Dramas. Manchester. Ford. 1826. 4 parts in i v. **T.35.i5

Contents. — Lausus and Lydia. — Lady Una and the Red Cross knight. —
Secret vaults of Tilney Castle. — The school for constancy.
Each play has its own title-page and pagination. These plays were all published

Brathwait, Richard.

Barnabse itinerarium or Barnabee's journal. With a life of the
author, a bibliographical introduction to the itinerary and a cata-
logue of his works. Edited from the first edition by Joseph
Haslewood. A new edition carefully revised by W. Carew Hazlitt.
London. Reeves & Turner. 1876. vi, 197, (229) pp. Portraits.
Plates. Autograph facsimiles. **T.38.33

In rhymed Latin with English verse translation on opposite pages.

Breck, Joseph.

West Point; or a tale of treason, an historical drama, in three acts.

Dramatized from Ingraham's romance of American history. With

a prologue by John H. Hewitt. Epilogue by R. Horace Pratt.

Baltimore. Bull & Tuttle. 1840. 21, (i) pp. **T.37.i24

Breval, John Durant. (Joseph Gay.)

A compleat key to The non-juror. Explaining the characters in that

play, with observations thereon. London: Printed for E. Curll.

1 718. 26 pp. **T.57.95

The author accuses Cibber of stealing the characters, etc., of The non- juror

from Moli^re's Tartuffe and other sources.

Brisson, Adolphe.

Portraits intimes. Serie 2. Paris. Colin & ci«. 1896. (3), 358 pp.
Sketches of eminent Frenchmen. **T.57.270

Le theatre. Paris. Flammarion. [i9o6-]i9i3. 8 v. ♦♦T47.56

Critical essays on French drama. Vol. i was entitled Le theatre et les moeurs.

British drama. The. Vol. 2, 4. London. Dicks. 1867. 2 v. Illus. **T.37.i37
Contents. — a. A new way to pay old debts. By Philip Massingcr. — ^The Grecian
daughter. By Arthur Murphy, — The miller and his men. By I. Pocock. —
The honeymoon. By John Tobin. — The school for scandal. By R. B. Sheridan.
— The iron chest. By George Colman. — George Barnwell. By George Lillo.
— Rob Roy Macgregor; or, "auld lang syne." By I. Pocock. — Cato. By Joseph
Addison. — The pilot. By E. Fitzball [pseud.]. — The fair penitent. By Nicholas
Rowe. — The provoked husband. By Vanbrugh and Cibber. — ^A tale of mystery.
By T. Holcroft. — The wonder : a woman keeps a secret. By Mrs. Centlivre. —
The Castle of Sorrento. By Henry Heartwell. — Isabella; or, the fatal marriage.
By T, Southern. — The lord of the manor. Altered from General Burgoyne,
by Charles Dibdin, Jun. • — Arden of Feversham. By G. Lillo. — The siege of
Belgrade. By James Cobb. 4. Lady Jane Grey. By Nicholas Rowe. — The
gold mine; or, the miller of Grenoble. By E. Stirling. ■ — Fasio; or, the Italian
wife. By the Rev. H. H. Milman. — The orphan of the frozen sea. By E.
Stirling. — The hypocrite. By Isaac Bickerstaff. — Prisoner of state. By
Edward Stirling. — The duenna. By R. B. Sheridan. — The Roman father.
By William Whitehead. — The provoked wife. By Sir John Vanbrugh. — The
waterman; or, the first of August. By Charles Dibdin. — The maid of honour


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