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Bogue, Henry L. , late of Cohoes, was one of the most successful bridge buiders of
his day. He was born at Canton, N. Y., in 1825, and came to Cohoesin 1854. Here
he became a member of the firm of Smith & Bogue and was awarded the contract for
building the Waterford bridge. He built the first bridge across the Mohawk, and
portions of the Hudson River Railroad from Cold Spring to New Hamburg, and that
part of the Erie Railroad from Dunkirk to Hinsdale. With his many business en-
terprises he also operated a lumber business with his brother, C. M. Bogue. In 1865
he engaged in the manufacture of knit goods with (Jeorge H. Wager as a partner.
That same year he also built the Riverside Knitting Mill. Mr. Bogue was a Demo-
crat and held many local offices, serving two years as mayor, and proving a very
capable chief magistrate. His death, in 1886. was mourned throughout the city, as
a man of sterling character and of true nobility. His wife was Clara Chase of New-

burgh, whom he married in 1852 at Fishkill-on-the-Hudson ; four children alsu sur-
vive him.

Nodine, Francis, was born at Coeymans in 1820. He is a son of WilHam and
Rodat (Joslyn) Nodine, and a grandson of one of the four brothers who were soldiers
in the Revolutionary war, and died with the small-pox. He left one son, William,
who came to Coeymans when a boy, where he married in'1797 and had six sons,:
Benjamin, Harvey, Joslyn, William, Hiram and Francis; and three daughters:
Elizabeth, Harriet and Rachel. He was a farmer and died in 1861. Francis Nodine
married Agnes, daughter of Jonathan Miller, by whom he has had three children:
two sons, Hiram J. and J. M., and one daughter. Mr. Nodine is a farmer and still
resides on the farm where his father settled in 1849.

Lameraux, Phila, is the daughter of Solomon Carmon, of Greene county, and the
widow of Judson Lameraux, who was for many years a prominent and successful
farmer of Indian Fields, where he died in 1887. He was the son of George, and the
grandson of James Lameraux, who with three brothers came from Paris, France, to
Dutchess county, and James came to Coeymans and built a mill at Coeymans Hol-
low, and later bought a large tract of land at what is now Indian Fields village,
where they have always been prominent farmers.

Lumereaux, George C, is the son of Jarvis, grandson of George and great-grand-
son of James, who came from Paris, France, and settled in Coeymans, where the
Lumereaux family have since occupied a prominent place, being among the leading
farmers of the town. James Lumereaux settled a large farm on Copeland Hill,
where his son, W. J. Lumereaux, now lives, and died there in 1870. George C.
Lumereaux came to his present home in 1862 and has always been a farmer, though
now retired on account of his health. His wife was Emily, a daughter of Harvey
Shear, and they have four daughters : Phoebe L., Lottie W., Anna and Ida. Mr.
Lumereaux is president of the Coeymans and Watervliet Telephone Company and
has always taken a keen interest in all affairs relating to the welfare of the town.
He built in 1895 a fine residence in the village of Coeymans, where he contemplates
moving to spend his old age.

Spencer, Charles M., was born in Albany and is the .son of Daniel and grandson of
John Spencer, who came to Albany when a young man and had three sons: John,
William and Daniel. Daniel Spencer, after being in business in Albany for some
years, moved to what is now Glenmont, where he died in 1878, leaving one son, C.
M. Spencer, as above. Charles M. Spencer has remained on the home at Glenmont,
where he is a gardener and fruit grower.

Parr, Henry, was born in Germany in 1848 and came to America in 1807, working
in different hotels until 1879, when he became proprietor of the old National Hotel
in Albany. In 1881 he came to Bethlehem and has since run the Abbie Hotel,
which under his management has become a very popular resort for social parties.

Scharbauer, Philip, was born in Bethlehem in 1855 and is a son of Ferdinand, who
came from Germany. Mr. Scharbauer began life as a poor boy and for some years
clerked in a store in Albany and South Bethlehem. He began business for himself
in 1879 by opening a store at South Bethlehem, which he continued until 1893. He


was also engaged in buying and shipping hay and other farm products. In 1804 he
opened a hardware store at Newburgh and later started two branch stores, one at
Matteawan and one at Poughkeepsie. In 1895 he was made secretary and treasurer
of the Calbanen Road Improvement Company, and now devotes his time to that
office, having a manager for his store business.

Stofiels, William, is the son of Peter Stoffels, who came from Germany and settled
on a farm in Bethlehem, where he was a farmer until he retired and moved to
Albany, where he died. William Stoflfels bought the homestead and is a farmer
and gardener and also runs a large dairy. He has four sons- William, jr., Peter,
John E. and George.

Van Allen, P. C, was born in Bethlehem and is the son of David, and grandson
of Garrett Van Allen, whose father, with two brothers, came from Holland and set-
tled in Bethlehem. Mr. Van Allen remained on the homestead until 1878, when he
moved to New Scotland for two years, after which he settled' on his present farm,
where he is a farmer. He married a daughter of Josiah Bender of New Scotland,
and they have two daughters, Grace and Jesse.

Kemp, John H., the capable and efficient town clerk of the new town of Colonic,
and postmaster of NewtonviUe, was born in the town in 1849, where his father,
Michael Kemp, still resides. Prior to engaging in the mercantile business in New-
tonviUe in 1876. he had been for a few years engaged in gardening in the town of
New Scotland. Besides his store at NewtonviUe Mr. Kemp still operates a farm in
the vicinity which is devoted to small fruit and vegetables. His election to the office
of town clerk was by a very large majority.

Schuyler, Stephen, is a lineal descendant of Peter Schuyler, the first mayor of
Albany. Stephen Schuyler was born at Port Schuyler April 2, 1851. His father,
John Cayler Schuyler, was born at the old home in 1801, and died in 1882. He was
one of the most prominent men of these parts. We cannot do better than to quote
from a memorial engrossed by the society of the South Park Reformed church, which
was founded here in 1844, and to which he was always officially related : " His knowl-
edge of affairs in his own town was encjxlopedic. He possessed a culture,
courtesy, spirit, and a presence, that marked him a gentleman of the old school."
He was elder in his church for about thirty years, and was also clerk and treasurer.
In 1828 he married his cousin, Anna Maria Schuyler, who bore him ten children, of
whom four are now living: Philip, Stephen, Anna and Gertrude. Mr. Schuyler died
in 1886, surviving her husband only four years. In the public life of the old town of
Watervliet, John Cayler Schuyler was a prominent figure, representing the town in
the board of supervisors from 1833 to 1837 and in 1853. In 1836 he was elected to the
Assembly. Stephen Schuyler now lives at the old home where he was born. In the
front hall hangs a portrait of Peter Schuyler, executed in 1710 by Sir Godfrey
Kneeler, the court painter of Queen Anne.

Garret, Walter, born of humble parents in Somersetshire, England in 1851, came
to Watervliet when eighteen years of age, and has since made it his home. He is a
gardener and his specialty is vegetables. At first he rented of the Shaker family,
but by his prudence and economy was able in 1894 to purchase a farm of thirty-six


acres, eligibly located at Loudonville, aud will no doubt succeed iu his chosen voca-
tion, since he possesses the qualities which command success.

Brewster, James C. and Warren H., comprising the firm of J. Brewster's Sons,
carriage and sleigh manufacturers, and repairers of farm, road, and delivery wagons
of every description. Both members of the firm are young and enterprising men.
Their father, the late James G. Brewster established the business in Colonic in
1852. The family have been prominent throughout the history of the town of Water-
vliet, and it is noteworthy and peculiar that two branches of the Brew.ster family
were united by the marriage of the parents of the gentlemen comprising the firm of
J. Brewster's Sons, although they were not nearly related. From the Brewsters
that sailed in the Mayflower, the ancestral line is without a break. Upon the death
of James G. Brewster, in 1885, the two sons .succeeded to the business at Newton-
ville, with the detail of which they have become thoroughly familiar. J. C. Brewster
superintends the wood-working department, and Warren the blacksmithing depart-
ment. They make a specialty of the buckboard known as the Joubert & White.

Abrams, Hiram, M.D. , is a well known and popular physician, and has practiced
the healing art in the vicinity of Colonic for the last sixteen years. He was born at
Rensselaerville, N. Y., and is a son of the late Elijah Abrams, a farmer and once
resident of Colonic. He began the study of his profession in 1878 by entering the
Albany Medical College, where he graduated with honors after the usual course.
Dr. John M. Bigelow of Albany was his preceptor. It is needless to say that his
training was thorough. Dr. Abrams is a member of the New York State Medical
Society, the Albany County Medical Society and the American Medical Association.

Macdonald, Willis Goss, M.D., son of Sylvester and Louise (Goss) Macdonald, was
born at Cobleskill, N. Y. , April 11, 1863, and descends from Benjamin Macdonald,
who came from Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1759. He first located near Coeymans, where
he was the first Scotchman in the town, and where he built the first boat landing;
he soon moved to Schoharie county and died there. He was in the Revolutionary
war. was captured by the Indians and English under Brant and was taken to
Canada. His son Robert, born in Schoharie county, in 1792, was a large land owner
and married a Shaffer, whose father was killed in the war of the Revolution.
Sylvester, son of Robert, was born in 1824 and lives with his wife in his native
county. Dr. Macdonald was graduated from the Cobleskill Free Academy in 1878,
attended the Albany State Normal School and Cornell University, and taught school
at Berne aud Central Bridge, N. Y., for two years. He read medicine in Albany
with Dr. Albert Van Derveer. After graduating from the Albany Medical College
in 1887, he was for eighteen months house surgeon to the Albany City Hospital and
then went abroad, matriculating in 1890 at the University of Berlin, where he took
special courses in surgery, surgical pathology and bacteriology. During that year
he served as volunteer assistant to August Martin and Ernest Von Bergmann ; he
also spent .some time in the hospitals of London. On his return to Albany he made
surgery a specialty and is noted as one of the foremost .surgeons in Eastern New
York; he has been surgeon to the Albany City Hospital since 1893 and adjunct pro-
fessor of surgery in the Albany Medical College since 1894. He is a member of the
Albany Medical Society, the New York State Medical Society, the American Medical


Association, the American Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the Fort
Orange Club, and a member of the board of governors of the Albany Club.

Bailey, Theodore P., M.D., is of English and Holland Dutch descent and was born
in Cusseta, Ala., November 13, 1857. Dr. Solomon Bailey, his grandfather, was
for many years a prominent physician in Bethlehem, Albany county, and was the
father of Dr. William H., Henry, and Dr. James S. Bailey, all of Albany. The latter
was graduated f;-om the Albany Medical College in 1853, practiced his profession in
Alabama until 1866, and from that time in Albany until his death, which occurred
July 1, 1883. He was president of the Albany County MedicatSociety, received the
degree of A.M. from Hamilton College, also from Soule University of Galveston,
Texas, and was a prominent writer for medical journals. He was an enthusiastic
entomologist, having a large collection and was a member of several foreign and
American societies. Dr. Theodore P. Bailey, his son, was educated in the Albany
public and high schools and at the West Point Military Academy. He read medi-
cine with his father, attended the Albany Medical College and graduated from the
College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1880; since then he has been in active prac-
tice iu Albany. He is a member of the Albany County Medical Society and its
treasurer, was one of the founders of the New York State Medical Association, is
instructor in dermatology in the Albany Medical College and is dispensary physician
in dermatology in the Albany Hospital. He is a Democrat and in the fall of 1895
was elected alderman of the Fifth ward, and is a member of the Finance Board of
the city ; he is also a member of Mt. Vernon Lodge No. 3, F. & A. M., Central City
Chapter No. 242, R. A. M., Temple Commandery No. '>, K. T., and medical examiner
for the Royal Arcanum in Albany.

Hunting, Nelson, M. D., son of John and Christina (Dominick) Hunting, was
born on a farm near Gallupville, Schoharie county, November 21, 1837. He was
graduated from the Gallupville Academy and from the>Albany State Normal School,
taught school for a time and read medicine with Dr. John Ruland of Blenheim and
Dr. John Maxwell of Gallupville. He was graduated from the New York Homeo-
pathic Medical College in 1869, began active practice in Gallupville, and in 1873
came to Albany. He is ex-president and a member of the Albany County Home-
opathic Medical Society, a member of the New York State Homeopathic Medical
Society and the American Institute of Homeopathy, and was treasurer in 1872-75
of the State society; he is also a member of Wadsworth Lodge F. & A. M., and was
for several years connected with the Albany City Homeopathic Hospital. In 1864
he married Elizabeth F., daughter of John P. Tolle of West Troy, and they have
three children living: Orlena A., Edna J. and Elizabeth C. Dr. Hunting has taken
a prominent part in the water question of Albany and iu 1888 wrote an article for
the Evening Journal on driven wells and the healthfulness of water obtained there-
from. This was at a time when Iiil50,000 had been appropriated by the city to drive
wells on Pleasure Island ; as a result of this article the scheme was abandoned ; later,
when the Kinderhook water scheme was agitated, he wrote another article, which
killed that plant; these articles saved the city over $2,000,000. These studies led
him to invent a scientific water distiller, which works automatically on natural prin-
ciples. It was exhibited at the World's Fair in Chicago in 1893 and carried ofT the
first award in the greatest sanitary competition ever known.


Hailes, William, JM. D., son of William Hailes, sr., a native of the Isle of Wight,
was born in Albany, October 14, 1849. He attended the public schools and later the
Albany Classical Institute under Prof. C. H. Anthony. He began the study of med-
icine with the late Dr. Alden March, 1868, and was the last student ever regis-
tered with that famous surgeon. He was graduated from the Albany Medical Col-
lege m 1870, receiving a competitive prize and delivering the valedictory address at
commencement. In 1869, '70 and '71 Dr. Hailes was city physician and surgeon in
the Albany Hospital. He began practice in Albany in 1872, but three years later,
and again in 1878, he went abroad, visiting Germany, Austria, Italy. France and
England, remaining two years for study and travel. In 1872 he was demonstrator
of anatomy and in 1873 lecturer on surgical dressings and appliances, and since 1874
he has filled with ability the chair of professor of histology and pathological anat-
omy in the Albany Medical College. He became a noted microscopist and at one
time owned a valuable set of microscopic instruments, which he presented the Al-
bany Medical College, where he is a permanent director of the microscopical de-
partment, which he was mainly instrumental in founding and developing. Dr.
Hailes has been attending surgeon to the Albany Hospital and St. Peter's Hospital
for many years, and was the first surgeon in Albany to perform intubation for mem-
braneous croup, and has a record of upwards of 1,000 cases. He owns at Van
Wies's Point, on the west bank of the Hudson, a beautiful villa residence, which he
calls Bonnie-Castle-on-the-Hudson. In 1889 Dr. Hailes married Miss Bertha, daugh-
ter of Judge J. W. Deuel of Rochester, N. Y., and they have two children, William
Deuel and Dorothy.

Dvi-yer, Martin J., M. D., son of William and Katharine (Dalton) Dwyer, was born
in Liberty, Sullivan county, September 1, 1859. His father was a railroad contrac-
tor and farmer. He graduated from the old Liberty Normal Institute in 1876, taught
school three terms, read medicine with Dr. William S. Webster of Liberty, and the
late Dr. Jacob S. Mo.sher of Albany, and in September, 1880, entered the Albany
Medical College, from which he graduated in March, 1883. On competitive examina-
tion he received an appointment as house physician and surgeon in the Albany City
Hospital and served eighteen months. In November, 1884, he began active practice
in Albany. He is a member of the Sullivan and Albany County Medical Societies
and a physician and surgeon to the St. Vincent's Male and Female Orphan Asylums,
and was one of the organizers. He is a member and examiner of the Knights of
Columbus, a member and examiner of the C. M. B. A., and life member and the
organizer of the Albany Catholic Union and its first vice-president. On January
23, 1895, he married Elizabeth Magdalene Johnson of Boston, Mass.

Fookes, Henry H., son of Henry H. and Cynthia (Woodyard) Fookes, farmers,
was born in Falmouth, Ky., April 29, 1857, was graduated from the high school at
Xenia, Ohio, in 1874 and engaged in the wholesale shoe business in Cincinnati, Ohio,
where he remained until 1893. September 1, 1893, he came to Albany as general
sales agent for the National Cash Register Company, which position he still holds.
This company was the first in the world to manufacture cash registers and now owns
nearly 350 patents and does business in every civilized country on the globe. The
manufactory is located at Dayton. Ohio, where about 1,500 hands are employed; all
kinds of autographic, manifolding and cash registers are made. The first inventions


date from about 1882 ; the compau y was the original patentee and owns the founda-
tion patents. The Albany agency was established in 1886 and controls the eastern
half of New York State outside New York and Brooklyn, and is the eighth in
importance in this country.

Easton, Charles P., founder of the wholesale lumber firm of Charles P. Easton S:
Co., was born in Albany, October 34, 1824, and died here March 3, 1885. He settled
himself in the lumber business in 1847 and actively continued in it until his death.
In 1869 his eldest son, William, became his partner under the firm name of C. P.
Easton & Co., which has ever since remained the same. In 1876 his son Edward
was admitted and in 1886 another son, Frederick (now superintendent of public
buildings at the State Capitol), became a partner, and since Mr. Easton's death these
sons have conducted the business with marked ability and success. Mr. Ea.ston
was not only a leading business man in Albany's great lumber district, but also a
public spirited citizen who devoted himself untiringly to the educational interests of
the city, giving liberally of his time and means towards improving public .school
methods. He was foremost in founding and building the present High School and
in religious and charitable matters was equally zealous.

Hicks, John J., son of William and Harriet (Carter) Hicks, was born in Oxford,
England, June 26, 1841. He came to America with his parents m 1849 and settled
in Troy, N. Y., where his father, a manufacturer of gilt picture frames, died in 1884
and his mother in 1874. He was educated in the Troy public schools and learned the
trade of picture frame making with his father. In August, 1861, he enlisted in
Co. E, 62d N. Y. Vols., Anderson's Zouaves, and was attached to the provost guard
department of the Fifth Army Corps. He was discharged in October, 1863 and, re-
turning home went to Amsterdam, N. Y., as manager of the furniture store of Horace
Inman. Two years later he went to Clinton, Iowa, and engaged in contracting and
building for about four years, and in 1871 he^came to Albany and engaged in busi-
ness as a manufacturer and dealer of furniture, moving into his present quarters,
Nos. 85-87 Beaver street, in 1881. He is a Republican and a member of Master
Lodge No. 5, F. & A. M. . Clinton Lodge No. 3, I. O. O. F. , and the New York En-
campment and Grand Cantqn No. 1, N. E. M. O. He is past noble grand and past
patriarch in the Odd Fellows Order. In 1861 he married Cythis M., daughter of
Fraser Hodgman of Troy, and they have six children, Anna Kate, Bertha, Eva,
Grace, Libbie and Amy. вАҐ

Dugan, Daniel J., son of George and Mary Dugan, was born in Greenbush, N. Y.,
July 25, 1872, and from the age of two years was reared in the family of his uncle,
William Steele of Albany. After finishing his education in the Albany High School
he began the study of law in the office of Judge Peter A. Stephens and was admitted
to the bar September 14, 1895. Since then he has been engaged in the active prac-
tice of his profession.

Addington, George, son of Joseph, a native of England, was born in Albany,
April 24, 1860, and was graduated from the high school in 1878. His father served
in the Rebellion in the 7th N. Y. H. A., was shot in the hip at the battle of Cold
Harbor and died from the wound in 1871. Mr. Addington read law with Mead &
Hatt and Hale & Bulkeley, and after his admission to the bar in 1881, remained in

the latter's office as managing clerk until 1885, when he began active practice. In
the spring of 1894 he was elected justice of the city court for three years, running
ahead of his ticket and receiving about 3,600 majority. He is a member of the K. of
P., Elks, and Unconditional Republican Club, past colonel of the New York Division
S. of V. November 9, 1890, he married Susie M. StofTels of Albany.

Casey, Daniel, was born in Ireland, January 15, 1839, came to America and settled
in Columbia county, N. Y., with his parents in 1850, and received a common school
education. He held various positions until April 39, 1861, when on the first call for
troops he enlisted in Co. I, 18th N. Y. V., and served for two years. In September,
1864, he re-enlisted in Co. A, 192d N. Y. V., was made quartermaster-sergeant, and
later second lieutenant, and served until his discharge in October, 1865. He was in
the first and second Bull Run battles, the Seven Days campaign before Richmond,
South Mountain and Fredericksburg, and was three times wonnded. ^ Returning
from the army he entered the Albany county clerk's office and remained there in all
twenty years, being search clerk for seventeen years and deputy clerk for three years.
In 1887 he formed a partnership with William Kinney, as Kinney & Casey, and en-
gaged in the real estate business. In 1894 Mr. Kinney withdrew and Mr. Casey's
son, Frank A., became a partner, under the firm name of Daniel Casey & Son. Mr.
Casey Avas a member of the Board of Education one term, and is a member of the
Dongan Club and William A. Jackson Post No. 644, G. A. R. In 1864 he married
Mary McDonough of Columbia county, and their children are Mrs. Edward Futterer,
Agnes E.. William T. (deceased), Frank A., Joseph E., Daniel T., and Mary.

Brilleman, Isaac, son of Alexander, was born January 19, 1845, in Amsterdam,
Holland, where he was educated and where he learned the art of diamond polishing.
He descends from several generations of jewelers. In 1860 he came to America and
settled in Albany, where he immediately found employment in the jewelry business.
In 1866 he opened a jewelry store on the corner of South Pearl street and Hudson
avenue and in 1884 moved to his present location, Nos. 31-33 North Pearl street, the
latter number being added in 1893, when he magnificently remodeled and refitted
the entire establishment. In 1895 he added what is termed a " crystal maze," one
of the most elaborate show rooms in the world and probably the only one of its
kind in this country outside of New York. He deals extensively in the finest grades
of watches, clocks, diamonds and other precious stones, sterling silver, optical goods,

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