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Van Allen, William, was born in the town of New Scotland, on the farm which he
now owns, March 14, 1811. Garrett, his great-grandfather, was a native of Holland,
came to America and settled in the wilderness in the town of New Scotland, where
he cleared a home on a tract of about 350 acres, where he spent his remaining days.
He reared two sons, William and John, and two daughters. He lived to an extreme
old age. William, the grandfather, was born on the old homestead, September 11,
1744, where he spent his life clearing and improving the farm. His wife was Mag-
dalme Van Wie, born April 8, 1752. They had but one child, Garrett W. Mr. Van
Allen died May 28, 1795, and his wife June 33, 1836. Garrett W., the father, was
born where his father was. August 1, 1790, and there grew to manhood and spent
his life actively engaged in agricultural pursuits. He married, October 5, 1807,
Hannah Winnie, when lie was but seventeen years of age ; she was born October
20, 1790. Their children were Christiana, William, Adam, Garrett, Francis, Philip
and Conrad, seven of whom grew to maturity. He died May 13, 1851, and his wife
March 8, 1874. William, the subject, has spent his life on the homestead of his
great-grandfather. He represented his town in the Board of Supervisors, and in
other minor offices; In 1887 he tore down the old stone fort house, which was
erected by his great grandfather. October 26, 1887, he married Mrs. Elizabeth
(Moak) Moak, daughter of William Moak of New Scotland.

Becker, Frederick C, was born in the town of Bethlehem in October, 1829. Fred-
erick, his grandfather, was born in about 1758. He was of German descent and
a farmer by occupation, which he followed in the town of Bethlehem. His wife was
Catherine Bender, by whom three sons and two daughters were born. He owned
188 acres of land, which he divided between two of his sons. Christopher, the
father, was born in Bethlehem in 1801, and was a lifelong farmer, at which he was
fairly prosperous. He held some of the most important offices of the town and
served his town as assessor, collector, and commissioner of highways. His wife
was Hannah Arnold, born in Bethlehem. Their children are Elizabeth, Frederick
C, Catherine, Louisa, Christian, Christopher, Jacob, John and Andrew, who died
when twenty years of age. Jacob and Christian were soldiers in the war of the Re-
bellion. Mr. Becker died in 1881 and his wife died several years previous. Fred-
erick lived on his father's farm until he was twenty-six years old; when he embarked
m business for himself in March, 1887. He moved to the town of New Scotland and
purchased his present farm of seventy acres, on which he has since been doing gen-
eral farming. While in Bethlehem he served as tax collector and commissioner of
highways. In 1861 he married Margaret Hotaling, and their children are Almn-a,
Charles, Catherine, William F. and Addle.

Smith, Henry A., a prominent landmark of New Scotland, was born in the town
of Guilderland, November 4, 1830. Nicholas Smith, his great-grandfather, was a
native of Dutchess county and came to New Scotland with his wife and family in
1760. His children were Andrew, Michael, John, Zachariah, Nicholas, Catharine


and Jonas, all of whom lived to reach the century mark, and he also lived to a great
age. He was formerly interested in the tract known as the Nine Partners, but was
driven off by the Indians and finally settled in the forest, where he made him a
home. He was an enthusiastic hunter and trapper and would strike a deer trail in
the morning and with gun, tomahawk and belt of ground corn he would follow it
until he caught his game; he was also a slave owner. Nicholas Smith, the grand-
father, was born in Dutchess county in 1752 and came to New Scotland- with his
parents, where he became a farmer and spent his life. He lived to be 103 years of
age and was bright and active up to his death. His wife was Mary Beebe, and their
children were Nicholas, Thomas, Andrew, Joseph, Henry, Stephen, Hulda, Kate,
Lucinda and Margaret. Andrew M., the father of Henry Smith, was born on the
homestead in 1799, where he was a lifeloui; and fairly successful farmer; with the
e.Kception of two years spent in Guilderland, his life was spent in his native town.
In politics he was first a Whig and later a Republican. His wife was Lucy, daugh-
ter of Everett Sigsbee, and their children were Henry A., Mary, Lucinda, Hulda,
Elizabeth, Kate, Ellen, Margaret and Andrew. He died September 3, 1877, and his
wife in 1887. She was a good Christian woman and a member of the M. E. church.
Henry A. Smith was reared on his father's farm, where he remained until he was
twenty five, when he married and began farming for himself on a farm which he
had purchased and to which he has added, now owning 150 acres. He devoted con-
siderable attention to the breeding of thoroughbred Gurnsey and Jersey cattle, and
also raised some high grade horses. He has been a hard working man and his
labors have been crowned with success. He is an ardent Republican. In 1885 Mr.
Smith married Hester, daughter of Martin and Susan (Freyer) Siver of Guilderland,
and their children were Andrew, William J., Henry, Margaret (wife of Nelson
Cromise of Rensselaer county, N. Y.), Mary (wife of Miner White

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