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established his present dye business at No. 163 South Pearl street, which since 1891
has been located at No. 99 on the same street. He is the second oldest dyer in the

McDonough, Clarence J., is a grandson of Michael and Mary McDonough, natives
of Ireland, and the only son of Michael McDonough, jr., who was born in Chatham,
N. Y. , and who came to Albany about 1855, w-here he died Maj' 4, 1895. Michael
McDonough established himself in the wholesale liquor business in the spring of
1860, at 611 and 613 Broadway, and successfully continued there until his death, when
he was succeeded by his son Clarence J. He was a heavy importer and built up a
large wholesale trade. He married Julia T. Blake, who, with one of their three
children survives him. Clarence J. McDonough was born December 28, 1873, and
was graduated from the Albany Academy in 1894.

Piatt, William John, son of Charles E. and Helen (Wiley) Piatt, was born in Al-
bany, January 28, 1857. The family originally came to Albany county from Rye,
Conn., and have lived there for several generations. Charles E. Piatt, son of James
E., was born in Albany, December 25, 1826, and died February 22, 1896. He was a
butcher and meat dealer. His wife's death occurred March 2, 1896 and their chil-
dren were James E., Susie A., William J., Lansing 1. and Charles D., all of Albany.
Mr. Piatt enlisted for three years in the 113th N. Y. Inf. (which became the 7th
N. Y. H. A.) and was stationed in the defenses of Washington. After one year's
service he was promoted lieutenant. William J. Piatt attended the public and high
schools of Albany. He was for two years a clerk in the bookstore of Edwin Ellis &
Co. and for nine years "was employed in the Clinton Stove Works in Troy. In 1888
he engaged in the meat business with his father, and on the latter's death .succeeded

Robinson, Robert J., was born in Albany, June 19, 1869, and is the only son of
Robert and Caroline (Garrity) Robinson. His father was born in the North of
Ireland, and coming to Albany, engaged in the merchant tailoring business until his
death, which occurred September 13, 1892; his mother died in 1882. Robert J.


Robinson was educatedjn the public schools and academy, and the Albany Business
College; he then associated himself with his father and learned the trade of mer-
chant tailoring, and on his father's death succeeded him in business. His father
was a Mason, and he is a member of the Albany County Wheelmen. He is a mem-
ber of Wadsworth Lodge No. 417. F. & A. M., Temple Chapter No. 5, R. A. M.,
and the Masonic Veteran Association. In 1862 he married Christina A., daughter
of William Logan of County Armagh, Ireland, and they have five children living:
James Samuel, Martha J., Tysie Estelle, John Hall and Elizabeth Shanks.

Stahl, Simon, son of Jacob and Rosaline Stahl, was born in Ostrova, Germany,
January 29. 1860, and came to America with his parents in 1867, settling in Elmira,
N. Y. , where he was educated. In 1874 he became a clerk in the fancy goods and
millinery store of A. F. Cohen, with whom he remained four years; he was then for
three years in the employ of Stahl & Case, of Jersey City, N. J., and in 1881 opened
a millinery and fancy goods store there, which he continued till 1884; later he was in
business in Newark, N. J., and also clerked for Lichtenstein & Sons for a time. In
February, 1888, he came to Albany and with his brother Julius, under the firm name
of J, Stahl Sz Brother, bought out the millinery establishment of M. M. Hydemen. In
1892 Simon Stahl purchased his brother's interest and since then has conducted the
business alone with marked success; he is exclusively a retailer, employs about forty
hands and is one of the leading milliners in Eastern New York. In 1880 he married
Miss Sarah, daughter of Charles Stone of Jersey City, N. J., who takes an active
part in the management of the business and to whom is due a ven* large measure
of the success attained.

Lathrop, Charles H., descends from Rev. John Lothrop, who was graduated from
Oueens College, Cambridge, England, as B. A. in 1605 and as M. A. in 1609, and
who for religious freedom came to America in 1634 and settled in Scituate, Mass.,
where he was pastor of the church until 1639, when he moved to Barnstable, where
he died in 1653. The family is traced back in England to 1216, when the name ap-
pears as Lowthrope. Henry B. Lathrop, grandfather of Charles H., married Sarah
Preston and when a young man came to Albany, where he engaged in mercantile
business and where he died in 1870. He was born in Lisbon, Conn., November 17,
1794. Charles H. Lathrop, sr., his son, was born in Albany, March 15, 1880, was for
many years the agent of the National Express Company and died here Decembers,
1895. He married Lydia A. Presby. Charles H. Lathrop, their son, born May 27,
1862, in Albany, was educated in the public and high schools and was a clerk for
Benjamin Lodge, the well known merchant tailor, until 1889, when he formed a
partnership with Charles S. Shanks, as Shanks & Lathrop, and became Mr. Lodge's
successor. The firm has successfully carried on a large merchant tailoring business.
Mr. Lathrop has been secretary and treasurer and is now vice-president of the Al-
bany County Wheelmen. September 23, 1885, he married Mary E., daughter of
Hon. Warren S. Kelley of Albany, and their children are Charles H., jr., and
Mary E.

Sporborg, Silas, is the son of Joseph Sporborg, a native of Bavaria, Germany, who
came to America and settled in Albany about 1836 and who died here in April, 1889,
aged seventy-three. Joseph was a prominent wholesale milliner, and founded the
present business of his son in 1846. In 1876 he took his sons Henry J. and Silas into

partnership under the firm name of J. Sporborg & Sons, and upon his retirement in
1886 the style of J. Sporborg's Sons was adopted. Henry J. died in December, 1892,
and since then Silas Sporborg has continued the business alone, carrying on a large
wholesale trade. Joseph was for many years president of the congregation of Beth
Emeth and a director of the National Savings Bank. Silas Sporborg, born in Al-
bany, February 10, 1851, was educated at the Boys' Academy and Professor Anthony's
School and when eighteen entered his father's store. He is a member of Washmg-
ton Lodge No. 85, F. & A. M., the Bna Brith and the Delphi Club.

Enos, Henry D., is a grandson of Ethol Enos. a large farmer and long a justice
of the peace of Watervliet and a colonel in the war of 1812. Henry S. Enos, father
of Henry D., was born in 1831, engaged in the lumber business, served three and a
half years in Co. C, 91st N. Y. Vols., in the Rebellion, and was connected with the
Watervliet Railroad company until 1885, when he moved to Iowa. Henry D. Enos,
born in Albany, August 6, 1862, received a high school education and for ten years
followed the iron, moulder's trade. In 1890 he engaged in the life insurance business
and soon afterward became general agent for Eastern New York for the State Mu-
tual Life Assurance Company of Worcester, Mass., which position he still holds.
He is a member of Ancient City Lodge No. 452, F. & A. M., Capital City Chapter.
R. A. M., and De Witt Clinton Council, R. & S. M., and has been ruling elder in the
Fourth Presbyterian church since he was twenty-six years of age, being the young-
est man ever elected to that office in that church. He is also a member of the Re-
publican Unconditional Club and has been especially prominent in mission work,
being the chief promoter and a founder of the Viaduct Mission, of which he was si.\
years superintendent. November 10, 1886, he married Mary J., daughter of William
Thomas of Albany, and their children are Henry T., M. Margaret and Ruth. Mr.
Enos's great-grandfather, Matthias Enos, served in the Revolutionary war.

De Blaey, Abram, son of Mathew and Maria (Lansen) De Blaey, was born in Ter-
nenzen, Holland, September 5, 1847. In 1854 his parents came to America and in
April, 1855, settled in Albany. He was educated in the public schools and learned
the trade of shoemaker, which he followed from 1863 to 1888, being a large manufac-
turer on Broadway for five years. In 1888 he bought the news room at No. 31 State
street, where the business is carried on in the name of his wife, H. L. De Blaey.
Mr. De Blaey is a member of Capital City Lodge No. 440, 1. O. (). F., New York En-
campment No. 1, I. O. O. F., and Canton Nemo P. M. No. 1. June 14, 1871, he mar-
ried Harriet L. Mink, and they have one daughter, Nellie L.

Houck, James A., the oldest hotel proprietor in one place in Albany, is a son of
Christian Houck, one of the earliest hotel keepers in the town of Knox, Albany
county, where James A. was born in 1839. About 1859 the family came to Albany.
where Christian conducted the Avenue House on Washington avenue until his
death. In 1871 James A. Houck succeeded a Mr. Brayton as proprietor of the Eagle
Hotel, on State street corner of South Pearl, and immediately changed the name to
the Globe Hotel, which it still bears, and under which it has attained a wide popu-
larity. In May, 1894, he admitted his son Clarence A. as a partner under the firm
name of J. A. Houck & Son. Mr Houck is one of the best known landlords in East-
ern New York and during his quarter of a century proprietorship of the Globe has
won a high reputation among the traveling public. He was elected sheriff of Al-


bany county in 1879, as a Republican, and served one term and was a candidate for
county clerk, but suffered defeat along with the rest of the ticket.

Wakefield, William H., & Son.— W. H. Wakefield's father, John Wakefield, a na-
tive of the North of Ireland, settled in Albany about 1838 and died here in 1884. He
was for many years a groceryman and coal dealer in the west end of the city and
wfts long superintendent of the reservoir for the water department. William H.
Wakefield, born October 36, 1843, in Albany, was for about twenty-five years a
driver for the Delavan livery. In 1872 he also engaged in the livery business for
himself and in 1890 took his only son, William J., into partnership, under the firm
name of W. H. Wakefield & Son. They established their present livery business on
State street and have brought it into prominence as one of the largest and best
equipped in the city. William J. Wakefield was born March 31, 1866.

Cameron, Frederick W., the eldest son of Truman D. Cameron, was born in Al-
bany, June 1, 1859. His early education was acquired at the Albany Academy,
which he entered when he was five years old. He entered Union College in the
class of 1881 and was graduated with the highest honors. He immediately entered
the Albany Law School and in the spring of 1882 was admitted to the bar. In col-
lege Mr. Cameron gave especial attention to the study of the sciences and took
extra courses in physics, mechanics, chemistry and electricity for the purpose of
qualifying himself for the practice of patent law. His vacations were spent in a law
office. His father, who was for many years a professor in the Albany Academy,
early inculcated in his son a taste for literary pursuits. In the prosecution of the
special branch of law relating to patents, Mr. Cameron has been very successful,
acting as counsel in manj- important suits for infringements, and has had wide ex-
perience in the United States Courts. He is the counsel for several large manufac-
turing concerns and has been uniformly successful. Since 1882 he has been a mem-
ber of the law firm of Ward & Cameron, his partner being Hon. Walter E. Ward.
In 1892 he was appointed United States commissioner by Judges Wallace and Coxe
and still holds the position. He is a member of the Albany Club, the Albany Insti-
tute, the Albany Historical and Art Society, the Albany Camera Club, Temple
Lodge No. 14, F. & A. M., and a trustee of the First Presbyterian church. In 1891
he married Jennie A., daughter of Judge Amos Dean, one of the founders of the
Albany Law School. They have two daughters, Jean Elizabeth and Josephine.

Carr, Lewis E., was born March 10, 1842, in the town of Salisbury, Herkimer
county, is the son of Eleazer and Hannah (Rayner) Carr. and a grandson of Eleazer
and Hannah (Hakes) Carr, natives of New England. The father of Eleazer, with
one or two brothers, was in the Revolutionary war. Lewis E. Carr was educated at
Falley Seminary in Fulton, N. Y., and was graduated from Fairfield Academy in
Herkimer county in 1861. After spending two years on the farm, he came in the
spring of 1863 to Albany and graduated from the Albany Law School in 1864 and
was admitted to the bar. He then spent one year in the law office of Sherman S.
Rogers in Buffalo, where he had as his roommate Grover Cleveland. In July, 1865,
he began the practice of his profession in Port Jervis, N. Y. , and continued until
1893, having from 1869 to 1874 O. P. Howell, now surrogate of Orange county, as
his partner. Mr. Carr was elected district attorney of Orange county in 1871, and


held the office three years, and was a member of the Board of Education of Port
Jervis for sixteen years. In 1893 he came to Albany as attorney for the Delaware
and Hudson Canal Company (railroad department) and still holds that position.
From 1872 to June 1, 1896, he was the attorney for the N. Y., L. E. & W. R. R. Co.,
having charge of their business in Orange, Sullivan and Delaware counties. He is
a member of Port Jervis Lodge No. 338, F. & A. M. , a member and past high priest
of Neversink Chapter No. 189, R. A. M., a member of Delaware Commandery No.
44, K. T., and its eminent commander for seven years, a member of Blooming
Grove Park Association of Pike county, Pa., the Lawyers' Club of New York and
the Albany Club. In 1865 he married Ruth, daughter of Mathias Duke, an officer
in the British army stationed at Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Her grandfather, John
Gallagher, was an officer in the English army at the battle of Waterloo ; later was town
major at St. John's, New Brunswick, and was the English officer who surrendered
the possession of Eastport, Me., to the Americans at the close of the war of 1812.
Mr. and Mrs. Carr have three children: Raymond W., Lewis E., jr., and William D.

Whitney, W. M , & Co. — The extensive dry goods business of W. M. Whitney &
Co. was established in a two-story building, 25 by 40 feet, on the site of the present
store, by Ubsdull & Pearson in 1859. In 1864 James T. Lenox succeeded them. He
died about 1866 and in that year William M. Whitney and John C. Myers, under the
firm name of Whitney & Myers, purchased the establishment and continued it until
1870, when Mr. Myers retired. Mr. Whitney became sole owner and has success-
fully conducted the business under the name of W. M. Whitney & Co. to the pres-
ent time. He replaced the old building with a new structure, which has a frontage
of 127 feet, a depth of 370 feet and a floor area of 90,860 square feet, the whole
comprising fifty-six distinct departments, employing from 450 to 600 people. The
firm also has a large warehouse and stables on Hudson avenue, a buying office in
New York city and an importing branch in Paris. A wholesale trade was also car-
ried on until 1894, but since then the business has been exclusively retail. It is the
largest, most complete and best equipped dry goods establishment in this .section of
the State and its development and success are mainly due to the energy, enterprise
and ability of Mr. Whitney, whose two sons, William M., jr., and Charles S. A., are
now active members of the firm.

Milbank, William Edward, M. D., was born at Coeymans, Albany county, March
8, 1841. He received an academical and classical education at the Albany Academy ;
pursued the study of medicine under the supervision of Dr. William Gilman of
Parkersburg, West Virginia, and Dr. Albert Van Derveer of Albany, N. Y., and
was graduated from the Albany Medical College in December, 1872. He began
practice at Albany immediately after graduation, being associated one year with Dr.
David Springsteed. He has remained a resident of Albany, and is engaged in the
duties of active professional life. Dr. Milbank is unmarried. He became a member
of the Albany County Homeopathic Medical Society in April, 1873. He was elected
a delegate to the State Homeopathic Medical Society in 1874, '75, '76, '77 and '78;
and to the secretaryship of the County Society in 1875 and again in 1876. He has
held the position of chief of the surgical staff of the Homeopathic Hospital and City
Dispensary four years; from 1876 to 1880 and in 1885, was reappointed to the same
position. He became a member of the Homeopathic Medica] Society of the State of


New York in 1879; a member of the Homeopathic Medical Society of Northern New
York in 1883; ane of the American Institute of Homeopathy in 1887. He was ap-
pointed by Governor Hill, in 1885, to the office of commissioner of the State Board
of Health and was reappointed three successive terms, holding the office until Janu-
ary, 1895. While a member of the State Board of Health, Dr. Milbank indited and
prepared a number of very valuable papers which are published in its annual report.
The doctor presented and read at the annual meeting of the State Homeopathic
Medical Society, held in February, 1895, a very elaborately prepared paper entitled :
■' Albany's Water Question."

Casey, Walter V., is a son of John H. and Mary E. (Rourke) Casey, natives of Ire-
land and was born in Albany, April 13, 1872. John H. became a printer in the
ofHce of the Albany Knickerbocker, was made foreman of the Press and Knicker-
bock, and died in March, 1893, aged lifty-tive. Walter V. Casey, after attending the
Albany High School, accepted in August, 1887, a position with E. De L. Palmer, real
estate dealer, and remained there until 1893, when he formed with Joshua F. Tobin
the present real estate and fire insurance firm of Casey & Tobin. He is a member of
the Knights of Columbus and the Catholic Union.

MacFarlane, Andrew, M. D., son of Andrew and Sophia (Troy) MacFarlane, was
born in Glasgow, Scotland, January 1, 1863. His father, a merchant came to
America, and settled in Albany about 1847, but returned to Scotland in 1861 and re-
mained ten years, when he again came to Albany and died here in 1882. Dr. Mac-
Farlane was graduated from the Albany High School in 1880 and then spent
one year in the University of Glasgow in Scotland; returning to Albany he was
graduated from Union College in 1884, as one of the honor men of his class.
He read medicine with Dr. George E. Gorham of Albany, was graduated as M. D.
from the Albany Medical College in 1887 and on competitive examination was
appointed to the staff of the New Jersey State Hospital for the Insane where he re-
mained one year. He was then for two years physician in a private institution for
the insane in Bo.ston ; meantime he had done much work in the hospitals of New York
city and after leaving Boston he went abroad for about eighteen months and studied
in Paris, Prague and Vienna, returning to Albany in 1892. Since then he has followed
the general practice of his profession and was appointed instructor in the Albany
Medical College, later became a lecturer and i-^ ikiw i Imu al professor of physical diag-
nosis and miscroscopy. He isphysician to thi (1is|hiismi \ ol St. Peter's Hospital, an at-
tending physician to the Albany Orphan Asylum ami Albany Hospital for Incurables,
lecturer on medical jurisprudence of insanity at the Albany Law School and bacteri-
ologist to the Albany Board of Health since 1894. He is a member and ex-secretary
of the Albany County Medical Society and a delegate to the New York State Medical
Society. He has often been called as expert on insanity in noted murder trials and
is regarded as an able authority on this disease.

Annesley, Richard Lord, son of Lawson and Laura (Jones) Aunesley, was born in
Albany, July 16, 1838. His father was born in Bordentown, N. J., May 5, 1795, and
in 1802 came to Albany with his father, William Annesley, who in that year engaged
■in the picture and art business, founding what is now the Albany Art Gallery. In
1820 William was succeeded by his son Lawson, who continued the business until
1860, when his son Isaac became the proprietor. The latter carried on the establish-


ment until his death, in Juue, 1865, when Richard Lord Annesley, his brother, suc-
ceeded him, and has since remained in charge. This is the oldest, the largest and
one of the finest art stores in the city. About twenty-five years ago a large manufac-
tory for fine woodwork and furniture was added. Richard Lord Annesley was edu-
cated at the Albany Academy, in Prof. C. H. Anthony's school and at the Troy
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He began active life on the Erie Canal enlarge-
ment. In 1862, with Major (then captain) John L. Newman, he recruited and organ-
ized Co. I, which joined the 43d N. Y. Inf. at Hagerstown, Md., with four other com-
panies from Albany. Mr. Annesley was elected first lieutenant, was promoted cap-
tain and served until the close of the war, being brevetted major April 2. 1865, for
gallant and meritorious .service at the assault on Petersburg. Returning from the
army he succeeded his brother Isaac in business and has since carried on the trade
established by his grandfather ninety-five years ago. He is a member of Post No.
63, G. A. R., the Loyal Legion of the United States, the Society of the Army of the
Potomac and the Fort Orange Club. In January, 1886, he married Miss Harriet,
daughter of John Ward of Albany.

Clough, William, established his present mercantile business in Cohoes m 1857,
and carries a various line of groceries, tinware, drugs, dry goods and hosiery. He
is a pioneer settler of Cohoes, coming here in 1851, where he worked six years for
the Harmony Co., as foreman of one department. He was born in England in 1820,
and was a spinner by trade. He came to America in 1848, and was one of the fire
wardens before organization of the city of Cohoes in 1869. He was assessor twice
and held many minor offices. In politics he is a Republican.

Tessier, Wilfred G., one of the four coroners of Albany county, is a native of the
city of Cohoes, and was born in 1863; he was also educated there. After spending
eleven years at the baker's trade, he established in 1890 the present business located
at No. 69 Garner street as a dealer in groceries. He is holding very acceptablv the
position of coroner, his first political office.

Stanton, William, for many years associated with Mr. Graham in a large grocery
store on Willow street, Cohoes, under the firm name of Stanton & Graham, was a
mason by trade and has always carried on a large contracting business, which he
still continues. He has always been largely interested in the coal business. Mr.
Stanton has always taken a lively interest in all that pertains to to the welfare of the
city and its local government. He was constable and deputy sheriff during the war,
and has been alderman, also president of the Board of Education, and is still a prom-
inent factor in politics. Mr. Stanton is a native of Brunswick, Rensselaer coiuity,
and was born in 1838.

Tessier, Frank, has been a resident of Cohoes since he was eight years of age,
when he came here with his father. Pierre Tessier, a carpenter. He was born near
Montreal, Canada, in 1848. In 1871 he purchased of John Valley, by whom he had
been employed for thirteen years, a bakery which he conducted till 1890. In 1883 he
also engaged in the livery business at the present location No. 37 Saratoga street.
Mr. Tessier has led an active political life. In 1877 he was elected supervisor from
the Third ward, and since 1892 has been superintendent of the streets of the city.

Baillargeon, J. T. , has been a merchant of Cohoes for about five years as wholesale



and retail dealer in manilla, straw, tea, and tissue paper at No. 145 Bridge avenue,
Adam's Island. He came here from New York city, where he had been for eleven
years as superintendent of the packing department in a commission house. He was
born in Quebec, Ontario, in 1857, the son of Joseph Baillargeon, a retired builder,
and educated at Point Lewis. For six years he held a position as foreman for
iVIarshfield & Co , Chicago. Mr. Baillargeon is noted locally as a fine baritone

Dickey, William J., superintendent of the Cascade Mills of Cohoes, is a son of John
Dickey, a contractor who came from the north of Ireland and settled here at a very
early period of the history of Cohoes. His death occurred in 1878 at the age of sixty-
seven, but his memory lives in the hearts of his fellownien as one who left nothing

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